The “History” Channel: Boring Jew Propaganda

Last week, the “History” Channel finished a multiweek series called “America: The Story of Us.” Basically, each episode was a boring, contrived piece of propaganda touting Jew liberal ideology of diversity and immigration. Apparently, they were timing this piece of brainwashing in expectation of a new Amnesty bill to hit Capitol Hill (on hold because of Arizona’s new law). The media brainwashing is now so blatantly obnoxious that it’s a wonder people are too stupid not to pick up on it.

This “documentary” had the by now tired blend of period re-enactors — mixed in with the latest high-end CGI of sailing ships crossing the seas (a little too fast); distant battlefield smoke wafts behind actors playing dead; log cabins and skyscrapers magically building themselves across the burgeoning landscape. In the live shots of actors, you can notice them purposefully making sure a black is in every second or third clip — just so we all know Negroes were in the thick of things, even alongside Daniel Boone as he bushwhacked into Kentucky.

After a couple of minutes of all this, they cut to a liberal celebrity spewing diversity slogans. Crypto-Jew Bill Maher and black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (the angry Negro who stupidly resisted arrest after abusing a decent White cop) both remind us for the umpteenth time about the horrors of slavery and racism. They don’t stop there. We get to hear solemn intonations from some black, former NFL player and even hip-hop Gangsta Sean “Puff-Daddy” Combs (can you believe that crap?). Zio-suckup Newt Genrich, the token White “conservative,” toes the company line on how great immigration is even today (allowed politicians must play along or they don’t get media exposure).

This one black woman historian (sorry, I missed her name while puking in the bathroom) explains to us: “Women, blacks and Gays look to the Declaration of Independence as the American creed…” And then we’re immediately told that Baron von Steuben of America’s Continental army was a secret homosexual, recently drummed out of the Prussian military and forced to take his fag act to the New World (he may have been a pedophile — same thing).

Just like the proposed new immigration bill (they will not stop until they grant Amnesty to the last 20 million plus tranche of illegals), the Clinton era “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of Gays in the military also happens to be coming up for a vote. What a coincidence!

We must be now be so “inclusive,” even with history, you know. The series was so multicult propaganda. I would not have been all that surprised if they put in a black actor as one of the Founding Fathers, but I guess even that might have been just a little too much for the sheeple not to pick up on. I guess they’ll just have to wait until the Jews alter history a little more.

Does anyone who watches this cable channel actually believe it’s worth a damn? Even if you forget all the business about “history,” the stupid shows they put up just plain suck, as in boring and trivial. But if you know anything about the real history they don’t cover, then you’ll see the whole thing is nothing but a giant JEW JOKE.

Surely there’s more to history than Adolf Hitler, Nostradamus and Mayan Doomsday prophesy?

Just like all the stuff the mainstream media blacks out, the History Channel purposefully ignores giant swaths of real dramatic history (just a little research on the Internet or even a visit to the library will get you asking “why”). They now fill the time with pure crapola.

Not only that, I think they’ve been doing specific “programming” (apt term when you think about it), specifically to confuse us to look the other way on what’s really going down, or to spend what little thinking still possible with our addled-noggins watching enough nonsense to further scramble our heads. Yep, I sure do.

Before you go off accusing me of seeing Jews under every rock, read on and think hard about what they don’t show you, instead of all they do. See, that’s the thing: You have to look beyond the box they show you, because nobody else is going to do it for you. Don’t worry, plenty of other people on the Internet are now figuring out the whole stinking deal!

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice a few themes going on with the “History” Channel. End Times business is big-time with the History Channel; for some reason, they’ve been going all out on the 2012 Mayan, Nostradamus, Bible Code and Prophecy Apocalypse schtick. 

This is part of various Catholic church attacks — subtly designed to impugn the Vatican as the nexus of a long-running black conspiracies and includes the usual about the Holy Grail (“secret” bloodline theories of Jesus), lost Templars who escape to Minnesota from evil Popes and “Sacred Feminine” claptrap. They imply it might be part of Freemasonry (just the White version); never, ever mentioning Jewish forms of Freemasonry like the B’nai B’rith, nor do they make the least mention of the Talmud (it’s always the Torah, when it comes to Jews).

Hitler documentaries are another major programming staple, they love showing goose-stepping Nazis against a backdrop of heavy, funeral dirge music, right along with modern-day skinhead NeoNazis and Aryan Brotherhood gangs. The “History” Channel is often nicknamed “The Hitler Channel” for precisely that. If there’s anything further they can dredge up on evil Hitler, you can bet you’ll see it on the History Channel, sometimes on a two-week rotation.

Throw in “Modern Marvels,” “MonsterQuest,” things on UFOs and some low production cost Redneck bashing shows and there you have the “History” Channel. Sometimes they double things up and have stuff on Hitler’s “Secret WWII UFO programs.”

Recently, they’ve been running this show called “Nostradamus 2012.” They purport to have “discovered” a book that has new quatrains and illustrations, possibly made by his son. But the drawings (right) suspiciously look a lot like what a modern illustrator might do if given instructions to recreate a Middle Ages look. In other words, the whole thing is faked.

