Arm Yourselves NOW White People!


First off: This article is an over-all, general purpose discussion of various gun-related things for the newly-awakened White. It’s not meant to supersede any instructions you get from qualified instructors, etc. All you gun “aficionados” please feel free to chime in below. By now, everyone should have already made the decision to arm themselves and I hope you have too. If not, let’s get cracking! 

Second: You must learn gun safety rules TOTALLY. No excuses. Go take a class, read the literature pertaining to the subject. Get a friend who is knowledgeable to assist you. Do not skip all this if you are a novice, or even if you might think you’re not. Don’t get “cocky” (sorry, couldn’t resist). 

Number one: Never put your finger near the trigger until you are absolutely sure of having to use it. Two: always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction, like up in the air or down at the ground. Three: Consider all guns fully loaded and dangerous until YOU, not anyone else, verifies that it’s not. Anyone who laughs about all this sucks. 

Never, EVER chamber a round until you are ready to start shooting at the range, or when you know that something is starting to happen nearby that may endanger you. Like hearing a window break downstairs when you know nobody should be there at this time of night. Once you become totally familiar with your weapon (and you better), chambering and disengaging the safety will become second nature. 

An acquaintance of mine, a black woman, had her teen-aged boy shoot himself in the leg when his stupid bro gave him a loaded 9mm semi to check out. He could have easily killed himself, or someone else. Semi-auto handguns can be very dangerous to the novice. 

Basic gun safety. 

The following is a brief rundown on weapon selections to make. It is meant for you and a small group to form a mutually supporting tactical unit. Let’s say your family and 3 or 4 other families had to band together, should the political and social situation warrant it. Each of the adults in your group should be equipped with sidearms, shotguns or rifles and know how to use them! 

If your band seems to have your act together, other Whites will soon join up with you. All of us racially-aware, pro-Whites are natural leaders and will act accordingly. Do not lose faith if you think no one else is out there, remember the evil people responsible for this mess have so far cornered much of the communications in America. That won’t last long once the real trouble starts. 

Each of you has the capacity to help those around you and fight back against the greedy bastards trying to steal America. Go here and read this: Leaderless resistance. Always keep your initial group intact, your wits and morale about you. Whatever happens, never give up your weapons no matter what. 

White people will ALWAYS have leaders that rise to the occasion. They know that and will be doing whatever they can to kill the best of us. 

Unfortunately, Jewry will still try to infiltrate our ranks and until there is mass understanding of the Jew (more everyday now), we will always have the chance of embedded elements trying to dissuade us, deflect and trick us. Beware of these “Judas Goats,” who secretly wish for you to go along with the Zionist Jew infiltration of our government, leading to the destruction of America and eventually the White race. These “fifth-columnists” can look, talk and act just like one of us. 


They are 2 distinct types to select from: Revolver and semi-automatic. Revolvers are the easiest to understand and operate. Sure, semi-autos are “cool,” generally high capacity, fast loading, etc. but can be dangerous if you do not learn how to use it properly. This stems from the hidden nature of where the bullets are. The clip goes into the handle and the bullets feed off that into the firing chamber. 

LISTEN UP: The gun can be ready to fire if the last person using it (including you), chambered a round and left it that way. 

To check it, you must pull back the “slide” (which is generally the entire top half of the gun) towards the rear so you can look into the chamber on the right side. The gun will have a catch on the left side to keep the slide from springing back. But first, remove the clip from the handle and keep the gun pointed at the ground before doing any of this! 

Once the slide is pulled back and “latched” (sometimes difficult to do), you can look down into the chamber to see if a bullet is in there. The chamber is just behind the barrel. That top slide action is what feeds the bullet into the chamber, so DON’T put a loaded magazine into the handle, because you will be loading the chamber once you release the slide! 

Revolvers are easy, where you can usually see the bullets in the revolving cylinder just behind the barrel. Most of the time, there is a easy way to disengage the bullet cylinder so it swings out to the side and you can fill it with rounds or empty any fired shells. Look for a button or catch on the left, or check the bar underneath the barrel. Again, keep it pointed down as you figure that out. Do not pull or “cock” the firing hammer. Keep your fingers on the side of the pistol, away from the trigger or bunched down on the grip. 

