Another Horrible Crime in South Africa

GET THIS STORY all you White liberal rabbits out there in DUMBASS LAND: A gang of 15 Negroes tied up a 40 year-old White man in SA, gang-raped his wife and beat him to death (he probably had to watch the raping of his wife before they beat the life out of him).

White people's pets get poisoned all the time by surrounding Negroes.

Then the animals turned on their 4 year old daughter and seriously assaulted her in some unknown fashion (God knows). The wife was so traumatized by the event she couldn’t even make a statement. Nothing was stolen, either. Go HERE for the report.

Now, if that story doesn’t make you stupid White liberals mad, get this: Dogs and cats belonging to White people are also getting killed — hacked to death, or poisoned (right). Maybe the death of innocent little pets will move you, since your own race obviously means ZILCH to you brainwashed fools.

How can you just sit there? Or look at your fat, gibbering face in the mirror? This is not some “conspiracy theory” either, but real life for these people. Oh, you don’t care, since they deserve it being White and racist, huh? Or you might try to blubber “OK, why should I care?” Because the media purposefully keeps you in the dark, for one. The other is that you should care about human life, even if it’s GD White people, that’s why.

A) Richard Stengel, Chief Editor of Time magazine who recently wrote a total suck-up book called “Mandela’s Way, Fifteen Lessons of Life, Love and Courage.” You think that smarmy Jewboy would say SQUAT about Whites victimized? B) Mandela apparently has no problems with any White getting killed — he even sings a special “Kill the Boer” song at political gatherings. C) Black politicians are always saying things that get the black population riled-up and never suffer consequences. D) Anika Smit’s gruesome killing went unmentioned in America, as usual. All these White haters know the Jew-controlled Western media and stupid White liberals will remain silent.

Or how about the sad story of the teenager Anika Smits, who’s father came home one day and found her dead — naked, raped and had both hands cut-off between the wrist and elbows, which the murdering blacks took with them as souvenirs or for witchcraft use.

Hell, the black politicians even sing songs about killing White people openly (even Mandela). Why is it that you hear nothing in the mainstream media about any of these things in America? You hear more about Jew authors writing books extolling Nelson Mandela than you will about all of this. NO FRIGGIN’ LIE!

Haven’t you noticed that any White “hate” crimes, slavery and the so-called “holocaust” are the only things they ever really talk about in America? Nonstop?

The Jews have done all this to South Africa and all White countries. Think that’s bull? Look into it and you will see Jewry’s subversive efforts down through the years. Efforts that are have been turned on American Whites, right now!

The Jews in the US media treat Nelson Mandela as some kind of God. Haven’t you noticed that at the very least? The rich Multicult freaks in Hollywood and New York act like they worship the guy. They could care less about Whites victimized and would just call you a “racist” if you dared say a thing. That’s the giant brainwashing gig Jews like Richard Stengel have done to your head.


— Phillip Marlowe



The curse of South Africa has always been its mineral wealth. Before minerals were discovered nobody wanted the country. Only the Boers loved it. Once minerals were discovered everyone wanted a slice. The Rothschilds (spit) financed the Boer war and the British subsequently invaded South Africa. It was the British that incidentally invented the concentration camp during this war.

The Boers (my people) lost the war and we had our farms confiscated. These farms were given to people that proved their loyalty to the British crown during the war. Poor and disowned of their farms, the Boers drifted to the mining towns where they toiled endlessly in the Jew owned mines.

At one stage under President Smuts, there was an uprising when the Jew owners decided that they do not have to employ the Boers, as the blacks were willing to do the work for a fraction of the pay. Many Boers were killed.

The Boers were prevented from going to Afrikaans schools and were forced to speak English, but they started their own schools and became educated. They became the leaders of industry through education and the very next generation in 1948 took the country back by political means without firing a single shot.

The control of the mines however remained with the Jews in Europe. This the Jews accomplished by subverting some Boer leaders. As time progressed more and more mineral deposits were discovered and the Jews wanted to mine these deposits at all costs. The Boers love nature and very often declined permission for new mines to open. It was at this point that the greedy Jews decided that the NP apartheid government had to go.

They then created the military wing of the ANC.
They approached the ANC and made them an offer. They said that they would financially back the ANC and support them with the massive power of their controlled mass media machine. In return all they asked for was certain mineral concessions and the control of the reserve bank.

