Health Care Bill Jammed Down Our Throat!

Congress majority leader Nancy Pelosi, big-time bud to Israel and the Jews,* may soon have the hands of a pissed-off White America wrapped around her scrawny, wrinkled throat instead of getting herself another face-lift!

Again and again these people kept insisting on passing the damn Health Care bill — a bill that the majority of White Americans clearly abhor. And thanks to a last minute iffy Obama promise, the House of Representatives has now finally jammed it through with a simple majority, an end-run called a up or down vote. The final tally: 219 yea to 212 nay.

A person would had to live under a rock not to have heard all the brouhaha lately. They even seriously considered passing it without a vote, something called the “Slaughter Solution,” so the spineless politician’s position could later be camouflaged to the electorate.

The important theatrics came late this afternoon, when Congressmen Bart Stupak (D)† caved and said he would vote for the bill. This pretty much guaranteed the passage by leading a half dozen more pro-life dems to also go along and gave the rest of the dems a degree of “cover” for elections in the fall. Stupak was a hold-out due to fuzzy language which would indeed allow for Federal surcharges, fungible funds and taxes on your personal health plan to pay for abortions on demand. Just what the left has always wanted.

On Saturday night, Obama promised Stupak to later issue a special executive order preventing Federal funding of abortion, after the bill is signed. This giant “pig in a poke” is completely outside the usual federal legislative procedure and can easily be circumvented by liberal courts, tricky bureaucratic policies or just ignored outright. Hell, slippery Obama could even do a 180 and rescind his executive order the next day.

The dem from Michigan may very well end-up getting called “Stupid Stupak” for the rest of his life!

Yesterday, irate American protestors in Washington spit on one Negro congressman and called another, House minority whip Jim Clyburn, “the N word” by someone in the seething, “hate-filled” White crowd. Everybody is just so shocked and perturbed that such people still exist! Wait, I forgot to add “in this day and age.”

ABC World News Tonight made a big to-do about Clyburn hearing “the N word” and how much it harkened back to the days of noble black civil rights efforts against the evil, racist White southerners. As usual, they ran the same tired B&W footage of Negroes getting blasted by fire hoses and menaced by police dogs. God, these liberal news people must have all that civil rights crap already digitized and stored on special on-line drives for push-button broadcast insertion.

And yet another evil White protestor yelled out something “homophobic” (OH MY GOD!) at the openly Gay and Jew Barney Frank (the fat old fag on the right). They kindly beeped out the word so us sensitive and PC viewers might learn to forget such terrible, hurtful slurs, unless we want to act cool asking for a smoke from some Brit. But even smoking will soon be illegal, too.

Yet ask yourself: Don’t White conservative politicians have this kind of thing happen all the time by psychotic lefties in the crowd? Don’t Whites demonstrating against illegal immigration get cursed and threatened? So why did the mainstream media act all “upset”? Because virtually all the people in these DC “tea party” protests were White, that’s why.

Us decent White Americans — who are sick of these liars and scum — have all been turned into the baddies and trouble-makers by the lefty media, simply because we oppose the slime now turning the US into some kind of sick, commie hell!

Lefty and Marxist dems are dead-set on getting the US taxpayer to foot the bill for abortions (late term as well). With the election of Obama, they have salivated over all the lefty, Marxist and immoral changes they want to do to this country. In anticipation, new abortion mills will spring up across the land. Daily, thousands more Goyim fetuses will suffer horribly painful deaths at the hands of greedy Jew doctors in white smocks.

This will easily cost states billions more a year as millions go on state medicare rolls, when many states are now on the verge of bankruptcy. Already two states have passed laws saying the Feds cannot legally require citizens to buy insurance and 37 are considering laws to opt out of Obama care entirely. In fact, it’s all so blatantly unconstitutional that it may get struck down in the courts because it violates the 10th Amendment and the sovereign clause.

Further, 16,500 new IRS agents will be hired to enforce us having insurance. Imagine getting arrested for not having health insurance by the same unconstitutional private police force looking to nail you for not paying enough from your labors to the real owners of this country!

The persnickety dems are promising that the bill will save the US 1.3 trillion off the deficit. Don’t you believe it! The budget gimmickry and double accounting practices buried inside the bill could easily end-up costing the entire country trillions to the deficit. Also, the sheer illogics of 32 million plus new patients added to the system alone shouts severe rationing.