There is absolutely no reason for you to NOT consider the revolver. Do not let the Hollywood image of a semi-auto make you buy it. Revolvers are dependable, inexpensive and easy to operate. But if you do decide on a semi-auto, learn it well. Go to a range and practice with it several times! DO NOT BUY A MAGNUM RESEARCH PISTOL. IT’S MADE BY ISRAEL. 


Nothing will get more attention then the “click-clack” sound of you jacking the pump of your shotgun and chambering a shell (with practice, you can do it quietly). Shotguns will give you more stopping power than a pistol, but the range is not really much further than pistols (unless you use rifled slugs). Pistols and shotguns are your close-in, last ditch defense weapons. A Remington 870 Home Defense shotgun will run you $350 or less. I suggest 12 gauge, pump-action models, with high capacity magazines. Mossberg, Winchester and Remington all have good selections. The Mossberg 500 Cruiser is small, easily concealable, lightweight and packs a big wallop! 

A Remington 870 Home Defense shotgun will run you $350 or less.


You will be surprised on how little recoil there is on most firearms, even for women or lightly-built men. In rifles, the .270 caliber has the least recoil and anyone can shoot it. The 12 gauge shotgun is not at all bad, unless you shoot the Magnum 3 1/2″ shot shell.

Recoil is not really a factor until you get into the .44 Magnum “Dirty Harry” kind of pistols, or the African Safari “Elephant Guns” of yore. You should be well-served with weapons much less monstrous, so don’t fall for the trap of having to own something more powerful than the next guy. Remember, this is not a macho thing at all, but a survival thing. You want a weapon you do not fear using easily, or makes you flinch when firing. This will screw up your aim! 


There’s a wide variety here. Guns like the H&K MP5 or the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 may look bad (as in tough), but usually only shoot pistol sized bullets like the 9mm, .40 or .45 ACP (H&K does have larger calibers). The next step up are the 30-30 Winchester or Marlin rifles (looks like something from the Westerns); these have a bullet chambering handle below the stock — you jack it to feed a bullet from a tube under the barrel. Good weapons, but limited to around 100 yards range. You would be at risk from those with longer range weapons. Think more about the bullet you want, rather than how the gun looks. 


This would be your AK-47s and AR-15s. The AK-47 is cheaper, but you may have more problems getting ammo if worse comes to worse. This is because the police and military use the same bullets as the AR and that may become a factor. Plus, the AR-15 is easier to “trick out” and will have more accuracy and range. Don’t get me wrong, a good-quality AK is an excellent choice, too. Rugged, reliable and easy to use. It’ll do the job and that’s the main thing. There are even versions (although harder to come by) that shoot AR-15 ammo (.223/5.56 mm NATO. Current US military issue: SS109 “green tip”). 

If you can afford an AR-15, get the “flat-top” upper with back-up iron sights and top it off with a combat “both-eyes-open,” low-light, or red dot scopes like the Trijicon, Eotech, Aimpoint, or Bushnell HOLO Sight, some of which may cost serious bucks. Or just get a good inexpensive, but water and fog-proof, optical scope for 100-200 yards (about $100-$300). 

Woman firing the easily handled AR-15 assault rifle. Note the flat top upper part just under the scope (probably a non-magnifying red dot). The normally seen “carry handle” top is fine, too, just not as convenient for mounting scopes. If you do get the flat top version (like above), also try to get back-up iron sights that flip-up, should your scope be rendered unusable. 

You could also go with the semi-auto hunting rifles, such as the Browning BAR Lightweight Stalker with a synthetic stock, in .270, 30.06 or .308 caliber. That would be a fine choice. 

If you are on a tight-budget, go ahead and take a look at the SKS. It fires the same round as the AK and you can snag a decent one for less than $200. Plus, you can get a nice synthetic aftermarket stock for it down the road. 


The right ones are much more accurate than everything else. Longer range, too. This is why snipers use them. It would be nice if one or two in your party had a very accurate rifle with a good scope, in .270, 30.06, .308, or NATO 7.62mm caliber.* 

Pay extra effort having it accurately zeroed in for shooting by you, maybe try to enlist some help from a friendly gun aficionado. Generally speaking, you want to be able to put a bullet about 1″ high on the target at 100 yards, or dead-on at 200 yards. You can really get into bullet types, scopes and all kinds of complicated stuff with these rifles, should it interest you. It’s actually a big-time sport. 


