The Real Background to “The Protocols of Zion”

Part one. See below for part 2.

By Brother Nathan Kapner

EMERGING FROM DEEP SECRECY, portions of the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion were brought to light in the late 19th Century in France. It is a fascinating story, presented here in a unique, unprecedented and thoroughly documented fashion. Months of intense research has gone into this work. 

In 1884, a Mademoiselle Justine Glinka, the daughter of a Russian general, was engaged in Paris in gathering political information for the court of Tzar Alexander III. 

Glinka employed a Jewish agent named Joseph Schoerst, alias Shapiro, who had passed himself off as a Freemason and a member of the Mizraim Lodge, a Jewish Masonic order with its own particular rites and protocols. None other than Solomon Rothschild, scion of the Jewish banking dynasty, was a prominent member of the French Freemasons. 

Schoerst offered to Glinka for the sum of 2,500 francs, a document which he said would interest her greatly. This document contained extraordinary dictated writings from assorted speeches which would later be included in the final compilation of the Protocols of Zion. [click “continue” for part 2 of video]

Protocols of Zion, part two.

Glinka quickly passed the document to her immediate superior in Paris, General Orgeyevski, who sent them, in turn, to General Cherevin, Minister of the Interior, for transmission directly to the Imperial Court in St Petersburg. 

Upon Cherevin’s death in 1896, he willed a copy of his memoirs containing the Protocols to Tzar Nicholas II. (View Sources Here, Here & Here.) 

Glinka’s information eventually found its way into the hands of one Sergei Nilus, a highly educated Russian mystic attached to Tsar Nicholas II’s court who served as Minister of Foreign Religions. 

In 1902, Nilus published, “The Rule of Satan on Earth – Notes of an Orthodox Believer,” in which he cites excerpts from this early aggregation of the material first purchased by Madame Glinka. 

Next stop for the Protocols occurred in 1903 when a prominent publisher by the name of Pavel Krusheva quoted writings from the Protocols in his daily newspaper, Znamya. After its publication, Krusheva suffered an attempt on his life and from that moment on, he lived in constant fear and had to carry weapons for his own protection. He also took the step of being accompanied by a personal cook to prevent being poisoned. 

In 1905, Sergei Nilus published a new edition of his “Rule of Satan” which included a complete version of the Protocols as the final chapter. This was the first time a full compilation of the Protocols had been made available to the general public in book form. 

In 1917, (the same year of the final Russian Revolution), Nilus had prepared a final edition – fully documented – but before he could distribute it, Kerensky, a half-Jew, who had succeeded to power after the Revolution, had most of the copies destroyed. Anyone caught by the Bolsheviks in possession of The Protocols was shot on the spot. 

In 1918, the Protocols appeared again in a Moscow periodical, The Sentinel, marked by the Jewish-led Bolsheviks as a counter-revolutionary newspaper. In February, 1919, the Bolsheviks ordered the newspaper shut down. 

In 1924, Professor Nilus was arrested by the Jewish-dominated “Cheka,” imprisoned, and then tortured. He was told by the president of the court (who was Jewish) that this treatment was meted out to him for “having done them (the Zionist Bolshevik Jews) incalculable harm in publishing the Protocols.” (View Sources Here, Here, Here, Here, Here & Here.)   


The Protocols in Modern day English

The Protocols PDF

Do the Jews Own Hollywood and the Media?

When Russia Saved America


Aaron Kurbis, AKA Kerensky

In Brother Nathan’s article, he embeds a link to an “alternative history” site for Alexander Kerensky being a half Jew, here: ALT HISTORY SITE. Evidently, this site picked up earlier Wikipedia copy on Kerensky, which later deleted the part of him being half Jew (due to embedded Jewry, as usual). Go HERE for Kikepedia’s whitewash.

Kerensky’s real name was indeed Aaron Kurbis and was most likely full Jewish since his mother was an Austrian named Adler and his biological father has been reported as Jewish. Just look at his picture on the right!

Also, it’s said that Kerensky was a 33rd degree Freemason Grand Master and his father was the headmaster of the school Lenin attended. 

When duped revolutionary minions and Kerensky first took over the country from Czar Nicholas, American Goyim hailed the “new democracy” of Russia versus the “evil Monarchy.” Little did they know of the backroom Jew plotting going on!

Kerensky was certainly the inside “ringer” for the final Jewish Bolshevik takeover, paving the way for the Marxist Jews by screwing everything up and then conveniently being away at the front when the Bolsheviks made their move.

He supposedly “barely escaped” the clutches of the Bolsheviks, yet ended-up in New York where he lived like a king, even though he had no apparent means of support. Later, he moved to Ohio, of all places, again living the life of landed gentry, but later moved back to Jew York city before he died.

It’s so obvious this guy was working for Global Jewry behind the scenes!

I’ll get a better link to Kerensky’s Jew background and replace Brother Nathan’s link. He probably didn’t know what was going on with the site, since it looks so “Kikepedia.”


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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55 Responses to The Real Background to “The Protocols of Zion”

  1. Hoff says:

    100 books about the Lying Jew in full text online.

  2. Brutal Defiance says:

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was a real eye opener for me as it was Henry Ford. I immediately saw the similarites in the protocols as to what was actually taking place in the world. It was an awakening like I could have never imagined!

    It made me question everything around me and re evaluate my ideas, beliefs and the “schooling” I had recieved. The truth is out there if your willing to spend the time to look for it instead of falling hook line and sinker for the lies the jews spoon feed everyone!

    Great article again Incog! We must be relentless in our endeavors to re establish the truth to our people!

  3. Aryan says:

    And see this as well: “THIS TIME BOMB CALLED ZIONISM” at

  4. Count Cherep says:

    For some additional information refuting the jews’ claim that the Protocols are a forgery, go here:

  5. Hoff says:

    “Color photographies of Ukraine taken in the end of the 19th century.”