And talk about big government! Ever see these fat bureaucrats in action? You get several of them, all making a hundred grand a year, belaboring some pissant decision for hours, even days, that one person in the private sector will decide in minutes.

All this at a time when we’re practically broke from all the Jew Wars these people in DC have gone along with. There is an excellent possibility that we will soon be paying a national sales tax on everything to pay for this bill and all the rest of the government’s spending in the last 10 years. Your children and grandchildren will end-up as dull debt slaves, waiting in long lines to get any kind of medical help, should they need it.

The situation is so effed-up as to be ridiculous!

And this bill is going to cost us regular people dearly right away. Already premiums have shot way up because the health insurance industry knows well they cannot maintain profit margins with laws that will instantly demand them to accept everyone as soon as the Mulatto One signs it into law. Think about all the homos out there signing up for insurance just as soon as they start seeing nasty black lesions forming on their lips and abused asses — knowing full-well they will soon need $30,000 in yearly HIV drugs.

Someone has got to pay for it all and it’s for sure not coming out of fellow faggot Bwaney Fwank’s wallet! Say that real fast.

Possible homo Goyim, the insidious Lindsey Graham and Gun Control/Immigration activist, the liberal Jew Chuck Schumer. Together, these two rats are pushing a bill to force Americans to carry around an identity card with embedded biometrics. For all intents and purposes, this is only but a step before the mark of the beast!

They next bill they want to jam down our throats will be to give amnesty to all the illegals now in America. At least 20 million, possibly 30 million Mestizos (the 12 million bit is a total media lie), plus millions of Haitians and Africans. Passing that bill will be another giant slap in our faces.

Trust me: This Health Care bill is connected, at least to generate enough hispanic votes for the dems to off-set an angry White America voting them out, if anything.

And thousands of hopped-up Azatlan Brown militants were in the Capital today, raising cain that illegal aliens are not getting legalized by Obama fast enough and getting more free stuff from the Health Care bill. Just being a regular old White person walking by, and not some minority congress critter, is enough to get spat on and called all sorts of anti-White names. Where’s those Apache gunship helicopters when this country really needs them?

And how come the liberal media never shows the rest of America how these RAZA and MECHA Mestizo criminals really act in this country toward Whites?

The thing is, the traitor politicians in DC can’t come out and openly say they plan to drive “immigration reform” down our throats next so they can give these people a free ride into a country they spit on.

Along with immigration reform will come an identity card for Americans with embedded biometrics. This bill is written by the Jew Charles Schumer, but is being pushed under the name of Lindsey Graham — a phony conservative, Judas Goat Republican and quite possibly a closet homo too.

Make clear note how these traitorous politicians will try to sell America on the identity card being an important part of the efforts to keep illegals out, so convenient after they just legalized the millions already here. Even with laws to make all of us born and bred Americans have an identity card, you can bet they will find plenty of other ways of getting more non-Whites into America, like with H1B visas, etc.

Your day-to-day life is going to increasingly look like slaving in a third world nation — if it hasn’t already.

White America: These people are now far along the path to turning America into a full-on Marxist Mud world — just like the Jews have always wanted to do to this country. This bill will end-up destroying what’s left of our formerly free-market economy.

Most of the political leadership in Washington DC are nothing but slime and traitors to the real America. Whites and our values mean JACK, to these people. Israel, the Jews and the liberal media in the US now tell this country when to jump and how high.

Had enough yet, White America?

We are simply going to have to pull the flintlocks down off the fireplace mantle and form-up in the streets and fields. No two ways about it. They will not listen to us about anything. They will continue to do whatever they want to America, while freely lying and spitting in our faces.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Pelosi may actually be a “Marrano Jew” or crypto. Regardless of that, she’s definitely a huge Zio suck-up and at least two of her grandchildren are classified as Jews (so are Harry Reid’s children).

† Stupak has already had a pro-life group cancel giving him an award for fighting against Federal funds for abortion (during the last go around). When you count the numbers, the votes of him and his pro-life democrats actually made it all happen in the end. Talk about bitter irony!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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331 Responses to Health Care Bill Jammed Down Our Throat!

  1. American says:

    “If Scott Roberts is for real change I support him… if all he has to offer is ‘git them jews”, well then he really has nothing.”-anal chore

    Well, don’t you owe it to yourself to find out? That’s a weak answer for somebody that considers themselves enlightened.

