Do The Space Brothers Just Want Planetary Love?

ONE CURIOUS MEME being put out there today, is that “we’ll all be the same color, no more races, no more wars. The planet will eventually be populated with the same kind of itty-bitty brownish people, all sweetly loving each other under a benevolent global government. And it must be kindly Space beings who are thankfully and secretly leading us towards that lofty goal, since we’re incapable as a species to do so ourselves.”

In other words, it’s the Extra-terrestrials (ET) really responsible for all the crap going on now. C’mon, everybody out there reading this has thought about the possibility.

According to this line of thought, secret groups in major governments know and are keeping mum. They have been busy putting everything into place as per the ET’s game plan, while following a set timetable to be as gradual as possible, so us earthlings don’t have a big freak-out. This is the reason why religion is to be dumped, borders erased and for us to engage in as much miscegenation as possible.

It’s like some kind of Hollywood version of reality (natch). But let’s not get too flip here, because it’s obvious as hell something is going on.

Since we’re on a sci-fi kind of kick, let’s think of reality like Quantum Physics — the closer you look at a particular object, the fuzzier things get and trying to pin-point something in space-time is only an exercise in math probabilities. So let’s step back a ways and look at the big picture a minute.

Earth just happens to be at a perfect place in the galaxy for life. Not too close to the galactic center so we get blasted non-stop by tanning salon rays; same deal with the earth’s position in the solar system and the protective Van Allen belt fields generated from our molten iron core. Plus, we have plenty of liquid H20 (water) — the universal solvent — virtually a requirement for living organisms until they evolve far enough to distill tasty adult beverages.

It’s a rare mixture of just the right planetary conditions that enables us bipedal, carbon-based SOB’s to stand around drunk at night, look up and say “WTF?”

On the other hand, there’s billions of stars in our own galaxy so the chances of the same conditions occuring elsewhere is more than likely. Maybe not a lot, but there should be several thousand, at least. But we still really don’t know, though. We’ve located a couple of hundred extra solar planets, albeit mostly large gaseous giants, like Jupitar and Uranus. And no, I’m not talking about farting here.

Then we come to the one really big problemo: Travel faster than light speed.

Contrary to what you might think, Albert Einstein was highly over-rated and a giant PR creation; the purposeful work of newspaper men and international forces belonging to his own racial group. He was also a big time idea stealer. The E=mc2 concept was first published by an industrialist named Olinto De Pretto in an Italian science journal that Einstein was known to read and a year before Einstein’s own paper. He also “borrowed” heavily from the work of physicists Henri Poincaré, Hendrik Lorentz, Friedrich Hasenöhrl, to name but a few.

Saint Einstein quite obviously stole the crucial covarient field equations of gravity from the once famous German mathematician David Hilbert and only by this theft could the General Theory of Relativity even work. Einstein and his media chums totally failed to credit the man and backroom efforts to protect Einstein’s sacred image from what really happened continues to this day. And the business of Hilbert not caring about getting ripped-off is a big fat lie (he was angered but soon realized the fix was in).

Whatever the case may be, the General Theory of Relativity shows us that faster than light travel appears to be a hugely difficult proposition. But maybe not — possible space-time shortcuts and end-runs, like quantum worm holes and other Deep Space Nine kind of stuff may exist.

And it does appear that we’ve been visited by higher intelligences often in the past (distant star systems, parallel dimensions, the future, whatever). The evidence is undeniable. Without rewriting Eric Von Daniken’s “Chariot of the Gods,” there’s plenty of hard evidence that earlier earth civilizations had various sorts of experiences, ranging from merely witnessing UFO’s cavorting around the skies to possibly even contact and receiving advice on how to build future mega tourist traps.

If we’ve been visited in the past, there’s no reason to think they are still not dropping by. There’s been plenty of UFO encounters that cannot be dismissed as hoaxes or hallucinations. But are “Space Elders” or “Space Brothers” the ones really behind the New World Order?

And according to my Deep Throat sources (not porn stars or homos), it is indeed “Space Brothers,” because the Sisters took off down a worm hole after getting sick and tired of being pimped out to other brutish races across the Milky Way for intergalactic love and unity. Now the Space Brothers are all sexless, gray factory clones — with vestigial thingies about the size of an eraser nub (sorry my Space Brothers, please don’t abduct and anally probe me again).

