Mom Killed, Daughter Shot Six Times By Animals

When I read this story the other day, I was incensed like you would not believe. A week ago Friday, a nine year-old girl, shot multiple times but still alive, managed to drag her bloody self to a phone and call 911 as her mother’s dead body lay nearby. 42 year-old Alexandra of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and her daughter, Arianna Angler, were both gunned down when two bicycling, burglerizing Negroes broke into their home right as the mother was getting the little girl ready for school.

These two filthy, GD Negro animals fired six slugs into the innocent little girl and left her for dead (she barely survived in critical condition). Imagine all that went through this poor girl’s mind during this horrible crime?

The national news has been going on and on about a Connecticut home invasion trial over the last couple of weeks, since the defendants were White. Only thing is, every week we see vicious crimes perpetrated on Whites just like this one in Baton Rouge with nary a peep. Ask yourself one very simple question: Do you think the Connecticut case would get as much airtime if the criminals were black? I don’t think so!

And if it was White perps who did this Louisiana crime, the media would have had a field day about the brave little girl calling 911, as her mother lay dead. You know it, too.

Freshly-nabbed (above) murder suspect Aramis Jackson, had told a friend when the horrible story was on the local news, “gotta think like a nigga think; you can’t have witnesses.” Just look at this animal — the black SOB should burn!

One of the animals was picked up due to forensics, his past criminal career thankfully allowed state authorities to take a DNA sample, matching it up with something found in the home, possibly a few crinkly-curly hairs off his nappy little head, or maybe from some other place disgustingly vile.

No word was mentioned about a rape, but it’s very possible. Even the little girl. When filthy Negroes have any White female cornered (child or not), and already plan to eliminate any witnesses to begin with, opportunity meets filthy animal lust. The helpless victim must spend her last minutes on earth being sexually brutalized by a stinking, sweaty primate, just before getting purposefully executed. How evil is that?

Have you had enough yet?

The gun-toting Aramis Jackson was later reported by a witness carrying off a flat screen TV from the home. These “people” will literally waste you over nothing. His running mate is still unknown and on the loose, but will pay for his crimes one day, or in hell eventually.

Like I said, over the past week I saw numerous TV reports on those two Whites in the Connecticut case that happened way back in 2007. Every time I saw it, I yelled at the screen “what about the Gentry case?” This happened just last year, when four members of the Gentry family, plus the girlfriend of the son, were slaughtered in Arkansas by three Negroes out stealing big screen TV’s and rims. They even burned the damn house down around them!

Where the hell is the media over this trial?

Us White Americans are now being screwed over royally by the Jew media. They plainly don’t want the majority of Whites to realize just where our country is headed and how dangerous it’s becoming to live near these violent, free-ranging animals.

And that’s just what they are: Violent and despicable animals, through and through. If you think I’m being racist about it, then you can go live near the bastards and find out soon enough yourself!

— Phillip Marlowe


The lousy Jews have turned America into a Multicult hell-hole.

Thanks, Jews!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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83 Responses to Mom Killed, Daughter Shot Six Times By Animals

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks Flanders!

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    American Born you was born in England? You said you grew up in Dorchester. I thought because of your username you was an American. Unless there is a Dorchester in this country. I never heard of one here. We have a lot of towns and small cities in this country. I sure don’t know all of them!

  3. American born says:

    No Frank, Dorchester Mass. USA.
    Its an area in Boston.
    Used to be a great place.

  4. Toby says:

    This Jew-Funded Jew-Incited Shit Is

    Happening More Frequently Here in the U.S.

    (And yes, these crimes are jew funded/jew incited)

    *Notice that Whites (who are mostly Christian) are targeted by blacks*

    When questioning the Insanity of the type of crime characterized in Incog’s article:
    See ‘Jewized Africa’ for Concrete Examples For What Jews

    Have Planned For Christian Whites Here in the U.S.

    And, It’s Not A Pretty Picture

    These 2 videos more than explicate JEWS INCITING JEWS FUNDING white genocide in Africa – jews use the blacks in Africa to commit these crimes:

    – The Jew And Black Communist Movement in the U.S.