Nostradamus is always being used for propaganda purposes. Hell, both sides during WWII used him extensively since his quatrains could be interpreted in so many ways. Since the “good guys” won, we now get the Zionist Jew versions.

Another thing you might have seen is this End-Times show on Sir Isaac Newton, where he spends all this time studying the Old Testament and trying to divine when the world would end. But what they noticeably ignored was the fact Newton studied the Jewish Talmud and the Kaballah to get his dates. He even taught himself Hebrew to do so.

Recently, they had this imaginative New Ager freak going off on this tiny, obscure island in the South Pacific where he said Mayan high-priests carved statues as part of the 2012 Mayan End Times prophesies. They called it “Apocalypse Island” (really). Funny, when they finally showed the supposed “statues” at the very end, they only looked like naturally weathered outcrops of mountainside. The “History” Channel is always putting up these quack specialists, touting them as experts for whatever bullshit they’re pushing.

Most of the new stuff on the History Channel is obviously cheaply done, too. Having shows that cost as little as possible boosts profitability, so they look to fill programming slots with trivial crap. Find something, anything that only requires a camera crew, producer, writer and a little editing time. For the promo spots, just add some flashy graphics, the characters looking serious with arms akimbo and excited voice-overs. It’s so old.

“Pawn Stars” is a perfect example. The name is a silly play on “PORN Stars,” one can imagine all the Jew TV executives gushing “The bottom line is nice, but I so love that title Ari!”

Here they put a couple of production people into a Las Vegas pawn shop to film people coming in with stupid stuff to pawn for money, maybe to pay off gambling debts, or to come up with the monthly mortgage check after being laid off again. White guys with beer guts own the shop, along with this unbelievably stupid fat guy named “Chumlee” (right). Like, this is supposed to make it all so funny and interesting? The whole production costs are probably $50 per episode, not including lunch for Chumlee.

Pawn shop owner, Greg Harrison, even gets a couple of lines in the show “America: The Story of Us.” Come to think of it, Editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics magazine, James Meigs, also puts in few diversity slogans too.

Smarmy Meigs is undoubtedly being rewarded for his slick debunking efforts in “9/11 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fiction,” borrowed from NBC (funny how that works). This dirty tricks fiesta touts Meigs (just a magazine media guy) as an “expert,” while at the same time cleverly forgetting to mention that Steven Jones is a University Physics Professor. Yeah, Meigs is just your usual corporate/Zionist whore, probably now yukking it up with his oily Jew buds at a swanky Manhattan media party — while this country goes straight to HELL!

Another show along the lines of “Pawn Stars” is “American Pickers” where two antique buyers go around digging up old crap — soda pop signs, rusted bicycles and toys. The two pay old farmers ridiculous sums so they can turn around and sell them to yuppies in the cities to make their urban abodes look eclectic. I hardly think either program qualifies much as history, or entertainment for that matter (yawn).

These are hardly the only ones. They also have “Iceroad Truckers,” “Ax Men,” and “Mad House.” Make clear note these shows focus on the hijinks of rural White people, always a favorite and PC safe target.

But the real point here is not the shows, but the absolute enormous wealth of historical material out there that the “History” Channel so obviously ignores. Do we ever see JACK on the genocides of White people in the Soviet Union? One might think 7-10 million dead in the Ukraine alone deserves a documentary or two. Or how about the slaying of the entire Romanov family in the basement of the Ipaytiev house by a known Jew Bolshevik hit squad? They literally spend more time on bizarre topics like “Ancient Aliens” than they do with certain parts of real history.

Sure, they may have touched on some of these things, but only very briefly and buried deep within other topics. Absolutely nothing is mentioned about Jewish Bolsheviks (natch) and rarely anything at all about Communism’s real face. One would think that such historical events would get a bit more coverage, unless something else is going on — like “The Jew Question,” perhaps?

If they can’t show anything about Communist genocides, they sure as hell won’t show any real truths about WWII or the formation of Israel and the Balfour declaration, will they? Or anything about the origins of the Federal Reserve and income taxes? Way too dangerous to the Zionist Power Matrix to cover. The list goes on and on.

How about this past week’s 43rd anniversary of the USS Liberty false-flag attack? I guess they’re going to wait until the 50th anniversary to do a bang-up documentary on the event. NOT!

They once did a show on the USS Liberty way back in the 90’s, but only showed it one time. As I recall, they blatantly white-washed Israel’s guilt and pushed the company line that it was all nothing but a big “fog of war” mistake. For some reason, they have yet to show it again, perhaps because of all the recent insider revelations that it was a purposeful attack and the Israelis did know it was an America vessel to begin with.

Let’s look at another couple of historical events, one recent and one old, to see how the History Channel paints things.

First, Pearl Harbor and whether or not Roosevelt knew about it in advance. In the show, “Conspiracy or Not” the History Channel treated the evidence presented by Robert B. Stinnet as mere conspiracy theory, barely touching on the enormous evidence he unearthed for his book “Day of Deceit.” Stinnet convincingly proves Roosevelt both knew the attack was coming and goaded the Japs into doing it. It’s so obvious the History Channel is doing everything it can to obfuscate, or marginalize away the ramifications of bit of history in the minds of the casual viewer.

