None Dare Call it White Genocide

The case for a new discourse of genocide in our lands

by Christian Miller

The overarching goal of the “open borders” movement is to flood millions of non-Whites into all traditionally White nations. Make no mistake – this is not mere coincidence. It is White genocide by design, worldwide in application. The United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia: White people founded and populated these nations. All of these nations operated under the implicit mandate, if not explicit by law, that they existed as White nations for the posterity of the White founding stock. All of these nations had overwhelmingly White populations for the preponderance of their national history. Now, in the beginning of the twenty-first century, all of these traditionally White nations face demographic upheavals through massive non-White immigration. The White populations of these countries are slated to become minority populations in just a few generations.

Why is the push for unrestricted immigration focused so strongly and so specifically upon the traditionally White nations? Some say the traditionally White nations are economically advanced and therefore desirable destinations for immigration. This observation is mostly accurate. However, it does not explain the entire story because there are many other advanced nations that are traditionally non-White, yet face no pressure to absorb foreign populations.

Japan is one of the most highly advanced economies in the world. It is a well-known and well-documented fact that Japan faces a grave population decline. There are not enough young Japanese to assume the lower rungs of the workforce. The elderly Japanese population looms on the horizon, destined to strain the retirement and pension system. The Japanese reproductive rate is far below the replacement rate. Over time, Japan’s population will continue its precipitous descent.  Under the orthodox globalist economic doctrine, Japan’s situation beckons for a massive influx of cheap foreign labor.  Yet somehow the international political discourse barely broaches the topic of massive non-Japanese immigration to Japan. There is no strong international or domestic pressure (or imperious demand) for Japan to import millions of Africans or South Americans. Japan is not singled out for genocide via massive non-Japanese immigration. Japan is not the target. Japan is free to remain Japanese. It is only White nations that are targeted for genocide.

Egalitarians claim “the race problem” will disappear if the traditionally White nations assimilate and interbreed with non-White populations. Some imagine this will produce a utopia of brown-skinned beauties – society without race by homogeneous default. Others recognize this scenario as the systematic eradication of the White race – White genocide. To bolster the credibility of the latter position, put the shoe on the other foot.

Assume for the sake of argument that in a stunning reversal, political correctness dictates that Africans are racist oppressors. Africans disproportionately enjoy material niceties, unfairly subjugate other races, and an invisible “African privilege” pervades the air which mysteriously oppresses all other races. In this hypothetical world, institutional racism means that Africans are predisposed to success and worldly gain from birth, as a result of the current political power relationship. Now, follow the usual prescription for healing with plans for coercive diversity and watch the fireworks begin!

The continent of Africa can solve “the race problem” by a massive influx of non-Africans. These non-Africans will assimilate and interbreed with Africans over time. The end result will be a utopia of mocha-skinned beauties – society without race by homogeneous default. Everyone will hold hands in unity, hatred will be a thing of the past, and racial oppression will no longer be an option.

A sharp mind quickly realizes the solution to “the race problem” in the African example is actually the Final Solution for Africans. That is, the systematic eradication of the African people – African genocide.  No rational Black man will agree with such a genocidal campaign. No reasonable Black man will stand by and cheer on the destruction of his or her fellow Africans. No race deserves genocide. Every race has the right to exist biologically, ethnically, and culturally.

International law defines genocide as an international crime against humanity, with grave punishment for violations.  As far as the international recognition of the reality of race, ask the ghosts of Saddam Hussein or Wilhelm Frick if the Kurds or Jews, respectively, are mere social constructs. Race is an internationally-recognized reality and is a major factor in the crime of genocide. In the future, the political and economic elites that are responsible for the policies of White genocide may face trial before an international tribunal. The 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II states:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

The present immigration and political policies of many traditionally White nations, especially the United States, are in violation of part (c) and possibly part (d). White nations have been subverted to conditions that heavily favor non-White immigration, restrict White birthrates, and encourage and support non-White birthrates, and are thus calculated to bring about the physical destruction of the White race. There are many quotations of politicians, professors, and pundits advocating this very point – the end of the White race. Genocide is not always an act of traditional murder. The United Nations Convention on Genocide covers violent genocide with parts (a) and (b). However, the remaining definitions cover indirect and incremental methods to clarify that any form of genocide is punishable under international law.

