Worthless, Criminal Negroes Riot in Oakland

So, what else is new?

LAST NIGHT, AFTER a police officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the BART shooting, Whites quickly vacated the vicinity as blacks gathered for a little rioting. I guess the jury’s verdict wasn’t enough for these spoiled black brats, or maybe it was just another good excuse for a little fun mayhem in the streets?

Funny, the US mainstream media barely breathed a word (sacred Jewish diversity must be protected at all costs!). The video below is from Russia Today TV. Pretty bad when we have to see this on a foreign news outlet! So what country is doing the censoring now?

Note the Negroes breaking into a Foot Locker store and grabbing up some precious tennis shoes. Yeah, we know where these people’s priorities really are. A chance for some free stuff — let’s pretend to be pissed about something and do a little street thievery! This same thing always happens whenever blacks get into crowds like this, even entertainment events is enough to send these “people” amok. Sometimes it’s not too bad, other times entire cities go up in flames.

Haven’t you just had it up to here with these big-mouthed, spoiled animals? Nothing will ever please these worthless primates. Figure it out!

These are literally walking, talking animals.

Yeah, you heard me right. The modern-day street Negro in the US, or anywhere for that matter, are walking (or slouching), talking (if you can understand the gibberish) animals wearing human clothes (or whatever that is hanging underneath their fat and lazy black asses).

“Oh, you’re such a racist, INCOG MAN.” Yeah, you’re right, libtard. I can’t stand them and I sure as hell can’t stand idiots like yourself.

I mean, look at these “people.” Most of them are criminals and militant malcontents, sponging their way off the system, stealing, robbing, pimping or selling drugs. They’d stab or shoot you dead for a pack of Kools and then laugh about it to all their friends and family. A substantial percentage live off affirmative action jobs, welfare checks and food stamps paid for by White America (it never ends for Whites to support these big-mouthed brats).

They expect the world to give them everything for free, “cuz they be black, oppressed former slaves, y’know.”

They have been playing that line ever since the Jews came up with it for them. In fact, because the Jews have twisted their little hip-hop heads around so much over the last 50 years, most blacks have become spoiled, militant and basically worthless as workers and American citizens.

You might think they would appreciate everything they’ve gotten in the USA by now, but no, like the spoiled little brats they are, they want even more free stuff. Ever hear a bunch of blacks talk after finding out about some kind of freebie they can get their filthy hands on? It’s like a bunch of excited kids on Christmas eve.

As the US drifts further into a real-life depression and hyperinflation spirals out of control, look for these Negroes going off crazy anywhere and everywhere. The Marxist, Negro/Jew Obama administration will give them all kinds of special favors and jobs in the vain attempt to keep them happy (like they don’t get that now?). Whites will get the shaft, as usual.

The GD Jews have ruined America!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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181 Responses to Worthless, Criminal Negroes Riot in Oakland

  1. Rachel says:

    There is no WARONTERRA; I have never believed in this concept. The southern border is completely FREAKING OPEN and the government claims at the same time to be stripping americans of rights in the name of keeping us safe from terror? What simply amazes me is that this obvious massive contradiction is NEVER brought up? What gives?

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “So they don’t want to kill us?”

    Why would they want to kill us?

    We’ve done nothing to them, give or take slaughtering a coupla million, at the behest of kikery!

    They are just ungrateful, that’s all.

    I hope i’m wrong, but i suspect i can see where you are going with this.

    Rachel is a lovely name.
    Jewish in origin.
    Still a nice name though.

  3. Rachel says:

    Cannibal Rabbi – Rachel is not my real name and I am an italian catholic, so just forget it, okay?

    Where am I going with this, by the way?

  4. Rachel says:

    This guy thinks there is no radical islam either, is where I was going with it – it’s ALMOST pro-Obama.

    • INCOG MAN says:


      These bastards won’t stop since he made those comments about Jews and that movie about Jesus.

      Filthy, GD Jews never know when to stop, do they?

  5. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Cannibal Rabbi isn’t my name either.

    Yer going straight to the top Rachel.

    Sorry about that.
    It’s kike troll centre ’round here some days.

