Rabbis Call Whoring For Jewry and Israel “Godly”

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Dr. Duke talks about these Israeli Rabbis who say it’s a Jewish commandment (called “Mitsvah”) for Jew women to sleep with the enemy (which is any non-Jew, when you get down to brass tacks). Bear in mind, this goes for Jewry in general — not just for the country of Israel — since Jews world-wide consider themselves to be the nation of Israel (ostensibly citizens of Goyim nations, until they “rightfully” assume divinely-predicted rule). Also, Jews everywhere are well-known to do virtually anything for the motherland; so any “dual loyalty” whores present a lot of juicy opportunities for corruption and blackmail, as you can well imagine. 

Monica: Whoring for Jews or just plain Jew whoring?

Remember when Billy Bob Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”? The woman was Monica Lewinsky (right), zaftig Jewess “sextern” who once told another Jew skank she was “going to the White House to get her presidential kneepads” (guess how). Hell, her own married mother bragged she slept with Placido Domingo of the operatic trio “The Three Tenors” just to get insider dope for a trashy exposé book she was writing.

Clinton warned her in March, 1997, that “a foreign embassy” was tapping his phone (most likely via backdoor Israeli eavesdropping equipment). This pertinent detail was ignored by mainstream media (as usual) and the revealing comment buried in one lousy paragraph* of special prosecutor Ken Starr’s 455 page report on the affair, which cost the US taxpayer millions more than the 9/11 Commission’s 585 page cover-up — controlled by a dual citizen of Israel and Jew Philip Zelikow. Talk about total Jew BS! 

Imagine the thousands of American dead because of 9/11. Think of the trillion dollars we spent (so far) of you and your children’s tax money over in Afghanistan and Iraq. Don’t you ever stop and consider the astounding level of hypocrisies and lies now brought on this country as a whole by these traitorous and immoral Jews?

But all this is really nothing new. Hell, one of their biggest religious holidays, Purim, is in celebration of a crypto-Jewess named Esther, a harem queen to an ancient Persian king. She finally revealed herself to him (as the story goes) as a Jew and through feminine guiles and persuasions enraged him against a man named Haman, arch enemy of the Jews (they always seem to need race foes, past and present). Her sneaky bedchamber efforts allowed the Jews to murder 75,000 non-Jews (women and children, too) and steal the dead’s possessions (plunder); all of whom supposedly posed a threat to the “Chosen.” Jewry everywhere take perverse pride in the story, true or not. Jews are indeed one lying, murderous bunch!

And “honey pot” schemes have long been a staple of MOSSAD, Israel’s ultra-devious intelligence agency. And it doesn’t matter one whit if America is the target (they spy and commit terrorist acts against us all the time). Folks, these are not respectful “allies.”

Nor does it make a difference if the Jewess temptress is married or not, since the “good” rabbis kindly suggest she divorce and re-marry the bum once the mission is complete, as in “honey, we have to get a temporary divorce for the Tribe — just for a year or two — while I’m assigned to Washington, DC.”

No mention about Talmudic permission for gayboy honey pots (but the MOSSAD has long used homos for blackmail and corruption, even in the Arab world). Maybe someone should go ask Obama’s Secret Service detail about the possibility?

Traitorous Israel-Firsters back here in America, find it all so understandable (Jews are beset on every side with enemies you know) and salivate at the prospect of getting it on for the team (like in this Jewlicious article). I mean really, what could be more fun for Jews than mixing religious righteousness, Jew intrigue and a little schtupping all at the same time? 

Look, you don’t have to be some kind of high-minded, holier-than-thou preacher type to see the problem here. God knows I’m not

One, to think that a supposedly Godly religion considers using human lust to put one over other nations just for the sake of the Jewish Agenda is totally vile. Two, the secular Jews have long used this game with the MOSSAD and probably a lot else (like Globalist financial doings and NWO blackmailing). Three, imagine for one minute if any other religion, like Islam or the Vatican came out and said this? It would be all over the news, 24/7 — that alone should tell you a little something, something. 

The Jew media treated this wedding like it was so special. Bill and Hillary are both huge NWO whores.

Hell, today’s Jewified corporate media treats the Clintons like some kind of American elite royalty. Witness the hugely expensive (3 to 5 million dollar) wedding of spoiled little Chelsea to the smarmy Jew son of a fraudster  congressman. The felon dad now works at Goldman Sachs. How appropriate.

