Another War With Orientals To Kill More Of Us?

LAST WEEK THE North Koreans shelled some dumb little island, in some stinking part of the world that most Americans can’t even find on a map. We’re told the North Koreans are all kill-crazy and they just installed a new Boy Dictator who has to earn his war merit badge, or that Korea merely wants our respectful attention. Yeah, all that might be true to some extent, I guess.

But hell, we don’t really know exactly what happened, when you think about it. Could be what they say, or even our own country might have done a little provacation. See, that’s the problem when the media really isn’t free. All kinds of tricky BS might be going down behind the scenes and all us plebs out here can only scratch our furry little heads as we slave in whatever jobs we’re still lucky to have.

mass exodus of North Korean migrant workers is now underway in Russia, coming home to North Korea in case of war. The Chinese have also told America to keep the aircraft carrier USS George Washington away from North Korea. The controlled US mainstream media hasn’t breathed a word about these disturbing events.

Back in the middle of the last century we fought a bloody war with the nearby Japanese, who would not give up until we were forced (supposedly) to flash-fry over a hundred thousand of them using the first nuclear weapons. When that war started, FDR made it plain we would first go after the German Aryans of Europe. Please make clear note that “Iran” just happens to be the Persian word for “Aryans,” or the “Noble” White race.

Ever see that Star Trek episode where the Klingons and Earthlings have to fight among one another without using ray guns, just using fists and swords? The emotions of both parties were jacked-up by this spinning little orb of evil energy hovering about the halls and up near the ceiling (the special effects sucked before CGI). Please click “Continue reading” to watch a great little video about it.

Brilliant video by ThoughtCrime7 – From the Star Trek episode “Day of the Dove.”

There’s a lot more going on here than what they want us believe. Oil and global empire always sounds so right to the “in-crowd,” but we can see that doesn’t really fit here. Like the Star Trek plot, maybe we’re all being prodded into killing each other off for the secret racial ambitions of a select few.

Those of us who understand a bit of the secret history of WWII, may very well be getting a creeping sense of Deja Vu. After Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent a year purposefully goading Japan, on December 7th, 1941 the Japs “surgically” attacked American military assets (they always call it a “sneak attack” whenever someone else does it to us). FDR knew it was coming and did everything he could to suppress any warnings to our military in harm’s way. He wanted America bunged-up and fighting mad!

Ever think the Nazis might have been right all along?

The real target for Roosevelt and his chums was always Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, of course. It was clear from the beginning that America’s first priority was taking down the Fuerher man. FDR pulled off one of the biggest “bait and switch” jobs of history.

Now, you might be saying that FDR didn’t have anything to do with the Japs attacking Pearl Harbor, but I assure you the more you dig into this history, the more you’ll see that’s exactly what him and Churchill wanted to see happen. Hell, the whole thing is still covered up to this day — simply because of the logical conclusions people might make about the Jew!

They basically did the same thing over Iraq, when you think about it. First, they do a 9/11 False Flag on our ass to make everyone hopping mad about Al Qaeda Arabs. Then we bomb the hell out of Afghanistan in support of the Afghans in the Northern Alliance, who did all the real ground fighting. When they got Bin Laden cornered in Tora-Bora, we dropped the ball. Meanwhile, Bush is going around the country lying about WMD’s in Iraq. Next thing you know we’re invading the place!

Has everyone forgotten how threatened precious Israel felt over Saddam Hussein at the time? Now the psycho Jews are all torqued up about Iran getting the Big One; even though Iran has many Jews living there, who like it just fine and don’t want to move to wacked-out, militaristic Israel, no matter how much of our American tax dollars the Israelis offer.

The Global Zionists used Hitler to scare German Jewry into moving to their pet project: Israel. That’s historical fact (but labeled “controversial” so people will doubt it). Zionist bankers supported Hitler’s political efforts and Hitler set-up training camps for German Jews before they shipped out to British-controlled Palestine. But once Germany became successful financially without racking up International debt, the Banking Jews had to put a stop to him. Churchill was already in their pockets by 1936, and FDR was born straight into their evil little web.

Same Jew crap is happening right before your eyes. What’s on the horizon may in fact be a WWII redux. Please try to remember that WWII cost tens of millions of Goyim lives; how many of us will die in WWIII?

Contrail from a jet? Please. Just who do they take us for?

Sure, sometimes the media has to report on certain events; especially when a missile is launched 35 miles off Los Angeles during rush hour traffic. Local news and everyone outside saw it and photographed it, hence they had better say something. The next day the mainstream media told us the government line of bull — that it was only a contrail from a jet — and quickly dropped the story. Anyone with a brain could see it wasn’t any “jet contrails.”

