Ever notice how the Jews are always trying to paint us patriotic White Americans as Nazis the moment we say JACK about anything to do with Jews and Israel? Here’s some hysterical Jew,* “exposing” me on his blog, saying: “He even overtly cites a white supremacist website as one of its sources!” OMG! I put in a link to David Duke on my site, so that must prove I’m an EVIL WHITE SU-PREM-A-CIST NAAAH-ZIII!

OK, OK, I’ll admit it now. I was in Germany during the Third Reich and a big time Nazi. Hell, I was best buds with Herr Führer man and even hooked him up with the charmful-armful Eva Braun. Luftwaffe boss Hermann Goering and I loved to “Party” together, downing Jägermeister shots, chasing hot Hitler groupies and hunting feral Kikeaboars (a little known game species) on his massive Prussian estate. I bagged the biggest Kikeaboar sow of the 1938 German hunting season there — pissing off the chubby Goering to no end.

Yep, those were some heady times for us Nazi Party boys, alright. I still have a lot of photos from my early days which I’ll share with you here for the first time. And I’m sure all the Jews will now be giddy with glee, yelling “I told you so” to the entire world!

ACHTUNG! All you crazed “Never Again” Jews had better not click the “Continue reading” button or you might be seized with a heart palpitations and collapse stone cold dead in front of the computer monitor. On second thought, please go ahead!

On the authority vested in me by the Führer, I hereby order you to click the play button for a little background music!

Early photos of me in my beloved hometown of Big Schlonghof, Bavaria.

Here I’m giving my fiery “Free Cold Beer for the Workers” speech. This was what really sparked the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, but Jew historians gave Hitler all the credit!

Inspecting the Party faithful before mein Führer’s arrival at the giant Nuremburg rally.

Can you spot me happily goose-stepping into Poland?

Us Evil Nazis are always on the go, let me tell you.

Paris was a great spot for vacationing Nazis!

I so enjoyed making French faggots cry.

Here I am trying to get Himmler’s attention about a problem with train schedules but the SOB is too busy flirting with Eva behind the camera!

Evil Nazis best buds of the Evil Muslims? The horror. The horror.

Wunderbar! It’s great being a mean Nazi with a cute little tushie.

Friggin’ Jews always trying to bribe my Evil Nazi ass with funny money!

The way I figure it, Hollywood Jews owe us Nazis billions in film and TV residuals.

Nazi babes look so HOT when dressed for the office!

Call me a Nazi, Jews, I don’t give a rat’s ass. It actually cracks me up. For all you real Americans out there, just think: These hysterical Jews have been going on and on and on about the Nazis forever — they now even have the GD nerve to call us White Americans that. After all this country did in WWII! Haven’t you just had it up to HERE with the crap out of these people? It’s never-ending. And while they get away with pure murder, acting like real-life monsters towards the Palestinians, stealing America blind and getting us into non-stop wars with their enemies!

Jews are absolutely, positively the planet’s biggest HYPOCRITES!


*This guy is a classic disinfo right-winger Jew, who admits he’s Jewish HERE. He basically turns everything around, making it sound like it’s all nothing but a Commie plot and Jews are as innocent as lambs. Funny, he totally ignores the real history of Commie Jews and treats Zionism like it’s no biggie. What a traitorous Israel-Firster!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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120 Responses to Yep, INCOG MAN is an Evil NAAAAZIIIII!

  1. American says:

    Long live INCOGMAN!

    Serious matters addressed here, no doubt, but everybody has to love the baby picture of “lil’ Hitler” aka Incogman. 🙂


    jews lie about everything, and pretend to be others all the time. It’s what they do best.

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, ain’t that baby hitler jugend just adorable?

  3. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    karen toffan

    “You just don’t sit right. Sure, you’re mostly on the mark, but you just don’t sit right. Kind of like a perfectly rendered portrait , but subtley, imperceptibly askew.!
    It’s these lederhosen! I just bought them today. I think i got a size too small!

    They might just need some “wearing in”.

    I know what you mean though.

    Modern “art”.

    Adolph wouldn’t have it in the schloss. I remember one time he said, “get this hideous jew crap, outta here, its giving Blondie a headache”.
    Well as you can imagine, that was the end of that!

    He loved that dog.

