It’s Just Our Thing, Man

“I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements: Extracting money and protesting.” Nahum Goldmann “The Jewish Paradox” 1978

INCOG MAN: While recently scrolling through my special Jew photo folder on my hard drive — seeing just how massive it’s now become — this one salient fact stared me right in the face: Khazar Jews* pretty much spend their free time protesting over just about anything — all the while taking pictures of themselves smiling happily and eating (often as they plan out more protesting).

I kid you not. Lots of times when you go to some Jew website, they’ll have a special photo section of themselves doing precisely this. While most regular White people relax, go fishing, golfing or maybe do some yard work, Jews are marching around with signs downtown, or inside eating pizza or bagels while training to be even bigger pains in the ass to a nation.

They love photos of themselves out protesting. From supporting a foreign country (Israel), to absolutely any kind of socially and nationally destructive movement (like abortion, homo rights and illegal immigration). You can practically hear them telling themselves: “Oh look at me everybody, I’m such the revolutionary!” Just like Abbie Hoffman, huh?

All this is so important to being a Nation Wrecker, you know. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with these hypocrite trouble-makers!

It’s virtually certain all these soft Jews have cushy office jobs during the week (thanks, Uncle Ari!). So to get a little outdoor time, they like marching around and raising Cain about something. Either that or getting on the Internet (even here) and making pests of themselves for Jewry and/or Israel. Check out the photos below and see!

Calling all Jews to a protest in progress! Calling all Jews to do your Jew thing!

What’s wrong with this picture? The Zionist Organization “of America” (ZOA) is seen here proudly marching down a street in Manhattan (Jew York City) with a revealing banner: Isn’t Washington DC the capital of America? Isn’t part of Jerusalem supposed to be set aside for the Palestinians? OK, I get it now.

Let’s stop all this hard protesting for a minute and get a quick shot for mom and dad (they’ll be so proud)!

Here’s a grossly ironic banner about Iran for you (2 wide shots spliced together). The little Jewess snapping the photo is probably the daughter of the rabbi on the left. What about all the inhumanity against Palestinians? Can you believe the unmitigated hypocrisy of these people? Jews are totally oblivous to what giant hypocrites they really are — or they just don’t care.

Need to train the young on what country the Jews are really loyal to! Isn’t that sweet?

Big-mouth Jews don’t limit themselves to marching for sacred Israel — oh no. Here’s the Zionists “of America” making a stink about the usual Jewy issues. Gotta be a well-rounded Nation Wrecker, you know.

Here’s the ZOA having a tee shirt signing party to send to soldiers of a foreign country (Israel’s IDF). Remember, these are supposedly Americans.

One of the village elders lends a helping hand for the camera.

Junior Ziobot penning a letter to the Israeli soldiers busy killing Gazans: “I’ll work hard over here to keep the American Goyim stupid and send Israel more money, but please pick off a Pali or two for me!”

Let’s stop and stuff our faces with some bagels! Note the token black suckered in to give it a “multicult” look.

Spoiled Jew punks, who probably live in a nice mansion in Brentwood, out protesting for illegal immigration in Los Angeles. Maybe these Jews are only bragging that they are the real humans and the rest of us are animals? Jews always manage to find a way to reveal what they really think — Freud was a Jew, remember.

That was a tough day protesting — we must have walked 3 whole blocks — now let’s eat!

They are even given campus facilities to learn how to effectively push Israeli propaganda on fellow students. Just think if the German-American Bund had that handed to them in the 1930’s?

We can’t call him a “Nazi” or “White Supremacist,” so let’s use our next favorite word in the Jew arsenal: “Hate” instead. Yeah, that’s the ticket! “Our” campus? Funny how Jews just assume everything belongs to them, huh?

Isn’t spreading paranoia propaganda for a foreign nation FUN?

Now let’s eat!

Meanwhile, nearby homo Jews were also hard at work before eating (don’t ask what).

Here’s a pleasant Jew chap (a member of “Anti-Racist Action”) desecrating the symbol of Jesus in the hallways of a Catholic school — who foolishly allowed these disgusting, Jesus-hating people to use classroom space at night for meetings. The punk bragged about it when he put this shot up on the Internet.

Young, old, liberal or conservative — doesn’t matter.

After Israel gets enough stolen loot and technology, let’s send to Africa whatever American taxpayer money is left!

And since America is paying for it all, let’s have some pizza as we get advice from the village elder!

If you’re a big enough Jew Nation Wrecker, Jew Hollywood will make movies about you for years.

Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg sure were some bitching Commie Jews! And I mean bitching!

Oh, look at me everybody, I’ve got on a Emma Goldman shirt!

Emma Goldman haranguing a crowd early last century. Some things never change.

— Phillip Marlowe

*Khazar Jews are NOT the Israelites of the bible. They are a Eastern European, Turkish/Hunnish race who converted around 740 AD and more accurately are called the “Yiddish Nation.” They have about as much claim to Jerusalem as you or I. The racial arrogance, hypocrisy and sneaky behavior of these people; combined with their ignorance (real or faked) of this mostly suppressed history, is literally the main source of today’s problems. For real.

Why have they always been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived?

Jews are turning America into a Marxist, Third-World hell-hole simply because that’s their thing, man. The sooner you figure that one out, the sooner everything else today will make sense. They are truly Nation Wreckers!

Khazar Jew trouble-making traitors will never, ever stop until America is KAPUT!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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137 Responses to It’s Just Our Thing, Man

  1. Marshall says:

    Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm. Such a racket, itz!!!

  2. Marshall says:

    UH OH!!! Mel Gibson is a victim of ARI EMANUEL???

    “The recent news that Mel Gibson is no longer a client of William Morris Endeavor should come as no surprise. Many news and entertainment programs, including NBC’s “Today Show,” pegged the delisting to Gibson’s recent domestic assault allegations and tabloid leak of surreptitious tapes of racist rants he allegedly made, all arising from his custody dispute with his baby-mama Oksana Grigorieva.

    But Gibson was already on borrowed time at the agency. In 2006, following his Malibu arrest and anti-Semitic rant, Ari Emanuel, then at Endeavor, writing in the Huffington Post, called on all Hollywood to shun Gibson. “

  3. Flanders says:

    “Jewish life has two elements: collecting money and protesting” (Nahum Goldman, THE JEWISH PARADOX, p. 52).

  4. Flanders says:

    “Israeli Christians being harassed by Orthodox Jews in Israel”

    This is why people hate the Jews

  5. TeutonSuet says:


    Q. What is communitarianism?

    A. Communitarianism is a Dictatorship of the Community. Unlike communism, which established a Dictatorship of the Proletariat, communitarianism is the more advanced stage of human social evolution.

    Q. Is this just a harder to pronounce version of communism?

    A. No. The emerging communitarian global system has many similarities to both capitalism and communism. Most of its homeland judicial structure, land and resource use policies and social welfare programs were tested and perfected by totalitarian communists in Russia, South America, Europe and Israel. The communitarian’s financial and economic system was tested in the western imperialist and capitalist nations as well as in many of the former colonial states and developing nations classified as Third World.

    Communism branched far out from its 19th century roots. Committed members evolved into Fabian Socialists, National Socialists, National Communists, Democrats, Christians, Republicans, Catholics, Fusionists, Evangelicals, Zionists, Pagans, Masons, LaRouchies and Libertarians, who all eventually adopted the common ideology of free market socialism. Imperial British American capitalists and Global Free Traders merged with mercenaries, academics, mobsters, environmental scientists and natural resource experts who all just happen to also promote free market socialism, known in academia and the higher courts as communitarianism.

    The basic 1848 communist theory was that capitalism and communism were two necessary, conflicting, temporary stages in human social development. The final happy stage would arrive when the whole world descended into chaos and all sides to every conflict finally synthesized under one perfect ideology. Although Marx called the communism stage a dictatorship of the proletariat, he never said what the final stage would be called. It’s our thesis that the final stage in the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic is called communitarianism.

    Q. Can you break this down into more bite size pieces?

    A. We can try. Communitarianism can be broken down into four main sub sections.

    1. philosophy
    2. religion
    3. political ideology
    4. law

    1. Philosophically, communitarianism is the final synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic. Communitarians insist that humanity cannot advance to its final evolutionary stage of perfection without the help of their expert planning, guidance and administrators, who are obviously much more enlightened than the rest of us common born sinners.

    2. The religious basis for communitarianism rests in the oldest dialectic still in existence, the Talmud. Dr. Amitai Etzioni of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University in DC is the American guru. He’s a former Israeli commando who studied the Talmud and the Kaballa, and according to him, this makes him the international “expert” on how to build more livable communities.

