Jew “Multicult” Brainwashing of Children

From Council of Concerned Citizens

Nickelodeon is owned by Sumner Redstone’s Viacom (real name: Murry Rothstein). Rothstein is an extreme leftist who is famous for promoting gangster rap music and black/white interracial couples on his main network MTV (right).

Nickelodeon producers admit that the TV show Dora the Explorer was created to propagandize children. Essentially the show was created to make American children sympathetic to illegal aliens from South America.

Nickelodeon hired Carlos Cortes to help create the show. Cortes is the author of two books about using television to brainwash children with left-wing ideology.

From AP:

Don’t underestimate her just because she’s a little girl. “Dora The Explorer” is a multi-billion dollar franchise that may be creating a more enlightened generation, more open to different people and cultures not their own.

Ten years have passed since the Latina Dora became the first bilingual heroine of children’s TV and conquered the hearts of kids around the world. Nickelodeon has celebrated the anniversary with a one-hour special that features the voices of Rosie Perez, John Leguizamo and Hector Elizondo, and a documentary with comments from Dora herself, the series’ creators, experts from the industry, real-life kids and celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Shakira.

“I think that the fact that kids are identifying with a kid with darker color skin that speaks another language (shows they are more open),” said Chris Gifford, one of the show’s creators and executive producers. “Kids want their parents to read them the books and watch Dora with them. … That’s what it’s about…”

Yet, the original idea for the show had nothing to do with a bilingual girl.

“She didn’t start as a Latina or a heroine — she was a forest animal,” said co-creator and executive producer Valerie Walsh Valdes. “Nickelodeon actually asked us to consider making her a Latina because a recent study said that there were no positive bilingual characters on children’s television.”

So producers turned to such experts as historian Carlos E. Cortes, author of “The Children Are Watching” and “The Making — and Remaking — of a Multiculturalist.”

“Sumner Redstone,” creator and executive chairman of Viacom, is one of the biggest media moguls in the United States. His entire empire is aimed at promoting radical left-wing ideology, miscegenation, and multiculturalism towards children and teens through MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon.



The Jews are clearly working towards a day when us Whites will be a minority in our own countries, before we know what’s going on and come together enough to stop them. In pursuit of their Jewish agenda, they’re using our emotions and sense of fair play against our own best interests. Just stop and think for a moment: Will the other races be as nice as us in the future? I doubt it!

Had Enough of These Subversive Jews Yet?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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62 Responses to Jew “Multicult” Brainwashing of Children

  1. American born says:

    Many childrens shows feature nigger rappers in them to desensitise children to murderous niggers.

  2. Marshall says:

    The black community needs more Prof. Tony Martins-

    Jews go straight for brainwashing kids because they don’t have the balls to deal with adults who are onto them. When the programming wears off, the trouble begins LOL

  3. American born says:

    The self avowed murder, master p, was on a show I saw awile back. He was talking to kids around the age of five or six. I dont remember what network, but I wouldnt be surprised if it was on nickelodean.
    These jew fuckers have no shame.

  4. American born says:

    Here is a link on master p and nickelodean.
    The daughter of the self avowed murderer is employed by samuel rothstein in order to subvert KIDS.

  5. anti-zionist says:

    They never brainwashed me! ha!

  6. Summer says:


    It was not part of their blood
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the SAXONS began to hate,

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy-willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved
    Ere the SAXONS began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight,
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the SAXONS began to hate.
    It was not preached to the crowd
    It was not taught by the State,
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the SAXONS began to hate.
    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate
    Through the chilled years ahead
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the SAXONS began to hate.

    — by Rudyard Kipling

  7. American born says:

    This is the nigger filth Im refering to. This is who nickelodeon employs.
    The narrarator on this video explains the master p nigger started some shit BACKSTAGE on a nickelodeon set.

    Here is the nigger murder Iam refering to.

  8. Flanders says:

    This is perhaps one of the more extreme examples of intentional child abuse in the name of jewish “legitimate science” hidden behind “professionalism”. It serves to remind that these satanic vermin are low scum who use “in your face” methods to conduct their evil, and to hide it openly behind such names as science or professional, because people are afraid to call them jews.

