The Media is Most Definitely Jewified!

The face on your TV set may look Gentile, but take a look behind the screen, America. Break free your mind from Jewish, Zionist-controlled media!

“The reader may wonder why newspapers never mention that Bolshevism is simply a Jewish conquest of Russia. The explanation is that the international news agencies on which papers rely for foreign news are controlled by Jews.” — “All These Things,” A.N. Field; “The  Rulers of Russia,” Denis Fahey, p. 37

Ask yourself this: If all these Jews had slanty eyes or green skin, do you think they could get away with all that they do? Like, HELL NO. Jews not only run the economy through their control of international banking and the Federal Reserve, but they also effectively control the media — from New York to Hollywood (and most of the rest of the Western world).

It all starts with how Jews operate: They see no problem openly practicing race nepotism, which gives each of them an easy foot in the door. It is this racial networking that’s been the true driving force of Jewish success — not because they are world’s greatest brains, as they would like for you to believe.

Jews know what’s going on and are actually gleeful about robbing America from all us PC-fooled “WASPS.” Anyone who says Jews are just another religion is plain stupid. Jews are an insular race (often not even religious), well aware of how naïve most Americans are about them. Perfidious Jews will team-up with one another to take over companies and have long targeted specific industries like the media, knowing it’s best to control such things as a race.

For everyone but White people, it always boils down to race. When the hell are you going to get it?

Click the “Continue” button for a giant hit of Jews in the media. Caution: May take awhile for the second page to load and you might just wake up!

And no, the photos below are NOT all of them. Not by a long shot. But it should give you some sense of how powerful and prevalent they are in American mainstream media. They really do control the message.

Make clear note that this is only what I’m fairly certain of — certainly many others are “crypto-Jews,” or Jews with changed, Gentile names.

Some Jews are easy to spot. Others, not so. Rubert Murdoch was born into the hidden Anglo/Jew Globalist elite (his mother was Dame Elizabeth Green). Jewry usually works to keep this detail under wraps (but some do brag he’s Jewish). He’s obviously close buds with the Zionist leadership in Israel and just recently came out for giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. Murdoch was bankrolled to fill the Globalist media vacuum left when the Israeli MOSSAD were forced to knock off Robert Maxwell, when he got too big for his Jew pants and attempted to blackmail the Zionist Power Structure.

Jeffrey Bewkes, chairman and CEO of Time Warner, apparently is a Gentile, but is still a huge Jewophile. He’s such an ass-kisser that he once told a Jewish audience that as a kid he wished to grow up Jewish. Bewkes took over Time Warner after this black figurehead (Richard Parsons) didn’t work out too well and earlier when Gerald Levin jewed Goyim liberal Ted Turner out of the boardroom.

Jews have long been all over film and entertainment. The news too, which is basically just another form of entertainment profit to these people. You will often see the players move from one side of the industry to the other, jumping around from network to network, even print to TV and back again. Because of blatant Jew nepotism, they never have any real problems (even when they make huge mistakes).

Look at what NBC’s Jeff Zucker did to late-night host Conan O’Brien (Gentile). Any non-Jew who screwed up this royally would have been thrown out on his ass in a Jew York minute. Zucker is still on the job. If he did have to leave, some Jew somewhere else would have bailed him out with another fat job.

These Jews are giving us more and more BS on TV nowadays. This is the real reason the news has so much fluff and why all programming is getting cheaper and continually sliding into the gutter. Also, things seem “flat,” like it’s not an accurate representation of world reality. This is because everything is run through PC and pro-Zionist filters.

People often say that on “slow news days” (like in the summer), the news media tries to find something “light” to fill the time (one recent example: that German Octopus picking winners for World Cup Soccer). But that’s BS, since there’s always some kind of serious, important news — just not the kind they want to talk about!

That’s also why they go on and on and on about the stupidest things. These are relatively unimportant news events that pass the PC test, so they repeat it forever to fill the time and your head. This is another reason why the news looks so homogenized and painfully inane.

The photo montages below are not in perfect order; billionaire “boychicks” may be next to some nebbish millionaire. However, some of the bigger ones are at the top. Haim Saban, is a multi-billionaire Israeli and major force in America’s politics (can you believe that’s even allowed?). His electioneering funding in the US always goes unmentioned by “American” media.