Second, the History Channel has taken it upon themselves to debunk 9/11 “Truthers” (I prefer Patriots). But if you pay close attention and know the background, you’ll see them cherry-picking from the questions raised (generally following Popular Mechanics) and purposefully creating straw man arguments. All the really inconvient facts are carefully ignored, or obfuscated when possible.

In one obviously contrived experiment, they fill a small swimming pool-sized hole with jet fuel and suspend a I-beam right over it to show how steel loses strength when subjected to heat. Funny, they allow this huge fire to burn directly under the I-beam for several hours, fed by steady oxygen in an outdoor environment. During the real 9/11, all the jet fuel burned out within a couple of minutes — in the case of the South Tower, most of it burned away in a huge fireball outside the building. History Channel: Next time try office supplies inside a semi-closed structure.

The History Channel shows Aliens and Bigfoots everywhere, but always treat any 9/11 revelations as mere loony talk. Haven’t you noticed?

Why does the “History” Channel ply the government’s line on 9/11? Because anything else might lead the viewer to some inconvenient thinking about these people’s real bosses, that’s why. They know it’s best for most of us mass media dupes not to suspect 9/11 really was an inside job. What we’ve been seeing in America is ongoing Globalist Jew program to keep us Goyim asleep and in the dark. 

The “History” Channel is such an obvious Jew propaganda organ. It’s a part of the giant Arts and Entertainment Network (AETN) corporation, owned and operated by Jew mega-media corporations: ABC/Disney (42.5%), Hearst corporation (42.5) and NBC Universal (15%).

A&E and Discovery Channel are owned by the same company and the programming is not really all too different. It’s pretty much the same, even the names are interchangeable; for example Discovery has a show called “Swamp Loggers,” like History’s “Ax Men.”

One PC anomaly is “The First 48” on A&E. The premise of this show has detectives trying to make a solid lead in 48 hours, or else the case could go cold. But because they put in a camera crew to follow the investigation, reality intervenes and effectively rules out diversity cover-ups since virtually all the victims and perps are Negroes, or the occasional Mestizo. Watching it really puts an accurate spin on the real crime problem in America. That is, if you look at the big picture.

They know what they can and cannot cover — or else they might see career problems. This doesn’t take some secret instructions whatsoever; all they got to do is have enough liberal Jews in the right editorial positions to quietly nix story ideas or delete copy from the script, well in advance of shooting. Even projects handled by third-party production companies already know what will fly or not.

Folks, the Hitler channel is the usual nation-rotting Jew propaganda, mixed with totally boring New Ager nonsense and a few shows of White people yukking it up in the country. God, it’s so obvious anymore. Time for White America to wake THE HELL up!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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342 Responses to The “History” Channel: Boring Jew Propaganda

  1. Geronimo says:

    Marshall – “There is iron in your words for all greyhairs to see Geronimo. Marsh see NSA in cahoots with Disney Imagineering. That make them round hats with ears. Hey Gee speaks with forked tongue. He needs fork to kiss ass of round hats and grandma with cash in front of Tee Vee at same time!!! See Hey Gee write book to kiss ass of round hat, get cash from grandma, only speak once!!! :-D’

    Your words of wisdom and humor make Geronimo shoot hot coffee from nose onto magic book. You may go in peace. 🙂

  2. Lynda says:

    GTRman – Cannibal shares his toys with his pals, I’ll give you that; but generally he does not play well with others. He does not take turns on the swing; he throws spit balls at the girls.

    And he booger slimed the monkey bars.

    Even so – it’s good that Cannibal got his right of reply over here.

    As usual, Cannibal doesn’t reply in substance to the points the bloggers who aren’t his pals tried to take up with him – like kiketalking the Jews. If someone takes issue with him, he just bullies and goes off the dial. If he’s contradicted, he gets all snarky. If Incogman tries to moderate him he becomes oppositional and defiant.

    He faggot-talked a lot of the guys who post good material that addresses Incogman’s topic; guys who had a different take than him on several issues.

    He is in Incogman’s Spamblinka for bad behaviour and Jew behaviour.

    Bottom line, Cannibal pissed off Incogman and got himself confined to Spamblinka. So, it might be a good idea for him to just sit out a few threads and cool his jets.

    But noooo. He’s over at Akira’s crapping on about people who disagreed with him.

    I notice Brian ‘the Orthodox Christian’ Akira did not last too long over on Real Zionist News. The way Orthodox Christians talk to each other and outsiders, is quite different to the way Akira throws his Jap around and generally ridicules the Whites.

    So what’s wrong with some male bonding? Akira needs at least one blogger to comment on his website. Cannibal feels unappreciated and needs understanding. And since he’s on the blogs 24/7, they can have a great time out doing each other on the blogroll of one.

    Meanwhile Incogman’s blog will rock and more people log on over here all the time, people who will contribute more material and wake up their fellow Whites. Hell, Cannibal and Akira both might decide it is more fun over here and do a deal with Incogman. It could happen.

