Desperately Seeking Righteous Wrath

EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW a little something about the famous story in Genesis where God gets totally pissed off, and rains down a maelstrom of fire and brimstone on a couple of perverted ancient towns called Sodom and Gomorrah. Archaeologists have even found the site’s location in the country of Jordan, at the south end of the appropriately named Dead Sea and close to Palestinian land, long illegally occupied by Zionist Israel.

This bronze age wrath of God tale is sometimes important to modern-day Christians with all the smoted sinners business, so naturally, it’s also big-time fav for INCOG MAN. I just love hearing about all the Molech worshipers, homos and all-around-pervs getting blown straight to hell. It also has Hebrews, or proto-Jews — but not the same people plaguing America and the world today (we’ll get to that in a minute).

Of course, all the Homos and Dykes hate the story big time. If you call them a “Sodomite” they might start blubbering away like… well, homos… right there in front of you. Try it sometime. This is because they’re scared a real hell might actually exist (who knows?) and after dying from some horribly disgusting disease like HIV, or the flesh-eating bacteria USA 300, they might find themselves in a burning landscape, getting buggered by some incredibly freaky demon for all eternity. At least that’s what we hope happens — and sometimes even a few of them, apparently (look up “bug chasers”).

But what’s really important here is the part where Abraham (the so-called “patriarch” of  Semitic peoples), tries to talk God out of laying waste to the slime (Jews so love to argue with the Big Man). In fact, this one lesson (expanded below) is the most pertinent to current events and America’s survival, once you stew on it for awhile.

God sends down three angels — the original men in black — to meet with Abraham and his wife Sarah to investigate WTF is going on in those noisy dens of inequity, Sodom and Gomorrah. In a spooky, unearthly deep voice, God speaks through his angels to Abraham and reveals His plan to lay waste to the sinful SOBs. God’s not too keen on so much open air faggotry.

Abraham asks God “will you spare the place if there’s 50 nice people?” God says “Yeah, sure Abe.” Like any modern day Jew, Abraham haggles some more: Then how about 45? Then how about 30? “OK, okay you nervy damn Jew, I’ll let them all walk if you can find me even 10 decent Jews living in those worthless desert burgs” says God. Which, of course, is impossible since God knows Sodom and Gomorrah are filled with Jews and we’re all too aware of what kind of society that must have been like.

I always think about this story every time it comes to discussing what to do about the Jews and blacks. People might say to you “there’s a pretty nice Jew dentist living on my block. He might stare at my teenaged daughter’s butt a little too much, but he seems OK otherwise.” Somehow, this shallow logic excuses people from “hating all the Jews.”

The angels are dispatched to Abraham’s nephew, an old blind man named Lot, to hustle him and his supposedly decent family away from Sodom before God initiates His biblical “shock and awe” campaign from the air.

Making their way through the old time streets of sin (yeah, they did it back then, too), the angels pass prehistoric gay bars, bawdy cat houses, sleepy hashish parlors, raucous wine saloons and maybe a 7-Eleven or two. They also soon found themselves attracting the lustful stares of the local Sodomites hot for a little fresh meat.

Finally, after running back-wards down the streets to keep their butts out of view, the angels make it to Lot’s mud brick, ranch-style home out in the suburbs. Lot’s wife has the door already open and shoos them on through, seeing the city’s pervs “tailing” them. Man, talk about some seriously horny ancient folks!

“Hey Lot, why don’t you let us have a go or two at those sexy strangers?” the scumbags ask. Lot is aghast at his neighbor’s nasty suggestion right in front of pure angels visiting from God! We can assume the Godly angels are male and must have been pretty studly, too.

I remember this one time I was walking in the East Village of Jew York City (I’ll tell the story on why I was at that drug-infested, multicult hell-hole another time). Two Nancy-boys with movie star good looks (or at least day-time soap TV), were walking ahead of me on the sidewalk cutely holding hands, when this other homo sitting on a brownstone stoop nearby, shouted in a high-pitched girly-man voice to the two: “Oh Jo-Jo (or something like that), it’s so good you found a nice guy at last!”

I’ve heard some women say handsome men are too often gay, but most homos are not in the least attractive, just look at shots out of gay events and you’ll see a ton of seriously butt-ugly people (doing all kinds of sick things, too). Urban “metrosexuals” might call them “fuggly” (which I think means funky + ugly = good enough for tonight).

Anyway, Lot’s angelic beings must have looked pretty good. Bible story artists always paint them as Aryan-looking, with blue eyes and finely-chiseled features straight out of Hitler’s Third Reich. Boy, they sure had the local Sodomites all kind of twittered-up and ready for some gayboy action! It’s true: Jews have always been totally queer for White people.

Lot is scared his horny neighbors are going to riot, so he comes out and shouts: “You can ‘know’ my two babealicious daughters instead! Just leave the studly strangers alone.” Big heads down through history have kindly explained to us the biblical phrase “to know” means sex, but any old buck can figure that one out.

This tells us: 1) Lot “lives by the book” protecting strangers hiding out in his abode from tax collectors, feds or divorced spouses. 2) Lot was scared of God’s soon expected wrath or 3) he didn’t give a damn about his daughters, maybe because they were at that big pain in the ass stage, or were truly ugly as sin (like me right? LOL, I knew you were going to say that).

Supposedly, the two daughters were still virgins, but even as a kid way back in bible school I suspected that had to be a load of BS, especially in that kind of place.

So anyway, the angels and family are hiding inside Lot’s Holyland home (or is it Hornyland?) as the boisterous scum surrounds the place. I like the scene in the movie where they have Egyptian eyeballs painted on the palms of the hands and are waving them around in the air. Must have been like voodoo nut jobs facing off Christian tongue talkers at a Las Vegas porn convention.