    Even the dog, took offence at the gall, to describe yiddisher mama pap smears, as art.

    It was also a top notch “jew sniffer”, as anne frank, could have testified, if she’d used the anti-flea soap she was issued at Belsen.
    She didn’t know what it was for y’see. None o’ them did!
    General Patton said something about it in one of his letters home.

    Who’da thought you’d have to hand out an instruction leaflet with SOAP?

    Yup. It’s always the thing you don’t anticipate, that trips you up!

    And as we now know, she went on to be bitten by a rattlesnake, and sadly, passed away.
    Sadly, because being jewish, that was IT!

    No choir of angels!
    No St Peter at the Gates of Heaven, saying, “come in love, we’ve just started a party in your honour, fancy some ice cream? Jesus, anne’s here!!
    No Eternal Life!
    Lights out!

    I only know this because i read elie weisel’s book, “Night”.
    You’ll get it at Amazon.
    He had a couple of follow ups: “Day” and “Evenin’ All”, about his stint as a British Bobby, during post war rationing.
    The tale of his unsuccessful hunt, for the fiendishly elusive, “Spring Heeled Jack”, will have you double-checking the locks on your doors.

    Jack made Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden, look like elton john, at a bum-boys banquet, by comparison.

    And he had springs.
    In his heels.

    That’s the best one i’ve read of his.

  4. Flanders says:

    They do it on the internet without the paper to blaze, but bookburning is a regular business for jewry. Especially when the “books” are those which are significant to Americans or Christians. The jews object even to copies of the Ten Commandments posted in American public places. The israeli jew responsible for this burning considers the Christian Bible as trash ready for burning.

    “The books were dumped into a pile and set afire in a lot near a synagogue,” he said.”

    Jews Burnt Hundreds Of Bibles In Kikestan

  5. Octo says:

    Your Volksbeer program was by far the best idea yet. Look what happens when Jew Commies get their fingers into gentile industries…BEDLAM!!!
    — Marshall

    If Incog were still in charge of the Volksbrau program Budweiser would still be drinkable!


    RE: Jewish Hygiene or lack thereof: BOTH my Grans told me of the aromas of the Judenplatz in the old country; I didn’t bat an eye at what Patton had to say about them — he wasn’t even exaggerating. Hell, today you can’t get within twenty feet of a family of hats without gagging.

    It’s about time you finally came out as the hateful Nazi party boy that you are, Incog.

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    Damn right. Seig Heil, Mofos!

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Ive just read this bit back, and it does seem sort of mean:

    “No choir of angels!
    No St Peter at the Gates of Heaven, saying, “come in love, we’ve just started a party in your honour, fancy some ice cream? Jesus, anne’s here!!
    No Eternal Life!
    Lights out!

    I’m sure Anne Frank, like all kids who die, did get past the gates, did get some ice cream, and does get to hang out with Jesus.

    Like the MAN said.

    “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God”

    Whether you believe or not, the point i was trying to make was.

    Not only do those judaics, cut bits off o’ their kids, they also cut the wonder, and hope, out o’ their hearts.

    And THAT, is sick.

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Family of hats”

    There’s an HBO thigh-slapper right there!


    Promised Land

    / G /
    I / left my home in /Gasthof zum Pommer,
    / G / C
    Braunau am Inn on my / mind,
    / D
    I Was a rodeo cowboy, in a
    Benedictine cloister,
    D / G
    Swastikas lookin’ – / fine.

    / G /
    I / stopped in Bavaria, / breezed in to Linz ,
    / G / C
    I / never was a minute / late,
    / D /
    I was / ninety miles out of Leon – / ding by sundown,
    D / G
    Rollin’ ‘cross the Prussian / state.

    G /
    Right away I bought me a / through train ticket,
    / G / C
    Right a – / cross Deutchland / clean,
    / D /
    I took / that midnight / flyer into Munich,
    D / G
    Smokin’ up a head of – / steam.

    G /
    Somebody help to get me / out o’ Landsberg prison
    G / C
    Help me get to Berlin / town,
    / D /
    There are / some volks, who / care a bit about me, and
    / D / G
    They / won’t let Der Fuhrer / down.