    I never said I wanted to see Cannibal banned. I don’t care if calls me a witch and an old trout. Hell. My grandkids call me much worse than that. But if he throws a spit ball at me and I throw it back at him, he has to have his little tantie and run a guilt schtik. Very Jewry. So what else is new?

  3. Toby says:


    I did read C Rabbi’s rambling non sequitor excerpted from Akira’s blog regarding my comment, your comments, Incogman’s comments, and others’ comments. Here’s my take:

    Typical Judeocentric ‘jewish victimology’.

    Or, that guilt schtik you referred to: ‘Oh vey, ve’re so poisecuted.’

    As you said, ‘so what else is new’.

    ….Turning in for the nite. ‘Nite all.

  4. Barney says:

    I realise some of this has already been mentioned, and I haven’t had time to catch up on all the comments, but here’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

    (TalmudVision) It’s the same here in the UK, same old crap repeated endlessly and the obligatory “global warming” propaganda included in every “documentary”.

    There’s absolutely NOTHING said about kikes over here, apart from endless holy hoax crap.

    Those flat screen digital tv sets are much more powerful brainwashing tools than their predecessors. Some programmes (UK spelling) and most adverts now include a blinding flash that hurts the eyes between every half-or-quarter-second scene. The old CRT sets never had that much power, but that flash has got to be doing something bad, as well as the near certainty that it’s carrying subliminal mind programming. Also, the set will switch to standby if there’s nobody in the room for more than a few minutes. How does it know (as if we didn’t)?

    Get rid of the tv before it gets rid of you. I can’t avoid it when visiting friends, but I wouldn’t have one of my own.

    George Orwell was right. Big Brother IS watching via the “telescreen”, and I’m not referring to that infantile freak show of the same name. Reality tv? Bollocks! There could hardly be anything less real (apologies if anyone’s offended by my language, but some things are just too much).

    As for Nostradamus, I used to have a book containing his complete works in French and English, and there wasn’t a single thing in there that I’d have called a prediction, just the ravings of an idiot about stones falling from the sky and vague, meaningless references to towns, countries or people (it wasn’t usually clear which) doing mainly unspecified things at some time, past, present, future or never. In my opinion Nostradamus predicted nothing and knew even less.

    On the subject of books, everybody who can afford it should get a hard copy of Phil Tourney’s book before it gets banned or quietly withdrawn, and Edgar Steele’s “Defensive Racism” won’t be available for much longer now that he’s apparently been framed for attempted murder. Can anyone say “entrapment” or “falsification of evidence”?

    First Curt Maynard. Now Edgar Steele. They’re picking us off one at a time. Watch your back IncogMan, and carry protection on your person at all times if you can. Even a few feet away can be too far, and the world needs the few racial patriots we’ve got left.

    John Kaminski, quoting “Jana Janus”, has got the bastards sussed when he says they have a hive mentality, like insects. They can’t think for themselves, but instead share a group mind that controls them all. I’m not sure yet whether it’s on his site (lack of time again), but the .pdf he’s been mailing out is certainly worth a read.

    Group mind. Could that be the devil?

  5. GTRman says:

    I’d never normally post this sort of far-out stuff here, Barney, but I just read it at Rense and it chimed with your post, sort of:

    “I mentioned that HIV-AIDS was part of an evolving pattern for annihilation of at least 80% of the human population of the planet by the Evil Archons. The Archons are the Reptilians who act for and on behalf of Jehovah. Jehovah is the manifestation of the Evil Principle in this sector of the physical dimension. The physical dimension is a Virtual Reality about to be erased from the face of creation, along with Jehovah, the Evil Mind that spurned Jehovah and these Reptilians and their spurious creations.”


    ” Since the 1920s the Reptilians, represented by various political leaders around the world, have expressed the concern that there were going to be too many people in the world. The Eugenics Program was implemented and since the late 1960s and early 1970s, they have been seeking a way to cull ­ yes cull – the numbers to a manageable level.

    In an essay in late 1999 I have revealed that Theomorphic civilian consciousness had been evacuated from Earth.

    The consciousnesses that exist in human bodies now are made up of the following:

    1 5,000 Theomorphic warriors who are assisting me to clear out the other levels of consciousness ( animal, vegetable and mineral);

    2 Almost 30 percent of the population are demonic beings. They include the Reptilians, the Soulless beings, and the Hounds of Hell. You can tell who they are by their actions, They kill and destroy at will. Many of these intend to return to deeper Hell once the culling is complete; and

    3 The remainder or everyone else, made up of a Counterfeit consciousness (robotic). A percentage of these have responded to the Light and the Golden Rule. They will have modifications made to their consciousnesses so that they, too, can exist outside the physical dimensions. The others will cease to exist.

    I realize I run the risk of confusing people, but one needs to understand that minds are operation on 3 levels of awareness at present.

    1 On the Prosaic Reality level, which includes the majority, we have the sheeple. They believe what they are told. They believe in the history of the world as it is written and taught to them, in science and in religions with no questions asked. They are but cannon fodder, one is sorry to say.