    Hoff: Notice that there is no telephone wires – yet. One key factor why the jews could take control of the Tsar Russian state was the thelephone.

    What the jew did was that the jew send some or so to to cut the Russian telephone network in two parts.The jew did this from Odessa at the Black Sea.

    To understand this from an American view, Odessa is just like Chicago. The Black Sea is the Great Lakes

    What the jew did in Russia 1917 was to go north from Chicago and cut Canada in two halfs.

    Odessa in Ukraine is just like Chicago lllinois. To be blatant, lllinois is the Ukraine of USA. Both are breadbasket, both are located at great lakes and both towns are the center of jew mafia.

    Map of what the jew did in 1917 to take over the Russian-Canada state, mid page.

  6. Hoff says:

    Tsar Russia before the Jew took over Russia. Notice the telephone wiring all over.

    Just watch the wiring in the air. lt’s the phone wires.

  7. Marshall says:

    Yeah Hoff and now Israel is monitoring ALL our phone traffic now apparently with Comverse Infosys and several other companies. How paranoid can they get? Well, I believe if I went around doing the kinds of things the Juden do, I’d be congenitally paranoid myself.

    Without the constant barrage of major media control, the mass delusion starts to slip doesn’t it? 😀

  8. Count Cherep says:

    There is a provision on the Real Zionist News site to have the article sent as a PDF attachment to your e-mail address. Do it while you can. RZN is often unavailable, for some strange reason…

  9. Marshall says:

    Jewry is a walking talking “time bomb” man, everywhere they go. Wherever they have been, reality catches up to them eventually. Got “gypped” by Gypsies? No wonder they stayed mobile in their wagon trains…easy escape in the middle of the night. Little did we know Gypsy=Khazar hmm?

    Bro. Nathanael has a killer expose on the Protocols at – no “canards” in that one 😀

    Hoff I hope you got the link to that Bolshevik Revolution audio I posted in your comments box at Jewise. Now that’s my idea of “easy listenin” LOL!!!

  10. Marshall says:

    Leo Zagami is an ex-Memphis-Mizraim member

    He’s either for real or trying to make a buck, hard to say.

  11. INCOG MAN says:

    I just added in a big chunk of copy on Kerensky above, after finding out one of his links was questionable. Please read my notes above!

  12. Count Cherep says:


    Excerpts about “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”:

    WELL, how does it happen that students of history are invited to study the work and influence of the Church and yet are told nothing about the work of CHRIST’S foes-the Jews, the heirs of Satan? Why this constant conspiracy of silence? They have kept their government and their Executives-the Hidden Hand-secret, with the object of ruling “all the kingdoms” offered by Satan to CHRIST, and which the former would grant to the Jews, should they accomplish the destruction of everything sown by CHRIST . Their program is exposed in the “Protocols .”

    When one has read the predictions of Dostoiewsky, of Nietsche, of the Jew J. Lemann (who 30 years before this war and Bolshevism exposed the “Plan of Hell” and foretold “The Funereal Lines”) ; and the recent confessions of the prominent Jews : Dr. Oscar Levy of London, and Rene Groos of Paris, how absurd, if not criminal, seem all those naive or hypocritical persons, who despite all the above are willing to deceive their readers into the belief, that the above “funereal lines” happen just through the “in-
    ability of the diplomats,” or “because of the corruption of the Czar’s regime”, as Lloyd George, Bernard Shaw, Guglielmo Ferrero and other “lickers” of the Jewish boots are falsely saying . No, all that has happened since 1914, and is still happening-is the logi-
    cal consequence of a deliberate Judeo-Mongol satanic “Plan of Hell” traced out in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion .” All the efforts of the Jews and of their valets to prove the forgery of the “Protocols” fall flat : we daily see them realized !

    Most Americans do not believe, that a bloody revolt is possible here . At least now, through this book, they will know, who is staging it.

    “The Judeo-masonic peril is a question of life or death for all the nations” (Jouin, the famous editor “Revue Internat. Des Societes Secretes,” Paris) .
    “Remember the French Revolution, to which it was we who gave the name of “great”, The secrets of its preparations are known to us, for it was wholly the work of our hands” (Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, 3)
    “We, Jews, are still here, our last word is not yet spoken, our last deed
    is not yet done, our last revolution is not yet made” (Dr. Oscar Levy, London)

    Around a dirty table in the Judengasse, Amschel [Rothschild] explained to his
    wife, the most greedy of all the Jewesses of Frankfort, Gutta Shnapper, and to his five sons and five daughters, the “lust of murder” and of making money out of plundering the Christians. Having learned in the rabbinic school all the satanic program, known as the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” Amschel knew ahead of the assault on the royalty of race and its substitution by the royalty of gold . He preached to his children how to rob and not to be “pinched,” and all the devilish tricks of the Kabbalah (see “The Kabbalah Unveiled,” translated by S . L. MacGregor Mathers) .

    The upsetting of the Christian Church and of all monarchies, because they defend their nations, has been the program of the satanists-murderers – headed by the Rothschilds, since 1770 . This was exposed in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” as
    the Jews call the 300 members, composing the Hidden Hand. Every Christian ought to read the “Protocols,” so much the more, since the Jews were characterized by CHRIST in only three words : “The Jews are satanists, murderers, liars .” “The Protocols” confirm this to the last word.

    Mgr. Jouin, the famous expert on Free-Masonry and Editor of the “Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes” (96, Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris) has written four enormous volumes, proving that every line of the “Protocols” is being brought about in life by the Jews. Why is not his brilliant work translated?

    “If the key opens the door it is the right key” (Lord Acton) The “Protocols” open all the doors and explain all the mysteries and the plan of our deadly foes. Ignoring them one cannot become a Statesman .

