Duke Slams Jewess Dyke Rachel Maddow!

“Grow a pair, Rand Paul!” 

What a hypocrite Jew FREAK!

Check out the above video where David Duke, tells it like it is! He slams the socially destructive (usual behavior of Jewry), Zionist, Jewish* racist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and her incredible hypocrisy vis-a-vis Israel. A must watch!  

Folks, we got ourselves a big problem in America: A JEWISH PROBLEM. These bona fide racists, big mouths and total hypocrites infest out government, economy and media. The real reason why America is now on the road to hell, is simply because of all these Jews working in conjunction with each other to keep Israel in business, while keeping you snowed!  

You might think Rand Paul could bring up some of this while being interviewed. But, hell no! He knows it’s best to toe the Zionist line, or else have all the little Rachel Maddows all across the media raise unholy hell — including the so-called “conservative” NeoCON Jews. The liberal ones can’t stand Rand Paul to begin with since the Tea Party people like him, but if he said something, anything critical about Israel, then that’s it with all of them. It would be non-stop “Nazi” this, “David Duke” that — from the whole stinkin’ lot!  

Haven’t you figured out the score? If you’re a White American you had better get on the stick. These total hypocrites have long been rotting out this country from within and ruining this country from without. Why do you think America is now so hated across the globe? Because they all know the Jews have long had America totally befuddled and can get us to do whatever they tell us to. And all these Jews/Israelis have been stealing this country blind!  

Hell, why do you think the Jews have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived, sometimes twice?  

— Phillip Marlowe  

*Her mother is in fact Jewish, making her technically able to immigrate to Israel (think about that law). She once told Tracy Ulman she had something in her family “distantly Jewish,” which was a giant lie. Also, people say she was raised Catholic, which is both hard to see and irrelevant — much like Bill Mahrer, she’s a true Crypto-Jew and divisive liberal. Support of that criminal state of Israel because of some Jewish identity has long been a major problem for America, in addition to which, these kind of people have an instinctual urge to tear down White people and Christianity!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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194 Responses to Duke Slams Jewess Dyke Rachel Maddow!

  1. Flanders says:

    Rock, You have a very clear vision of what is happening. You are able to place in context some very good points. Your messages can be very instructive. For instance, when you talk about Dr. Zhivago:

    “Anyone who’s never seen it should watch it. At the end when the good doctor is trying to catch up to the love of his life,who was ripped away from him because of the communist take over and has a heart attack while she does’nt see or hear him and he dies right behind her, oh boy, I’m gershflenkt in my geshphlinkle, I cant twalk right now. Some where my love……………(boohoo)

    Ok, I,m back.
    You should watch it not cause it makes you blubber like a 2 year old but because its a blue print of how I beleive the ultimate take over will occure in america and probably the world.
    The mentally conditioned public and controlled robotic military will become one under the disguise of the “Common working peoples” movement or something along those lines.
    Those who are dissidents to the “movement” you know “us”, the ones who are awake and aware of these tricks will be “purged”(thats a nice way of saying shot in the head).
    Sounds far fetched? Ask an old Russian.”

    Maybe you have an inherent ability to connect with a segment of America, the female, which is a segment which we who are jew aware have a difficult time to convince of certain necessities. For instance, how do we convince them that it is in the best interests of all of us to drop the false, but jew-insprired “messages of love for everyone makes one a good person” type of thought?

    Our movement would be immensely stronger if we had a large segment of females who understood that and who couid communicate that to others. Many of us see in our own everyday lives that what we beleive is repudiated by the media-consciousness and the false social expectations adopted by our own family members. It is not just females who have the problem of not recognizing a treasonous plan of destruction by infiltrating such ideas into society. Many modern “men” are swallowed by the same egaltarian propaganda.

    Maybe you will have some more ideas this way, which can communicate points by using media against it’s controllers.

  2. Flanders says:

    Rock, It is of course not the content of those messages so much as the ways in which the messages are intended to weaken and to make us susceptible to control that is the objection, and that inherent weakness which comes with acceptance of such basic messages is what we must learn to counter. How do we counter those, particularly when media continues to be jewish-controlled?

  3. GTRman says:

    Interesting, Flanders. Ive thought the same. Rock maybe ugly as sin in real life, who knows, but the picture I get is (warning: I sound like a 14 yr old girl here ) the grunt with the heart from Avatar.

    Shamans, sociologists,advertisers,Bernays!, pop band managers etc. through the ages have known that you have to GET THE FEMALES FIRST.