The smoke from the missile was dark and oily, while US rocket engines burn clean white. The trail was straight and not cork-screwed — a sure signature of an internally-guided ballistic missile and not a brainless rocket on the loose (the missile  was probably programmed to land in a deep part of the ocean).

Was it from the Chinese, sending us a warning of some sort? Recently, another Chinese sub surfaced within torpedo range of a US aircraft carrier group just to prove it could slip past our defenses.

The Chinese sure as hell don’t want us screwing around in their neighborhood, off the coast of Korea. Imagine for a second the Chinese conducting joint naval exercises with Cuba off Miami beach, or Mobile Bay in the Gulf of Mexico? Yeah, I do believe some people would get mighty pissed!

China is allied with both North Korea and Iran. Chances are pretty damn good, Iran would not want to be dragged into something. But that won’t stop us or the Israelis. No sirree.

Hey, look man, I’m not trying to sit here and tell you that you have to be some kind of peace-nik, softy type. You know, the type who eats yogurt, hug trees and sits around singing “Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya…” Nor am I saying you gotta be some John Wayne type, blowing the hell outta of anyone who dares to attack the good old US of A.

Nah, all I’m trying to say here is the Globalist Jews are at it once again. You see, they don’t give a flying rat’s ass how many Goyim — White, Black, Hispanic or Oriental — bite the dust. Never have. They will use us and pit us against each other until they get what they want. Rich Jews who sit around in luxury, never spent one day in the service, and have zero problem shipping your job out of the country. 

And what they really want is for us to destroy Ahmadinejad and Iran. It’s as obvious as the nose on your face! But let’s also remember our dollar and economy is for shit. What better way to stimulate the economy a little than an old fashioned kill fest, pumping up the Military/Industrial complex and International Jew bankers.

But that’s not all, they use these evil wars to set the stage for something else later. Say, like Global Government under Jewish control, along with the loss of America’s sovereignty?

Even the First World War of 1914-1918 (the war to end all wars) has never been adequately explained. After “The Black Hand” assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and his commoner wife in Sarajevo, the Austrian Monarchy delivered an ultimatum to the Serbians. German Kaiser Wilhelm was goaded by his Jewish advisers to mobilize, caused the Russians and French to follow suit.

WWI ushered in the Jewish Bolshevik take-down of Christian Russia in 1917. Soon after, Commie Jews tried to do the same to Germany, prostrated by war. Imagine what could happen to America, should a war in the east go as badly for us, as it did for Germany in 1918?

You might be blubbering right about now: “Uh, Mr. racist boy and anti-Semite, then why did the NWO support the Bosnian Muslims?” That’s just it pal, the entire Bosnian-Herzegovina BS doesn’t make a lick of sense until you factor in Serbia as a heterogeneous White country, unencumbered with Jewy NWO control.

You see, all your Globalists, über-Zionists and murderous crypto-Jews like Madeline Albright (right) couldn’t bear to see an White, non-Jewish Serbia get away with what the NWO does all the time in the world, plus the little action gave them the opportunity to cheaply play-act concern for Muslims and “humanitarian”motives in a place where it makes little difference to the over-all agenda down the road. You think these types really give a damn about a country of a few muddy hovels without oil or much else important?

If they were really were so sensitive and concerned about the rights and physical safety of their fellow man (Tony Blair is a big NWO phony) they might have done something about what Israel was doing to the Palestinians and Lebanese! You see the difference here?

The Jew loves to get Whites killing each other   

The Jew-controlled media wants you to think the Iranians are nothing but evil Muslims and terrorist supporters, but you can see these are people just like us. Do you ever think the real problem race might be right here among us, working in positions of government, finance and media power for their own racial agenda?

Let’s pretend you’re a White person sitting there reading what I write and calling me a racist, anti-Semite nutjob. Make note on how much they’ve been trying to get you NOT to think of yourself as a White person for the last 50 years. Your own kind is not even supposed to exist. But race does indeed exist, whether you like it or not. As they say: It is what it is.

Jews hate this Muslim cartoon. I wonder why?

But the ultimate racists of history are clearly using us for their own racial ends. They are out to use the pain, suffering and death of war for their own ambitions of One World government and turning America into a third-world, police state hell-hole, just like they used WWII to establish Israel in 1948. They also want to destroy Jesus Christ and Christianity, sooner or later.

Just think here a minute: Didn’t we go to war with Hitler’s Germany, spend untold amounts of effort, money and blood, and now the damn Jews attack good White Americans as evil racists, slavers, KKK lynchers and Indian killers every chance they get? Hell, we can’t even put up Christian displays during the Holiday season, while they feel free to erect those satanic menorahs anywhere they GD please!   