    The Jews are destroying the Christian Churches and rulers and enthroning the Judeo-butchers . Ibanez, a Jew, tried to upset the excellent King of Spain . In Bulgaria Friedman, a Jew, with the money of Joffe, a Jew, envoy of the Moscow Jews, blew up
    the Sofia Cathedral and sought to kill the good Czar . Their “Plan of Hell” (see p . 35) is exposed in the “Protocols .”

  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I took a second look at the article and the comments, and I don’t see any mention of this two part video. I found it at VNN Forum.

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – Dr. William Pierce (1/2)

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – Dr. William Pierce (2/2)

  14. Flanders says:

    Great article, Incogman. Do you know which Incogman posting is supposed to connect with the “Do the Jews Own Hollywood and the Media?” link (right above the Incogman Notes section of the post above)? I cannot locate it.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Flanders.

      Yeah, I fixed the link. Everytime I see that “blog suspended” crap, I get ticked royally.

  15. Flanders says:

    One thing that really worries me is that too many of these groups who are supposed to be so activist for America and Whites, and who are otherwise good Americans with a proper self-defense mentality, know nothing about the jews. There are some otherwise good patriotic movements, including militias, which could be of true benefit to America if only they could bring themselves to study and to expose the jewish involvement in all things opposing America. So many of these have been so swayed by the propaganda themselves that they are expending great effort in being ineffective.

    The very basics of knowledge on the jewish question are necessary for any degree of effectiveness against (the explicit – or the hidden) forces arrayed against America and Whites. A working knowledge of the Protocols are a basic for effectiveness along with Benjamin Freedman’s speech, “Benjamin Freedman Speaks: A Jewish Defector Warns America”:

    and, “The life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel”, by Jack Bernstein:

    Any supposed American or White movement or “leader” who are not daily aware of the significance of the information contained in these and impressing it upon their newer members is probably a controlled movement or leadership. Avoid them like the plague, just as you certainly should if they are expressing sympathy and support for that jewish/illuminati terrorist state of Israel. They are merely seeking to turn the US into a version of that satanic hole – and in case you haven’t noticed – they are fast doing that.

  16. Alex says:

    I’m not sure I would call a jew ‘brother’, but an interesting article nonetheless.

  17. apollonian says:

    Jews: Just Taking Advantage Of Dumb Goyim–Coming And Going–Showing How It’s Done
    (Apollonian, 15 Aug 10)

    That was absolutely brilliant video presentation–esp. for how part 1 set up part 2 so well, part 2 then coming off so lucidly and powerfully. Tremendous posting by the Incogman.

    There’s only ONE THING (at least) I’d add–and that’s regarding very basic CRUX to Jew (NOT just “zionist,” mind u) practical power–and that’s the COUNTERFEITING scam of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)–see for expo/ref.

    For note Jews really do just TAKE ADVANTAGE of gentile stupidity and hubris–that’s all the Fed really and truly is–sheer COUNTERFEITING (given a phony “legalization” by corrupted and traitorous gentile leaders) which then Jews additionally CHARGE INTEREST upon(!). Jews truly do get us coming–and going too. Only supremely stupid people could continue to fall for such scam so continually, so consistently.

    Note then how the Jews do it, for this (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam–it’s a 9 million ton gorilla sitting in plain sight (literally, the “big-lie”)–but stupid gentiles insist on speaking and “communicating” in this idiotic “intellectualistic” style which then just helps them OVERLOOK the simple CONCRETE activity and scam going on in front of their stupid faces–COUNTERFEITING, again–which, if they only used the CONCRETE word and term, even small children could understand.

    But everyone keeps calling it “central-banking,” and “capitalism,” and “fractional-reserve,” and “fiat-money,” etc., pretending they’re actually saying anything for real info, imagining they’re acting like “adults”–when it (Fed scam) is really NOTHING but SHEER CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, that’s all.

    CONCLUSION: Thus as I’ve always noted, Jews are really just a parasite disease-of-opportunity, taking advantage of stupid, CYCLICALLY over-populated goyim. Once again, great video presentation by Incog. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  18. Flanders says:

    I would definately include this Incogman posting and the two videos by Dr. William Peirce in the “must know” category for any concerned patriotic American.

    Here is another man who knew the jew. Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr wrote a letter replying to some of the jews who challenged him with the ususal accusations and with disinformation intended to diffuse his understanding about the jewish plan.

    “You should know the many similarities between Communism and Judaism. They are easy to spot when you know that Communism had a Jewish background:

    1 – Both have a mania for social beliefs in Oneness.

    2 – Both aim at universality and favor Internationalism.

    3 – Both repudiate beliefs in genetic worth and persist in an irrational faith that improved environment will build a better humanity.

    4 – Both preach social justice, while employing this concept in opportunistic way. (The Israeli treatment of Black Jews in Israel is a good example.)

    5 – Both breed pressure groups to further their work.

    6 – Both place dogma above reason. (Judaism must come first, no matter what the consequences to others.)

    7 – Both follow peculiar manias which do not know the meaning of compassion or moderation in dealing with those who disagree with them.

    Is it any wonder Jews often transfer their love for Judaism to Communism? As your own prominent Rabbi Stephen S. Wise has said: “Some call it Communism. I call it Judaism!”

    A thing which sets Jews aside from all other peoples, is their lack of respect for all “non-Jews.” I’m speaking about the “goyim” cattle, your Talmud rails against. There is no language vile enough to express Jewish hatred for Jesus Christ and His followers, I know, since I have been on the receiving end of this kind of “Jewish courtesy.”

    If the Black people of America ever learned what you Jews have done to them in the past, and what you are seeking to do to them now, there would be an uprising in America against the Jews, unequaled in the world’s history.