    “The Judge Rotenberg Center no longer restricts itself to severely handicapped children who self harm. More “high functioning” individuals with a range of difficulties including ADHD and Bipolar Disorder get the same electric shock ”treatment” for the most trivial “offences” like getting out their seat without permission.

    Matthew Israel, the director and founder of the JRC claims to be a behaviourist in the tradition of B. F. Skinner, under whom he studied in the 1950s. He took up the idea of using electric shock from fellow behaviourist Ivor Lovaas. Lovaas no longer uses electric shocks because:

    “These people are so used to pain that they can adapt to almost any kind of aversive you give them.”

    Israel met the same difficulty. His answer was to turn up the power and use even more painful devices.”

    When jews do these types of activities openly why does anyone doubt what they are capable of when it is done in their usual deceptive manner?

    “Eight states are sending autistic, mentally retarded, and emotionally troubled kids to a facility that punishes them with painful electric shocks. How many times do you have to zap a child before it’s torture?”

    This will give an idea of how children are zapped – and enjoy it – but it is still subversive torture which draws them away from their true history and infects them with beleifs which operate against their interests. [English subtitles]

  9. American born says:

    These types of subversive tactics destroy children before they even have a chance to disearn good from bad.

    This is child abuse in its purest form. It sickening. The point is to destroy the reasoning and standards of the youth. And its working. I see the youth where live walking around like complete wiggers. They dont even know anything about their roots, nor do they care. They want to look “cool”. Cool like the actors they see on tv.
    The shallow mentality of our youth is due to the propultion of filth in the media. The media selects the lowest to be the role models while teaching kids to have contempt for authority/parents, family.
    Not to give the the parents a pass. Parenting is key, however most parents seem to suck up the media crap and regurgitate it, and confirm it to thier kids.
    Things wont change until the truth gets out.

  10. Flanders says:

    It is working on kids, American Born, who are the most impressionable. It is working, too, on too many adults who have been raised in the same fashion. The basic reason of why it is done is to drive Whites and Christians into a jewish trap, but the fundamental reason is stated by a commenter to another article I was going to leave a link to. What he states is as much a reflection of jewry as it is about their created entity, Israel, which is a place which most of those Khazars who call themselves jews have no historical or cultural ties to.

    “To find the problem with Israel you must understand her creation. IS-RA-EL is named for a tripantheon of gods. Isis, Amen-Ra, and Elohim. Israel is a creation of Kabbalistic and Talmudic Jews who believe that Lucifer is the God of the Earth. Whats black is white and whats white is black.

    The stated goal of these particular Jews is to destroy every nation, Destroy the Family. Establish a one world Secular order. And at last create a New Proto-Human species rise above God and place themselves above God. The conspiracy is real. Freemasonry was created by Jews, Zionism was created in turn by Freemasons. They are black magicians and truly want the worst for you and your family. The Dollar is a Talisman created by them and as a result they can cast a spell with the magic as long as people believe in it.

    You have to educate yourself on the enemy and their tactics. Research, Research, Research.”

    The article the comment addresses is on (a series of reports) that tells us that Israel is going to attack Syria. That would explain the Israeli need for tremendous gas supplies which was mentioned in a story I left a link to yesterday.

  11. Hoff says:

    Multicult is jew codeword for – RaceMixing. le thej jew want to kill off all white people.

    The jew ALWAYS use jew codeword. Just decode the jew’s codeword and you got the truth about what the jew is up to.

  12. Hoff says:

    Zionism is jew run communism. Any non-jew that say he or she is a zionist is a jew run “media” whore. There is NO WAY around this fact. Let’s look at a jew communist whore in America. Joe Biden: l’m a communist, and damn proud of it.

  13. Marshall says:

    It doesn’t get any more blatant than this degenerate ad on MTV, subsidiary of Viacom

  14. americafarm says:

    The forest animal theme ALSO breaks down kids’ racial barriers, as do cartoon characters with blue (Smurfs) or green (Shrek) skin. It’s all the same agenda.

