No War for Israel in Iran!

Please take a few minutes to go HERE to watch the video, leave a comment for Dr. Duke and boost his Youtube viewership numbers! But the main thing is to hear the man out, and not dismiss him because the controlled media wants you to — that’s the game these people are playing on YOUR head!

Help Prevent a Catastrophic War for America and the World!

By David Duke

The Zionists are at it again. The Jewish extremists in the American media and government told us the colossal lie that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” and that Saddam posed a threat to the United States. In truth, he had ten years earlier destroyed such weapons and had never hurt a single American (unlike Israel).

In fact, at America’s urging, Saddam Hussein went to war against Iran. He was our ally. But, Israel considered him a dangerous enemy and he supported the Palestinians in their fight for freedom. So, the Jewish-dominated media and political establishment were filled with lies about Iraq and made him our to be an enemy of America.

Of course, there were no weapons of mass destruction. Anyone with intelligence could discern that before the war. In the months before the war I showed how after a U.S. sponsored team searched for months and found no weapons, that the whole story was nothing but a big lie to justify war for Israel. It turned out I was right. A special American task force costing $1 billion US dollars found nothing, and found proof that Iraq had destroyed its weapons years earlier.

We went to war for a lie. Thousands of our brave men were killed for this lie. Hundreds of thousands have been harmed for this lie. In truth, America, is far more hated and in far more danger from terrorists because of this lie that hundreds of millions of people around the world saw as totally unjust, a war that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children in the name of “freedom.” And it will cost America trillions of dollars at time when many Americans are economically suffering.

And now the Zionists Power Matrix is at it again, telling us that Iran has a nuclear weapons program even after our own intelligence agency issued a report saying that there is no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Israel is the nation that has violated dozens of UN sanctions. Israel is the nation that won’t allow weapons inspections. Israel is the nation that won’t sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has a vast horde of chemical, biological, conventional and nuclear weapons. Israel is the nation that has committed terrorism against America in the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the Liberty…who has spied on us in the Pollard Case. Israel is nation that has killed tens of thousands of civilians, invaded its neighbors repeatedly, tortures hundreds of thousands in its prisons, and has brutally stolen the land and now brutally occupies Palestinian land.

In the height of Chutzpah, Israel does this horrendous evil and then demands sanctions against Iran, a nation that has not invaded its neighbors, stolen the land of hundreds of thousands of people, murdered and bombed women and children in beautiful cities like Beirut and even in Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus. And Obama and Clinton, and the Jewish controlled media screams to the world of the evil of Iran all while Israel maintains a brutal occupation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, routinely kills Palestinians children, and steals their homes and lands!

Every American has heard a thousand times that Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad, threatens to “Wipe Israel off the map.” That quote is an outright lie repeated every day by the media. I was present at the international conference in Tehran when he supposedly said this. He only said that he believed the Zionist regime will fall just as the communist regime fell in Russia. His speech was boring in that he repeated, probably twenty times, the need for peace in the region and the fact that all people, Christians, Muslims and Jews must be accorded their human rights and dignity. But the media, just as before the Iraq War, didn’t let the American people and few of the world’s people know the truth of his statements. You didn’t hear any of his words for peace and human decency, just the lie that he would somehow “wipe Israel off the map!”

One of the best ways we can help prevent a catastrophic war with Iran is to distribute and spread my new video: No War for Israel in Iran. I spent a hundred hours of my time and effort in making this video for you, and for my fellow Americans, free of any charge. I hope you will spend a few short hours in helping the world to see this video which has to power to wake people up to the evil of this planned Zionist war.

Please be sure to watch this video, “favorite” it, rate it, and comment on it — as that helps the video rise in ratings and be seen by more people. Send the link to everyone on your email contact list, talk about the video in chat rooms and in Internet forums, and tell you friends, family and neighbors about this powerful video.

Thank you very much for your dedication and your unselfish efforts to help America and the world avoid what would be a catastrophic war!

The truth is that every day we come closer to this catastrophic war. We all face incredible loss if this war goes ahead. Let’s stand together to prevent it!

