Jew Big Shot Busted for Pimping Underaged Girls

World Jewish Congress president, billionaire and pimp, Alexander Mashkevitch (right) with holocaust scamster Elie Wiesel and smug wife. Birds of a feather… [INCOG]

From Council of Conservative Citizens:

We see the relentless assault against the Catholic church coming from Hollywood and the national media. Ask yourself why crimes committed by Catholic clergy are national news stories, but never reported when they are members of certain other religious groups.

If the man arrested below had been Vatican official, this would be a major international news story. However, as a major figure in the largest Jewish organization in the world, the story is completely absent save for a few Jewish publications.

Why does Hollywood and the US media attack Catholics relentlessly, but actively protect the image of Jews?

Besides being one of the five regional presidents of the world’s largest Jewish organization, Alexander Mashkevitch is also one of the richest men in the world. He owns mines all over Africa, as well as Russia and Kosovo. His corporation ENRC, made a $1.5 Billion profit last year and is valued at nearly $7 Billion on the London Stock Exchange.

The previous head of the WJC, Billionaire Edgar Bronfman, stepped down in 2007 after one of his aids was accused of stealing large amounts of money from the organization. Bronfman became a billionaire from liquor sales and his American media empire which published violent “ganster” rap music and trashy hip hop aimed at teens.

From JTA…

A Jewish billionaire who heads a branch of the World Jewish Congress was among 14 businessmen and underage prostitutes arrested on a yacht in Turkey.

Alexander Mashkevitch, born in 1954, heads the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. He is a citizen of Kazakhstan and Israel.

The arrests came in late September after a tip to Turkish authorities that the luxury boat was being used for illegal purposes, The Los Angeles Times reported. The Turkish government, which had leased out the yacht, has repossessed it.

The yacht once belonged to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

Turkish authorities say they have documents proving that Mashkevitch paid up front to rent the yacht for five days and that the prostitutes were on board, Ynet reported. The boat reportedly was rented out regularly as part of a sex-trade scheme in which passengers would pay several thousand dollars for one night on board.

Some commentators reportedly are saying that the scandal besmirches Ataturk’s name, which is a punishable offense.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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37 Responses to Jew Big Shot Busted for Pimping Underaged Girls

  1. American says:

    Another day, another scumbag jew. He might even get some sort of award from Israel. The pic with holohoax liar Elie Wiesel should be enough for anybody to question Wiesel’s story (If I’m not mistaken, Wiesel doesn’t even have a work camp tattoo). And Mashkevitch is proof jews cannot ever stop themselves from raping “Goyim”.


  2. Angryyoungman says:

    I’ll bet all every shekel in the world that the girls were from Russian and Ukrainian farm towns.

    Being the offensive heathen that I am, I have always wanted to make an “erotic art film” where I entice a Jewish and a Muslim girl to a dirty crash pad, where I pay them for their services with ham or bacon.

  3. Flanders says:

    If you want to chat with the scum, here is his facebook page.

    A report on some of his earlier activities:

    “Patokh Chodiev, Alexander Mashkevitch and Alijan Ibragimov are the little-known billionaires. Collectively named “the Trio”, they are the latest in a clutch of oligarchs from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) to operate businesses from Britain.

    The Trio, who have worldwide interests, made their fortunes in Kazakhstan from minerals, oil, gas and banking. They are close confidantes of the Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

    The Independent on Sunday first learnt in 2001 about the visits by the Trio to London. At that time, one businessman said: “They practically own the Kazakh government, and swathes of land and businesses there. They have £20m-£30m of investments in London and want to set up their base here.”

  4. Flanders says:

    This is not so much a link for information about the one scumbag reported about above as it is a link with information about an entire world full of similar scum. The WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS of 2007 – [Note the Minutes of the previous meeting in Paris in 2006 near the bottom of the link].

    “Mr. Alexander MACHKEVITCH, President of the EuroAsian JewishCongress, reported on working in a continent in which Jews are notgenerally known, and pleaded for an increased effort at public relations andcoordinated activity. Religious dialogue, he affirmed, is one of the strongestmechanisms for cooperation, referring to his contacts with the Muslimleadership including the only Jew in the Iranian Parliament. EAJC hadraised a million dollars to help Israeli communities during the war on thenorthern border and Jewish communities in Tajikistan, where they willrebuild the synagogue demolished in Dushambe”.