    Most consumer spending is done by females. Most advertising is targeted at females. Its all about exploitation of instinct. Good instincts and traits.

    Women (although they can be bitchy/ two-faced ) are GENERALLY (I dont want to upset anyone here ) more social and talkative and supportive of one another in groups. They generally have less problem sharing looks, hairstyles etc, whereas men are usually (GENERALLY) more taciturn and OUTWARDLY competitive. Why are there more male stand-up comics than female, for instance? Nasty White Man blocking them out?

    No, young males in groups GENERALLY joust and jostle for pecking order ( Im NOT saying females dont do this also) and “funny”, or “quick-witted” , is often a good substitute for muscle / or traditional alpha male traits.

    I know this all sounds like psyche 101 but I am condensing stuff ive read, rather than making it up.

    Jim Morrisson of ” The Doors” knew this and spoke / wrote of it. I’ll try and find a link.

    So, Rock, are you willing to be the poster boy for the “Jew-wise” movement? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The world awaits!

  4. GTRman says:

    Cant find the aforementioned Morrisson quotes on females.
    But for those who only know the “cock rocker”, some of this may surprise you:



    Anyhow, its clear to see, look at Elvis / Beatles / Sinatra /Valentino etc, et al :

    Get the females first!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Part two of Duke video.

  6. Rock says:

    Oh Wow, I missed this conversation somehow. Had a bussy week.

    In regards to women, not to bragg, but I’v had alot of shall we say,”feild study”. Yea, I like to do it outside! WooHoo!

    I’m a fairly good looking man in my mid 40’s and have found that the majority of women I meet are turned off because of my political veiws.
    I’m called a radical by some.
    Does’nt matter, I only want them for one night anyway. For I am a dog(arf).
    I think women like their men to tow the PC line and fall in with the “rest of us”, as they say.
    Not all though. There’s nothing more vicious or more effective than an awakened woman and its going to become more and more shall I say “stylish” in the near future for “the chicks” to call themselves awakened and aware as that movement grows stonger.

  7. Flanders says:

    Rock, I think you are missing the points that GTRman and I were making. We’re not referring to your “doing it in the open” stud field work, but to your ability to connect mentally with the female psyche through your writing style. Your writing style would have them chasing you through the field and jumping your bones, but can also have the added benefit of awakening some of those impotent braindeads among the “fairer sex” as to the fact that they are wrongly supporting messages which are designed to hurt them and to hurt all of us.

    Think about it some. Your writing style could help to truly liberate the media-sedated women who unconsciously (or subconciously)accept the wrong media messages, and you can inspire them to reject those media messages with your doses of realism.

    Are you prepared to become the casonova Rock of Incogman? Tough Job! – but someone’s got to do it!

  8. Flanders says:

    I also think you have a good read on what is happening on the awakening scene.

    Rock: “I think women like their men to tow the PC line and fall in with the “rest of us”, as they say.
    Not all though. There’s nothing more vicious or more effective than an awakened woman and its going to become more and more shall I say “stylish” in the near future for “the chicks” to call themselves awakened and aware as that movement grows stonger.”

    We need the women to become awakened and aware. The present lack of awareness and the toeing of the PC line, which is an epidemic among the general public, is the weakness of Whites and Americans and is what is causing the most danger to all of us. “Awake and Aware” needs to become stylish in order to protect all of us and to make this world a truly better place. CONSCIOUS is what we need all Americans to be.

  9. Rock says:

    Oh no Flanders. I didnt miss it at all. And thanx.
    I just saw a chance for a “me” moment and decided to use it to bragg thats all. You know? LOL, ha ha hee hee
    I dont know about any connection with women mentally or through writing. And certainly none on this site. Maybe ya’ll see something I dont.
    Women I know have this cute little pet name they call me. Lets what is it again? Oh yea PIG!
    But I accept your compliment though I think Biker cuts to the chase better than I ever could, but he’s ugly. I understand. Any suggestions where I could impliment my newfound superpowers?

  10. Flanders says:

    “Any suggestions where I could impliment my newfound superpowers?”

    Not for now, Rock. I’ve been planning to check out a site that Cannibal Rabbi mentioned in more recent postings thread, but haven’t had the time. When I do, maybe we can both go there to check and to try it out. It may be a tough one to start with though judging from the response that Cannibal Rabbi and one of our other commenters had. I’ll locate it when we both have the time and we will do a test run. This could get interesting.

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