Then the angels say “we gotta get out of this place” and came out the door swinging. Well, not exactly swinging, but they did pull some serious hocus-pocus and made the perverts suddenly go blind. The angels then led Lot and his family out of town, carefully keeping themselves out of arm’s reach from all the blinking Sodomites, now stumbling around the place, bumping into and blindly groping one another.

The angels warn the family not to look back as they flee the city. Like in the movies, someone had to buy it in the end and this time it was Lot’s wife. Women can sometimes let curiosity get the better of them, but I think most people would have a hard time resisting watching all those sick faggots getting baked by God’s awesome wrath. Hell, I’d be tempted too.

Instantaneously, she’s turned into a pillar of Morton’s salt. The only good thing was the place it happened — it only rains there like once in a billion years, so you can still see her overlooking the Dead sea today, flipping the bird at what’s left of Sodom and Gomorrah. Which isn’t much, let me tell you.

The angels elevate on back to heaven, or the men in black return to the interstellar mother ship (should you take that line of reasoning), leaving the old blind Lot, weirdly widowed and with two teen-aged babes in tow. They hide out in a cave thinking the entire world has ended and everyone is now dead.

The cave has a nice stash of wine in clay vessels for some reason, and here the story goes real Jewy. Since the girls believe they are the only humans left on the planet, after all the fire and brimstone from the skies; together they decide they had better get on the stick (crude pun intended) and restart the human race. Problem is, they only have their blind old father who has a bit of a reputation for being too decent.

So they resort to doing a little old style date rape by getting the geezer drunk on his ass and taking advantage of him. Funny how a story about destruction of a city because of immorality ends-up with drunken incest in some dirty little cave (Lilith’s?). Curious.

Ever wonder why depravity is “cool” and being decent and upstanding is now considered dorky? How did all this get started in America? Come on, you know what I’m talking about. Used to be just wearing leather jackets and skipping classes made you the tough guy iconoclast, but nowadays it takes a whole lot more. Stay with me here as we get to the bottom of it.

Khazar Jewry: Sodomizing America

Many Ashkenazi Khazar Jews are major league homos and far, far too many of them have been hard at work forcing this country to accept the sleaze. It’s just like Jewish involvement in pushing immigration of non-Whites into our countries, these people don’t give a damn what the rest of us think of that, either.

Now these ancient inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah may or may not have been Hebrews — doesn’t matter. At this time and place, it was a hodge-podge of dirty little desert tribes, killing, robbing and raping each other and claiming such and such deity gave them special rights. The Palestine/Levant area (now called Israel) was a filthy bloody mess long before written history. It’s still going strong today. Pretty effin’ crazy for a place little more than a desert without any gold, silver or oil.

The majority of Hebrews were defeated and enslaved by the Chaldean empire, disappearing from history (the lost tribes bit). The Judeans (who stayed out of the fight because they hated the rest), the Levite priesthood and the small tribe of Benjamin survived and merged more or less with other non-Israelite groups in the region, like the Canaanites and Moabites.

A man named Jesus was born in the northern area of the Galilee and during his short presence on earth garnered many followers. The man totally rejected the religious control mechanisms of the elite Pharisees and Sadducee’s — this bunch couldn’t stand His street cred so they had the Romans nail Him to the cross and then tried to snuff out His followers over the coming decades; apparently, the effort still continues to this day.

Now, after a lot of upheavals and civil wars, the Pharisee’s control mechanisms made its way to Babylon, Persia and Alexandria, Egypt. Eventually, they found a new home in a race of Turkish/Hunnish people living in southern Russia, up around the Caspian sea area. These people called themselves KHAZARS* and had a very large warlike kingdom lasting several hundred years.

Funny, you never hear a peep about the Khazar’s kingdom in the media, like the History Channel, for some reason. It was big and had a lot to do with keeping Islam out of the West (if it wasn’t for the Jew angle, you’d hear tons about it).

Eventually, the Khazars were conquered by the Rus (where the name Russia came from) and dispersed. Some stayed in the vicinity, some moved into Eastern Europe. They became a mixed-up, dark Asiatic-looking race, interbreeding here and there with Slavs and others, including some who actually did have some Semitic (people of the mideast) DNA. The Khazars were never a Semitic race, nor people from the Old Testament bible.

But most importantly, the Christ-hating, religious control mechanism survived, constantly tweaked and changed over the centuries to come down to us as “TALMUDIC JUDAISM.”

This Khazar Jew racial group comprises almost all of the people who call themselves Jews today (the Ashkenazim). They’ve used racial nepotism, political manipulation and financial trickery, to embed themselves in serious power within White nations. They’ve also been busy over the last hundred years or so, using our White nations to re-establish their fantasy empire in the middle east and a whole lot more.

Now, the Zionist Jews hate the history of the Khazars with a passion (and will lie to the Goyim), because it seriously calls into question them taking over Palestine. And they’ve blatantly used the now sacrosanct holocaust myth to excuse themselves for stealing the land and killing off Palestinians (many of whom are Christian, too).

The fact that decent Americans still supports Israel, with all the anti-Christian and anti-White behavior Jewry does back here in our countries, infuriates those of us still left with any kind of brain and sense of fairness.

And these people have gotten us non-Jews to kill each other, big-time. Over the last hundred years we’ve been manipulated into two major world wars, along with a lot of little wars, making the International Jew banking class rich as hell. They love making shekels and dead Goyim. Since 9/11, the American Goyim’s hate has obviously been directed at Muslims, to help with Israel’s security, empire building and something even bigger.