The Clintons are real whores too, kissing Israel’s ass in public every chance they get, are Globalist agents and pretend to have America’s best interests in mind. Remember, it was Bill Clinton who sold us the Big Lie of Globalization, signing traitorous treaties like NAFTA that allowed multi-national corporations to ship our manufacturing overseas. He also brought us the Telecommunication Act of 1996, so International Jewry could further consolidate media control in advance of our country’s middle class getting eviscerated (happening right now). The Clintons are truly one sterling pair of “shabbos goys.”

That giant sucking sound of our jobs leaving the country as Ross Perot so loudly warned us about, was terribly all too real, only that it was preceded by secretive, quiet sucking sounds in the Oval office. Thanks, Billy Bob!

And it’s not some kind of “tee-hee-hee” matter, either. They want you to giggle about this kind of behavior from our elected leaders like it was nothing but a ribald joke. To the real power structure, it’s preferable than screaming bloody murder as we should.

If you’re a woman, you need to think deeply on what all this means. Jewry basically considers women to be pieces of meat (but female Jews are still better than you shiksas). This sleazy mind set is why we have unbelievably hard core pornography addicting people (most people don’t have a clue how sick things now are) or why Hollywood and the general media keeps getting lower and lower into the gutter. Just turn on the TV if you don’t believe me. 

And something for men to think about: Have you ever stopped and thought about why you want to dick around so much? It’s because Jewry has turned America into one giant whore fest! Kind of tough being decent anymore. 

The Jew’s non-stop social engineering and media degradations have stolen away mutual respect for one another and erased the mysteries of love, rendering far too many of us incapable of normal relationships, basic parenting and family values. Ever think that all that might be the prime motivation to begin with? 

It’s nothing but a big old skanky Jew joke on America. All of it. I’ve had it and you should too with these filthy damn Jews! 

Will you not join the growing crescendo of national and world-wide outrage about these lying sleazeballs and what they feel free to do? No, you don’t have to enroll in the Nazi Party or anything like it (but they will call you a Nazi — so just lol in their brainwashed faces). All you need to do is be willing to speak up strongly whenever the opportunity arises. You can do it, I know you can. 

Let’s each of us take back America, one person at a time! 

— Phillip Marlowe

“I was brought up with lies all the time… that’s how you got along… I have lied my entire life…”

— Monica Lewinsky caught on tape. Typical Jew family values, huh? 


What was the MOSSAD role in the Lewinsky affair?

*Full text of the Starr report (or go to “E. March 29 Sexual Encounter,” about half way down for the paragraph mentioned).

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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81 Responses to Rabbis Call Whoring For Jewry and Israel “Godly”

  1. Flanders says:

    If you’ve read the Mullins links above, you can skip down in this section to below the photo of Pat Robertson holding his hands to give the, “mana cornuta, international sign of Satan”, to get to this segment of, “Robert Mitchum & Eustace Mullins, “So the Jews Say!”. [I think I remember that someone else recently commented with a link to this on another thread, but I’ll include it here anyway – Flanders].

    “From the historian’s point of view, the Jewish world war against all Christians proceeds in an unbroken succession of events from ancient history, when Jewish prostitutes such as Esther persuaded rulers to destroy their own people at the whim of the Jews.

    In 1773, Mayer Anselm Rothschild met with twelve leading Jews to plot the downfall of the emerging Christian nations in both the New World and the Old World. During the American struggle for independence, Rothschild founded his fortune on the money received by the Elector of Hesse in payment for the mercenaries whom he rented to the British in their attempt to crush the American colonists.

    The War of 1812 was instigated by the Rothschilds to force the renewal of their charter for the Bank of the United States. When this charter was vetoed by President Andrew Jackson in 1836, the Jews precipitated a financial panic and set up their plan to bring about the Civil War, which would simultaneously destroy the American Republic and despoil the wealthy Christian families of the South.

    In August 1903, Max Nordau, in his address to the 6th Zionist Congress in Balse, Switzerland, revealed the plan for even greater conflagrations, the coming world wars:

    “Let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward … The Zionist Congress; the English Uganda proposition; the future World War; the Peace Conference where, with the help of England, a free and Jewish Palestine will be created.”

    [Photo caption] – Max Nordau, the man who dreamt of the deaths of 50 000 000 Christians.

    Onward and upward, over the bodies of fifty million more dead Christians this was Max Nordau’s ecstatic vision of the coming World War, and so it came to pass. Professional historians have never been able to offer a satisfactory explanation of how the European nations became embroiled in the first World War.”