    “She didn’t start as a Latina or a heroine — she was a forest animal,” said co-creator and executive producer Valerie Walsh Valdes. “Nickelodeon actually asked us to consider making her a Latina because a recent study said that there were no positive bilingual characters on children’s television.”

  15. Gman says:

    Interesting photo of the jew Redstone, aka, Rothstein. Notice his reddish hair, light complexion and even freckles. 99% of whites would identify that race mixed creature as being “white” if asked to identify his race. This shows the amazing racial ignorance of whites which is one of our main problems The jew is a master of blending into what ever society has foolishly allowed them to enter. So much the better for the jew to allow dark races to flood this nation to better to allow the jew to flourish in relative racial obscurity. They are dangerous subversive bastards and have brought this nation to the absolute brink of destruction. It may already be too late but I am not sure of that. Their colossal wealth and clout and tribalism will be hard to overcome but without a supreme effort by the white race to thrown them out, we are doomed! Brethren, pray for the awakening of our warrior race!!!

  16. anti-zionist says:

    When people are talking and race and racism pops up I always say that I cheer for my own team. Its a polite way of saying I prefer my own kind over others. Why shouldnt I?

  17. Jeffrey Heavin says:

    Right on the money,INCOGMAN. For some more ugly TRUTH, watch the DISNEY channel with the sound off. UGLY,UGLY,UGLY!

  18. Squarepegroundhole says:

    Be a parent. Educate your kids on the dirty details of BIG JEWERY, the danger of Groids, and Illegal cockroach aliens.

  19. Flanders says:

    A kind of a disheartening message, but that comes with Revilo P. Olivers style of delivery, a good portion deals with the youth. The earlier part of it deals more with us. This excerpt is from the section, “Young America” and deals with his hope for a resurgence from the youth through a National Youth Alliance. Today, we have few hopes of such a movement before actual resistence will be required, as most of us are those very youth in whom Oliver had such hope, but there are probably more of us than most of us think that there are. We just remain without a clear national voice and are scattered with no real prospects for unity at this time, either in direction or strategy. At some point, I think that a leader will rise who has that capability.

    “The young, it is true, have a freedom of action that is denied to their parents, who, after all, must live to make the next payment on the mortgage and on the “income tax,” but the young in the schools will nevertheless face the subtle and devious hostility of the whole Establishment. The “educators” will try to trap them in an endless net of ambiguous rules and pettifogging regulations. Great idealists, who beam benignly when young Americans are beaten or knifed on the campus, will turn purple with rage at the slightest slight to the fauna of their academic jungles. And, of course, the pet curs of the press will bark “Fasheest,” “Nat-see,” and “Aunteye-Seemeetic,” the three sounds that should infallibly make well-conditioned Americans dive under the bed faster than frightened cats. And, equally of course, members of the National Youth Alliance will suddenly be surrounded by “responsible conservatives,” recently retired from the C.I.A. or A.D.L., eager to point out the virtues and profit of “moderation” and “democratic procedures,” with a bonus of whatever sexual bait seems most likely to hook the fish. Lastly, young Americans are uncertain what they should do to attain what they instinctively want; they are made hesitant by their own deficiencies. They have been passed through our public brain-washing machine, and they know that they have received, not a liberal education, but an “education” by “Liberals.” They have since the first grade been sloshed about in the standard detergent: one ounce of fact dissolved in a gallon of hogwash. They have so much to unlearn!”

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Abbas, Palestinians Should Die: Israeli Rabbi

    I’m surprised Yahoo News reported this! This is the same kind of hate they have accused Iran and Arabs of.

  21. Marshall says:

    LMFAO I have now officially SEEN IT ALL!!! Sean Penn is going to dress in DRAG and chase NAZIS in new movie!!! This is not a typo!!! Can anybody come up with a good name for this one? WOO-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀 😀 😀

  22. Varg says:


    A Dual-Seedline Christian Identity ‘take’ on events of the past week within the White Nationalist [bowel] Movement by an Aryan Nations activist of over 16 years.



  23. Marshall says:

    Multicult Feral Warrior vs. Aryan


  24. Hoff says:

    Soviet had the A-bomb in 1942. Not a working one, but all the parts, all stolen from America under Lend-Lease.