The United States employed an explicitly pro-White immigration policy for the entirety of its two centuries of existence until the treasonous 1965 Immigration Act, which reversed this safeguard and subverted American immigration policy to discriminate against White Europeans in favor of non-White immigration. Prior to the 1965 Act, American immigration policy favored White European immigration to maintain the status quo of the American population. The behind-the-scenes architects of the 1965 Act realized that overwhelmingly non-White legal immigration would inevitably reduce the White American population over time. The political front men of the 1965 Act, such as Ted Kennedy, falsely assured the American public that the new immigration policy would not upset the racial balance of America. In 1965, America was approximately 89 percent White. Just a few generations later, America is around 65 percent White. In one more generation, White Americans will be a minority in their own country.

Illegal aliens create further demographic chaos, as White Americans are crowded out and out-bred by millions of mestizo illegal aliens from South America. Despite overwhelming public desire to seal the border and to deport and deny entry to illegal aliens, the federal government has willfully ignored its mandate to protect against all threats, foreign and domestic. Non-White legal immigrants and tens of millions of mestizo illegal alien invaders will dispossess the White American majority in the next few decades. White Americans will become a minority in their own nation.

Overwhelmingly non-White legal immigration and millions of non-White illegal aliens are inherently destructive to the White American population. Welfare and social benefit policies financially reward the generally poorer non-White groups for having large broods of children. Preferential hiring policies set aside jobs for non-Whites. Lax enforcement of employment law allows non-Whites to undercut the wages of educated White American citizens. The appalling aspect of these trends is that most of these policies, such as welfare, food stamps, and free emergency medical care, are predominantly financed by White American taxpayers. These White American taxpayers labor under conditions calculated to bring about their genocide as the progressive income tax discourages the most productive White Americans from having children.

Educated, self-reliant, and law-abiding White American taxpayers face the greatest disincentives to having large families. Instead, these White taxpayers work hard but are forced to financially support criminals, illegal aliens, and welfare abusers. The taxes paid by hardworking White citizens are transferred to illiterate illegal aliens to bankroll large broods of anchor babies that will produce an ever-increasing amount of welfare obligations and future criminals.  The White American population dwindles while the non-White populations exponentially increase, further straining the welfare system, crowding prison cells, diluting educational standards, and destroying formerly safe White neighborhoods.  White Americans face incremental genocide by design, which is precisely why so many fail to recognize the creeping trend.  Genocide need not be associated with machetes, firing squads, or executions. The type of genocide White Americans face is far more subtle, which makes it all the more dangerous.

To deny White citizens of White nations the right to preserve themselves – biologically, ethnically, and culturally – is the true example of racism and hatred. Genocide is never acceptable. What can be more racist than the systematic eradication of an entire race? White Americans need not be ashamed of identifying on a racial basis, as every other race in America has a political license to do so. La Raza, the League of United Latino American Citizens, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith are all bound by racial or ethnic ties.

White Americans are now approaching minority status in the nation their forefathers fought for and built from the ground up. If the current birthrates continue, White Americans will be a minority group in a few generations. White Americans must be free to object to the immigration policy of White genocide without being shouted down as “racists,” a term which has lost potency due to its use as a political tool to silence White advocacy. “Racist” is a thinly-veiled attempt to silence a person who wishes to protect his or her race from extinction – a person who opposes genocide. “Racist” is an empty slur meant to shut down debate, silence White people, and obfuscate the reality of White genocide.

White Americans must be free to describe racial injustices committed against White people.  Introduce the term “anti-White” to mainstream political discourse in the only way possible – by starting with private conversation. The mainstream media attempts to mold public opinion, but when there is an seismic shift in American thought, the press has no choice but to bow to popular pressure. Demand an end to White genocide and anti-White policies.

White Americans have the same claims to identity, organization, advocacy, and existence as does any other group in America. Take a principled, adamant, and vocal stand against White genocide. Talk to neighbors and inform friends. Write letters to editors, television producers, media figures, and especially politicians. Let the muffled White voice clear its throat and speak up clearly and forcefully after decades of silence. Turn the tables and take back the moral high ground.  The truth is dangerous, which is precisely why slurs like “racist” are currently used to shout down reasonable opposition to White genocide.  Brush aside such denunciations, or better yet, mount the offense with a counterattack.