The International Banking Jews are now in the process of bringing America to her knees, so they can turn our country into a mere cog in the NWO (long a Jewish ambition) and her middle class into Chinese-style worker drones. What do you think all the Islamaphobia and Patriot Act business is really about? Just look at the big picture, for crying out loud.

Khazar Jewry: The Cancer Killing America

We allowed these Khazar Jew rats to immigrate into the USA and ever since then it’s been one problem after another — from labor and racial frictions, to homo rights, radical feminism, race-mixing, whore-mongering, extreme media violence and pornography; while at the same time attacking the White race, Christianity and promoting the immigration of non-Whites into our countries. Whatever these astoundingly hypocritical NATION WRECKERS can get away with and still make boatloads of money is A-OK with this lousy bunch!

In the early years of the 20th Century, Khazar Jewry immediately seized upon the brainwashing potential of mass media to cloak themselves and their long-running desire toward worldwide control (the NWO). Most people have blindly accepted whatever they are told by the TV box, while Jewry of all sorts attacked the least normalcy and White institutions in the mainstream and education; while also preventing any open discussion about anything at all to do with them (the Nazi crap).

Little Jewry continues to sleaze up our countries further and further. With their control of the brainwashing apparatus, they’ve let loose the inner Jew; rapidly increasing sick stuff in Hollywood movies, TV and the huge, totally vile XXX porno industry. Hitler once said if you scratched a social scab deep enough, you’ll see a lousy Jew blinking like a bug in the light.

Jewry is really like a racial Mob family on steroids — just imagine the Corleone family from the movie “The Godfather,” but comprising millions of fellow Italians embedded in power while also having most of the judges and newspapermen in their pockets. Hell, to each other, they even call themselves “Mishpucka” which means “The Family.” They never ever want the Goyim hear the word and were shocked when Hillary Clinton laughingly said it during a C-SPAN Roast of former WH chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel (the videos have been pulled, probably on the orders of Jews).

Look, I’m not talking about being some kind of mean old preacher man who doesn’t know how to have a little fun, either. Lord knows I’ve had my fair share, just like a lot of people reading this now. But it’s gone way, way past the normal kinds of stuff people always do in life. As a country, we’re plunging straight down into the range of some insanely sick crap, let me tell you.

All of our morals have been compromised by this Jew Criminal Network to some degree. We just don’t know it, or most likely too unwilling to look that deeply within ourselves.

Go ahead, yuk it up about the crazy man on the Internet saying all this. But next time you hear about some little kid in your town, raped and murdered, his naked body thrown into a ditch by some homo pedophile; or your sweet teen-aged niece gets hooked on crack and starts doing the brothers in the hood for “Judenfetzen” (Jew-confetti — worthless paper money); maybe by then you might do some long overdue genuflecting.

Do you think some regular guy like me would bother writing all this and doing the photoshop work if I didn’t sincerely believe I had to get your attention? I don’t think so. And I’m certainly not the only one saying all this stuff, either, not by a long shot. Look around, people are waking up to the Jew all over.

The Jew’s whole gig has been taking us lower and lower into the gutter, as he smugly smiles and rakes in his shekels. It will never, ever end because of profits alone, to say nothing of the Jew’s inner pleasure corrupting us and destroying Christianity — which the Jew has made no bones about wanting to do for like friggin’ two thousand years.

So, it comes down to the very same question Abraham asked God: How many of these bastards are decent enough so we don’t have to smote the whole lousy bunch? Or should we wait patiently to let God rain down fire from the skies and take our chances?

How many of them have to be decent? Let’s look at the numbers: Around 80% of them voted for Obama, so we know most of them are leftys and commies, almost certainly pro-Gay and for immigration of non-Whites into our countries. We also think a smaller percentage proclaim themselves “conservative” (or Neocons), for “pro-family values” and believe in God (yet still for ISRAEL FIRST, while openly hating Muslims to the extreme).

For that matter, both groups are usually über-Zionist, insanely pro-Israel and don’t see a problem stealing, spying or killing anyone who stands in the way of sacred Israel, or even Jewry over-all (I’d be dead by now if they had Police State control like they once did in the Soviet Union).

Sure, there’s some Jews who do see the hypocrisy and speak out about the evils of their brethren. They all can’t work off the same page (Whites have been purposefully divided up to prevent the possibility). Unfortunately, these few righteous Jews are never listened to and castigated vehemently by the rest as “self-haters.”

You know that saying the grunts on the front lines have? “Blow ’em all to hell and let God sort them out?” It’s also possible that God may decide to rain down fire and brimstone on all of us, and not bother to sort us out till later.

For those of you not so religious, just think of what happened to Rome once the people became soft sleaze bags and let in all kinds of foreigners into their lands. With good reason, people have often said Jewry was the cause of that empire crumbling into dust, too.

Folks, I am not kidding here. If we don’t find a way to stop these people and soon, they’ll be the death of us all yet.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Look, you don’t have to take my word for all this KHAZAR history, all you have to do is a little bit of reading yourself (just read some from the links below). The Jews do everything they can to blow it all off, calling you crazy, conspiracy theorist, hater, homophobe, Nazi, anti-Semite. etc., etc. That’s the big Jew head game to scare you into keeping your big mouth shut!

