Is The Stock Market Crashing?

Market was down almost a thousand points earlier in record panic.

DOW Closes Down 347.8 in Wild Roller Coaster Session

by James Buchanan

CNBC reports: “Stocks staged one of the most dramatic selloffs in market history Thursday as what may have been a trader error exacerbated losses in a market already jittery about the European debt crisis. The Dow ended down 347.80, or 3.2 percent, at 10,520.32, after being down as much as 998.50 earlier, the Dow’s biggest intraday drop on record. Treasury’s surged. Under current New York Stock Exchange rules, if the market falls ten percent or more between 2:30 and 3:00 pm ET, trading is halted for 30 minutes. At its worst point, the Dow was down between 8 and 9 percent today.” (So they didn’t shut down the floor, but almost.) At the height of the panic, one trader, on the condition of anonymity, said he heard fixed-income desks in Europe shut down early because there was no liquidity — basically European banks are halting lending right now. But in the final 15 minutes of trading it was revealed that a trader at a major firm may have mistyped a trade as billion — instead of million — which made what would’ve been a 300-point selloff more like a 900-point selloff.”

And if you believe this was largely caused by a typo, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn, I’d like to sell you. This lame excuse is intended to stop a panic among the ordinary sheeple. The big investors got wind of something that panicked them, and we may never know if it involved a Goldman Sachs investigation or even rumors of war breaking out against Iran.

The speediness of the panic and sell off should be a giant red flag that the confidence in the DOW is truly paper thin. All the major investors have their programs to bail out at the first sign of trouble, and a 1,000 point plunge is a staggering sign that key investors don’t believe the market deserves to be this high.

The article continues “All this fogginess about botched trades came as the market was already on edge about Greece and the European debt crisis. Just before the panic started, which was around 2:30pm ET, Mohamed El-Erian said on CNBC that the Greek crisis is about to spread. ‘We’ve seen a crisis start in a country—Greece—become regional, impact the whole of the Euro zone and is on the verge of truly going global,’ said El-Erian, CEO of the world’s biggest bond fund. Rochdale analyst Dick Bove said the riots in Greece, which escalated after the Greek austerity bill was passed, are also a telling sign. ‘There is simply a growing recognition that Greece has got to default,’ said Rochdale banking analyst Dick Bove. ‘The riots in the streets showed the decision to repay the debt was not going to be made by the people in Germany, France and Switzerland, it’s going to be made by people in Greece and they’re not going to repay it,’ he said. ‘Anyone seeing the riots is going to recognize that this government is going to be thrown out and anything replacing this government is going to be far more leftist leaning and they’re going to repudiate.’ ”

The economy of Europe may be pushed over the edge thanks to events in Greece, and the US economy may similarly begin to collapse thanks to events in California. Some pundits have stated that the next big disaster facing America will be the massive debt from large (heavily minority) states like California and New York that will be eventually demanding 100 billion dollar bail outs from the Feds.

California is following in the footsteps of Greece with bankruptcy on the near term horizon. California spends $13.1 billion per year providing services such as public schools and prisons for illegal aliens. Unionized state workers in California got insanely lucrative contracts and retirement programs. Finally the crazy Latino and far left liberals in the California government always do the wrong thing, spend too much and are literally driving businesses out of the state in record numbers with their endless fees and most recently CO2 restrictions, which no other states impose.

The CNBC article adds “April sales reports from major retailers were mostly disappointing, including reports from Costco and Gap. Teen chains reported sales declines that were worst than expected…” Costco is a bargain superstore that should be thriving in bad times. If people don’t have enough money to buy their basic necessities from Costco, we are in truly serious trouble.

All the recent economic news has been horrific. Florida and California just announced record high unemployment. March was the worst month in history for foreclosures. There is no “Obama Recovery”. There is an “Obama Depression” and it’s getting worse.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. El Rey Juan Carlos de España says:


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  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    It’s a mouthfull allright.

  3. El Rey Juan Carlos de España says:

    The Flemish Weird Al.

  4. El Rey Juan Carlos de España says:

    And that’s what she said last night.

  5. Marshall says:

    Sail on…your boat made of plastic bottles, but don’t go on a heel, because you’ll just go in circles from the drag.

    That’s a pretty crazy campaign you are on Jew boy. If you want people around the globe to monitor your sailing progress from port to port, there really isn’t much telemetry that will help you unless you have helicopters following you around to every port.

    It’s quite obvious that some Jew/Brit asswipe wants to dictate life to everyone. This Rothschild “envirosailing.”

    Let me know how it’s going, when you are ready.


  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:

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    She’s French!!