Anyone who opposes a return to traditional American immigration policies is pro-White genocide.  Anyone who supports amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens is pro-White genocide. The current American immigration policy discriminates against White Europeans and is pro-White genocide. There is nothing more racist than genocide, because it is the destruction of an entire race.  If someone shouts “racist!” in a petty attempt to silence debate, explain that a real racist is someone who wants to commit genocide against the White race. Stop White genocide one conversation, one talking point, one letter, one complaint, one comment, one remark, and one person at a time. Stay on a consistent message against White genocide.

The White race of the future, if there is to be one, will be grateful.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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89 Responses to None Dare Call it White Genocide

  1. GTRman says:

    Thanks Marsh. Sometimes my jewish programming just comes to the fore and tells me ; “it can’t possibly be THE jews”. Not all of’em?

    The’ love of my life’ thinks she’s jewish. She even changed her (perfectly acceptable name) to an old-testament equivalent. Her dad is a cliche horrible rich jew. Her mom is pure “Wisconsin”.

    One day I’ll tell her she’s not a proper jew. The way things are going, she’ll be glad.

  2. GTRman says:

    ……but, Marshall, and by that I dont mean, “Butt Marshall”; that would be wrong ,but, are these jews really possessed by reptilian entities from the fourth ( or possibly fifth ) dimension who are taking orders from the aryan space brotherhood of the Briney Brith Britney Shakespeare Brethren who gather at BroHelium Grove every Shrove Tuesday to worhip the slaughter of Alex Jones’ piggy little spacesuit?

    Dr Bill Dongle says, “A change gon’ come”

    If anybody wishes to get some “Cobalt 64”, please contact Mr Tim Rifat @ Cloud-Cuckoo-land , Barely Plausible, Safe-house 9.

    ( Please do NOT send combustibles or unmentionables )

    I think I may be drunk.

  3. l.rudolf says:

    Flanders (says: October 18, 2010 at 1:59 pm )
    good day, this I’ll have to read about more, Rev.Eli James. Christian Id. is not so known around here and although he speculates with 2012, but generally there is more freedom of speech in the religious area, I hope. In europe, at least Germany, the Judeo-christian subversion is in progress and in the nationalist direction or conspiritist realm, there is a directed confusion, making anything responsible for the quagmire, from the Muslims to the Vatican to hidden Illuminati.. but as someone wrote a while ago, how long will it take, as many hope, to rediscover Odins teachings , a pagan system, -politically – hundreds of years? as interesting as some aspects may be (mainly from around 1900 , the Romantic) they can be followed for those who are at it,
    but in this state of confusion in Europe I think it helps to get back to straight facts about history, original sources of culture and people have to recognize and remember we are the christian occident after all with the good, heroic and tragic moments. The tradition is our wealth, we got to pass on and live it, even in this time of total manipulation by PR-specialists.
    Problem is to find out the real power structure. As Kevin Mac Donald found this statement from Barbara Lerner in Sweden (above linked) it can be said, who is driving mass-immigration and the melting pot idea (originated with Israel Zangwill, Zionist, -wikipedia). To talk about Zionism in the banking and power structure is not always easy. No one knows what is censored e.g. there is no clear list of books that are forbidden. some say: Benj.Freedman’s speech is forbidden, although you can find it. But from a christian point of view it is easier to refuse monstrous mammonism and usury, and pharisaic misleadings. On the other hand we have Solshenitsyn’s “200 years together” for some years published here.
    It isn’t a censorship that all know about, rather these talmudic trials to install fear and uncertainty, like it was in the bolshevic time.

  4. l.rudolf says:

    that’s something here
    A Rebuttal to Brian Akira’s ‘Identity’ and Genocide
    By Pastor Eli James

  5. l.rudolf says:

    This censiorship in Europe takes forms that can hardly be understood: like Zundel’s aim was not any “hate” but to save the honor of the German people and free speech; now Gerd Honsik, Austrian, is in jail for similar motivation and he may be a very mild revisionist; his harassments began, when he said the Katyn-murder was done by the Soviets, bolshevic commissars (which is now officially said). Vincent Renouard, Frenchman, his book about the massacre of Oradour is forbidden in France and I think Germany, he found objectivly that the communist partisans, Marquisads were responsible and had deposited explosive materials in that church, as anyone in the surrounding villages knows; not a murder committed by the Waffen SS, who are blamed to this day. (during the invasion, D-day). Don’t know exactly why, but Renouard is in jail in Belgium at the moment.

  6. Hoff says:

    You want to read this, it’s about Churchill and his war crimes.