The Wandering Who? Book written by a Jewish professor and reviewed by Jew. The Jewish Enigma, good rundown on Jewish DNA studies, genetics and a lot more. The Jews of Khazaria by Jew Kevin Alan Brook. The 13th Tribe by Jew Arthur Koestler (book is so good Jews work to have it removed from libraries). The Jewish Encyclopedia talks about it here. My blog post on the Khazar business: The Most Monstrous MEME in all History

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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163 Responses to Desperately Seeking Righteous Wrath

  1. Lynda says:

    Good idea Warrior.hun. The Jews are a race. Their authoritative sources say they are a race. Individual Jews identify as Jews – observant Jews, reformed Jews, Israelis, aetheistic Jews, Judeo-Christian Jews, Taoist Jews, GLBT Jews. Jews Jews everywhere and they are Jews who just happen to be American, German, Mexican or whatever. This stuff will do your head in if your try to think about it – so make it simple. Call them Jews. Call jew behaviour – jew behaviour and jew-talk – jewtalk.

    They think, act, talk and network like a ethnically or racially homogenous unit. Together, no matter what side or group they are in – their priority is to advance their Jewish thing.

    Two weeks ago, I had to attend an international conference for my profession. Many nations were represented from Australia, NZ, French South Pacific, Polynesia, Japan, India and Indonesia. Papers on original research had been selected for presentation by the various national bodies of the profession.. It was quite an honour to present your work as a representative of your nation to your colleagues.

    At the conference – of the five keynote speakers – 3 were Jewish. Without exception all three at some point brought their Jewish identity into their work and stated how their identity shaped their thinking and their practice. They acknowledged that upfront as Jews. I respect them for that. They used statements like: I am Jewish and being Jewish I can identify with….; or being Jewish has shaped my practice like…..

    In other words – they might have been at that conference representing NZ or a French Polynesian nation like New Caledonia or whatever. But they are Jews who just happen to be French or Australian, etc. And they made this position clear.

    Now the conference theme itself was attempting to forge a multi-cultural identity for the profession; was trying to get the profession to think beyond national identity as part of the NWO mould that is being foisted upon everyone. So reading the conference theme, the Gentile would have accepted that it would not be a good idea – if say a Gentile Kiwi or Indian got up during their presentation and stamped their work with their national identity.

    The Jews however, all got a pass on this. One rule for the Gentiles who must lose their national identity for the greater good of forging a profession that is international in outlook, practice and protocols. Another rule for the Jews who practice as Jews and bring their Jewish identity to their practice and thinking.

    So I thought to myself. All right, let’s just see how I go. So when I presented I scrapped the presentation that had been accepted and anchored my work in my Australian identity. I commended the Indian and Japanese delegates, esp, for their work that reflected great strengths in their national identity. And then I presented from my own national and racial perspective.

    Well. That was not o.k. That was racist. The Jews were the first to point this out. I had the floor. So I turned it around on them and again – commended them for bringing their racial identity to their work. Oh no. They hadn’t done that. Now they were presenting according to the conference theme. etc. In order to reprimand me, they denied what they had just done in front of hundreds of witnesses.

    You alienate people, esp the non clued up if you become accusatory and argumentative. So I told them one of the things I most valued about their presentation was its ethnic identity. Were they spewing. And I could see heads nodding. Yes, that was exactly what the Jews had done – they had presented from a Jewish perspective and good people were appreciating them.

    They didn’t like that. Now they were hewing to the conference theme party line. They were there to help move us forward into multiculturalism. Ha Ha.

    But across the room, I could see the penny drop with the French esp. They got it.

    One rule for Jews and another for us. That is all that need be said. Our national executive was hopping mad. As as soon as I was finished they made a bee line for me. They said I just impulsively scrapped my accepted presentation on a spur of the moment decision. And blah. blah. I said. No. it was a considered decision on the spur of the moment once I saw how the keynotes were interpreting the conference theme.

    They made it clear to me that I did not have the authority to do that. The Jews could be Jews; but we all had to blend. As I spoke to the group I decided to ask – and how many of you are Jewish? They looked at each other. One said it was none of my business, this was anti-semitic, racist No Jews here. Nobody here but us goyim. But I said – I know which of you are Jews. Don’t think you are going to get a pass on this double standard as the profession becomes ethno-political both nationally and internationally. I left it at that.

    This will not be the end of the matter.

  2. Octo says:

    This was a fascinating essay.

    Something Christians here will find interesting:

    “The Sanhedrin went further than the Jewish notables in the completeness and ardour of its dec1arations; (incidentally, it began by recording thanks to the Christian churches for the protection enjoyed in the past, and this tribute is worth comparing with the usual Zionist version of history in the Christian era, which suggests that it was all a long ordeal of “Jewish persecution” at Christian hands).

    “All these questions turned on the discriminatory racial and religious laws which the Levites (as earlier chapters showed) had heaped upon the moral commandments, thus cancelling them.”

    Translation: The purpose of the Talmud was to circumvent the prohibitions of the Torah.

  3. Octo says:


    In Trifles for a Massacre, Céline chides us for revolutionary pretensions while in reality “being afraid to even risk our jobs.”

    Once again, it takes a woman to show us how to be men. I don’t know what they put in the water over in Queensland, but I want and need some.

    You have my respect.

  4. Jen says:

    Lynda, excellent job!


  5. Marshall says:

    One form of “truth” for the Goyim, and another form recognized within organized Jewry.

    If you guys would ever watch “The House of Rothschild” movie from the 30’s or so, you would see them behaving the way they actually do. They still do to this very day. It’s the way they operated in that time, and how they operate now. It’s old, but they still operate the same way…

    Become WISE, ok?


  6. GTRman says:

    Julian Lee – “Show me a son who fought with his father, and I’ll show you a son who has his father’s values upon maturing.”

