The Stinking Jews Are The World’s Criminals!


I’M A PATRIOTIC American man; so whenever I read something about what these arrogant Israelis and supposedly “American” Jews now do and openly get away with it — my blood simply boils! These Jews are nothing but a gang of vicious, criminal thugs, spanning the planet. And they all work in cahoots with one other — not only to spy and steal the wealth out of us Goyim and our nations, but to threaten decent people who dare to speak up about their evil criminal activities.

Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney

The media is now going on 24/7 about that stupid Mosque in New York, like we’re all supposed to get bent out of shape about the Muslims spitting in the face of 9/11 families, when it was the GD Zionist Jews and lousy “Shabbos Goys” (Gentiles corrupted by Jew money) who did it in the first place. The Muslims are the designated enemies they want Americans ticked over — just so you don’t start thinking about Jews!

USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney (right) was on vacation in Southern California with his wife of 30 years, Lisa, when a well-dressed man with an Israeli accent, started up a conversation in a motel lounge. Evidently, this mysterious stranger knew exactly who he was talking to and details about the Liberty attack. He was also apparently taping the encounter (possibly to digitize Phil’s voice). He even gloated about what Israel did to the American sailors that day. The bloody Israelis killed 34 and wounded over 170, trying to sink the ship on purpose — the entire business about Israel making a war-time mistake is a total lie.

From Mark Glenn at The Ugly Truth:

Finally, unable to provoke Tourney into throwing that hoped-for first punch, from there the dialogue turned into something right out of an episode of the gangster mini-series The Sopranos. After telling Tourney that the men of the USS LIBERTY “got what they deserved that day,” the man with the Israeli accent admitted he was in fact not a doctor but rather an employee of the same people who murdered the men aboard the LIBERTY 43 years ago. Tourney asked the man what he did specifically, to which the response over and over was “many things“ and “I do whatever my government asks of me.”

Mark Glenn co-wrote Tourney’s book on the Liberty

Catch the point Glenn makes about “The Sopranos” mini-series. That’s exactly what the Jews are — an entire race of International Gangsters! A Turkish/Hunnish race of Eastern Europeans, who think the GD world and America belongs to them.

It sounds like he admitted that his government really was Israel (Jew Crime Headquarters); so that makes him obviously over here to intimidate Tourney, an American citizen, just because of what he wrote. They can’t have Americans getting wise to the deal!

After dropping numerous veiled threats and telling Tourney that a war with Iran would occur within 30 to 60 days, the mysterious man then tries to make it look like Tourney was threatening him. Hotel security arrived, so Tourney left for his room. Later, both Tourney and Mark Glenn (the co-author of Tourney’s book whom the stranger says is on “the list”) filed reports with the FBI, who acted like they could care less about the deal.

The guy was obviously an Israeli MOSSAD or SHIN BET agent, operating freely in the US. Glenn makes a excellent point when he says the FBI would have gone wide open on the case, had this involved any other Mideast country but sacred Israel. Hell, the entire country would have heard the story all over the media!

Just imagine if it was some Iranian agent who did this to an American veteran. Zionist mouth pieces like Sean Hannity and all the rest would be screaming bloody murder!

Folks, we got ourselves a crazed, criminal race living in America, who think they can get clean away with doing anything and everything to American citizens. Not only does the Jew-owned media put a blanket on their activities, but also the US government and authorities charged with protecting American citizenry.

Watch the video below and think hard on how these lousy Jews now feel free to manipulate our political process.

Can you believe this crap?

These traitor Jews now have this commercial running all over the TV attacking House Rep. Glenn Nye (VA) because he dared to sign a letter justifiably condemning Israel. The above commercial lies, saying he “supports HAMAS,” just because he stuck up for the Palestinian people, after the evil Israelis laid waste to Gaza, killing 1400 — many women and children.

Collective punishment? That’s exactly what it was!

Just stop and think about all this. They make a big deal about 88% of the politicians not signing the letter, like these people are such Israel buds. The fact is, the politicians are just too chicken to piss-off the Jews. Hat’s off to Nye for having the courage to sign that letter. Too bad the rest of Congress is filled with totally spineless WORMS, afraid to piss off the powerful and devious Israel Lobby.

These politicians know that pissing off the Jews invites total Jew media attack, should the case warrant it. I know, because I’ve talked to DC political people about the problem. Hell, their voices even dropped to a whisper when they acknowledged the issue to little old me! That’s how bad it is, people.

These Jews will use huge gobs of money to attack any American politician, should he dare to stand up for what’s right.

Just think about all the money it must cost to run all these ads. Unless, of course, the Jew media is giving this Jew group some sweetheart deal. Another thing possible is that the Israeli government is backroom funding the group, using all the dough America pays out to them — which would not surprise me in the least.

The front group behind the ad is the “Emergency Committee for Israel”, complete with a Washington DC address. God knows all the perfidious rich Jews bankrolling them. Trust me: Groups like this don’t spring up overnight and start running expensive TV ad campaigns like this one unless someone big is behind them.

Like I say all the time here on my website: Jewry are a traitorous element to America. They only care about Israel and what’s best for Jews. They are selfish, nervy bastards and I hope all you true American patriots are starting to look at them with suspicion by now.

Leave a message at Glenn Nye’s website telling him you support his efforts and can’t stand the Jew manipulations of America! When writing to Glenn Nye, use postal code 23462 (Virginia Beach) so he’s sure to get the email. Our “open” government won’t allow comments from voters in other districts, but the above zip code will get it through.


OK, so these are just two, relatively small examples of Jewry in action. Granted. But look at all the really big BS scams these bastards have done and are now doing to America today.

It’s the GD Jews who are the problem!

