It’s Just So Hilarious I Forgot To Laugh!

“‘Conspiracy stuff’ is now shorthand for unspeakable truth.”

– Gore Vidal

Recently, someone in the media described the kind of talk you might see on the Internet as “Paranoia Porn.” Cute, like that so explains matters. In the same vein, these elite media mavens love to diss anyone who has the least doubt about 9/11, or Obama’s constitutional eligibility as “truthers” and “birthers” — obviously trying to lump in these angry Americans with Area 51 and Bigfoot believers. It’s a totally different thing — they know it, we know it.

They laughingly slander awakening Americans as “conspiracy theorists,” since they know they can’t go around calling everyone Nazi and Klansman without us soon figuring out how shallow and vapid these insults really are. It should readily be apparent to everyone by now they want to keep us all stifled, silent and stupid. Unfortunately for them, we’re rapidly figuring out the real deal and the chance of us doing something serious scares the living daylights out of them — for good damn reason.

The underlying reasons for why America now appears “broken” and daily becoming more and more effed-up is because of and directly linked to all these real-life “conspiracies” they so love to belittle.

Read on to the end if you’re brave enough to start thinking about the real deal. But should you wish to continue your sheep-like existence and scratching your big old fat noggin, please do not click the “Continue reading” button!

And this kind of thing is neither “right” or “left.” Neither is it Republican or Democrat. Somehow, someway, you must divorce from your mind the labels they want you to use. See, that’s the cute mind trick they have going on here. They know people naturally put themselves into one group or another, so they’ve exploited this human tendency to divide us up into opposing camps so we’re too busy fighting among ourselves to see “them.”

Let’s separate emotions from facts, for just a minute. Let’s say you have X, Y and Z, which leads you to a perfectly logical and rational conclusion. Then why the hell would that mean you’re a nut? The answer is, these people can’t refute the facts of X, Y and Z, so they fall back on ignoring those things and simply ridicule the obvious conclusion.

You can see this very thing going on when they avoid like the plague reporting on certain topics. Pretty big topics too, stuff that they prefer you not to know anything in the first place, let alone think about. Let’s take a look at a few of these that you can go check out all by your paranoid selves: 

This is the kind of things that laughing TV heads blithely deem “Paranoia Porn.” Imagine that, America — instead of reporting anything on these subjects, they just call you crazy for even knowing about them!

It would seem they prefer to cover piddly, nonsense subjects like the “Balloon Boy” hoax, the “renegade Jet Blue flight attendant,” Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan drug problems, or the never-ending Natalie Hollaway/Jan Van Der Sloot case. Nowadays, much of what they pass off as news, is little more than supermarket tabloid crap.

And let’s not forget any White criminals who always make good copy; the media goes crazy over any horrendous crime if it first appears to be committed by a White person — sometimes even before charges are filed. If a black suspect surfaces, the satellite trucks almost screech out of the parking lots.

People try to say “it’s a slow news day, so they use all this to fill the time.” BULL! They have plenty of stuff they can report on, they just know what they better not. If you pay attention, you’ll see about a 24 hour time lapse on certain stories you might have just read on the Internet. This gives them enough time to decide on how best to spin it.

Except for the usual political demographics slant they pretend to fill (like FOX versus MSNBC), you’ll notice how similar the root topics are from network to network and show to show. It all blends together into a filtered, homogenized mass of crap we call TV “news.”

America’s Potemkin Village

These phony media whores don’t really care one whit about us regular Americans. Whether they work in front of the camera or behind it, they all know what subjects they better not to discuss on the air, should they wish to keep their big fat paychecks. Everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows it. And these media hypocrites have the damn nerve to slander any of us Americans getting wise to the real deal as “conspiracy theorists!” Sorry to say, it also helps that far too many Americans have brains of tapioca pudding anymore, lacking critical thinking skills and usually forgetting something in a week or two.


Sure, they might briefly touch on dangerous things in ambiguous and off-hand ways, usually at times most people don’t watch the news. But it’s really a numbers thing — they’ll talk incessantly on issues they want Americans to get hot and bothered over (like terrorism, Iran and the NY “Ground Zero” Mosque). Usually, they totally ignore subjects they prefer you not knowing anything about. But what does slip out on the occasion, they bank on American viewers not having critical thinking skills, nor the context to make a conclusion.

