Almost All Jews Survive Dem’s “Shellacking”

Although incomprehensible to true patriots in America, lisping Homo Jew and Agent of Israel, Barney Frank is re-elected — even after the huge mess he helped to create with the housing bubble.

I STILL CAN’T believe Senator Harry Reid survived yesterday. The major league Shabbos Goy liberal, married to a Jewess (raising the kids Jewish) and Pelosi’s little pal, deserved to bite the dust– there’s nothing I can’t stand more in politics than lefty dems who toe the Israel-loving line. And sure, the results last night may help assuage irate Goyim Tea Partiers that their vote means so much.

The traitorous Homo Jew, Barney Frank also won yesterday. Even though there’s a big contingent of Jews and liberals in his district, he still had to loan his campaign $200,000 of his own ill-gotten gains to survive. BFD. He’ll make that back sooner, rather than later; billionaire Jew “Boychicks” in America and Israel will undoubtedly fill his coffers and pay back his loan, once he finally succeeds freeing the worst spy in American history, Israel-loving Jonathan Pollard from Goyim prison.

I noticed no discussion on the TV news of Barney Frank winning, even on FOX (like Bill O’Reilly). The real power structure most certainly ordered the networks to tone down the coverage on Frank as much as possible, since he’s become such a Jew symbol of this country’s economic woes to awakening Americans. “Let’s not exacerbate matters among the Goyim masses, any more than we have to,” they reasoned.

And Reid’s win against Sharon Angle is highly suspect too, much like the out-of-the-blue defeat of Ron Paul in the New Hampshire primary of ’08. I’ve always figured they use selected vote tampering, targeting candidates that appear too dangerous in the long run, like Angle. They only resort to this effort when the gap is narrow enough that it won’t be obvious to the local Goyim, minimizing any chance of discovery.

Of course, it may have only been a large turnout of illegal-loving latinos to put him over the top. That should tell you a little something about how White political power is now evaporating before our eyes.

Pro-Israel big mouths, Jew York’s Chuckie Schumer and Virginia’s Eric Cantor also won. So did the other Israeli agents on Capitol Hill — liberal or not — like big spending Jewess Barbara Boxer (amazing), Jan Schakowsky, Gabrielle Giffords (half Jewish ancestry, but now going to a SINagogue), John Yarmouth, Steve Rothman and Steve Cohen. Also winning: Anthony Weiner, Elliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Gary Ackerman and Steven Israel in New York (so Jew-controlled). Jews David Cicilline (homo), Allyson Swartz and Shelley Berkley won. New Jersey’s lying Jew (a redundancy), Dick Blumenthal, beat the wrestling queen and Colorado’s Michael Bennet is now trying to claim victory (oh yeah, he’s a Jew, too).

In fact, it appears the Jews did quite well overall and came out more ahead (go HERE for the Jew’s usual bragging).

Like on Bwaney Fwank, the TV media has been obviously a little quiet on the election results for all these Jewy pols. Wisconsin’s “progressive” Senator Russ Feingold did go down, most likely because it would have been too noticeable if they ran any tampering black ops with so many voters now strongly opposed to Washington insiders in the state.

They may pull off another felon vote counting rip-off for Michael Bennet, just like they did in Minnesota to get that big liberal Jew joke Al Franken in the Senate.

Left Coast California’s moonbeam-in-chief, Jerry Brown, won the governorship with latino, liberal and union votes, but the legalization of pot failed (go figure).   

Take notice on how the media has gone on and on about Tea Party Republican Rand Paul winning in Kentucky, and conservative Republicans taking over the House with 60 seats and closing the gap substantially in the Senate. So we did make some gains against the Obama nuts, but don’t hold your breath on openly pro-Whites getting anywhere soon (if ever).

Unfortunately, anti-illegal immigration leader Tom Tancredo did not win the governorship of Colorado. He came close for a third party candidate. Too bad, since we could have been sure of strong efforts against the hordes from south of the border.

