Kikepedia Changes Bio After My Exposure

In this screenshot I did on 4/23/10, Wikipedia declares that Yurovsky (executioner of the Romanov family) was brought up in a working class Russian Orthodox (meaning Christian) family. They used a single site as reference, even though history had long documented Yurovsky being Jew. But they missed the fact that Yankel is definitely the Yiddish diminutive for Yakov!

Remember when I put up a screen shot of Wikipedia’s entry on the Jewish thug in charge of the Boshevik Jew murder team that killed Czar Nicholas II and his family? In my post “The Jew Commies — Natural Born Killers,” I have the above screen shot where they USED to say Yakov Yurovsky (right) was from a Russian Orthodox family, but stupidly retained his Yiddish diminutive “Yankel.” They deleted that and now merely say he was from a “working class” family (see screen shot below).

But now they say his mother was “of Jewish origin” (with a name like Esther, I guess so). In the editing discussion page, they still have the link to the website that claims he was from a Russian Orthodox background. The new copy puts his family “converting” to Lutheranism in the early 1900’s and makes obnoxious effort to say they were trying to “distance themselves from the Jewish faith” because of the “anti-Semitism” of Imperial Russia. Nevertheless, Yakov retained his Yid nickname “Yankel” for life and is usually still called that in history books.

By this time, it was pretty obvious that Jews in general were a major problem for the Goyim Czarist Monarchy and Russia as a whole. My theory is that Yankel alone “converted” to mask his Jewy Marxism from the Czar’s secret police, since they knew well that Jews were an out of control subversive element (the terrorist Jews killed Nicholas’ father Czar Alexander II with a bomb, even after he made generous social concessions to the Jews and serfs).

Another thing about the website they referenced to back up the Russian Orthodox business (Alexander Palace Time Machine Biographies), is that it also says Yurovsky led a worker’s strike in 1897 and puts his Lutheran conversion at 1905. But the Jews at Wikipedia change this around: “Shortly before fully devoting himself to the socialists’ revolutionary cause, Yurovsky himself converted to Lutheranism in the early 1900s.” As in: No longer a Jew when he becomes a big, bad Marxist (like it’s only a religion).

Hell, it doesn’t matter a whit whether these people believe in God or not in the first place (most are basically atheist or think Jews are mini-Gods themselves), the problem is that these people hate us Goyim and are just plain Nation Wreckers to begin with. It’s really a racist, Talmudic hatred manifesting itself as political extremism.

Stuff like this happens all the time with Wikipedia. That’s why people call it “Kikepedia,” because it’s so heavily edited by Jewry to keep people from getting it about them. In the editing tab, they still say that Yurovsky’s Jewishness is only something found in “czarist literature” or by us evil “anti-Semites.” They always say similiar things whenever it’s anything bad to do with Jews.

New page: Note how they took out his Jew name “Yankel” and go on about his family supposedly distancing themselves from their Jewish roots. Funny, several of his siblings had obvious Jewish first names. This is how Jews obfuscate things that incriminate their race. Here, check it out yourself: KIKEPEDIA ON YUROVSKY

Sure, this is not that big a thing, compared to everything else Jews are behind. And yeah, I don’t know if they did it because of my post or not, but it happened not too long after I spotlighted it here. More than likely a Jew working directly for Wikipedia noticed a linkback to my blog (I had a embedded link in my post) and followed it back to see what it was all about.*

However, this small example should illustrate the effort Jews make to obfuscate history and hide their true behavior from the unaware. Wikipedia is an important research tool for students doing homework and they sure as hell don’t want them exposed to information that might taint their little heads.

Oh, we can go on all day about evil Hitler and Muslim baddies, but we had better keep our mouths shut about the “Chosen Ones!” They are such innocent little lambs, you know.

Believe it or not, these people have organized fellow Jews world-wide to go into Wikipedia and work to establish themselves by editing copy unrelated to Jewry so they can move up in the hierarchy and affect changes to more serious Jew stuff later on.

Here, check out this article about them doing this over Israel propaganda and lies about how they treat the Palestinians. Be sure to download the PDF of internal emails obtained that exposes their activities: Electronic Intifada’s CAMERA expose

Here’s another example of Wikipedia changing history to hide their culpability in the KATYN MASSACRE.

This is the exact same modus operandi of embedded Jewry on all fronts — print, radio, Hollywood and national mainstream TV — and is easy to foster when Big Jewry pretty much owns the whole shooting match to begin with.

Who’s really behind all the mess America now finds herself? The Jew, that’s who.

White America never gets to see the true picture on how these people are really like and all the evils they’ve been doing to the Palestinians for literally decades upon decades. Unfortunately, for way too many people, what they watch on TV is how they view the world.

The Jew has focused his subversive efforts at modern day mass media to both keep us in the dark, as well as brainwashing us about diversity and multiculturalism — changing America from the inside out and eventually turning the White race into spat-upon minorities in our own countries. Hell, they have already changed things around so much that many Whites are basically social and political agents of Jewry (liberals).

These Jews will try to tell you this is all “White Supremacist” and “Conspiracy Theory” talk, blah, blah, blah. Haven’t you seen past these lame excuses by now?

— Phillip Marlowe


*Note: These changes to the Wikipedia article were NOT recorded in the editing history. I screen captured the first image on 4/23/10 and the editing history page shows the last edit at 4/16/10 by a Jonas Lijeström HERE, where he changed Yurovsky’s background to Russian Orthodox. This leads me to conclude the recent changes must have been done by a Jew within Kikepedia itself, without leaving a record. And I definitely did NOT photoshop the screen image.



5/29 early evening: They went in and added back “Yankel” and some phony editing history. Go here and see!