Arnon Milchan is another Zionist media muti-billionaire (top 300 richest). This guy has been closely involved in MOSSAD operations for years, providing Israel with high-tech American military equipment (missiles, reactor designs, uranium, etc.). Back in the 1980’s, one of his operations was busted smuggling Krytrons (nuclear triggers) into Israel, but he escaped arrest and was a high-living fugitive for 16 years. Eventually, he was “extradited” back to US to quietly accept a preordained slap on the wrist. If you can believe it, this nervy Jew sometimes calls himself a Palestinian since his family has been there so long.

Israeli national, Orit Gadiesh, CEO of Bain Capital, owns Clear Channel, which in turn owns the radio talk shows of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Jew Michael Savage and Zio suck-up Rush Limbaugh’s fat ass. It’s little wonder these so-called “conservatives” never say one thing bad about Israel.

Stanley Gold is president and CEO of Shamrock Holdings (headquartered in Israel) and owns Disney/ABC (think how big and influential that is). Walt Disney fought hard against Jewish domination in Hollywood, but after he died stock manipulation and junk bonds enabled Jews to steal majority control. Like Haim Saban, Stanley Gold does his part in buying off American politicians.

You think for one minute America will ever get the real scoop with this kind of corporate ownership? You think any evidence of 9/11 being a inside job will ever get fair coverage in the mainstream? Like anyone with half a brain, these people too can see the fingerprint of MOSSAD involvement.

“As a proud Jew,” I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood.” — Joel Stein, columnist LA Times and Time Magazine

It’s all a giant corporate spiderweb of Jews and pro-Zionist stooges, folks. The Jews have most definitely worked among themselves to monopolize the media and manipulate the message beamed out to the masses. It’s just amazing how stupid and in the dark most Americans are about all this.

This same thing is going on in Canada, Britain and Europe. These Jew media corporations span the Western World and quietly work to undermine the White race, our nationhood and institutions! 

I don’t have the time to go into each Jew here (I’m only one Goyim), so do your own research. Anyone with knowledge of the industry will immediately recognize these people and the power they wield. Another thing: My montages of Jews are current media Jews. They may be a couple of dead, close to death, or chilling out in Israel. I might add in a block of dead media Jews later.

Make a mental note that this will be under my “Master Jew Lists” topic category on the left. Give it a couple of weeks before copying any photo, so I can make changes and additions as per suggestions. If anyone knows of a mistake or addition, please put it into the comments section (photo links are nice) and once I have enough, I’ll update the images at this location.

— Phillip Marlowe

The Jew Media Octopus:

(Broadcast/Film Ownership and Management)

Of the forty-eight (48) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, forty (40) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population.* This means that Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times, or 4,150 percent. This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

* Although it’s said that Jews are only 2.5% of the US population, this number is certainly wrong. They are at least 3% and probably even more. The real numbers appear to be purposely manipulated by the media and Jewry.

To come: PART 2 FOR TV On-screen Talent & Pundits. Also to come: Print management, reporters and editorial writers. Further along: Actors and “comedians.”

Many thanks to WHO CONTROLS AMERICA; go there for updated list and links to who, what, where. See just how Jew-controlled Hollywood and the media is in America!

Continued here: The Jewified Media Part 2

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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103 Responses to The Media is Most Definitely Jewified!

  1. RocketMan 88 says:

    the problem with moving to a “whiter” community is that the people there don’t want “you” there.
    thanks to the jew TV portraying whites to be more like mobsters,gangbangers,and such.
    this is what folks in quality communities see you as.
    i’ve experienced this myself in NEW HAMPSHIRE.
    OHH, your from NEW JERSEY ? is what i would hear more often than not.
    that pretty much meant the job interviews where not going well.

  2. RocketMan 88 says:

    i just got busted for DWI a couple weeks ago.
    i noticed during my first court appearance only whites where in court for DWI.
    where i live we are targeted because the system knows we can and will pay, we have too much to lose.

  3. Biker says:

    i know all about that Rocket! no matter where i go in this state.. im a ‘Pittsburgher’. but the Pittsburghers still think of me as a ‘hick’. its frickin white man limbo. im not in the city… but not far ENOUGH into the mountains.

  4. Biker says:

    and, great expose Incog! i just noticed a new joo. didnt see him in the above shots, but he is up and coming! i cant watch Fox, or MSNBC, so to get at least some info, i watch CNN. this dude, out of nowhere, is allover GD CNN. Joshua Levs, the new Wolf Blitzer! ill post his twitter page, because its the only link i could find with a picture of him. look at that face lol! he’s a frickin alien.