“Bulgarians” or “Hungarians,” anything but “JEW.” Former Marxist guerilla Dilma Rousseff wins presidency of Brazil and known as a Crypto-Jewess. Peter Orzag, former WH Director of Management and Budget. Orzag dumped his Goyim mistress and Greek shipping tycoon hieress, Claire Milonas, when she was 3 months pregnant; he soon became engaged to ABC financial news reporter and Russian Jewess Bianna Golydryga. Good connections to the corporate Jew news establishment would certainly be a big plus for this tricky Jew’s resume.

Meanwhile, down in Brazil, a supposed “former” Marxist Crypto-Jewess* was elected president. Dilma Rousseff, is said to be of “Bulgarian” extraction — kind of like what they said about the Jew, Peter Orzag, who worked as Director of Management and Budget in the White House. Appropriately, Brazil is exactly what the Jews want to turn the USA into: A nasty third world conglomeration of races where Whites are powerless and subsumed in the masses, as the Commie Jews run things.

I had a interesting conversation at the polling station before I went into vote. The campaign manager for the independent candidate for Congress was outside so I decided to quiz him about his boss’ views on AIPAC and Israel. Of course he said he was for Israel, blah, blah, blah, so I proceeded to tell him my impertinent anti-Israel views. Just then, the candidate himself showed up, driving the campaign Winnebago. After parking it, he came over to join our little conversation.

All 3 of us got into it pretty good. The candidate was familiar with the US Liberty attack, and seemed genuinely pissed that Israel failed to admit to it. He promised that he would never kow-tow to Israel if getting in (I know, I know). His campaign manager said Rahm Emanuel’s father was in the MOSSAD (I corrected him, saying it was the Irgun terrorist gang). He also said that the White House has 31 MOSSAD agents working there. That took me aback a bit (he was probably meaning 31 Jews, but same thing, right?).

Anyways, both the Republican and the Democrat candidates were both pro-Israel to a great extent, but I did like the independent guy’s other views (taxes, immigration, etc.) so I told him I’d vote for him and I did. He was a long shot and didn’t come close, but hey, I voted for the third position and it felt good.

I talked to numerous people about Israel on the sidewalk and in the lines. Outside of a couple of mean looks (probably Jews), most people seemed sincerely interested in what I said. That’s the thing about voting, even though it is a bunch of crap, it does give you some opportunity to plant seeds among the masses. I personally look for any chance to get on my high horse and hand out a few INCOG MAN Internet address cards (please do the same).

Everybody, I mean everybody there couldn’t stand Harry Reid and Barney Frank. When I told them about Frank trying to get the spy Jonathan Pollard free (after telling them some fast details about how much damage Pollard did), people could not believe it. I told them to do a search on the Internet about the SOB. It constantly amazes me how little people know of Israel’s transgressions on America.

As a race, us American Whites are still being manipulated and kept in the dark, no doubt about it. Obama Dems might had some “shellacking” last night (Obama’s description), but remember he’s still in office for another 2 years.

Think hard about this one: Since jobs and the economy will now supposedly be Obama’s “mantra,” what better way to put Americans back to work than another bloody overseas war for the military/industrial complex and international Jew bankers?

And with the Fed’s announcement today of printing another 600 billion dollars to buy back government debt, inflation will inevitably sky-rocket and further the dollar’s demise. Goyim cannon fodder will sign up for the military in droves, just to get 3 square meals a day, before being shipped off to fight and die for Israel once again.

Iran, anyone?

— Phillip Marlowe

* Her father’s Bulgarian name was Russev before he Brazillified it to Rousseff when he arrived. Her mother’s maiden name was “Silva,” both known Crypto-Jew names. They say they are Catholics. Right. That’s how these Jews lie.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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98 Responses to Almost All Jews Survive Dem’s “Shellacking”

  1. Octo says:


    The Trifles for a Massacre I posted is also in English. Recommending an untranslated French book on an English language site would be pretentious even for me.