We wouldn’t have all these problems as a country if it wasn’t for these people. The Jew has been jerking our chains for so long it’s ridiculous. Because of their brainwashing about them being the world’s sad victims and all the rest of the PC crap, we don’t dare to say a word or people will call you a Nazi.

This race of Eastern Europeans (who are NOT the descendants of the ancient Israelites) have always been the secret bane to the White Western countries on the planet. The sooner you figure that one out, the more every other GD thing going on will make sense.

Jewry are much like Gypsies, but have taken thievery and con-jobs to a whole new level. Look around: From Wall Street to the Federal Reserve; from DC to Tel Aviv. Bernie Madoff, the Jew who stole over 50 billion dollars, was a mere small potato free lancer as compared to Globalist Jewry!

Look at all the Jews running the Federal Reserve, Wall Street banking like Goldman Sachs and International Jewry like the Rothschilds and Warburgs milking White countries with the Central banking scam. These are the slime corrupting the world and starting wars to benefit Israel and the corporate Military/Industrial complex. It’s all connected, people.

The Jew’s have got such a giant headlock on America it’s not funny. They’ve been slowly subverting this country from within, all the while gaining power and allowing non-Whites to flood our shores to destroy our race’s demographics before we figure out the real deal with this bunch. They can’t have us coming to our senses before they take their plans to the next level.


— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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200 Responses to The Stinking Jews Are The World’s Criminals!

  1. Snow White says:

    So whats wrong with being a Nazi? Everyone is equal right?

  2. Paul says:

    The missing link between the real tribes of Israel and the fakes and phonies are the Ashkenazi Jews.

    This doesn’t offer a solution or make it any easier, but at least the truth can be revealed. There is not secret bond or alliance between Israel and the USA. It is all politically motivated.

    Hate will not destroy it, but a President averse to it, such as Obama, shows in Netanyahu’s expressions. What president Obama has done is ticked off some of the most dangerous men in the world. He will be forever looking over his shoulder waiting for the Mossad to make their move. It is obvious something was planned in the offing with so many recent ‘unusual’ failures of the secret service intentionally letting their guard down.

    Unfortunately, the tea party crowd, such as Ted Cruz, have already drank the cool aide, sold out, and are forever beholding to the Ashkenazi’s. As long as the ATM at the US treasury is working over time the Ashkenazi’s will have an endless supply of US tax payer money.

  3. jamil tamison says:

    Joy of Satan site has much to say about the jews.

  4. IsItSomethingISaid says:

    Became “Jew”/Khazarian-wise about 2 years ago. Wow! Like putting on the Roddy Piper glasses.

    I know A LOT about history, but after becoming Khazarian-wise, it became readily apparent how little I REALLY knew. Most of what I was taught about history was Khazarian propaganda–lies–and things not favorable to the Khazarians were ignored.

    Most revealing have been the Protocols. No wonder the Khazarians have expended so much time and resources on suppressing them. It is like having the other team’s playbook. Things that I did not understand, like the disregard for the destruction they are promulgating, is now clear–they have a MANDATE to destroy their hosts.

    Reed’s “Controversy of Zion” has also been quite enlightening–a road map.

    And for my fellow Christians out there, you better get read up on Scofield and his “bible.” The virus has infected Christianity. Jesus protested the so-called Jews, Pharisees–“brood of vipers.” And will again, “synagogue of Satan.”

    The Jews are NOT salvation, but Satan.

  5. James Smith says:

    “Only 1 political party today: the Nazis.” I quote prima facie facts; The Jews lie about Jewish extermination in a German holocaust. The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians. Terrifying implications for everybody alive today.

    One can only conjecture whether Wilson, who was never examined for mental problems despite his many erratic actions culminating in his final breakdown, did not long to be there with his co-religionaires, a League of Honor which pleasured itself by ripping babies out of their mothers’ wombs, walking knee deep in the blood of their victims, ripping out an eye here, a tongue there, hacking off a leg or an arm, in short, trying to be impartial in dealing out Jewish “justice” to the “non-Russian autocrats” whose only fault was that they had been too stupid and too easy-going to protect their homes and families against the invasions by the Jewish terrorist until it was too late.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn relates that some sixty-six million “real Russians” have been murdered since the Bolshevik Revolution at the hands of the Yiddish revolutionaries, and now two hundred million citizens of the United States await their turn in the abattoirs of the bloodthirsty Zionist terrorists.

    Was it F.B.I. like agents… taking military orders to wholesale slaughter the 100,000 Bolshevik’s police officers. The 15,000 captured were systematically taken out to awaiting grave pits in groups of 300 and shot to death in cold blood. The prima facie incontrovertible evidence comes in the form of. “A man’s last words” found written on kites, paper messages left behind. In hopes of being discovered by the outside investigating world, hidden in their large intestine. Question; why is every single city in America completely surrounded with heavy-duty battle type military equipment?

    Sheriff David Clarke is the new council for national policy “CNP” “pass the baton” replacement for Sheriff Arpaio. Both are drug importers, money launderers, drug traffickers and cold-blooded Christian genocidal savage mass murderers. War criminals and that’s a prima facie incontrovertible empirical fact. And is… prima facie evidence not worthy of criminal investigation? Turn it on “right now” and do it?

    Trump the divide and conquer usurper? All compartmentalized cops; please may I have your attention? Turn their communist game around and reverse it back at them… with real arrests. Focus on the real criminals, our De Rothschild’s infiltrated government and their TV news stations. If we don’t remove the Rothschild war criminals nationwide, then we’ll live under communist rule forever. Iceland and now more countries are arresting and exiling Rothschild’s and their filthy banks. And that’s what’s needed here in America… right now and long over due…

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