  5. Biker says:

    HA! yeah Rocket, DWI is a white mans crime. that and child support… without those two, you wouldnt see ‘us’ in court that much at all.

  6. RocketMan 88 says:

    that josh levs makes me wanna puke.

  7. RocketMan 88 says:

    4 beers is gonna cost me about 3 grand .

  8. Biker says:

    and some a-hole Joo like Scott Rothstein is gunna most likely walk, or head to Switzerland, ala Polanski. its twisted Rocket, im sorry to hear it.

    about a year ago, (March of 09) my cousin got a DWI. check this.. he had had too much, went out to his Chevy Caprice, fired it up for some heat, climbed itno the back seat and took a nap. woke up about an hour later w/ cops knocking on the window. judge says “keys in ignition, engine running, you were in control of the vehicle, DWI” !
    ended up costing him about 5 grand, and a pile of marital and work related problems. THIS SH*T.. is criminal!

  9. Biker says:

    cousin Mike didnt help his situation by screaming at the judge, “next time, im just gunna effin DRIVE HOME!”

  10. RocketMan 88 says:

    thats what worries me most is the work related problems.
    i now work two jobs and need work release permit for at least my full time job or i’m screwed.
    i once called a judge in new jersey a fucking jerkoff,, bad idea!

  11. Biker says:

    Damn Rocket, thats tough..and yeah, judges tend to not like us low life peons exercising our freedom of speech lol!

  12. Biker says:

    Joe Cortina on more filth spewing from the Talmud Vision:

  13. Biker says:

    Dr. Duke on the media.. at 2:30, “the TRUTH, is anti-semitic”

  14. Mike Knapp says:

    I heard them recently on American Free Press blog talk radio program not too long ago.

  15. Flanders says:


    Well stated. Well intended. Thoughtful. Well presented.

    Rendered ineffective by the failure to recognize who the enemy actually is – Not even one mention of the jew.

    There may be hope however as the author of the video narration is a follower of Poker Face (I’m assuming that Poker Face does have the activist depth of awareness of the jewish problem as is being described by Kaminski). Maybe this Marine WILL learn WHO the tyrants are and that they are jews and the useful tools of jewry. It is then that Delta 308 Able’s message may have a chance of becoming truly effective – and useful. Semper Fi.

    Conservatives – Don’t waste your verbal ammo against the enemies of America until you can describe the hook of their nose.

  16. John Smith says:

    American born says:
    July 31, 2010 at 12:12 am

    SA Sucks is no different Sarah. In spite of one them allegedly topping himself and other ‘Uhuru Guru’ who supposedly dropped out they STILL reject comments about ‘joooos’…?!

    They keep closing down and re-opening, regulars keep ‘resigning’ only to pop up as something else. They’re fake i.e. “white nationalists” attempting to whip up animal nigger hysteria which is readily backed up with liberal (jew?) funding from the likes of kikes like Catto. Their aim being to encourage the boons all the more to attack rape and pillage whites out there and everywhere else in time.

    They occasionally show childish images of boons morphed as apes etc. This is crap I’ve seen on many so called ‘right wing’ guest books. They don’t belittle shit colored mud slimes in the same manner, they’re semites afterall. Underneath they despise niggers as much as we do but they really HATE us because to quote their own Freudian example we are as FASCIST as they are! —— Freud quote: “When you believe you hate somebody it’s not their person you hate its what they do that you hate because it reminds you of yourself!”

    Is Freud right?

  17. Fedor says:

    White Patriot wrote:

    “Poker Face — the band too hot to handle
    (and too truthful for mainstream media)
    Jewish groups sabotage rockers by blackmailing concert sponsors
    30th July 2010

    I never made the connection between this band called Poker Face and Lady Gaga’s song of the same name. I really wonder if the jew controlled record companies have intentionally given Gaga’s song that title in order to obscure the bands name in ‘jewgle’ searches. I noticed that the 2006 Hollywood movie Stranger than Fiction came out a few years after the same titled article (now in book form; 2003) describing the treacherous conspiracy of 9-11/WTC by Israel. Do any of you think this type of obscurring is happening?. Any other examples? Could be just coincidence, but hey!!

  18. Fedor says:

    I recently discovered serious manipulation and censorship of a band’s song and its lyrics. Third Eye Blind is a very popular white band that produced a full fledged song called ‘Slow Motion’ with lyrics on their Blue album. The song on later albums suddenly became an instrumental tune!! TEB is not an instrumental band. Also from commenters on YT they claim they remember the lyrical refrain being “lie in the Ghetto” not “See me let go” Read the lyrics and see for yourself, why the censorship.