  5. Dave says:

    I search high and low on the interweb for my info. I know where these pedophiles hide. I can see them as brightly as the sun is at noon. It is they that seek to lurk in the shadows. It is they that suffer from the paranoia they readily accuse us of. This whole “hiding” scam is going to be the end of them!


  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Check out this fake Indian, yeagley bastard, yid-licker, over at Akiras site, it’s gory! Friend of tmj, now we know why. Listen to his introduction of his “opera”, “jacek” and try to stop your flesh crawling.

    I’m drawing your attention so that it’s clear, what game this arsehole is playing, and which team he is on.

    Scroll down a few posts.

    If he’s Comanche, i’m the King of Tonga.

  7. Dave says:

    Yes! You would know a Comanche. I’m sure Akira gave him a piece of his mind. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “I’m sure Akira gave him a piece of his mind. ”

    He has some to spare right enough.

    You should ask him for a donation! Tell him it’s for charity!


  9. Dave says:

    I’ve never asked for “donations” my “friend”. I have however, directly spoken to Comanche people and see you little shenanigans as nothing but divisive. Do the have Comanche people where you and your friend live?

  10. Dave says:

    Perhaps, the better question is why we must talk about you and your buddy instead of these kikejew pedophiles. Ask of your buddy to spare me a bit of his mind for that, Would you? Call it charity if you must. That is, if you can take the time out of your “nothing to do” day and focus on anything else but a so-called fake Comanche as you see him.

  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Now, now!

    Pals remember?

    “Do the have Comanche people where you and your friend live?”

    Friend? With a personality like mine? Not likely!

    To the first part of your question, yes.

    You can’t swing a cat ’round here, for fear of hitting a comanche!

    Some days it can get right on yer tits, let ME tell you!

    Other days not so bad. Although the cat’s not too keen.

    How was your experience?

    Did you “wind-talk” with them?

    I’d imagine you are fluent, judging from what you post here.

    More jew trash.

    And here’s some good news for a change.

  12. Dave says:


    You’re about 4 feet down a 6 foot hole, bro. Perhaps you should call in reinforcements.

    Anywho, I’m done with you for the night. Carry on if you must, or as I know you will… The “who’s the secret jew game” must always prevail. ALWAYS!


  13. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “You’re about 4 feet down a 6 foot hole, bro. Perhaps you should call in reinforcements.”

    No problem. I can just about see over the top.
    Actually, it’s quite nice here.
    I’ll get out in a while.

    Night night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

    What do you make of this?

  14. warrior.hun says:

    Dear INCOG and all, the biggest problem of christianity was that priests were and are not allowed to marry. In the middle ages the church was the best way to climb the social ladder for the brightest, most clever people, and the ones most dedicated to our God. Unfortunatelly their DNA did not get passed on to the next generation, expect some “bastard” (sorry, maybe there is a kinder english word for it, but this is not my mother-tounge) kids on the sly from the foxiest of them. This is like evolution in reverse, and on the long run a negative evolutional selection for the christian faith. Because of this un-natural constraint, this is like a prison-effect, some of the priests may turn to, uh, forbidden ways…But I could not help but noticed the media efforts to paint a picture of the church as a bunch of homo-pedo villains…If you take a look, you will find that when promoting secularisation, and building an age of reason, only christian faith is ridiculed, its myths are ridiculed (like the Mary and Holy Ghost event of creating Jesus without sex and other such issues), but I noticed that no other faith is attacked. Jews are never ridiculed of their belief being the chosen ones. The reason why christianity is attacked is because the christian church always treated the jews for what they are, teached and educated the people against them (not counting these american “christian” TV priests who say that being against Israel is being against God).Never forget: the jews did not make a pact with God, thay made a pact with Yahveh, their tribal demon, or the devil, take your pick of interpretation. It was Jesus of new testament who contradicted the old one, and helped us to find the real christian God. Nowdays as communism destroyed the faith in the east, and secularisation in the west, it is the turn of the muslim communities: either they reform (geld) their religion, or they are extremist terrorrist out for your freedom. Why do jews not appreciate that they are equal with you in USA and not having the age-old persecution against them, why are they fucking with you still? Because 1. they know your forefathers in Europe were christians, therefore enemies of jews, and 2. they are trying to make the most of the situ before you wake up from your slumber. Capitalism in itself would not be a bad thing: your capitalist country was founded on protestant white ethics. This taken over by jewish capital and jewish business ethics produces what you see around you. They, I think, on the long run, will try to build up a jew-friendly version of “christianity” but in fact all the New World Order will be based on their special laws for goyim-but of course un-announced in their media. Uff, I spoke, as Winnettou would say.