    Have this in lieu of any offence.


  6. Rachel says:

    For the record, I am merely a person who seeks to be informed. Alot of what these types of sights say do make sense. For example, David Duke makes more sense than any politician I’ve ever heard.

    There are many competing views of a given situation. For example, I know an Iraqi. He told me that most certainly George Bush invaded Iraq because Sadam threatened to stop trading oil in dollars. And the Kurds love George Bush, don’t doubt this.

  7. GDL says:

    Yeah, Mel said the dreaded N-WORD, oh no, and if his girlfriend was dressing like a whore he has a right to call her on it.

    The dreaded N-WORD!

    Question: What word starts with an N and ends with an R you never want to call a black person?


    Question: What word describes someone who is aggrevating and obnoxious and starts with the letter N and ends with an R?



  8. Rachel says:

    Cannibal Rabbi isn’t my name either. REALLY? 🙂

    That was lovely, thank you.

  9. Julian Lee says:

    By the way, Rachel. When you converse with “Cannibal Rabbi,” you are conversing with a Jew. Don’t let him have too much fun with you.

  10. GDL says:

    Mel was right, negroes will rape at the drop of a hat….especially a White woman.


  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The’ve never forgiven Mel for that time he caught a jew, stealing a shoe,
    from a dead man.


  12. Marshall says:

    “Never forgive, never forget” right? No wonder Jews have such a problem with the New Testament. Mel will have to walk on eggshells for the rest of his life from these vermin.

    Cannibal, I think Mama Cass actually did choke on a pork sandwich. Talk about divine retribution!!! We aren’t supposed to be eating oysters and shrimp either, so maybe BP is doing the “Lord’s Work” as well

    GDL, when Elena comes for you, we will not be able to hear her screams of delight unless you record them for us 😀


    Japanese are sending help to cap BP oil well

  13. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “By the way, Rachel. When you converse with “Cannibal Rabbi,” you are conversing with a Jew. Don’t let him have too much fun with you.”

    I can ignore him, or reply.

    I’ll ignore him for now.
    Just so you know.

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    The pig is reputedly a very clean, and discerning, animal.

    Did you ever see the one with Godzuki, Godzilla’s kid?

    It was the best.


  15. GDL says:


    Marshall, I’m sure that the Japanese plan will work, they should have thought of that a couple of months ago.

    The only screaming you would hear if Elena came for me would be me screaming in misery, it would definitely drown out her “screams of delight.”

    But, here is a picture in advance of Elena after she is done with her sexual assault of me.


  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Why don’t you take a break from INCOG and go somewhere else? You camp here entirely too much”

    That doesn’t seem too fair to me.

    I don’t “camp” here any more than, Flanders, American Born, Julian Lee, etc. What is it you are really saying?

    Don’t get you at all.

    Shouldn’t you be above it all, and judge people on their relative merits, rather than taking sides, usually against me as it happens.

    Let them sort out their differences like men, instead of jumping in on the side of one or the other?

  17. Marshall says:

    She looks like she suck the oil out of that well all by herself GDL!!! I think a rabbi would have to inspect it first though…

    I was cutting the grass one day, and my cat came and licked up some of the gas I had spilled in the garage. All of a sudden, he started running around the yard as fast as he could in circles. He ran in the yard, he ran in the street, and even the neighbor’s yard. Finally he ran up a tree and paused for a few seconds on a limb. Then he fell off dead. I guess he ran out of gas.


  18. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Unlike some here i’ve never come running for your help, support or approval.
    Nor would i.
    Whining is a kike trait.
    Take note whingers!

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Just take a break, man.”

    I just did, for a coupla days.

    If you have a problem with me spell it out.

    Never know i might learn something invaluable.

    What’s up?

  20. GDL says:

    “She looks like she suck the oil out of that well all by herself GDL!!!”

    Ever heard a 30 year old man scream for mommy?

  21. Flanders says:

    No difference from what this “French” nigger does in a true display of jew-enabled “chutzpah”, and what some pests displaying “chutzpah” do at Incogman. Enjoy your “yuk yuk” filthy gorilla before your teeth get stomped in!