  19. Flanders says:

    Thanks for your comment about the South Africa Sucks site, John Smith. I’ve been intending to keep a closer watch on it, but haven’t taken the time to do it. It’s a shame because most of the Whites in South Africa seem, even now, to be unaware of who is the real source of the problem. I guess when you aren’t aware beforehand that you just naturally look at the most direct and obvious menace. That is why we need to make the people here aware, whether they beleive us or not for now, so that when the problems do become so “in your Fuc-in Face”, that they will remember to look behind the obvious minority attackers to see who it is who is directing the traffic who are banging on your door to kill, rape or rob you.

    Right now, people see it as being “Washington” or the nebulous “government” and do not know enough to look behind the smokescreens to see the jewish hands strangling their freedoms. We have to teach them that no organization operates without the imput of individuals. That there are a band or bands of individuals of like-mindedness to take away our freedoms should be obvious. They just need to wake up to the fact that those bands are jews and that the jews operate in duplitious ways, but all ways in which they operate are to remove the power of Whites and Americans withing their own government and within their own country. When they learn to be able to identify the jewish element and state it, then articles such as this one may do some actual good – until then it accomplishes nothing:

    When Billy Bob said (and I think it is obvious to all of us that he’s right) that…:

    “Thank you for the expose’ sir. I either think or tell 99.9% of the people I come into contact with that they talk or sound like a television.”

    …then it should be obvious that the true source of the problems is the jews – not just within “American” media, but owning and controlling “our” media. Media is supposed to be our press – that of the American people. Media is supposed to be the voice expressing the American voices – OURS – and not the communist-sympathizing voices which are intended to perpetuate a system which works against Whites and Americans. The media is supposed to be our Press – the source where our free speech is expressed and expressible to other Americans and fellow Whites. It was never intended as a vehicle to suppress our speech rights and to advocate for minorities or against the interests of our American country.

    John Smith, Freud was wrong. If you don’t realize that you SHOULD hate somebody who is trying to kill you, or if you don’t realize that they are by their actions trying to kill you, or if you fail to do something to stop them when it does become obvious that they are trying to kill you – then THAT is when you need to be psychoanalyzed! It matters little who the person you hate reminds you of when you are rendered dead or so ineffective as to prevent them continuing to harm you.

  20. John Smith says:

    Flanders I tend to agree with you, but then if we were collectively simple simians dependant on them for a life in the modern world as ‘human beings’ they’d have no problem. We’re NOT and if it weren’t for kikes using the simian and some of our own stray narcisstic bitches aka feminists against us WE’d have no problem!

    From around the age of 14 it later took me 5 – 10 years to be able to seriously clock a jew when I met one. At school I always believed they were the ‘same as me’ until I questioned one day why they weren’t singing hyms like the rest of us in assembly? That’s banned now in modern schools. I then noticed they had special holidays accorded to them alone? I then realised they were pretenders and NOT the same as my other colleagues or friends. They never have been and will be the “same” as us yet we have dumb fuck retards of our own who believe they are! These commie minded ignoramuses and cunts in ivory towers want ‘us’ to live with every form of simian fuck you can imagine and ‘pretend’ we’re all fucking equal!?

    This is why, 60 years on from WW2, we’re ALL so fucked up!

    But never mind what goes round comes round. We can play the commie game if we really want to… like pretending to be “Vietnamese” or something….;)

  21. John Smith says:

    They never have been and NEVER will be the “same” as us

  22. BlackDak22 says:

    @ Flanders, you are right. I will stay here too and keep my view heard. I used to think it wasn’t necessary to add yet another voice to the people who already get it, but instead go onto adversarial boards and try to disrupt their jewfest.

    BUT I have learned that our own movement, our countrymen, like Biker and American Born, also need to hear that there are more than 20 who are right behind them. Lest we be demoralized by thinking that our scattered typings will amount to nothing more than internet blogs.

    In the end, we cannot force the ruling class to accept our reform without physical reality behind it. To that end, we must actually stand together, PHYSICALLY IN A FIELD or FORUM, ARMED. Unified in mind and spirit and enemy.

    I want you to read the The Methods and Goals of the Freemen and know that with only a few tens of thousands we could tip the pendulum our way.

  23. American born says:

    @John Smith
    Thanks for your comment on South Africa sucks. I was aware that a jew was over there for some time. Any site that allows jews to post threads is not on the side of the White man.
    Some of the graphics of niggers may be childish but they are funny.