    Damn that’s me! Ive often thought about this , me and my dad were oil and water, I used to dream of the day I was big enough to knock him out! Never happened, he mellowed, I grew up a bit, and realised that he basically lived every day of his life for other people. First the wife, then the kids, then my mother got kidney failure not long after having a brain anyeurism, so he carried on doing his job, and all of hers, then his own parents as they got older and died, then some of his kids as they have problems in adult life….he’s a better man than me, I can see that.

    Thanks, Julian , for that sentence, it triggered a lot of thinking for me.

    Im turning into him every day. Even the handwriting is similar. My 17 yr old self would hate to read this !

  7. Marshall says:


    If you live by the Ten Commandments, have you any fear of life or death?

    Jewish lawyers make their living by messing around with these laws. Yet, they do not walk in that original Covenant, and never have. Talmudic “law” is just what Jesus Christ said it was 2000 years ago.

    “Ye make your own law unto yourselves, that renders the law of God of no effect.”

    Well, maybe I didn’t get Christ’s wording completely correctly, but the point is clear…


    Well, I haven’t seen any Jewish people I would consider to be in any way “emissaries” of GOD, because they seem to be the purveyors of the most base levels of human nature a person could possibly see in a lifetime.

    So, my “paradigm” remains the same. Follow Christ to Eternal Life, or follow Jews to Hell.

    Take your pick, it’s up to you.


  8. Octo says:

    All I was saying is that the mud was devised to dodge things like “Thou shalt not kill [a man outside the tribe]” in the torah, the OT. It’s all jewy subversion to me, bud. When Jesus said “Let that adulteress go” he was subverting the law; setting a dangerous precedent — putting us on a slippery slope — that’s led us to where we are now. The boss doesn’t like us to argue about religion, that’s just the way I see it; not trying to start fireworks.

    Here’s something true and clever:

    In the matter of racial comparisons
    The media shouts to the moon
    About all the historic achievements
    of the Redskin, Spic and the Coon

    Yet strangely when strolling museums
    The white mans creations stand thick
    but all we can find of those others
    is a blanket, a bowl and a stick

    No telephones, timeclocks or engines,
    No lights that go on with a flick.
    No airplanes or rockets or radios
    Just a blanket, a bowl and a stick

    Not one sioux indian submarine,
    No african ice cream to lick,
    not a single mexican x ray machine,
    it’s a blanket, a bowl and a stick

    So remember when history’s the subject,
    and revisionists are up to their tricks,
    the evidence tells quite another tale
    of a blanket, a bowl and a stick

    A poem by A.Wyatt Mann (Wyatt Kaldenberg)

  9. Octo says:


    When Jesus said “Let that adulteress go” he was subverting A VERY GOOD AND NECESSARY law; setting a dangerous precedent — putting us on a slippery slope — that’s led us to where we are now.

  10. Biker says:

    so, if they would have stoned her to death…. everything today would be peachy keen?

  11. Lynda says:

    Please realize that the books of the O.T. – Tanakim: the law and the prophets were written within and belong to a Covenant. That overarching Covenant was the Patriarchal, the Noachic (not the Talmudic Noachide laws mandated for the goyim), the Abrahamic, the Mosaic and Davidic covenants. The observation of these covenants forms an earthly pattern of spiritual realities that was Israel and is the Israel of the New Covenant – the Church.

    The Covenant was never intended to be read individually as a book or observed, lived as mere letter of law. The prophets of Israel were the living Torah of interpretation, guidance and prophetic discourse on the books of the Law and the Prophets.

    Just as the Prophets were the Torah of Israel, the magisterium of the Church in the Apostolic Succession is the Torah of the Israel of the New Covenant.

    The Prophets of Israel interpreted the Mosaic law (the Chair of Moses) within the Covenant – even calling kings, judges to account. The Apostolic Succession of the Church and the doctrines of the Fathers, doctors and saints interprets the New Covenant.

    In the Gospel account of Jesus and the woman taken in adultery, the woman is repentant. The humour in the story is being missed. It is not possible to have just a woman taken in adultery. The woman ‘taken in adultery, in the very act’ was the party to the adultery who was apprehended. And under the Mosaic Law her sentence was death. In the Gospel story, the woman was indeed very repentant. We know nothing of her husband’s or wife of her lover’s feelings.

    The Elders were going to carry out the sentence. But in the face of her repentence they had not judged with the mind of the prophets of Israel – say Isias or Hosea. They had judged on the letter. When appeal was made to Jesus on the matter, he brought the prophetic spirit and insight of the Covenant to bear on the matter. When he knelt down and wrote in the dust, he was writing down the sins of the woman’s accusers and the name of the man.

    The import of this story is not that adultery is right. The context of the story is that adultery is a crime punishable by death. But the Christian dimension brings the weighty matters of judgement and mercy to bear on the crime.

    In a society that routinely destroys the lives of men and women by ignoring the reality of adultery as a crime, this story is completely inexplicable.

    You have to have law before you can have mercy and judgement.

  12. Lynda says:

    I am really chuffed that you think so well of my comment, Incogman @ Nov 18, 7:48 pm. Feel free to use it for your great blogspot in any way you like.

  13. Octo says:

    “so, if they would have stoned her to death…. everything today would be peachy keen?”

    — Biker

    The secret of Islam’s ascendancy is that their women are not allowed, under any circumstances, to destroy their families.

    The secret of European Christianity’s decline is that our women are allowed, under any circumstances, to destroy our families.