  22. Sen10L says:

    I bet she’s finally wise to the negrids now.

  23. GDL says:

    Hey Flanders,

    I wonder where the White men are in that video of the cowardly apes attacking that White girl? That crap never happens around me. All it would take is one strong angry White man to run those apes up a tree. Congratulations to that White girl for clowning that dumb nigger too bad there were no men around to defend her honor.


  24. Flanders says:

    Actually, Sen10L, there are too many wigger bimbos in the US who need to have this type of awakening. It would save them and others from a lot of pain and misery. I’m not saying that about the lady in the video who was probably just a tourist visiting one of the well-frequented areas in Paris. I’ve heard that it is not uncommon for them to be attacked or robbed, especially if they are not with large groups.

  25. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Julian Lee you can bet they don’t like those percentages!
    Rachel my parents and relatives also came from upstate New York. Up around Gouverneur, Canton, Hermon and other upstate areas. My family is all buried in Hermon.

  26. Flanders says:

    I agree completely, GDL. It seems clear that this group of baboons hangs around waiting for opportunities and are well-versed in their moves. It should be easy to find them and teach them some real moves.

  27. GDL says:

    And Flanders, when a White man steps in to defend his women and does whatever necessary to end the situation, every single White man and even women need to stand with him. If a cop tries to arrest the White man, then every other White man around should tell the cop that he will only arrest him if he arrests or goes through them all. This is the unity we need. This will begin the dismantling of the Jewish system and the foot soldiers in law enforcement who allow this crap to happen……instead of White people walking by like nothing is going on, that pisses me off as much as the “Typical Nigger Behavior.”

  28. Marshall says:

    I wonder if Elena has a tasty tramp stamp hiding under there somewhere…



  29. GDL says:

    “I wonder if Elena has a tasty tramp stamp hiding under there somewhere…”

    Ole Barry Soetoro may know the answer to that one by now….LMAO!

  30. Marshall says:



    monkey humping a football or monkey-humping-a-football

    1. (vulgar) Energetic but useless action, or a person engaged in such action.

    The whole exercise was a monkey humping a football.

    2. (vulgar) A manner of riding a horse, motorcycle or other vehicle, in which the rider crouches forward and may bounce in the saddle.

    This poseur was riding like a monkey humping a football, but I blew past him.


  31. GDL says:

    I just watched the local news and confirmed. The suicide murderer was a negro and the girlfriend was White. I will try to find the pics. The pics were shown on the news.




  32. GDL says:


    There we go!




  33. Jen says:

    GDL, some musings from the coal burner. Break up with the negro and he kills you, your children, throws acid in your face, etc. When are you going to wake up white sisters? Mixed-race couples work on the TalmudVision, not in real life:


    “I am a single mom with 3 kids. I work my ass off every day to support my family. What man wouldn’t want a hard working woman that takes care of her shit.

    Who I’d like to meet:
    I’m looking for a man that is responsibile and hard working to take care of his family. I love a man to show he cares to take and do things with me.”

    Jan 3 2010 11:40 AM

    Dec 31 2009 4:41 AM
    i love my boo. i got my ring from him so now cant wait till the big day

    Dec 8 2009 8:22 PM
    cant help but to love my man. hes to damn sexy. and toooo damn thick if u know what i mean.



  34. GDL says:

    Reading that gir’s wigger babble is very saddening. She was a very confused and messed up person. Of course, I have never met a race mixer who wasn’t.

    And why is it these race mixing White girls are always keeping the sorry negore’s ass up? Those skanks will bash a White man all day long and then let the negro degrade them and treat them like crap…WHY?

    Oh yeah, those GD scumbag Jews and their propaganda, thats why!




  35. Flanders says:

    Incogman, Count Cherep, Hoff and all others who are into the history of the jew/communists, I have found a book online which I heartily recommend (although I have read only the final portion of it).

    Incogman, if you could do a posting with the contents of the section under “Jews in America”, beginning at page 75/106, I think that would open a lot of people’s eyes. I know that, even now, after being fairly aware of the Jew for a few years, it has opened mine. There are too many materials which are good in this to begin to describe, and since I’m not signing up where it is located, I can’t copy excerpts to our comments. One important statement that is additional to all of the other information is:

    “The question arises as to why so many of these wealthy and privileged Jews embrace communism. The answer is, of course, that communism is not an economic movement, but a racial movement. Communism can’t be understood, or dealt with, on any other basis.”