Of course the ANC agreed as they were an insignificant party back then.

Thus the process of demonification of the Boer that started during the Boer war was ramped up.

Eventually the ANC got the country. The first noticeable thing that happened IMMEDIATELY after Mandela was released, was the move of the mining houses from the JSE stock exchange where they were forced to do business by the apartheid government, to the London stock exchange.

The ANC stuck to their side of the bargain and gave the Jews all the mineral concessions they demanded and control of the reserve bank. Since 1994 over 300 new mines have opened up in SA, often at the expense of the environment. For this they idolized Mandela, even going as far as awarding him the nobel peace price and placing his statue on Trafalgar square. The Jews do so love someone that gives them riches. In view of this it is not surprising that Winnie Mandela, the wife of Mandela accused Mandela recently of having sold out his people.

The whites have grown disillusioned with the fallacy that is the so called rainbow nation. They want self determination and have been expressing this more and more vocally. This is why ET [Terre’Blanch] was killed. The Jews more than anything fear white nationalism.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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183 Responses to Another Horrible Crime in South Africa

  1. Rock says:


    For sure, its all media.
    I just took a long trip and did alot of thinking.
    The whole problem is that people dont get this info or if they do they’v become so dummed down or sheepish and conditioned from birth that they put their fingers in their ears and say “la la la la”.

    I came back & read Incogs article about infighting.
    It really hit the spot & I Reallized, hey, I’m guilty of it too.

    I would suggest we have our own media. I pass out bussiness cards with this site on it.

    People can decide for themselves.

    I dont fucking argue with people anymore. If they wont stand up then so be it.
    Maby in the big picture this is all just natual selection at work. Hell I dont know.

    What I do know is that everything is comming to a head fairly soon one way or another.

    The best we can all do is try to get along and get this info the hell out there.

    About Akira- I like the fucking gook. He might be an asshole sometimes. But you cant argue with facts. We need to be more thick skinned around here. Incog wecomes ALL points of veiw..

  2. American says:

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but in the end it comes down to utility. Besides, I didn’t call ‘akira’ a JEW. It’s almost irrelevant.

    If somebody is more often divisive than not, their utility should be questioned, and especially after several warnings. It’s disrespectful to Incog’s project, as well as those that get attacked.

    Keep in mind I’m also for hanging the few White criminals right along with the many criminal JEWS and uppity Negro thugs.

  3. kerdasi amaq says:

    I didn’t make myself clear. There are two possibly three(not counting Schultz) hasbarats here and nobody’s calling them out.

  4. American says:

    Well call them out.

  5. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I’ll stand up for the guy.
    Gdl. I think it’s me you refer to as,

    “I know there are those who support Akira no matter what here”.

    I just see it differently.

    Flanders. The link you post as evidence.

    It may have been framed in vitriol, but the question to ask is, was it true.
    Sometimes the truth of the shibboleths and delusions we drag around, is too painful on closer inspection. But you always have to cut them loose, otherwise the kike will use them as a stick to beat you with.

    Bluntly put,Akira is no kike. He could be more ameliorating, but he is what he is.

    I must tee some of you off, but it’s all about expression.
    Throwing it in the mix to see what sticks.

    I still miss Octo and James the Just.

    But not anthraxspore.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      It’s easy to get all pissed about how stupid Americans are. I think that’s Akira’s main frustration. I wished it wasn’t true, but it is a fact. I don’t think Akira is a Jew. He just needs to bite his tongue when it comes to awakened Whites. Sure, we might not know everything but we are pointing in the right direction here.

      I think James The Just didn’t like Akira and left because of him.

  6. kerdasi amaq says:

    I can’t, I’d be introducing bias into it.

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    As an for instance.

    Jewish faux conservatives and their bootlickers want to smash all tribes and subversives except the Jewish ones

    Faux-Conservative Jews
    (The Occidental Observer) — By Edmund Connelly —

    We Whites are in an increasingly perilous situation. More and more of our lives are at risk as the White percentage of the population declines worldwide. As Kevin MacDonald recently wrote about Anti-White Violence in South Africa, “A constant theme on this website is that Whites living in societies run by non-Whites are in physical danger. From the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution to contemporary Africa, the lesson is the same: Loss of political power means murder and mayhem directed against Whites by minorities with deep historical grudges.”