    A brilliant translation. E.g., Céline used the word Aryan all the time, and so does the translator. You wouldn’t translate this book if you weren’t commited to getting the truth to European man. If he revealed his name he’d be locked up for thought crime, as Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle have been.

    BTW, another absolutely wonderful book I’ve recently read is The Witches by Roald Dahl. A night’s read, and a fairy tale in the traditional European sense. The head witch speaks with a heavy yiddish accent and announces to her coven that they must exterminate all the (white) children of England. Hunting children around the world is the witches’ main occupation. Did I mention that the witches have a counterfeit money press to fund their genocidal scheme?

    The Jews decide to keep this book under the radar, rather than attack it. Attacking the beloved author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach would only build the case of Jew control they seek to demolish. But they do that all the time, don’t they? Irrational creatures.

    I read French better than speak it, Hoff.

    What do you think of Andrew Winkler’s idea that Communism was developed for Russia and China because the yidzim couldn’t establish central banking there?

  2. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Mr. INCOGMAN, as an ethnic Hungarian fan of your blog, please allow me to request that, in future, instead of using the word HUNGARIAN in case of people like the above, please use the term HUNGARIAN JEW!!! Only three more characters, but what a fucking great difference! I would really appreciate it!
    Ethnic Hungarians historically never considered our jews as part of our nation! Poor Hungary had more than her fair share of communist jews born in Hungary in the XX. century, and the Hungarian jewish community even exported a few of the bolshevik bastards to other lands: the leader of the first Hungarian Soviet Republic, Béla Kun (born Kohn, which in English language is Cohen), is counted as a war criminal in Ukraine too, and he was called an idiot by Lenin hisself for the excesses of his red terror-some feat, isn’t it?
    I remember feeling sorry for Brazil when I heard that they have elected a former maoist guerilla commie jew whore as president. But the name Roussef did not sound as a Hungarian name for me, and Russev sounded definitely slavic for my Hungarian ears, and I was right: she is of Bulgarian stock. The information is available on the Internet. East-European jewish origin all right, but a different country. The devil always lurks in the details.
    Peter Orzag on the other hand sounds as a Hungarian name, and I am sure his name originally must have been Ország or Országh. But just take a look at his picture: at least his nose must suggest HE IS NOT HUNGARIAN, BUT A HUNGARIAN JEW. Small details count.
    On Iran: I heard some asshole saying that a war with Iran would help US economy and employment like WWII helped in the age of the Great Depression. Tell me: did the war in Iraq and Afganistan help the US economy and employment since 2001? Expect the same great economic and employment results from another war…

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Sorry, warrior.hun. I know where you’re coming from. It’s just the Jews over here are using the “hungarian” bit to confuse American Whites, who sadly don’t know any better. I put quote marks (“) around it so people might get it.

      Don’t forget, we’re all in this together. Hell, if calling Robert E. Lee a Jew (God forbid) would awaken American Whites, I’d say so.

  3. Octo says:

    “The US will not exist thirty years from now unless hymie can create a new, brutal totalitarian state like the Soviet Union.” — brian boru

    That’s the plan.

    “I went to Brazil a few months ago. It is a wealthy country but has big social problems because of the great masses of niggers and half breeds.” — ibid

    But Brazil and other Latin countries aren’t sentimental about their social problems. The elite hire death squads to street sweep favelas of the lowest strata, and a cab driver in Mexico City told a friend a few years ago, “With each mojado (wetback) that leaves, Mexico is little better off, too bad for the United States though.”

    “The infrastructure is controlled and maintained by a very small number of whites on top, many of German extract.”

    True, but I think we’re going to see a shift with that. Chavez is popular amongst the people in Venezuela because he’s an Indígeno for Indígenos. Racial Identity Politics are going to dominate the 21st century (as they have every other).