The International Jew wants us to destroy Iran because they are an imagined threat to their precious little Israel. The want to be the only ones on the block with the Bomb and depleted uranium weapons, like tank shells. They’ll lie and propagandize America in whatever fashion, all to get us into war with Iran. The Zionist power structure has long been laying the groundwork, using the Jew media to call Iran “terrorist, HAMAS supporters” and out to sell a nuke to some crazy non-White Arabian Jihadists.

Funny, Israel sells American military technology to China all the time, maybe even to North Korea. Jews will do anything for a buck.

And get this straight: Israel has been inflicting a racial, genocidal war against the Palestinians, brother Muslims to the Iranians (but many Palestinians are also Christian). Unfortunately, far too many Americans have little understanding of any of this, simply because of the immense Jewish media control to keep us stupid.

Won’t you lend your voice to the growing crescendo of awakened Americans to what’s really going on? No, you don’t have to go out and join some militia, or march around in a Nazi uniform. All you need to do is use your American Constitutional rights to free speech.

As they say: Use it or lose it!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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284 Responses to Another War With Orientals To Kill More Of Us?

  1. Hoff says:

    “1961, Secretary of the CPSU Central committee Mikhail Suslov about Georgians. ”

  2. Jo Jackson says:

    Re Slovo In South Africa.
    Others to look up are Ethel De Keyser, Albie Sachs, Ruth First, Slovo’s wife, (“Dame”) Susman plus loads more I’m sure. Also that thing singing with Mandela, Ronnie Kassrills – just look at its face! He openly brags about his involvement in forming his jerk off MK Umkhonto Wesiswe ‘army’ – a gook unit filled with gullible commie trained niggers to target innocent whites especially farmers.

    India, like China is also infested with these rats. Their hero Ghandhi was in fact a ‘racist’ lol!- google it. South African politics is disproportionately represented by a tiny Indian contingent (both Muslim, Sikh and Hindu) puppeteered and partnered by the foulest form of East European descended money grubbing Jewry.
    Question why Microsoft is so BIG in corrupt India? Everyone knows what Gates is.

    Furthermore these South African Jews like their American reared cousins have very strong footholds in the UK – lots of them in Westminster – one of them’s called “Lord” Hoffman. (google) No offence Hof I think you know many of them adopt names.

    Mugabe’s best mate is a slimey slum landlord in the UK – Nicholas Hoogstraaten (google see Facebook) and Jack Straw shook even his hand after the farm atrocities!

    The Rhodesians during their golden years, had no idea at the time what was in their midst – seeing these bastards as “white” Some were even mayors Wasserman enjoying all the privileges and putting the knife in when nobody was looking.

    When will people of white European stock wake up? We must unite GLOBALLY as they do and their Asian cousins do their host countries. Liberal traitors must be eliminated if we can’t educate them. They’re worse in my book.

    The Japanese (China?, India? Israel???) do not accept immigrants of ANY form (other than the secretive hidden handlers? who knows?) having a say in their MAJORITY societies so why should we??? 3rd generation whites are openly referred to as settlers in Africa by MSM but niggers and other muds are ‘immigrants’ ‘students’ adding to ‘diversity’ sic. Serbia Kosovo same shit. Lebannon Iran. This Wikileaks shit is all about rounding up and honing in on Iran. They have a lakes of oil too.

    White progressive liberals/commies are our cancer. They are the precipitators of this global disease. Without this treacheroous scum the multi faceted Zionist Jewish globalists of various hues and colours would would be fucked!

  3. Jo Jackson says:

    Sorry about grammar repeat words etc.. done in a hurry!

  4. Hoff says:

    Burg had discovered that the German Zionist leaders requested as early as 1933 that the Jews be required to wear the yellow star. The Zionists saw it not as an insult but as a heroic gesture, just like the SS wore the swastika. In 1938 the director of the Zionist movement in the Third Reich brought about the wearing of the yellow star by the Jews against the wishes of both Goering and Goebbels. (25-6850) [Joseph G. Burg] The ‘False News’ Trial of Ernst Zündel — 1988


    Hoff says: Well, most don’t know this but at one time yje jew wore a yellow cloth. Not because anyone forced the jew to do it, but becsuse that all non-jew was going to get a sever punishment if they touched a jew. The jews was protected by the king and the jews was above the laws of non-jews. One rule for non-jews and another rule for the jews.

    Read this a long time ago, got no link.

    Well, let’s look a little closer at this jew yellow star of David. Yellow = Gold, ring a bell?

