The Jewish Led Invasion of America

I REMEMBER THIS one bar I used to hang out at many moons ago. It was a lot like that TV sitcom bar, “Cheers,” in Boston where everyone knew your name, etc., etc. Many of the clientele, for whatever reasons, were British ex-pats and friends visiting the US. I was close to one of the girls, a good-looking brunette with a cockney accent (which always tore me up), working here on a green card and trying to immigrate permanently.

One night I got this phone call from her in Montreal of all places. Her visa had expired and she could not renew it immediately, so had to return to Britain. I was surprised that she was having such problems and volunteered to marry her right off, just so she could legally back get into the US (but didn’t know exactly how to do it). I knew that it could be considered illegal, but didn’t care (I look after my own kind).

Please take the time to read on. I know you may have just came by my blog and are wondering about the seemingly “anti-Semitic” and “racist” things here that might scare you off. I understand that. In fact, I was just like you not so long ago. It took a lot for me to look “outside the box” and get past how I was supposed to think. So please, look into what I have to say below (click on the “Read the rest…” button).

My British girlfriend thanked me for my offer, but knew I was only “proposing” so she could get into America. She let me off the hook, even though I insisted to her I had no problems personally. This whole affair got me started on researching the immigration business and I was shocked by things that virtually all my friends and family had heard nothing about.

What I found out was America’s immigration laws were completely overturned in 1965 to favor non-White immigration into the US. White people coming here from Britain and Europe would have a limited “quota,” versus a majority of immigrants from non-White countries. They told us these laws would not change the racial make-up of America — but they lied.

These quotas had kept people like my British girlfriend from immigrating here.

Recently, someone here at my blog put up a link to a PDF of an article written by a Frenchmen named Hervé Ryssen. This one paragraph sums up the situation well:

Thus, all their strength the Jews – basically, ALL the vocal Jews in the world – encourage non-white immigration into every country in which they are  located, not only because the multicultural society is their fundamental political aim, but also because the disintegration of national identity in each nation and the massive presence of anti-white immigrants is designed to prevent the original white population from succeeding in any nationalistic outbursts against the Jewish sway over finance, politics and the media. All Jewish intellectuals, without any exception, are focused on this question of building the “pluralistic society” and for this they practice constant “vigilance against racism.”

Yes, all this fit exactly what was going on with America and with what I knew was going on in Europe, too. Not only with immigration, but all through-out our politics, media and culture. Our White nations were under a silent assault from the inside and no one dared breathe a word in public!

Even the Jews themselves often admitted to doing this, and sometimes even bragged about it. A while back, I came across this immigration article written by the Jew Stephen Steinlight, quite on my own and not from a “Nazi” site:

“For perhaps another generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community will be in a position where it will be in a position to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions to support our agendas.”

– Stephen Steinlight, “The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography.” Center for Immigration Studies, October, 2001

I was flabbergasted at just how arrogant this Jew was, that he didn’t even stop to consider how non-Jews might feel about any of it. To him, it was evident that the views of us non-Jews meant nothing to him at all. I also remember finding another quote that totally backs-up what the article above from the Frenchman said:

“The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-White or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about a half century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible and makes constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever.”

Earl Raab, executive director emeritus of the Perlmutter Institute of Jewish Advocacy (offshoot of the ADL), Jewish Bulletin, Feb. 19, 1993

The more I looked into things about the Jew, the more I could see that these were arrogant and hateful people, who hypocritically told everyone they were such good people because they were God’s “Chosen Ones” (but not after the New Testament, which means a New Covenant with God) and victimized so much (like the sacred holocaust, they always go on about constantly).

They even have the unmitigated gall to proclaim themselves a “Light Unto Nations.” Yeah, I saw just how that goes last year with what they did in Gaza to the Palestinians and what blatant racial hypocrites they are when it comes to Israel.

Don’t you just think these people have a lot of GD nerve? Who gave them the right to turn White countries inside out and well on the road to Third World status, just so they could feel more comfortable that us Whites won’t go “all Nazi” on them?

It became readily apparent to me that the Jew were really a cancer upon nations, more than anything else. You could easily see what liars they really are, over-all. It seemed like lying was part and parcel to the whole Jew thing.

I could see that I had been heavily propagandized all through-out my life about these people. From the so-called holocaust to the real treatment of Palestinians going on to the present day. It was all a sham pushed by a media that somehow called themselves “free and independent” with a straight face. What a sorry laugh that was.

Look deep down inside yourself: You know something “is just not right” in America. Nothing really makes sense. The elected don’t work for us — never have. Why else would we have all these problems, like immigration, the economy and never-ending wars overseas, as we now have in America?

Magazines like Time and Newsweek constantly promote immigration and “globalism” — often running glossy inserts extolling the rise of business and the middle class in countries like India and China. I knew that many of these businesses used to have their manufacturing in the US and relocated to these countries for cheap labor. Who does the media really work for? Not for me, or anyone else that I knew.

There could only be one answer for it all and that answer was my race was earmarked for a slow strangulation by these people. I eventually realized the Jews were using the whole business of “PC” to keep us White people confused and from coming together to put a stop to them. They now arrogantly think they have such control over us that they can spit in our faces, as they do whatever they want to our countries.

It took me a long time to come to this conclusion, and quite on my own too. I never was a part of any organized “White Supremacist” group, nor considered myself a “hater.”

Please take the time to download the following PDF written by Professor Kevin MacDonald, who researched Jewry’s involvement in our immigration laws. He backs it up with quotes from Jews and from the minutes of Congress during debates going back to 1924, all of which can be verified independently. Go HERE for the absract and PDF to download. Won’t take you but a few minutes of your time to read the abstract and download the PDF for later study.

