Senate Blocks Vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Yesterday, the Senate decided not to vote on langauge in a new defense appropriation bill to allow repeal of Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy; at least until after the November elections, anyways. If it was passed and signed by Obama (is there any doubt?), it would have allowed homos to serve openly in the military. Sodomites would have been all twittered up to join as out and out homos alongside each other.

Of course, the above photo illustration is a bit misleading. Not so much because of the flaming fag attire they so love to comport themselves in, but where these freaks will really end-up. You won’t see this kind in the front ranks exposed to real combat danger and privations — most of them are too limp-wristed and prone to hysterics, as you well know.

No, they’ll end-up behind the lines as indecisive, do-nothing officers and noncoms, paper-pushers and supply clerks, away from most of the real danger, alongside the rare Jew serviceman. As usual, this will force more White Christian heteros up front to pick up the slack, exposing real Americans to even more battlefield death and wounds. The last time I seriously looked into the matter (2006), 74% of all military casualties were White Christian males, virtually all heteros no doubt.

Sure, on the rare occasion you might get a tough-guy homo. It’s hard to say, until you’re in combat and under fire with them. But that goes for everybody, actually. However, I bet dollars to donuts most of your usual homo types will start blubbering away like little crybabies the moment hostile rounds zing by and start pinging off the rocks. Hell, this type will complain if they get a little hang nail or something is not color-coordinated enough on their uniforms.

No, they’ll do everything they can to put these gayboys in headquarter companies. The officers at the brigade level won’t want the homos to loose it and destroy squad integrity; it might embarrass their commands and risk their careers. The pillow-biters won’t mind; they’ll be happy to get it in the rear with the gear. After putting in 8 hours checking off boxes on forms, they’ll swagger and strut like peacocks down to the shower tents, or rush off for hummers behind the humvees.

Unfortunately, straight soldiers will accidently come across and witness all sorts of vile sex acts, just about anywhere imagination leads cheeky gayboys in the field. Plus, the poofters will undoubtedly try to put the moves on any weak and confused soldiers, trying to enlist even more recruits for the pink force.

And what about those decent soldiers who left wives back home and have to live with faggy fraternization? In between bouts of retching, they’ll be forced to keep their mouths shut, that’s what. “Male bonding” is the reason why gays will join in the first place; so hell, don’t tell me these homos won’t do their thing every chance they get!

The Dutch “military” allows Nancy-boys to openly serve in the ranks. This is why they are well-known to be generally worthless as combat troops.

Back during the Bosnian-Herzegovina business in 1995, a Serbian force simply ordered a Dutch UN “peacekeeper” battalion protecting Srebrenica to drop their weapons. Instead of fighting back like men, the sissies quickly complied and were all handcuffed to telephone poles (probably quite a few had their pants pulled down past their thongs, too). This allowed the Serbs to massacre something like 8000 Bosnian Muslims (who massacred a lot of Serbs back in WWII). Because of the PC media, most Americans heard nothing about these chicken homo Dutch soldiers.

When Nato general and retired Marine corp officer, John Sheehan told of this story recently, the Dutch and the lousy liberal media howled outrage that he would dare put any blame on gayness. As usual, because of Jewy PC, we have to stupidly ignore good old-fashioned common sense.

Which brings us to a serious issue about homos in the military. Contrary to PC wishes and dreams, the real world hates homos simply because it’s so sick and unnatural. Enemy forces will execute any captured American soldiers outright, calling them all homos. To further humiliate and torture the infidel, some may even get anally raped by sick enemy bastards, who don’t see any problems doing goats back home.

And why can’t these flaming fags be happy working as floral arrangers, fashion designers or flamenco dance instructors, for crying out loud? Sodomites or Dykes, there’s only about 4% of the population that have gay tendencies anyways.

I also know the Jews are going to come here blathering about me being a “latent” homo for talking about this kind of thing. See, that’s how they slime-up any country, by calling us decent Americans names should we dare say anything about the gay business or anything else they feel like pushing on the rest of us. You know something, Jews? I could care less what you nation wreckers got to say. Capiche?

Trust me, this is not the end of all this “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” business. They’ll wait until after the November elections and bring it back for another go. Latrine Queens are bound and detrimined to do their thing, whenever and wherever. They want us straights to see how insanely perverted they can be and get all disgusted; see, that’s the thing that really gets them off — big time. Gayness is indeed some kind of foul mental disease — I don’t give a damn what some worthless, Talmudic Jew psychiatrist has to say.