    2 Another group in the Arcane Reality has awakened sufficiently to understand that much of the knowledge is hidden but they are unaware of the full picture even though they understand the existence of aliens, and other realities.

    3 The third group is the minority. They are awakening to the knowledge of the Supramental Consciousness which is descending unto this plane, as was forecast by Frederick Nietzsche and subsequently by Sri Aurobindo last century.

    Part of my role is to awaken those who will respond to this Supramental Consciousness and prepare them for Evacuation and the Journey Home. Finally there is to be an end to this Hell. ”

    Crazy stuff!

  6. GTRman says:

    Just saw this at one of Les Visibles blogs:

    “They also say that the ‘Jewish god’, Jehovah, is the lord of the material universe and not the Supreme Deity. Lord of the material universe means the devil, I would think. This explains their love of the material world and their search for a messiah who is a physical king on Earth. Jehovah… which is actually the Tetragramaton= yod he vod he, is the demiurge. The dark minds from this particular race/religion have so much power at the moment because of the preeminence of materialism. So, fundie rank and file Christians are actually worshipping the devil, which explains a lot. With certain modifications this is what I believe and having studied in these sciences for most of this life and probably plenty of others, I’m pretty convinced that this is more or less how it is.

    This is all going to change now. We are entering into the transition now. All these things are going to pass away. I understand how it is hard to have faith given the power of appearances but you are just going to have to manage that somehow. Without this faith you are also not going to accomplish much in the way of a group effort to effect change. In other words, ‘you gotta believe’.”

    Enough from me today. Cheers.

  7. GTRman says:

    One more, Barney, everything I read seems to tie in with your post. This is a comment from a reader at Joe Cortina:

    “Joe, I have a prophecy. It is that those deluded fools who call themselves Christo-Zionists will soon awaken, and unleash horror on the Jews that will make the genocides of the Old Testament look like Sesame Street. What is sad is that some of the best people I have met on the Internet are nominally Jews. In common, they know with us that Israel is the state of Moloch. The Jews there have gone back to worshiping their original god, and he demands human sacrifice. When Iran is attacked, and the biological weapons we gave Saddam are used on Israel, it will be Armageddon. The Israeli psychopaths will fire nukes in all directions. Masada relived. The Christo-Zionists will realize the rapture was a Zionist lie, and they will be pissed. They will look at all their children dead in the Middle East, and they will be pissed. They will look at all the rich Zionist Jews lined up at El-Al, for a flight anywhere, and they will be pissed. Eventually, they will lynch their preachers, and any Jew they can find. The holocaust was largely the propaganda creation of Russian Jewish Communists. This will be the real deal. What will we do with these Christo psychopaths? What happens when they run out of Jews to murder? These are the fools who enabled the state of Moloch. I fear he is their God too.”

    From here:


  8. Toby says:

    Barney et al:

    Regarding jew TV programming
    Jew TalmudTV

    I concur with your narratives about jew TV programming and jew TalmudTV.

    Refrain from watching the T.V. as much as possible……

    The TV screen’s constant flickering-pulsating light is hypnotic and makes you a prime target and vulnerable to suggestion, programming, indoctrination-brainwashing- propaganda-subliminal messaging. Jews don’t call it “T.V. programming” for nothing. That’s why jews and the government find it such a handy brainwashing, programming, and social conditioning tool.

    Physiological Changes Occur When Watching TV: After approx. 1-2 hours of watching T.V. your brain goes into an “alpha brainwave” state. Translation: your brain is in a actual vegetative state while watching television. Scientifically speaking, you actually have more brainwave activity while sleeping than you do while watching T.V.

    Interesting albeit disturbing subliminal tricks that are utilized in music, audio-sound bombardment, and generally misusing Tesla’s electromagnetic spectrum theories to gain control of us non-Jews:

    Other forms of Jewish control: Unethical indoctrination to E.U. (another form of jew one world government), Islamofascism, and other nefarious uses of subliminal control:

    I also have this theory that the jews have garnered control of the entire ‘electromagnetic spectrum’ (cell phones, satellite transmission, radio-TV waves, some computer encryption et al) in general and are using this for their nefarious, evil, objectives.

    We do not watch any TV in our house at all. Occasionally, myself and the family will watch an educational nature documentary dvd, but ‘tis rare since jews ultimately have control of production and direction of documentaries also. Since I stopped watching jew TV – jew TalmudTV my thinking has cleared up 1000% and I have an abundance of physical and mental energy, and renewed interest in issues affecting the U.S. and globally – e.g., specifically – the jew problem. Imagine what would happen if everyone here in the U.S. (and worldwide) boycotted jew TV. To say that there would be a huge shift in perception and awareness about the jew problem is an understatement. Then with everyone’s physical and mental energies cleared up and freed up to deal with the jew problem – now that’s a scenario that’s worth theorizing about.

    Out for now, work, duty, family calls.

  9. Geronimo says:

    The result of TV zombiefication and political subversion in the classroom:


  10. Julian Lee says:

    Just to clear this up. I don’t know who wrote it (about me):

    “He posted somewhere, that he saw himself as a leader, of white’s!