  15. Dave says:

    I agree with some of your points, warrior.hun. I am however, a Protestant that cares little for the Catholic church’s rules. While I am an ethnic German that lives in an English land (that’s not quite true if you look at (or comprehend) the demographics of America). Religion should not be the main focus of our efforts in regards to the jew.

    I do indeed claim Christianity as my religion. Does that mean everyone must claim the same to see the degenerate nature of the jew? I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t care what religion you are if you’ll fight against that degeneracy with me. Once, the dust settles though, you must leave my kind alone just as we will anyone else… that isn’t a degenerate.

  16. Dave says:

    I was just listening to this fine piece of White music. If you look carefully, you’ll see “false flags” everywhere… or not.

  17. Hatchetman says:

    A prime Jew enemy shows his face, and his true nature. I am not surprised, as I know these degenerate ways, such as prostitution/sex slavery, have been a staple of their trade since ancient times. Nor am I surprised the Jew media has stuck up for their “boy” by sweeping the story under the rug. I am not religious. However, a scumbag of any blood or creed will always be scum, and the Jews are a race of Parasite, exploitative, filth, dedicated to the devolution of the human condition for their sole benefit. The actions of this one are just part of an ongoing cycle that will continue until this human cancer is purged from the planet. There is no “reforming” them.

  18. foley says:

    Jews in China use very elaborate chairs to read the Torah in the
    respective sabbatical ceremony. However, clandestine Judaism,
    especially in times of danger, avoids using such furniture in their
    secret ceremonies and meetings, to prevent any Gentiles who
    might discover the meeting from realizing what is going on. Clandestine
    Jews have centuries of experience at hiding their secret
    meetings, and have everything ready to camouflage their meetings
    to make them appear to be innocent meetings if a Gentile intruder
    discovers them. In times of the Inquisition, clandestine Jews sometimes
    used catholic clergymen, who were secret Jews, to arrange
    for their secret weekly meetings to be held in the curacy of the
    church or in some other room of the catholic church, under the
    patronage of these clergymen. In this way if any Gentile discovered
    the meeting, the clergyman told him that the meeting was
    composed of faithful catholics of the Parish. In other cases they
    arranged for secret Jews who had infiltrated into the guilds of
    artisans to obtain the use of a room in the guild. If the meeting
    was discovered by somebody, the clandestine Jewish leader of
    the guild would declare that the meeting was being held to discuss
    some matter of interest to the guild. Similar secret meetings were
    arranged on the premises of other reputable Gentile organizations.
    Photo taken from the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia. Cited edition,
    3rd. Volume. Word: China. Page 325 first column.”

    Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews by Itsvan Bakony, 1969

    to read download here:

  19. jimbo says:

    i un-reservedly reject the right of jews to exist!

  20. warrior.hun says:

    Dave, I am of Catholic origin but was not even baptized because of the communist rule then. I belive in God, Jesus, and count myself Christian-by my standard, that is. I feel the biggest waste of white European lives was the religious wars of the past in Europe. This is a rare occasion I am talking about religion, I consider it a very private thing, and I beleive that other peoples faith is none of my business. But in our case we have to consider that a great jewish trick is they saying that they are just a religion. This is not true, theye are a nationality also. So for example, a french jew is not a person of french nationality with jewish faith, but a person of jewish nationality who lives in France with jewish faith. This is one of their trick, saying oh, I am white as you are, I am one of your nationality, just happening to be of jewish faith. Load of bollocks: they know very well it is not true, but they are counting for the PC brainwashed generations not questioning it. Our ancestors knew very well: they are not us.