And haven’t you noticed how they get our attention on something they want you to think is important to Americans, while another big thing is happening elsewhere in the world? This is a game of three-card monte — they hugely inflate something, anything to distract us from the wrong subjects.

Soon, the Israelis will take care of the Palestinian issue once and for all, and God knows what kind of false-flag event, or social upheaval they’ll instigate to keep American minds occupied.

Christopher and Channon

Unfortunately, most people out in TV land just can’t seem to get it, unless a cutesy blond on FOX, or maybe some avuncular Walter Cronkite-type guy tells them is true. Hell, they won’t even listen to their own flesh and blood, if what they say is any different from what a stranger talking head says so on TV. It’s that bad.

But these media people do make poor decisions. Take for example, the unbelievably brutal 2007 torture and rape slaying by a group of blacks of a young White couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, out on a date in Knoxville, Tennessee. Anyone with half a brain left would have realized the horrible facts of this one crime (and not the only “hush” crime, either) more than deserved full-on national news reporting. The media’s handling of this case, or lack thereof, woke up lots of Whites to the real hypocrisies now going on in today’s America.

And this media behavior can’t be blamed simply because of the insidious “liberals,” either. On the surface it may seem so because of “PC,” but we know there are many verbotten issues that should arouse serious ire with liberals, like White slavery in Israel for example. Plus, this “liberal media” has tons of stuff they could hang on so-called “conservatives” but doesn’t, because those particular topics might awaken the sheep!

Just look at all the bull about “nation building” and spreading fears about “Islamofascism,” for example. The very same load of hogwash from Bush and conservatives is still being crammed down our throats by the Obama administration. Get real, people. Nothing ever changes but the faces, regardless of all your egalitarian hopes and dreams they’ve used to brainwash the White race for over 50 years.

Don’t you ever stop and wonder why people like Bush and Clinton can get all buddy-buddy together at golfing tournaments and Haiti relief fund-raising efforts? It’s all a big puppet show, folks.

And sure, Glenn Beck and Kieth Olberman may get close on some subjects on occasion, but never will they cross the Rubicon, go beyond the company line and openly talk about the real power structure that pulls the strings, nor the root causes of today’s global frictions, if you pay the least attention.

If TV showman Glenn Beck was such a Godly and moral-driven man as he makes himself out to be lately, then why the hell doesn’t he say JACK on how the Israelis really treat the Palestinians, some of whom are Christians? Not about the evils back during the times of Hitler and Stalin, but what’s going on today. NOW!

These media hypocrites know enough not to breath a word, or their White butts are out the door toot suite.

What’s the Real Common Denominator, America?

And what is the line the media won’t cross? It’s anything bad to do with the Jews and Israel, of course. They bury this within the Politically Correct/Race excuse, as if we won’t notice.

You can call it the “kosher tyranny” line, if you like (my description). This “Jewish cloaking” is easily enforced by the Politically Correct (PC) blinders they’ve spent the last 50 years installing on everyone’s head, so it doesn’t take a lot of easily noticed censorship efforts. Whatever most people are afraid to say in their own living rooms, works just as beautifully on the TV studio set or in print media editorial offices!

Basically, the PC business works like this: If I say something about Israel, I’m saying something about Jews. And if I say something about Jews, that must make me a Nazi or anti-Semite. Or if I say something about Black on White crime, I must be a racist. And if I say something in support of the Palestinians, then I must of course be a “terrorist” HAMAS lover. This is why people keep their mouths shut on just about everything nowadays.

Pretty GD diabolical scheme, once you think about it!

The PC business has been relatively effective masking the real power structure up till now. With the advent of the Internet, voices can now be heard openly talking about subjects the media won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. They see this going on and want to find a way of stopping it, without too much notice. This is the real reason for Internet censorship efforts.

The latest level of control is all this “conspiracy theorists” ridicule business. This comes into play, should the PC slanders not quite fit, such as 9/11 Truth, or inconvenient history like how the Federal Reserve came into being. They can’t call everyone a racist, you know.

If there’s anyone who gets off on “Paranoia Porn,” it’s the totally masochistic Jews, who constantly talk about the “holocaust” and fret that us “Goyim” will one day turn all Nazi and throw them into concentration camps once again.