    I have never made such a statement anywhere. I’m just one of the crew. Every man has somebody he leads. But I have never been “leader” material. If I’ve ever posted anything about me and leadership, it would be the last statement. Anyway, who posted the line above? Whoever it was is probably some kind of Jewish troll. Just for the record.

  11. Julian Lee says:

    I see your new Jewey post, “American Born”:

    American Born: “Julin Lee/ Commader of the galatic rebel force. I stated before I have no problem with you or your dimenia. Im abit tired today so I dont want to ridicule you. Your posts are like watching paint dry. Boring. If my racist statments are to much for you, Too bad Julian Lee.

    Hey asshole, your posts are too fucking long and you can’t write, so I just read your first crap-paragraph.

    But just to upgrade one bit of your drivel:

    I have no issue with your racialism. My issue is that your crude verbal manner only makes the Jew-aware message unattractive to the majority of Whites.

    Anyway, cut the crap, clown. Or your on my Jewdar and you won’t get off it. That’s your “galatic” “dimenia” with your for now, keyboard “Commader.”

  12. rocketman says:

    well said JULIAN, the way AB carries on makes me wonder.

  13. GTRman says:

    I’ll stick this here, rather than the current thread, so Im not accused of being Cannibal Rabbi. Originally posted at Akiras blog on the “world cup fixtures” thread.

    “Some light relief. Yes, I know that the owners/commisioners etc. of “Comedy Central” are no doubt Jewish, and that South Park is rude, offensive, subversive,degenerate, etc. but I still find it funny, sharp, and even on occasion,insightful and even wise. ( Cant stand the Simpsons anymore, and never really liked Family Guy. ( So blatant-despite the waspish-sounding Seth McFarlane at the helm) I also realise that the purpose of showing “anti-semetic” characters in comedy is to ridicule them and their opinions. Also it must be noted that almost all South Park episodes are written and dirested by Trey Parker, non-jew, and not Matt Stone (jew)Having said that, Cartman delivered a great rant on the most recent episode, called Crippled Summer:

    “Kyle, I hate you so much. You are a liar and a swindler who will do anything for money. The jews have been persecuted across the earth for good reason,Kyle. You are a race of beady-eyed thieves,who throughout the millenia have squirmed and worked your way into the dark cubby-holes of society. Where did the jews first get their power and how are they able to manipulate our minds today?

    Scene cuts, to hula song, scene returns:

    ” If, in fact, the jews truly are shapeshifters, and I believe I’ve presented enough evidence here to prove that they are,then we must unite, as a species, to fight them, and stop their plans of global domination, and the control of our freedom.”

    The entire episode is here, with relevant part around 14 mins in:

    Here is a clip from youtube, for some reason speeded up a little, any “buffering” is on the original upload, not youtube, bear with it. Relevant parts around 1.49 and 4.25 :

  14. GTRman says:

    This guy, however, was unamused. My guess is he lives alone. His favourite episode is “World of Warcraft”, cant think why…….!

  15. rocketman says:

    tainted? ohh this fat jew is offended.
    and LARRY DAVID pissing on a portrait of JESUS probably had this fat sweat pissing himself in laughter, almost as much as sarah silverman(yea we fuckin killed jesus and i’ll do it again!)
    personally i’m glad to see southpark finally had some truthful content.
    i agree, any anti-semetic content is for ridicule, certainly not to awaken the couch potatoes.
    indeed MR. HANKY the christmas poo is a jew and most everyone loves him.

  16. GTRman says:

    Jaunty, festive: ” Bernanke, the Christ-less Jew, he hates me and he hates you, there aint a goy that he wont screw , Bernanke the Christ-less jew”

    with thanks to Rocketman. Couldnt stop myself.

  17. Barney says:

    Thanks for all that, GTRman, I often read some of that heavy stuff, but I’m never quite sure about it. It could be all true, partly true or, to some extent, really crazy. What I know beyond any possible doubt is that life is eternal. We have lived forever and will continue to do so. I don’t know how that applies to the seemingly-soul-less kikes who are clearly instruments of evil, but perhaps even they will survive in spirit form and be forced to keep reincarnating until they’re finally ready to join the human race (as “Tuesday Lobsang Rampa” suggests in some of his books, referring to them as a “special case”).

    Yes, I know he wasn’t physically a Tibetan Llama (Is it one L or two? I’m not sure), having been born (I believe) the son of a Cornish fisherman, but the story is that he later swapped bodies with Dr Rampa if you can accept that, but true or false his writings do seem to make a lot of sense, to me at least.

    Les Visible and Joe Cortina are always worth a read. Joe knows the kike first-hand, and Les offers valuable insights into the overall situation.

    Good comments from you too, Toby, all perfectly true, but it’s even more dangerous now imho with the vastly more powerful flat screen tv sets. The flashes really are blinding, and in the cases I mentioned they come every half second or less. First they hurt the eyes, then they cause a headache, and that’s only the effects we’re aware of on a conscious level. The old CRTs could never have managed that level of brightness.