  21. Dave says:


    How’s it going, MCK?

  22. Sito;FAEM.COM says:


  23. Dave says:

    That’s all? I was waiting for you to call us bacon eaters again.

  24. GTRman says:

    Cannibal said: “What do you make of this? ”

    Well, Cannibal, I found it VERY interesting to say the least. Always “money,money,money” with a lot of these sites…Like I said on this comment from another thread, “….One more thing. I dont have anything against Brother Nathanael , but I will caution against swooning too hard at these “jewish anti-jews”. If not careful we could be led right back into the pen. Maybe video is not the best medium for Bro Nat, with his cartoon jumbo crosses everywhere- “Look! Im a Christian! See my HUGE cross!”
    He also seems a little, lets say, manic. This is not an attack, just a plea for caution.

    Gilad Atzmon seems OK, but he accepts the whole Schmolocaust thing. Finklestein also.

    Chompskys just poison for those that think they “get it”. And boring as hell…”


    Maybe video is not the best medium for this “Bro Nat”. He looks like a T-Rex in drag, and more than a little crazy.

    David Duke, on the other hand , comes across as warm, thoughtful, intelligent, reasonable, etc.

    I know Hoff and Marshall “endorse” Bro Nat, that’ll do for now.

    But……..Great Link, Thankyou.

    ” The enemy has no problem with your writings, videos, and speeches against them, for they too will create mounds of written word, speeches, videos and other material. They will work tirelessly in hive mind fashion to produce so much material, and so many jews protests against their own ills, that it becomes nearly impossible for enough people to hear one voice of reason amongst the thousands of jewish sources. All of this is by design of course. See these select quotes from the protocols:
    The principle object of our directorate consists in this: To debilitate the public mind by criticism; to lead it away from serious reflections calculated to arouse resistance; to distract the forces of the mind towards a sham fight of empty eloquence.
    In all ages the people of the world, equally with individuals, have accepted words for deeds, for THEY ARE CONTENT WITH A SHOW and rarely pause to note, in the public arena, whether promises are followed by performance. Therefore we shall establish show institutions which will give eloquent proof of their benefit to progress.”

  25. GTRman says:

    Excerpt from Cannibal’s link:

    ” The idea was to keep an emphasis on the enemies victories; and our defeats. Day in and day out, non stop.

    Now those who had never been exposed to this type of psychological operation, would not even recognize that it was being perpetrated against them.

    Those unfamiliar with this demoralizing technique would be oblivious to it’s operation and it’s intended effect, especially when it was presented as information.

    Now this Jew can claim till the cows come home, that he’s now a Christian; but the truth is, he’s one of the tribe.

    And, if it never struck you as odd, that he carries on like this unhampered by the tribe, it well should. And you should not dismiss this observation.

    His ‘job’ is to let you know that you are defeated. He’s in your face with every victory of them, and every defeat of you. That’s all it is.

    The get up, and the Jesus facade is to suck you in. He’s also hoping to cash in a bit, and drain your resources as well.

    He’s counting on most of you being forgetful and non-observant. His original stated goal was for you to foot the bill to send him to every city in America. And you did.

    Then he was going to publish a book. You chipped in, but you will never read it.

    Now he wants to start a foundation. He’s going to challenge Zionism politically. This will cost you a little more. Think about it. ! ! ! Virtually none of his fans are aware of his background. If his “testimony” rings true to you, all I will say is it doesn’t to me.

    He falls in love with Jesus in his neighbor’s bedroom when he was a child. The account carries sexual overtones between the lines and is an embarrassment to read.

    Then, later, after falling in love with Jesus, he becomes a psychedelic rock musician. There he is loving Jesus, and steeped in the rock and drug culture at the height of the California scene.

    Next he makes a killing as a salesman. He does so well that he can retire, at a relatively early age. He stashes all his bucks in the bank that will him the best interest for his money.

    Then he shows up at an Orthodox monastery, where they take him in. Free room and board while his interest accumulates.

    He comes to the end of his rope there, and most assuredly wares out his welcome as well.

    When asked of him, the monastery officials proclaim; “Oh the poor man, he’s well, let’s just say eccentric.”

