Afreakin’ “Flash Mobs” Attacking Whites

Even today, I am almost incredulous when I hear chiefs of police on the radio urging the white rabbits to minimize the chances that they will be mauled or killed by the savages whom they tax themselves to nourish and whom they subsidize to breed faster: in the jungles that were once our large cities, the cringing white inhabitants are told they should not venture out of doors after dark, should walk only in the middle of sidewalks so that Congoids are less likely to pounce on them from doorways or from automobiles in the street, and must not show themselves in large areas of their own cities.

— Revilo P. Oliver, The Doom of Nations

From Council of Conservative Citizens

The “mainstream” media is censuring a race riot in Kansas City, MO where hundreds of black thugs went on a rampage and attacked random white victims.

According to local police between 750 and 1,000 “youngsters” rioted. Imagine if the races were reversed. THIS WOULD BE THE LARGEST NEWS STORY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Instead it is suppressed, censured, and blacklisted. Even the local media is censuring all mention of race and all photographs from the stories. Police say there were serious injuries, robberies, property damage, yet not a single arrest!

Local authorities are calling it a replication of the Philadelphia “flash mobs.” However these are far from the “artsy” flash mobs started by British college kids, which never resulted in racially motivated violence and destruction.

The Philadelphia “flash mobs” have been a series of all black race riots in which random white victims were beaten and/or robbed. The Philadelphia riots were organized in advance. People are “invited” to the mayhem on black social networking websites like,, and cell phone chain messages.

America is experiencing a nationwide epidemic of vicious black on white racially motivated violence, that is getting worse every day.

What is a “flash mob?”

Here is an example of an actual traditional “flash mob.” Recently in Charleston, SC college students organized a Lady Gaga dance-a-thon flash mob in a public square. Attendees were asked to bring a cash donation the black victims of Haiti’s earthquake.

In Philadelphia, and apparently now Seattle and Kansas City,  the definition of a “flash mob” is when hundreds of black thugs get together to loot stores, break things, and commit mob assaults against white people.

The only reason that the media calls these black race riot “flash mobs” is to cover up what really happened!

This was the second in two weeks!

Black mobs riot in NYC and media covers it up

Rioters chanted “burn the city” in Philly



Make note on how the news media has been going on and on lately about some White college kid getting a little roughed-up (his injuries were a joke) by riot police on video after some basketball game.

Ask yourself this: Why does the mainstream media talk so much about this one story while totally ignoring Whites getting beat by mobs of violent Africans across America? The White college kid story was “PC safe” to talk about, that’s why. It’s now become too dangerous for the media to run a story on a black getting attacked by the police — entire cities may burn to the ground or more Whites may end-up victimized by “flash mobs,” chimping out over a fellow homie beaten down by “the man.”

I do believe that any White with any brains left from Jew diversity propaganda should see the utter hypocrisy and start to seriously reevaluate the whole stinking deal.

I was recently reading an article on Sarah Maid of Albion talking about British Whites being victimized by roving criminal gangs of Negroes and Muslims in England. The writer noted that when White victims described the perps to authorities they would invaribly add the following at the end: “Yes, yes, but I’m not racist!”

Has this what we’ve become? Spineless and stupid? Pathetic, I should add.

Isn’t it time for us to stand up and face the facts for what these people truly are? Negroes have long been a violent and worthless race — racist against Whites — no matter what we ever do for these people.

These spoiled, thrill-seeking black bastards will scream “racist” right as they smash your White face to a bloody pulp and then laugh about it all. Should they ever get popped for a crime — any crime — it’s just because of their skin color, since they are always the innocent victim of evil Whitey’s “oppressions.”

Haven’t you become sick of the bull? Why bother being Mr. Nice guy about these violent animals anymore?

Go here and read my Useless Tears for One Worthless Race!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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202 Responses to Afreakin’ “Flash Mobs” Attacking Whites

  1. White Devil says:

    Whites should once again empowered to carry any kind of firearm they desire.
    When these Nigger Beasts who are now empowered with high tech communications devices are detected organizing one of their Flash Riots, every available armed white person in the ares should immediately draw their firearms and begin eliminating these creatures from Hell right where they stand. Fuck these nigger motherfuckers!!! When they go this far over the line they need to get dropped! No questions asked!

    When the Niggers begin to riot, it’s time to begin thinning out the heards!
    Don’t think for one minute the same rules should apply to sub-human beasties!

  2. Fleur says:

    I just confirmed that this Air Marshall is a negro. Here he is in charge of planes to protect, yet he thinks using the badge to rape white call girls is perfectly legitimate and within his privilege to do so with no consequences. Another A.Action negro with monkey brains abusing his power. Negroes in power are a travesty.

  3. Fleur says:

    Interesting comments about Flash mobs in Kansas City, the dismal education of blacks and a dire economy.

  4. kerdasi amaq says:

    Just because you say you’re White, doesn’t make it so. ‘American born’. Any hasbarat can say that.

    P.S. that’s a made-up name, with an unPC meaning.

    I guess anon 12.10 is a jew!

  5. American says:

    I hadn’t seen this part of the video before, when the oldster veteran gave this Negro a tune up:

    Yeah, dark meat obviously intended to beat this guy up and post it on the internet, that’s why it was being filmed. It made it to Youtube alright!

  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:


  7. Fleur says:

    From this black racist, I now realize that ‘all white people’ were made plantation masters or owners. hahahahahahaha, yeah right!

    I never got that memo from the ‘powers that be’!!!!

    I wonder why?

    It’s the jews stupid!!

  8. Fleur says:

    Exterminate all white people they say. This is their solution. I guess that is why whites average and innocent whites are being attacked everywhere in USA, Europe an Africa.

    BTW, it’s the jews stupid, as well as your low average negro IQ and violent tendencies that keep you down.

  9. SBD TV says:

    Worthless French negroes; send ’em back to Africa!


  10. Flanders says:

    Nothing except the video link to this video on this posting from the site below. Where do the jew producers of such trash find negros who are capable of acting like intelligent asses- I’ve never met them in real life – the intelligent ones, that is.

    “Every 45 seconds a Nigger plays the race card”

  11. American born says:

    New DR. DUKE video.

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