    Btw, if anyone has a website (mine was taken down last December) or a lot of e-mail contacts and would like to help distribute Jana Janus’ “Nomads of the Diaspora” (300 KB) explaining the kikes’ insect-like mentality and the dangers they pose to real humans, or even if someone on here would like to get in touch directly for any reason, I can be contacted at

    barney-rubble [at] freeukisp [dot] co [dot] uk

    You’ll get a reply via a different ISP because, for some unknown reason, freeukisp won’t let me send e-mails any more, though they still come in, but I don’t want to give the other e-mail address on here because it contains my real name and I made a particularly nasty enemy in this town a few years back (not even my fault, just a lunatic).

    My thinking is that the so-called jews are neither a race nor a religion but, especially after reading “Nomads of the Diaspora” (thanks are due to John Kaminski) I would call them a separate species, not a humanoid sub-species, but a totally separate, parasitic, insect-like species that – perhaps – adopts the physical form of it’s host/victim, a bit like those shape-shifting reptilians we hear about. Either that or simple robots created purely to serve the forces of evil.

  18. rocketman says:

    BRILLIANT GTRman, and are you really JIMMY PAGE?

  19. GTRman says:

    Barney -if there are indeed other “realms” or “dimensions”, then some of Ickes wilder suggestions become slightly less crazy. People have been talking about “demons” and “posession” for millenia.

    Maybe its enough to be “posessed” by a “meme” or a group mindset.

    My minds open to a lot, but I like to focus on what is provable in the here and now. And that’s jewish control.

    Rocketman: Just saw this at Rense. Theres another story there on this but I couldnt see it in UK.

    Larry David’s Ex Denies Gore Involvement

    Laurie David told the Huffington Post on Tuesday that a tabloid report that she is having an affair with Al Gore is an absolute lie.

    “The story is completely untrue,” David told Huffington Post. “It’s a total fabrication. I adore both Al and Tipper. I look at them both as family. And I have happily been in a serious relationship since my divorce.”

    Laurie and Larry David split in 2007.

    Meanwhile a source close to the Gore family told Huffington Post, “Al and Tipper are still very close and spending together time this summer with their family.”

    For god’s sake, dont let them breed!

    Feel like punching a wall? Watch this:

  20. GTRman says:

    Rocketman – sadly, no. But I am waiting impatiently for a few famous and influential people to start getting jew-wise. For example:

    ( I put this here the other day for Incogman as he’s a Pink Floyd ‘fan’ . Dont know if he saw it)

  21. rocketman says:

    wow, roger waters is the man, no chance of seeing that on VH1.
    thanks for that GTRman.
    jimmy page may be jew wise but i think he’s still too busy fiddlin’ girls with mudd sharks in his hotel room:)

  22. Julian Lee says:

    There will be more and more high profile people getting Jew-aware, and expressing it in various ways. The lies and crimes that people has now piled up are just too high for Gentiles to remain silent while at the same time remaining sane. Whites need to break the “no-talk” rule Jews surround themselves with if only to save Jews from their own corruption. See speaking up about Jewish outrages as essential for their own moral salvation.

  23. L.Rudolf says:

    Just want to put this link about a chapter from Solshenitsyn’s book, 200 years together, now translated, here into the proper thread about history (from summertime repeated)- -and it’s worth it because Bolshevism isn’t known enough in ” history” show- TV.
    The Bolshevist threat; I think more and more was the major cause for WW-2, as The NS- party was a reaction and defense to it.

    When did the jew Grynspan kill von Rath in the German embassy in Paris? Nov 7. Coincident? l think not. That was the day the jews false flag op “Kristallnight” turned a big part of the world against Hitler.
    This 7th November was just a regular day in Russia, but just 20 years ago it looked like on those photos. It was the greatest holiday in Soviet State – the day when the Communists won.

    ( L.Rudolf)
    yes, about the “Kristallnacht” there is a more unknown today view, if I remember, on this event, in the book by Ingrid Weckert
    “Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich”
    Translated by F. Töben, Chicago, 2004, These & Dissertation Press, 73 p., 700K

    also interesting if not yet read?
    Kevin MacDonald: Translation of Solzhenitsyn’s “In the Camps of GULag” — Chapter 20 of “200 Years Together”

  24. Bella says:

    Hagee is just a big fat pig. Simple!

  25. Hey 231 says:

    Sick of jews…

  26. Bella says:

    I always knew there was something weird about the ‘history’ channel. Personally I find tell a vision to be not only inane but insulting & everyone should just shit can the thing. Incog has the best site on the planet for the real scoop on things & I like to say thanks to him for his work.

  27. NorthStar says:

    Incogman, Hey I saw a blog where the MadJewess had a video and a song mocking the murdered unarmed aid ship activist and I lit into her REAL strong. Anyway this Zionist kike bitch told me to Keep drinking the Incogmans Koolaid!!!! She is a fucking double agent disinformation tool for the terrorist state of Israhell isnt she?????I swear this bitch is whacked out!! I thought she was a friend of whites but she is a EVIL ISRAEL SCUMBAG out to confuse Whites…I was confused but I can clearly see with both eyes The MadJewess is the ENEMY OF WHITES for sure…..God Bless you Incogman and your truthful pen….