    “Naturally, the eternal parasite is well entrenched but doesn’t have the same negative influence on culture and business that it has in white countries.”


    “True white racial characteristics are relatively rare anywhere in South America, even Uruguay and Argentina, so don’t look for a white renaissance there.”

    No, Nietzsche’s sister isn’t going to start another enclave anytime soon. I’m more or less resigned to the fact that there won’t be a White renaissance anywhere.

    “The best you can say about the place is that if you are wealthy you can have a good life without too much government interference.”

    That was all I was trying to say.

    The infrastructure is controlled and maintained by a very small number of whites on top, many of German extract. Naturally, the eternal parasite is well entrenched but doesn’t have the same negative influence on culture and business that it has in white countries.
    True white racial characteristics are relatively rare anywhere in South America, even Uruguay and Argentina, so don’t look for a white renaissance there. The best you can say about the place is that if you are wealthy you can have a good life without too much government interference.

  4. Octo says:

    “The best you can say about the place [Brazil] is that if you are wealthy you can have a good life without too much government interference.” — brian boru

    If you’re wealthy and play the jew game, (if you weren’t playing the jew game you wouldn’t be wealthy) you can have a good life “without too much government interference” most anywhere, except if you’re white in a formerly white country. I would say a White man with skill and experience, who speaks Brazilian Portugese, can do alright in Brazil now. In fact, I’m certain of it. And I’m almost certain Brazil will be a better place for a White man to be in a few years than the US, UK, Europe, or Oz.

  5. Octo says:

    Crank up the propaganda machine, wave the false flag.


    You would think the West would have better things to do besides make the middle east safe for Jews.

  6. Octo says:

    “Yemen is so dangerous that its neighbor to the north, Saudi Arabia, has erected a concrete fence. Which proves that not only is Yemen full of terrorists, it’s full of Mexicans.” — Colbert

    That joke would have made a lot more sense had he said, “Not only is Yemen full of terrorists, it’s full of Palestinians.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    warrior.hun, the author used quotation marks around “Hungarian”. The use of quotation marks around a word generally mean that you a quoting another. These quotation marks can also indicate a non-literal use or a sarcastic use when it is obvious that you aren’t directly quoting someone.

  8. American says:

    The jew-Fed now basically admits it’ll keep stocks going higher, but before people get excited when they read their statements, they must understand how the Fed does this. By printing more money to buy up the BS paper, they devalue our currency.

    Let’s take today, for example. Stocks up over 1%, but the dollar lost 1 percent, meaning your 401k didn’t gain any real value, just nominal. The jew-Fed is doing this so that investors/citizens don’t feel quite as broke even though they are. It’s just another illusion.

    The last thing they want us to do is what we should be doing. They fear the people cashing out of paper and buying real assets, like gold, silver, and anything else tangible. if that happens it’s all over for the jew-rat. If you priced stocks in gold today, your stocks actually lost 1.5%!

    Dump the banks and at the same time protect what you have. Commodities (or most things tangible) will crush the jew-rat and preserve your savings better than any other decision.

  9. GDL says:

    Barney Frank’s mouth slopes downard making him look miserable….which is no suprise considering the fact that he is a queer Jew. Just the look of that sucker should alert normal people to the fact that something is seriously wrong here.


  10. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Incogman and all, it is just that I am what can be called an old-school Hungarian nationalist and patriot. Thank you for your understanding and bearing with me.
    By the way, if military talent alone won wars, then General Lee would have planted the Confederate flag on the White House in ten minutes. And black people would still have full employment, three meals a day and roof over their heads, and no black-on-white crime would exist…

  11. griften says:

    I’m going to say it again that they are calling her BULGARIAN NOT HUNGARIAN.

    It is a small detail but shouldn’t all pieces that come from our side be air tight?

  12. INCOG MAN says:

    griften, got a link? I seem to remember they described her family as hungarian.

  13. INCOG MAN says:

    OK, ok. Now I’ll have to change my artwork! But that’s OK.