    Given the challenges we face, it would seem only prudent that we accept offers of help from others willing to carry water for our cause.

    Except I would rather decline the “help” proffered by faux-conservative Jews.

  8. Rock says:

    American- The problem with that is. Akira takes no sides. He/she/it has no loyalty to whites.
    I assume with your name and all you’v said that your American as I, Incog I assume, and most here.
    I beleive the rest of the world is kind of sitting back and waiting to see what (American) people like us do about this.
    i.e. civil war.
    America has become the place for the zionist infection to roost. Like Hoff says; Proxi war machine.
    America will be where they will be backed down and destroid.
    People from other countries can talk all kinds of shit about America.
    But their lives are depending on what WE do.

    The American public is the largest armed force on earth and we get stronger everyday.

  9. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    A British lab technician shot himself in the head after being suspended over a ‘racist’ joke that was overheard at work. Photo / Michael Cunningham
    A British lab technician shot himself in the head after being suspended over a ‘racist’ joke that was overheard at work. Photo / Michael Cunningham

    It started as a harmless joke between friends, but ended with a lab technician putting a bullet in his head after his company suspended him for being “racist”.

    When Roy Amor, 61, saw immigration officers outside his clinic, he joked to a black colleague, who was a close friend, that he “better hide”, according to the Mail on Sunday.

    The black colleague was not offended, but someone in the office overhead the comment and made a formal complaint to the company, Opcare, which makes prosthetic limbs.

    Mr Amor, from Lancashire in the United Kingdom, was suspended, and was said to have been devastated.

    Five days later, he received an email from his bosses.

    Without even being able to get through the whole email, Mr Amor sent back that he could not deal with the matter because he was too upset.

    He shot himself that afternoon.

  10. American says:

    I hear your points (both Incog and Rock), and have stated that I don’t know (or really care too much) if akira is a JEW or not.

    My observation is simply that people are leaving b/c akira. We have counted James the Just, Octo (?), and now Flanders, possibly even others. It won’t matter how good your music is, if nobody is there to hear it.

    If akira has problems with Americans, I can understand that. Still, people HERE are generally working towards the solution. You know, Japan did bomb Pearl Harbor in a cowardly fashion, and this is the first I’ve mentioned it.

    Anyway, I won’t spend any more time on the issue as the real problem is the JEW, and I can take or leave akira. Either way, I’m going to keep spreading the word.


  11. kerdasi amaq says:

    JamesTheJust left because he was told not to give lectures on Christian Identity. He hangs out at EU times now.

    I believe Akira is having problems with hasbarats.

  12. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    It’s which America?
    It’s which Europe?

    The America and Europe, represented by those bought and paid for by the shitkikes.
    Or the America and Europe, represented by the people you know and work with. Ordinary families. Good, fair minded people, who have had their finer feelings used as a weapon against themselves by the filthy, depraved, worthless shitkike.

    The traitors, lickspittles and vermin, holding the reins
    in my country don’t represent me or mine, and i’m sad to say that’s left and right.
    The difference is.
    What you have, that we don’t is this.
    Which despite all kike finagling and lawyers legalese is in stone.

  13. Louis from Montreal says:

    As for Akira, I could care less what he or anyone else has to say; I take the bad with the good and form my own opinions. You, (meaning everyone here) may have noticed how little I comment, and I never argue with anyone, unessarily. I come here to read and leave with usually little said. You can call me a low down, dirty, bastard, and I would barely raise an eyebrow. My feelings are hard to get at…sticks and stones….

    Now, back to the “Main” topic, and what I asked from all of you in my previous post. What, if anything, do people think will happen during the World Cup 2010 games in South Africa, scheduled in about 50 days? The South African “government” has already considered this, and has issued a warning to those who might be tempted to rape, rob, and murder the many, many Whites who will be attending the games. The visitors from all over the globe, most of whom are ignorant of the deadly situation will make easy targets. Do you good folks think the blaxks will heed S.A. gov. warnings about severe punishment, or will there be massive chaos and many rapes, robberies and murders?

    Sorry for disrupting the Akira issue, but hey, that’s me.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking my little blog is a “forum.” Technically, it’s not. It’s a mere blog and I’m limited with the format. I’m only one guy and don’t have the time to set-up a forum.