    The book [it may be instead, a pamphlet or document] is “Behind Communism”, by Frank L. Britton with an update by Lawrence Patterson. If I had known of this book or any documentation with materials similar to it many years earlier, my eyes would have been opened wide to the truth long ago! It was impossible to learn about the true communism without the Jew component, and not one book or document I accessed for so many years contained that identifying component, and all of them avoided racial classifications entirely when talking about communism. I consider this book to be a testament as to how controlled the access has been in America to information telling the truth behind and about events which have been happening in America and being blamed on other groups, individuals or things, or just plain hidden and not talked about.


    It has been Jews! Jews! Jews! all along.

  36. GDL says:

    People who are not Jew-aware have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that this race of people are bred from birth to corrupt, destroy, and control. White people for instance, its not in our nature to be that way. Whites desire to live in peace and help others not rule the world. The problem is with no Jew-awareness and a steady diet of Jew propaganda Whites have been tricked into believing that we are all one and the same with no differences. With Jews and their seemingly inborn communist DNA that could not be further from the truth.


  37. GDL says:

    I have been talking to White people before and they would be explaining their concern about immigration, negro worship on tv, or some way in which White people are getting shit on. I love to hear Whites talking about these things. The only problem is when I explain to them how and why Jews are behind this, they will say “I don’t know about Jews, but Whites are getting the shaft.” Its hard for them to understand about the Jew because they don’t see the Jew and they don’t comprehend the evil of the Jew. It is so different from the nature of Whites that it is totally foreign….and that is why the Jew has been successful at deceiving White nations.

    The puny Jew cannot come to a White nation and take it by physical force so they have to hide and subvert through financial tactics. If the Jew desires takeover and control they are going to put distractions in our faces while they carry out their agenda, otherwise they’d get laughed back to the ghetto.


  38. foley says:

    This is an email from John Kaminski
    Incogman, I apologize for posting such a long post cause I know you don’t like that. I couldn’t find any link to post. I thought people who are interested in Edgar Steele might find it informative to read some of the details about what’s happening in the elaborate setup of Edgar Steele especially anyone who may have doubts about the setup and coverup regarding the Curt Maynard murder/suicide?


    Feds ‘disappear’ Edgar Steele

    New book about Israeli slavery ring
    seen triggering government’s abduction

    By John Kaminski

    Controversial Patriot writer and lawyer Edgar J. Steele, already
    jailed on suspicious charges that he tried to kill his wife with a
    pipe bomb, has been mysteriously removed from from a Spokane,
    Washington detention facility and taken to an undisclosed location,
    according to close friends of the Steele family.

    In a letter to his friend Ingri Cassell, Steele wrote that the charges
    of attempted murder are preposterous and blamed his hired handyman —
    Larry Fairfax, a known FBI informant — for trying to cover up his own
    theft of silver bullion from Steele’s property by trying to kill both
    Steele and his wife.

    As the enclosed letter reproduced below indicates, Steele has been
    held virtually incommunicado after an initial court hearing June 11
    determined he was trying to intimidate witnesses — in this case his
    wife and son — by instructing them on how to respond to FBI
    interrogation. Steele also claimed that tape recordings introduced as
    evidence were not authentic and had been doctored by the FBI in its
    attempt to authenticate the trumped-up charges.

    Steele, 64, has a worldwide audience of tens of thousands of Patriot
    aficionados accumulated both from his noble record of public actions
    as well as his Conspiracy Pen Pal website. All these folks are
    nervously awaiting word of his condition and legal status.

    Steele has suffered a recent heart attack and had other medical
    problems after which his close knit family nursed him back to health.
    Some observers feel that the heart attack was induced by forces
    unknown. His friend Dr. Allen Banks described it like this: “Basically
    the top of his heart blew off. Ed told me it felt like something had
    ‘gone off’ on his chest.” Steele also had three other surgeries in
    recent months, as well as chronic nosebleeds that remain unexplained.