  2. GTRman says:

    Bella mentioned “Common Purpose” at the “PC” thread. This was at davidickeheadlines today:

    So who is the middle aged woman with the empty shopping basket? None other than Julia Middleton, Chief Executive Officer of the political charity Common Purpose, who enjoys a salary of circa £85,000 a year, largely from the taxpayer.

    Maude’s relationship with Middleton is an interesting one. Whist Maude is at the centre of a Conservative government supposedly committed to achieving massive public spending cuts, Middleton is hoovering up public money for its socialist ‘leadership’ training. But alongside the common purpose money comes cronyism, if not fraud.


    What should be of immediate interest to cost-cutting Tories though, is that Common Purpose has already leached some £100 million from the taxpayers public purse over 25 years to pay for their behavioural and neuro-linguistic based training, which is creating thousands of so called ‘graduate new leaders of society’. The vision of the new Common Purpose belief system is to re-order traditional British society to meet a utopian socialist political and cultural change agenda. The so called Third Sector, Charities and the Voluntary sector are at the heart of this change or paradigm shift.

    We must also remember that Common Purpose was at the centre of the Blair NuLabour socialist administration, and operated in close partnership with Prescott’s empire of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office. So why the friendship between Common Purpose and Francis Maude?


  3. GTRman says:

    Active soldiers censoring, “arresting” journalists in the USA.

    Joe Miller’s private “guards” were active-duty military

    One of the more disturbing election incidents took place in Alaska on Sunday night, when private “guards” working for GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller forcibly detained and handcuffed a journalist as he tried to ask the candidate questions which he did not want to answer. This photograph shows the journalist, Alaska Dispatch’s Tony Hopfinger, handcuffed in a chair, surrounded by Miller’s guards. This story became much worse yesterday when video was released that was taken by a reporter from the Anchorage Daily News showing that these guards thuggishly threatened at least two other reporters, from ADN, with physical detention as they tried to find out what happened, demanded that they leave or else “be handcuffed,” and physically blocked them from filming the incident all while threatening to physically remove them from the event, which was advertised to the public (see video below).

    But revelations today have made the story much, much worse still. ADN now reports that not only was Joe Miller’s excuse for why he had hired private guards a lie, but two of the guards who handcuffed the journalist and threatened others are active-duty soldiers in the U.S. military:

    Was Joe Miller required to bring a security detail to his town hall meeting Sunday at Central Middle School?

    That’s what Miller, the Republican Senate candidate, told two national cable news networks Monday in the wake of the arrest by his security squad of an online journalist at his public event.

    But the school district said there was no such requirement made of Miller . . . “We do not require users to hire security,” she said. . . .

    Meanwhile, the Army says that two of the guards who assisted in the arrest of the journalist and who tried to prevent two other reporters from filming the detention were active-duty soldiers moonlighting for Miller’s security contractor, the Drop Zone, a Spenard surplus store and protection service.


  4. GTRman says:

    The one and only Keith Johnson of http://revoltoftheplebs.wordpress.com returns to the program as we discuss the latest ‘pronouncement’ coming out of Israel from Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef concerning how Gentiles were created for one purpose only–to serve the Jews.


  5. GTRman says:

    The monster known as Kinsey

    While the Kinsey Institute has asserted the research used in those works was gathered from interviews with pedophiles about their past activity, the new charge by a victim of Kinsey’s nightmarish experiments reveals he was actively involved in perpetrating horrific and monstrous crimes against children – crimes that still haunt survivors today.

    Those crimes would be shocking enough if they happened in a social vacuum. But they did not. Kinsey’s research has largely shaped America’s notions of sex ever since his work was published decades ago. It was the kindling that ignited the sexual revolution of the 1960s, leading to abortion on demand, the radical feminist agenda, the loosening of restrictions on pornography, no-fault divorce laws and the gender-bending demands of the so-called “gay rights” movement that is radically redefining marriage, the oldest social institution on the planet.

    It was this barbaric “research” a generation ago that has led directly to the sexual victimization of a new generation today in public-school classrooms across America where innocence is shattered with lessons on how to perform oral sex, sodomy and intercourse without the slightest concerns about the social, emotional and psychological impact on young children.

    Nearly 70 years after being raped repeatedly by her own father at the direction of Kinsey, the victim is speaking out in hope of prompting Congress to investigate the “research.”

    No matter how you slice it, Kinsey’s crimes were more serious and had more impact on our society than anything that occurred during the shocking Tuskegee experiments.

    What Kinsey perpetrated was the torture of children – even babies.