      Just a note.

  14. RocketMan says:

    i thought James The Just got offended that you told him to shut up about the Christian Identity stuff Incog Man and thats why he left.
    if people don’t like akira they should just ignore him like they do me.
    he only seems to go off when he’s debated, too much BS here.
    i don’t pay much attention to akira anyway but his site does have cute monkeys.

  15. Rock says:

    American- Exactly!

    People reading that dont comment or those that just found this site should take the cue.

    Flyers, bussiness cards, E-mails, word of mouth, written on doller bills, whatever. Get the info out there. People should be able to decide for themselves and not let the controlled media decide for them.

    You can fight the battle at this level or you can let THEM choose the level at a latter date.

    At the moment, the choice is yours.

    For now…

  16. kerdasi amaq says:

    I think the World Cup could trigger an explosion of violence. They(FIFA) should really move the World Cup somewhere else like Australia, but they won’t for political reasons.

    I’d compare it to Three Mile Island, they may be able to avoid a meltdown with a lot of luck.

  17. RocketMan says:

    LOUIS, i’ve read that stab-proof vests will be hot sellers at the 2010 word cup, i wonder if they’ll have nice logo’s.
    maybe thats what we need to wake people up, mass killing and raping at the world cup will be too much for jew media to ignore, the truth will have to come out, the blacks of SA will do as blacks of SA do, they do not care for life, especially of whites, they’ve proven that.

  18. Rock says:

    Agreed Cannibal Rabbi.

    America has the bill of rights and a vast personal stash of guns and ammo.
    But hey, we’re willing to share.

  19. GDL/White Master says:

    I guess at this point RocketMan, whatever it takes right? Blind people would give anything to see while Whites with sight pretend to be blind.

    Blind people walk into walls without guidance. Wake up!


  20. Rudolf says:

    there was an unfortunate misunderstanding on the previous page of this comments thread: Akira had quoted a piece of anti-german propaganda from his blog from a new long article about: OMGUS, CIA, CCF & Judeo-Masonic Occupation of German Territory, Culture, Consciousness
    and Schulz with his best intention to defend German history took that as Akira’s opinion – no wonder in this situation where Germans are constantly accused with falsified pieces from history or at least taken out of reference. e.g. the guilt of having started WW-2,- the causes cannot be understood, if one doesn’t regard the preparation and aims of the Bolshevics and high-finance and the treaty of Versailles and the British unconditional guaranty to Poland.
    Aikira has collected a lot (too much for me to read in the moment) about the administration of the occupying forces in 1945. There the Morgenthau plan is of importance (to turn the destroyed Germany into a scheep pasture and let millions starve to death) written by him and Dexter White (soviet spy) later officially abandoned by Truman or Eisenhower but they did enforce a evil part of it and deceived the American people and the Red cross about it (James Bacque).
    Now Akira mentions even the “Morgenthau-boys” who were at work then: ” headed by Bernie Bernstein, a shyster who had been sent from the US Treasury to the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel”.
    U.S. Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson was disgusted with… . He wrote: “I have yet to meet a man who was not horrified at the ‘Carthaginian’ attitude of the Treasury. It is Semitism gone wild for vengeance
    and many Jewish communists (also from US) were at their business with the “Reeducation” – then came anti-communism – in the 1968s the Frankfurt School (Marxist-Freudeans) and their students are the ones sitting in our governments today. also the Neocons are most former Trotzkists.
    Now the astounding facts are that Marcuse and the Frankfurt School were at work in the US also. (also SPLC) and they had not been nazis. The white West got reeducated and we have this mind control – Political correctness “liberalism” and h-caust religion. These things have destroyed the immune-system of our people and societies so that now racial White cultures are in the last ditch. e.g. SouthAfrika (that may not even be Mandela’s fault – see the comment Incogman attached to his article)

  21. RocketMan says:

    that’s right GDL, if people are so foolish to believe that blacks are good people as the lobotomy box will have them believe they are maybe if the “good” blacks of SA do go apeshit many will have to see the ugly truth.
    take comfort in knowing that lives lost will be lives not worth saving, you know the kind of people who would look at you with hate and resent if you’de dare mention to them that niggers are shit, spics as well.
    with all thats going on in SA and the fact that it’s all excluded from media coverage is about as irresponsible as it gets.
    now we’ll see real soccer riots.