Do it now! Buy a pistol and a shotgun, or a pistol and an assault rifle NOW. This month, this weekend or tomorrow. Don’t tell yourself that you will in 6 months. You can buy one second-hand, just check it out thoroughly and maybe have a gun buddy come help you. Check the action and the inside of the barrel by using a white piece of paper  next to a strong light. It doesn’t have to be pretty on the outside (but most Whites take pride in ownership). Do NOT respond to ads where you might not be safe making the transaction (like if the seller communicates in Ebonics). 

Try to come up with at least a grand, or as much as you can afford. Prices have gone seriously upwards, availability has dropped over the last few years since Whites are now rightfully figuring out that something is seriously amiss with the US. With the installation of our latest Zionist puppet, Barry Soetoro, gun sales have now gone through the roof. 

Buy around 200 rounds of pistol ammo and about 500 rounds of rifle ammo. More, if you can afford it. You won’t be carrying that, so don’t freak out at the weight when you leave the gun show (more later). Don’t forget: Money is really nothing but colored paper and will be worth SQUAT once the SHTF (feces hits the air circulating appliance). 

Once you have your weapons, make double-sure you learn to use them. Also, take all precautions you can to keep children away. Lock them up! All pistols come with a trigger lock for free. Get one for your rifle or lock them someplace so the kids cannot get into. Keep the key with you at all times. Lock up the ammo in a second location, if possible and by all means double and triple-check that the chamber is empty! 

If you are concerned about home invasion, they are products that can safely secure your pistol and make it fast to get to, like a small gun safe with a combination lock. Set it with the same PIN number as your ATM card. You could keep a loaded revolver there, for home invasion and your other weapons/ammo cache under more security.

Whatever you do, use that White brain of yours!

Next, find a range to practise shooting. Sign up for a Hunter or Firearm’s Safety class. If you buy from a local dealer, he should be able to help you in all of this. In fact, it may be worth the extra money spent here, than at some gunshow. Perhaps you can buy ammo and accessories there, but spend the lion’s share on the actual weapon with a company close by.

Finding a range to fire rifles may be a bit more tricky for you urbanites. I suggest a weekend getaway for you and your wife at a bed and breakfast at a nearby rural range. And I’m not trying to give you advice on your sex-life as well! 

Please go read my conclusion, “Get Yourself Ready NOW White People!” for info on your clothing, tactical gear, “GO bag” and other accessories. 

— Phillip Marlowe 

* There are often complicated differences in bullets, such as caliber, weight (grains), the powder used, etc. etc. 9mm, .223, 30.06 and .308 or 7.62 NATO rounds should be the easiest to obtain down the road. Perhaps the AK round (7.62 x 39) will also be available. Try to simplify things whenever possible and don’t hesitate to ask questions when you buy. Real White people love to help other Whites just coming to their senses and you can use the opportunity to spread the message about the Jew.

Obama Reminds Everyone: Democrats Love Gun Control


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Dave says:

    That oven cleaner can be something nasty. I once used a few cans of it to clean off some graffiti on a glass storefront with aluminum framing. It even removed the anodized color from the aluminum! That reminds me, I’ve used this wasp spray that shoots a MEAN stream 15 feet (4.5m?).

  2. Vox says:

    I know this much, VERY few of you have ever had to go through what I have for standing up to the filthy jewish vermin. I had my entire 30 year career wiped out because I stood up the pricks at a former employer. I give no quarter to a jew and I certainly don’t publicize what I do so you informants can rat me out as the race traitors you often are.

  3. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “I had my entire 30 year career wiped out because I stood up the pricks at a former employer.”

    So you co-operated with kikes for 30 years before you aquired the gumption to be a fucking MAN!
    And how many of your brothers did you sell up the river in that time?

    “I give no quarter to a jew”

    I give no quarter to bastards of ANY stripe, that contradict my notions of RIGHT and WRONG!
    Never have.
    It never occurred to me.

    Boo fucking Hoo!

    You whine like a JEW!

  4. Rocketman says:

    VOX,, I wouldn’t think of myself as a Shabbos Goy just because i need to keep a roof over the heads of my family.
    I know “who” i work for and i also know that i can’t go calling them kikes, this may be a good strategy if your trying to put on a show for your co-workers but all of them would just think your stupid and laugh, as you being escorted out.
    What did you think you’de set an example that all would follow?
    Perhaps if i still lived home with mommy and daddy i could afford to call the kike who signs my paycheck a kike, is that where you live? with mommy and daddy?
    Don’t come here telling us how we behave, you accuse us of all that we despise.
    So you gave up your 30 year career standing up for yourself, considering all you’ll ever be now is a stooge at Home Depot do you think it was worth it?
    Way to go yo, man i’d give ya’ll a fist bump if i could.
    Your either a complete moron, a liar or a jew hasbarat.
    A safe assumption would be all of the above.