    Break: One verse Instrumental

    G /
    Workin’ on Operation Barba-/ rossa ,
    / G / C
    Flyin’ / o’er a jew free / State,
    / D /
    When the / pilot told us in / thirteen minutes,
    / D / G
    He would / land us at the terminal / gate.

    G /
    Slow down chariot, / come down easy,
    G / C
    Mercedes to the terminal / gate,
    D /
    Cut your engines and / cool your wings, and
    / D / G
    Let me / make it to a tele – / phone.

    G /
    Hamburg, Aachen, switch me through / to Dresden,
    / G / C
    Wolfhagen / Weil am Rhein ,
    D / /
    Tell the / folks back home, this is the / Promised Land callin’, and
    / D / G
    Der / Fuh-rer’s on the / line.


  9. Hey Incogman… I just finished my newest rebuttal to our favourite clown, “mah29001”. It may not be one of my best works, but I told it again like it is…

    Maybe his next article will be about me being “An Alien out to eat your babies!”….
    The guy writes absolute lies, so why not???

  10. And BTW… I want to get back to blasting the damned Zionist Jews and their psycho state of Israel, so I just put up my newest article….

    This again shows the sickness of the hell hole called Israel, and I dont give a damn if their Sayanim/Hasbara agents go all out to defend this action, because such a terrible action against children has absolutely NO defense!

    Israel again showing its true colours, people….. What a sick perverse and psycho society of Satan worshipers!

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Are you folks seeing my Youtube videos?

      Please check my video pages under the banner and if you see huge blank spaces, let me know.

  11. Flanders says:

    This Dane is not a Dodo as many Americans are. He would undoubtedly recognize the important role that Fuhrer Marlowe fills in mobilizing the awakening the masses (the Dodo’s) to the dangers and the mal-intentions of the jew. In another section of the site, this Danish author defines the Dodo and how it relates to the masses and to their lack of an adequate understanding of the nature of jewry.

    “The dodo was a big, friendly bird, which neither could nor would defend itself. Its misfortune was that its flesh was so tasty and that is was stupid enough to have faith in total strangers. Portuguese sailors could walk right up to a group of dodos and STEP one of them to death – without the others even moving at all. The last one died in 1681. The dodo sets an example not to be followed.”

    The author provides more information which we should take note of, a portion of which is in this excerpt from the section, “Status for the slave society”.

    “The Zionist world conquest in happening to-day at such speed and in so large parts of the world simultaneously, that the very strongly advertised “anti-Semitism” will rise to unheard-of levels before long. One does not need to have studied the subject for very long in order to predict that. Whereas the power-Jews – the priesthood and their conspirators, the court-Jews – in earlier times could destroy one country and one people at a time and then become refugees and obtain asylum and citizenship in other countries – the world is now so much more aware of them because of the revolutionizing internet and their enormous success of their conquest, that it will be difficult to maintain the innocent role of victims. It is inevitable, that the United States, which has become their most recent and most exploited and abused host-country through an entire century (the 20th) will react. The hypocrisy is incredible in the big, international Jewish- and Zionist organizations, when they “suddenly” discover, among the millions of Moslems, which they themselves – together with opinion-leading Jews – have been the most eager to invite inside the borders of Europe, “a new anti-Semitism”. Europe is reacting to the Jewish question – again. What else could one expect? Russia is reacting – again. The whole of the Moslem world is reacting.Where are the poor “persecuted” ones to go next? Possibly they are counting on China. Ever since president Kennedy was killed in a vain attempt to stop the Chinese-Israeli atomic armament (1963, see earlier Suppressed News) China has been Israel’s secret ally. What kind of alliance this is, if it is at all real, what it can carry and how it will develop will be one of the big questions of the future. But the Chinese are Orientals themselves and understand deceit and betrayal much better than the Westerners.In the meantime the Power-Jews and their many opportunistic “yes-men” who either through their Jewish descent or contemptible subjugation under the political correctness, get disproportionally many of the exciting and influential positions in society, are quite simply trying to exterminate the Danes as a people. They are no longer satisfied just to pervert our culture, dominate and exploit us.”

    The Dodo’s author explains why we should not depend upon the “cultured and polite” sites to present the information which is necessary about the jews and the apparatus which is under the control of the jews. This same warning admonition applies to many of the “intellectual sites” where it seems that the key objective is to present the information – but to do it with varying degrees of compliance with the politically correct ways. They may serve their own purposes but they do not serve the purpose of awakening enough people to the “nittty-gritty” of the problems which are faced by all Whites and people’s of freedom. Incogman awakens those who would otherwise sleep and jars their media induced complacency and gives them the ability to learn – if they will stop being ignorant Dodos’.