    The Jews have also swallowed quite a bit of their own ‘you go, girl’ poison, but their tribal identity remains solid, even though Jews have divorce rates as high, or higher, than Christians. The in-group of the Jewish nuclear family has been compromised, but the outer-in-group of Judaism remains. There’s also strong tribal identities with many muslim subgroups: Turks, Albanians, Bosniaks e.g.. That’s all history for Christians, it’s all gone, and there’s never been a time when Whites have needed it more.

  14. foley says:

    Lynda, it sounds like you forgot your place. You were supposed to just sit there in dumb struck awe.

    We need a couple million more like you.

  15. foley says:

    The thing Jesus wanted us to do is drive the moneychangers from the temple. He even showed us how. We haven’t done it and that’s why things are f”ed up.

  16. Octo says:

    “In a society that routinely destroys the lives of men and women by ignoring the reality of adultery as a crime, this story is completely inexplicable.

    You have to have law before you can have mercy and judgement.”

    — Lynda


  17. GTRman says:

    The king of ‘deadpan’ – Hoff : “l told him he should go to Auschwitz and do a dig out on the jews.”

    Louis from montreal : “George Galloway is not your friend. ”

    Its clear why they let Galloway have his “glorious moment” in the senate, and why he has a show on Talksport in UK , which panders to the blue-collar, white-van ‘ordinary geezer ‘ . Its based on the American format, and most presenters have names like Adrian Goldberg, Andy Goldstein, Mike Jacobs….yeah, typical English working-class names…

    Obviously Galloway is the fake Hegellian synthesis here , he’ll say some ‘strong’ stuff about Palestine, but not much else.

  18. Hoff says:

    Hegellian – l don’t get it. Can someone pls explain what Hegellian is? Of course it’s jew bullshit, but what?

  19. Octo says:

    Hegelian Dialectic = Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

    Problem, Reaction, Solution

    Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis; Problem, Reaction, Solution; Jews set up, Jews knock down, Jews reap benefits: the same formula for how the Jews move their agenda forward expressed differently.

  20. Hoff says:

    l read about “hegelian dialect” a million times and Octo explains it in a oneliner.

    Problem, Reaction, Solution

    Problem = Jews stir up jewshit.

    Reaction = Non-jews react accordlingly, in essence tells other non-jews: lt’s the Jew!!!

    Solution: The jew pit stupid non-jews against the Jew-Wise non-jews.

    “hegelian dialect” is just another jew-run false flag op like CFR, Bliderberger, lt’s the MOOOOSLIMS ….

    “hegelian dialect” is jew bullshit all over again, just another name for the same jew BS. Make it look complicated as hell – in order to HIDE – what the jews are up to. “hegelian dialect”is just the same as Marxism, a stockpile of jew bullshit. There is nothing complicated about “hegelian dialect”, it’s jew bullshit.

  21. Octo says:

    “Make it look complicated as hell – in order to HIDE – what the jews are up to.” — Hoff

    Banking, Politics, World Peace, Mideast Peace, terrorism, 9/11: these are just the outstanding examples of things that rule our lives that are much simpler than the Jewish ‘experts’ would have us believe.

    “Oversimplification” is a word you hear Jews and shabbos goyim use in government, academia and business a lot.

    UNDERsimplification is MUCH MORE COMMON. There is nothing complicated about the Jewish debt slavery money system, false flag terror, browning out of European folk nations and many other examples.

  22. Eric says:

    “They made it clear to me that I did not have the authority to do that. The Jews could be Jews; but we all had to blend. ”


    “As I spoke to the group I decided to ask – and how many of you are Jewish? They looked at each other. One said it was none of my business, this was anti-semitic, racist No Jews here. Nobody here but us goyim. But I said – I know which of you are Jews. Don’t think you are going to get a pass on this double standard as the profession becomes ethno-political both nationally and internationally. I left it at that.”

    Bravo! Bless you for standing up to these Jewish supremacists! Believe me, I would have done the same! Knowing what I know ever since my awakening to matters regarding Jews, their favorite pets (blacks), etc. circa 12 years ago, I have NO tolerance for hypocrisy and double standards–ESPECIALLY when it’s coming from those pushy, uber-arrogant, very officious and domineering kiken-vermin!



  23. Hoff says:

    MANDATORY Rothschild video!!!

    The.House.of.Rothschild – the movie. Start watching at One hour and eight minute, o1:o8:oo And watch the small notes Rothschild gets all the time. Look careful at o1:22:22, here you will see how Rothschild gets the notes – by pigeons.

    Six years ago l bought a Nokia 9300. Just do a image search. l was like a child with a new toy, l had to show it to everyone. The size is just like a little bigger old cell phone – nut it got a lid. And when you open the lid you get a fullzise keyboard and a screen.

    – l got internet in it! l told people. They all looked at me with disbelif. – lt got internet? – -Yeah! Look. lt’s Google. l said and show them. – Just do a search for a page you know. Well, it took me three months before l understud what it was, the smallest laptop in the world. CLUNG! The coin went thru the slot machinery.

    At that moment a young boy was passing. l called him and asked if he wanted to see something? – Yes l do he said. l showed him the Nokia and said: – it’s the world smallest laptop. He just stunned and said: – Yes it is!

    What l had done was l had boiled down the whole Q to a oneliner A. After this lo didn’t have to think about what it is, now l could explain what it was in a oneliner and all people who knows the least thing about computers gets it instantly.

    Six years ago l Hoff had internet in my breast pocket 24-7. Wherever l was l had internet. lt was 2G, slooooooow and expensive, but it worked and l got it before most people even understud that there was an internet – and l had it in my pocket. Most people could simply not understand. Today six years later most all people have wireless internet via the cell phone network.