    In his 30 plus published books and hundreds of articles, Etzioni laid out standard Hegelian justifications for military and community development interventions. His solution to staged Hegelian clashes between nations is to end all nations. Etzioni assures us that individual rights and liberties can only continue to exist if they are balanced against the common good. The least discussed fact about the new legal system is that all former laws must be made agreeable to the superior unwritten Talmud. Zionist led Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the rise of Islamic law in formerly Christian nations are part of a perfectly crafted Hegelian ploy to ensure a brutal, endless conflict continues to grow between the two primary religious barriers to communitarian global governance.

    3.. Politically, it’s the Third Way, Radical Middle theory that allows its followers to justify fascist warmongering on the corporate right and encourage peace actions of the antiwar left, at the same time. Hegel taught his followers to play both sides if necessary, to flip-flop back and forth, because long drawn out staged wars and senseless bloody conflicts are essential to human advancement.

    Both Bushes and both Clintons were described many times in the American press as communitarians; Senator Barack Obama was hailed by the Democrats as the Third Way Wonder Boy in 2004.

    4. Communitarian Law is the legal foundation for the emerging world justice system. It’s the global standard of norms for rebuilding the world under a new model of governance with jurisdiction over all national state citizens. Internal structural changes necessary to adopting a global bureaucracy were outlined by the United Nations in Local Agenda 21. LA21 supports every UN Resolution of Rights adopted since its inception. This document expands the authority of global institutions and their global decrees into every private home and private business on the planet.

    The foundation for America’s conditioning to submit to communitarian law was slipped into the U.S. under the Administrative Procedures Act of 1946, at about the same time the United Nations was formed. Many of the 21st century UN LA21 land and resource use regulations are enforced by local American agencies operating under the authority of this sixty four year old act.

    Q. What would you define as a communitarian crime?

    A. Communitarian crimes are violations of community regulations. When Americans are charged with communitarian crimes, the procedure for due process is not the same as what happens when Americans are charged with actually hurting someone or damaging someone’s property. Communitarian crimes do not require measurable property damages.

    Communitarian criminals are people who took a risk, traded home farm products, sold or donated used children’s clothing, harvested natural herbal remedies, made too much noise, had an argument, smoked or farted in public, got fat, made somebody feel bad, had a dirty kitchen or dirty kids, looked scary, talked to themselves, sat down on the sidewalk, didn’t care enough about keeping the neighborhood clean, nice or safe, or refused to donate their private land to help save the trees, birds, fishes or animals.

    The system is designed so that the agency that writes and adopts the communitarian law is also the agency that sits in judgment of the accused. The burden of proof is not on the state. There is no appeals process for communitarian crimes; only guilty people are charged with committing communitarian infractions of revised and updated ordinances.

    Q. What is Local Agenda 21?

    A. LA21 itself is a lengthy, boring document (that few will ever take the time to read). It describes the goals and ultimate purpose of equitably micromanaging all global land, people and natural resources. LA21 suggests structural changes and specific legislation to be introduced in every nation. LA21 defined a vaguely benevolent system of Community Law that overrules all contrary national and state constitutional law. The UN’s official 1987 definition of Sustainable Development is the communitarianized, spiritual version of Marx’s atheistic “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

    It’s a real disadvantage to our nation that very few Americans know (or care) that every federal agency in the United States changed their mission statements to promote sustainability immediately after LA21 was adopted. Our leaders never once bothered to tell us that LA21 is based in communitarian law or that UN Sustainable Development principles violates our precise legal contracts that say our government has to defend our private property, private business, private farms, private medicine, private worship, and private lives from all invaders, foreign or domestic.

    Q. Communitarian experts say a global government would be impossible to build. Do the communitarians really have the capacity to do what they swear they can never do?

    A. Almost. The communitarian global governance model shifts public duties formerly performed by answerable public servants to unaccountable private-public partnerships and community oriented development police, and it adds new duties to their job descriptions every day. The terms for Communitarian global governance have been quietly adopted for over a century in legislation, private meetings and agreements between national leaders and international community developers. All the regions and regional trade unions have already been established. Every member state in the European Union has already adapted their national legal systems and formally adopted communitarian supremacy of law. In the United States and the United Kingdom, communitarian supremacy has been introduced quietly into the national systems under the guise of Free Trade Agreements (like the early EU), environmental and consumer protections, volunteerism, service training, healthy neighborhoods, neighborhood watch, neighborhood planning, Transit Oriented and ABCD Development, 2020 Visions, Rebuilding Community, The Wars on Terror, Drugs, Smoking and Obesity, and many more ways… all designed with one Common Purpose in mind.