    “Also the papers mentioned are too polite and “cultured” for the purpose. They are to a degree “politically correct”. They stay away from forbidden taboo-subjects, that are central to the free information. They hardly go anywhere near subjects, which the power mafia have made “indecent”. Then where is the strength? What do they have to say about the falsification of history? About the over proportioned, unreasonable, indecent and – last but not least – ungrateful influence and pressure of leading Jews and Jewish organizations to do away with our freedom of speech and make our country multi-ethnic? What do the newspapers and the parties and interest-groups say about the conspiracy, that is so clearly taking place to dismantle Denmark and destroy western civilization? Do they know nothing or are they the victims of fear?
    Probably 50/50. But both must be healed.

    You can NOT handle it by remaining blindfolded, by saying the miserable little words, “I am not a racist, but….” or by letting the overworked people in the Danish Association carry the workload, the threats and accusations.”
    “Dronten no. 8” – by Knud Bjeld Eriksen

    From the Danish website

  12. Flanders says:

    Incogman’s postings are invaribly genius, but with an artistic simplicity that it makes everyone feel that they are having a conversation with their best friend (Indeed, he is one of our best friends!). He tells us what is important to know and makes it easy to understand. He may not be in the same league as those in the highest levels of government, and he has no real concerns about implementing an “African Genital-Washing Program” [ ], but in the eyes of Whites and true Americans he has genuine concern for the people who really count.

    Just as Adolph did, Incogman understands that jewry is not the only problem, but that jewry is the directing force behind most of the problems and are behind the scenes of the actions of others who are usually the ones more directly involved in causing our problems. Freemasons are often among those and Henry Makow carries a series of articles by another author which describe some of the problems, at least for one individual.

    “Everyone here is completely under the thumb of the Masons. Doing business with an “outsider” like me immediately subjects them to Masonic castigation. The Mason’s control every aspect of finance and hold mortgages on homes, land and equipment. Consorting with me could very well jeopardize the status of someone’s loan so they steer well clear of me. Others are discouraged from socializing (not that I care) and are put under extreme pressure to ostracize me.

    When I first came here, I met and forged a friendship with the fellow that was in charge of plant operations in the facility where I relocated the production line for my client from Florida. We found that we had a lot of common interests and worked well together.

    One day he asked if I could help him install a new door at his house and I gladly obliged. During the course of the job I met his wife (Eastern Star) and his father (Master Mason) and the friendship quickly dissolved. He began to shun me and if it became necessary for him to come by he’d only do so at night when nobody could see him. To this day, he has thousands of dollars worth of tools in his roll-around box sitting out in my shop. They have been there for at least two years and he is afraid to pick them up because he’ll be accused of consorting with me.


    They are gang-bangers. In the true fashion of the animal world, they have banded together to seek comfort and solace from their own ilk and to prey upon the unsuspecting. Like any other gang or criminal organization they have their own hierarchy and pecking order.

    In areas like this one where educational standards are non-existent, the few people who have a measure of learning quickly rise to the top. The remainder wallow in a cesspool of ignorance and poverty perpetuated by those in the higher echelons and are willing do the bidding of their masters for a few meager crumbs. I call this the “big fish in the small pond syndrome”. The big fish rule the roost, mete out the jobs to “qualified individuals” (re. other Masons) and reap the profits while sitting back in comfort and wealth.

    The term “pinched” is quite appropriate. They all believe they possess some hidden knowledge that others are not privy to. This “look” increases proportionately with the member’s level of achievement. Those at the top believe that they have mastered “the ancient knowledge of the universe” in the fashion of Bible scholars or those that have translated the Nag Hamadi texts. Indeed, some leave me with the impression that they possess all the information in the Great Library at Alexandria.”

  13. Flanders says:

    Here is the direct link to Makow’s post, “Freemasonry — Racketeering Run Amok”.

  14. Octo says:

    “But the Chinese are Orientals themselves and understand deceit and betrayal much better than the Westerners.”