This “holocaust” has given the real power structure millions of little minions, who instinctively realize that if White people start thinking about this and that, they might soon go on to something even more dangerous to their future as residents of a country other than sacred Israel — where their loyalties really belong. These little Jew minions are all over the Internet, usually acting like Goyim so the unaware don’t put two and two together as to the true motives behind the comment.

Speaking of the “holocaust” schmeil, you should have noticed by now how much the media ridicules people who express any doubts on this, too. Ever stop to think that it might be a bunch of malarkey? They expect the regular person to go along, not take the time to look into the details and swallow virtually any ridiculous story the Jews want you to believe — hook, line and sinker.

If holocaust “deniers” were so crazy and the supposed facts so cut and dry, then why do Jews work so hard to get laws on the books to legally protect this almost ancient history? Because they know if you look into what others might say, including serious historians, then you just might become another evil “denier.” Just spend a lousy 10 minutes reading my last embedded link, and think.

Folks, the news media is not America’s friend. They are the “gatekeepers” for the Zionist Jew power structure, long busy brainwashing this country. They’ve been doing this for decades now and usually pretty damn good at it, even with the few incorrect decisions made by lower minions. Most people are too concerned with day-to-day life to pick up on these things, nor do they want to inconvenience themselves any more than perhaps slapping a bumper sticker on their beloved import.

And they sure as hell don’t want the neighbors to think they’re a Nazi!

All of this is why the Zionist Globalists can get away with pure murder, like 9/11 — the biggest and most evil false flag event in history with over 3000 innocent people killed. Or how about all these Jew wars overseas, the killing and maiming of thousands of American soldiers, as well as the hundreds of thousands of innocent foreigners getting turned into worm food?

Just look at all this pain and suffering in the world and how the US media works to shield those truly responsible, while keeping good Americans in the dark. Stew on that.

The lousy mainstream media has long turned a blind eye to this same evil power structure stealing the wages of hard working Americans through continuous taxation and inflation (the most insidious form of taxation). People don’t know enough to see they’ve been totally ripped-off since day-one; the wholesale robbery has been going on since 1913, when they passed the Federal Reserve act and the 16th amendment, allowing them to tax your personal income (unconstitutional and not even fully ratified by the states).

Besides Israeli propaganda, the media fills the time with pure crap and fluff. They’ve totally failed to report honestly on truly important topics to America and it’s citizens. These media whores think they can get away with this forever, because they basically think we’re stupid.

Every time these news media people laugh and yuk it up about all us “truthers” and “birthers” out here in Internet land, you have to understand they are spitting right in the face of every single decent American, like you. These news “personalities” are nothing but soft urban elites; callous and corrupt people who care exclusively for their fat paychecks and careers than telling the truth for us little guys. As such, they will get their just rewards soon enough.

Remember this, all you rich hypocrite, pro-Zionist TV people: The revolution will not be televised — because you won’t be around long enough to keep feeding us more bull!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Dave says:

    Yes, “My Name” the Byzantine Catholic Church will save us all… Race means nothing… BLAH BLAH BLAH!

  2. Cleveland here says:

    Hey Dave,

    How are you doing buddy?

    See you are up same old tricks..Why here to?
    Do you get some perverted enjoyment out of getting your fellow Whites mad like we asked at D I C ?

    Just click the link you can see why Ol Dave got banned into the
    Detroit is Crap Cass Corridor..
    That is where trouble makers and trolls are banned until they learn to behave..

    Keep up the good work Incog Man..I really enjoy your blog;area=showposts;u=142

  3. Dave says:


    You have no idea what is happening here. I have no problem with people reading what I’ve said at your little group’s hangout. You probably thought I was talking about the Catholic Church you were raised in didn’t you? You probably think I’m attacking Christianity right? NOT!

    Will I call you perverse names now and talk about “turds” not flushing? Run along now, little piggy. I have nothing to hide, and you’re too stupid to know that you do.

  4. Bella says:

    My thanks to My Name. Plus I must point out that all this religious eye pie in the sky B.S. has got to go.

  5. Cleveland here says:

    No DAVE I was just watching you be your normal irritating troll self like you usually are..
    And by the way I never claimed to be a Catholic or a Christian.