Yep, we had better do something about Jewry’s destruction of our country and fast. If not, we’re going to have more and more casualties, not only due to these ridiculous, immoral wars for Israel, but also because of all these lousy social engineering efforts from subversive SOB Jews back home in the US — traitorous Jews who are really Israelis to begin with.

— Phillip Marlowe

DREAM ACT also defeated, for now

Could Jews Get Anymore Gay?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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89 Responses to Senate Blocks Vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

  1. Hoff says:

    One man who’d been in the Office had told me he’d been to some parties—some bashes—at Shlomo’s camp, killing the Germans there. He’d told me, “They deserved it,” and, when the service ended, I sought him out. His original name was Moshe, or Moses, he’d just put a bunch of orange and yellow marigolds on a gray granite stone for his father, who, the stone said, had died in May, 1944, he
    was walking away and I greeted him, and I told him the Poles might prosecute his Swietochlowice
    comrade Shlomo Morel. Moshe was just incredulous.

    “For killing some Germans? For that?” Moshe said. “For that he should get a medal!”

    The man had the
    rough, rugged features of Spencer Tracy and was wearing a blue shirt, a loosened blue tie, and, in his
    thick, curly hair, a blue skullcap.
    “But Moshe,” I said, except that I used his American name. “Do you really know that the Germans at
    Swietochlowice were Nazis? Or—”
    “How should I know?”
    “Or were they just Germans who got picked up?”
    “Too bad for them.”
    “But some of the Germans—”
    “For that they would prosecute someone?”
    “But some were just fourteen, fifteen years old.”
    “We could talk about that,” said Moshe. “The fourteen, fifteen year olds used to go with big dogs,
    used to rip apart people, so that’s no excuse to be fourteen, fifteen years old. Let them drop dead,” said
    Moshe. “We should have dropped an atom bomb on Germany and killed everyone, innocent and guilty,
    and I bet that ninety-nine percent of the people here feel that way. Ask him,” said Moshe, and he
    turned to a man whose original name was Mendel and who’d been in the concentration camp at
    Plaszow. “Should have the Germans survived?” said Moshe.
    “Absolutely not!” Mendel said.

  2. Hoff says:

    John Sack is a jew.

  3. Kraus says:

    I don’t subscribe to the theory that says if one is opposed to homosexuality, one is probably a homosexual oneself. That’s absurd. It’s like saying that people who are opposed to jewish supremacy secretly desire to be jews themselves.

    Having said that, a lot of self-proclaimed White Nationalists start talking like old-time Christian bible-thumping conservative Republicans when it comes to “gays in the military”. Who cares if this stupid “don’t ask, don’t tell” crap is repealed, or not? Do you people think that homos have some sort of awesome power that enables them to sodomize heterosexuals at will? You think homos serving openly will be “demoralizing”–well, do you actually want “our” military to be as strong as it can possibly be, so we can kill all the enemies of Israel and make the world safe for Judeo-marxism?

    If the admission of openly homosexual people to the military makes heterosexuals think twice about joining, that’s a GOOD thing. This whole rotten mess needs to collapse so we can get on with building a White nation for White people. The US military enforces jewish supremacy around the world. If a few homos in the ranks can bring about its moral collapse, they should probably be given medals of honor.

  4. Legion Aire says:

    Whether you like it or not some people are uneasy around people who are homosexual. It doesn’t matter if they are worried about being raped or just feel a strong aversion to that type of lifestyle. When a soldier is in combat you do not want him worrying about those in his unit instead of those downrange. Many that are stupid enough to admit to their squad mates that they are gay do not get discharged for it, they accidentally get shot.

    The men who serve are not doing it so they can be a political statement, the majority in the military, do not want to be around homosexuals, they want others similar to themselves to make the brotherhood bond that much easier to establish. This bond is an integral part of serving in a forward area, and should not be fucked with just to appear more politically correct.

    If gays are allowed in will they be allowed all the exemptions the females are given? Will they be given their own barracks and latrines or would they share the common facilities based on their gender? How would you separate the groups so as to avoid sexual intercourse and intimidation? Now it is well known that there is still fornication between the sexes, but the brass does try to limit the amount by separating the sexes as much as possible. I personally do not believe in the, don’t ask don’t tell policy, I think it should just be if you are gay you are not welcome in the military. It has nothing to do with homophobia or anything along those lines it has more to do with finding common ground with those in your squad or platoon.