    How many jews do you think have a star of David hanging on their neck? The day the jews think they are in otal control they will display their “yellow cloth”, but this time it will be made from gold.

    The yellow cloth in Germany the jews leaders wanted all the jews to wear. Why? To provoke the non-jews. And that is good for the jews leaders. Because then the jews get aware that they are jews, hence the jews gang up with the tribe, That is good for the jews leaders. A Win-Win situation for the criminal jews leaders. Damn you if you do and damn you if you don’t.

    A year before l woke up to the jew l saw a minister on TalmudVision – live. And she had a jew-erly hanging out over this VERY high collar. The collar was so high it almost tuched her ears. There is no way that neckles was there by accident. This was done on purpose.

    The thing is this, she, l think it’s a she, is buttugly. l can’t stand her and the topic was of little interest. But anyway, l had TalmudVision 24-7 then and l was busy on the net so l let that channel on. The camera was looked on her. Anyway, l started to pay attention but l did not want to look at her face, that is why i looked at the gem.

    -WTF ..? ls that a star of David ..? WTF … is she a jew? Nobody in jew”media” had said a word that she is a jew. l scrutinized the gem and yes it was a star of David.

    She was a minister and the arrogance and contempt for the goyim she was supposed to serve was so blatant in your face that only a total moron could ignore it. Here was this jew live on TalmudVision, telling every single jew in the world that she was a jew. How did she do it? She pulled out her “yellow cloth”. A star of David in yellow gold.

    At this time a knew a Torah jew and l told him about this. He said:

    -They shouldn’t do that!


    Who shouldn’t do what “all the time”? Who are “they” and what is it that “they” are “they” doing all over again? When l woke up to the jew a year later the first thing l noticed was that when the jews watch TalmudVision, the first thing the jews ask themself is: – ls that a jew?

    Who, except a jew, would wear a star of David as a necklace? Who, except a jew would proudly expose her “yellow cloth” to the entire world?

    Star of David in the Jew Run Whore House, aka White House:

  5. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Jo Jackson and all,
    You mentioned Rhodesia. Now what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa is the biggest warning ever about what to expect from the jew, and what to expect from the non-whites in any future multicultural society, because especially SA represents an existing multikulti society, just like Bosnia-Hertzegovina. The Counter-Insurgency warfare waged by Rhodesian Selous Scouts made me wholly understand what the fuck is really happening in Iraq, in Afghanistan today, what is war on terror and how terrorism works. I would recommend the story of Selous Scouts to everyone-sorry no link by me, but in any text about Rhodesian Selous Scouts you will find the words pseudo terrorist gang, and when you read this remember Al-Qaeda. I bet my life on it that fucking Wikileaks does not utter anything about these kind of facts of life…
    The sorry thing is, when the changes happened in South Africa, I actually believed the propaganda and was happy to know that no racist country exists anymore, on stolen land oppressing the locals. I wish I knew reality back then…The land was never stolen: the dutch, the boer was there before any nigger set foot on that land. Racism, my ass: it was Appartheid, meaning everybody lived with their race, no mixing meant no ethnic clashes. Oppression, my ass: the blacks lived on higher living standard than whole Africa and SA itself nowdays, and nigger education, health, etc… was paid from the white mans tax. And what if the white race ruled the world, ruled all other races? I am a white man, if that would be the case, why should it bother me? I wish it were true….
    Hoff, and all
    About the yellow cloth, yellow star, star of david: I am not sure that it was requested by them. I think this must have been a defence weapon against them, ie. they could not play white christian men like today with a fucking yellow cap or a star of david on their breasts. Also the ghettos they had to live in, it was a very positive way of dealing with them, refraining from violance. These two very peaceful solutions can be the final solutions: they should be excluded from our community, and when they appear among us, then everybody knows who they are. I bet openly they could never conquer no nothing ever. So, yellow cloth and getto (with a pogrom thrown in for luck just to remind them that we disapprove of what they did since 45.)
    See all, I am an anti-semite and nowhere near thinking about gassing them with Z.B. bugspray. Well, actually I seriously believe that Hitler who suffered a gas attack in WWI and did not even wish it on his enemies-he never used gas against the bolshevik hordes threatening his beloved Berlin finishing off his beloved Volk and himself-and then why would he use it against a lesser, less dangerous enemy (militarily speaking, of course), the jew? They never gassed a single jew, those camps were similar what the americans used against their japaneese citizens, for the same reason.
    So yellow cloth, ghetto, pogrom-these traditions of our ancestors are worth repeating. No need to march around goose-stepping with swastikas. Just yellow cloth, ghetto, pogrom-this should be our motto, the rest comes automaticly.