    And people here will notice how truly irritating you are and eventually you will get banned again from here..They just click on the link and all your troll actions pop up
    all 136 unless you start erasing them again..

    You should quit before it gets out of hand Dave..

  6. Dave says:

    Do you have any underlying points to make here, Cleveland? Or is it just gonna be the “your a troll” thing? This isn’t the same level of thought as the type of place your used to. What is your real problem with me? I’ll talk about it if it helps you.

    Call me more names because I view you as an idiot. DO IT! Follow me all across the web! Do all you can to silence me! You’ll not be the first, though the others are known jews.

  7. American born says:

    LOL, 136.
    So thats where youve been at Dave.
    I have to admit, you are one anonying SOB Dave. LOL
    Just kidding Dave.
    Who fucking cares what he said over there??
    I gave up on anti nigger sites almost a year ago.
    Its fun to bash the hell out of niggers(I did for years) but the root of niggerdom is with the jew.
    It is treating the symptom, not the disease.
    Anyhow, Im indifferant on this one. Anti nigger sites awaken many to the jew as well.
    Ive browsed DIC a few times and it looks good to me.
    At this point in my awakening it seems pointless to spend time on niggerdom.

  8. Dave says:

    I have no qualms with nor it’s sister .

    Even “Cleveland” will always have a place in my heart. I was born in Michigan and am well aware of the worthless nature of niggers. Jews can’t be blamed for all the behavior of niggers just as they cannot be blamed for our own.

  9. Cleveland here says:

    No Dave I just stated your a troll..
    And no I don’t follow you around I just has the misfortune of
    stumbling into your trollish behavior again.. Remember you don’t
    care who you get mad, if they are not acting white enough to
    YOUR I just made mention of it..Really no sense in letting you
    trying to destroy another fine forum.

    And American Born thank you for the compliments but we probably bash joos more then coons….. Had some troll problems and many left..

  10. American born says:

    And American Born thank you for the compliments but we probably bash joos more then coons….. Had some troll problems and many left..

    Keep up the good work over there. The key is awakening as many Whites as possible.
    Tables are turning, I live in a nigger infested city as you do. The way to cut the nigger down is the destruction of their enablers.
    niggers, on their own, are completely worthless.

  11. Dave says:

    “No Dave I just stated your a troll..”

    Well, with super geniuses like you at the helm I guess I can go back to sleep then. You got the “trolls” figured out. Everyone who calls you on your foolishness is a “troll”.

    Infantile logic at work. NOPE! That logic is not White enough for me! I’m a racist! One of the Nordic racists that scares everyone!!!

  12. White Wolf says:

    “Richard Kuper, an organizer with the U.K. group, ‘Jews for Justice for Palestinians’, said “one goal is to show that not all Jews support Israeli policies toward Palestinians.”

    Well done Richard. Let me get it right : amongst the Jewish population of 18 million people, worldwide — all you have managed to apparently represent, speak for and collate, is 9 humanist souls who are not happy with Israeli policies.”

    “Also, I would like to advise Mr. Kuper that the goal of a humanitarian mission to Gaza should aim at helping Gazans rather than make Jews look better. ”

    They see it as a PR opportunity!

  13. Julian Lee says:

    Cannibal Rabbi: I’m not gonna read your long Jewey blather. Just putting it back on the record that I consider you a Jewish activist and agent on this blog.

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Julian Lee

    “I consider you a Jewish activist and agent on this blog.”

    Your deductive powers, aren’t exactly in the Sherlock Holmes league, so i can live with that.

  15. My Name says:

    This is going to be AWFULLY LONG & RELIGIOUS
    Those Of You Who Aren’t Inclined Unto Such Things,
    I would Suggest that you just skip it:


    I think that we are all GOD’S Childrem!!!
    jews if you will, hebs if you will not, israel if you will,
    Issac’s son’s, AngloSaxon’s, Issac’sson’s,
    who are the Children of Promise” if ye will not!!!
    Ishmael was also Blessed of GOD!!!
    To Become: “Twelve Tribes/Prices”
    And, “A Great Goyim/Nation”
    The Tree Of Revelation Is For:

    Abraham/Abram was from The Land of UR, of Chaldees, a Chaldean!!!
    While ashkenazis are probably anglo-saxon’s, from the Caucuses, Germanic.