    So now we find him dancing in the park wearing his monk get up. But where is he living? Well he’s living out of his car.

    Shrewdly enough, he still isn’t tapping his savings. He’s panhandling at a Boston Synagogue.

    This goes on for a while; until “enough is enough already”. So they have him committed to the loony bin.

    He does a stint in the nut house all tax payer funded; three hot meals a day and a bed. There he’s medicated and worked on by psychiatrists from the tribe.

    He emerges the character of Brother Nathanael Kapner. His name is Milton. And, his contribution to the Zionist effort is to keep their wins, and your defeats, in your face 24 / 7!

    Think not Christian? Well then what fruit do you get from him. Do you come away feeling the love of Jesus? Or hatred, and defeat? Be honest.

    The black and white glove routine? Ying Yang my man, Ying Yang. He’s displaying a psychological principle; and your subconscious is seeing it, but your conscious mind is not. It’s like a black and white checkered floor. It’s meant to throw your head off balance. And it does.

    He’s wearing more crosses than the exorcist. If it doesn’t strike you weird, it should. It’s all meant to throw your head out of sync.

    Just looking at that Jew wearing that costume, and carrying the flag , well lets just say he’s trying to induce rage.

    If you haven’t discerned yet that this Jew has a love for money, yours, by his many scam appeals, well you will catch on some day.

    He’s sitting on a fat roll, however he’s not touching it. He’ll soon be living every Jew’s dream; if he’s not already. Living off interest. And of coarse, your contributions. He’s a real devil. How come you can’t see it? ”

  26. GTRman says:

    Looks like the UK is jumping on the “tsar” bandwagon : Simon Schama is to be an unelected “history advisor”:

    Mr Schama is a Marxist homosexual jew.

  27. GTRman says:

    One of, if not the best, presentations ive seen in years. Articulate, intelligent and free from ego and showbiz. Give it a go, and be rewarded. Not for all, but what is? :

    Neil Kramer – Guerrilla Psychonautics

  28. warrior.hun says:

    Foley, this Istvan Bakony isnt a Hungarian by chance? Because his name suggests me so. I was always kind of wondering how chineese communism and cuban communism tied in to jewish bolsevism. Castro made it clear in his last interview talking about the sufferings of jews, but I have always wondered how commie jews managed the lack of yellow skinned, almond-shaped eyed jews, and still set up communism in China. Unfortunately I was unable to download your link, but I hope one day I will have my answer.

  29. Sito;FAEM.COM says:


  30. GTRman says:

    I dont want to be pissy but any dog-breeder will tell you that its the “pedigree” animals that are prone to mental and physical deficiencies -collies are a good example. Theyre very clever but most go “mad”. Mongrel dogs are physically healthier, its how genetics and DNA work. Id suggest that the jews mental and physical deficiencies are a result of inbreeding and a small genetic pool.

  31. Sito;FAEM.COM says:


  32. Legion Aire says:

    Why is it that you are trying to bring me into your little discussion, David?

  33. GTRman says:

    Israeli Settler Hits Palestinian Kids, Runs

    ‘Leader of Jewish settlers in the East al-Quds (Jerusalem) neighborhood of Silwan has deliberately run over two Palestinian children and fled the scene. The incident happened during protests that followed the Friday Prayers. The Israeli car driven by David Be’eri, the leader of hardline Elad organization trying to settle Jews in Silwan, charged a group of Palestinian kids, hitting one boy full on and throwing another off his feet.

    The boys, Imran Mansur, 11, and Iyad Gheit, 10, both sustained severe injuries and were rushed to hospital. The incident was recorded by photographers and journalists present on the scene.’

    See the photo:

  34. My Name says:

    jews LET THE DOGS OUT!!!

    Israel to unleash dogs on activists
    Sat Oct 9, 2010 3:45PM

    Israeli commandos are to be accompanied by trained dogs in
    future assaults on Gaza-bound aid convoys, a report says.

    Israel has vowed to confront Gaza-bound aid missions,
    branding relief efforts as means of “provocation” and
    denying any dire humanitarian crises in Gaza, the coastal
    silver which has endured more than three years of an all-out
    Tel Aviv-imposed siege.