Chances are, us Earthlings are nothing but a primitive, gross joke to these Space Brothers; some level 2 or 3 on a 10 scale civilization that may or may not blow themselves up soon with newly-discovered nuclear weapons. But they may feel we have some potential and are silently observing us, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves to the masses, without us having that giant freak-out and running our cars into brick walls and stuff.

It’s very possible the government only knows they exist, and doesn’t have a broadband space line set up to ET yet. There may have been small, fairly insignificant contacts in the past, but we were laughingly ignored. Somewhere hidden in the Pentagon right now, there’s grainy kodachrome footage of a Space Brother climbing back aboard his UFO as he flips the bird at some fat, medal-bedecked airforce general stupidly standing there with his hand out.

What secrecy is still going on is mostly to protect military technologies reverse-engineered from Roswell debris, jealously hidden in some vast underground desert base (not that Area 51 stuff again!). They don’t want potential enemies, like the Chinese (suspiciously looking like Space Brothers), to get wind of some kind of killer laser beam up our camouflaged sleeves. Oh, sure, sometimes we might break down and prance around with a few high tech weapons in the latest Mideast Turd-Worlder kill fest.

Also, the Space Brothers probably have some kind of Star Trek protocol keeping themselves at a distance so they don’t mess with our heads too much and affect Earth’s natural progress, or lack of it, in the universe. In fact, a hands-off attitude makes the most sense culturally, historically and logically.

One, we know that contact with advanced civilizations screws up the minds and social fabric of primitive kinds of people. Unless we happen to watch a lot of the Sci-Fi Channel, interstellar technology would be nearly indistinguishable from magic. Us evil Whites have done the exact same kind of things before: From tripping out the naked mushroom-eating Indians of the Amazon to turning the cannibal Negroid tribes of Papua New Guinea into hopped-up and greedy Cargo Cults — not much different from the Earth Brothers in our beautiful cities, like LA, Philadelphia or Detroit, come to think.

Two, it seems readily apparent the Space Brothers don’t really care too much about us killing each other. Or at least not with conventional armaments like big ass tanks, phosphorous shells and Predator drones blowing away inconvenient people taking up space the remote button-pushers think God promised them thousands of years ago. However, they may step in if we decide to go thermonuclear — but let’s not try them on that, okay?

Still, the Space Brothers explanation does sounds good to all the Hollywood PC White Rabbits out there, because then they don’t have to hate anyone — they know they shouldn’t — during the transition phase. For now, they just need to live someplace warm and snugly, protected as much as possible from getting robbed, raped and murdered; at least until the Space Brothers make their grand entrance and put the cosmic mind zap on all the Earth Brothers to drop the Glock nines and crack pipes.

Unfortunately for PC people, the evidence is clear showing the Space Brothers hypothesis doesn’t fit the bill (has it ever made any sense?). We are still very much on our own and prone to wiping ourselves off the globe (it’s actually much more dangerous now). To think otherwise is pure Unicorn fantasy land.

And why would Space Brothers prefer to see the most advanced race of the planet genetically disapear? Would it not make more sense for them to see the lesser evolved races die off, leaving the best human stock to work with?

Of course, some of you might be spluttering right now “you’re just a dumbass redneck and self-centric racist, what makes Whitey so great?” Sure, my little brainwashed minion, this here country boy is being a bit self-centric, but also very realistic at the same time. That’s another cool thing about Quantum Physics, you can be two things at once!

No, pound for pound, brain cell for brain cell, us Whites are clearly the most advanced race to ever bipedally walk the planet. Hell, if it wasn’t for our inventions in agriculture alone, non-Whites in the hundreds of millions would have literally starved to death early the last century. Maybe even died from sheer boredom, too, when you think about our wide variety of cultural exports and technologies.

Imagine all the billions in money, food and aid we’ve given to pretty much worthless and corrupt African tinpot dictators, or all the advanced medicines we donate to keep them from croaking dead from malaria, sleeping sickness, or the “Slim” disease — afflicted by doing the nasty monkey in stinky, ramshackle jungle hovels with women, men, goats, or possibly even real monkeys on occasion.