  7. Barney says:

    It’s impossible to find out with any degree of accuracy, but it seems these immigrants, many of whom choose not to work, receive considerably more money than honest English workers who are no longer wanted by employers who openly advertise for “Poles only” or who will (only) employ anyone who isn’t English.

    From the moment they arrive in MY country, they have cars, mobile ‘phones, plenty of money, and many of them have guns, something denied to the English. I remember an event a few years ago where Pakistanis (we’re not allowed to abreviate that to Paki any more because dat be racis) went berserk with machettes because some Paki pop group failed to turn up.

    Arrests? What arrests? Dat would be racis.

    Pakis and Indians (We’re not allowed to call them that either. They’re “Asians” now) come here for five or six years, get their children educated in schools where NO ENGLISH IS SPOKEN, get free medical treatment, save every penny they can get their dirty hands on (often the proceeds of crime) and buy gold, so they’ll be rich when they go back to their own contries.

    We’re continually told that the immigrants who do have jobs, forcing English workers to survive as best they can on the dole, are doing the jobs the English “won’t” do.

    That kike-instigated LIE is absolute bloody bollocks if you’ll pardon my language.

    Who did those jobs before the immigrants came if not White English men and women?

    Most White couples can’t afford to have kids because wages for White workers are so low – even when we can get the jobs the foreigners “won’t do” – that it takes two incomes just to survive, while the niggers and muds get everything they demand and breed like rats. Even those Whites who do have kids are forced to put them into “childcare” to be indoctrinated by dykes and coons while the hard working parents are trying to scrape a few penies together to put food on the table.

    Disempower the kikenvermin and castrate every one of the males. Better still, give both sexes the same kind of chemicals the bastards are sterilising us with. Make the present generation of satan’s robots the last ever to pollute this world.

    They are NOT human. Send them all back to hell where they belong.

  8. Marshall says:

    Why Barney haven’t you heard? Mexicans are great for the economy, because they do crimes no white men are willing to do. 😀

  9. GTRman says:

    I checked out L.Rudolfs link, then went to Akiras blog to see the original piece. Good thread, even Incogmans on there. I thought this was good:

    ” One thing I hope that people get from this discussion is the fact that Jews promote hatred of “the Jewish race”. First of all, it’s a basic pillar of Jewish identity. Provoking hatred of Jews, and instilling an awareness amongst Jews of real and imagined hatred of Jews, as a race, is essential to their rulers in keeping the Jewish sheeple from wandering off the reserve. It also helps their corrupt leaders cover up and/or justify their crimes. The hatred serves as either a distraction or an excuse.

    Please watch the Israeli documentary “Defamation” to see how this works.

    – You’ll see some friendly old Polish men joking around with some Israeli girls — who don’t speak a word of Polish — trying to be nice.

    – The girls say to each other, in Hebrew: “They just called us bitches!”

    – A Mossad agent rushes over to protect them from ‘the dirty hateful goyim’, and admonishes them for even talking to the evil Poles.

    – Then they go off and gossip and spread panic.

    – A few hours later, the girls are saying how the Poles called them monkeys.

    – It never even crosses their friends’ minds to ask, “What language were they speaking? Do you speak Polish? Did they say ‘Monkey’ in English?” They’ve been conditioned all their lives to welcome hatred, and to invent it where it doesn’t exist. They need to be hated in order to maintain what they have been brainwashed into thinking is their basic identity: “We are The Ones that are Hated because We are Special!”

    In another episode, a frustrated hotel night-manager comes and tells them to stop running up and down the halls screaming, because it’s upsetting other hotel guests, who have threatened to leave without paying because of the noise. The Jewish response? They huddle in their rooms as if they’ve been sent to a concentration camp, complaining about ‘antisemites’, talking about how afraid they are the neo-Nazis will come and smash down their doors and get them. They were probably disappointed to get through the night without a pogrom. Certainly their masters in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and New York and Hollywood would like to see a few of them beaten or stabbed or raped. Anything to evoke sympathy and bring in the sheckels.

    So why would Jews and their puppet media and puppet “security” services promote or support these hateful Israel Identity morons? Because they serve Jewish interests, by spreading hatred of Jews as “a race”, by consolidating Jewish solidarity, by evoking sympathy for Jews, by distracting people from the real problem of Judaism to the fake problem of genetics; and by polluting Christianity and making Christians look bad to ignorant people who aren’t interested in distinctions; and by providing the Jewish-controlled ‘authorities’ with an excuse to limit freedom of speech and association.”