Revision history as of 5/28 evening. Note the 16 April 2010 as the last editing change. Now they changed it! Nice job Jews, but too slow for INCOG MAN.

Close up view of editing history as of last night (5/28 LATE PM). Now the Jews are coming here (see comment from “nice” below) and trying to say the editing history was there all along.

Here’s what they added today (article first posted @ 12:05 AM EST, 5/29): A new editing history that wasn’t there for the last month (the big yellow block) and added back in “Yankel” (all done today, for SOME reason). The “May 1” series of “edits” by some Commie Jew, uses a IP number that’s blocked, changed or doesn’t track anywhere — very possibly a non-existent address to begin with.

Nice job on backtracking on your attempt to rewrite history, Jews! 

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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206 Responses to Kikepedia Changes Bio After My Exposure

  1. INCOG MAN says:

    I so love this line “The Yurovsky family was of Jewish origin but its relation to the Jewish faith seems ambiguous…”

    Jews fall back on this line all the time when it comes to one of their race doing something bad.

    Funny, to you Jews and liberals, anytime a White person does something bad, it’s because he’s a White person.


  2. Rock says:

    Ooow, Incog.
    The hasbaRATS are out in force 2day.
    Um, excuse me jew.
    While your over here in the feild stomping out these little fires mabye you should look behind you.
    Your house is on fire?!….

  3. nice says:


    Revision as of 23:09, 2 April 2010 (edit)Treybien
    – [[Category:Russian Jews]]
    – [[Category:Soviet Jews]]

    Revision as of 20:20, 16 April 2010 (edit) (undo)Jonas Liljeström (talk | contribs) been taken out

    Revision as of 23:20, 28 April 2010 (edit) (undo) (TOM) (talk) (restored categories removed without explanation)Next edit ?
    + [[Category:Russian Jews]]
    + [[Category:Soviet Jews]]

    Tom Restored it on the 28 April 2010
    All taken from the History site

    You Claimed
    “Close up view of editing history as of last night (5/28 LATE PM). Now the Jews are coming here (see comment from “nice” below) and trying to say the editing history was there all along.”

    that Jonas Liljeström is the last revision
    and all the rest including 28 April 2010 (edit) (undo) (TOM)
    Was Added on the (5/28 LATE PM).

    That is were you started with your LIES and accusations based on your wrong Capture you took from the Talk History revision

    Your attempt to through stupid arguments based on false Information you do not understand, just makes you rediculous, there is NO argument here that you will not be defeated, ALL your information regarding this article is false, Lies and based of disinfo.

  4. White Wolf says:

    You stoopid jews, sweating ONE EXAMPLE of WIDESPREAD evidence of KIKEPEDIA SCHIMANTICS. Like Rock said, the whole world is waking up on your sorry lying cunniving asses and all you got left is more lying and cunniving! Any intelligence you may have developed has been totally absorbed by your need to deceive and obfuscate lest people catch on to you pathetic rats. Well guess what?! You devils are EXPOSED! Your obfuscations and cunnivings only expose you further!

    My, what a vicious cycle that is proving to be 🙂

  5. Rock says:

    Now they have to cover their lies that covered their lies of them accusing you of accusing them of covering their lies that

    Oh shit, my eyes have crossed and their stuck.

  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Kikes taking using revision as evidence?

    What next? Bacon sandwiches?

    Not very “nice” at all.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I take screen shots of the page and my app automatically appends the date — then the Jews try to say it’s something entirely else! God, what does a person have to do to nail these suckers? It’s like nailing Jello to the wall.

  7. White Wolf says:

    Plungers, Incog – we need plungers.

  8. nice says:


    Just as I expect, great job with the pics headers, you are not just a disinfo and a liar but a real fool.
    I will expose those screen shots, as your lies are now shown and you are not even aware of the changes.
    You are so stupid and so predictable, just knew you will do fall in your own trap……

  9. Rock says:

    Nice- I know you have no idea how pathetic you look trying to get in the last word but trust me, your grasping and it shows.

  10. Flanders says:

    The “nice” jew: “…you are not just a disinfo and a liar but a real fool.”

    More self-projection by a member of the biggest disinfo racket in history.

    Note to casual readers: The comments made by this jewish hasbarat, “nice”, are designed to throw doubt where no doubt exists (even turning facts to make them appear to be opinion based) and to make people concentrate on irrelevancies so that they overlook more important statements and materials.

  11. Flanders says:

    Why is it that with so much progressive types of information that Wikipedia lists, and the progressive nature of that information, that an entire volume of information was erased, deleted or whatever you want to call it, on “Progressive think tanks based in the United States”?

    The result of the discussion was: delete. — ?xplicit 04:19, 6 March 2010 (UTC)
    Category:Progressive think tanks based in the United States – (edit|talk|history|links|watch|logs)

    Nominator’s rationale: Category:American_progressive_organizations and Category:American_liberal_organizations were both recently deleted on grounds of subjectivity (“fails WP:OC#SUBJECTIVE”). Exactly the same argument would appear to apply here. See Wikipedia:Categories_for_discussion/Log/2010_January_22#Category:American_progressive_organizations / Wikipedia:Categories_for_discussion/Log/2010_February_1#Category:American_liberal_organizations Rd232 talk 10:25, 20 February 2010 (UTC)”

    That seems to be a very subjective rationale being used to keep information away from the public. Objectively speaking, shouldn’t “progressives” be interested in tracking other “progressives”? I doubt whether Wikipedia classes progressive as synonomous with communist, but I do.

  12. Flanders says:

    Surely there would be no censorship on Twitter of the Flotilla Massacre?

  13. Jictiodoglita says:

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