    Q. How do we learn to recognize communitarianism in our own community?

    A. At the local level, Communitarian governance bypasses the normal municipal and county government apparatus. Every agency is merged with the others. it’s called Interdepartmental Cross Training. There are no more separations of powers. Elected officials often hire city administrators and employ outside advisers and groups like ICLEI to draft communitarian plans and revised ordinances and regulations. New citizen responsibilities and requirements are swiftly adopted without debate by elected council members who all gain financially from the development games. (The list of Seattle Community Developers who earned high level posts in the Obama administration is long.) The day-to-day redevelopment of each individual community is administered by lower-level, un-elected and self-appointed councils, boards, committees, international partners, advisers and community development teams, many of whom don’t have the first clue what they’re working to implement.

    Even where we live, in a tiny rural Alaskan community of 400 residents, our local Community League is communitarian now. For years the league had two small jobs. They took care of the community well and hosted our tiny, once yearly, one day fair. Under the patient guidance of retired teachers, mental health providers and federal parks employees they’ve spiritually evolved into a Board of Directors with seven standing committees. Now they’re asking everyone here to tell them their skills so we can all volunteer to help them with all the new grant funded community economic development.

    Q. How far has it penetrated in the U.S.?

    A. The core foundation for the U.S. communitarian system is already established. Community Development is a standard agency in every state. The term Sustainable Development expanded from the UN into the mainstream private business sector in less than a decade. Every inch of the USA has an adopted plan and vision for the future, and the goal of every single one of them is to ensure sustainability.

    In the cities, Communitarians have already conditioned Americans into accepting aspects of life in controlled collectives. Borrowing from the most successful collectives in recent history, Communitarians utilize and expand on programs, policies and ideas perfected by the British Fabians, Imperialists, Russian Soviets, Chinese Communists, Nazis, Fascists, and Israeli commandos. This is why you hear so many Americans saying “it’s socialism!” or “it’s communism!” or “it’s fascism!” or “it’s capitalism!”; many people recognize these ideologies when they see them manifesting. But it’s only once people start seeing more than one ideology going on at the same time that communitarianism begins to make total sense.

    Q. Is there an easy way people can identify if a communitarian regulation is in violation of U.S. law?

    A. Yes. In the U.S., any law not based in property is unconstitutional. All legitimate U.S. law must adhere to constitutional principles, and the U.S. Constitution is based entirely in property ownership. All legitimate criminal activities must produce some level of property damages. Civil suits must also request compensation for damages to property. Communitarian crimes are actions by people that interfere with the community developers’ plans for rebuilding a safer, more livable community. Anything designed to improve “quality of life” is a communitarian program.

    Communitarian Law is supposed to bring the entire world peace, security, harmony and happiness. Preventing bad people from doing bad things is the communitarians enlightened, moral imperative. Like high tech soothsayers, they steal our most private information and use it to predict our future, then they use their special trained community cops to stop bad people and bad things from happening.

    Q. Should I buy more guns? (I hear this one a lot!)

    A. Under the communitarian system, individual rights and liberties are not always balanced against the common good in the same violent way it happened to the people of China, the Ukraine, Cambodia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The more morally evolved and quasi-spiritual communitarians are a lot nicer when they balance individual and state rights against the rights of the community in more easily persuaded countries.

    Q.. Is there an easy way to spot communitarian activity?

    A. Yes. Any move by a small group of concerned citizens to change community behaviors is suspect. Their activities often begin with regulating private business and updating land use regulations. If there are a lot of new agencies promoting sustainable development and the creation of small “expert” councils with sub-committees (like the Alaska Food Policy Council) we can soon expect drastic, unnecessary changes to our personal freedoms. Some actions, like the new xray scanners in American airports, are right in our face and can’t be ignored. Others are more subtle and behind the scenes; we have to look a little closer to identify them.

    Right now they’re very busy teaching us our new roles as global citizens. Internationally acclaimed communitarian legal advisers teach people across the world how to teach their neighbors to become better stewards of their local environments.

    To a communitarian, we become better citizens and stewards when we willingly give up any constitutional claims to unalienable rights. Community Rights are more moral than outdated Individual Protections under the people’s law. Communitarian gods and goddesses are the ones who balance our freedom to travel, move goods, offer services, produce food and products or otherwise live naturally off our privately and publicly owned lands.

    Q. What’s the final result of communitarianism?

    A. The communitarian system changes formerly free people from being controllers over their own lives and resources to becoming the controlled resources themselv

  6. GTRman says:

    “You know, if they want to make some serious money, they should set up a mining sluice at Treblinka and let the public pan for gold teeth for $50.00 a day ”

    Dammit Marshall, youre good.

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