    That sounds like race reality. Where’s Brian Akira to tell us it isn’t so?

    This blog seems to have had a tropistic shift from defending superstition to observing objective reality…and it’s a enormous change for good.

    Race exists is a subset of reality exists.

  15. My Name says:

    jews MURDER “The People” of Palestine With Impunity!!!


  16. American says:

    I was just going back over the last couple articles, and seeing Larry the jew Silverstein makes me want to crush his skull with a hammer. Hanging is too good for these scumbags.

    I’m begging my countrymen to WAKE UP!

  17. Flanders says:

    From the excerpt above on the Danish Dodo site: “In the meantime the Power-Jews and their many opportunistic “yes-men” who either through their Jewish descent or contemptible subjugation under the political correctness, get disproportionally many of the exciting and influential positions in society, are quite simply trying to exterminate the Danes as a people. They are no longer satisfied just to pervert our culture, dominate and exploit us.”

    Just substitute the word Danes with White American. Just how many times has this “immigration bill” been tried and retried to be imposed by the “representatives chosen by the American people”, each time in the face of the American peoples’ rejection?

    and the others, too.

    Harry Reid Adds Immigration Measure to Defense Bill

    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to add language to the Defense authorization bill that would give young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship if they have been in the United States for longer than five years.”

    “Majority Leader Reid is now locked in a tight battle against conservative Republican Sharron Angle in his home state of Nevada, where Latino voters made up 15 percent of the electorate in 2008. He promised a Latino audience in August that he would pass the DREAM Act.

    Angle, on the other hand, has endorsed Arizona’s controversial immigration law and regularly includes “Go, Arizona, go!” in her stump speeches.

    Reid’s announcement that he’ll move the DREAM Act onto the Defense bill seemed to catch Latino activists off guard Tuesday, but they welcomed the news.”

  18. Hi IncogFAGGOT.. I love that pic of you chasing away the Neutari Karta Jew.. HAHAHA.. I thought you supported the Jews against Christians and Zion??

    See how you are? I told everyone you are Neutari Karta, you must be. It seems that you only go after Jews that are right minded that want their survival, and you attack Christians just b/c they want to give Israel morale support.

    Just like a leftist, telling people who they can and cannot support.

    You support the FAKEstinians, and I wish you well with that.
    With ANY luck, you will move to Gaza, and join Rachel Corrie, the FAKEstinian version of Hanoi Jane.

  19. Incogfartass:
    I BET you were on the Flotilla with Bernadine Dorn the radical BOLSHEVIK.


    You align with enemies to probe talking points.
    Sick bastard.

    OH, and SPAMBLINKA ME! Fascist.

  20. Ummm…. Incogman… Why are you letting the madjewess whore back in to your house?

    Damn idiot actually thinks that it was Ok for the criminal IDF to crush Rachel Corrie and kill her? Sick… Just plain sick….. Shows the actual mental illness that these psycho criminals actually have!

  21. Marshall says:

    As Madjewess can plainly see, nowhere on this authentic historical map is “ISRAEL” referred to, yet Philistine is. Guess that ends the “Fakestinian” comments for now, hmm?

    Once again Pookie experiences “Dr. Scholl’s of the mouth” 🙂

  22. Rachel Corrie, Hanoi Jane, same sh*t different bitch.
    If some dumba$$ put themselves in the middle of our wars like the dumbbell did, we would kill them, and you would jump for joy, northernjerkoff.

    IncogSLIME CANNOT be a nazi, its impossible..he lacks the gutts burn a Qu’ran, he keeps us Joooosss alive to create sympathy and a monster.

    I love this one… FAGGOT “Jew” that is *married* to a MAN, shares incogs views. Eric Kusher, RADICAL leftist also hates Israel, just as Incog does.

    You are ALL closet leftists.
    Especially myster “E” man.

    I remember one time, I was talking to you myster E man, and you said FLAT OUT:

    Yes you did.

    U still have that yacht that you are going to escape on sugar?

  23. Yeah, dummy Marsh…And WHAT did God do to the Philistines? And Samson?

    See, you just PROVE that you AINT a believer in GOD, neither are you a Christian.

  24. Pat says:

    Just wanted to say that my guilty pleasure is that I masturbate to pics and vids of jewish concentration campers.

