The Jewified Media Part 2


Continued from The Jewified Media: Ownership and Management

You just turn on the TV these days and you’ll see them soon enough. Whether in front of the camera or behind, the media has long been chock full of Zionist Jews or plain Goyim Zio suck-ups. Those non-Jew media personalites all know the score and to say JACK to anyone is career suicide.

Look at it this way: Since all this “PC” business descended on America’s head, everything has to be “inclusive” etc., right? That being the case, half the people on the screen need to be “people of color” — blacks, hispanics, asians and half-breeds (obviously being pushed on us as the best of both worlds). The leftover can be White, but unknown to most Whites is that a substantial percentage of these are really Jews. Numerically, it’s us European Whites (or what they call “WASPS”) that are holding the losing end of the stick (the result actually intended).

What about Gentile “Talking Heads?” Sure, apparently most of the hosts are non-Jews (but possibly married to Jews, which helps career-wise). Yet these people are basically only reading from teleprompters anyway, and know very well what’s best not to discuss.* Besides, it’s not really so much who’s talking on your screen, but who’s writing the copy, editing and deciding this or that behind the camera (the most important part). All of them are in the pay of Globalist Zionists — who really pull the strings — and inherently subject to their control (see Ownership and Management).

This is why people like Glenn Beck (Mormon) can never, ever mention the real common denominator to all the stuff he talks about, nor even give you a different perspective to the Palestinian issue, without jeopardizing his career. Goyim talking heads like Beck often make special pains to tell everyone they are not “racist” (basically, to quietly reassure Jews they don’t have “evil Nazi” tendencies).

Click the “Continue” button and be prepared for another giant hit of media Jewry dishing out the Jew Spew on America’s head! 

This is not just an assault on White people, but also why we are having problems as a country and are being led by the nose towards global governance (NWO) and the end of America as we know it!

Many of the producers and writers are Jewish; whenever you see credits role (ironically, at Christmas), pay attention to all the Jew names. Also, remember that a lot of the Goyish-sounding names may be blacks or other races, but very possibly even more Jews since they often have changed, Gentile-sounding names (what other race does this?). This makes it difficult for Americans to understand just how bad things have become and how much of our media is now pure Jew spew.

The Jews and their brainwashed, bought and paid for Goyim cohorts have long been cramming down our throats the Jew line: From diversity, “anti-racism,” abortion, homo rights to radical feminism. The supposedly “conservative” news reporting (like FOX), regularly propagandizes America into fighting proxy wars for Israel and supporting absolutely anything that bastard country does to the Palestinians (but even the liberals are Israel-Firsters).

One good recent example of Jew cross-pollution: Michael Levine, the little punk Jew producer in charge of FOX’s “Homeland Security” reporting, is now leaving FOX to produce arch-liberal and total Obama suck-up Chris Matthew’s show on MSNBC. It’s really all the same Jew team in the end.

These same Jews of whatever so-called political persuasion expect you to turn a blind eye to American/Jewish Global Imperialism and going along with the economic destruction of America to fulfill the long term ambitions of the Globalist oligarchy (oh yeah).

Not only all that, but most of these embedded Jews in the media push for non-stop immigration of non-Whites into our countries (they all want it) and do whatever they can to ignore the financial crimes of Jewry (these people have long been ripping us off left and right).

It’s quite simple, America: They want to keep non-Jews in America ignorant of the Jew and paint those of us who dare to say one thing as Nazis and KKK!

— Phillip Marlowe

On-Screen talent


You want more? Just turn on your TV and you’ll see a new one in five (5) minutes!

Some notable On-Screen Shabbos Goys and/or married into the mob.

Face the facts, America: We only get the Jew Line on everything!

The Jews have got America in a fierce headlock and this IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR to all the crap going on today. We will never see any real reporting and investigations about the NWO, Central Banking, Israel, 9/11 and historical events like the “holocaust” because of the situation. Anyone who says different is either: Jewish or has their heads stuck up where the sun doesn’t shine!


* If you’ve ever been on a news studio set (I have), you’ll know just how controlled everything is and how smaller people and things look.

Somebody once commented on my old Youtube account (since censored) saying her mom worked as a producer for ABC News for 20 years and everyone knew if you said anything bad about Israel or the “Obama-Biden entity” (as I remember she called it), you would be fired immediately — no questions asked. Plus, I’ve talked to several people working on the inside and they fully verify Jews are all over the place and know well to keep their mouth’s shut on any subject that might be construed as “anti-semitic.” People are fired immediately and those left behind are too scared to talk about why, but know. Jews there will even act puffed-up about it.

NOTE: Photos not meant to be inclusive. More Jews will be added in the future. Please leave suggestions/additions in comment section.