    You should know the Talmud much better than I. But I have access to a translation in English and realize this should be punishable by death, according to its teachings. You and I both know this religious book of the Jews, teaches Jewish superiority. You and I both know it teaches that “goyim” are cattle, to be dealt with by the Jews as such. Both of us know you are taught an unreasoning hatred for Christ and His followers. I know the curses you use against us. No matter how benign a facade you put on for Christian consumption, we both know how you feel. I do not blame you too much for this, for this is what you have been taught to believe.

    But if knowing this, I allowed you to carry out your plans, without warning my fellow Christians of the consequences, I would be much less than a man.

    Your statement concerning Zionism and Judaism being diametrically opposed is outright falsehood, as you well know, since World Zionism, was the force which imposed Communism on the world. If this is not true, why do Jewish leaders brag about their part in it? Why have so many of the Israeli leaders been Communist? We have just gone through another Jewish brainwashing on TV, in the form of “A Woman Called Golda.” Why were Americans not told the truth that she was a Communist, who was trained at the Eugene Debs Labor Schools in Milwaukee?”

  19. John Smith says:

    Yids aside what will anyone do about These cunts…???
    Are yids hidden behind these fucking animals or am I deluding myself? This is what Moslems do to white Russians, Christians in Chechnya – yet Russia we hear is backing Iran which I gather is on Israel’s hit list who has Turkey – ISLAMIC Turkey as an ally??? We have an arsehole British ‘leader’ that wants Turkey to become a part of this so-called EU.

    God help Europe and us all if we don’t wake up soon!
    That vid is one of several that is shocking to the core – you can almost feel the inherent evil in these cunts! They’re ‘white skinned’ an all for the most part!

    Whites must unite globally! Fuck everything else and kill the traitors – it’s our only salvation. If the Jews and now Moslems can do it, we can/should “learn” from them and play them at their their game!

    Hanging around for Jesus is not the solution right now!

  20. TalmudTimmy says:



  21. Lynda says:

    Good to see you back up Incogman and running it to the Kehillah, their masonic agentur: the whole mischpuka and messhuggah and all shabbas goy enablers. My wrath particularly abides upon the latter and I hope they get kosher K cat puke happy nuggets in their kosher K breakfast cereal – in addition to all the rabbinic curses on the goyim provided by the K and U labels.

    Joogle is still high fiving, dancing the hava nagila and shaking the booty over the WordPress victory. They are certainly enjoying their little moment of triumph. However, a moment is all that can be spared.

    All the search engines still have the violation in the No 1 for an incogman search. So that should tell us something. But Alta Vista and Webcrawler have your new rebound webaddress in the No. 2. Joogle has the put up the new address in no 3 after the announcement of suspension ( no 1), and the First Light Forum – Is Incogman a Faggot and a Psy-op (no 2).

    They are still up to their tricks over at Joogle.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Lynda. Good to see you at the new and improved INCOG LAND!

      Jews might have shut me down for a couple of days but as you can see, I’m back in business.

  22. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I was going to mention Lynda. Glad to see she found the new blog! I think the only one still missing is Geronimo.

    Wanted: Parasite Seeks New Host

  23. I remember reading the entire Protocols through DBS’s site:

    After first reading the Protocols in their entirety, I remember that I felt ill for hours on end…. I could not believe that there it was in black and white for everyone to see the evil and most dastardly planning for world domination by these psycho bastard Zionist Jews!

    The shills in the media continue to claim that the Protocols are a “forgery” but this is their twist of the truth as usual… A forgery means that something is faked from an original document. It is amazing that the public is easily duped by them fooling them by the term “forgery” from not seeing that they are real, and they are following the points laid out in the Protocols to the letter!

    I have tried to get others to read the Protocols, but many say that it is nothing more than “hate” literature! But how can anyone associate the term “hate” to something that is real and the bastard Lucifer worshiping Jews are following them to the letter?

    I just found out too that if I was to purchase or obtain a copy of the Protocols in a foreign country, and try to re-enter Canada, from either the US or any other country, it would be seized by border customs as Hateful and illegal literature! It is amazing how the damned bastard Jews have such a grip on the people here…..

  24. Poetic Edda says:

    WTF is going on here? This “Brother” Nathan Kapner is a JEW!
    It’s A BLOODLINE PEOPLE!! These people DECEIVE & wreck nations, that’s what they do and they do so with the help of people like you and I…How dare any White/Man/Women call a jew a ‘BROTHER!’ Have you not read Gulag Archipelago?
    If not, THE GHOST OF 40-MILLION GENTILES who were murdered or worked to death in the GULAGS will be whispering in your dreams.
    These people smile in your face and stick a knife your back.

    THAT’S WHAT THEY DO!! That’s what they’ve always done. It’s in their DNA.

  25. Flanders says:

    In furtherence of and consistent with the Protocols: In explanation of jews and jewry:

    [The narrator] – “In a highly confidential interview with a Jewish administrative assistant to one of this nation’s ranking senators, he said, “It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every JEW out of this country.” The Jew, Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, made this statement after admitting Jewish dominance in all significant national programs. He said, “We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands. While the naive Americans wait for Khrushchev to bury them, we have taught them to submit to our every demand.” Asked how a nation could be captured without their knowing it, Mr. Rosenthal attributed this victory to absolute control of the media. He boasted of Jewish control of ALL NEWS. Any newspaper which refused to acquiesce to controlled news was brought to its knees by withdrawing advertising.”

    “The interview continued on an almost omniscient plane. “We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eye’s fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.”

    “Most Jews throughout the world I’d say more than 90%, know what is really happening to our people. We have communication unequalled anywhere. It is only the jerks, the ignorant and misinformed and degenerates who can find peace in your society and you bastards hide your sins by donning sheep’s clothing. You are the hypocrites not the Jews, as you say and write about.”