    Their suff-her-ink gets me off. lol

  25. Jen says:

    TMJ (“Incog, MY BFF”), it’s coming. Polemics don’t matter anymore.
    Your tribe destroyed the USA (i.e., White America). That’s a fact.

    What’s wonderful, as of late, and what represents a huge change is that everybody I meet in public has come to this realization. There hasn’t been a single night where I’ve been out this summer that I haven’t overheard or participated in a conversation discussing the nation wrecking jews. Right now, FYI, it’s only talk.

  26. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “It was really depressing, because my impression was the people were making statements that indicated they never expected to be questioned,” Rachel’s father told TIME. “The lies were like the lies of a 7-year-old.”,8599,2017162,00.html#ixzz0zEsvBUMu


    Previously i thought of you as an amusingly retarded, sideshow.

    But after your above comments, i see that you are nothing less than,
    another spite filled, hate spewing, talent free, kike c**t, deserving of nothing more than fumigation, S.S. stylee!

    Not long now!

    Hope you can swim, as well as you can sing!


  27. Octo says:

    Yeah, that was MadJewess, boy howdy. Calling you a “Bolshevik” then a “facist”: nuff said.

    In her we see a a classic female personality — one who will take negative attention in lieu of none. Can’t wait till MadJewess gets her own “reality” tv show.

  28. Erik says:

    “Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe”Says Jewish researcher

  29. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe”Says Jewish researcher”

    Here’s the whole thing.
    Machete’s at the ready, it’s nearly CHOPPIN’ time!!




    Movement patterns!

    In your local area!

  30. Marshall says:

    Jews in their natural element…Zionazi Israelis no matter what country they are from. It’s time to stop calling them “dual-citizens” because they aren’t, in their own words!!!

  31. Marshall says:

    Pookie believes in Samson? LMAO!!!

    Look out guys…it’s that crazy Jew coming at us with a donkey jawbone!!!

  32. Julian Lee says:

    Tonight I started reading “Mein Kampf” for the first time, online. I had scanned it a few times in the past, but now I’m really reading it. I’m astounded at how intelligent and articulate it is. I remember, growing up, the media (the Jewsnews) always saying “Mein Kampf” was poorly written, crude, etc. What rubbish that was!

  33. American born says:

    Julian, It seems the “boogie men ” from the past are now being proven correct.
    Hitlers warnings have come to pass.

  34. Julian Lee says:

    Hitler’s vision and perception are truly astonishing. I just read this section where Hitler is describing what Jews do to White nations:

    “Culturally he contaminates art, literature, the theater, makes a mockery of natural feeling, overthrows all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and the good, and instead drags men down into the sphere of his own base nature.
    Religion is ridiculed, ethics and morality represented as outmoded, until the last props of a nation in its struggle for existence in this world have fallen.
    (e) Now begins the great last revolution. In gaining political power the Jew casts off the few cloaks that he still wears. The democratic people’s Jew becomes the blood-Jew and tyrant over peoples. In a few years he tries to exterminate the national intelligentsia and by robbing the peoples of their natural intellectual leadership makes them ripe for the slave’s lot of permanent subjugation.
    The most frightful example of this kind is offered by Russia, where he killed or starved about thirty million people with positively fanatical savagery, in part amid inhuman tortures, in order to give a gang of Jewish journalists and stock exchange bandits domination over a great people.
    The end is not only the end of the freedom of the peoples oppressed by the Jew, but also the end of this parasite upon the nations. After the death of his victim, the vampire sooner or later dies too.

    Still true today, clearly. It sounds like he’s describing what Jews are doing to America — and even my local home town — right this very day. They never changed their stripes or change their ways. They have Israel now, they should all go there. Oh, and liquidate the nuclear arsenal while they’re going.

  35. American born says:

    Ive always tried to make a point to my friends who say Im “over the top” that history repeats itself. I also make a point that Germany was in a very similiar condition that we are under NOW.
    Bankers running the nation in to the ground, media control and all out theft. The Weimar period in Germany was an affront to the old Germanic peoples who refused to bow down to jewish sickness.
    It goes on and on, the paralells are astonishing to me.
    The destruction of the German arts and creativity are the EXACT same thing that is being done CURRENTLY here to our nation.
    Currently Americans are consumed with a massive influx of jew insanity. The whole basis of America has been lost.
    Deep stuff, and there is a method to all of this.
    Enjoy the read from one of the most insightful men in history.