  22. Jen says:

    Send all the white liberals to the World Cup in SA.

  23. RocketMan says:

    great idea Jen!

  24. Grumpus says:

    I just don’t understand how White South Africans can let this dung happen. Good God! Who the Fark cares if you get caught! Take one for the team! These are your people damnit! Stand up and fight!

    I would be HUNTING negroids if I lived in South Africa. I HATE them for what they do to my people and my concern is my people. They murder and torture my people and it needs to stop!

    Goddangitt, save Whites.

  25. American says:

    White liberals will be getting what they deserve at the hands of Negro criminals soon enough, right here in their own homes.

  26. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You mean football riots.


  27. GDL/White Master says:

    For all the White liberals out there in STUPID land,

  28. Louis from Montreal says:

    Well, thank you folks. That’s pretty much all I wanted to know; if the World Cup will stir up enough trouble, and whether or not the worlds media will take notice. Personally, I think that Blacks will be Blacks just like snakes will be snakes, and no matter how many warnings ‘their’ guberment gives them, it will be just too tempting to have so many ignorant White sports fans, (i.e. negrophiles), running around covorting with them, well, they just won’t be able to resist.

  29. Ed in Salt Lake says:

    It is April 20th! I know, I know! That is Adolph’s birthday!

    But so much more,…so much more indeed!

    The mighty Sun as Helios begins its entry into the sign of Taurus on this day and sets the stage for the battle between Mithras and the Bull. From this battle are Sun-gods born. The “eternal narrative” is repeated annually in the course of the Sun through the Zodiac. Mithras as Spirit kills the Bull as Matter and victory is attained once again!

    Happy Birthday Adolph!

  30. foley says:

    Louis from Montreal,

    This is just some thoughts but I think it’s likely there won’t be much violent crime against WC tourists because that would make SA’s government look bad in the eyes of the world and hurt them financially. Negative publicity and financial losses are two things the SA government is desperate to avoid right now.

    One way or another word has gotten out and WC fans are being warned to stay away–in droves. The result is many tickets and hotel reservations remain unsold after huge investment preparing for the games. Of course they will spin it in the best possible light to try and lure the tourist money in. It’s all about keeping up apprearances till after the games are over.

    I think blacks are being told violence against WC tourists won’t be tolerated and any black on white crime will be solely against SA Boer farmers and SA whites which will be easier for the government and media to conceal since it’s an internal matter. Crime and violence against foreigners would be broadcast around the world and negatively impact SA government politically and financially.

    I heard an internet interview with a white SA leader shortly after the funeral of Eugene Terrablanche. He said that black on white violence is planned for AFTER the WC is over and also the government of SA are preparing to confiscate white farms and properties and blacks are being told to just sit tight.

    Sorry I don’t remember the guy’s name or the name of the site. If you’re interested let me know I’ll see if I can find it.

  31. foley says:

    Incogman is a great blog. Comments and links are great too. I don’t agree with everything Akira writes but I enjoy reading his stuff whatever race he is, he’s not a jew. Like others have said if you don’t want to read something skip over it.

    Divisive? All races, all people should be as jewise as Hoff and Incog and Akira.

    Lighten up white folks and know your enemy. Japanese are NOT our enemy and never were. Japan stood with white european nations of Germany and Italy in WW2 while deceived American farmboys were killing and dying for communist jews.

  32. inquisitor says:

    this is so very sad. i will always feel loyalty for my clan no matter what.

  33. historysbunkbunkbunk says:

    If Akira is too much I suppose good ol’ James The Just and Goy With 2 Brain Cells could be resurrected. They were a laugh a minute.

  34. Rudolf says:

    yes inquisitor, that is natural and the real thing, I think too.. There was always fighting in families and clans and tragic fate as in the song of the Nibelungenlied for example.
    And it took me a long time almost too long to get over that influence of the misleading population engineering that began with 1968s, Frankfurt school for me. ( one can read the chapter in Kevin MacDonalds “culture of critique”) As we have it today, the propaganda is not only about the “Nazis” but has led the mainstream to despise the own people and history. And that is a false illusion from the media. For me I value what i can find out and remember of the old people and their world, christian occident, culture as it was, even some of the Ns-.revival, accepting history as it is.
    So myself have to admit how long I was deceives by false accusations from the manipulators, and so it doesn’t surprise how the same mishpoke of high finance pushed Europeans into 2 wars against each other. Solshenizyn is a great thinker about his people, Russians, for example.