    “[The narrator speaks] I told him of my in-depth study of the Jews and that there were few who have done more research on world Jewry than I — and about my unpleasant discoveries — reminding Mr. R. that there is no morality among Jews. He replied:

    “Money is more important than morality. We can accomplish anything with money. Our people are proving that in Israel where its strength against attack is its permanent state of war readiness. Israel can now win in any encounter. The kibbutz-raised intellectual elements are going to build that small country into a mid-east wonderland. It will also eventually be the base for World Government Headquarters.” (Talmudic Judaism is a religion of Jewish world control and slavery.)”

  26. American says:

    Keep fighting those “wars” for Israel, stupid Goyim:

    ” Iraq will need U.S. military support for up to another decade to defend its borders because the Iraqi army won’t be ready to guard the country when American troops leave at the end of 2011, according to U.S. and Iraqi commanders.”-LA Times

    Only another decade? Wake up America, you’re being used by Israel-firsters and neoCONS.

  27. American says:

    Terrorist Israel Appoints Accused Torturer To Be Arab Liaison:


  28. Steelback says:

    You know the Protocols are the Jewish blueprint for world domination when the Hasbara shills that infect various blogs scream bloody murder at the mere mention of them.

    Then the same shills put pressure on the blogger to delete the comments and ban the contributor.

    The best bloggers don’t succumb to the threats.

  29. apollonian says:

    Essence Of Present Cultural Crisis Is CYCLIC History And Over-Population
    (Apollonian, 16 Aug 10)

    Note the great cultural ANTI-THESES are Western reason and (Christian) TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) vs. Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and conspiracy. Note further, u can’t have “truth” without objective (Aristotelian) reality as necessary criterion–which naturally Jews deny, insisting there’s no way to verify this alleged “objectivity,” which is simply necessary first assumption/premise, as Aristotle explained.

    “Flanders,” (above, at 3:42 am) then pt.s out fm the Rosenthal interview HOW the Jews accomplish this cultural/psychologic mastery of theirs–aside fm the successful Jew criminal enterprise of (“legalized”) COUNTERFEITING–the gentiles so willingly going along w. Jews and their lies.

    For gentiles, now over-populated, CYCLICALLY suffer that horrific, suicidal, and absolutely FATAL HUBRIS–that madness by which one imagines one is like God–hence w. perfectly “FREE” human will–this is what Jew disease-of-opportunity simply capitalizes upon.

    For remember Jews couldn’t do anything without cooperation–fm over-populated goyim, as I note.

    So u see once again, we’re simply in midst of a socio-biologic phenomena, phase, or “situation” whence we just have tooooooooooo many “over-populated” gentiles given to this madness and delusion of perfectly “free” will–Jew parasites now must thrive, feeding off these hordes of goons, dupes, inferiors, weaklings, and general scum–who believe in “good-evil” delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism).

    Just look at all the “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who worship enemy Israeli terror-state which did 9-11 (see for expo/ref.) and say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist, which Talmud Christ explicitly repudiated at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

    Thus our only hope and strategy must simply be to WEATHERING this present storm, best we can–it just has to run its course, and there’s not much we can do about it but to protecting ourselves, as suckers fall by proverbial “way-side.”

    CONCLUSION: Only thing we can do MUST start w. preaching TRUTH there is no perfectly “free” human will–and thus be confident Jew parasites will destroy themselves once they’ve eliminated host-victims they’ve heretofore lived-off, Jews then having become over-populated themselves, now falling-out–as indeed we seem to see, the “left/liberal” Jews behind communist United Nations (UN) quarelling w. the “right/conservative” Jews (Israeli “zionists” and “neo-cons” allied w. JCs)–with yet a third faction of Jews at lower-level, sociologically, but still amazingly rich compared w. gentiles, who back Ron Paul and Alex Jones. Good luck. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  30. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Gilad Atzmon shows his true colours. That didn’t take long, did it!

    Specifically, lines like this…

    “The EDL calls for taking action against the “Islamization of Britain” and “Muslim fundamentalists”. It is a magnet for extremist right-wing activists and is driven by xenophobia and ethno centrism.”

    So, and, what?

    “I guess that the English Defence League’s leaders are not aware of the fact that their ‘Jewish Division’ is there to exploit the new organization.”

    My guess would be that it was created, is funded, and directed, lock, stock, and barrel by jews.

    “If racist Jews are as ordinary as other bigots,”

    Bigots? Because they demand some say, over JEWISH policies on immigration, that directly affect their communities?

    “However Jewishness (as opposed to Judaism) which Moore clearly succumbs to, contains all the elements of a cult.”

    Now he is a clever, inquisitive jew. He can’t NOT know the score!

    What a lot of shite!

    “Moore must have failed to gather the obvious fact that Britain has aspired to multi ethnic and multi cultural ideologies.”

    Who says so? Since when? It’s news to me!
    I don’t recall that referendum!

    And the result of Britain’s unbridled, enthusiasm for “multi ethnic and multi cultural ideologies”, that have been rammed down its throat, with no debate, oversight, choice, or accountability, to the indigenous population?

  31. Cannibal Rabbi says:
  32. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    On the brighter side!

    “From the Ugly Truth post The Man With The Israeli Accent–USS LIBERTY Survivor’s Life Threatened by Mossad on American Soil While Uncle Sam Yawns comes word that there is a planned movie that will include elements of the Israeli attack on the Liberty in 1967.

    Looking further into Americana Pictures, I found it to be located in Gatlinburg, TN with a mission and philosophy unlike that of Hollywood.”

  33. Count Cherep says:

    If you type the word humanism into the “find” box on Gilad Atzmon’s site, you will get 174 results. A web search for Marxist Humanism shows the relationship between jew-scam Marxism and jew-scam Humanism. Gilad criticizes the jew-scam criminal state of Israhell in order to promote jew-scam Marxist Humanism, just as other jews do to promote jew-scams like feminism and anarchism.