Coming Up: Print management and writers.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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211 Responses to The Jewified Media Part 2

  1. American says:

    I think Alex Jones now gets fewer hits than the Incogman, even though he’s been at it many years and has the jew-media support. Nobody seems to participate at Jonesy’s site anymore. Yet another sign that the internet now belongs to the Gentiles, at the Hasbara’s expense.

  2. Marshall says:

    Fonzie is another Joo Fleur!!! Believe it or not, so is Mr. C. Tom Bosley…that one really blew my mind :-O

  3. Flanders says:

    This is why we must keep on telling the people what they will not hear from the media (a media which they have beleived to be of their own). These media people do not represent America or Americans. They represent jews and jewry. Deep down, people know this when they can recognize who the media controllers are. They may not act on the information, but they know it and will act when the circumstances converge to make it a “right time” to act. This is from a section called, “Unanticipated Revolutions”, in a bio on Timur Kuran.

    “The fall of East European communism in 1989 came as a massive surprise. Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1978-79 stunned the CIA, the KGB, the Shah of Iran that it toppled, and even the Ayatollah Khomeini, whom it catapulted to power. The Russian Revolution of 1917 stunned Lenin, the deposed Romanovs, and foreign diplomats stationed in St. Petersburg. No one foresaw the French Revolution of 1789, not even the rioters who brought it about. In each of these cases, a massive shift in political power occurred when long-submerged sentiments burst to the surface, with public opposition to the incumbent regime feeding on itself. Preference falsification explains why the incumbent regime appeared stable almost until the eve of its collapse. People ready to oppose it publicly kept their opposition private until a coincidence of factors gave them the motivation and the courage to bring their discontents out in the open. In switching sides, they encouraged other hidden opponents to join the opposition themselves. Through the resulting bandwagon process, fear changed sides. No longer did opponents of the old regime feel that they would be punished for being sincere; genuine supporters of the old regime started falsifying their preferences, pretending that the turn of events met their approval.

    Timur Kuran first identified this mechanism in a April 1989 article entitled “Sparks and Prairie Fires: A Theory of Unanticipated Political Revolutions,” which offered the cases of 1789, 1917, and 1978-79 as examples of revolutions that stunned the world. A few months later, the pattern was repeated in Eastern Europe. Kuran proceeded to explain why seasoned experts of the communist bloc were caught off guard in “Now Out of Never: The Element of Surprise in the East European Revolution of 1989,” published in 1991. These two papers, like related chapters of Private Truths, Public Lies, suggest that political revolutions and shifts in political opinion in general will catch the world by surprise again and again, because of people’s readiness to conceal their political proclivities under perceived social pressures.”

    Much of what we consider to be Political Correctness lies within a more important category discussed in the section, “Preference Falsification”, which is the most important part to read, but which I haven’t excerpted. So long as media credibility remained unattacked, the jews had a lock on exerting preference falsification. When that credibility is attacked or gone, it opens up possibilities for people to actually discuss and act upon what it is that they truly feel. It is our duty to make sure they have the information which allows the people to feel comfortable both in making those choices and acting upon them. That is when we can have some return to American liberties and normality, but NOT UNTIL people are prepared to act.

    For anyone wanting to get more into the theory behind the informational “cascades” which lead people to form their opinions and to become prepared to act on those opinions, try this PDF (the link is to the HTML version) 6 page document, “Following the Herd”.

  4. Flanders says:

    Why do people object so much to falsefication of scientific meteorological data (as in global warming), while they placidly accept and don’t object to the deliberate falsefication of their everyday informational data by jews controlling their media sources?

  5. Flanders says:

    Why do we call it “Corporate” media when it is a media owned and run by jews? Aren’t we all familiar with that old accounting term which was co-opted for the computer world — GIGO (Garbage In – Garbage Out)? Why are we “surprised” when we are fed untruths and slanted stories in America, especially when we know that those stories are INTENDED to be Garbage? Are we really no more astute than to beleive there could be a different result than is being obtained when it is the jewish opponents of America and White Americans who are providing “our” information and using “our” media to do it!?

    “In the United States today, the rift between reality and reporting has reached its end. There is no longer a mere credibility gap, but rather a literal Truth Emergency. Americans cannot access the truth about the issues that most impact their lives by relying on the mainstream corporate media. A Truth Emergency is a culmination of the failures of the fourth estate to act as a truly free press. This truth emergency exists not only as a result of fraudulent elections, pseudo 9/11 investigations, illegal preemptive wars, torture camps, and doctored intelligence, but also around issues that intimately impact everyday Americans. Yet these issues are rarely reported in corporate media outlets, where a vast majority of the American people continue to turn to for news and information.”