  5. Rocketman says:

    FLANDERS: I gave using your coolant system as a sef defense weapon and have a simple idea.
    Simply take the hose from your windshield washer bottle and connect it to your coolant resevoir, then gently bend your windshield squirters in the direction of your front doors.
    scolding anti-freeze in the face and eyes would definately make an intruder turn and run. And if luck would have it the perp would get a mouth full.
    You don’t need to swallow much of that stuff to become very sick as your liver crystalizes, leading to a slow death.
    And that would be a form of community service:)

  6. Flanders says:

    Incogman, I’ve had problems a couple of times having written comments which are then wiped out before I’ve had a chance to complete them and a short message comes on my screen about “compatibility view” problems. It then seems to refresh the page, but the comment I’ve written is gone. Any ideas of what that is about and how to correct it?

    Vox, Sorry for your problems that way, but you need to deal with your bitterness in ways other than mounting attacks on other Whites who are trying to awaken people enough to get enough people to be able to do something about the problems that the jew has foisted on America and the rest of the world. Deal with your issues and join in to help or stay away. If our way isn’t good enough for you, find your own. You’re welcome if you are here to contribute instead of unjustifiably criticizing, but you’re not if you aren’t willing and capable of contributing to the effort.

    Good Idea on that windshield washer diversion, Rocketman. What if there were a very safety-minded way to have a larger diversion from the radiator through to a hose inside the vehicle which the driver could use to direct the stream in a heavier volume at attackers? Does it sound feasible?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Flanders: Don’t know. I turned off something temporarily that may help. Let me know if you do or don’t have problems. I do have security software in place, but it should not affect you unless your browser has some kind of setting that sets it off.

  7. Rock says:


    Nice trick though.
    Very creative.
    I give em an 8.5! 🙂

  8. Rocketman says:

    Well Flanders i guess you could just by a cheap electric fuel pump and tap into the coolant system and run lines from that to just about anywhere, run an auxilary switch to pump and you’de be all set and still be able to clean your windshield.
    i didn’t consider that whole safety thing in my first suggestion but keep in mind that with very little work the washer system can be set up with a small petcock under the hood to avoid accidental discharge, easy enough to open up if you know your heading into the ghetto or close if your taking the kids to soccer practise.
    Also imagine if the jew police where to search your vehicle( which can happen anytime anywhere because your white) and they found some odd rubber hose dangling in the interior of your car, an invetigation into were it leads to would probably be cause for arrest for intent to do bodily harm, claiming it to be a self defense mechanism wouldn’t fly with these pigs.
    Your vehicles washer system has more pressure and range than you might think, just don’t accidently activate it in some cops face if your pulled over for a seatbelt violation.

  9. Incogniggerjew says:

    Well looks like you are all Jew niggers here, so why not change this blog name to “Incongiggerjew”
    You all work for the Jew, he pays your rent and living, dominates you and gives you orders, damn if it ain’t your wet dream.
    So why Whine like white niggers.
    You treat us like niggers and the Jew treats you as nigger, so who is the real nigger.
    Damn those Jews they made us all niggers.

  10. Flanders says:

    “…so why not change this blog name to “Incongiggerjew”?

    Because we are nowhere close to being as stupid as you, ngiggerjew.

  11. Vox says:

    Rocketman: I can’t help that you’re a nigger lover and like it up the ass. It’s just the way you’re made. That’s no reflection on me. I own my own business and have been very successful at it. I learned everything wrong to do in business from being employed by jews and I do none of that and that has made me successful. I’ve never sold out anyone not even dumb Shabbos Goy like you. As far as working at Home Depot you’ve got to stop projecting. Just because you work there you can’t assume everyone else does also.

  12. White Wolf says:

    Nice to see jews out spreading their shit around in hopes of preventing the inevitable, long overdue Retribution coming their way…

    … also nice to see they still think they’re fooling anybody but themselves.

  13. American says:

    Hey Vox, how about a link with some material just once?

    Hasbarats never provide links to videos or articles exposing the jew-rat and/or terrorist Israel.