Dr. David Duke

Mandeville, La


My blog article on all this: America: Get Ready for another Jew War!


Sooner or later, the ADL at Youtube will try to hang him on something and have his account deleted. But for now, take the time to hear what the man has to say. You can do at least that much, eh?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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167 Responses to No War for Israel in Iran!

  1. American says:

    Thanks for the videos, GTRman, and I agree about the UFC events.

    Reminds me of a documentary entitled something like “Gladiators” about 2 White guys in prison that tricked an uppity Negro (that had threatened to kill them) out of his cell on a unscheduled appointment to the infirmary, whereby one the one fella (Troy Kell) stabbed the Negro a hundred times (on video while the guards watched).

    I remember seeing JEWish names that produced the show, and took note of the WHite accomplice that was originally put in this max-security prison only for a bounced $300 check b/c they supposedly wasn’t any room in the county jails. Next thing he knows, life in prison.

    The JEWS loved this story as it was a spectacle with White on Black violence and the “lesson” not to be racist, all while they made money. I recall thinking how the JEW narrator seemed to fancy himself a spectator in the Coliseum.

  2. GTRman says:

    Damn right, American. All those docs are so jew-heavy i cant watch anymore.

  3. American says:

    I just tried to get the videos at that JEW-tube address (Rys2sense ) and most have already been deleted by censoring JEWS. Didn’t last long, and that is why we MUST spread info as fast as possible.

    Despite the censoring, JEWS are losing badly on the internet. We can’t expect desperate, genocidal JEWS to do anything but pull the plug. SPEAK UP NOW, FELLOW GENTILES!!!


  4. GTRman says:

    I couldnt find them on his youtube channel either. But they are up on you tube, uploaded by someone else. Go to part 1 (double click on vid) and you should get the rest nearby. Having said that, I havent watched pts 2-4 but I did see them linked.

  5. GTRman says:

    heres 2

  6. GTRman says:

    5 of 5

  7. GTRman says:

    Shit, I did it again!

    Part 2:

    • INCOG MAN says:

      ok GTRman, I deleted the incorrect part 2.

      Do you have a link to the video he talks about in part 4, where this other video does a montage of Bush’s people lying their asses off? Bush is also at the press club dinner wondering where all the WMD’s are at, while the so-called traitor journalists laugh about it? I remember seeing that before and want to make a copy.

  8. GTRman says:

    Incog, please delete comments 9.14 and 9.21. Thanks.

  9. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Well that went over well Professor.

    Let’s do another one!!


  10. Flanders says:

    American, Note the statement by Ariel Sharon on the link to that Israeli Occupation of America video which GTR gave us. At 5:05, the statement is not that Israel controls America. The statement is that: “we, the jewish people control America,…”.

    Would logic not dictate that if he meant Israel controlled America that he would have stated it that way? I know that you and most others are aware, but I thought it was an important point for us to bring out to those who are not yet aware.

  11. Flanders says:

    I was referring to the 8:38 comment of GTR.

  12. GTRman says:

    Nice one Cannibal. This isnt the thread for immigration i suppose but I saw this earlier- Michelle Obama in blatantly staged mini-movie called “spot the white man” ……

  13. GTRman says:

    This “First Lady” role is bizarre ! ( yeah, i know-coming from someone who lives in the land of princesses and lords..) Theyre trying it here more and more with PM’s wives ..the results are feeble.

    When you call a mechanic would it be ok if he said, “Im busy but I’ll get my wife to look at it ” ? “Only if shes a mechanic”, would probably be the sensible response. Just by being a spouse youre suddenly an ambassador, a statesman/woman, a campaigner, a voice to be heard?

    very odd.

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    She says “we have to make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers”. She ought to address those kind of remarks to her “beard”.
    (…beard Noun. 1. A woman who is seen to be romantically linked with a gay man, so protecting his true sexuality from public scrutiny – often associated with celebrities.)

    I know.
    I stuck it on the front page to cheer people up, and show that even amongst young student’s, the price of stock in bullshit is falling precipitously.