    The Jew didn’t tell you that in school or on the Jew run Hitlery Channel.

    “Major Jordans diaries”

    The whole book online in full text.

  25. Hoff says:

    Sarah Pailin = Retarded jew run political pornstar. Mandatory video.

  26. Steelback says:

    Rothstein just needs a couple of bolts in his neck to look like Frankenstein!

    The monster derives naturally from Kabbalah and is based on the Golem character.
    The Shelleys were steeped in Illuminism as were the Frankist Crypto-Jew arch subversives who taught their children to feign Christianity/Islam in order to destroy each. Frankists practised adultery and wife-swapping so under Gentile law many of their children would be considered illegitimate. Not so in Judaism which condones paedophilia and regards any offspring of Jewish parents as legitimate.

    You’ll find Frankists/Donmeh in the vanguard of totalitarian movements like communism,fascism and Zionism.

    Mary Shelley’s monster takes its name from Joshua Frank the second in a line of Jewish “messiahs”. He was preceded by Shabbatai Tzvi. They were supposedly savants born to lead the Jews on the path to fulfillment of the prophecies in the Kabbalah.

    Frankenstein and Redstone like the cult who spawned them are monsters both!

  27. Squarepegroundhole says:

    I sent the story to the local girl scout leader (a real B. on wheels) this will get her attention….

  28. L.Rudolf says:

    Not a polemic it is, what Hoff is telling about the parallel to the Bolshevic creation of a new soviet man, destruction of history (that Solshenitsyn says as well in 200 years together:) Jewish Bolshevics were in great number active in destroying history institutes, liquidating professors then even archeology was closed – to cut culture off from the roots. It was then replaced with a Marxist materialism, where again Jews were in certain numbers leading it (Jew here in the aspect of Talmudist still even if red)..
    This parallel isn’t so visible today, but consider the falsified history of the Zionists about the Palestinians, Iraq, Iran, about WW2 and the taboo to investigate the claim of extermination of Jews then.
    going to read Major Jordan’s diary, sounds interesting.
    So, good too, what Revilo P. Olivers wrote about the youth in 1969. At that time we didn’t have a TV, I think, and programs for children were harmless, like Fury (the horse) or at most Mickey mouse.. today children’s TV, I think in the US too, is squeaking, screaming horror (often, maybe games too) that attacks the nerves and also transports Multi culti, especially MTV (I think) and other youth indoctrination. But the direct bombardment with stimuli closes the mind, bogs down attention, senses and so leads to a basic ignorance.
    Really I wonder for some time that modern parents tolerate that conditioning, that institutions like churches also ignore what is done. One can call that: making of the new Zombie. Bolshevism as in Orwells 1984 was still intelligible.

  29. Orion14 says:

    Brainwashing Whites is a jew thang. Ever see that commercial with the nigger impressing the giggling white girl on a dinner date? was started by a jew, then bought by…Surprise! Barry Diller. He owns this company:

    Have you seen the Dentyne commerical with the nigger mulatto slobbering all over the white girl? That was done by McCann Erikson, which is owned by…Surprise! Michael I Roth here:

    By the way, the marketing director at dentyne responsible for approving that commerical is some homosexual named Gary Osifchin:

    Check out what he likes:

    This is what we deserve for letting women, faggots, jews and non-whites rule over us.

    • D says:

      Let me just say this…you should have no human rights…it is people like yourself who have caused the hatred and discrimination in the world…That is all I will say since I am not going to bring myself down (all the way) to your ignorant level…

      • t bone says:

        You are already below, way below our level here.
        You D, are a big part of the problem.
        Go fuck yourself jewbag.

      • Greg says:

        “…you should have no human rights”

        How much lower can a foolish bimbo go?

      • t bone says:

        Just like a jew to come here, leave a cookie cutter ‘why cant we all just get along’ comment and then run for the hills like the pussyboy he is.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        I think Greg is right: It’s a liberal Multicult woman. They could care less when a fellow White woman is raped or murdered by the violent blacks, just as long as she gets to keep her Jew brainwashing intact.