    Steele most recently published a book titled “Defensive Racism,” and
    is perhaps best known for his defense of the Church of the Aryan
    Nations in a sensational 2000 court trial which he ultimately lost.
    Friends speculated on why Steele would have been the focus of such
    intense federal interest at this time, and both Banks and Cassell
    indicated that it might have been because Steele was working on a new
    book about Israeli international slavery practices and its ties to
    several European governments.

    As to whether the government’s charges are legitimate, Steele’s many
    friends and readers all suspect a government witchhunt on the order of
    what happened to Randy Weaver, George Hansen and Gordon Kahl. Weaver
    was set up by a government informant in 1992 in which his son and wife
    were killed, better known as the Ruby Ridge incident. Hansen was the
    Idaho congressman who tried to start an investigation of the IRS, but
    then was arrested on a pretense and shuttled around the country so his
    friends couldn’t find him. And Kahl, another tax protester, was
    murdered by federal agents in a particularly grisly incident in 1983
    after his decades of principled patriotic tax protests.

    Steele’s friend Dr. Banks put it this way. “This whole thing isn’t
    logical. Ed is a very intelligent man. Intelligent men don’t hire
    their plumber to kill their wife and mother in law. Plus, he has been
    quite ill over the past year.”

    The likelihood of the government’s charges being true are “close to
    zero,” said Banks, who is chairman of the Bonner Country Republican
    Party. “The likelihood of the government’s charges against being false
    are close to 100 percent,” Banks added.

    Although Steele has been denied phone privileges while in custody in
    Spokane, and he has been prevented from seeing most of the letters of
    support that have been sent to him, at least one did slip through, and
    Steele managed to get a response to the sender, Ingri Cassell, widow
    of the late Don Harkins, founder of the now-defunct newspaper, The
    Idaho Observer. Cassell is also the founder of the Vaccine Liberation

    Steele’s message to Cassell, the only known communication to the
    outside world since his arrest, is here reprinted in its entirety.

    Dear Ingri,

    Thank you for your letter.

    All calls out are almost nonexistent. I was looking forward to seeing
    you and Al yesterday. I suppose they just turned you away? I haven’t
    had a single visitor here so far and only barely been allowed to see
    my public defender. I’m not allowed to call my lawyer even until next

    I am in Max Security, full lockdown, solitary confinement. Worse even
    than the treatment accorded Matt Hale. Most of mail is returned to
    senders — usually because of their using letters instead of full first
    and last names in the review in the return address.

    OK. I am innocent, for what that is worth in Amerika today. Here is
    what happened:

    My hillbilly handyman stumbled across a stash of silver bullion in one
    of my outbuildings — then searched and found two others (@ $15,000 &
    $45,000 total). Knowing I would discover the theft & know it was him.
    He tried to kill me with two pipe bombs he placed on the cars he knew
    I drove. They both failed to go off. Cyndi left town with one before
    he removed it, which led to the discovery of the car bomb on our
    Mitsubishi SUV.

    This guy had offered to be a hit man before, more than once, but I
    dismissed him as a harmless buffoon. I had told him of the ADL & its
    hatred for me. This murder-for-hire plot is beyond my hillbilly
    hitman, so I assume he went to the ADL, which either fabricated tapes
    that he played for the FBI recorder or produced a mimic of me to make
    the tapes for the FBI on the spot. Regardless, I have been framed and
    set-up! BTW, the ADL was quoted extensively in the government’s
    opening papers in court.

    I haven’t heard from my wife or son and fear they have been convinced
    by the U.S. Attorney Prosecutor of my guilt. I feel totally abandoned.
    What can you and others do? Ingri, I honestly don’t know. Obviously,
    this is going to trial. I may well be convicted, which will be the
    same as a death sentence at this stage of my life. I am So depressed.
    I never expected them to come after me like this.

