One Halloween Movie JEW-lywood Will Never Do!

ONE ONLY HAS to pay somewhat close attention to the movies coming out of Jew-controlled Hollywood to see why America has been so brainwashed with Jewy thinking over the decades. Hell, everybody sees it, they just don’t want to say so openly. Some might label it “Culture Wars,” because they’re too gutless to name the prime suspects and risk getting called an evil “White-supremacist-anti-semite-nazi” like me.

Surely, you’ve noticed how all the heroes (or even God himself) are now all black, while the villains are usually White guys who look like they came from either a Prussian military academy, or some Alabama backwoods burg. If the hero does happen to be a White guy, you can be sure they’ll put in a black to pave the way somehow — like Ving “I’m gonna get Medieval on your ass” Rhames as the expert computer hacker in “Mission Impossible.” Yeah, like he was so believable in that role.

What’s more, the monsters and mutants are all White now. They don’t even do green monsters any longer, for crying out loud. And just how many freaky inbred White families from West Virginia can they get away with? Or, for that matter, how many movies can they do with Jewy-looking Nerds dishing out “justified” comeuppance to mean White WASP frat boys and getting the hot blond shiksa cheerleaders in the end? I guess they figure we won’t notice, huh?

I say it’s high time for us to make some truly scary movies for White people and I have just the screenplay to shoot! Please click the “Continue reading” button to see my concept storyboards for INCOG MAN’s Halloween movie for White people — just make sure to follow on from beginning to the end!

Working Title: Rosemary’s Little Jew

You’re a midwestern girl who moves into a foreboding old New York apartment building with her new husband, a city man who works as a junior broker at Goldman Sachs.

You notice all the neighbors are very Jewish and nosy.

It dawns on you that your new husband once said his family were something called “Marranos” and then abruptly changed the subject.

You suspect he might be a homo too, since he’s always leaving for the Midtown YMCA right after dinner — wearing his favorite black leather biker outfit.

You get morning sickness and find out you’re knocked-up, but can’t figure out how — your husband hasn’t laid a hand on you since that wierd time he made you cut your hair short and dress up in a boy scout uniform — then had a few problems with… umm… your anatomy.

Maybe it was that horrible nightmare you had on the night your husband invited over that strange Kenyan from the UN with the odd name, Babu Obongostein. You dimly recall the two insisting you join them doing hits of Israeli ecstasy and shots of absinthe before passing out.

The nosy and creepy Jewess across the hall starts making you drink a foul Kosher concoction every day.

Something seems a wee bit unnatural about your pregnancy.

They send you to a doctor they swear is the best, but he’s a big fat Jew too!

It all becomes crystal clear when a good friend gives you a copy of Hitchcock’s “The Synagogue of Satan” to read.

You try to call INCOG MAN, but his parents don’t like collect phone calls from crazy women in New York and besides, he hasn’t even been born yet they yell.

Your husband and his Jew pals force you to have a late-term abortion against your will; this finally makes you snap and you grab up the biggest knife you can find.

You stumble across a whole mess of drunk, talkative Jews right inside your closet!

It’s a meeting of the Ashkenazi Demonic League (ADL) and they were just kidding about you having an abortion (this time). “Go ahead, have a look at the dream child” they chant in unison.

Seeing your own baby for the first time, you come dangerously close to massive, uncontrollable projectile vomiting.

F*$&! It really was that black sonnavabitch Babu Obongostein!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Marshall says:

    Liv Schreiber plays cross-dressing queer Ex-Marine in that crappy Joo-fest “Taking Woodstock.” Notice how the Chosenoids love to flaunt their depravity, hmm? Don’t get me going on Gene Simmons again GTRman :-O HEY!!! Guitar Rig 4 now has a 100% FREE version out, snag it before they change their minds man!!!,,20300409,00.html

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