  24. Sen10L says:

    Alex I listened to that show the other night and it was a huge waste of time and it was a hodgepodge of … wahtever. Not very edifying. If the pastors is going to preach, stay on topic. It was a joke. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

  25. Sen10L says:

    I hope you don’t leave the US American Born You need to stick around and help rememdy this problematic situation. It would be the same as a mexicrant
    leaving his home just because he didn’t want to clean the shit out of his living room.

  26. jimbo says:

    re: “RocketMan88″……..”white people in white communities don’t want you there….yes and no!

    firstly, depends who you are…….April Gaede obviously had some problems “settling in” to Kalispell, Mntn….she was “known”;

    it helps if you have friends and/or relations (even “distant” ones!) in the particular community….they help ease the “transition” and neutralise/deflect most of the criticism from the majority of the other “ZOGged-out” whites!

    also: it’s a good idea to “rent” a small place first….so you get to know “the lay of the land” as it were and “settle in” to the particular area, to a certain extent!….nothing worse than out-laying $a gigantic$ and then finding that you just don’t fit in!

    the best way to “fit in”, of course….is to have a white family…..your kids then get to know the other, local kids and you end up attending the same functions/events as the other white parents…..if you don’t disclose your “racial politics” up front and just continue to act “normal”, then, taking all that into consideration, it’s pretty hard for a local community to “cold shoulder” you……then, after a period of time, say, a couple of years, you can “drop hints” about yr racial beliefs!

    once you’re “well entrenched”….well…..then, you run your own race by “coalescing” with like-minded white people or those who have been “won over” to your way of thinking…now: you form a not inconsiderable group/”power structure” within the local community that, basically, has to be accepted “as is” because, to do OTW, would mean a veritable “min-war” scenario which white people in such environments tend to avoid because, after all, the reason they are living there in the first place is because they want “a quieter life” than in the mud-infested urban areas, right?!?

  27. Dave says:

    Somebody above mentioned the fact that THIS IS HIS HOUSE!

    We need more people to think this way. We’ve already been essentially cornered. When do people stand up and push back? Running has been “the solution” for far too long…

    Why do people in the “movement” seem to repeatedly press the idea of fleeing to the “mountains”? When did it become acceptable to ridicule those that are “stationed” on the “frontlines” as suicidal? PSHAW!

    Perhaps the REAL question is, if those that are “stationed” in the rear will fight or flee farther when the “Shit hit the fan”.

  28. Sen10L says:

    ‘Sure do like the “older comments” feature at the top of the comments section. You’ve got it going on Incogman.

  29. Dave says:

    Gotta love the ass kissers. They got it going on.

    ? Sieg Hiel! ?

    Meanwhile, in reality, I’m still left wondering why my people are so complacent. Yes, I’m still left wondering why my people haven’t gassed more jews…


    That isn’t nor was it ever, the “final solution” was it?

  30. Dave says:


    You seem to have inadvertently blocked unicode characters that may come from non-latin origins in your comments here. I guess the ol’ swastica is out then? 🙂

    A GREAT amount of our people don’t use latin characters all the time. Sometimes they throw in some Greek, Cyrillic or *gasp* some other non-Anglo script.

  31. Flanders says:

    Black Dak, I agree with you when you say:

    “In the end, we cannot force the ruling class to accept our reform without physical reality behind it. To that end, we must actually stand together, PHYSICALLY IN A FIELD or FORUM, ARMED. Unified in mind and spirit and enemy.

    I want you to read the The Methods and Goals of the Freemen and know that with only a few tens of thousands we could tip the pendulum our way.


    I look forward to reading at the Free Men Project, and will do so as soon as I can devote some quality time to doing it. In the meantime, I cannot stress enough that with media control comes population control. It is not that we are interested in controlling individuals within our American population ourselves, as is now done by the jews.

    Regaining our media and communications can give us not only an abatement in the attacks on America, Whites and Americans, but can allow those who should be our sympathetic audience a chance at learning truth, and just as importantly to us, allow us to find sympathetic support which we should be getting from them.

    If jew-controlled media continues it will be a constant drain on what should be our base within our own population. Media is more dangerous to us than the Fed or the UN or Obama’s minions all combined. We have to learn to take control of American Media. We must take it over from the jew so that we are not being treated as an enemy by our own people.