  7. El Rey Juan Carlos de España says:

    Better than listening to the mad ravings of the resident Jews here:

    The Most Unwanted Song

    By Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid

    The most unwanted music is over 25 minutes long, veers wildly between loud and quiet sections, between fast and slow tempos, and features timbres of extremely high and low pitch, with each dichotomy presented in abrupt transition. The most unwanted orchestra was determined to be large, and features the accordion and bagpipe (which tie at 13% as the most unwanted instrument), banjo, flute, tuba, harp, organ, synthesizer (the only instrument that appears in both the most wanted and most unwanted ensembles). An operatic soprano raps and sings atonal music, advertising jingles, political slogans, and “elevator” music, and a children’s choir sings jingles and holiday songs. The most unwanted subjects for lyrics are cowboys and holidays, and the most unwanted listening circumstances are involuntary exposure to commercials and elevator music. Therefore, it can be shown that if there is no covariance–someone who dislikes bagpipes is as likely to hate elevator music as someone who despises the organ, for example–fewer than 200 individuals of the world’s total population would enjoy this piece.

  8. El Rey Juan Carlos de España says:

    From 4:05:


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    Kolmar and Melamid are Jews. Making fun (and rightly so) of the crappy “Western Culture” created by Jews and Freemasons.

  9. Dave says:

    I do so love listening to the mad ravings of the jews talking here. None of them are better than you Akira (la version latina). Please, just don’t sell yourself short. OK?

  10. Marshall says:


    Should be a phony prayer.

    Muslims, worship regularly, good for them!!! I don’t share their pariticular reverence for Allah, but I recognize that from Old Testament days…

    Maybe we don’t have much to fight about…

    Pray for what?


  11. El Rey Juan Carlos de España says:

    Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid are Jews, making fun (and rightly so) of the crappy “Western Culture” created by Jews and Freemasons.

    The Jew Komar and the Jew Melamid were born in Moscow, in the 1940s. In 1976, the Ronald Feldman [Jew] Fine [Jewish] Arts gallery in New York hosted their first international exhibition, but Soviet authorities denied them permission to attend. They emigrated to The Zionist Entity in Palestine in 1977 and subsequently to New York in the JSA in 1978. They were the first “Russian artists” (i.e, citizens of the USSR) to receive funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. They were also the first “Russian artists” to be invited to Documenta in Kassel, Germany, 1987. Their first public art sculpture was a bronze bust of Stalin that was installed in the whore’s district of The Hague, the Netherlands, in 1986. In 1988, they became citizens of the Jews’ America. They wrote “The People’s Choice Music: The Most Unwanted Song” with composer Dave Soldier (Jew?) of Thai Elephant Orchestra.

    In 1998, the Jews went to Thailand to teach elephants to paint, and wrote a book about it, called, “When Elephants Paint: The Quest of Two Russian [Jewish] Artists to Save the Elephants of Thailand. In 2000, Christie’s auction house sold the elephants’ paintings.

    In 2001, the Jew Komar and the Jew Melamid began work on their last major project together, Symbols of the Big Bang, first exhibited at the Yeshiva University Museum, Center for Jewish History, New York. Using abstract symbols, the artists explored their spirituality and the connection between mysticism and science. In 2003, they began to turn some of the symbols into stained glass, which Russian authorities refused to exhibit during the Moscow portion of the exhibition, Berlin-Moscow/Moscow-Berlin (2004).

    The Jew Vitaly Komar:

    “In our early work, we arrived at definition of freedom that entailed being free from individual cliches, being free to change intonations and styles. Individuality lost its stability and its uniqueness. Now we are searching for a new freedom. We have been traveling to different countries, engaging in dull negotiations with representatives of polling companies, raising money for further polls, receiving more of less same results, and painting more or less [the] same blue landscapes. Looking for freedom, we found slavery.” [Wypijewski, JoAnn, ed. Painting by Numbers: Komar and Melamid’s Scientific Guide to Art, New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1997.]

  12. Dave says:

    Hrrrmmm… This thread was gone long ago. I’m just now having fluttering memories of blue light specials and the instinctual reaction to jump upon the amazingly low prices. Sadness, of course, sets in, once I realize that I could have used coupons that I had forgotten at home in conjunction with the amazing on-sale price. Alas, this all makes me verklempt, it’s like being holocausted all over again!


  13. Dave says:

    Juan sabe lo que estoy hablando de.

  14. Hoff says:

    “Hoff: @ My Name, hit Enter twice when writing and posting links.”

    I hate to waste space with superfluous blank lines; it comes from my USENET background.

    Is there any GOOD reason to do this other than to make them stand-out?

    Hoff: Okay, got it. But don’t worry, the cyberspace is unlimitid. The good reason is that it don’t look messy. Another is that it’s messy to copy-past. To you a blank line is wast of space. To the computer the blank line is just ONE digit. Make a spacebar or a Enter, it’s just one digit to the computer.