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    No problem, although i do think “git them jews” is unavoidable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Realtors, developers and speculators haven’t made it their business undermine, subvert and debase The Whole Thing we’ve been told our whole lives is ours but is in fact something completely different.. realtors, developers and speculators don’t take it as their birthright to Lie, cheat, steal from and murder the unsuspecting ‘goy’.

    The jews did. So you can try to attribute this to everybody BUT who’s made it their business to fuck Whitey – but it ain’t lost on me. And plenty more are figuring it out. Lie while ya can jews, since that’s all you really Can do. See how far that gets ya!

    Think you can lie folks into attacking everything BUT the jew – go ahead and try it! Should be continuing to get Verrry interesting.

  4. American says:

    Yeah, get the realtors! LOL!!

    That’s powerful, ‘anal chore’. Realtors aren’t killing defenseless children in Palestine. Well, maybe some Israeli realtors, but you get my point.

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this. I found it over at What Really Happened.

    Shocking Audio: Rep. Dingell Says Obamacare Will Eventually ‘Control The People’

    They even have the nerve to say it on tape!

  6. themadjewess says:

    They even have the nerve to say it on tape!

    Well, I must say, it really is about time that this site woke up. I thank God for this.

    Left wing Militants can even wake up to Hussein. That means there is hope for incogman & company.

  7. anarchore says:

    Anonymous sez:

    Realtors, developers and speculators haven’t made it their business undermine, subvert and debase

    Sure they have, and they’re probably doing it right in your town, right under your nose! Who gets rich because of mass immigration? Slum lords and speculators.

    I would add Banking, the money system and the pharmaceutical branch of the medical profession to the purges necessary. Wouldn’t that get a bunch of J-ws too?

    LOL… let me get this straight.. you want to persecute all J-ws innocent and guilty, but you want to spare the rapacious ravenous and usurous industries that are actually making the average person more miserable while enriching a bunch of rich investors?

    Maybe you’re Bill White, the Nazi slumlord? 😀

  8. gtrman says:

    Wow, What A Guy…
    By J. Speer-Williams

    After congress passed the so-called Health Reform bill, I felt more like screaming than laughing. After all, what is there to laugh about? Oh yes, Obama. He has, indeed, become laughable.

    The Holy Bible has less than 1,300 pages. But, how would you like to be tasked with having to read all those pages, until you understood them, in a month, a week, or a day, while having what some say is the most difficult job in the world?

    President Obama did something far more heroic than that. He carefully read twice that many pages, and all of it was in some of the most poorly written, most abstruse legalese imaginable. It was the 2,700, plus, pages of the Healthcare “Reform” bill, commonly called Obamacare; and since this bill was always changing, add another 300 pages poor Obama had to read.

    Perhaps, the president enjoyed reading something that is over twice as long as the Bible, twice as hard to understand (due to poor writing), but only half as interesting. But, Mr. Obama had an advantage: It’s been scientifically proven that pathological liars are faster readers than those not so gifted.

    And maybe reading that tome of legislation so inspired Mr. Obama he couldn’t stop reading it, even missing the basketball games of March Madness, and Michele’s pleas of “Put down that office stuff and come to bed, dear.”

    Undoubtedly, our poor president hasn’t slept in weeks. Remember he also had thousands of pages of other bills to to read, all written by the little wordsmiths in tax free “think-tanks” run by the oligarchs of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel, who have sponsored Barack since he was in college.

    Our president – a self proclaimed man of the people – must have smiled when he read how heavy taxes on his people will start immediately, while benefits for his people are to take place in later years, plenty of time for future legislation to nullify those benefits.

    A satisfying sigh of pleasure must have escaped his lips when he read that Obamacare mandates the hiring of 16,000 more IRS agents, to ensure all taxpaying Americans do their patriotic parts by paying more confiscatory taxes: “Ah my liberal base will be so pleased my green shoots are producing more jobs,” he must have thought.

    But the lying skill, so perfected by our president many years ago, seemed to have lost some of its magic. But, what do you expect? Undoubtedly our poor president hasn’t slept in weeks. Actually, he hasn’t slept in years, due to all the legislation he had to read as a senator before he’d dare vote on any of it.

    I guess President Obama is thankful for the legislative Reorganization Act of 1970, which stipulates a 30 day congressional recess each August. So, if we don’t see much of President Obama in August, we’ll know why – he’ll be catching up on his sleep.