    A true American Media, especially if JIMA (jew media) ceased operation, would allow us to soon have more than the, “few tens of thousands”, and a more generally supportive American population as well.

    What would the jew do without having the support of media?

  32. DTTJ says:

    A link some of you might appreciate. And the website in general has a liberal/kooky/sarcastic slant that might actually be a good approach for the unenlightened. I don’t know exactly why, but maybe it’s because they seem to treat just about as a ridiculous farce worthy only of contempt and ridicule. Which of course jew-world is.

    Also there are loads of pics, links, and, like Wikipedia, you can edit pages yourself.


  33. DTTJ says:

    …treat just about everything…

    Is there no way to allow editing of posts? I’m a stickler for good grammar, spelling, syntax, etc.

    Hmm, come to think of it, maybe I should look things over before clicking post comment?

    Glad to see you back up and running, dude.

  34. hotstuff says:

    Yes And There Are Several Other Things Never Mentioned in their jewfilthhatepapers and media…….
    Janus zei

    I Wonder whó Should Be Attacked ?

    Janus zei

    Yes , Already béfór World war two they had a book written by holocousting jew kaufman “why Germany must perish” to set up the Amerikan People to hate and exterminate Them , they did !

    A Dutch jew overhere just short ago wrote a book about “why the Palestinians have to be exterminated”….Thát is going on in many sneaky ways now , from deseases , starvations , violence,poisonings ,Also by leading the dimona nucleair waste sours into Gaza Territory!

    And I Assume Also by poisoning Their Children at elementaries as they Already do to Our Children Also …World wide !

    The Artickle Above Confirms Only whát they Already Áre doing to Us Chronically !

    The Dutch Native People Already are Diminished From the 5,5 Million after war Numbers to 2,1 Million Now , they do Thát in EVERY Nation they set foot on Ground and in Governments !

    When they cán get to the Children they ususally rule a Nation with in One generation !

    From Thát point ón it is júst ánd only óne way Extermination !
    7 augustus 2010 06:12
    7 augustus 2010 06:15



    A powerful group within the United States, one with influence over the press and
    the ability to derail an investigation as was done with 9/11, has been
    “tasked” with laying the groundwork for a terrorist attack on America, one
    using nuclear material. This report, unneeded, and highly inaccurate was printed
    in the New York Times to provide “cover.” It isn’t just this report, the
    pieces are falling together around the world. The Wiki-Leaks story, pre staging
    Pakistan’s ISI as a terrorist organization, a story built out of almost no
    information but fleshed out with massive speculation by “operatives” in the
    press is part of the process.

    Continue reading:
    3 augustus 2010 09:19
    Janus zei

    It Can Be Possible jews are Behind it , to Frighten the Population So Much , They Shall Be Willing to Flee to the US , Where They are used and abused For All kinds of jewprofits , political power and to weaken the Strength Off The White And Ohter Minorities !

    Those methods they Already used Befor WW2 against the own people to have them run to occupy Palestine Territory , Now called israel , they used it to overrun Europe , And Also they do import semites and afrikans as much as possible , So Any Opposiion will be wiped out !

    Also one of the Mexican Mass Murder attacks Could Be Traced Back To a Prison , From Where the inmates were commanded to do hits !

    Ánd With Prisons , We are at the Level Óf intitutions , state and governments , Ànd Thát IS jewterritory , From Thát position they Do Commit Móst of their Crimes Against Mankind in EVERY Nation the Ut Most !

    Also in the USA , Europe And Pakistan , Turkey or What ever , Look For jews And You Will Find the Sourche of All Crimes Sooner or Later !

    All Crimes I Say , Because jews Do Mass rape Babies by their rabbi´s (More Than 10.000 are Arrested Already for those Crimes) , And Toddlers and Children at Kindergartens And elementaries , usually the Most Crime is Commited at campweeks and schooltrips !

    Those Crimes Destabilise the Kids For Live , And a Lot of violence and Crimes are Coming From That ….Só …Sourche ÓF ALL CRIME!

    You STILL , Can Find the drugs they used in the Crimes against the Children and Mankind , Right NOW in Most Kids !

    heroin,ghb ,lds , Reproductioninhibitors ,Muscletraumainducors , farmaceutics,chemicals

    ,…..scopolamine , a drug Also Known as thruthserum , used to cross examine the Children at the Crimeweeks and Extort and blackmail the Loved Ones and Family with the results !

    Did Still NO One Notice the male AND female jews ARE present at EVERY school ?