  6. Octo says:

    “About the yellow cloth, yellow star, star of david: I am not sure that it was requested by them. I think this must have been a defence weapon against them, ie. they could not play white christian men like today with a fucking yellow cap or a star of david on their breasts.” — Mr. Magyar

    “You mentioned earlier that the Zionists and the Nazis collaborated on the drafting of the so-called Nuremberg Race Laws,” I said.

    “Yes,” he said, “one of the Zionist collaborators was Rabbi Leo Baeck, who now lives in London, England.”

    “What did Baeck do?” I asked.

    “He helped the Nazis define who was a jew and who was a German and he suggested the adoption of the yellow, six-pointed star as the symbol of the jewish nation.”

    “You mean that this symbol was not previously used to signify judaism?” I asked.

    “Oh, it was a jewish symbol, just as it was a Babylonian symbol. The six-pointed star was used by many different people. The German Condor Legion used it as a badge of rank in Spain during the Fascist War from 1936 to 1939. Your American police often use the six-pointed star. But as late as the 1930s, “The Lion of Judah” was used to symbolize jewish nationality.

    “The Sanhedrin went further than the Jewish notables in the completeness and ardour of its declarations; (incidentally, it began by recording thanks to the Christian churches for the protection enjoyed in the past, and this tribute is worth comparing with the usual Zionist version of history in the Christian era, which suggests that it was all a long ordeal of “Jewish persecution” at Christian hands).”

  7. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Octo,
    I have spent the last 10 minutes searching the net, even googled for “star of david german condor legion 1936-1939 badge of rank picture” and guess how many results came up?
    This interview with Josef Ginsburg anti-Zionist jew, man…Let me tell you a secret. Whenever you will interact with a jew, he will be a “good jew”. He will be on your side. He will say everything would be cool between them “good jews” and your people only if those bad other jews did not fuck up everything for everybody else…
    If you fall for the good jew/bad jew logic, I do seriously advise never commit any, no matter how minor sin against the law, because the law enforcement good cop/bad cop act will eat you for breakfast.
    You know the score: we good non-zionist jews do not really like those evil zionist jews, we good diaspora jews do not really like those warmongering israeli jews, we sefardim jews do not like those snotty askhenazim jews, we non-religious jews do not like those strict orthodox religious jews…Yeah, they maybe really do not like each other-but you know what? They HATE YOU.

  8. Octo says:

    @ Mr. Magyar

    I don’t see any obvious lies in that interview, that’s why I put it up there. That piece is the only plausible explanation of the Eichmann affair I’ve ever read. It has the details and the ring of truth. Hitler said, “When a Jew tells the truth, it’s to hide an even bigger lie.” I leave it up to you to decide what that is. The “Rabbi Rabinovitch” speech of 1952, and lots of other stuff posted here regularly, is obviously fraudulent.

    You don’t have to sell me on Josef’s Ginsburg’s or any other “good jew’s” motives. I do submit that he was definitely telling the truth about the Condor Legion wearing six-pointed stars on their uniforms. The photograph (obviously real) and the artist’s drawing confirm it.

  9. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Octo,
    Sometimes a white man has to say to another white man: Sir, you were right and I was wrong. Now this is the case. I was wrong with the Condor Legion badge. It does look like a six-pointed star.
    However I am sure as hell right on the good jew/bad jew front.
    The Rabinovich speech 1952 Budapest seemed fishy for me, too: at that year the Communist Jew Rákosi started an “anti-zionist” move to appease Stalin, that was when Péter Gábor was kicked out of the ÁVH. Can not imagine him letting a zionist meeting go on at the same time.
    I think Hitler was neither jewish nor sold out to them. About Eichmann: yes there was a man in an israeli court of law, on TV, claiming gassing 6 million. Who he was? Can we check his identity? Oh, ajveh, unfortunately he was cremated…Why did he say what he said? Was he a real nazi, a real Eichmann beaten senseless and drugged up and coerced, or were some jew actor just playacting for us? Was he the Wikileaks of the secret nazi crimes? I do not know, but the more a nazi is similar to the picture painted of the nazis by the media, the more suspicious I become.

  10. Hoff says:

    “The Sanhedrin went further than the Jewish notables in the completeness and ardour of its declarations; (incidentally, it began by recording thanks to the Christian churches for the protection enjoyed in the past, and this tribute is worth comparing with the usual Zionist version of history in the Christian era, which suggests that it was all a long ordeal of “Jewish persecution” at Christian hands).”

    Hoff says: Well, l missed that one. The lying jews soup made from jews fat l have heard all my life. l have been to Jerusalem and to the holohoax shrine yad Vashem in real life. And there are two things l remember very well, the obnoxious jew at the entrance and soaps.