David Duke (who they obviously want you to ignore) wrote a good piece about all this and can be read HERE. This won’t take that long to read, either.

Now, I realize that you want to give everyone a fair shake in the world and don’t like the thought of your friends and family thinking you might have turned all “Nazi” on them. Who would, in their right mind? But that’s the point to what they’ve done to White people’s heads over the years. You think that’s right? Just think about it.

But with all the things now facing America now, I implore you to take just a few minutes checking into it on your own. You will not have the media tell you one damn thing — not even FOX News or conservative Talk Show hosts like Russ Limbaugh. They know well it’s best to not touch the Jew subject or their careers will suddenly be cut short.

It is entirely up to you, my friend.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. ????? says:


    Please tell me you’re not walking around Camden (Great Queen Street, eh…) dressed like a spider from Mars.

    Tell me you don’t have Rick Wakeman’s old cape!

  2. Dave says:

    Again, no words of your own…

    You love taunting the Whites don’t you? When the shit hits the fan and bullets start flying… I’ll know where to find you. Well, that is if your “mum” has enough breast for both you and your brothers too.

  3. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    And you are a “New Romantic”, hence the Japan song?

    Great video btw, It has forced me to a reappraisal of the Japan canon.

    I do though confess a penchant for maroon, pressed velvet!!

  4. ????? says:

    All things must pass

    [there’s lonely banshee wailing hereabouts]

  5. ????? says:

    All things must pass

    [there’s lonely banshee wailing hereabouts]

  6. ????? says:

    All things must pass

    [there’s lonely banshee wailing hereabouts]

  7. Dave says:

    Why don’t both of you just get it over with?

  8. Dave,

    Why dont you STFU ALREADY?!


  9. ????? says:

    Bealtaine a Rí tá i bParrthgas déan trócaire agat.

  10. ????? says:

    Bealtaine a Rí tá i bParrthgas déan trócaire agat.

  11. ????? says:

    Bealtaine a Rí tá i bParrthgas déan trócaire agat.

  12. Dave says:

    OMG! I gotta leave and there’s gonna be three of ’em mammy cuddling.


    I have got to go… OMG!!!

  13. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    We need some ‘Love and Joy’ here…

  14. Ares says:


  15. Someone says:

    WTF is going on with you??
    you hate just because their jews? well i dont hate you just because your american or something.. you hate blacks just because they have darker skin then yours? you hate gays just because they love boys?

    i think you can learn that not all the jews are Ugly like you think and Jews are not terroriests like you think.. come and see things from our side.. what can you say about us then?

  16. anti-zionist says:

    someone your lights are on and nobody is home!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Incog man.

    I think … a lot of what you’re saying about the Jews promoting other minorities as a way of protecting themselves is quite plausible. I would like to point out, though, that the economic fat cats in the US, in the process of amassing their fortunes, have screwed over the US and the rest of the world right along with it. And for a long time, they did their worst elsewhere. Because it’s not nice to live in a country where the really poor are living in rags and scrounging food out of the garbage.

    So – when you talk about droves of immigrants coming into the US and taking American jobs, keep in mind that these are people who would much, much rather live in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Domincan Republic, and any number of other countries that you would probably turn up your nose at. Thanks to the US’s economic plundering, though, many of them can make more cleaning toilets in America than they can doing most things in their home country. Many of them can’t make it any more, in the land where they grew up, and where most of them would still prefer to live.

    And yes, they come to the US and compete with American workers. And yes, some of them end up doing whatever they can to make money and survive, if they can’t get honest work, because they’re human beings and people they care about are depending on them. And I get that this makes the (already bad) economic situation in the US worse, especially for Americans who are also just barely getting by. You know … in a country where the top one percent is filthy rich and drastically under-taxed.

    But when that’s what the problem looks like, I think it’s critical to know who your real enemies are. Because if we took on the parasites at the top, there would be no more need for all this desperate squabbling at the bottom.

  18. GDL says:

    Jews are the economic fat cats and yes backstabbing Whites are trash, and are responsible for their crimes.

    The main reason for Jews bringing in non-White immigration is to change the demographics in America…to darken the good ole USA. It is not for the benefit of anyone but Jews. Whites will get the shittiest end of the stick while the 3rd worlders will do what they always do no matter where they live…..turn the place into a hell hole!




  19. Anonymous says:


    The third world can be an amazing place, when it isn’t overrun by the same problems that you’re so angry about the Jews spreading in America, and by the same (incited) class war that Hitler was explaining with such lucidity in one of the other articles on this blog.

    My point, though, was that rich, corrupt interests in America have been actively promoting terrorism, death squads, economic plundering, and all sorts of other asinine things abroad. So a lot of people end up in the US not because they want to be surrounded by white strangers or change the demographic of this country, but simply because they’re facing the same difficulties that most whites are – namely, a hell of a time making a living wage.

    I’ve met many Americans that don’t think that’s their problem. But when the US is going out and making life impossible for other people, in the name of “protecting national interests” … it should be all of our problem. Because as Americans, it was done in our name. And because the fallout from that ends up here, one way or the other.

    Having a huge, cheap labor pool benefits corporations and the super-rich. So does having people at each other’s throats based on nationality and color – when the truth is, this country (and most of the world) is getting poorer and poorer, and being cynically swindled.

  20. GDL says:

    How about this White America?

    We get the blessing of Haitians coming to America courtesy of those Jews whom proclaim to be the “light unto nations.” All the while taxpayers money will pay to house, clothe, and feed these Haitians…..not to mention encouraging them to breed like rabbits. And to top it off they will be robbing, raping, and murdering Whites.

    How can we ever repay the Jew?


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