    You still wanna ARGUE who is a CHOSEN-ITE of GOD???
    And, whether in “The Master’s House” there are different vessles CHOSEN
    for disparate purposes???

    In A “GREAT HOUSE” There are many vessels!!!
    Vessels of HONOR and /vessels/ of /dis-honor/;
    vessels of WRATH fitted to DESTRUCTION; Made to be taken and DESTROYED!!!
    And, vessels of HONOR!!!

    Cannot The Master POTTER of The Clay Make What HE Wishes Of “IT”???!!!
    The indigenous inhabitants of “The Land” and thus PURIFY IT, “The Land”!!!
    LEAVEN THE WHOLE LUMP, as it were. Alas they failed MISERABLY in their
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    PROBLEM BEING: /they/ never accomplished that thus the land remains wholly defiled
    to this very day; rather than an HOLY Un-Defiled Pure Land

    are still trying to “win a war” that was lost by them a long time ago!!!
    WITNESS: DNA of Middle East environs.

    And, yep my 1560 Geneava Bible has Jesus Blood-Line As Judaic House Of Judah!!!
    So, yes!!! A: jew!!! A good jew I’d say, even though he is purported to have said call
    no ONE GOOD save your heavenly FATHER, CREATOR, of ALL that is!!!
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    It was always an: IF: … THEN: … ELSE: … STATEMENT on GOD’S part.

    PROBLEM ALSO BEING: /they/ are still trying to genocide the inhabitants of the land
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    BUT??? How Can *you* NOT FAIL???

    WHY DID david NAME THE PLACE /baal/(ba-el/son-of-el/)perazim 1st Chronicles Ch14 V11
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    Plus, the Olde Testament GOD was a racist & taught them war because they
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    But, the haves, are always spoiling for, the poor, have nots, to do some fighting &
    DYING for /them/!!!

    If it were up to me, I’d have an all queer unit that would get to go:
    “valiently to the front & take point”!!! In wars for me.

    Judah the law-giver will have the praise of his brethren;
    for he loved the praises of men; more than the praises of GOD!!!
    Old Testament=jew testament – New Testament=Anti-jew Testament
    The book shouldn’t even be able to be closed between the two testaments!!!
    They should be two separate but equal books, imo. I wouldn’t burn either one or
    the later koran for that matter or any other book for that matter!!!

    And, who is Anti-Christ bit they thay deny that “The CHRIST” has come in the flesh???
    This is that spirit of Anti-Christ 1st John ch4 v3

    “Who can it be now” – Men at Work

    Whether I Am One of The The Twelve Tribes,The Princes, of The Great Nation/Goyim From Ishmael, or no;
    I know not!!! ONLY a DNA test will REVEAL the ANCESTORY of MAN!!!
    IF??? You believe what they who release DNA test results reveal.
    Do they have it down to who is ishmael; who is israel testing yet; i hadn’t HEARD???

    cain & abel, next???

    you “think” you “know” if you have either a murderers or an executioners blood
    lines in you, do you, I wonder, and so what if you did/do???

    That’s what makes the writings attributal to saul/paul HIGHLY SUSPECT to be
    a DUAL AGENT, False Apostle.

    That plus the fact that, that son of a rothschild maid, hitler’s FAVORITE fascist
    bible quote was about government control of the slave/people/cattle/goyim/nations
    in “romans” ch13 as “masonic KJV luck” would have it.
    Templar, bankster memorial numbering, no doubt!!!

    GOD is not a God of the dead but of the LIVING
    Let the dead, bury the dead!!!
    Follow thou me, Jesus, said.
    art thou “in the way”???
    Or, art /thou/: IN THE WAY!!!
    I’ve asked you many questions.
    you gonna answer any of them???

    I stick with the four gospels for the nature of Jesus and look at them with a jaundiced eye.
    DUE TO THE EPIGRAPHER. Only be WISE as a /serpent/, eh???
    Play with venomous snakes & drink poison eh, I think: NOT!!!

    It would seem to me, that to be WISER than the /serpents/ would be far superior to
    only being: “wise as /serpents/”

    Albeit, i understand, the kids of darkness, being “wiser” in their generation, than:
    “The Childrten of Light “. kids who cannot REST upon their beds at night without
    DEVISING EVIL in their minds to do in the morning before they can get to sleep!!!
    DOES The latter in the immediately pre-ceeding above accurately describe you???