    And do you mean a blank line pre-ceeding & following each URL/Hyper-Link/Anchor?

    Hoff: Yes please. When l write l always make two enter befor Ctrl+V the link, then always two enter. Now l know for sure where the link ends. No link/URL own text messing. Clearcut, easy to copy link. l got used to this before l learned that there is shortcommando called Right click anything. When l post a videolink l always make three enters. Now atleast JewTube video should be embedded.

    With all RESPECT – My Name

    Hoff: Dito 8o)

  15. Cannibal Rabbi says:

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  16. Dave says:


    I have gone round-and-round with you so many times. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this last video you posted. All I can say is that I’m really starting to like you. You know, in a hateful kinda way.


  17. Marshall says:

    Hoff knows the Jew game, except for the gambling end of it, as I see.

    Those roads lead to ruination of gentiles. Any form of gambling is always run by the “house” and it’s always a game for suckers.

    Give a Jew a computer, and he’s going to run the most outrageous scam he can possibly come up with…like an offshore odds warehouse.


    Sorry Jew…your time is running out. The simple reason is…people see what you are doing.

    The lights are on.

    In the fullness of time, in this age, actually in about hmm…two months…you will see your own crimes. You will see what you truly are.

    GET SOME!!!!

    Don’t try to do the “mirror” thing again…old hat. It always faces back on you…

    ENDLESS LIGHT doesn’t end. AIN SOPH and an ugly rabbi. That’s the Zohar and Kabbalah of the Jew.

    Who do you think you’re dealing with? Think again.

    Marshall loves ya, let’s play some music and have some fun while we are are here, before these demonic jew scumbags do another



  18. Marshall says:

    Mick Jagger…

    I heard Keith Richard climbed up a palm tree and fell off it…

    A palm tree is a natural thing, but it doesn’t have branches…alright?

    Get some SENSE. “NEW BARBARIANS” at Knebworth was fun…


  19. Bella says:

    Jake, if you google up Jordan Maxwell, he has good info on the flag & other symbols which are waved in our faces everyday.

  20. Bella says:

    And I would like to thank Akira for his hot news on cheap property in the U.S. Otherwise I never would of known. Gee whiz that guy must be a genius. & he takes the time to show us this everyday, what a nice man!

  21. ????? says:

    Jordan Maxwell?

    Masonic Kabbalistic cunt.

  22. ????? says:

    Jordan Maxwell?

    Masonic Kabbalistic cunt.

  23. ????? says:

    Jordan Maxwell?

    Masonic Kabbalistic cunt.

  24. ????? says:

    Jordan Maxwell?

    Masonic Kabbalistic cunt.

  25. Bella says:

    Yeah,aka Russell Pine. O.K. for a beginner though.

  26. ????? says:

    Now I know how your head got so fucked up Jewey Masonic propaganda like “the Bible was written by Freemasons”, listening to those dickmunching disinfo wankers like Kabbalan WattWho Where Huh and Marxwell Joudan Da Yo!

  27. ????? says:

    Now I know how your head got so fucked up Jewey Masonic propaganda like “the Bible was written by Freemasons”, listening to those dickmunching disinfo wankers like Kabbalan WattWho Where Huh and Marxwell Joudan Da Yo!

  28. ????? says:

    Now I know how your head got so fucked up Jewey Masonic propaganda like “the Bible was written by Freemasons”, listening to those dickmunching disinfo wankers like Kabbalan WattWho Where Huh and Marxwell Joudan Da Yo!

  29. ????? says:

    Now I know how your head got so fucked up Jewey Masonic propaganda like “the Bible was written by Freemasons”, listening to those dickmunching disinfo wankers like Kabbalan WattWho Where Huh and Marxwell Joudan Da Yo!

  30. Bella says:

    Well anyone thats as fat as Marxwell…

  31. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis
    Read entire article here:

    “REYKJAVIK — More than a year and a half after Iceland’s major banks failed, all but sinking the country’s economy, police have begun rounding up a number of top bankers while other former executives and owners face a two-billion-dollar lawsuit.

    From raw(jew)story.

  32. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England

    Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, fears that America shares many of the same fiscal problems currently haunting Europe. He also believes that European Union must become a federalised fiscal union (in other words with central power to tax and spend) if it is to survive. Just two of the nuggets from one of the most extraordinary press conferences I have been to at the Bank.


  33. Cannibal Rabbi says:



  34. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a good jewish rabbi…exactly where he should be!


  35. Biker says:

    they will protest until he is released, and then he will vanish! id bet my home as to where he will end up..

    ISRAEL! the jew criminal safehouse.

  36. GTRman says:

    Amazing. Even when a jew is beyond guilty they cant bear that the law should apply to them. After all, its for goys.

  37. Marshall says:

    It’s a bit more than $9bil, but it’s a start 😀

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