    Brian Akira

  10. Hey brothers.

    let’s take a vote. Tell me which reality you like better, this one,, or this one,

    In the first we are victims, in the second we are victors. When we consider things are turned on their head this is why. It is jewish hypocrisy and malignancy manifest over our little sphere of creation, where it should, by all that is right and good, not exist.

  11. Marshall says:

    These Synagogue of Satan rabbis are getting pretty bold these days aren’t they AOTP LOL!!! I hear there’s a secret Israeli space project to put a huge ion-driven chicken into low earth orbit, thereby rendering the entire planet continually free from sin, while curtailing the need for 50,000 Kapporos chickens every year. It’s global Yom Kippur 24/7/365, and PETA can’t say squat about it!!!

    Of course the project is black budget and hush-hush until Rooster 666 is actually in orbit, funding having been derived from the bank bailout and tremendous profits from organ sales. Can NASA top that? Oy Vey such a deal itz!!!


  12. l.rudolf says:

    thanks and I agree with the last comment by Barney, and the situation is recognized by very many, this is a destruction of our european people and cultures with this mass-immigration going on. Over 90% would have to return and perhaps will on their own with the ruin of our countries progressing. It is genocide on white/ europeans and this definition includes culture and feeling home.
    Just came across some sites here, that are strongly anti-muslim and at the same openly pro Israel. Some are aware of this but not all nationalist (here) get it. example: ( in english) – that means the same who drive immigration call for a civil struggle (and that may come anyway).

    To GTRman’s last comment about Brian Akira: myself have to read more, but that is probably right with (ordinary) Jews behaving paranoid to the extent of being outright enemies oftzen.. and it would take time and patience to get confidence with single ones. But as long as the leading deceivers, Pharisees, have influence how can there be appeasement with these paranoids, if you don’ t want to betray your own conscience or people.. (just as an answer to akira’s theory).

    –and I had spelled wrong the name of the French (Alsace) writer Vincent Reynouard , it must be. . and his book about Oradour is available in Germany I think but not recognized of course officially. .dont know if he is in jail in Belgium or France at the moment – here is a site in support
    and another by a Catholic (astounding comments there)

  13. l.rudolf says:

    It seems for a typical example that in Europe the Zionist support Geert Wilders at the moment who tries to channel unrest about immigrant flooding and nationalism in Zio-polititical direction.

  14. GDL says:

    The power of Jewish media is disturbing. Jewish media does not in any way reflect reality. Just look at the commercials for example displaying people in multi-cult heaven smiling and holding hands. That is not reality and that is not a reflection of our society. People who keep proclaiming that their would be a multi-cult heaven if it wasn’t for racist White people are just plain dumb….there is really no other way to put it. White people have bent over backwards to administer to non-Whites and lift them up to an equal status with Whites and it has utterly failed. The White people didn’t fail in their attempt to lift the non-Whites up, the non-Whites fail to live up to expectations the Jew-media places in the minds of people. The happy society, the brotherhood, the smiling and holding hands, the peace/love/unity these White dreamers keep on dreaming about can only come about through White European societies. Just like the “hope” slogan of Obama….Keep hoping today, tomorrow, the next and the next for what will never come, so the White dreamers keep dreaming of a multi-cult utopia which will never happen and only destroy them in the long run.

    The Jew media is a devil masquerading as an Angel of Light!



  15. American born says:

    Well put GDL,
    It absolutely amases me how locked into the system most people are. The red flags are everywhere and yet still the sheeple refuse to call a spade a spade. I have little to nothing in common with almost everybody I come in contact with. Even my good friends all think its cool to whore around with differant whores. People try to emulate what they see on TV. They walk around like fucking idiots willfully ignoring whats right in front of them,
    I live in Vegas, our unemployment rate is HIGHER than DETROIT. Our schools rank only above New Mexico. Nobody has a fucking job here, the streets are empty even during rush hour. We have illegals everywhere sucking up welfare, foodstamps and free medical. And nobody is saying a fucking thing!! Its like everyone is under some spell.
    When I start talking about jew bankers and the intentional bankrupting of our nation I just get blank stares.
    If people were only aware of the strangle hold jews have over everything we see and are allowed to know.
    TV has gotten so bad now. Everything on TV is either filth, sexual degeneracy or social engineering. It is a destructive tool. A very destructive tool. Kids shows feature 16 year old girls laughing about having differant boy friends, lying and cheating. Kids see this and think its what they should live up to. And where is the out cry from the millions of parents?? Not a fucking word. The culture here is rotten, rotten to the core. The majority of the young White females i encounter are used up and hardened people. They are not fit to be good parents. They will marry and divorce like its nothing. Have kids by differant men and its the norm!! No shame what so ever.
    Im my opinion this all comes back to the massive media barage of degeneracy and self hatered. There is nothing from the media that promotes family values and White pride.