    It really has nothing to do with those trying to join the military now, because there is not a clamoring for this, it is about those already serving. Those who want out but because of the decline in enlistment are not allowed to, or even those wanting to make a career out of it, should not be used as further fodder for the politically correct to feel like they need to make the military more up to date and more diverse in appearance. It seems like all those who want to allow this have never served in a combat zone so trying to get them to understand is utterly useless.

  5. Marshall says:

    Does that mean the V.A. is supposed to pay for AIDS treatment now TOO? As if they aren’t overbudget already, and can’t even take care of regular vets who are sleeping under bridges. What if you’re in a foxhole with a fag with AIDS…he gets hit, and his blood sprays in your eyes or mouth?

    You now have instant AIDS!!! Just great. As if the enemy wasn’t enough to deal with. Can you imagine having to get field triage from an AIDS-infested gay? You might recover from your wounds but you’re still a walking dead man.


  6. Marshall says:

    Hey Jen!!!

    Remember…San Francisco is where Michael “Savage” err I mean “Weiner” lives. He feels right at home, I’m sure. He’s a Shlomosexual too. Another little tidbit about Weiner-

    He used to be best friends with “Howl” scribe and confirmed sodomite Allen Ginsberg, who also was a big wheel with NAMBLA, (North American Man-Boy Love Association.)

    They wrote “love letters” to each other back in the 60’s when Savage was Michael Weiner:

    Dear Allen:

    After speaking to you on the phone about how nice the black-white thing is in mountain villages in Fiji, I walked downstairs to the school courtyard, where a little-known black brother looks at me, takes my hand gently, we do some old-world Lower East Side finger tricks, and he peacefully kisses the back of my hand—I do the same for his hand. I told him about our brief talk, and he says, “I must have felt the vibes.”

    Michael Weiner

    That’s from 1970. There is also a photo of Ginsberg and Savage swimming naked together in the balmy waters off of Fiji, which I need to hunt up again on the web LMAO Jen!!!

  7. Jen says:

    Thanks for sharing that Marshall!

    It’s that time of the year again:

  8. jim says:

    Speaking of shlomo’s, get your barf bags ready for this comment from Rep. Bwaney Fwank about letting Jonathan Pollard the spy free from incarceration:
    “A statement released by Democratic Representative Barney Frank “notes the positive impact that a grant of clemency would have in Israel, as a strong indication of the goodwill of our nation towards Israel and the Israeli people.”
    Anybody feeling goodwill towards IsraHELL now?
    Read the whole story on Pollard here:

  9. Marshall says:

    Hey Jen…

    Would any person in their right mind want to raise a child anywhere near that? We are told that “Muslims hate our Freedom.” Really.

    I would have to say that Muslims hate Jewish depravity, for they know it well, and have for far longer than you or I have been exposed to it.

    Shlomosexuals in the streets of San Francisco are nobody to “fight for” are they? I’m supposed to the defend the USA? Muslims ain’t so bad…and when they call the USA “The Great Satan,” damn if they don’t have a point!!! JEW-controlled USA= “Great Satan” 100%…I agree!!! This Ahmedijhad guy, (sp.) Is telling the TRUTH!!!

    If 1.2 BILLION Muslims were as bad as JEW organized major media portrays them to be, surely they would have done something post- 911 in the USA by now. “Sleeper cells” and other crap terms Jews use to enable them to increase surveillance over all citizens of the USA, that’s all it is. I don’t think there ARE any “Muslim sleeper cells” of terrorists in the USA at all. I don’t think there are serious “Nazi groups” around either.

    The intensity with which Jewlywood produces movies to incite people to “hate Muslims” OR “Nazis” increases rapidly with their sense that their illusionary control over the American public is starting to slip, which it most definitely is. 🙂

    The truth is that plans were laid long ago for Isn’trael to become “Greater Eretz Isn’trael.” From the Tigris to the Euphrates, this is the entire land a Zionist wants. I have a map of it somewhere, but it basically includes parts of ALL of the countries we are told are our…

    “ENEMIES” in the region specified.

    Apparently, the very flag of Isn’trael reflects this goal. Supposedly the light blue bar at the top represents one river, and the one at the bottom represents the other, with the Isn’trael HEXAGRAM squatting in the middle. Well, if anybody looks into a “hexagram” you will find three sixes in there immediately.