    Wow, what a guy …

    J. Speer-Williams

  9. White Wolf says:

    Some years ago, I had a jewess telling me all kinds of shit all at once. Just coughed up the beans big time. This was closer to 2001. I had no idea what the hell a jew was, meant – never met one that I knew of anyways. So I had this perverse curiousity. Long story for later, really.

    So I have to always wonder – how many jews, whose chosen prerogative is to be able to lie to the ‘goyim’, are lying when they SAY they’re against Zionism. The jews make it their prerogative to lie, and expect me to believe them at the same time. That’s insane! Go to hell, jews.

  10. White Wolf says:

    Make it your business to run with the outlaws, providing cover for the outlaws, be counted with the outlaws. I’m not saying “kill all jews”. The criminal ringleaders need to be held to account, and that includes so-called clergy sustaining the massive hoodwink upon unsuspecting flocks.

    Betrayal, though… people have different ways of dealing with betrayal. Timing can have alot to do with it. So can the stakes.

  11. White Wolf says:

    Speaking of criminal ringleaders:

  12. White Wolf says:

    Thank you, brother Kapner!

  13. Bro Nathanael says:

    Where’ my freaking check?

  14. Alex Jones says:

    Ive got it.

  15. KA Telegraph says:

    Have the Democ-RATS tripped themselves up?

    “The addition to existing law of five words, and a comma, may cause a world of hurt to state governments.

    Tucked away on page 466 of President Obama’s 2,704-page health-care bill is a provision that changes the definition of “medical assistance,” the term describing what states are required to provide to Medicaid recipients.

    States have in the past been required to provide payment for services to physicians. Now, under the new definition, states will be liable for ensuring provision of “the care and services themselves.”

    In other words, states are legally on the hook not only to ensure that Medicaid recipients are paid for, but that they’re seen by a doctor.”

  16. KA Telegraph says:

    “Nancy Pelosi was right…we’d have to pass ObamaCare to see what’s in the bill!

    As Allah points out, this is only one a series of mistakes and omissions in this massive bill the Dems in Congress not only didn’t want us to read but apparently failed to read themselves.”

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Van Irion, an attorney and candidate for Tennessee’s Third Congressional District has started a class action suite over Obamacare. Anyone that is an American citizen can sign. They have over 20,000 signatures so far. If anyone here would like to sign, here is where you go to add your John Hancock.

    Video of Greta Van Susteren interviewing Van Irion

  18. SBD TV says:

    Taxi for Goldman Sachs…

  19. Marshall says:

    Prototypical whiny geek Orzag wants to kill your gentile grandma. This is the same scumbag who dumped his pregnant shiksa ho flat for a proper yenta wife…

  20. American says:

    Fact: 83% of homicide warrants in Phoenix, AZ are issued for illegal aliens and
    95 percent of homicide warrants in Los Angeles are issued for illegal aliens. Additionally, 67 percent of the 17,000 outstanding fugitive felony warrants in that city are issued for illegal aliens.

  21. American says:

    Rest easy, Marshall, Orszag will get another Shisksa. Nobody finds JEWish women attractive.

  22. American says:

    JEWish groups slam Arizona immigration law:

    Subversive JEWS work to destroy our country. Since they love it so much, tell them to GO TO TERRORIST ISRAEL!

  23. Fleur says:

    Bart Stupak, in regards to the Health Care bill he deceivingly help pass and the article on the gulf oil leak (below) are hilariously congruent concerning him and his failure.

    Consider that Stupak is also a “worthless, useless blowout preventer that was claimed to be fail safe but actually had a dead battery (brain dead) Also, there was no cutting tool strong enough (to ensure freedom for the American people). The forced flow of money to the US Gov health care scam will lubricate the failing system for a little bit longer until we finally succumb to drowning ‘in the red’ debt.

    “A House energy panel looking into what might have caused the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico found yesterday that a vital piece of equipment intended to prevent such disasters had significant problems.

    Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), chairman of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations on Wednesday outlined issues with the blowout preventer, a tool that BP claimed was ‘fail safe,’ that may have prevented it from engaging. The blowout preventer, reports the Washington Post, “Had a dead battery in its control pod, leaks in its hydraulic system, a “useless” test version of a key component and a cutting tool that wasn’t strong enough to shear through steel joints in the well pipe and stop the flow of oil.”

  24. Zan Zibar says:

    Hey I’m Jewish and I’m against the dumb healthcare bill. Most of us are against it.


    PS- we are not rats. We are more like kangaroos or koalas or some other sort of marsupial.

    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

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