  36. Hoff says:

    The Jews did this. Hitler was right!!!

    “Katyn – Dr William Pierce ”

  37. Hoff says:

    The First Holocaust, book online in full text. Here are photocopies from the jews own papers. FIRST world war = Six million jews.

  38. American born says:

    Yes Hoff,
    Hitler was right. The video you posted is a clear look at the real situation the Germans faced.
    The jews had a real nationalist on their hands. A German who would kick the jew square in the face. Remove the cancer from the German populous.
    The rest is history. The banking jews scammed/bribed other nations to enduce self indoctrination by the jew. The Nazi party was defeated by fellow Gentiles. Now the world is on the cusp of another world war, once again, started by the same method. jews useing others to defeat their enemies. Enemies of the jew, Not of the White race.

  39. American born says:

    I strongly recomend this one.
    No jew spin here.

  40. American born says:

    Towards the middle to end of the video, Hitler speaks quite abit on false flags.
    This is how the god damned jew works. Hitler denounces war on America. He says Rosevelt continues to instigate and insite.
    This is the same game now. Bring the war to us Americans. Even though it has NOTHING TO DO WITH US.
    If Hitler was free to defeat jew commies, so what.
    I have no problem with jew commies going down in flames.
    However, the zio media controlling and shaping the thought process of fellow gentiles.
    Led to millions of deaths and the new world order.
    JEW INC.
    Murder INC.

  41. Hoff says:

    MANDATORY Hitler video.

    Why this is mandatory is because Hitler tells what the jew-whore Roosevelt did befor Jew War Two. o4:20 8D))) Hitler could pull a joke that’s for sure.

    Hitler was right! When you got the facts right there is no way around the fact that Hitler was right. You American are told that jew war two was the Good War. And just who is telling you this? The jew and you know by now that the jew is a lying scumbag. You don’t need to know the how and why that is, the ONLY thing yoú need to know is that when the jew tells you something, it’s ALWAYS a lie. Hence, when the jew tells you ww2 was good, it was a B-A-D war for America.

    When you entered jew war two you screwed up America, and west Europe and the russian people. The ONLY one that gained anything from jew war two was the jew. Everybode else lost.

  42. Hoff says:

    David lrving’s books online free download.

  43. Hoff says:

    Suvorov presents a mass of evidence to show that when Hitler launched his “Operation Barbarossa” attack against Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941, German forces were able to inflict enormous losses against the Soviets precisely because the Red troops were much better prepared for war — but for an aggressive war that was scheduled for early July — not the defensive war forced on them by Hitler’s preemptive strike.

    In Icebreaker, Suvorov details the deployment of Soviet forces in June 1941, describing just how Stalin amassed vast numbers of troops and stores of weapons along the European frontier, not to defend the Soviet homeland but in preparation for a westward attack and decisive battles on enemy territory.

    Thus, when German forces struck, the bulk of Red ground and air forces were concentrated along the Soviet western borders facing contiguous European countries, especially the German Reich and Romania, in final readiness for an assault on Europe.

    In his second book on the origins of the war, “M Day” (for “Mobilization Day”), Suvorov details how, between late 1939 and the summer of 1941, Stalin methodically and systematically built up the best armed, most powerful military force in the world — actually the world’s first superpower — for his planned conquest of Europe. Suvorov explains how Stalin’s drastic conversion of the country’s economy for war actually made war inevitable.

    lcebreaker – the whole book online in full text.

  44. White Wolf says:

    This piece illudes to the jew money power without pointing at it, and actually tends to lean in the direction of blaming “the Crown” (jewish money power seat?), and throws in a “only a Freemason would know..”.

    Otherwise, it still provides a pretty clear framework of the power structure of the jew control of the state (by their money power and control of info by msm, etc.), while also offering the same solution that’s gotten Presidents killed:

    “We should end the Federal Reserve, end fractional reserve lending, have the U.S. government print debt-free money to replace the fractional reserves with real reserves as private debt is paid. The U.S. government can use the debt-free money to pay off the national debt and issue significant tax refunds to every citizen. We can do this without causing inflation with a public debt-free paper if we end the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve lending”.

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