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    I can’t keep up with my Jews, anymore!

  15. Octo says:

    Robert E. Lee: A man of enormous fortitude and integrity, for sure, but I don’t know how one reconciles incomparable combat leadership with Pickett’s charge. I know people get emotional about Lee and the Confederacy, and I know this is Monday morning quarterbacking from a distance of a 147 yrs, but still…

    “General, I have no division…”

    — Major General George Edward Pickett to General Lee at Gettysburg
    July 3, 1863

    “The culmination of Lee’s last hopes for victory in Pennsylvania, “Pickett’s Charge” was thwarted by a number of factors including poor staff work, superior organization and control of Union artillery, massed infantry lines against rifled weapons, and a Pennsylvania brigade standing on their native soil in the Angle that fought for every inch of ground.”

    Never fight someone in their own backyard.

  16. White Wolf says:

    “Never fight someone in their own backyard.”

    Like the jews, at their polling stations, in their “election” scam, for instance.

  17. INCOG MAN says:

    OK, I changed it to “Bulgarian.”

  18. White Wolf says:

    “Like the jews, at their polling stations, in their “election” scam, for instance.”

    Of course, they’re doing this in OUR backyard, and using it against us…

  19. My Name says:

    “Yemen is so dangerous that its neighbor to the north, Saudi Arabia, has erected a concrete fence. Which proves that not only is Yemen full of terrorists, it’s also full of Shia Muslims, just like Iran & the Aryans there are: is ra hell’s ENEMIES!!!” — ColdBeer, Should’ve Said that!!!

    Car blast kills two, injures 13 in Yemen

    Explosion hits Yemeni oil pipeline

    Explosion hits Yemeni oil pipeline

  20. My Name says:

    Explosion hits Yemeni oil pipeline

  21. American says:

    jews hate everybody, and Muslims only slightly more than us, at least today.


  22. Octo says:

    ‘Russians, especially communists, were inclined to cite higher figures througha sort of perverse pride in bigness; if it called for Bolshevik firmness to let a million die, it obviously called for three times as much firmness to KILL OFF three million.

    They say the truest things are said in jest, and this is a good example; the only indication in the article that this “famine” was deliberate.

    ‘“This is nothing new,” Umansky grimaced uncomfortably. “Such a rule has been in existence since the beginning of the revo­lution. Now we have decided to enforce it.”

    You think propaganda commisar Umanski was a Jew?

    ‘New or old, such a rule had not been invoked since the civil war days. It was forgotten again when the famine was ended. Its undisguised purpose was to keep us out of the stricken regions. The same department which daily issued denials of the famine now acted to prevent us from seeing that famine with our own eyes.

    ‘Lazar Kaganovich was given most of the credit for the successful harvest.

    ‘Certain observers now insisted in print that the efficacy of collectivization had been demonstrated; nothing, of course, had been demonstrated except the efficacy of concentrated force used against a population demoralized by protracted hunger.

    The ticzim haven’t spent these past few years consolidating control over food and water resources in America for nothing, Volks (they’ve had Europe’s pantry locked up for decades). Starvation is their favorite method for White extermination.

    ‘Duranty joined us. He gave us his fresh impressions in brutally frank terms and they added up to a picture of ghastly horror. His estimate of the dead from famine was the most startling I had as yet heard from anyone.

    “But, Walter, you don’t mean that literally?” Mrs. McCormick exclaimed.

    “Hell I don’t. …. ….. . I’m being conservative,” he replied, and as if by way of consolation he added his famous truism: “But they’re only Russians.”

    ‘Once more the same evening we heard Duranty make the same estimate, in answer to a question by Laurence Stallings, at the railroad station, just as the train was pulling out for the Polish frontier. When the issues of the Times carrying Duranty’s own articles reached me I found that they failed to mention the large figures he had given freely and repeatedly to all of us.