    Well, just a week after l got it that the Nokia was a laptop there was this chopper in the air hoovering. lt turned out that you could have a ride for like 30 dollars. l gotta do that. As l waited in the line the chopper broke down and it took an hour to fix it.

    – Why don’t l post a comment from the chopper? l wrote a message and when we were 100 meters up in the air l posted a comment on internet that l posted this from a chopper in the air. l updated the page just to make sure it was posted.

    Actually l Hoff might be one of the first, if not the first man in the entire world who made a comment on internet from an airborn chopper. My post was widely discused at that forum and a week later a well known nick posted a comment in the forum from an airliner half across the Atlantic on the way to Jew York city.

    This is wireless internet. Do you get it? What Rothschild had 200 years ago was the first wireless internet in the world – a not and a pigeon. A pigeon was at the time the superior fastest way to send a message, make a comment. Only Rothschild had “internet” 200 years ago. Well, that is not the whole truth because Rothschild played both sides, and the jews don’t tell you this in the movie.

    ln the movie it appers as Rothschild is gambling the whole fortune by doing the opposite to what everyone else was doing. Everybody was sellin – except Rothschild that was buying everything. lf he lost he would go bancrupt. Total jew propaganda BS. This is what really happn’d:

    Rothschild was the richest bancer in the world, no non-jew bancer was even close. What Rothschild said to the french was: l’ll give you gold if you promise to make England pay what they owe me so far. Hence if the frrench won Rothschild would get his gold back wit interest from the french AND all the gold Rothschild had given to the english so far – plus interest of course.

    Then Rothschild gave the english the same deal. Sum up, if Napoleon had won Rothschild would have got all his gold back. lf Wellington had won Rothschild would have got all his gold back. The truth is that it was a Win-Win deal to Rothschild.

    Listen good at o1:o9 and 40 sec. Here the jew tells us what the jews REALLY wants, equal rights. Equal is jew code word for- The Jews Can TakeOver and be above all non-jews. This is why Napoleon as the first in the entire history of man promised the jews equal rights, because the jew Rothschild demandet it to give him gold. And England followed suit.

    A half century Rothschild pulled the same jew scam on Russias king. Rothschild told the russian tsar he could have the gold – lF he gave the jews equal rights and allowed free immigrations right to all the jews to immigrate and settle anywhere they wanted in Russia. The russian king said no and that was when Rothschild started to pit the communist-jews agains the russian tsar in the 1850s. Then the jews killed the russian king, the tsar in 1881 and Rothschild tried to establishe a jew run centralbanc. Rothschild failed. Then Rothschild tried again in 19o5. Rothschild failed again but made it in 1917. The jew MO all over again. Do you get it?

    Start at o1:o8:oo – h:m:sec

  24. Hoff says:

    “Rothschild has been at the centre of the world’s financial markets for over 200 years.”

    From Rothschild About Us page.


    Our long history has depended time and again on being ahead of the game. Faster communications, better market information, new approaches and new solutions: these are what have given us flexibility, advantage and edge across changing times and circumstances.

    The dramatic success of the five founding Rothschild brothers lay in their closely synchronised business. Having set up banking operations in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples they bound themselves by contract to clear, defined objectives and set about creating the fastest and safest courier network in Europe by which they exchanged encoded market information on a daily basis. It proved to be a winning formula which soon positioned them as the best informed and most internationally effective banking group in the world.

    Couriers, pigeon post, the telegraph, the telephone and e-mail: as each new medium of communication came along it was quickly embraced by the Rothschilds to maintain their advantage.

    Today the belief in concerted action and shared direction, bringing together offices and companies across the globe, remains at the heart of the Rothschild approach.

    Two years ago the About Us page said that Rothschild is the worlds biggest private owned bank. That is now deleted.

  25. GTRman says:

    How the Rothschild Banksters Destroyed the United States

    Satanic Psychopaths will be Satanic Psychopaths. It isn’t about greed as much as it is about power. The United States has been under the Rothschild’s thumb since its inception. The Bank of England took a minority interest in the first two “Banks of the United States”. After a brief battle with Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, they destroyed any hope of a free currency and established the Federal Reserve Bank and began to charge us for the privilege of using their worthless paper as our National currency.

    Woodrow Wilson probably felt a twinge of remorse and ended up being “incapacitated” for the remainder of his term while his wife took over his duties as President. Who knows if he planned on turning over a new leaf. Enemies of “The Crown” often end up dead or incapacitated.

    Then the Satanic Psychopaths wiped out the competition and rebuilt the Federal Reserve under Mormon Illuminatis Extraordinaire, Marriner Eccles. Eccles stole America’s gold and forced citizens to exchange their bullion for Federal Reserve Notes. He then helped organize the World Bank to enslave every other country in the world to the Rothschilds, “The Crown”, and the “Bank of England”. The sun never sets on the Satanic Psychopathic Empire.

  26. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Incogman and all,
    Here is for you Hegelian dialect on PC and multikulti.
    Hegelian dialect means thesis and anti-thesis, and their conflic results in synthesys.
    Thesis: they tell white people to be PC and multikulti, to build a happy multicultural family.
    Anti-thesis: they tell the colored people to fight their racist white oppressors.
    Now, the synthesis cannot be a happy PC multicultural world now, can it? (The thesis cannot be the same as the synthesis in Hegelian dialectics, sorry).
    Only a race war when white people are not defending themselves and are set up for rape and plunder, perhaps?

  27. Octo says:

    “Woodrow Wilson probably felt a twinge of remorse and ended up being “incapacitated” for the remainder of his term while his wife took over his duties as President.”

    — GTRman

    On his death bed he purportedly said, “I ruined the country.”