If not for us White people in the Western world, the continent of Africa would be mostly depopulated by now and the big game Safari hunting back to fabulous. With the planet restored to it’s natural beauty, all us First-Worlder Whites and Space Brothers could now be riding around together on genetically engineered Unicorns!

Yep, if the Space Brothers so wanted “Gai” (New Ager name for Earth) renewed, they would have had us refrain from exporting our advances, making us twiddle our bean sprouts for the time it took most Turd-Worlders to slaughter themselves over the last few dirt yams and rice cakes, and then quietly starve to death in massive droves.

Hmm, I wonder if any other earthly race once ever used starvation tactics for political and racial reasons?

But wait: Maybe the Space Brothers are attuned to a higher consciousness and hate seeing so much pain and misery inflicted on other sentient beings, even if they are only dirty child slaves in a blue jeans factory in Bangladesh? If that’s the case, they sure as hell are doing a shitty job, wouldn’t you say? If you don’t think so, then go ask some Palestinian, Afghani or Iraqi how he considers matters.

And why would the Space Brothers affect such fractious societal change to our countries, while at the very same time allowing uncaring capitalist forces to uproot our country’s manufacturing and ship it overseas? Only to erase borders? No, because right along with human greed, all these sorts of things are directly accountable to earthly forces wishing to increase their geopolitical power literally at the expense of citizens in America and the Western countries.

In simpler terms: We’re being used like a bitch. But then again, maybe the Space Brothers plan to arrive soon with robot factories in tow, so we can have everything at the Walmart for free?

But all these social changes and non-White population movements into our countries are way too disruptive without serious risk of violent upheavals and civil war, resulting in tons of pain and misery for us somewhat sentient earth creatures, even corpulant coach potatoes and buzzed-out flower children.

Most importantly, why would the Space Brother’s game plan allow free reign to the same global factions that come back time and time again, risking total global war? Not with the kinds of hell weapons we’ve come up with over the last 50 years.

Surely, any real Space Brothers would do things much differently, if they wanted Earth to be all lovey-dovey, etc. etc. For one, they could break in to our satellite feeds, interrupt “Dancing with the Stars” and read us the intergalactic riot act. That might get the attention of the sheeple. Or maybe not.

So no, the “birthing pains” explanation to a “better world” doesn’t work.

The Occum’s razor principle says the simplest assumption for something unknown is usually correct, when competing hypotheses are mostly equal. Therein lies the rub, the Space Brothers explanation is obviously a lot more of a stretch in accounting for today’s world and the course America and White countries have been put on.

The most down-to-earth, yet still inclusive explanation is that some sort of extremely rich, but carefully unspoken about earthly oligarchy has been silently working towards their own racial goals. This includes the by now obvious efforts to corrupt, manipulate and eventually destroy the hold of White people to our very own countries.

And once the White race has been rendered mostly threat-less and genetically insignificant — mixed away with other, lesser capable races — these people can then work more efficiently at consolidating control over the rest of the planet; or maybe even taking more extreme measures, like killing off giant swaths of humanity — thereby giving their supposedly unaware racial brethren greater power via all the high tech goodies, reverse-engineered or not.

Call them Illuminati, Freemasons, lizards from another dimension, or Wiccan Hell Midgets from Switzerland, if you like. Whatever bizarre concept suits your fancy, but still keeps you PC compliant. You would rather sound nuts, than Nazi, right?

Or maybe — just maybe — it’s this one racial group that has made no bones at all about doing precisely these very things. This particular earth race also just happens to have the necessary loyal co-conspirators and foot soldiers embedded within the nexus of power — from government to the economy; from controlling almost all cultural and news communications, to creating the so-important social taboos that strongly inhibit any open talk of them.

Add to that crystal clear fingerprints of race subversion efforts, genocidal starvation tactics and even outright criminal behavior going down through history, especially over the last hundred years or so. Hell, this one racial group now thinks they have us so PC cowed, they freely talk among themselves on what they plan to do once they finally succeed.

And there’s even excellent reasons to believe they have specifically used all this Space Brothers business to hide their own earthly, nefarious activities. A good case in point is the supposed suicide of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal back in the early fifties. The man tried like hell to get president Truman not to go along with this one racial group’s geopolitical scheming, but they threw him into a government insane asylum and soon checked him out for good via an upper floor window. The racially stupid and PC New Agers have been led to think it was because he “knew too much” about the Space Brothers, him being a secret member of Majestic 12 and all.