    Don’t we have an angel of death, for that???


    What’s GOD need you for??? Oh man, whomsoever, ye may be???


    Whom-so-ever ye may be.
    Boast yourself in GOD, do you???

    “devil or angel, please make up your mind” – bobby vee
    PRIDE is the sin of the devil & pride goeth before a/”The Fall”.

    It’s a black and white world.
    I didn’t make it that way.
    It’s merely the way I found it.

    Man has a fallen nature. “Let us make man in our image” – Genesis ch1 v26
    So, Satan went forth from the presence of the LORD. Job ch1 v12
    schizo, mpd, psycho, anti-social, socio-pathic, personality types,
    the duality of man, explained/revealed???

    “City of Refuge”??? ANY-ONE??? And, is ra el???

    SURE! Egypt, was the one country that wanted the jews to stay there. RIIIGHT
    Are the jews a thriving community there yet after these past 6,000 years??? NO!!!
    Fudge, resume. Yeah, that ol’ pharoah really didn’t want us jews to go,
    we were just “hell bent” on leaving. HELL is a place in the “promised land”/”holy-land”.
    Death & Hell are cast into a “lake of fire” which is the second death. Revelation ch v
    Funny place to go to. A hot dry desert land flowing with milk & honey & grapes
    so large it took two rothschilds to carry one sprig between them, hanging from a stick
    between the two of them. Anyway, lets: Make It 80 or 81 whatever the hell it is!!!

    88 is a little to TAINTED by white germanic jewsish ashkenazi blood lines for me.
    We have met the enemy and he is us. Careful what you wish/pray for;
    you just might get it! I’ll take: Peace On Earth For A Thousand Years, Alex
    Tell ’em what they’ve won don pardo: An Apartheid Walled Off City Of Refuge In The Desert.
    For without are dogs. Yeah but are they keeping you in or are you keeping them out.
    No Matter!!! My GOD’S bigger than that.

    Well what the revelation from DNA is, from those who release, the revelation
    (just like The Book is from the hands of those who wrote The Book) (WHO BENEFITS???))
    that all DNA tested reveals: that all are jews/What-Have-Yous/=jew!!!
    Just like The Bible says: The /chosen ones/ MISCEGENATED/race-mixed and
    worshipped other /god’s/ /themseleves/ RIGHT OUT OF THE RACIAL PURITY OF EXISTENCE!!!

    Now, we know that The Bible tells of: USURPERS, INTERLOPERS, USURERS, SLAVERS
    they who would “Make a Name” for /themselves/ lest /they/ perish from off the Earth!!!
    That Sounds EXACTLY Like The FEAR That The Murdere cain Had Doesn’t It???
    Anyway, /they/ self-identify as jews. GOD said that /they/ would become: a by-word!!!
    You been jewed, lately??? Lawyer, sail you down the river???

    not a nation/goyim after the carnality of the fleshly blood lines!!!
    cain & able had the same mother & father!!!
    Blood-Line wasn’t the decider as regards salvation.

    Believers, THE CHILDREN of FAITHFULNES, NOT WHORES, are said to be the
    inheritors of eternal salvation!!! I wouldn’t know. There is no GOD that I am Aware of
    that I can PROVE and we don’t seem to have too many people being ressurected
    from the dead providing us with irrefutable EVIDENCE of any sort.
    So, one will have to take it or leave it on FAITH, like father abram, did when he

    Not NOW; Nor NEVER, has it EVER been a carnal after-the-flesh nation/goyim/country!!!
    Not A: country!!!

    ’till /they/ PROVED /themselves/ otherWISE /crooked/
    by the ill-gotten gains of a fallen nature.

    The question is:
    Have *you* repented your other wisdom
    gained by your DISOBEDIANCE or: not???
    Are you a “good child”???
    or, are /you/ a “bad kid”???
    Are you a “good jew”???
    or, are /you/ a “bad /jew/”???
    You know, CROOKED!
    Some-one, that would /jew/, some-body for some-thing,
    like their rightful inheritance!!!