  28. NorthStar says:

    ps I used to watch the history channel but all they do is bash Whites and rewrite history to confuse the people..I wish there was a real history channel. speaking of history I was pleased today to find out that General Patton learned in the end that it was the Jew and NOT the Germans who were the REAL ENEMY . I also learned the Jew had him have a accident wich he survived but was put in isolation and given a lethal shot to finish off this great man….and silence his truths! I am sure you know about that already …anyway The MadJewess has it in for you…..but like all liar Jew she can only call names and cry antisemite ect……she is indeed PATHETIC….

  29. Marshall says:

    Just call it the Hitlery Channel and be done with it Northstar. Of course lately, “history” seems to include bigfoot and ghost hunts. How scientific.

    Patton wanted to incorporate what was left of the Nazis and go after the Soviets. Yeah I believe he got whacked and I’m not surprised. Seems his driver was in on it and managed to swerve the car so HE wouldn’t get nailed but Patton DID. Collision with another military vehicle in the middle of nowhere, the only vehicles on the road for miles…sure, happens all the time. Apparently the driver of the truck mysteriously disappeared as well. First rule of assassination is to kill the assassin, right?

    Numerous other military readily available to take Patton to a hospital miles away from the nearest one that he should have gone to…the whole thing stinks. You knew the cowardly soldier Patton bitch-slapped was a Jew, right? BTW even Eisenhower was a crypto himself. Check this link to the West Point Yearbook and look at image #3. Read the first couple of sentences and see him referred to as “The Terrible Swedish Jew.”

    I see you are wise to Madjewess’s ploys…watch out, she’s a dancer too 😀

  30. anti-zionist says:

    Yeah northstar, madjewbagess always says incog is a communist. Yet if you read everything on here nothing is further from that. Jeware professional liars.

  31. NorthStar says:

    Thanks Marshal ad Antizionist ..I am still laughing at that clip!!!! Fucking Awesome!!!!! You know its true about the assassin always gets killed to ensure the Jews identity!!!!Dead men tell no tales…I guess the blog I gave MadJewess Hell for mocking the murdered aidship 9 was NOT her blog but a friend of hers….My mistake but either way they were posting her Hateful mocking of peaceful ,unarmed rescue workers….Only a fucking evil ass Jew could call these people terrorist after the Jew attacked them…on Fox Jews they showed pictures with circles around the aid workers trying to defend the ship against armed ,attacking soldiers and saying see the PEACEFUL SOLDIERS were attacked!!!!!What the FUCK??????Only the Jew could twist the truth like that…The Jew cries out in pain –AS HE HITS YOU!!!!!!!!Know Jews == no peace, NO JEWS=== KNOW PEACE!!!!

  32. Marshall says:

    According to Maritime Law, those people were perfectly within their rights to waste those sea-kikes Northstar. Any unwelcome boarding attempt on the high seas is an act of piracy.

    “A Piracy attempted on the Ocean, if the Pirates are overcome, the Takers may immediately inflict a Punishment by hanging them up at the Main-yard End; though this is understood where no legal judgement may be obtained; And hence it is, that if a Ship shall be on a Voyage to any Part of America, or the Plantations there, or a Discovery of the Parts; and in her Way is attacked by a Pirate, but in the attempt the Pirate is overcome, the Pirates may forthwith be executed without any Solemnity of Condemnation, by the Marine Law.” 8

    Individually rapelling into an angry crowd only works if they’re Palestinian children in a schoolyard. Those helo-casting jews need to update their rules of engagement when dealing with unique situations, like angry adults armed with sticks and kitchen knives. I would have been embarrassed to film it and use it as “evidence,” but I guess that doesn’t bother those Israeli badasses. They were obviously part of the YEE-HAW SIX special operations team.

    1.) Y.ahuda
    2.) E.mergency
    3.) E.gress

    1.) H.arass
    2.) A.ttack
    3.) W.hine


  33. Those are new working web proxy servers. They should go passed the filters. I checked all of them and they are fast and reliable. The complete list of them is here:

  34. I have found that people like to get onto facebook / youtube / myspace when they are at work. So the simple way to do that if it is blocked is just to unblock it with a facebook / youtube / myspace proxy. You can always find new ones if yours gets blocked.

  35. Flanders says:

    Here are a couple of videos about a German project which I had not heard about before and I understand that these are a relatively recent report. It deals with the “Foo-Fighter”, a UFO-type device, also called, “The Bell”. The propulsion system, a speculative Antigravity Device and the scientists are discussed. The second video has audio I cannot understand, but the illustrative modelling will be interesting to someone with the background to understand the concepts.

  36. Dokf says:

    The American Pickers are both Jewish as well.

    Last names are Fritz, and Wolfe.

  37. alfredo corleone says:

    Just watched the so called “Nazi Gospels. ” I was curious to see what the Jews at the History Channel would do with this. I found it amusing that they laugh at the SS’s pagan ideas but actually expect us to believe the crap in the Old Testament, none of which archaeology has supported.

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