  14. Rifleman Dodd says:
    October 27, 2010 at 7:10 pm
    “White unity doesn’t draw in the strong and admirable”

    William Pierce had a PhD in Physics.
    Kevin MacDonald has a PhD in Psycology.

    Real White Nationalists are intelligent, disciplined and focused.

    Ingogman, are you the Skunk/Judicial Biz etc. ?

  15. Vox says:

    American says:
    October 28, 2010 at 7:06 pm
    Hey Vox, how about a link with some material just once?

    Hasbarats never provide links to videos or articles exposing the jew-rat and/or terrorist Israel.

    Link for what? To SouthPark like one of the Shabbos Goy on here made references to? You think you’ll ever be taken seriously when you fools quote SouthPark? SouthPark is a jew and a Mormon. The worst possible combination on Earth. Both from made up religions based on some douche in a long robe being given golden tablets directly from God and God given them full permission to take a shit on the rest of the World’s Population. SouthPark is as anti-White as the jew mind programming gets. You clowns talk about intellectuals as White Nationalists and then cite a F*n psychologist. Psychology is yet another jewish mind fuck made up pseudo-science based on destroying the Gentile mind with jewish bullshit. “Oy these feelings of jewish media control stem from u vanting to have sex with your mother and kill your father”. The psychologist is an anti stuck in your midst to rat you out to the jew.

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:



  17. American born says:

    vox is anachore.

  18. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I apologise. I omitted the most pertinent part.


    Aside from you being a cock! Let’s Cut to the chase.


  19. Vox says:

    So now what you’re all going to dress up in Nazi costumes and go down to the Town Square and act like bad asses? The Real Nazis would kick pussies like you people to the gutter and laugh at you. Soft, fat, White losers sitting on the couch watching jewtube with snot on your upper lip, drool on the bottom lip with your hand down the front of your pants holding your genitals. Quoting Southpark “He he, Cartman called him a jew, that’s funny. He he my winky is turning to wood. (faaaaaart) He he, oooooo that one really smelled. Hey don’t change that channel, Family Guy is on next!” You’re a disgrace. Look at you! You’ve got women’s panties on and your balls are hanging out and you call yourselves Proud Aryan brothers. You’re a disgrace!

  20. American born says:

    vox is a tough guy. Im scared just reading his posts.

  21. Octo says:

    “…Look at you! You’ve got women’s panties on and your balls are hanging out and you call yourselves Proud Aryan brothers. You’re a disgrace!”

    It’s up to you to lead a “Night of the Long Knives” against these Rohmesque poofters, Vox!

  22. Vox says:

    9 out 10 people on Stormfront are jews, FBI agents or Shabbos Goy, the other one can’t decide if that was the site where they saw that funny Beavis & Butthead video.

  23. American born says:

    Do you troll over at Stormfront too, vox?

  24. Vox says:

    Niggers and jews laugh at you. You’re not in control they are. That’s proof enough that most of you will need to die off if/when the SHTF. You’re not even any good to yourselves and the jews won’t spare you just because you kissed their ass in the past. They load you up in the trucks and your proud little soldiers in Uncle Zog’s Army will think nothing of puttin one in your head when you disobey orders to get in the truck for the ride to the camps. Look at you stumbling around on the Internet. Stripped of your pride trying to find some place “where someone understands how you feel”. All of these comments (yeah including mine) are going to straight over to Homeland Security where Uncle Jewey is tracking the IP’s. They’ll go by your house and learn you’re just another mouthy soft fat White loser. Absolutely no threat to them or the jew.

    Like Rocketman, balls cut off, pussified and groveling to the jew like always. “Ummmm…mum….mum Mister Goldberg today is payday. Can I have my shekel now? I’ve sold out my race. I promise I’ll do it again tomorrow too.”

  25. Rock says:

    Vox, you’d better get to bed. Tomorrow’s a school day.

  26. American born says:

    vox is a coward.

  27. White Wolf says:

    Maybe that’s a good idea, there, Vox – go dream your “You Whites Are Fucked” dream while there’s still a little time for ya.

  28. American born says:

    See you later vox, try to not get violated by the niggers serving time. LOL

  29. American born says:

    I like how vox threw in DHS. A jew for sure.

  30. Octo says:

    “…9 out 10 people on Stormfront are jews, FBI agents or Shabbos Goy.”

    The Vox Syllojizm: all FBI agents are Shabbos Goy[im], but not all Shabbos Goy[im] are FBI agents.