    “”Who rocks the Craddle rocks the World”” is NOT just a fancy remark !
    3 augustus 2010 05:15
    3 augustus 2010 09:20

    Natives Laws abused against Natives by jews All around the World !

    “”The Black Panther Case Is Growing Legs

    by Jeff Davis

    It looks like this might be the first official Obama Scandal to “grow legs” as journalists say. The story has gone viral and simply will not go away.

    Fox News reports: “In emotional and personal testimony, an ex-Justice official who quit over the handling of a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party accused his former employer of instructing attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims. J. Christian Adams, testifying Tuesday before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, said that over and over and over again, the department showed hostility toward those cases. He described the Black Panther case as one example of that — he defended the legitimacy of the suit and said his blood boiled when he heard a Justice official claim the case wasn’t solid. ‘It is false,’ Adams said of the claim. ‘We abetted wrongdoing and abandoned law-abiding citizens,’ he later testified.”

    Could there actually be such a thing as a lawyer with a conscience? Will wonders never cease? The Black Panther Case involved a glaring violation of campaign laws and voter intimidation. Now if only the justice system could prosecute the millions of cases of “hate crimes” in which Blacks attack or rape a victim because the victim is White.””
    1 augustus 2010 06:01
    * Posted August 7, 2010 at 12:47 pm
    * Permalink

    Check Your Childen For heroin,ghb,lsd,Reproductioninhibitors,Muscletraumainductors,scopolamine and óther jewfilth they pump into Your Children at Kindergartens and elementaries!

    Scopolamine is used to crosse xamine the Children and extort , silence and blackmail the Family and Parents with it , even Politics And Official Parents !

    Usually while raping and torturing Them at? campweeks and schooltrips!

    Ask Your humble? and wise jewish politicians and judges , lawyer and gov members , mayors and bankmanagers , rabbis , officials , if they éver attended Child drugging rapeparties

  35. hotstuff says:

    A Look in An Other Piece of their culture , AND This is NO JOKE , BUT their culture………THAT MEANS buziness as usual against US !

    Posted August 12, 2010 at 3:00 am

    Hallo Simon Gibson
    Posted August 8, 2010 at 6:42 am

    I Know These Crimes And I Attended at Least Once I Remember Now Such occasion , When jews at examkandidatlevel university had an initiatonritual for rise and prove of loyality to the black core evil jewinterests !

    This Was 1964 And I Was Five Years of Age , They used And abused Me From Birth Til Twelf , And After That Random out of Fear Through the years !

    Bút That ritual Involved ruud lubbers, dries van agt , wim kok , max moscowicz , And a Lot of other jews and jewesses , it is Like a party to them , a celebration….a cultural event And That Is NO joke !

    They slaugthered Five Boys My Age And cut off Their Heads , after That they put the Heads on a square of two Sticks forming a crucufix and showed That to Me !
    Brabling about they did That for Me and it was at My command and Such Bull to a Five Year Old !
    Áfter Thát they put up a trick to Lead Any Possible Suspicion away from thém by putting Me in a role of the purpetrator by putting Me with Thé Nife in My Hand And With My Naked Body in a Room Where People were lead in supposing the parents of the Kids Who were Murdered , Those People acted mad of anger toward Me !

    Then dries van agt , the scumbag became soon after that prime minister, one of the Real Purpetrators came in and stood between Me and the mad crowd , telling them I Would be judged And punished !
    Afterwards Looking Back All angry parents were jewish And the slaughtered Boys Were Kaukasian !

    And Indééd I came to an court in Den Bosch a City in Holland or the Netherlands Where I Live !
    Because the court was filled with jews and jews only My Case Was Death in the Water upfront of Course because they acted out a Mind game to reverse My Memory And destroy My Real Memories about the Happenings !

    After That I Was sent into an asylum where they allowed multiple Heavy Decayed Mental Cases to have a go with Me for Several Weeks…So rape sadism and violence for Weeks again !
    To Me was told it was for punishment , Bút in Reality it was to destroy ANY Memory I Had about what the jews did befor !
    By layering it with “look a like a lot the Same” material AFTER own CRIMES And then berry theirs by having others Also have a very Oblitterating And good And thourogh go at it !