      • Greg says:

        These liberals love to scream peece/luv/brudderhood/ until someone disagrees with them…then they wish death on them and desire to take away their human rights.

        Sheesh, its a Jewey Jew world folks and it stinks!

  30. Hoff says:

    I noticed on youtube that there seems to be very strong anti-Jewish feelings in the country of Mongolia as well.

    I imagine that is why I never hear anything about Mongolia. -Craig-

    Hoff: The jew ALWAYS write in codewords. Understand what the jew want, take control of all 200 states in the world and how to translate the jew’s codeword and you can read the jew as an open book.

    l will give you a razorsharp clear cut example. As long as l can remember Franco’s Spain has always been described as a “facist” country. “Facist” is jew codeword for: The Jew don’t have any political power whatsoever, ie the jew do NOT control that state.

    Then Franco died and now Spain is very much “democracy” in the jew’s propaganda-machine, Also Known As, aka “media”.

    “Democracy” is jew codeword for: We jews control that state. The more “democracy” any country is, the more the jew controls that state.

    How much “democracy” is you’re country?

    Take any jew-paper in the whole western world and read what the jew tell you about North Korea. The jew spinned smear-slander is at death com 58, it’s all out smear-slander of North korea. Anybody above two working brain cells should get it by now. The jew have ZERO political power in North Korea, hence the smear-slander.

    The jew Benjamin Freedman said that at first during Jew War One, aka ww1, the jew was all out behind Germany, but then just like a light goes from read to green, the jew was all out smear-slander of Germany.

    The German Kaiser (means King) got everything he wanted from the jew. Gold, ammo, food, you name it and we – the jew – will give you whatever you the Kaiser wants.

    Why? Because the Kaiser was in war with the “facsist” Russia. And what did l tell you “facsist” means? That the jew have ZERO political power.

    What that was all about was to weaken the Russian Tsar (means King). The jew turned Germany into a jew proxy war machine, hence the Kaiser got everything he wanted. THEN – over night Germany goes from the Good Guy to the Bad Guy.

    This warp will tell us EXCACTLY when the jew took control of the Russian state. To the day and to the hour when the jew was in control of the Russian state. All you need to get the exact date and hour for the jew takover of Russia is to read the frontpage in Jew York Times, aka New York Times during 1917.

    This is easy. The jew takover of Russia is a major event in the jews history. This is NOT page 12, it’s frontpage and the jew at Jew York Times have all the inside info, and the jew is telling the whole world in what stage the jew’s takover of the Russian state is.

    Yes, you can do that – lF you know what the jew want and by that being able to translate the jew’s codewords.

    When the frontpage in Jew York Times say that Soviet-Russia is the “workers paradise”, that is the day the jew took total control of the Russian state.

    The Jew York Times archive is online. Just read the fronpage from 1 Jan 1917 and the jew will tell us all what day the jew took over the Russian state.

    The jew turned Russia into a jew run proxy army, the jew’s private army for world conquest. What really happened in 1917 was not the jew spinned BS CRAP about any so called “revolution”. What really happened was that the jew took the phone book and killed off the entire old Russian elite with a New Jew Elite.

    Because only the Russian elite could afford a phone in Russia 1917. Take any country and the elite is some o,5 to top one percent of any population in any country. Control the elte and you control the state. Because the elite lS the state, and the elite in the jew run Soviet was 100 percent jews. The jew was in TOTAL, lock, stock and barrel control of the Soviet state.

    Now, and only now if you understand that the jew was in total control of the Soviet state can you translate the jew’s codeword in the jew run Pravda. This is the Jew York Times of Soviet. lt’s the same thing. The jew is telling us to our faces what the jew is up to, but you must know how to translate the jew’s codewords.

    This is easy. Once you understand how to translate the jew’s codeword there is nothing complicated about the jew and what the jew is up to. Pravda means “The Truth” in russian.

    The jew is a Lying Scumbag. All jew-wise people know this – BUT – once you understand that the jew is all about taking control of the state and know how to translate the jew’s codeword, there is nothing complicated about the jew.

    All my life until five years ago l was always watching TalmudVision and as soon l heard the word Soviet, l was all over trying to understand Soviet and communism.