  6. GTRman says:

    New Les Visible:

    snip “The presence of The Apocalypse cannot be overstated. Situations and conditions are being ‘revealed’ by the hour. This is incrementally exponential. It’s a logarithmic expansion of exposures; falling pants and curtains, upskirts and peepholes into the mind of darkness and being made public by the very engines whose job is to conceal or reinterpret them. Whatever they do only makes the situation worse because it’s out of their hands and the more control they seek to exert the less control they have. They’re aware of it but not aware of it. They refuse to believe that there is any power greater than their own and it’s pro forma that it will be exactly too late when they realize it.”


    I sincerely hope that for every person who comments here there are a thousand who dont.

  7. Sito;FAEM.COM says:

    A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness,enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind.Let the gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.—-THOMAS JEFFERSON. Establishing political authority is the eternal first step.Form up politically outside ZOG’s structures.In the meantime individually prepare yourselves for militia service.

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I missed mentioning Skinnlegsanall, Foley, Crush the Talmudic Serpent, allovertheplace, and Northerntruthseeker, L. Rudolph, rocketman, and G.D.L.. Sito;FAEM, Jen Lynda, and the rest. Thanks for your single minded attitude.

  9. Count Cherep says:

    Two very good videos:

    “History They Don’t Teach You In School (Part One)” – Zionism”

    “History They Don’t Teach You In School (Part Two)”

  10. HIV to Foxman says:

    Prostitutes and Kikery…live together in perfect harmony! (Sing along with me now, Eliot Spitzer!)

  11. Steelback says:

    What do King Xerxes,Mordechai Vanunu,Bill Clinton,and James McGreavey all have in common?

    You got it!

    Yes,they all paid a high price for their blow-jobs!

    MacGreavey,ex-NJ Governor,was seduced by a male Mossad agent and Vanunu spent 18 years in prison after being caught in a Mossad honey-trap. Vanunu certainly went without head for 11 of those years because he was in solitary confinement!

    Maybe he learned to do it himself!

  12. Julian Lee says:

    Oh, it’s “old White conservatives.” Not newly-brainwashed young Whites I guess. I guess he figures he needs them as a constituency yet, to turn the White race in upon itself.

    Oh, yes. Old Whites are so much like “Freddy Krueger” and the like.

  13. Octo says:

    “Don’t forget that Al Gore’s daughter Karenna married into the Jacob Schiff (you know, financier of the Bolshevik Revolution) family, and is now Karenna Gore Schiff. ”

    — Marshall

    All the American political families, Gores, Eisenhowers, Rockefellers (cryptos), are intermarried with each other and with the Jewish elite, just like inbred European royalty and aristocracy started getting biz-ay with the Red Shielders after Waterloo (consolidation of power). By 1900 an English noblewoman said that there was hardly an English aristocratic family that hadn’t intermarried with the Jews.

    It’s just like Hoff said. After Marx Jews got the masses thinking this is class warfare, “Those rich bastards, they’re out to get us!” And they are, but it’s not about money. Money is a means to an end for Jews, and that end is always power.

    GTRman, that French ditty is just what it seems. “I love (eros) you, Daddy…Delicious Child, etc..” I’m not going to bother properly translating it.

    You can tell a lot about the maturity and wisdom of a people by the word(s) that use for “love.” In English, you can “love” a chocolate bar as well as a horse or a woman. The Romance languages are better, distinguishing between at least between erotic, brotherly love and delighting in food, places or objects. The Greeks had four types of love: Eros: sexual, Philos: tribal love (outer group), Agape: spiritual love, and Storge, family love (in group).

    How far we’ve fallen.

  14. GTRman says:

    Octo : “You can tell a lot about the maturity and wisdom of a people by the word(s) that use for “love.” In English, you can “love” a chocolate bar as well as a horse or a woman. The Romance languages are better, distinguishing between at least between erotic, brotherly love and delighting in food, places or objects. The Greeks had four types of love: Eros: sexual, Philos: tribal love (outer group), Agape: spiritual love, and Storge, family love (in group).

    How far we’ve fallen. ”

    Typical knuckle-dragging neanderthal white-supremacist backwoods hillbilly redneck sisterfucking nazi skinhead response. Honestly, you people.

  15. Julian Lee says:

    Best thread I could think to put this:

    JDL Urging US Jews – Buy Weapons or Flee to Israel

    Very interesting inside look at this cadre of Jewish activists, at least. It appears to be recent. Worth a watch. Bad audio, but you can make most of it out.

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