    You may share this with others, even posting it on UNN and SF (With my
    address so they can write me – please write me – but tell them to put
    their full names and addresses [as a clear return address] on the
    [Note: at this time, we do not know his whereabouts. His address
    is/was – from the return on my envelope from him –

    Edgar Steele #361857
    Spokane County Jail
    W. 1100 Mallon
    Spokane, Wash. 99260-0320

    Love, Edgar

    When asked why Steele would have anything to do with Fairfax, a known
    drug informant in the northern Idaho area, Dr. Banks added a little
    more detail about the man known only as “Larry the Plumber” to
    Steele’s closest friends.

    “Ed had him build a new garage with secret compartments, so obviously
    Larry would have known where they were.”

    Ingri Cassell, well known in Idaho Republican and health circles, told
    of her conversations with Edgar’s wife Cyndi.

    “For the record, I have been following the Edgar Steele fiasco since
    he was arrested on June 11, 2010 and kidnapped from his home in Sagle,
    For a mainstream canned report, here is a link –

    “Although I had a flurry of other activities I was committed to at the
    time, I managed to visit with his wife, Cyndi Steele, for two hours on
    June 21. I wrote Edgar Steele a letter on July 1, 2010 requesting that
    he call me collect. That never happened, nor the anticipated visit
    since I was told that he was allowed only one visitor a week and it is
    a big trip to make only to be turned down.

    “Since I had another appointment in Spokane on July 7, I went to the
    Spokane County Jail and was told that he was in the custody of the
    U.S. Marshals, was not allowed visitors and could not even make a
    collect call. At this point I was concerned that he never received my

    “On the following day I heard from a friend who lives in Spokane and
    has tried diligently to visit Edgar Steele. When she went to the jail
    on July 8, she was told that he had been moved 30 minutes ago to an
    undisclosed location. And then I received the following letter today,
    July 9. Following this letter is a letter I am sending to our Idaho
    state representatives that represent the people in the District where
    Edgar and Cyndi Steele once lived. Cyndi is so traumatized by this
    ordeal that she is no longer living in her home, and is in a safe
    house with friends — the Steele’s former home is in shambles from the
    raid with floor boards and walls ripped apart… and many of their
    valuables stolen.”

    But the current story does not end there. On the day of Steele’s most
    recent “disappearance,” Cassell reports that federal agents went to
    Steele’s house and tore it apart, removing books and papers,
    computers, and lots of valuable silver.

    Cassell reported the event in a letter to three Idaho state lawmakers,
    Sen. Sen. Keough, and Reps. Eskridge Eric Anderson. The text of the
    letter follows:

    “On June 11, 2010, a resident of Sagle, Idaho for 20 years was
    arrested by Idaho State Police and an agent of the FBI with the
    assistance of a Bonner County deputy. Edgar is well-known as a
    defender of politically unpopular opinion, acting as a pro-bono
    attorney for the politically incorrect and a man who admittedly pushes
    the limits of free speech.

    “He was preparing to go to Spokane on June 11 with a trailer to pick
    up some lumber for a building project and had asked his friend Allen
    Banks to join him on the drive into Spokane as he has recently been in
    very poor health. When Dr. Banks arrived at Edgar’s home, he was
    barred access to the house by Idaho State Police officers, but could
    hear talking from inside prior to Edgar emerging from the house in
    handcuffs and being placed in the back of one of the ISP vehicles and
    driven away. He later witnessed eleven cars carrying agents of the FBI
    at the house, conducting a search, removing precious metals and other
    personal items.

    “Allen had no idea what was going on other than an FBI agent coming
    out of the house momentarily, at the time of Edgar’s arrest, to
    declare that he had all he needed on tape and that he was convinced of
    Edgar’s guilt.

    “On that same day, The Idaho Statesman and Coeur d’Alene Press printed
    stories vilifying Edgar’s character and claiming that he had hired his
    handyman to kill his wife and mother-in-law. These stories continued
    for the following days claiming that the handyman decided to reveal
    the plot to the FBI on the previous Wednesday before any harm could be

    “There are a number of holes in this story which any child could
    describe. For example, the “handyman”, Larry Fairfax, has been a
    federal drug informant in this area for many years. His prior
    membership in Aryan Nations suggests that he was a federal informant
    during those years.