    – James Wickstrom: Acorn, Obama, Whitey

    Final Sad Note For White People in Africa –

    A Precursor To What is Going to Happen Here in the U.S. To Whites:
    South Africa and Black Plans for Final Purge and Genocide of all Whites – Jews Are Also Funding the Blacks on This Particular Plan:

    ‘*Operation Vula’ (or: Red October): When Mandela dies, there will be a massive genocide of all whites in Africa. All white males will be slaughtered, all white women and children will be raped, all personal property of whites in Africa will be seized and redistributed (a common jew Communist practice – jews pulled the same shit in Russia and Eastern Europe). Blacks often say to each other in Africa: ‘Wait until Mandela dies’ which is “code” for Operation Vula. *Funded and incited by jews.

    Please make these important correlations: What you see occurring in Africa e.g., blacks perpetrating crimes/murder against Whites (jew funded jew incited) is already starting to happen here in the U.S. Please wake someone up today by proliferating this information to them and others. The future of our country depends on White Christian people waking up. Literally.

    Then deport the treasonous jews and blacks and illegals mexs a.s.a.p.

    • Danielle says:

      Toby, holy crap. Obviously I am reading this article some 7.5 years later, and as I’m sure you are well aware, a little over 3 years after you posted your comment here, Mandela did indeed pass away (in December of 2013) and you were right on the money, as we are all finding out about the white genociding going on in S. Africa, though none of us are hearing one damned peep about it on the MSM.
      Thank God for other sources such as Incog Man!!

  5. Hoff says:

    The 3-world massimmigration was planned by the jews at least 100 years ago.

    • Danielle says:

      Hoff, are you alive and well and still in circulation?
      Crazy to have only found Incog Man about a year and a half ago.
      Here I am reading these articles – jumping around a lot to the various critical topics (all of it here is critical, actually), reading some of the current-day 2018 stuff & then I find myself reading something that seems like it could be today & I’ll be damned if I don’t hit the ‘home’ button to get to top & see a date from 2010 or longer ago than that. Man, it is depressing, I gotta say : (

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    Most excellent comment, Hoff. May I copy it and possibly use down the road? Or how about in my quote of the week? Please copy and paste over here so it’s legit and you get full credit. Good job, man!

  7. Hoff says:

    Most excellent comment, Hoff. May I copy it and possibly use down the road?

    Hoff: Thx 80) l expect good ladies and gentlemen to copy and past my texts. Don’t ask, just do it 9o)) l do and l don’t ask.

    That is to say there will cease being permanent revolution when the prophecies of the Babylonain Talmud have been realised and the non-Jewish Goyim become slaves and the Talmudic Jews become there masters in a dystopian totalitaraian nightmare Jew World Order.

    Hoff: l just decoded another Jew codeword. After the Wall in Berlin fell l asked a diehard Marxist-Leninist how he still could call himself a Commie after all the Communist countries fell apart. His answer stunned me: – There has never been a Communist country in the world.

    – What? lf anyone else had told me that l would just dismissed it as stupid nonsense. But this is one of the topdogs in the Party. lt took me a good many hours to crack that nut but l did it.

    You see, if you read the official document in any country you think of as a Communist country they all say that they are “Building Socialism.” There is not one single official document that say the country is a communist country.

    lt’s not a secret or anything but it’s not common knowledge about Communism that Communism is the Nirvana of the “Building Socialism.” When every single country in the world is “Building Socialism”, then but only then can the Communist paradise come about.

    “That is to say there will cease being permanent revolution when the prophecies of the Babylonian Talmud have been realised and the non-Jewish Goyim become slaves and the Talmudic Jews become there masters in a dystopian totalitarian nightmare Jew World Order.”

    That is Jew Communism. The Jew Karl Marx only used different words to tell the very same thing. “Building Socialism” is Jew codeword for, “We are going to Jew the entire world.” Jew Communism says “We are going to build a new people.” That is Jew codewords for turning all non-Jews into obedient slaves of the Jews.

    What the Jew Communism say is: – Come with us and we will build a new better world where you will have heaven on earth – the Communist stage – instead of coming to heaven after you die.

    Then the Jew Communism says: – But to get to the Communist stage we have to kill anyone that opposes the Jew utopia. Then we must have censorship and “permanent revolutions,” in essense weeding out all opposition to the Jew power takeover.

    Jew Communism is Talmud Judaizm for non-Jew consumption. No sane non-Jew would help the jews to enslave themselves, but the Jew Karl Marx managed to twist Talmud Judaizm into a “paradise” for the stupid non-Jews.

    And the main reason why he managed that was because the Jew Karl Marx said now we are all equals. No races, no religion, no nation, no nothing but now we are all the (m)asses.