  35. Rudolf says:

    to add, in case you meant the situation in South Africa, inquisitor, i don’t know enough, but it looks similar as in Europe: many (how many) Europeans are deceived by liberal values as is artificial equality, and not able to organize themselves.


    The idea of “Natural Equality” is one of the most pernicious delusions that has ever afflicted mankind. It is a figment of the human imagination. Nature knows no equality. The most cursory examination of natural phenomena reveals the presence of a Law of Inequality as universal and inflexible as the Law of Gravitation.
    The evolution of life is the most striking instance of this fundamental truth. Evolution is a process of differentiation —
    of increasing differentiation — from the simple one-celled bit of protoplasm to the infinitely differentiated, complex life forms of the present day.
    And the evolutionary process is not merely quantitative; it is qualitative as well. These successive differentiations imply increasingly inequalities.

    Lothrop Stoddard
    (books in the net – e.g. about the French Revolution in Haiti, where most Europeans were killed)

  36. Louis from Montreal says:

    foley-You could be right; We’ll just have to wait and see.

  37. Louis from Montreal says:

    For more info on this subject; Those of you on facebook SHOULD check out the page: WHITE GENOCIDE did you know AND WHY DIDN’T YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT

    Excellent page, and I have become friends with one of the brave women who are administrators. You will also get to see me there….INCOG has done a wonderful job here, but these folks can tell you much, much more.

  38. Fleur says:

    After reading this, don’t ya just feel all ashamed and racist for undermining negroes upcoming socialist utopia, via jew banker installed regimes?

    “You’ve got to know, actually, we are living in a time that’s going to dwarf the McCarthy era. It is going to dwarf the internment of World War II. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation.
    They are coming. And they are coming after you. And they are going to be brutal and oppressive. They’ve already shown it. … This is not rhetoric or hyperbole — this is real. … This tea party so-called movement — a bowel-movement in my estimation — and this blatant uncovering and ripping off the mask of racism”

  39. Fleur says:


    Looks like the jewish inglorious basterds have influence the negroid bastards. Another sickening black on white crime against young attractive white women.,bucktown-chicago-baseball-bat-042310.article

  40. American says:

    Unfortunately, these girls have not been paying attention to the TRUTHS all around them.

  41. GDL/White Master says:

    Now tell me:

    Before niggers became a Jew-instigated disease in White society, were these types of crimes happening to people? HELL NO!

    I’ll say it again, anyone who thinks America is moving in a positive direction with satanic multi-cult worship is about as intelligent as a terd floating in a toilet….and about as useful to humanity.


  42. GDL/White Master says:

    “Unfortunately, these girls have not been paying attention to the TRUTHS all around them.”

    “Unfortunately, the mainstream media does everything they can to keep the White rabbits stupid.”

    Which reminds me of that rediculously stupid movie, “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock (moron) in it. I have heard several women comment on how great and heartwarming that movie was. There was so much cheesiness in the room with these women I thought the walls would start molding. So I, in my typical fashion had to bust up the party and tell them that blind people walk into walls without guidance. And they looked at me like, “you smartass.” LMAO!


  43. kerdasi amaq says:


    “Well call them out.”

    I can do it now.

    Hey ‘Dave’ did you enjoy your trip to Spamblinka, and did you share a shower with ‘American Born’?

  44. JewishWhiteNationalist says:

    This is how the negroes act whenever they are given more than the inch first offered to them. The usual pattern: White man builds up, negro sees it, wants it, takes it, kills the White man to get what he has, and then sits there are cries because the White man isn’t there to run the show for him anymore.

  45. Flanders says:

    While the jew truly despises the negro they are most eager to place blacks (or anyone else) into position so that these propagandized psychotics can act, as jewish agents, to attack and kill White people.

    “In 1887, the French and English Rothschild banking houses loaned money to, and invested in, the De Beers diamond mines in South Africa, becoming its largest shareholders.