  16. Rocketman says:

    Also, American Born, TV is designed more and more to make white people look stupid and poor as compared to blacks in shows and commercials.
    This is most noticable in our US MILITARY commercials, check it out.

    TV shows our people how to live like white trash, mimmicking nigger attitudes and manerisms.
    it’s hard to believe that so many potentially decent white people could fall into this electronic trap, becoming as useless (or more so) as a typical ghetto nigger.

  17. l.rudolf says:

    The TV programs here may be directed the same way but it is not so obvious in Germany; a good description from where you are.. myself stopped watching for almost 2 years. before that only the news and documentaries, discussions but that got boring compared with all one found on the internet. But many made the socalled private channels their daily consuming and especially young ones. . they seem to be content with it, even if one says it’s all made up show, they’ll find out nothing about the real world on tv. Must be like an addiction to be entertained.
    No one talks about the false reality on the media and a description of the programs is missing, intellectuals seem to ignore it, only concerned with to get along with mainstream, to make career. Yes also lost all people one can talk to about what’s going on. For the elder, grandparents it was common to talk about society, history and things interesting all others. But now, from the little I can hear, it is self-deception, repeating the lies from Tv about history for example, politics is raising taxes and other finance. So times have devolved certainly and there is little positive I was able to find but still looking for. good to read your impression from there.

  18. White Wolf says:

    Somebody seems to have a bad case of “jew brain”!
    From the comments in the article attached,
    “Mr. Duff,
    I am an Evangelical Christian Korean Veteran and have traveled to Israel many times. Your article is very negative about Israel and the Jewish people. I wonder, have you ever been to Israel and really seen the real picture?”

    Jew Brain:
    I see you run a site for the Israeli government. Would you please include a section honoring the sacrifice of the 201 Americans killed or wounded when Israel purposefully attacked the USS Liberty. If you refuse, you are the EXACT kind of person that says the holocaust didn’t happen or that Jews should have been thrown into ovens.
    …unless you have another agenda.
    I know what I have been offered…I wonder what they give you.

  19. White Wolf says:

    If you deny what Israel did to the USS Liberty, you are likely a Holohoax “denier”?!

    Wha wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaa.

  20. White Wolf says:

    From “Michael Kelly” in the comments over at Ugly Truth:


    Lieut. Gen. Steven Blum
    Lieut. Gen. Sidney Weinstein
    Maj. Gen. Julius Ochs Adler
    Maj. Gen. Lee Barkin
    Maj. Gen. Robert Bernstein
    Maj. Gen. Milton Foreman
    Maj. Gen. Stanley H. Hyman
    Maj. Gen. Julius Klein
    Maj. Gen. Samuel T. Lawton
    Maj. Gen. Irving J. Phillipson
    Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose
    Maj. Gen. Roger Sandler
    Maj. Gen. Sid Shachnow
    Maj. Gen. Robert B. Solomon
    Brig. Gen. Jack Bohm
    Brig. Gen. Abel Davis
    Brig. Gen. Israel Drazin
    Brig. Gen. Herman Feldman
    Brig. Gen. William M. Goodman
    Brig. Gen. Edward S. Greenbaum
    Brig. Gen. Sidney Gritz
    Brig. Gen. Maurice Hirsch
    Brig. Gen. Raymond Jacobson
    Brig. Gen. Ephraim F. Jeffe
    Brig. Gen. Myron S. Lewis
    Brig. Gen. George Luberoff
    Brig. Gen. William Meyer
    Brig. Gen. Alfred Mordechai, Jr.
    Brig. Gen. Edward M. Morris
    Brig. Gen. Leopold C. Newman
    Brig. Gen. Fred Rosenbaum
    Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff
    Brig. Gen. Philip Sherman
    Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Smith
    Brig. Gen. David Zalis
    Brev. Gen. Leopold Blumenberg
    Brev. Gen. Frederick Knefler
    Brev. Gen. Edward S. Salomon
    Brev. Maj. Gen. Frederick E. Salomon
    Maj. Gen . Larry Taylor