  6. Rocketman says:

    The recent shooting on Falcon Lake by mexican cartel (pirates) that left David Hartley dead and missing is something you think our media would be on non stop, especially now after the decapitation of mexican invertigator Rolando Flores.
    Nope, more important things such as the rescue of Chilean miners, “good news the world really needs”, or bogus travel warnings in Europe.

    How about travel warnings to that hell hole mexico?
    thats what we should be hearing by the media and our government.
    Too bad they are both run by Jews, real americans are of little concern to these pigs.

  7. American says:

    When jew-media whines about the holoHOAX, they always fail to mention that in Weimar Germany, many years before Hitler came to power, people already referred to their paper currency as judefetzen (jew confetti).


  8. Rocketman says:

    Now they’re whining about the” New Hitler”, Ahmoudinijad at the Lebanon/Israhell border, saying shit like, it’s not a question of if we attack Iran nuclear facilities but when.
    Planting the seed in the minds if the sheeple, it must be done!
    More bogus war for Israel, yea, yea yea, while in israel kikes are throwing shoes and eggs at Obama photos,, LOL!

  9. Count Cherep says:

    Obama makes a few feeble protests about the Israeli “settlements” for PR purposes with the Muslims and to further the myth that he himself is a Muslim, while our ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) gives Israel everything it wants, and the Israelis still kvetch. As the jew Maurice Samuel said in his book YOU GENTILES,

    “In everything, we are destroyers–even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will destroy because we need a world of our own.” – You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147.

  10. GDL says:

    Here we go Rocketman,

    “Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev slammed the trip.”

    “Iran’s domination of Lebanon through its proxy Hezbollah has destroyed any chance for peace, has turned Lebanon into an Iranian satellite and made Lebanon a hub for regional terror and instability,” he said.”

    Funny how this Jew-rat doesn’t speak of America being the Jews/Israel proxy war machine as Hoff often points out. The hypocrisy of Jews will turn the stomach of a person who knows what is going on.


  11. morris wise says:

    The Internet has given people the freedom to question and disagree with government decisions, but the public must be careful that those rights are not taken away under the guise of porn censorship. The government spy who monitors what porn sites you download, could also watch what type of political articles you read.

  12. Lynda says:

    The media is virtually the Fourth Estate of the Judenreich wielding the power of influence.

    The news is mostly dysinformation and spin. The process starts with censorship. The report only the facts they want you to know as the news. For example all the international symposia of professional climatologists who believe the best climate model is global cooling – that isn’t news. If they have to report it – they’ll spin it.

    The tv shows are one of the major tools they use to imprint the memes on the sheeple. Where they workshop situations in which the most heinous crimes are justified (like torture). This is presently a v important meme – to break down the resistance in the mass mind to things like torture, marial law, being treated as a terrorist until ‘ruled out’ etc. They workshop this and program along these lines in a whole spate of tv shows.

    The best one where they are doing this is The Mentalist. It is so effective because it is brilliantly scripted and brilliantly played. And they have had to concede a lot of truths because the level of awareness has increased in ten years of the NET. For example, ten years ago, you didn’t see public figures giving press conferences with their handlers in the background in tv crime shows. You only saw it on the news – but you didn’t understand what you saw. Now many, many people do. So tv shows in order to ‘work’ at the level of believability have to depict situations in a way that concedes this truth. This is called Revelation of the Method. And The Mentalist concedes a lot.

    The producers are going to recognize the sociopathocracy, but they are recognizing psychopathocracy and that heinous crimes emanate from people who are ‘well connected’. They are going to insult your intelligence with a ‘lone nut’ type of character because people would pick up the remote and click ‘off’, and they are not about to explore ethnopolitics, name the Jew or anything like that. They are putting a terrific spin on v important issues in that show.

    Everyone who is studying the fourth estate – the media, should be familiar with The Mentalist and the memes that it is imprinting (successfully) on the mass mind.

  13. morris wise says:

    My friend was a beautiful Jewess who was burdened with a homely and untalented husband, yet she still was able to bring up seven handsome and wealthy sons. It was her wisdom to get herself impregnated with the best looking and successful Gentile businessmen in town. She was voted as the mother of the year by the local community center, but never disclosed her closely guarded secret except to me.

  14. Octo says:

    “My friend was a beautiful Jewess who was burdened with a homely and untalented husband, yet she still was able to bring up seven handsome and wealthy sons. It was her wisdom to get herself impregnated with the best looking and successful Gentile businessmen in town. She was voted as the mother of the year by the local community center, but never disclosed her closely guarded secret except to me.”

    A cuckoo who made a cuckold? Sounds like another Jewish “survival strategy.”

    Tune in for next weeks episode of Tales from the Talmud.

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