    The whole place was just like a cave with dim light from candels and torches. l was standing in front of the soaps placed high up so you must look up to the jew. And l asked myself: Can you really make soap from bodyfat?

    The holohoax shrine jews have even DNA tested these soaps and guess what? There is not one single trace of jew DNA. The jew run Jerusalem Post wrote about it – on page 25.

    Do you know what the lying jew scumbags at the holohoax shrine did? They turned it around and said it was the germans who made it up in order to scare the jews. And this is the standard MO of the lying jew scumbags. Take any event in history and the lying jews will turn it 180 degree and blame it all on goyim.

    There are coins from Poland with polish on one side, the other side was in hebrew. The jews coined the coins (proper word?). That is “persecution” in the jews world. ln Poland the non-jew landlords got gold from the jews and left the estate to be run by the jews. The landlord got the gold he wanted, how the jew got i back the landlord couldn’t care less about.

    The jews was the landlords stand-in and had their own way to show they were the elite. ln essence being obnoxious jews who sucked all they could get from the poor peasants. But hey, that is “persecution” in the jew world.

    Take any case of “persecution” and it will turn out to be another jew lie.

    “The Sanhedrin went further than the Jewish notables in the completeness and ardour of its declarations; (incidentally, it began by recording thanks to the Christian churches for the protection enjoyed in the past, and this tribute is worth comparing with the usual Zionist version of history in the Christian era, which suggests that it was all a long ordeal of “Jewish persecution” at Christian hands).”

  11. Octo says:

    It’s entirely possible that this interview was full disclosure (as much as any Jew can fully disclose anything) on the part of Josef Ginsburg for the following reasons:

    “Josef Ginsburg’s motive for attacking Zionism by stating historical truth was indeed very jewish: he feared that jews were endangering their survival by putting all their political eggs into the Zionist basket. He saw in Communism, as his fellow jews had seen in Christianity and Capitalism, a protective cloak of universalism in which the body of jewish tribalism would thrive, much like certain maggots thrive beneath the protective skin of a living host, as they feed off the host’s blood, I opined, for the similarity was obvious. Ginsburg saw the Zionist drive to particularize jewish, as opposed to Gentile, interests as extremely dangerous. I certainly agreed with him on this point and I asked him why the Rothschilds, the International Zionists par excellence, had funded Theodor Herzl’s Territorial Zionist efforts, which, if successful, would serve to identify, separate and isolate the jewish population from the rest of the world.

    “The Rothschilds had to do it,” said Ginsburg, “because it is so ordered in their family compact.”‘

    As far as what Eichmann actually said, or was actually asked, how could we ever know that?

    “They locked him [Eichmann] in a glass box in the courtroom, supposedly for his protection, but really to keep him from hearing the real questions and giving real answers.”

    That’s pretty straightforward. That’s what I meant, there are convincing details in this account that true stories always have. I’m not trying to browbeat you here, Magyar. I certainly don’t think that I’m right and you’re wrong, I just think this explanation makes sense.

  12. Octo says:

    I think Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin were put in power by the Jews, though I’m not certain Hitler was aware of this (not that he was in any way stupid). J. Ginsburg conjectures this as well. I think they all rebelled against their masters. Stalin was poisoned after mentioning it was finally time for a REAL pogrom in Russia. And the other two were successfully defeated by Jewish media and political pressure arraying the entire world against them.

    None of the three was a crypto-Jew, I’m certain of it. They were goy frontmen, like most presidents or prime ministers today: there to deflect accusations of jewish hegemony and take the fall.

  13. jews give me PMS! says:

    Incog, so you know about the Serbian “Crna Ruka”. You’ve been talking to your Serbian neighbors in South Chicago perhaps. A Serbian King is buried on American soil. I have yet to see any comments about that from white nationalists or patriots or jews.

  14. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Octo,
    Do not worry about browbeating.
    Thing is, why a jew would tell the truth about Holocaust? Because if the world finally opens its eyes and figures out the real deal, at the end there must remain some jews on the “good”side so the tribe can live on. Or maybe he thinks the jewish youth must learn the truth also, because I do not know if the jew kids are raised believing the 6 million gassing too or are they really aware of what really happened? Do parents, grandparents tell the jew youth the truth about holocaust? If yes, what a fucking bunch of hypocrites. If no-that is fucking dangerous if they rule the world, isnt it?
    About Hitler and those days: remember Weimar Republic is ruled by the jews. Money was in their hands. What really happened? Well, let me give you the Hungarian example. Admiral Horthy, the nationalist hungarian leader who broke the shackles of Trianon in 20 years, in order to set up his nationalist army against the bolsheviks, even him went for loans to the Israelite Community. Gyula Gömbös, most patriotic Hungarian prime minister ever, an anti-semite who was hated by jews so much that even today in official history he is the fascist evil traitor (he was not), when got to power, asked the Israelite Community for ceasefire and economic help. Were this two Hungarian people traitors in their dealing with the jew? No, they feared him, so they gave him economic help, none of todays it is crisis fuck you goyim-attitude.
    So, to cut it short, the money, the monetary system is and was in jewish hands. Hitler could not borrow from non-existing Aryan banks. I bet he hated it. Now you know why he did with Germany’s monetary system what he did.