  15. GTRman says:

    Gordon Brown also has a beard. Fact.

  16. GTRman says:

    Its horrific. Are our masters really all jews and homos, or jewish homos?
    I cant see or hear or read anything anymore without seeing how it relates to the “state of the world”.

    I just started reading the John Peel ( Late respected radio DJ ) book. Just 3 chapters in and he’s at Public ( Private school in USA) School, being beaten, bullied , forced regularly to give older boys handjobs and being buggered/raped on at least one occasion. And this was / is the norm.

    And these are the environments in which the “ruling political class ” are raised and shaped. No wonder the French always say the English are all homosexual.

    Kids raised in that situation get used to the master / underling hierarchical structures that make them perfect puppets in later life, I reckon.

  17. GTRman says:

    Thanks Incog. That Ryan Dawsons good, eh? Could be a great way to get women to listen to this stuff, ie. hes articulate, goodlooking and doesnt go into race stuff, ie goes against the stereotype. Same could be said of David Duke, if his name wasnt enough to scare people away (people like me, 3 or 4 years ago )

    I dont have a link , sorry. Anyone?

  18. KA Telegraph says:

    Slideshow showing a fictional nuclear strike in London!

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Best i could do was this.


  20. Don Robison says:

    I was watching that retarded clown sarah palin on FOX and she was spouting the “Israel is our greatest ally B.S” as usual. I decided to look at exactly how many Israelis died in the Iraq war. It seems the number is 0. Why doesn’t “Britain” ever end the statement “our greatest ally” ? They have the second greatest sacrifice! What the feck is wrong with these idiots?

    Read the figures

  21. GTRman says:

    Britains line is always , “Our staunch ally / special friend America”. I no longer see the UK, the USA or Israel as separate countries. For that matter, throw in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

  22. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    D. R.

    From Jimbo’s comment.

    “are Brits really that fucking stupid…..or, just plain fucking GUTless?”

    Both of the above. Chuck in a bucket of wilful ignorance, a smattering of ” it’s nothing to do with me. I vote so i don’t have to think”. And there you have it.
    I don’t think the wars, or kike jingo, was even on the radar for the vast majority during the recent election.

    Sad but true.

  23. GTRman says:

    For instance, I assume all these “countries” have a smoking ban?

    Are insanely pro Israel / zionist?

    Have 24 hour Talmud “entertainment”?

    Are “United in the ‘war against terror’ ?

    etc. etc.

  24. GTRman says:

    Good vid here. Its on youtube but i cant find part 1. The vimeo clip is complete.

    Beginners Guide to the Jewish Question (2010)

  25. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Great vid, GTRman.

    Variant(s): also co·pa·set·ic or co·pe·set·ic \?k?-p?-?se-tik\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: origin unknown
    Date: 1919

    : very satisfactory

    I don’t get to use that word enough!

  26. Flanders says:

    I have had this in my files for a while intending to track down more information. I haven’t done so and will leave it for anyone else who cares to check it out. It seems to be written from a jewish perspective and with jewish references. It is written by a, “Prof. of Heb. and Orient. Lit. N. Y. City University”, in 1844, second edition 1852.

    Joshua – by George Bush

  27. Moss says:

    This is anti-semitism pure and simple. Next you are going to deny our banks banks are rightful bailouts. That is anti-semitic to deny a Jew of his money.

  28. GTRman says:

    Id clocked off while ago but a curious thing just happened. The woman whose room im renting just brought in a book from 1987 called “Eat yourself slim” its a dieting book that attempts to debunk the ‘calories=fat’
    concept. Only 20 pages in to a fu**ing DIET BOOK do I read this:

    “The theory is therefore based on the assumption that there is no loss of energy.It is purely mathematical, drawn directly from Lavoisiers theory on the laws of thermodynamics.