Also, it appears this bunch is now amping up the Space Brothers meme in the owned media, especially on the “Hitlery Channel.” Might we have another media psyops program going on here?

Look, if you bank on aliens coming to save our asses, then you must be crazier than I look right now (I’m having a bad hair day, haven’t shaved, my eyes are bleery red from drinking tasty adult beverages and looking up at the stars all night).

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any intelligent Space Brothers, only that they probably don’t consider us much more than a peculiar, violent and hairy denizen of a planet little more than a galactic way station to them. In other words, they don’t give a flying flock what we do.

And it’s certainly not the evil Muslims who could get away with all this. Don’t make me laugh like an hysterical madman. No, the obvious perps behind all the social and geopolitical problems of White countries in the Western world, are the one race who most often pretend to be people of the bible and try to appear as merely fellow White Europeans; always so blameless and constantly victimized for their innocent Godly ways.

They are the Eastern European Ashkenazi, or Khazar Jews. Yep, you heard me right: THE JEWS. Shouldn’t take a rocket or electro-magnetic, anti-gravity propulsion scientist to figure this all out by now.

Elementary logic and common sense dictates this sound conclusion. History, economy, politics, culture, religion and especially current events, all fully support this one explanation for the vast pile of steaming hot bovine excrement that us White people are now waking up and seeing around us in what used to be our own countries.

Let’s just hope we can somehow sweet talk the Space Brothers — when they do arrive and reveal themselves — into bundling up these earthly bastards aboard interstellar cattle cars, and finding them their own damn planet as many light years away as possible. After-all, they do think God promised them the entire world once.

Just not going to be this one, however.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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98 Responses to Do The Space Brothers Just Want Planetary Love?

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I agree with GTRman 100%. I never thought Cannibal Rabbi was a Hasbara either. I’m not accusing any of the regulars on here of that. He’s right when he says we need to forget our differences. The Chosen Ones haven’t given up their plans to shut the Internet down. My big fear is these bastards will start World War 3! That will almost certainly lead to a nuclear exchange! We all know they planned three world wars a long time ago. I doubt they have given up that plan either. Lets accept the fact that we are not going to agree with each other on everything and let it go at that. I’ve often disagreed with comments made on here. Especially the ones made about Christianity being the creation of jews to control the Whites! For the life of me I can’t understand that belief! Jews have a murderous hatred in their hearts for Christ and his church. To each his own. The way I look at it everything with the jews is backwards. If they hate Christ and Christianity that proves Christianity is good and true.

  2. Dave says:

    How did a defense of “Cannibal rabbi” end up in here?

  3. Dave says:

    Listen Frank, the thread you are looking for is over here:

    I’d be happy to hear what GTRman had to say about the subject. It seems though, that you are just throwing names around since he has said nothing here. Feel free to read what I said about this same subject if you want.

  4. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Frank Fredenburg

    I appreciate that.

    Dimona dave

    “How did a defense of “Cannibal rabbi” end up in here?”

    The TRUTH is its own defence.

    “Feel free to read what I said about this same subject if you want.”

    Hold on, i’ll fetch a pen and paper!

    Care to bad-mouth the talmud?

    Didn’t think so.

  5. Dave says:

    OK, lets talk about you some more, unnamed one.

    Let’s talk about the subject you demand, right? You puny little fool! Keep it up! It’s working! It’s working, man!

    How about you tell us some of this talmud that you think of day and night, unnamed one. Tell us why we should waste our time reading this book you concentrate on so much. Tell us why reasoning with you is an effort in futility.

    TELL US!

  6. Dave says:

    Note to reader. Stories of SH*T to follow.

  7. Dave says:

    Well, rabbi?

  8. Dave says:

    Give us some quotes from your people’s holy book, rabbi…

    OR, we could just look around us. Or, we could watch some more television. Or we could buy a porn mag. Or, we could listen to the very spew that erupts from your lips…

  9. jimbo says:

    anti-zionist: Thanks for flushing that nugget incog!

    Rob H/Lord S….is that you, digger?

    get on the bloody Skype will ya ?!?