    That was the beginning of De Beers, an entirely Jewish Enterprise Owned by the Jewish Bolshevist Rothschild Banking Family, which is still the most powerful jews today, owning the majority of the federal reserve and currencies of the world, and operate the central banks.

    Cecil Rhodes may be considered one of the worst jews, doing the worst damage of history, continuing to this present day. We not only look at the disasters his round table caused prior to and immediately after his death.”

    A good couple of articles are in this forum posting which show how the jew works in South Africa to bring about and encourage what is happening. They contain information about the Round Table, the Rhodes scholars and what are known as the “modern” Illuminati.

    The jewish media machine worked diligently in the US and elsewhere with emplaced and enthusiastic jewry to encourage divestment and to turn world opinion against White Rhodesia and White ruled South Africa. A jew is not White. All jews are OTW and will never be White.

  46. KA Telegraph says:

    “City prosecutors will review details of the Saturday shooting to determine whether to file charges against the officer, a 15-year veteran whose name was not disclosed, The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday.

    Tyrone Brown, 32, who had served in Iraq twice, died after he was shot at close range, police said.

    “After the advances, the officer and the individual exchanged words,” Guglielmi said. “There was an argument, and the altercation turned physical. At that point, the officer pulled out his service weapon and fired multiple shots at our victim.””

  47. Flanders says:

    A negro author tells some good info about the jew in Africa (and other matters). I have not researched, but I assume he is talking about earlier times in African history. Maybe someone from Africa or South Africa (if it is still there) can tell us more about the subject.

    “Jews & Afrika

    The Neanderthal’s first major victory was Afrika. This all really starts around the time of Ahkenaton, when this [quite possibly] crypto-Jew decided to sell the Kemitic people his ridiculous Yahweh-esque monotheistic god, Aten. If you look at a depiction of Aten you’ll see that there are a bunch of hands extending from the central orb. For our purposes, those hands are the Jew. Yahweh didn’t curse Black folks. Yahweh didn’t put us into slavery, it was the Jew.

    Yahweh is Aten; Yahweh is Moloch; the carrion eater of the desert; the slave-master god of the Neanderthal-Jew.

    The Atenist cult was an utter failure. Real Afrikan gods are our ancestors and the Kemites weren’t about to fall for some monotheistic two-faced tripe. Moreover, Ahkenaton pushed a bunch of tree-hugging liberal laws and philosophies that started to bring down Kemet. In Kemet, Ahkenaton would later be known as “The Enemy”.

    Ahkenaton’s crew of traitors and [quite possibly] crypto-Jews rolled out and fabricated a bunch of nonsense we know today as the Torah, Holy Bible, et al. They claimed they got the Ten Commandments out of the sky instead of admitting they stole them from Kemet; they blow on the rams horn and pretend it’s Jewish or “Israelite”…instead of admitting that they got the ram symbolism from Kemet, and the rest is history.

    The Grand Lodge of Luxor was completed in Ahkenaton’s time. The knowledge of Kemet was stolen and fed back to Afrikans in the form of Judeo-Christianity (JEW-day-oh-Christianity). Today the Jews, who control Las Vegas, fondly remember their first move that brought down Afrika, with their shabby version of the Luxor.”

  48. Flanders says:

    Pre-1950’s South Africa

  49. Flanders says:

    This Original Dissent submission refers to a J-Post article.

    “12 Jews honored on African stamps as Apartheid fighters”

    A related posting from WVWN quotes: “In the struggle against South African Apartheid, according to one of the commemorative sheets, it was estimated that Jews were overrepresented by 2,500 percent in proportion to the governing white population.”

  50. Jo Jackson says:


    You must have seen what I posted on another post.
    Thanks for pulling this out – it belongs here.

    Legendary Heroes of Africa … sick! – whores mores like

    I’m sure the HIV infected, starving kaffirs of today in the “FREE” South Africa are extremely grateful. LOL!

    Oh wait a minute – they’re pouring into the arms of white do-gooder governments in Europe and America who will house, feed and water them for nothing – well at their taxpayers expense!

    Guess where the Middle eastern “refugees” from Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain et al are headed? you guessed it! The right honourable “Baroness Amos” of Planet of the Apes UK is preparing the paperwork.

    Comical if not tragic!

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