    “Based upon his history it is not unreasonable to assume that he is
    still a paid federal informant placed at the Steele household to
    defame this politically unpopular Sagle resident. The claim that Edgar
    wanted the life insurance money from the death of his wife also
    doesn’t hold up — enough personal wealth was removed from the Steele
    residence by the FBI that the life insurance policy angle does not
    seem believable.

    “Strangely, when the informant handyman ‘came clean’ he failed to
    mention the pipe bombs he had placed on the Steele vehicles. These
    were later discovered during a routine oil change. The story and the
    details of the “plot” so far revealed are bizarre enough that many
    believe the case to be a complete fabrication, not unlike those
    fabricated by the Soviet era thugs of the KGB. If such a story can be
    fabricated to destroy a politically incorrect resident of Sagle, what
    can these same federal police officials concoct to destroy one of us?
    There are so many problems with this story that many of us have grave
    concerns for our safety as Idaho and Bonner County residents.

    “While first confined at the Kootenai County Jail, Edgar, an Idaho
    resident, is now held in another state — Washington. I went to the
    Spokane County Jail on Wednesday to visit Edgar Steele. The woman at
    the desk told me that he is not allowed ANY visitors other than his
    attorney, he cannot make collect phone calls, and he is in custody of
    the U.S. Marshal Service.

    “However, when I called the U.S. Marshal office in Spokane, I was told
    that Edgar is not in their system. I was referred to the FBI which
    only was available as a recording. I left a message on a recorder.
    Another friend went to the Spokane County Jail on Thursday (7-8-10)
    and was told that he ( Steele) had been moved a half hour earlier to
    an undisclosed location.

    “This is beginning to resemble the George Hansen case where Idaho
    Congressman George Hansen was kept for nearly two years without trial,
    moved from one federal detention facility to another just ahead of his
    friends who were frantically trying to locate him so they could obtain
    his release. His crime? Allegedly he was being held without trial for
    errantly filing some congressional disclosure forms. His real crime?
    Asking for a congressional investigation of the IRS.

    “Edgar’s wife, Cyndi Steele, and his children, Nicole, Rex and Kelsey,
    are not allowed any communication with him. Cyndi is not living in
    their home anymore – too traumatic to live in a home that has been
    left ripped up (floor boards/walls) after the removal of valuables and
    other personal belongings.

    “She is in shock trying to avoid the media circus and has been
    unavailable except to close friends. I happened to arrange a meeting
    with her for two hours on June 21 after she had watched two of three
    video/audio tapes. Apparently Edgar had been videotaped over a nearly
    six month period, with agents invading her property while she lived
    and slept there, without her knowledge. What she shared with me in
    detail makes me more convinced than ever of this man’s innocence. You
    see, my late husband and I had been at social gatherings with Edgar
    and Cindy and had been in their home on several occasions, both of us
    considering Edgar and Cyndi to be our friends. Not only that, but at
    least an investigator working on this case, Tim Schwering of the
    Federal Public Defenders Office has also noted that there is something
    terribly wrong about this case. Please feel free to call me.

    “I am deeply concerned and need to know what you can do to intervene
    to make sure that Edgar is safe, protected and that his right to due
    process is restored.”

    So here once again we have the ruthless power of federal law
    enforcement coming down on Patriots who are fighting for everyone’s
    liberty by breaking the laws they are supposed to uphold and enforce.
    Steele’s abduction by law enforcement is not only in the sinister
    tradition of government coverups on display during the Waco massacre,
    the Oklahoma City bombing and the destruction of the World Trade
    Center in New York City on 9/11, all of which were followed by massive
    stonewalling and spin.

    The longer Edgar Steele’s whereabouts remain unknown, the less likely
    this Patriot freedom fighter’s chances for survival seem to be.
    Perhaps the only thing that can save Steele at the point is a massive
    public outcry at the injustice being done to someone is merely trying
    to tell the truth about the nasty and immoral things our government is
    doing in our names.

    To this end, concerned supporters of Steele and liberty-loving members
    of the public at large are urged to deluge the following agencies with
    telephone calls of protest.