  31. Rock says:

    Come on Incog!
    Dont you think you were a little hard on him?
    He’s only nine.

  32. Rock says:

    Got that right.

  33. Octo says:

    I got one of these for 200 jogbucks, used.

    These things last for decades. It’s next to my bed with 5 00 shells in it and the safety off. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but the huge advantage of a pump shotgun is the mere sound of racking it will elicit instant surrender from all but the most psychotic and determined invader(s).

  34. White Wolf says:

    Here’s a great piece on

    Becoming Riflemen

    “The Rifleman is a person capable of hitting 20 inch targets from 500 meters with standard, rack grade equipment and ammunition. The Rifleman does not rely on special equipment for excellent marksmanship, but on true skill and knowledge. The Rifleman is non-aggressive, patient and hesitant to use a rifle. Riflemen can hit any target they see.

    Being able to hit targets at 500m is skill unique to the Rifleman. Being able to hit at 500m maximizes your effectiveness while minimizing your risk. Most adversaries can only consistently hit targets at 300m and closer. By being beyond 300m, the Rifleman is a little safer, yet very effective.”

  35. White Wolf says:

    In defending against tryrants’ henchmen/mercs, distance allows retreat to defend another day.

    No glory in dying.
    Stay alive!

  36. Rocketman says:

    Wow, that jew was on a roll huh?
    If working for a living means “selling out my race” someone please come and shoot me, hell i’ll even let vox do it if incog will let him out of SPAMblinka.

  37. Flanders says:

    What are the bigger issues for American voters? You may have to find an American to ask what the issues are for America or Americans. You see there is a real difference between Americans and those who are termed “American voters”. This article is a case in point. The article continues after the excerpt and is worth the read.

    “Helen Keller’s pithy observation about American democracy being little more than a choice “between Tweedledum and Tweedledee” was never more true than in the upcoming midterm elections in the ninth congressional district of Illinois.

    In a district which includes the affluent northern suburbs of Chicago along the shore of Lake Michigan, the central issue is not the two wars—or is it now three?—the country is fighting, nor is it the tanking economy, in great part caused by those debt-inducing wars. No, the burning issue here is… who cares more about Israel?

    “A Jewish candidate has been trying to convince the mostly Jewish voters that his Jewish opponent has not done enough to protect the Jewish interest,” reports Ynetnews, the English language website of Israel’s most-read newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. Although less than 25 percent of the ninth district’s constituents are Jewish, and there is little agreement about what constitutes “the Jewish interest,” it’s not a bad summary of Republican challenger Joel Pollak’s campaign to oust the Democratic incumbent, Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

    Pollak, an Orthodox Jew born in South Africa, charges Rep. Schakowsky with being “soft on Israel’s security.”

    Let’s take a brief look at Congresswoman Schakowsky’s record on Capitol Hill to see if there’s any truth to Pollak’s allegations.”

  38. Flanders says:

    Another case where the jew inspired “American voters” are not going to be Americans.

    ” A U.S. Court of Appeals has invalidated an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to vote in state and federal elections. Not only our borders but our voting booths are wide open.

    Many of us have witnessed the pride of new U.S. citizens raising their right hand before a judge after learning about our government and Constitution and swearing allegiance to their new country and its laws. On Tuesday, a panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided by 2-1 to tell others who would like to earn their citizenship — don’t bother.

    The uber-liberal 9th Circuit decided that you don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to vote in our elections, or even be required to prove you are.”

  39. Mr. Dithers says:

    Must disagree on recoil where it concerns semi-auto handguns. Even a strapping young man like myself struggled to control the .40 caliber at first. If someone is just starting out they should stick with the smaller calibers like a .22 or .32 to hone basics like sight alignment, hand placement and trigger pull/squeeze then work your way up to the higher calibers. Go ahead and purchase a higher caliber pistol along with a smaller caliber one but practice using the smaller caliber gun first.

    Because of the heavy recoil on .40’s and .45’s a newbie will tend to “jerk” the trigger in anticipation of the recoil which will pull the shot off target. This can take a lot of practice to overcome for some people but don’t get discouraged.

  40. Julian Lee says:

    Racially aware Whites should go post on this YouTube thread currently getting huge commenting because of DrudgeReport:

    It’s about the ZogScans in the airports and how the Zogoons singled out a pretty White female talk show host yesterday and did the Big Nazi. Post Zog-aware, Chertoff-aware, and 9-11-aware posts there. It awakens the sleeping, is fun, and serves your people.