    Farkkk !

  10. American says:

    jew-rats push for open borders in this country, but shoot to kill for their beloved terrorist Israel:


  11. Barney says:

    Still too much petty squabbling on here.

    You’re a jew.

    No I’m not. You are.

    Who cares? Actually I do. This place would be a lot better without the hasbarats, but IncogMan does his best to spamblinka the worst of them – after giving them enough rope to hang themselves, so why keep going on about it? It’s his blog after all.

    As someone said recently, we’re all in this race war whether we like it or not, and for those of us who are genuinely on the right side, we’ve got to put our differences aside and concentrate on the jew (though without ignoring the nigger danger either).

    Stop squabbling over nothing and say something useful, or if you’ve got nothing of value to offer, say nothing. All this bickering doesn’t help when we’re trying to free the minds of those who are less aware of the problem.

    Btw, as Gordon Duff points out, rats leaving a sinking brown house (formerly known as the white house) can only mean trouble.

    I’m wondering, could those “nasty arabs” on the Mossad payroll be planning to deliver a nice gift from Dimona directly to said brown house?

    Imagine the anti-Muslim hatred that would arouse in the sheeple.

  12. Hoff says:

    Hoff @lncog: l suggested this before, why don’t you make a new page where all the Quote of the week are saved? Othervise they are dow the memory hole.

    And l think you should add the link to those comments.

    Just add a new link at top of page, where the Home, Video of the week and so on is. Then it would not take you long time to copy-.past.

  13. Hoff says:

    You can take the negro out of the djungel, but you can’t take the djungel out of the negro.

  14. rocketman says:

    HOFF: That was india? I thought it was Belle Meade FL.

  15. What about sephardic jews? Or mizrakhim? Or italqim? Or any other jews? They are all genetically linked and have ALL been part of the problem. The Khazars didn’t convert, they were jews to begin with, and the rest of the jews didn’t disappear. The rest of the jews didn’t stop being part of the problem, they are still here and they’re all still working together.

  16. Jen says:

    Here’s an important article …

    Jews are collectivists; Europeans are individualists:

  17. Flanders says:

    That’s right, Jen. Whites are individualistic by nature. The jews are collectivists, communal and communistic by their very nature and that is what they are seeking to impose on the rest of us. All while deliberately pushing policies that use our White mindset for individuality to divide and drive wedges among Whites. The jews media (MSM) has done that for too long.

    Now, why would anyone be skeptical when a jewish MSM gatekeeper at AP says that the sky is falling? Is it the sky wobbling above us, or is it another jew guided avenue to force others into a collectivist, hence (state)-protetiveness society? Other than that, could it be so that a few jews can make some money off of it? Is the AP deliberately fear-mongering?

    “And finally, probably the most telling article quotes from former DHS chief Michael “buy my naked body scanners” Chertoff:
    Chertoff was interviewed in the wake of the Obama administration’s decision to release a travel alert Sunday in response to reports of a possible terrorist threat against Britain, France and Germany. He advises travelers to consider ‘where would you take shelter if something happened.’ And Chertoff also says: ‘Don’t walk around with the American flag on your back.’
    It’s worth noting that Chertoff admits Americans are the target and should now be bashful about appearing “American.” The barrage of headlines of increased “threat” level to “public transport” comes only a week after Janet Napolitano announced trying to force full-body scanners into foreign countries. Conveniently, the Chertoff Group has a large financial stake in naked-body scanners that are now being proposed for all public transportation hubs, not just airports. Like any good businessman, Chertoff, with the help of Associated Press releases, is stoking the false demand for his product”.

  18. Flanders says:

    “If there is to be power, let it vest with the people and not within the hands of a tyrannical government, and in the clutches of a few whose allegiance is to a foreign nation and a way of life that is un-American.”

  19. Flanders says:

    From a signature at this site:

    “Plan A is to live a long, prosperous life while enjoying my Freedom, and Liberty. My Guns are Plan B.”

  20. jason says:

    read alan arlefords book gods of the new millenium please ? the jews are the caretakers for the gods of old and gold and other metals are there game ….crazy you say ??? well not as crazy as what the public got fed on how the pyramids got built ?? fukinjg weeeeeek that story…… read the book

  21. GTRman says:

    Speaking of aliens:

    Racist Aliens Wreak Havoc in Poland

    Jewsians from planet Hollywood:

    Enjoyed your comment Marshall. Inspired.