    U.S. Marshal’s office, Coeur d’Alene: 208-667-6840; Spokane 509-353-2999.
    FBI Spokane 509-747-5195; Coeur d’Alene: 208-664-5128.
    Idaho State Police, region 1: 208-769-1433.
    Idaho Attorney General: Lawrence Wasdin, 208-334-2400.
    Bonner (Idaho) County Sheriff: 208-263-8417.


  39. Julian Lee says:

    “I have been talking to White people before and they would be explaining their concern…when I explain to them how and why Jews are behind this, they will say “I don’t know about Jews…”

    Right. I know. That’s just been conditioned that it’s taboo to mention Jews in anyway, especially any negative way. So they’re getting dissonance hearing you break the new Jewish taboo. (It’s new in America just since WWII, really. But Jews always construct this taboo in the European societies they inhabit. That’s what the tale of “Rumpelstiltskin” is all about.)

    Just break the false taboo. They’ll get over it. They’ll find out everything. Lies can’t abide. Break the no-talk rule. The only choice they’ll have to keep from being exposed is to employ fear in various ways, as they’re already doing. Then finally their only option will be to kill everybody who knows about them, as they came close to doing with the Russians. But truth and God will win out in the end just the same.

    We have to talk about Jews for their own good. Otherwise, they’ll keep on practicing dishonesty and intrigue and their Torah is against that.

  40. Hoff says:

    To Flanders: l have read that book twice. l have that book in full text online on my blog. l have 100, that is one-zero-zero books about the JEW on my blog in full text. l have every single most important book about the JEW on my blog. Why don’t you bookmark my blog? Ctrl + D.

    Communism is an updated version of Talmud judaizm. But for non-jew consumption. Communism is all about ONE thing, jew-power. To HIDE that communism is all about the jew taking control of the state the jew came up with marxism, and that is nothing but jewish BS. The whole point of jewish marxism is to HIDE that communism is all about jew taking over your country.

    To HIDE, the jew will post up any stupid non-jew and then tell you he is a russian or american all the same. Lenin, FDR, Stalin, Bush or Obama NoBody are all the same, stupid ´non-jews that the jew post up as the “leader”.


  41. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “We have to talk about Jews for their own good. Otherwise, they’ll keep on practicing dishonesty and intrigue and their Torah is against that.”

    Fuck the kikes “own good”.
    Fuck the “toerag”.
    Fuck handwringing hippies.



  42. Flanders says:

    Thanks Hoff, I was trying to link your site to the book excerpt at the new Incogman post, but I couldn’t find the direct link. If you have a listing at your site showing the books that you have there, let me have that link and info on how to link to them. So far, I have difficulty finding my way around there and I suspect that others have the same problem. Have you had any comments or suggestions that way? Thanks again for the material. It is something everyone needs to read.

  43. Hoff says:

    @ Flanders: Hit F4 and look a top of page. Copy-Past the link. Ctrl + F = Write key word and you will find the book.

    l only have two main Pages, bookmark both: Hoff blog page 2: Ctrl + D


    Hoff Main Page One: Bookmark = Ctrl+ F


  44. SBD TV says:

    Africans have a lower IQ than White people?

    After seeing this video, I’m not so sure.

  45. Biker says:

    check THIS criminal negro. “Tushon” kidnapped, raped, and murdered 14 year old white girl. kept her body in the basement, and raped her at least once more after killing her. dumped her badly decomposed body outside of a high school trash dumpster. from my local news. more twisted, disgusting fricking APELIKE behavior. can you imagine what the last moments of this poor souls life was like? where are OUR riots?! nigger gets shot on a train station platform… riots! ANOTHER white victim/black criminal? silence. a deafening silence.


  46. Marshall says:

    Home slice vs. the ice-cream man LMAO!!!



  47. American says:

    I hesitate to post this, as it’s best to focus on the root of the problems (jews), but I figured it was light entertainment on a Friday evening.

    These images give new meaning to “monkey in the middle (of a bunch of White guys)”:


    I’d be fuming if I was Secret Service and had to follow this chimp around in the hot sun to protect her while living large. Don’t tell me the thought hasn’t crossed their minds more than a few times. I wonder if they know the jews’ role in such absurdity?


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