    Usually When People Start to Remember Their Youth Again , First Things That Come to Mind are thé Lást And Leást Frightening Cases of violence And abuse !
    There For it is That the Most purpetrators of Child abusecases are Own Race , All of by jews máde lawsystems are tuned to THÀT result !
    Coming to Remember jews is Very Rare And the Deathrates are High if , Because They control from Craddle to Grave All of Societies !
    So Several Tries by Me through the years to report the Crimes Were a Very Bad Experience of rapes , tortures And Deathtreats Again !
    At Such occasions the Traumata From Childhood Also kicked in up on That And Usually a Mind Gets Blanked out again usually for ever , Many Generations Have Died That Way with out Memories of Reality !

    But berrying the Crimes with More by others on it and after it , jews are used to do That Also when they rape,drug , torture and Brainwash Us at campweeks And schooltrips
    ( or other Collective occasions , even at parties of whitch Some Times One Can Vind vids on the Net And No One Notices the sexpartners are drugged at a party And gangbanged by multiple jews in Plain Sight !Thát shit is even jewlegaly allowed !)
    After jews them selfes are satisfied with Us , they let islamics and afrikans in on it , again to layer the jewcrimes away and deflect Any Memory toward the collaborating races that do not know they are also abused for that purpose !

    Also it sets a frosen kind of Absolute Hate against These races That by culture Also Are From Child raper cultures , Most cultures From the Southern Hemisfere ARE Child raper cultures And Extremely Dangerous to ANY Happiness And Safety !
    Crime is their culture !
    As the jews is the MOST ANd World wide leading !

    The Racial Hate they incorporate this way into Us they Also abuse later on from with in States , newsmedia And Politics to manipulate Our Hates And Fears !

    Why Do I Tell All This ?
    Because The Vid You Show Reminds Me of a Deflectioncase to have the Wrong Ones accused and blamed ( false flag and false accusations One Also Could Call Belonging to jewculture !)

    Interesting is who called the Police or FBI For That , Because jews are Also All over FBI !

    It Comes Down to the Fact That When they blame about any , it Mostly is the Case they did Exactly THÀT them selfes , Like the Whole Holocousting blame scam with Out One Piece of Evidence EVER , were they enrich them selfes with Also , besides the polical bennefits And Silencing Effects At the REAL Victims , Victim Populations AND Nations !

    What are the initiationrituals in jewculture ?
    A Part…a jew at level high official or judge MÙST have raped at least 412 Children , Easy when schools and Kindergartens around !
    When jews want Any further up the stairs , the killing of Several Children is demanded!
    I Told Above Already , We Also Have an other Metal Case Called job cohen , was mayor of Amsterdam , did his 412 Filth Already And 3 of the demanded Four Children he Already killed for his rise toward presidency of Holland !
    I Can Assure You With Out Looking That Others , Innocents are Already blamed And Possibly convicted for That !

    I Do Hope This Gives a Feeling of the Difference Between Normal Human Beings , Even Animals , And a race ór cult óf Core And Sourche From Youth on Móst Criminal psychopaths ( Highly infectueus on Societies , Decaying influence , even Voltaire And Such Revolutionairies Described That influence Among Other )

    ALSO I Repeat The Information That About what the jews do to Children at elementaries And Kindergartens , One Can Find the used heroin , ghb , lsd, Reproductioninhibitors,Muscletraumainducors , (scopolamine to cross examine the Children and extort And blackmail Family , Parents , Officials And Politician with it ) And Other jewFilth STILL NOW in Most Children AND For Years to Come !

    I Do Hope This Information Does Help Any Where Any How Any One!

  36. Flanders says:

    Thanks for your comments, hotstuff. I don’t know whether you are familiar with some of the people and stories covered in this link, most of whom would be knowledgeable about aspects of the jewish ritualism which you claim to have gone through. The material is interesting, especially Leese’s.

  37. hotstuff says:

    Yes Flanders I Am Familiar With That And a Lot of Other jewcrime stuff Through History Since I Reported Juli 2009 to the World , Securityservices And a Lot of Political Parties in a lot of Nations about what jews did to Children And Toddlers at Kindergartens and Elementaries !

    Starting With That Action I Soon Learned There Was And is a Lot of Material Out There That is Associated With My Testimony And Experiences !

    Also on the Fly I Learned about their abundant presence on the Internet and their power to censurise and sabotage Information about them !

    About their World wide control and Terrorism !

    They even work for that from with in Governments And statedepartments !

    But Still Thank You for Pointing Out The Information !

    Greetings From Holland

  38. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Thanks for stopping by Hotstuff. Please continue to post comments.

  39. adf says:

    I hate Goyim.

  40. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The feelings mutual!

  41. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Meet your MASTER!

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