  15. American born says:

    Im amased by your perfect english. You write as if you were an American, bro. Even some of the phrases you use.
    Where did you learn to write?

  16. American born says:

    No offense meant in my last post warrior. But your writing is well put together. You mentioned youve never been to the states and Im impressed by your knowledge of the on goings here. You must spend alot of time studying American culture.?

  17. American born says:

    I hope Im not stepping on a post your writing. But Ive got a friend from Albania whom Ive known for five years. He has a degree in Albania for some shit, he cant even come close to your writing skills. Fuck, I cant even write as well as you.

  18. warrior.hun says:

    Dear American born,
    I started learning english in primary school, and continued learning it till end of university. Maybe God gave me the gift of tongues, maybe I am just lucky. Whichever, I always admired the British Empire, the Anglo-Saxon race, and as I am a man from behind the former Iron Courtain, for us the USA was the land of freedom: as a young kid I was dreaming of immigrating there, be a cowboy, sheriff, whaterver, meet indians, dig for gold, the lot.
    In the last ten years I started to read books in english. First it was hard, every second word needed a dictionary. Now I am able to use words and phrases I learned from these books of english and american writers. Oh and I should not forget the films. You can learn very cool words and phrases from films, too.
    My knowledge of America? Well, I have to admit it is second-hand. I can only read or hear what others say, I filter it through my brain, and up comes the resulting opinion. Is it correct? Well, this is good to hear. Is my opinion false? Well, it can happen, I am always open for a logical argument.
    As a matter of fact, I think all people around the world is following the American War on Terror, Iraq and Afghan war, 9/11. But to understand what is happening, you do not have to know America, you have to know about history and war. As I said, I figured out Al-Qaeda being a pseudo-terrorist gang after reading the history of Rhodesian Selous Scouts. I filtered the whole info through my brain, and out came the result. I did not have to travel to USA or did not have to meet a single American to be spot on.

  19. Jo Jackson says:

    Warrior Hun
    Re Rhodesia. When the white ‘settlers’ arrived there a little over 120 years ago there was nothing but scrub. The local tribes had not even HEARD of the wheel. No niggers were ‘enslaved’ as such as their populations more than quadrupled in less than 60 years thanks to white medicine, education, housing.. BIG mistake in hindsight. Could thsi happen under “slavery”?

    By 1972, even under sanctions and ostracised by the world, Rhodesia with its tiny population of at max 350,000 whites and 4 million blacks were assembling and even manufacturing motor cars. One of them was the BMW ‘Cheetah’

    At the time of Rhodes, typically there were Jews in the midst (Rothschild) sponsoring him and his dream of empire to build a railroad stretching from the Cape Town to Cairo. Like a fool he trusted them – and they shafted him by using him to engage emissary Jameson to rob the Boers of their gold assets. The Jameson raid was a total scam and embarrassment for Rhodes which rightly finished him off. Rhodes only then realised he’d been coerced and conned by Rothschild and never forgave himself.

    The Boer war that followed later to rob the Boers of everything they had established and especially their mining assets marked the beginning of the end of Victoria’s empire. Rothschilds, Barnato, Oppenheimer moved in and the rest is history with Soros later creeping in. Mandela toady, Bill Clinton was educated on a “Rhodes” scholarship!