  22. GTRman says:

    ” Rounding out his panoramic accounting of our beginnings and our history as a race, Alford concludes with the speculation that the Nefilim (the Hebrew equivalent of “Anunnaki”) could well be returning to this neighborhood around the beginning of the millennium, although the planet Nibiru will not return to the inner solar system on its 3600-year cycle around the Sun until 3400 A.D.

    The above synopsis clearly shows that Alford both acknowledges and agrees with Sitchin in substance. The points on which he does not agree with Sitchin provide some very interesting considerations. For example, Alford concludes, from an analysis of the Giza pyramid, that it was, at least in one of its functions, a large hydrogen gas burning energy production plant, the Queen’s chamber designated as the location for the main water cell.

    A major point where Alford diverges from Sitchin’s view is the interpretation of the critical time scale term sar or shar. Sitchin identified a sar as 3600 of our Earth years — the period of the orbit of Planet X/Nibiru around the sun. Alford accepts and agrees with this number as the oribital period of Nibiru but constructively refines and expands on Sitchin’s explanation by differentiating another sar as 2160 (Earth years) determined by dividing the precessional cycle of the Earth (the wobble around its poles) after the Flood into 12 periods of Anunnaki political succession.

    Alford demonstrates convincingly that he is able to resolve the difficulties and contradictions in the ages and life spans of the ancients in the Sumerian records and the Bible and to date the events of the ancient past more consistently and precisely through this discovery.

    Although there are additional minor points on which Alford would refine or correct Sitchin’s explanations the other major one is the identity of Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews and Christians. Sitchin, in his Divine Encounters, after systematically considering and eliminating all of the possible Anunnaki who might have been Yahweh, concludes that the four letter Tetragrammaton YHWH, written as Yahweh, is the name for a unique alien humanoid, a “cosmic voyager” who was the God of the Nefilim and the God who embraced the universe. Alford disagrees with Sitchin’s reasoning that the Anunnaki individual, Ishkur could not be Yahweh because scholars have associated him with Adad, a “foreign” god who was therefore an “abomination” in Yahweh’s sight. He holds that Ishkur, youngest son of Enlil was, indeed, Yahweh and kept his identity hidden because he was often absent from the Middle East, travelling to his domain in the Americas.

    Alford’s scholarship, while enthusiastically espousing Sitchin’s impressive work, stands robustly on its own. I reiterate what I have said in another place: Go buy this book and read it even if you have to hock your cat. Alford’s contribution to the promulgation of the new paradigm, already putting it into best seller status though privately published in England, is signifcant and appreciated.

    Author’s note: This review was written before The Phoenix Solution, Alford’s second book was released. Although my opinion of his first book has not changed from what is written here, Alford’s opinions have. In The Phoenix Solution he makes a complete 180 degree turnabout, rejecting Sitchin’s thesis, beginning with Egyptian history with little reference to the earlier Sumerian and falling back into “the gods were mythological” premise and explanations — much to the disconcertion and puzzlement of his readership. He still continues to market his first book. ”

    Review of Gods of the New Millennium

  23. Flanders says:

    “News of UFO Sighting in East El Paso. Very similar to NYC and other sightings recently.”

  24. randall says:


  25. randall says:

    Try again.

  26. randall says:

    hmmmm. won’t embed. That must have been for the old site.
    Anyway here’s a link.

  27. randall says:

    Sorry, I thought you could embed a youtube here like the old site.
    Just delete those ones with out the url.

  28. randall says:

    oh, and GTRman I’m also a guitarist and I don’t know if you’re a fan of the Dregs, Steve Morse or Jazz Is Dead, but I learned 4 days ago that keyboardist T. Lavitz died on Oct
    7th from a heart attack when sleeping. He was a genius, and I first met him in ’79 when
    I got the Dregs to play in Michigan. RIP T.
    Here’s me playing a solo over a set of minor blues changes!
    Be kind!
    AND DUMP IZHELL, ADL, SPLC, JDL JIDF, GELLAR DERSHOWITZ. and eneryother white hating manic jew out there. People are waking up!

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