    Biblically, it is recorded that King Solomon received 666 talents of gold as tax payments…pretty strange, hmm? Here Masons go wanting to rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

    Well, well, well.

    There you have it.

    Marsh 🙂

  10. Marshall says:

    TV DINNERS, and CHICKEN SPINNERS…one and the same!!! Talmudvision 24/7/365.

    Marsh 😀

  11. Jen says:

    “Muslims ain’t so bad ..”

    No Jews and No Muslims, Marsh!

  12. White Wolf says:

    Jen, next time it rains, don’t put on a jacket – just swat at the raindrops as fast as you can.
    Or better yet, next time your hose is running and flooding your flowerbed, don’t go shut it off, just take a big cup, and scoop that water out of that flowerbed whenever it starts fillin’ back up.

    We got it. There’s “water” all over the place.
    Now, back to focusing on shutting the whole thing down.
    At the source, Jen – the source.

  13. White Wolf says:

    I know Europe is getting flooded with Muslims en-masse, just as JewSA is being flooded with “jew-name-it”, mostly Mexicans – ALL White Nations are being jew-flooded with ornry 3rd-worlders, coming for what the jew promises them. If we don’t address the jew death-grip upon all White Nations, we run the risk of facing literally insurmountable odds. Fortunately, many are and continue to discover the root of White Genocide. Nevertheless, getting caught up in jew-side-trips (herding!) has gotten us to here in the first place, and will be the end of us, if we don’t keep our focus.

  14. jimbo says:

    “White Wolf”…..

    Jimbo the Shrieking Make-believe White Wretch “smartly” recommends


    You are trash if you are “white”.
    I don’t buy it though.

    You are a pathetic individual with poison in your mind, Jimby-O the make-believe WN

    just utilising the ½-time break in the AFL “grand final” (Collingwood vrs St Kilda!…..GO! Saints!) to respond to this prick!

    naturally: you can’t rebut any-fckn-thing i say…just like that other drongo from Pommie-land couldn’t!

    if you think that a “grab-bag” of feminists, faggots, gun-grabbers, abortionists, multi-culturalists &c get “automatic right of entry” into a New White Imperium simply because of their “skin colour”, then, IMO, you’re the FAKE “WN”!

    my WN credentials are “up there”…..shed blood !

    wtf are YOURS, shit-4-brainz ?!?

    ohh…..incidentally….have you got WN “cred” similar to “C18-thug” the owner/proprietor of Blood & Honour?….he conducted a “poll” some years ago that firmly plonked “jewed-out” whites as our biggest enemies….over & above jews, niggers or other mudz!

    Prfssr Kevin MacDonald says the same….in CoC…….i’m in very good company!

    what sort of “company” are you keeping these days?

    kike company, perhaps?…..maybe you spat the dummy because you suddenly realised that you, your-self, fall into the “pseudo-kike” category, eh?!?

    ho hum!…..enough time wasted on this blonk!

    back to the Grand Final!

  15. White Wolf says:

    You say
    “WNs should there-fore prepare for “a civil war/race war” against other white adults first….we must obliterate them before “taking on” the jews, the niggers and the mystery meat(s)!”

    I say you’re full of shit.
    What you say – full of shit.

  16. White Wolf says:

    I agree many whites cannot be counted on, and that many will be lost, but I’m still going strait to the jew.
    And I sure as hell ain’t killing my mom for having her head stuffed full of jew propoganda, brainwashing etc. their whole lives. Most will stand around petrified when things go haywire.
    Calling for 3/4 of Whites being irreconcilably lost to be killed off is REPREHENSIBLE.

  17. jimbo says:

    uh……just so that people don’t get the wrong idea….i was talking about ¾ of the adult white population!

    i couldn’t give a black-and-blue STUFF wtf “the usual suspects” here think i did or didn’t mean!

    William Pierce, in The Turner Diaries posited a total global population of fifty million white people post-white-revolution!

    clearly, most white adults simply won’t “cut” it…..there comes “a point of no return” when they are so “jewed” that they are, in effect, irredemable…..@ the moment, we have pretty much crossed that

    (AFL Grand Final a stunning 68-pnt-a-piece “draw”….to be re-played next week! GO! Saints!)

  18. Dave says:

    “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    Are you White, jimbo?