    Air Force
    Maj. Gen. William J. Weinstein
    Gen. Norton A. Schwartz
    Maj. Gen. Jerome N. Waldor
    Maj. Gen. Bernard L. Weiss
    Brig. Gen. Simeon Kobrinetz

    Admiral Claude Charles Bloch
    Admiral Ben Moreell
    Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda
    Admiral Hyman G. Rickover
    Vice Admiral David Architzel
    Vice Admiral Arthur R. Gralla
    Vice Admiral Douglas J. Katz
    Vice Admiral Bernard M. Kauderer
    Vice Admiral Adolph Marix
    Vice Admiral Joseph Taussig
    Vice Admiral James Zimble
    Rear Admiral Julian R. Benjamin
    Rear Admiral Herb. M. Bridge
    Rear Admiral Jay Cohen
    Rear Admiral Louis Dreller
    Rear Admiral Hershel Goldberg
    Rear Admiral Solomon Silas Isquith
    Rear Admiral Bertram Korn
    Rear Admiral Aaron Landes
    Rear Admiral Benjamin Lehman
    Rear Admiral Ted Levy
    Rear Admiral Maurice H. Rindskopf
    Rear Admiral Harold Robinson
    Rear Admiral Richard Schiff
    Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro
    Rear Admiral Andrew Singer
    Rear Admiral Morris Smellow
    Rear Admiral Lewis Strauss
    Rear Admiral Edward Taussig
    Rear Admiral Robert Traister
    Commodore Harry A. Badt
    Commodore Uriah P. Levy
    Commodore John Ordroneaux

    Marine Corps
    General Robert Magnus
    Maj. Gen. Howard W. Chase
    Maj. Gen. Melvin Kruelewitch
    Brig. Gen. Martin L. Rockmore

    Coast Guard
    Rear Admiral Steven Galson
    Rear Admiral Joseph Greenspan
    Rear Admiral Jerrold Michael

    Surgeon General
    Phineas Horowitz

    Uniformed U.S. Public Health Service
    Vice Admiral Julius Richmond
    Rear Admiral Susan J. Blumenthal

  21. White Wolf says:

    “Dear Mark Glenn,

    This is my latest attempt to try to warn you and your friends about the right-wing military coup that is forming presently; either it is for the purpose of creating an incident which will have to lead to general disarmament of the American populace; or, it is going to succeed in which case we will have the so-called “Christian” corporatists fully fledged running America, backed up by the military and ‘cracker’ militias and violently suppressing all political dissent considered counter-revolutionary. They will hurt the Moslems and the genuine American patriots both.

    So far, nobody seems to think this is serious, but I can assure you that the visible leader of this movement, “Tim Turner” (not his real name), managed to approach all of the various militia groups with a staged seminar during the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in Kentucky about two weeks ago, and seduced many to believe his lies.

    The movement has set up “Grand Juries” in fifty states and is essentially trying to create, not the free republic we dream of, but another corporate dictatorship, this one under the traitorous generals who are trying to use this new corporate trust to take receipt of trillions of alleged dollars worth of hard assets whose beneficiary is the American people. That’s how I know this is all wrong: It’s completely Talmudic!”

  22. Count Cherep says:

    Gordon Duff has acknowledged that he is a jew, a “progressive” [?], and that several members of the staff of Veterans Today are jews.

  23. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Hi. How you all doin’? Ive moved Incogman, so i’ll have a new I.P., and location.
    I’ve been doing some catching up here, and at other sites.

    Missed you. Even the ribald digs.

    I also have a new avatar. I got tired of looking at a bloodsucking, paedophile, rabbi, and decided to change it to a judaic bird-feeder, Hope it works!

    I’ve been a mulling things over, and for myself, i’ve decided there’s not a public kike alive, i would trust to breath. That’s kapner, atzmon, finklekike, and any other smelly bastards. I DON’T need them. No one does, Whatever race you happen to be. White, Red, Black, Yellow, Sky Blue, or my personal favourite Pink!

    Don’t want you. Don’t need you. Don’t like you. Fuck off!