  34. Count Cherep says:

    Follow the Pied Piper into the tall weeds, kiddies. There’ll be some nice humanist jews there that just LOVE children!

  35. Flanders says:

    It wasn’t God or America who made England the way they are described below. It was the nation of international jewry, operating within England and the US, advancing the plan of the Protocols. Implementing the Protocols through stealth, while diminishing the legal powers of the natural and inherent citizens to prevent outrageous conduct undertaken in their name and against the interests of those rightful citizens.

    “‘They have plundered the world in the last 500 years and the young lad in charge now is even more stupid than his predecessor. It’s as if God has made this nation servants of America and Zionists.’

    Iran’s First Vice President [Mohammad-Reza Rahimi] added: ‘England has nothing. Its inhabitants are not human, its officials are not responsible, and it doesn’t even have any natural resources. (They are) a bunch of thick people ruled by a mafia.’”

    Read more:

  36. Flanders says:

    A “Retired couple living in Central Oregon on an acre of land”, are not affected by the Protocols – are they?

    “War props up the economy,” is it said. Oh, really? Just who’s economy? Sixty-six percent of the income growth between 2001 and 2007 went to the top 1% of all Americans. For the first time in U.S. history, banks own a greater share of residential housing net worth in the United States than all individual Americans put together. The bottom 50 percent of income earners in the United States now collectively own less than 1 percent of the nation’s wealth. Wars are not adding any money to my economy. …or yours, either, unless you are a Federal worker, maybe. The average Federal worker now earns 60% more than the average worker in the private sector(stats from Survival Acres). These are the minions who facilitate the atrocities that the Rulers decree. Add in the media talking heads, the sports stars, and the Hollywood glitteroti who distract us from the daily grind.

    The rest of us are in the “service economy.” Read that “we are their servants.”

    I remember when we were not servants.” [Continues]

  37. Canniball Rabbi says:

    Sorry in advance for the long post, but by Christ, the man nails it. Contemporaneously.
    A reminder for those who have read it, and an eye opener for those who haven’t. This is now, only less so. 1937!!!!!??
    Last post, in more ways than one.

    Bagatelles pour un massacre, 1937
    Trifles for a massacre
    Louis-Ferdinand CÉLINE ( From page 27)

    “When I was on the docks in London, I saw plenty of them, the Yids. These weren’t
    Hymie jewelers, these were vicious lowlifes, they ate rats together”