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Check out this grotesque harpy, haranguing a “queerengberg rally”.

    If the troops don’t like sodomites, they are ordered to go home!

    No more wars then!

    It could work.

  20. White Wolf says:

    “clearly, most white adults simply won’t “cut” it…..there comes “a point of no return” when they are so “jewed” that they are, in effect, irredemable…..@ the moment, we have pretty much crossed that

    You’ve crossed that rubicon awhile ago, Jimby-O. You are a blight on all that is White.

  21. Kraus says:

    The men who serve are not doing it so they can be a political statement, the majority in the military, do not want to be around homosexuals, they want others similar to themselves to make the brotherhood bond that much easier to establish.

    That’s nice. White male soldiers can be brothers with niggers, spics, and any other mystery meat, so long as they’re all heterosexual. When they’re on leave, they can chase White girls together. White female soldiers can chase nigger males, just like their black and brown sisters.

    I’ll say it again: The US military is a tool of ZOG. It enforces jewish supremacy around the world. It is a racially and sexually mixed mercenary force, ready to fire upon the citizens of its own country, should it be ordered to do so. It is a laboratory for judeo-marxist social engineers. It has no interest in protecting Whites–in fact, just the opposite. Therefore, no one who considers himself a White Nationalist should want to see it preserved, let alone strengthened. It should be of no concern to us, because it is a despicable institution that serves jewish interests.

  22. jimbo says:

    just a “clarification”, re: my comments on the “¾ of white adults” estimate!

    in “The Turner Diaries”, the only white people, apart from white children and WNs, that were admitted to the New White Imperium were those white people who had “very special skills/talents and/or highly valuable genetic traits” (presumably, Pierce, in that instance, meant, pretty much, “pure Nordic” DNA!)

    basically, i’d concur with that…with the proviso that such “white people” be put on a form of “probation” whilst being re-educated/de-programmed to ensure that they didn’t “re-infect” the pure and innocent minds of white children (our most precious resource!) with ZOG’s mind-fuck-filth!

    i’d also add a further “category”…..basically, those white women who could be categorised as irredemable “ZOG-bots” (a very large proportion, @ present!)…..infected, to any significant degree, with feminism, race-mixing, political correctness, nigger loving, kike-kissing mind-sets…..included in that category would, of course, be any “white woman” who had aborted a healthy white baby!

    if such “white women” are still of “healthy, breeding age”, then, it would be a shame to squander that genetic resource…..i advocate placing them in “birthing camps” where they’re forced to produce a minimum of four white babies (maybe by the utilisation of “fertility drugs”) and, then, “disposed” of post-haste…..they being too fucked up with ZOG mind-garbage to be of any further use to a New White Imperium and they being too bloody dangerous to “let loose” in a new white community because of the ZOG “mind-germs” they would still be carrying!

    the white babies so born could then be “adopted out” to other WN families or, even, to WN couples who, for what-ever reason, cannot have children of their own!

    personally, i consider “¼-of-white adults” to be a pretty generous estimate….Pierce, himself, would never put “the redeemable remnant” of white adults at much more than 10%….but….i have “stretched” it to include: any white adult who is affiliated with any pro-white org’ (CotC, NSM, KKK, Aryan Nations, HammerSkins, Blood & Honour &c!) or who has made donations to such and any white adult who could be identified as “on the verge” of being racially aware (i.e: for instance, they dis-like niggers and other muds but haven’t quite grasped “the jewish question” yet!)!

    i don’t envisage my-self as ever being in the position to say “who stays and who goes!” but, i contend, the above criteria are as close as any-one could get to a set of “reasonable requirements” for admittance to a New White Imperium!

  23. White Wolf says:

    Reclaim what we may, Jimbo?
    Sounds reasonable.

  24. IRS Attorney says:

    Anon: The purpose wasn’t to be self-deprecating but simply to acknowledge that our current battle is one where our side has little power to change what is (1) the attitude of Congress towards expats; (2) the dominant narrative in the media; (3) the laws that apparently make us into permanent slaves of the USA, no matter where we go to escape. We have been able to use the new media to our advantage. If this crisis had happened 20 years ago, I wonder how we would ever have made our voice heard. Thus, we have made some considerable strides, and the justice of our cause is being heard. The current regime in Washington DC must take notice. They cannot make us disappear so easily as oppressors have in the past destroyed poor and powerless.

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