    Today none of the descendants of these multi billionaires ever give a penny of their stinking wealth to starving niggers or any ‘charity’ that doesn’t serve their interests and is TAX deductable, BUT they expect gullible white goyim in the “wealthy capitalist” west to do so with tearful MSM campaigns showing starving nigger children in famine strapped shit holes wanting YOUR money YOUR help

  20. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Jo Jackson,
    I am not sure where but I seem to remember reading that Rhodes himself was jewish and gay. Do you think it is true, maybe?
    Where and when did Soros come into the equation in Rhodesia? (I am not surprised, though: Soros funded the education of a lot of people who became political leaders after 1989 in Eastern Europe).
    And you are right, the jews could not care less about niggers, in their eyes a nigger is as goyim as the white christian european. Secretly jews all laugh when they force white and black to live “integrated as a happy multicultural family”, telling the white “to learn to accept and accommodate to the nigger’s diferent culture”, while preaching to the nigger that he is “oppressed and should fight for their rights, and violence against racists (meaning whites) is not only acceptable but outright justified”…
    In my eyes the abandoning of Rhodesia, South Africa, and nearly all the former colonies by the white european countries shows clearly the stranglehold the jews had on the white countries back then. All the anti-colonialist colored movements in the last century were led by communists, with jews behind, and the same jew communist parties backstabbed the mother countries, too.
    Jews are pitting blacks and whites against each other, instead of letting them segregate and thus avoiding inter-racial conflicts.
    And I think from the way the world is going, that time is not far when “anti-semitism”, “racism”, “nationalism and patriotism”, or “fascist and nazi views” aka “hate speech” will be considered as mental disorder and will be sanctioned with a one-way ticket to a psychiatric ward. Preferably the treatment supervised by very reliable jewish doctors and professors…

  21. Jo Jackson says:

    Warrior Hun
    I can’t find any evidence anywhere to confirm that Rhodes was or wasn’t a queer. He certainly wasn’t Jewish and he’s rubbished in the UK education system as being an English coloniser and racist. (Gandhi was a racist but that’s never mentioned)
    I’m more inclined to believe the latter. Rhodes was a pioneering Imperialist. He was absorbed and passionately committed to building and enriching his Victorian Empire. The Rothschilds surreptitiously rode on the back of it, after all they sponsored it as they did slavery hiding behind a white facade. These avaricious deviants truly exposed themselves in the Boer War aside from what they did to Tsarist Russia after the 1st world war.
    It puzzles me how Hitler could have even contemplated signing a pact with Stalin’s Red army with all this information he must have known beforehand ?

    Soros had some shady dealings in South Africa during the 80’s. I’m not sure what he did regards Rhodesia but if he’s a friend of Kissenger’s (I think he is) it wouldn’t surprise me if he was involved in the country’s downfall.

  22. Octo says:

    “So, to cut it short, the money, the monetary system is and was in jewish hands. Hitler could not borrow from non-existing Aryan banks. I bet he hated it. Now you know why he did with Germany’s monetary system what he did.” — Magyar

    I think you’re right: it was necessity that led to Hitler throwing the Jew off the German people’s back (for 12 yrs, anyway).

    “Do parents, grandparents tell the jew youth the truth about holocaust? If yes, what a fucking bunch of hypocrites. If no-that is fucking dangerous if they rule the world, isnt it?” — ibid

    I know for a fact, firsthand knowledge, that the vast majority of rank and file Jews believe every Holocaust™ tale fed them. I also know that most rank and file Jews know, more or less, that Judaism is a cross-generational criminal conspiracy.

    “I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones.” — Oscar Wilde

    To the average Jew, you are a new friend; that new immigrant to Izzy (who’s more than likely a snuff film producer, XTC trafficker, etc.), or the unknown Jew next door, he is an old friend.

    Everything in Jewish life is contradiction and cognitive dissonance. The whole point of the talmud was to circumvent the prohibitions of the torah. That’s how they process the holocaust and their own obvious crimes. They lie as much to themselves as they do to us.

  23. American born says:

    Well Warrior.hun,
    Right on, bro.
    I was just curious and my curiosity has been answered. As I said, I meant no offense.
    Its good to see you here and your posts are well written and informative.
    I have a good friend from Romania. He makes wine, the best Ive ever had. He makes moonshine out of prunes that will fuck anyone up. I cant even do a full shot.
    Ive got another buddy from Albania, good guy. The people Ive met from Eastern Europe, a tough bunch. And jew wise.

  24. GTRman says:

    @ American Born : “Pruneshine” ! I like it!

  25. Octo says:

    The only trouble is when you wake up having shit your pants, you don’t know whether it’s due to blotto booze or prune intake.

  26. Bella says:

    Cecil Roads was a C…t.

  27. Bella says:

    N. Korea is a toilet.

  28. Bella says:

    Eastern Euros.seen it been there lived through it.When they blow up the $ system exponentially speaking ..then they come for your gold filled teeth.

  29. Bella says:

    Ghandi besides being a lawyer was a cia plant. The cia was created within the British East India Co. The big hero was also a big time Perv.

  30. Bella says:

    Huh? “lion of Hoodah’ leave the big cat in peace. You cannot own him.

  31. Bella says:

    Herr Heinz is a waste of air. & how old is he really?

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