    At this point we may well be wondering how it was that prisoners in Nazi concentration camps managed to survive for almost 5 years on only 700-800 calories a day. If the calorie theory was correct , the prisoners should have died once their body fat was used up – in other words, within a few months. ”

    Page 23, “Eat yourself Slim, or “The secrets of Nutrition” by Michel Montignac. ( Jewish?, I dont know )

    How bizarre seeing something that unwittingly supports “revisionist” arguments in a diet book.

  29. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Is she insinuating in a subtle way’ that you’re carrying too much timber?
    The cheeky mare.


  30. GTRman says:

    I’d survive longer than 3 months, thats for sure. Beergut.

    Just lost a stone though.

  31. Flanders says:

    You may want to try THIS diet, GTRman.

    “An 83-year-old Indian holy man who says he has spent seven decades without food or water has astounded a team of military doctors who studied him during a two-week observation period.”

  32. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “That is anti-semitic to deny a Jew of his money”.

    You raise an interesting point.
    Would “denying a jew of his money”, have similar physical effects to denying a junkie of his fix?

    Sweats. Hot and cold flushes.Hallucinations of having to perform manual labour.Typhus carrying bugs beneath the skin.Shitting itself.

    It would be an interesting experiment to perform, under laboratory conditions.
    Well worth the trouble.At least for laughs.

  33. Anonymous says:

    allovertheplace’s comment of the week.

    In the sure and certain knowledge that obumboy knows who and what he is, what the real deal is, and who he really owes fealty to, “The Audacity of Hope”, could also be read as a direct slap in the face, to the American people.

    As if to say, ” You don’t have a chance, you dumb bastards”.

    It’s starting to look that way to me.

    And before anyone jumps on me.
    I’m paraphrasing the content and context of what HE said, not me.

  34. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Me again above.

  35. American says:

    Here’s what we turn into when we fight wars for terrorist Israel:


  36. Brigid says:

    Dr. David Duke is such a perfect American gentleman. We love him.

  37. Flanders says:

    Psychopaths United For Israel

    “These very same people will cringe if they hear the words “Jesus Christ’ or ‘godammit’ used in the context of a stubbed toe. What they don’t realize is that they have been led to believe a false interpretation of the Old Testament’s third commandment. According to both Greek and Hebrew translations, ‘taking the Lord’s name in vain’ refers to those who falsely profess to be doing God’s work or using God’s name for self-indulgent purposes. We witness this every Sunday when the televangelist preachers take to the airwaves to bilk their congregations out of their life savings. We also see this from well compensated celebrity Pastors who weekly pander pro-Israeli war propaganda on their gullible flocks.

    Nobody does that better than John Hagee, Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Last Sunday, Hagee addressed the second annual ‘Christian’s United For Israel’ event that drew fellow psychopaths from all 50 states and 50 nations around the globe.”.

  38. Marshall says:

    I’d say Lloyd Blankfein qualifies on that definition Flanders!!! “We are doing God’s work.”

    I suppose BP has been doing “God’s work” too…notice this peculiar interlocking directorate tidbit… :-O

    PETER D. SUTHERLAND is Chair of BP p.l.c. and Goldman Sachs International. He was Director General of the GATT from 1993 to 1995 and Founding Director of the WTO.

    Hagee appears to the World’s Top Proselyte!!!

    Matthew 23:15
    Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.

  39. Flanders says:

    Marshall, I’ve forgotten which thread it was that Lynda was commenting about matters similar to what this link covers, and on the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA), but it seems that the US evangelists may not be the only ones supportive of the jew NWO. It can come from some unlikely seeming sources.

    ” Ahmadinejad Stresses Need for New World Order

    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday called for cooperation among world states to forge a new world order.”

  40. Marshall says:

    I’ve been noticing this about Ahmedinejad lately. Maybe he’s yet another actor in the big Masonic Play. The good guy and the bad guy actors have a big party behind the stage when the play is done and the ticket money-box is retrieved 😀

    Grinning Jew PNAC mass-murderers and blatant lesbians unite for Israel…the new “dynamic duo”!!! Care to donate Flanders? Interesting logo…looks like America drowning in a sea of blood :-O

    What asswipes. Beyond shame…beyond description!!!

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