    This is a good example of you once again opening my eyes, Hoff. I had always been led believe that Walter Duranty was responsible for the New York Times lies about the Holodomor. Of course, it was his Jew editors who were covering up for Kaganovich and the rest of their tribe’s crimes.

  23. Octo says:

    RE: Robert E. Lee

    Great generals don’t order an entire division into an patent funnel assault. There may have been some fault on the part of his staff officers, but that’s ultimately his responsibility as well. Pickett himself considered Lee’s decision criminal negligence.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

    Reverend Ike says, “No one has a right to be a parasite.”

  24. Hoff says:

    What do you think of Andrew Winkler’s idea that Communism was developed for Russia and China because the yidzim couldn’t establish central banking there?

    Hoff: No l don’t think so. Jew-communism is bigger then just take control of the bank. Jew-communism is about the yids taking over the whole state lock, stock and barrel.

    l have not read the whole link yet. Just happen to read the last text on the link and found that about what Durante said when he was in Soviet. Of course it was the jews at Jew York Time that edited out the truth. This is why the jews want to control the whole propaganda-machine, just as the jews did in Soviet. Now the jews can tell us stupid goyim any jew-bullshit the jews want.

    As for Durante, he got the Pulitzer and he could have said that it was all a lie when he took the prize, he didn’t.

  25. Octo says:

    I agree with you that Communism is a means of taking over the state completely, but isn’t a central bank the same thing? I think that’s why Big Daddy Rothschild say, “Let me issue a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”

    “As for Durante, he got the Pulitzer and he could have said that it was all a lie when he took the prize, he didn’t.”

    That is an excellent point. They couldn’t have done it without countless traitors like him, then or now.

  26. Flanders says:

    Don’t be sacriligious. Robert E. Lee is beyond the criticism of mere human-beings – and should remain that way. Picking on our White historical figures, just for the sake of engaging in argumentive speculation, is too much like what the jews encourage us to do. Here are some “leaders” in our current times who definately deserve our wrath.

    “Look at this face. IT IS NOT AMERICAN. And yet, these ‘chay’ are EVERYWHERE- even in Minnesota!!! Why? FOR OUR CONQUEST!!

    DO YOU WANT TO BE OVERRUN with Meximidgets? Do you want your White Children to HAVE to learn bastard Spanish?

    Do you harbor a deathwish?

    Do you not understand , that these are the putas and spics that white American traitors like Harry Reid COUNT ON, TO VOTE HIS ILLEGITIMACY BACK IN?

    If you don’t see that this is a RACIALLY-DRIVEN contest.

    If you don’t see that this is a WAR FOR EUROPEAN CHRISTENDOM.

    If you don’t see that this means YOUR CHILDREN WILL LIVE IN A THURD WORLD HELLHOLE of ‘DIVERISTY’ formerly known as the U. S. of A….

    You are not part of the solution, you ARE the effing problem!

    Now I know why the Russian nobility and upper classes sat idly by, while the Jewish Bolsheviks unleashed the greatest Holocaust of Christian souls, murdered in the aftermath of the 1917 Revolution, and NO ONE BLINKED AN EYE”.

    The above and more election analysis is at The White Christ’s Weblog, and he tells us that, “Our Work is just Beginning”.


  28. For the intellectually honest who actually want to see just how EASY it is to hack and change ELECTRONIC tally’s in these election machines today, I suggest YOU WATCH these documentary’s on this subject:

    The HBO documentary – “Hacking Democracy”

    ‘Stealing America’: Voting-Fraud Documentary

    “We Will Not Be Silenced”

    The depressing evidence HAS ALREADY BEEN DOCUMENTED and it is clear that different kinds of FRAUD started under BUSH and this practice has continued and evolved during the Obama Campaign and beyond.

    Americans have every reason to be suspicious of bizarre election outcomes – like when a very unpopular Harry Reid, who is behind in the polls – YET this douchebag WHORE wins the election.