    Of course the Jew was and is lying, Communism is all about one thing and one thing only, the Jew taking control of the highest worldly power there is, to control the state.


    Part of the plan involves a conflict between the two greatest stumbling blocks to their ultimate goal – Christianity and Islam. This is already underway in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Boy, the attack dogs of the Synagogue of Satan must be rubbing their hands with glee knowing that their two great rivals are at each other’s throats.

    Hoff: Forget lraq and Afghanistan, this is much older than that. When the Jews instigated the Armenian genocide in 1915 the Jews pitted the West against Islam. The Jews have pitted Christianity againt the Muslim world for at least a century.

    Just get a few historical facts right and you will see that the Jew’s MO is just repeating itself all over gain and again and again and …

    When the Jews are pitting us against the Muslims, it’s Jew-instigated “Permanent revolution.”

    The Jews make us hate and then the Jews tell us -We MUST get them over there before they come here and get us. And off the American patrioTARDs are, and killing the enemy of the Jews wholesale.

    The Jews have done the very same thing the last century.

    When will you Americans ever get it?

  8. Hoff says:

    @ lncog: As a rule you get my text first. Then Br Nathan. Then l wait until BN have edit my articles and then l post them on my blog.

  9. Hoff says:

    Book Tags – Dating & Marriage Self Help & Inspiration

    Intermarriage is more than a problem–it’s an epidemic in the Jewish nation, and we must do all we can to stem the tide. This practical, down-to-earth book is designed to help parents stop their children from intermarrying. It explores the entire gamut of questions, issues, and hot points for parents who face the possibility of their children marrying out of the Jewish faith, and offers much wisdom and many important suggestions.

    The author, Rabbi Packouz, has spoken on national radio and television on the topic of intermarriage and Jewish survival.

    He is the director of Aish HaTorah Jerusalem Fund in Miami.

  10. Hoff says:

    “Racist birth control? Claims Israel culling Ethiopian Jews ”

  11. Hoff says:

    Translation: “50 percent of young Diaspora Jews assimilate (=intermarry), and get lost. Do you know a young Jewish person abroad? Call the Journey project, and together we will work to strengthen his Jewish identity, so that we don’t lose them.”

  12. jimbo says:

    Black Plans for Final Purge and Genocide of all Whites – Jews Are Also Funding the Blacks on This Particular Plan

    in that case, i strongly advise “a pre-emptive strike” against niggers AND jews!

  13. Barney says:

    Still reading the comments, but thought I’d share this.

    NAACP = Now Apes Are Called People.

    I stole it from somewhere, possibly Chimpout, some time ago.

  14. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Barney, that’s perfect – and how true.

  15. Stug says:

    Reminds me of a story posted on the old Court TV site. Several years ago a White coed was found murdered in her dorm, some Northeastern college. The usual suspect was apprehended and, predictably, his DNA was found on her body. The Negros defense was that, yes, he had been skulking around the dorm, but just as a Peeping Tom and that when he spied the young White woman laying in bed he thought she was sleeping and proceeded to masturbate on her, thus accounting for his DNA – but “He didn do nuffin”. He was found guilty. Being a Northern State he got a light sentence.
    This poor young White girl will be traumatized and programmed by the system to love Niggers – will probably marry one to show no hard feelings.
    Anybody see the followup videos of the interview of the parents of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom ? Typically modern White American response to an event that should have resulted in a literal firestorm of retribution. The parents purchased the lot that their son/daughter were raped, humiliated and tortured in, scraped off the Nigger shotgun house and made a pretty little memorial that the Bucks likely piss on every night.Probably had one of those sissy “Candle Light vigils” – when the situation warranted a Fiery Cross event. They also established memorial scholarships – how many have gone to Niggers ? I’d give you 2 to 1 neither parents have attempted outreach to any pro White organization that is working stop these depredations – don’t know if they’ve had Niggers over for dinner – like the sick Biehl family did (actually had the murderers of their stupid daughter over for chow !)

  16. Matthew says:

    She should have had a gun. This is the only way right now for her to defend herself. The best is to live somewhere away from the zoo. I know too many places have turned into zoolands. About 75 years ago, some people might just go find these monkeys and hang a few in trees. The message seemed to work very well then, don’t see why it wouldn’t today?

  17. Knowledgeseeker says:

    “Aramis Jackson trial slated to begin summer 2015, The trial date is slated to begin sometime between the beginning of July and the beginning of August 2015.”

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