    “Lovest thou me more than these???” John ch21 v15

    MURDERERS hands that shed “INNOCENT BLOOD”
    These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
    A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
    Proverbs ch6 v16-19

  16. My Name says:

    yes sir!!!

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Israel Cyber-Attacks Iranian Nuke Plant With Stuxnet Computer Virus

    I found this at What Really Happened. Notice the Hasbarats in the comments assuring people it isn’t Israel, it’s the U.S. government.

  18. Barney says:

    I haven’t had time to read all the comments (partly due to continuing ISP problems), but there’s one point I’d like to make regarding all this “PC” crap that’s being rammed down everyone’s throats.

    When the thoroughly evil maggot thatcher (intentional spelling) first started spouting this commie nonsense, we in the UK (Jew K) were deliberately led to believe that it was just the ravings of a few demented idiots. What we were not told was that political “correctness” had already been made “law”.

    Nowadays invalid laws are simply rubber stamped into existence without publicity and without parliamentary debate or any other constitutional procedure, so I would be very surprised to find that this has NOT already happened in the US. Like us 20 years ago, you probably have these “PC” laws in place already, just waiting to be unleashed whenever yehudi decides it’s time to crack down on dissent.

    If you can, move to the Pacific NorthWest NOW. Harold Covington may not have all the answers, but you’ll stand a better chance of survival among like-minded Whites, and we know we don’t have much time left before the shtf.

    If only it were that simple here in England, but despite everything, I know we WILL drive the bastards out. I hope the earthworms can survive on kosher meat. There’ll be plenty of it when the time comes.

  19. K. Tate says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that the so-called holocaust is, if anything, greatly exaggerated. Back in the late 60’s I came home from school to find my father at the kitchen table, pen, paper, hand calculator, and a couple books at hand, quizzically shaking his head. It doesn’t add up, he said, 6,000,000 could not have died. My dad was no nazi. He was a socialist and great admirer of the jews. Remember folks, this was the late 60’s. This lie/exaggeration got him to thinking. Over the years this admiration dwindled away.

  20. k says:

    I wanted to give the web site “White Watch” a piece of my mind ,but I was afraid of them finding out who I am, but did anyone else comment on this web site?
    I also feel the subjects mentioned come as an eye opener to me . Eventhough ,I have always had a resentment towards the Jews, I never realized the full extent of their evil until I started reading your web site as well as David Duke, and several others.
    Thank Incogman for presenting the info. you present on your web site.

  21. Flanders says:

    “The future founders of Hollywood came to America with little money, “but they brought with them a new vision of America,” the narrator states. “Hollywood was a dream, dreamt by Jews fleeing a nightmare.”

    A Pro-jew video, the one discussed in the article above (which should be read beforehand), exposes the early control by jews over the movie and film industry.

  22. Flanders says:

    “Israel is the most immediate threat to the future of the planet” – Jeffrey Blankfort

    An important interview with an American man, Jeffrey Blankfort, who sued and won a lawsuit against the jewish ADL (the Zionist organization Anti-Defamation League) and who has made a statement in one portion of the interview about the press. A portion is below. The entire interview should be read for many important common-sense points and revelations which he makes on several subject areas.

    “It is not the government that prevents criticism from Israel in the media but fear of the repercussions that are guaranteed to follow any genuine criticism be it written or in cartoon form in the U.S. media, even when that criticism is leveled by a Jewish journalist. There are several organizations, most prominently the Anti-Defamation League, CAMERA, and Honest Reporting which are able to unleash at a moment’s notice a torrent of emails and letters to the editor, and in certain cases, visits to the offices of an offending newspaper, to make sure those in the media know what they can and cannot write. Since there is no corresponding pressure from Israel’s critics in the public, most editors choose to avoid a fight.

    There was a time when a number of columnists in the mainstream press did write critically of Israel and got away with it. But that was 20 years ago and they are no longer around”.

  23. Actually good article, it was a plaisure to read it. I sent it to all my friends. Actually thank you, every little thing is de facto true.

  24. Lynda says:

    I agree with you Julian. I also consider Cannibal Rabbi to be a Jewish agent on this blog. I think I even awarded him ‘the Schmuley’ a few months ago for his joodoo.

    I think for those who have Cannibal Rabbi on their jewdar, they can learn a lot about joodoo from his posts. I look forward to your comments as we go along.

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