  29. Fleur says:

    Good observation Incog, I was kind of surprised that my jew Representative kept his seat. Of course I did my part to elect Rand Paul to US Senate. The major cities are full of jews, freaky liberals, Democrats, illegal aliens and hispanics. Couple this with a little Dem voter fraud and it tips the balance in favor of a jew boy like John Yarmuth. We may never get rid of this POS now.

  30. Fleur says:

    Forgot about all those negroids in the cities too!

  31. Toby says:

    This is worth reiterating about Barney Fag: (as I posted this several months ago):

    Sheesh, I can’t even bear to look at this ‘effin photo of Barney Faggot – he’s repulsive


    Barney Frank is a JEW CRIMINAL – he’s a Faggot Pedophile

    Barney Frank Pedophile Alert!

    This flaming jew homo is a pedophile who was involved in the Boy’s Town scandal – Franklin scandal in Washington D.C. Barney Frank had sex and continues to have sex with children, and the stupid imbeciles in Massachusetts just keep voting this pedophile creep back into office time and again.

    This should give you an idea of the jew crime network’s perpetration of child sexual pedophile rings and how they abduct orphans (and non orphan children) and have sex with them (pedophilia is jew Talmudic-based)….furthermore, introducing this despicable element of sex with children/pedophilia into D.C., involving many of our U.S. politicians, and then blackmailing them for posterity – so these same politicians will be shabbos goys beholden to ALL JEW INTERESTS.

    Proliferate this information to as many people as possible. Barney Frank is a JEW PEDOPHILE CRIMINAL and should be in prison PERMANENTLY for sexually assaulting children.

  32. My Name says:

    3 Known fag jews Selected to Congress Here

  33. l.rudolf says:

    May be known, but one generals speaks out: “The US had no reason to invade Iraq in 2003, and only did so because of “a series of lies” told to the American people by the Bush administration, says Gen. Hugh Shelton, who served for four years as the US’s top military officer.”
    He is a prominent soldier and questions about the Neocon-Jewish-Zionist propaganda will follow logically, for the many in mainstream, who were content with the official propaganda until now. (could be so, I think?)
    In EU there is a report about many navy ships in the Gulf (US,France,GB), but didn’t find it on the net elsewhere, perhaps it’s exaggerated and nothing new.

  34. Mr. Dithers says:

    Don’t forget all eleven Hebrew senators voted for the Dream Act which effectively grants amnesty to most illegal mestizos. Looks like most Repubs who won also happen to be militantly pro-Israel, perhaps more so than the Dems they unseated. I’m sure that’s a coincidence.

    And don’t hold your breath for the Repubs and tea partiers to do much about illegal immigration other than bluff and bluster. Besides, low income taxes and prayer in the schools will solve anything according to them.

  35. mudshredder says:

    Brother, I belive the frank mess was a set up. How can his opponent be as stupid to run an ad that reall made mexicans look bad and filthy. It doenst matter how I see them or know that they aredestroying our just dont run something like that in a state that has a good 30% or better hispanic vote! its suicide! I work in AZ and mexicans are EVERYWHERE, and they have made it to where you can vote if you have an ADRESS not citizenship, even if so, the mexicans that were given amnesty by Reagan are plenty and have family up here illegally. the opponent should have stuck to small government and get on the immigration issue AFTER she took out Barney the purple homo..seems a little fishy..these people are professionals at scheming..and thiscandadate shows her cards???

  36. mudshredder says:

    Forgot to mention…Las Vegas has a large union base and we are told to “vote emocrat or the GOP will take our jobs away”. the canadate should have also said she believes in fair union wages and would not challenge Davis-Bacon Act

  37. Octo says:

    “…the opponent should have stuck to small government and get on the immigration issue AFTER she took out Barney the purple homo..seems a little fishy..these people are professionals at scheming..and thiscandadate shows her cards???”

    That was great.

    I heard about the Davis-Bacon act for the first time on my last job…before I was laid off.

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