    “They had just left their ghettos, from the depths of Estonia, Croatia, Wallachia,
    Rumelia, and the sties of Bessarabia… They were given in to intrigue, which was the gist of their mumbling…to work their charm on the hard-nose types…and upon the policemen on duty…”
    “Always ever-closer to the policeman…that was their motto… And then let me tell you how they flattered him…how they sweet-talked him… And how the said how strong he was…intelligent! …how admirable he was, the brute!… The cop is inevitably an Irishman… Which always lends itself to the force of illusion. He’s fatuous like all
    Aryans…it goes over… Very quickly he softens into a sausage for the Kikes… he takes
    pity…he invites them in…for a sit by the stove! …a cup of tea”
    “The Jews, they now frequent the guardhouse, they are no longer outside… When it
    comes to crookedness it is they who take first place…”
    “The Jew is already hidden-away, while the whites rail away under the deluge… They
    lash out all about like dogs… They are the ones on the outside, they are the ones howling into the wind…”
    “After the fracas the Kikes would always come around to re-entering into the holds, and infiltrating into the stores, using “papers” and the policeman on duty…”
    “I had always known and understood that the idiots were in
    the majority, and that it has well been predetermined who will win!… Why should I allow myself to be bothered by all of that? It’s all understood in advance”
    “You can well rest assured…that it’s always some Jew who is up to something…from some Kikeish or Masonic committee…”
    “The Judaized Russian is a natural-born jailer, a Chinaman who has missed his calling, a torturer, the perfect master of lackeys.”
    “In all candor, it appears to me that all of those who have returned from Russia talk in
    order to avoid saying anything… They return full of details concerning inconsequential items, while avoiding the essential: they say nothing about the Jew. The Jew is a taboo in all of the books which they present us.”
    “They cheat, they trace around, they dodge about the essential issue: the Jew. It is the consummate sleight-of hand, it is bravado”
    “At the present time, the only important thing for the man of affairs, the literary
    intellectual, the film director, the financier, the industrialist, the politician (for whom this is most important) is not to run afoul of the Jews. The Jews are our masters – here and there, in Russia, in England, in America, everywhere! …Be the clown, the insurgent, the intrepid, the antibourgeois, the fierce righter of wrongs…the Jew doesn’t give a damn! It is entertainment…Gibberings! But don’t touch upon the Jewish question, or you will be quickly put to the fire… Quick as a shot, you will be made to relent, one way or another…The Jew is the King of Gold, at the Bank and in Court… By proxy or in person. He owns everything…the Press…the Theater… the Radio…the Chamber of Deputies…the Senate…the Police…over here, and over there…”
    “Revolution is another story! Infinitely complex! Everything existing as structures within structures, and behind the scenes. And in that backstage are the Jews in command, the absolute masters. Stalin is only a front-man, like Lebrun, like Roosevelt, like Clemenceau. The success of the Bolshevik Revolution can be understood, in its long run, only as having been of the Jews, for the Jews, and by the Jews… Kerensky competently prepared the way for Trotsky, who prepared the way for the current Comintern (Jewish), Jews in matter of sect and race, Jewish racists (as they all are), the armed circumcised avengers of the Jewish passion, of
    Jewish vindictiveness, of Jewish despotism. The Jews egged the wretched of the earth, those stultified by castle and clod, on to the assault on the Romanov citadel…and while they threw the slaves into the assault upon all that perturbed them, with armaments going off and things collapsing here, there and everywhere, those stultified by the clod, the hammer and the sickle, after a moment of drunken jabber, have quickly fallen back under new bosses, new bureaucrats and a new, increasingly Jewish, slavery. That which effectively characterizes
    “progress” in various societies, over the course of centuries, is the rise of the Jew to power, to all of the powers… All of the revolutions have given him an increasingly important status… The Jew who was less than nothing in the time of Nero, is in the process of becoming everything…”
    “No more white ” intellectuals!
    The possibilities for white critics no longer exist!… This is the prime directive implied in every Communist revolution. The Jews can remain in power only on the condition that all of the Party intellectuals be Jews, or at least be furiously Judaized…espoused to Jewesses, halfbreeds, half- and quarter-Jews…(these latter are more rabid than the others…). For the sake of good form, various well-enstooged Aryan figures are tolerated, for the parade before foreigners… brought into perfect submission by favor and fear. All of the non-Jewish intellectuals, that is to say all of those who must not be communists, Jewish and communist being for me synonymous, have all been hounded to death…”
    “The rare surviving Aryans, the former official cadres,
    the ancient families still extant…the rare escapees from the great hecatombs, who continue to vegetate in the government bureaux…the embassies…must give daily proof of their most absolute, most crawling, most extreme submission to the Jewish ideal, that is to say to the supremacy of the Jewish race in every domain: cultural, economic, political… The Jew is a dictator at heart, twenty-five times worse than Mussolini. Democracy is always and above all nothing but the veil of the Jewish Dictatorship.
    Such “liberal” political hobby horses are no longer needed in the USSR. Stalin
    suffices… Frankly Kikeish, he will perhaps become the facile target of anti-Communists around the world, of the rebels against Jewish Imperialism. With Stalin at their head, the Jews are spared. Who is it that is killing everybody in Russia?… who massacres?…”
    “Who is this abject assassin? this super-Borgia executioner? Who is this
    looter? Why, Good Lord! Why, it’s Stalin! It is he who is the scapegoat for all of Russia!
    …For all the Jews! It is not necessary to be hesitant like a tourist, you can recount whatever you want so long as you don’t mention the Jews… Blast the communist system…curse it! thunder… The Jews mock it fantastically! Their conviction has been made! and strongly made! However nightmarishly disgusting one might find Russia, it nonetheless represents the setting into motion of the world revolution, the prelude to the great completely Jewish night! of Israel’s great triumph! You can sprinkle whatever you want over tons and tons of paper, concerning Soviet horrors, you can issue, wad-up, and strike your pages, but however much your pen attacks and labors with indignation, it will only make them laugh all the more…
    They will find you increasingly blind and obtuse… When you proceed everywhere to
    proclaim that the USSR is a hell…you will still be wasting your breath… But it will give
    them less pleasure when you proceed no longer to pretend, and that it is the Jews who are the devils of the new hell! and that all of the goys are the damned.”
    “The Kikes that rule the Universe, they understand them, those secrets of public opinion. Hidden in the corners, they have all of the wires in their hands. Propaganda, gold, advertising, radio, press, the cinema. From Hollywood the Jewess, to Moscow the Yid, same boutique, same telephone, same agencies, same Kikes manning the lookout, the cash drawer, the business affairs. And then, down beneath, crawling along the ground, are the same masses, pliable and imbecilic, of Aryans of starkly limited potential, of credulous types divided one from the other, fore, aft, all about, and above all… An immensity of drunken flesh, the universal teeming and moaning doormat for Jewish feet.”
    “How, I ask you, do they create the idols which populate the dreams of today’s
    generation? How can the most wretched idiot, the most disgusting freak, the most pathetic slut, be transformed into gods? …and goddesses? …received by more souls in a day than Jesus Christ over the course of thousand years?… Publicity! For what does the modern crowd ask? It wants to get down on its knees before Gold, and before Shit!… It has a taste for falsehood, for sham, for farcical nonsense, as no crowd ever has from the very darkest depths of antiquity… So at one stroke, the crowd is force-fed, and it just dies for more… And the more unremarkable, the more of a nullity the chosen idol is at the beginning, the greater are her chances to triumph in the hearts of the crowd… the better publicity can fasten on to her nullity, and penetrate, carrying everything on unto idolatry… It’s those surfaces which are
    smoothest that are the easiest to paint. One erects a Josef Stalin just as one erects a Joan Crawford, the same procedure, the same brazenness, the same swindle, the same effronterous Jews controlling the ropes. Between Hollywood, Paris, New York and Moscow, exists an unbroken circuit of intensive propaganda. Even Charlie Chaplin works for the cause, magnificently, as a great pioneer of Jewish Imperialism. He’s privy to the great secret. Long live the good Jewish whine! Long live the complaint which succeeds! Long live the immense
    lamentation! It tenderizes all of those good hearts, and along with gold it causes all of those walls which present themselves to tumble down. It renders all of those stupid goys even more friable, sappy, malleable, supine,43 non-prejudiced against this, non-prejudiced against that, all-in-all “humanitarian,” internationalist… While waiting I’ve come to know them well! that they are set into boots! Jewish style! and arranged by little shells of ordinance! Within this fondue of sentiments the Jew trims, hacks, gnaws, erodes, poisons, and prospers. The sorrows of the exploited poor, the forced labor at Citroën, the banners of protest at Bader, and Chaplin
    being able to poop billions, at by himself… Long live the excellent Jeremiad! Long live the modern age! Long live the fine Soviets, good Jewbies that they are! Nothing can resist propaganda, it’s all a matter of putting up enough money…and the Jews possess all of the world’s gold…from the Ural Mountains to Alaska! from California unto Persia! from the Klondike to the City! “The City!”.