    Gtrman. Because i was on the move, i couldn’t reply to your crie de coeur, over at the Ugly Truth. Force o’ circumstance. I read your stuff at Les Visible,

    “The’ love of my life’ thinks she’s jewish. She even changed her (perfectly acceptable name) to an old-testament equivalent. Her dad is a cliche horrible rich jew. Her mom is pure “Wisconsin”.

    Not that you need it, butt (he he) my advice would be, LOVE,. it’s a great ride. Beautiful. Even the part that smashes your heart into a billion tiny fragments that are impossible to reconcile, or make whole again.
    Even though i’ve had a coupla pops at tmj, some jewish birds aren’t so much of an eye-sore; You have the girl who lost an eye to the fearless i.d.f. in a protest against their ongoing brutality in Gaza, for instance.

    If her name is esther, run for your life!
    Play her like you play, that old guitar, you’re always playin’!

    Marshall. You’re tip top. Funny, original. Barney. Keep swingin’! Hoff! Jim. Jimbo. Count Cherep. Flanders, American. No Name.. Great stuff!

    You’re a long time dead! Fuck it!

  24. American born says:

    Move back to israel huh? LOL

  25. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    American born

    Don’t be daft.

    O.K. i mssed your mixed race opinions too!

    I’m tolerant like that!

  26. genuine American patriots


    No doubt.

    I would guess maybe 20% plus of the retired officers corps have left the U.S. over the last twentys since the 1991 endless war racheted up then.

    The regime has and is spying on just ordinary White working men.

    STASI ex capo’s were hired back in 2002, including the last head of the KGB, why ?

    Perhaps the price for being intellectual cowards is slavery and tyranny.

    Evangelical’s are exactly like the Red Guards or NKVD’s they hate their betters or any one who has earned an honest nickel more than they have.

  27. In the Western States they are likely going to sell off the B.L.M. timber lands that will mostly go to clear cutting timber companies cheap, and that timber will go over seas right away and I say 90% less than its true value.

    You have to own 200 acres to have ONE home, since the early 1980’s in all Western States, if its on rural acrege.

    White men living in the boon docks are not trusted ?

  28. GDL says:

    Back to the discussion about the Jew-media: A relative of mine has a Green Amazon Parrot and this bird is awesome. This bird can talk, sing, tell jokes, you name it. She will say it is time for the other birds in the room to take a bath because she is mad she has to take a bath. This bird is amazing. She can and will repeat anything. This bird talks just like a human being and if you do not know it is a bird talking you would think it was a person.

    Take a look at the Jew-media talking heads….all they have to be able to do is rehearse what they’re told and sell it to the braindead. I’ve been thinking we need talking birds as news anchors. Could you imagine it? This bird can put together sentences and sell it to the public just like a talking media head.

    All the bird has to do is mention buzzwords and the braindead will stand to attention and salute, whether it is a bird talking to them or not. All the bird has to do to be an adequate “Jew controlled” news anchor, is say things like:

    “Love Israel, black people are cool, holocaust, racism, NFL, Jews are innocent, White people are evil, NBA, bigfoot, slavery, evil Hitler, aliens, Israel wants peace, Muslims hate football, bin laden, Obama is the king, kiss Jews, amnesty for illegals, multi-cult is great, LeBron James, White racists, bomb Iran, holocaust, America the beautiful, NFL, bad nazis, Adam Sandler, love Israel, Palestenian terrorists, blacks are innocent, diversity, Monday Night Football, Anne Frank, evil White racists, Michelle Obama is a queen, poor Jews, poor Mexicans, poor blacks, privileged Whites, holocaust, racism, diversity is strength, NBA, celebrity red carpet, al queda, terror alert, Israel the great, evil White people, love blacks hate Whites, great Jews, racist America, NFL, love Israel,
    just to name a few.

    Thats all it takes and this bird could easily do that and put together sentences if need be.



  29. Lynda says:

    You might now be writing out of a Judaic birdfeeder, Cannibal, but you are still serving up the Jawa Juice.

    Weak, the strength of the Jedi that stuff will make.

    But we probably like to read your scat for the same reasons the US army in the Pacific theatre listened to Tokyo Rose.

    For those who have sworn off the Jawa Juice, don’t miss the Oct 29 post which is an excellent companion to ‘None Dare Call It White Genocide’ – that is the interview with Edwin Wright “Zionist Jews Worked to Capture US Government” . David Duke has just published this important document from the Truman Library.

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