  41. McBragg says:

    Racking a shotgun to “scare” an intruder is a very poor idea. All you accomplish is put them on notice that you are armed, and give away your LOCATION

    Better yet to keep it chambered and the safety on, get into your pre selected,covered/concealed position at your kill zone (you better think this out in advance) and if legal in your state, blast them on sight. I highly recommend a weapon mounted light such as the new LED Procyon so that you can make that last second ID before shooting. The Procyon also has an awesome and very disorienting to-the-target strobe option. Many guns have a rail mount so that you can switch your light from gun to gun, quickly

    Be aware that an AR15, Ruger Mini 14 or other 5.56 carbine can be a fine home defense weapon and can also do double duty when you must step outside and shoot at a distance. If your budget is limited, get the carbine and a handgun and pass on the shotgun for the time being. When the SHTF (if you survive) you will have a stack of shotguns to choose from, since every other US home has one. What they do NOT generally have is fighting type shotgun ammo. Better to buy a case of 00 buck shot and the carbine/pistol and a lot of ammo for them, too. Buy your extra magazines ASAP. I recommend at least 12 mags for every fighting gun. For an AR15 be sure to buy a few 20 rd mags for prone shooting, along with your 30 rders

    Many on a budget buy an SKS or AK47.. this caliber (7.62 x 39) has too much penetration for dense urban use. If you want an AK type weapon, go for the AK74, as it is a .22 caliber high power round that has limited penetration like the US 5.56 round

    Do not consider any caliber smaller than the 9MM or 38 Special in +P as a primary self defense handgun. The smaller calibers lack stopping power and may allow your attacker to shoot or stab you before your tiny bullets have any effect. A .380 ACP can be an excellent and tiny pocket gun for when you cannot carry something better, but be aware that it lacks stopping power. In any case, shoot until the threat is neutralized. No handgun is a surefire ape-stopper

    Many semi auto rifles and pistols can accept a .22 long rifle caliber conversion kit which can cut your shooting costs down quite a bit and therefore allow you to train more. in addition it may allow you to hunt small game on a shoestring budget

    Here’s a site that will help you get up to speed on what guns can do, and cannot do

  42. McBragg says:

    One more thing.. with the tiny .410 shotgun, (designed for shooting small game birds) even with the best ammo, you need all the rounds you can get.. fully load that sucker!

  43. McBragg says:

    Before I hit the road, here’s one of my favorite reviewers of guns, gear and blades.. look at the massive number of educational vids:

    And this guy is freakin AWESOME.. he has many super cheap survival tips:

    I just put together a more elaborate version of that machete kit. I could grab it and run into the woods and survive for days

    Here is his excellent sling bow concept. I just finished my first one. I used a large keyring for the arrow guide, tied on with surgical tubing:

    Look around those guys huge lists of videos and keep your powder dry!

  44. NWK/ORION says:

    I think that everyone on here talking shit are lazy fat keyboard commandos that have nothing better to do. If you people want to argue go to the streets boys. NWK

  45. GTRman says:

    Dem streets be all iced up in a week. I’ll be gets mah pizza delivah’d.

  46. Randall says:

    Hey, your weapon needs a good refinish, or you do homemade; a cheap and excellent
    parkerizing job can be had by ripping up an old AA battery and getting naval jelly.
    The dark stuff in a battery is manganese dioxide- a toxic substace, so wear a mask and gloves just to be safe. Naval jelly is usually sold as a rust solvent.
    Measuring or weighing is not necessary, as the reactants reach equilibrium on their own.
    Just get a suitable container for the size of the parts that you’re going to treat,
    that can stand the heat. Healthy dollops of both chemicals are added to the water in the
    container (the dioxide should be crushed but not granulated),
    All parts should be sand blasted. To get free sandblasting, look up your Community
    College, find the name of the instructor for machining or CNC class, and have someone there find him by giving his first name. They will point him out. Go up to him, and act like you were a student (don’t enter an area with Bridgeports, etc, without safety glasses on), then ask if you can use the sandblaster. He’ll be pleased, but he wont
    think it weird that he doesn’t remember you- they come and they go.

    After 45 minutes in the container, take the parts out and rinse with water.
    Dry them manually then rub any oil into the metal, the wipe it clean.
    Yous should have a dark (almost black) charcoal grey finish, that repels water and

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