    Handlers and their dogs are to join training commandos on
    the obstacle courses for the Israeli military’s Oketz canine
    unit to back up the forces in the surges, Israeli newspaper
    The Jerusalem Post reported on Friday.

    The decision was made after Israel attacked Freedom
    Flotilla, an international Turkish-backed aid convoy, which
    had set sail to break the Israeli siege. The fleet was
    carrying approximately 750 human rights activists and around
    10,000 tons of construction material, medical equipment and
    school supplies.

    The attack in the international waters killed nine Turkish
    activists, including a Turkish-American teenager, and
    injured about 50 others.

    Testifying in August before a United Nations board of
    inquiry, Israeli parliamentarian, Hanin Zuabi shed further
    light on the incident. Zuabi, who had joined the Flotilla,
    claimed that Israel’s use of large numbers of troops with
    sophisticated weaponry suggested that Tel Aviv intended to
    kill the passengers.

    “It was evident from the beginning that the commandos viewed
    all of us activists as terrorists,” said Zuabi, adding that
    “We were very peaceful activists, but the commandos came to kill.”

  35. Dave says:

    “Why is it that you are trying to bring me into your little discussion, David?”

    I was just wondering if this fellow’s talk of ancestors bothered you as mine did. I do, in fact, respect you, MCK. I’ve always been stimulated by your words. I know you read this blog and that you comment on it’s contents little. Speak Up!

    How’s it going? 😉

  36. Dave says:

    A quote from above:

    “I dont want to be pissy but any dog-breeder will tell you that its the “pedigree” animals that are prone to mental and physical deficiencies -collies are a good example. Theyre very clever but most go “mad”. Mongrel dogs are physically healthier, its how genetics and DNA work. Id suggest that the jews mental and physical deficiencies are a result of inbreeding and a small genetic pool.”
    — — —

    That is a great and worthy point of discussion! I am of course a member of the White race. I take pride in the great variety of phenotypes that my race offers me. My race has more diversity than all the others!

    On a side note, I little bit of nigger blood goes a long way…

    Am I a jew?:

  37. Akira says:

    Commjewnism was mostly set up in China via:

    The groundwork laid by Masons:

    Esp. through the work of pseudo-Christian “Protestant missionaries”, and the Sassoon Jews’ opium trade, facilitated by the British East India Co.; then esp. through the initiation of Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang Kai-Shek; then through AIG, est. by Californian Masons in Shanghai, who infiltrated all White Russian refugee groups.

    Then the main work was done via the Jews’ Comintern, with agents from all over, esp. Russia, Germany and the US — Jews and Masons — under the direction of the Jew Mikhail Markovich Gruzenberg (“Michael Borodin”), with Chi-Coms initiated mostly into the Grand Orient in Paris (plus lodges in Hawaii, Penang, Hong Kong, Yokohama & Nagasaki).

    The Jew Gruzenberg/”Borodin” joined the Bolshevik party in 1903. In 1907, he was arrested and chose to depart for the United States in 1908. [So much for the “brutal Tsarist regime”).

    In the US, he attended classes at Valparaiso University, whose dean was a lodge brother of Starr and Raven, who later set up AIG in Shanghai.

    After the Jews’ October Revolution (following the Masonic February Revolution), he went back to the Jew SSR, to work in the foreign relations department.

    From 1919 to 1922, he worked in Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom as a Comintern agent.

    As Comintern agent in China between 1923 and 1927, Gruzenberg/”Borodin” arranged shipments of Soviet arms to the Kuomintang government in Canton, China. He was a prominent adviser to Sun Yat Sen at that time (whose bodygaurd was the Jew Two-Gun Cohen — there apparently being a shortage of Chinese bodyguards in China for the president…)

    Following his suggestion, the Kuomintang allowed communists to join, and the Whampoa Military Academy was established.

    After Sun Yat Sen’s death in 1925, the Jew Gruzenbeerg/”Borodin” remained an advisor to the Kuomintang government until 1928, when Chiang Kai-Shek purged communists and sought to have him arrested. Borodin returned to the Jew SSR in 1928 and worked briefly as editor of the English language Moscow News. In 1949, he was accused of being an enemy of the Soviet Union and was sent to a gulag in Siberia, where he (apparently) died two years later.

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