    So called “journalists” who didn’t have a clue about the jew was in my face trying to inturbidate what happened in Soviet.

    They didn’t have a clue and neither did l. How could l? But then l woke up to the jew, grew a brain and got jew-wise.

    Give me Jew York Times and Pravda frontpages, and l will tell you EXACTLY what day the jew took over any state in the whole world the last century.

    This is easy. “Facsist” state = Jew have ZERO control of that state. “Democracy” and “Workers Paradise” = the jew is in total control of that state.

    To spot the day when Mao expelled the jew is easy, just read the frontpage in Pravda or Jew YorkTimes. The day Mao kicked out the jew from China is the day the Pravda and Jew York times screams that Mao is a “facsist”.

  31. anti-zionist says:

    hoff, great post as always!!

  32. Rock says:

    jews, the other white meat.

    This nearly bloodless info war is trully something to behold.
    I dont think they really care about anyone over 30.
    They figure we’ll get old and die off.
    What a bizzare fkng world we live in. Some whites are trying to sound an alarm and wake everyone up frantically trying to build a resistance while the other side has controle of a bulldozer wrecking everything we build. All the while preaching to our youth that we are the enemy.
    Why cant everyone just WAKE UP!
    Sorry to be so simple but FUCK!!!!!!!!

  33. GDL says:

    Down with Da Jooooze!
    Down witt De Peto Bismol, and de Geritol too!
    Down wid Mein Hitler’s little pink panties!

    • INCOG MAN says:

      The above is some Jew twerp who thinks he’s so funny and uses a name of a White guy who comments here.

      I’m sending his jew ass back to spamblinka.

  34. Frank Fredenburg says:

    This is for the pink panties remark. This article shows what jews did to their own women.

    Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent

  35. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Check out these “suddenly brown” panties.

    All the rage with judaic’s!

  36. uka says:

    I guess after this we will have to call the channel Spicalodeon

  37. Marshall says:

    …or put on more Myley Cyrus Uka and call it Hickolodeon 😀

    David Copperfield- Trickolodeon
    Snoop Dogg- Chronicolodeon
    Harry Potter- Broomstickolodeon
    Pirate of the Caribbean- Seasickolodeon
    Anne Frank- Atticolodeon
    John McCain- Bootlickolodeon
    Akira- Chopstickolodeon
    Telemundo- Ethnicolodeon
    Madjewess- Franticolodeon
    Evelyn Rothschild- Goldbrickolodeon
    Hari Krishna- Culticolodeon
    Madeleine Albright- Crypticolodeon
    The Leprechaun- Limerickolodeon
    70’s sportscar- Maverickolodeon
    Elvis- Pelvicolodeon
    Hitler- Municholodeon
    Beverly Hillbillies- Rusticolodeon
    White sex slave- Slavicolodeon
    Barney Frank- Colonolodeon
    Tori Spelling’s nose- Plasticolodeon
    Robin of Batman- Sidekickolodeon
    HAARP- Seismicolodeon
    Russian astronaut- Sputnikolodeon
    Keith Richards- Relicolodeon
    A Clockwork Orange- Kubrickolodeon


  38. Rock says:

    Marshalloneon-OY VEY! Dont get me started.

    Puffy Combs-Nigulodeon
    Dead people-Necrolodeon
    American public-Sheeplodeon
    Ron Jerramy-Pornolodeon
    Linda Lovelace-Oralodeon
    Extra strength Exlax-GO!olodeon
    Bruce Lee-Enterthedragoloneon
    Bret Favre-ENOUGHolneon

  39. Everyone needs to get serious about learning self-defense, which includes psychological self-defense, to effectively neutralize such propanda attacks.

  40. Flanders says:

    Don’t even think about trespassing against the jews no matter where you are. So far in the US they can only call you racist, an anti-semen or some other horrendous name like that. If you comply with their wishes, you are allowing them to set up another Israel in America. What the jews want is that they want the US to be like Israel, where the penalties for potentially trespassing against them are a little more severe.

    “This is commander. Anything that’s mobile, that moves in the zone, even if it’s a three-year-old, needs to be killed. Over.”