    I’ll leave it there.

    And for a wry smile in the face of such brilliant reportage/prophesy..

  38. Flanders says:

    An Israeli operative threatening an American on American soil. Once is too much.
    The details will burn at the heart of any true American.

    “One would think that in this–the post 9/11 age–that a direct, face-to-face threat against the life of a decorated American war hero by someone claiming to be an agent working for a Middle Eastern country tied to previous acts of terrorism against the US would rouse some concern.

    That is of course, unless the country from which this foreign agent hails is Israel and the war hero being threatened is a survivor of the USS LIBERTY, attacked by the Jewish state in 1967, leading to the deaths of 34 American servicemen.

    As surreal as it sounds (again, in this the post 9/11 age) this nevertheless is exactly what transpired on the evening of Friday, August 6, to Phillip F. Tourney, decorated war hero and survivor of Israel’s deliberate and pre-meditated attack upon his ship USS LIBERTY 43 years ago who was verbally threatened by a foreign national claiming to work for the government of Israel.” [Details of the encounter continue at the linked article]

  39. Flanders says:

    Sorry to preview your story, Incogman, but your story is definately needed. Note the comment by Arch at 5:42:

    “One can only wonder what the FBI response might have been had Mr. Tourney reported an Iranian agent or an Al Quaeda operative making those threats. The fact is if you are a white male, you are on your own. Rest assured, unless they are politicians, the only follow up cops do for white males is the post murder report on them. What is odd is how the white cops doing this have no clue as to the fact they are in the same boat. Eventually when their usefulness has been expended, their time will come as well. Therein lies our biggest problem while the jews go to great lengths to assist their racial kin, white people obligingly feed their own to the dogs. Here is an interesting comment:

    “Have you noticed how the media are trying to downplay the fact that the election of Obama has been in fact the most racist election in American history?

    Obama has not united America, he has divided America.

    96% of blacks voted for Obama.

    96% reveals that they did not vote on politics – they voted on the grounds of race.

    That is simply the most racist vote in American history.

    That is a racist block vote – that is a declaration of racial separation, it is not a declaration of unity. That is the declaration of a community that sees itself as a racial block – and it is the declaration of a future civil war.

    When a racial group has become so racially polarized that it votes for a politician simply on the grounds of their race – then this is the fundamental precursor to a race war.

    That 96% vote says “we are black first and foremost and our politics are based simply on race.””

    Anyone who accepts the jew’s egalitarian bullshit is a suicidal fool. It’s all about race. This is not a call to hate or reject other races, rather it is notice to support your own race.”

  40. Flanders says:

    I don’t mind if you delete the comments or hold them until after your story is ready, Incogman.

  41. jim says:

    I read that article by Mark Glenn and it made my blood boil!
    Looking forward to your write up on it Incog.

  42. Flanders says:

    Now – How do jews subvert a country? One step at a time – until there are too many steps taken until their host has awakened. By that time many of the host nation are themselves subverted and too many steps have been done for the citizens to respond effectively to each step.

    “Meet some Pentagon Traitors Who Are Selling Out America”

  43. INCOG MAN says:

    I think you meant this to be under my latest post. If you want to copy/paste there, I’ll delete this comment.

  44. Flanders says:

    I have it copied and will redo. I wasn’t aware of the newer post.

  45. anti-zionist says:

    Brutal Defiance, it was the same for me. Came across Henry Fords the international jew and then the protocols and voiala I am now a National Socialist type of guy:)

  46. Barney says:

    I haven’t been here very much lately – other commitments plus ISP problems – so I’ve got a few comments this time, of which the first one (immediately below) is the most important imho.

    BE CAREFUL INCOGMAN. That kikenvermin scum and destroyer of blogs known as Apollonian has wormed his way out of Spamblinka. You’ve already lost one blog. Don’t let that bastard cost you this one. He’s got nothing original to say, and he’s been responsible for the loss of too many of our sources of real information.

    Don’t bother insulting me Apollo. I’ve known you too long to take any notice. At least you know by now that I’m not Curt Maynard. Pity I can’t do to you what some bastard kike just like you did to him.


    Poetic Edda – I agree that we can’t trust ANY Jew, but there are some who seem to be genuine, if only because they not only name the Jew, but supply new information that could be harmful to the kikenvermin. Though we can’t be too careful, a lot of people here are inclined to give “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner the benefit of whatever doubt there may be – unless and until he shows himself to still be an enemy of God and man.

    Henry Makow, another “former” Jew, also seems to be gradually awakening to, and revealing some of, the evil truth, and we know there are a few (very few) helpful Jews like the late Jack Bernstein, murdered by Mossad for daring to publish (some of) the truth.

    I agree that all Jews need to be regarded with the utmost suspicion, but there are some who provide potentially useful information. Perhaps these too will need to be dealt with at the right time, but only time will tell.

    Gman – would you be Gtrman from the old blog?

    Get rid of Apollo’s tribe of devil worshippers and we’ll see what the White Man can really do. It can’t be long now. They’ve crossed so many lines in every country they infest that we MUST deal with every last one of them.


    As for religion, I’m coming round to the late Ben Klassen’s “Creativity” movement. Anyone who’s interested need only Google his name and ignore the ADL entry. His books are available for free download. Start with “Nature’s Eternal Religion”, and then “The White Man’s Bible”. Turn kike-ism back on the kikes.

  47. White Devil says:

    Spamblinka Your Big fat Ass Inclog!

    Go suck a dick you rat bastid!

  48. American says:

    Nice name. Another jew that pretends to be somebody else, in this case his worst fear, an awakened White man.

  49. CSR says:

    This is worth checking out: Asher Ginsberg an Odessa Jew is likely the author of the protocols:

    Ahad Ha’am (Asher Ginsberg) – Writer of the Protocols

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