  41. Marshall says:

    Everyone needs to learn how to spell “propaganda” if they want to fight, “Learn to Fight” and that includes YOU, Propaganda Panda.

    The Jew will just punch you in the nuts and consider it “game over” 😀

  42. Marshall says:


    Of course Jews want the USA to be just like Isn’trael. 2000 gentile slaves per Jew according to the Protocols. The entire planet would be “Greater Eretz Israel” if the chicken-spinners had their way.

    That won’t happen. Major media polls don’t lie, unless Jews sponsor them and doctor-up the results. Jews can then collectively WHINE about the phony results of their paid-for campaigns, and higher-up Jews can slather and lick their jaws in their ability to even fleece even their own. The SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN is a huge operation Flanders, and…

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

    OY FREAKING VEY!!! Bernie Madoff out-Jewed the gentiles and even Jews themselves, including the nefarious MEGA-LIAR “Elie Weisel”amongst his victims. What if “Elie” didn’t even HAVE “accounts” with with Madoff?

    He certainly has no “camp tattoo” does he? I guess that Dr. Mengele removed it surgically, with the new NAZI SUPER LASER.

    What if it’s all the largest of scams, and the supposed “victims” of Bernie Madoff are getting paid back DOUBLE from their accounts in the Bank of Leumi Tel Aviv, while they pose as “victims” in the USA? OY WE ARE PAID DOUBLE!!!

    Elie Weisel is already proven to be a complete Lying Jew Scammer…no honor amongst thieves I guess!!! OY VEY, our deal itz!!!

    Let the lawsuits flow…vee alvayz make de shekel no matter what.

    The primary Jewish “mental weapon” is PROJECTION. This “Pamela Geller” KIKE FREAK OF NATURE is proof right in everyone’s faces.

    They are even making money off their OWN race-specific particular congenital mental affliction a BUSINESS by becoming “psychiatrists” at $200/hr.

    Call it whatever you like…psychology, psychiatry, QUACKERY!!! Dr. of this, Dr. of that. Sure, Jew. Nice title, HEY!!! Does your business card burn as rapidly as your Grandmama Bubbies’s body in Auschwitz?

    May I buy a business card made from the human skin of a genuine “Holocaust Survivor”…or would I be cutting into your “lampshade and soap” profits…Such a deal itz!!!


  43. Marshall says:

    “A house divided against itself can not stand.” Hmm, Jesus said that, did He not?

    Watch the Jews split their own hairs arguing over their supposed “laws”and morality in general. PUHHHLEASE!!! They never obeyed simple laws in the first place, SO why do they try to create new ones? Ze shekels and control itz!!!

    KAGAN=KHAZAR CHIEFTAIN. Take me to the “Supreme Court” of JEWNITED AMERICA, USRAEL, and I’ll bitch-slap this disgusting pile of kike blubber back into the Old Testament days…which is where Edomite Jews belong.

    Marsh!!! 😀

  44. Sumner Redstone’s birth name is actually Murray Rothstein. Where’d the “Samuel” come from?

  45. Flanders says:

    This POS jewish/masonic propagandizing is not just happening to the kids of today. It is just that we are now beginning to see some of the preliminary bad effects from what has been going on since we were ourselves kids. So long as the voice of the anti-Christ tickles our ear, we will suffer from the ways that it affects our world. [The link at the bottom is yours, Marshall, taken from the Incogman 2 million hit posting. The anti-Christ has a distinct way of imitating goodness in order to bring evil onto the people of the world. He and his minions are the masters of that capacity].

    “It’s not surprising that the propagandameisters choose entertainment as a vehicle for their messages. We get taken into the story; we identify with the designated good guys and we are appropriately creeped-out by the baddies. Even I was repulsed by the bad guy and his minions. People absorb these little shadowplays in movies and on TV; they take it in, in some cases, almost as real-life experience. They form their opinions and judgments, probably to a distressing degree in some cases, from the vicarious participation in these little morality plays.

    For those who indiscriminately consume all these entertaining propaganda lessons, it is no wonder that they have come to see patriotism and a healthy nativism as villainy and ‘hate’ and bigotry. But it is a real inversion of reality for the most part to make the ethnopatriots devils or lunatics, and the those who oppose them the heroes and the ‘real’ patriots.

    But that’s the world we live in now, thanks in no small part to Hollywood and the media — and to an educational system which disables the ability to think for oneself and make sound judgments.”

  46. Julian Lee says:

    Hideous Diversity!

  47. Julian Lee says:

    D: “Let me just say this…you should have no human rights…it is people like yourself who have caused the hatred and discrimination in the world…That is all I will say since I am not going to bring myself down (all the way) to your ignorant level…

    Here’s something interesting, beautiful White woman. I’ll call you “Diane.”

    I grew up through the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s on. I grew up in a very White society, Des Moines, Iowa. Listen up, beautiful, because I’m telling you the truth:

    I never once experienced or encountered racial hatred anywhere among the Whites of 1960s-on Iowa. Never saw it. Nothing significant. Yet, the T.V. set was always telling us how terrible blacks have it, because of the south or whatever, and hyping the idea that there was a race-hate problem in America. This was actually the tribe (the Jews) teaching me (and all my friends, through the TV set and magazines) what they wanted us to list a “problems” in the world. (The real Problems of the world are not these. They are things like lust, greed, lack of family unity, and other stuff. Not “race hate.”)

    Anyway, here’s the first place I encountered racial hatred: It was from Jews in my high school, Roosevelt High School, toward myself. Of course, they did it in their passive-aggressive, covert, mocking way. But I felt the subtle Jew arrows all the time. And guess what? I never once heard the word “Jew” or heard any of my friends point out the Jews who were or say, “Those bastards!” And they did it to my friends too! But no hate directed at Jews, just Jews sending poison, or rude “no see you” treatment, our way.

    First Hate I Saw in My White Society was Anti-White Hate

    Guess what else, Diane? The first time I ever actually saw racial hate crop up in my society it was anti-White hate, and it cropped up in endless, multifarious ways. The “Coke commercial” posted on this thread is, in fact, an expression of hatred for White people and the desire to destroy the unique ethnic (and White) character of America. (It is also a product of spiritual emptiness. People who have no genuine religious life (spiritual life) get bored and require extremities. Spiritual people easily perceive the rich diversity and nuances of their own people.)

    So I started seeing anti-White hate all throughout my society via the the media and in education, too.

    The people at this blog, actually, are just sick of it and identified who’s been behind it all along. Don’t hate yourself. Have the guts to stand up for yourself and your people because they have been manipulating us toward self-oblivion, and that’s real hate.

    D: “…I am not going to bring myself down (all the way) to your ignorant level…

    It’s not ignorant to point out the true faults of a people who is attacking you, even if the attack is covert. Let me ask you something: Do you think that the 6 million (supposed Jews) of the German camps was a worse thing than the 30+ million Russian Whites that the Jewish communists murdered? Think about it. Also, do you believe that the three buildings on 9-11 self-imploded that way without assistance?

    What’s ignorant is not taking seriously a real threat against you, your nation, your heritage, and your people.

    We hear are sick of the Jewish hate, and sick of watching people who hate us take over our country, our storytellers’ position, and the government too.

    Out of love for the White Europeans, we speak and like the White damsel in Rumpelstiltskin: Again name the name. Time you did, too.

  48. Julian Lee says:

    Oh, and discrimination is what you use when you decide which cherries are o.k. to eat from a bowl of cherries, and what to do at a 4-way stop, and which man you will marry. You can’t even walk in a straight line without discrimination.

    Always use your discrimination. It is central to intelligence to discriminate; to see the differences between things, and to choose what is better from what is worse.

  49. Cheyanna says:

    My prbelom was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

  50. Pingback: Liberal Scientists, Gays & The Animal Kingdom | Economic & Multicultural Terrorism

  51. N Rosenberg says:

    We will continue to consume your goy children for our adrenochrome, adrenalized blood, and bone marrow and all you weak feminized inept goy do nothing. We openly tell you that you all must perish and you do nothing because resistance is futile. Thus we Lucifer’s chosen have every right to sacrifice and slaughterer unto extinction all you stupid inept slaves as we see fit.

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