  28. Dear Incog man would it not be better to call= Homies not Fags or Fagotts but what they are=They are SHIT STABBERS,now that may be a little crude to say that in front of your wife, mother, grandmother or small children or polite company so you say the word BOTTOMOLOGIST,so much better.Yes Homies are SHITSTABBERS, BOTTOMOLOGIST, now have you all got that,those without a sence of humour, go to Hell and stay there.

  29. Thanio says:

    Lies come in all shapes and sizes you have to be watchful let me explain something to you
    The father Loves his children even those that are diluted he loves them you have to understand the babies where created with free will the father loves his babies his babies had to learn what happens when they have to share a world with the wicked what you should have learned is Not that the wicked are so powerful that they take over you should have learned that the wicked cheat still and kill and use fear to maintain a false since of power and when it seems like they are going to be exposed they start polluting the babies with demons, with that in mind you have to understand that the father knows the hearts of those confused and operating in a diluted state vs those trying to destroy Love ( note I said trying it is impossible to destroy love it took them centuries to cause the chaos of today and it will all fall in count them ONE DAY !)

    I said all of that to say this being true to the father has nothing to do with race at all
    that is a lie created by the devil to keep you in sin so that in these days his little demons could pollute you, to understand this better think clearly why is it made perfectly clear to certain races the short comings of another race of people? for example many people see Jewish people and hate them, many people see black people and hate them, many people see white people and hate them now ask your self if you are a white person that hates black people how easy would it be for you to listen to faithful and true if he was black?

    you have to let go of race and realize the father dose not have a race he loves all that love him

    now it is natural to be protective of your tribe especially men being protective over the women in their tribe thats natural but it is not natural to hate people that date or marry outside of their tribe the father is not this strict ” walk straight up, down left right spirit No he did not give us eternal Life to be walking around look straight walk straight up down left right NO


    there is freedom in love the key is Love dose not hurt love Love teaches love, love helps love evolve

    so yes these homosexuals promoting destruction to the masses will burn in a fire created to torment spirits for ever this is a fire man has not experienced and trust you dont want to fry an egg over this fire trust , however their are people out their that are victims of abuse, witchcraft, media influence and lies these people are not walking around with a please strike me down father bullz eye on their spirits NO

    they are walking around with a Who is my father I know about God but I dont understand him because Im diluted sign on their spirits and they will be fine they just need to understand true Love you can not walk around assuming things and passing judgment if you are not equipped by The Father to properly make a judgement those that The Father grants the ability to judge are giving great power to properly do so
    and it is not easily earned they toil all their lifes and earn it, it is not a game it is not something to be loosely used it is serious because The father Loves His babies and even his servant can get slapped back in place if they get out of line with his babies!!!!!!!

    when your running around calling someone a FAGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that person could have been molested all thier life abused and introduced to drugs they could have spent all their lifes in pain and here you are calling my fathers diluted baby a fagot that sound like someone that deserves to burn as well!!!!!!!!!!!! because what you cant see
    a spirit created to do certain task like pass judgement can see and what he can see is

    the difference between a person confused and in pain and a person that hates My Father and hates his babies and wants to pollute them waiting and preying on them

    so before you go passing judgement remember what THE CHRIST SAID


    learn honor and respect for the spirits created to do these things remember it is not you place to judge but to recognize a problem and expose it is righteous

    see now your asking your self how can one recognize a problem with out judging

    well see now you understand why it is not your place to judge because I would have to right another two pages to break that down completely but in short I will say this

    in the beginning there is the end in the end there is the beginning adamn and eve learned the knowledge of Good and evil from who NOOOOO not the father but

    thats right The little Lier

    so what is the knowledge of Good and evil

    this is judgement because remember there is only people on this earth and the rest is stuff we do so evil is only done by who by spirits so in order to recognize good and evil you have to do what look at what a spirit is doing so how can you look at what spirit is doing if you dont know how to look at a spirit if your eyes only see flesh how can you know whats going on past there physical appearance.

    so The christ mad e it very simple for you by saying ” let he with out sin cast the first stone”

    when you running around looking at other people to point the finger at you are disturbing the balance how about you focus on being righteous your self and leave judgemnt to the spritits created to do this

    why is that easier because now the wicked cant confuse the passion you have for loving the father with hatred and evil

    how do you think they are tricking the babies over in Iraq ect.
    they are killing for The father they think but what it truely is, is sinceless violence
    being pushed by trickery of the devil to keep everyone looking over there whiel he poisons everything else so please I ask you again if you are not diligated by The father to pass judgement please do not do so

    excuse my typos and punctuation I was kinda in a rush here

  30. 30.06 says:

    Look who the Jews want to mass murder now ,

  31. 30.06 says:

    Stop These Jew Wars

  32. Bethan says:

    You people are sick. Any person who is gay or transgendered has been that way since the day they were born! If I am going to burn in hell for being gay, and supporting gay rights, then I am sure as heck glad I’m not catholic and don’t believe in god. Heat happened to “god loves all his children, no matter what”? Tell me that! What makes someone who’s gay any lesser than you! And saying we are perverts is stupid! That is like saying that all straight men and women want to have sex with every single other straight person (of the opposite gender) that they meet! Do all gays, if any, get involved in sexual activities involving pre-pubescent children? Of course f-ing not! That is as stupid as racial or gender stereotypes. Just he same as saying all Muslims are terrorists, or all women belong in the kitchen. You are just homophobic bigots, criminals in your own right. Hate is a crime, and you are partaking in a heck lot of it. Why on earth would you hate someone for being who they are? Gonna be cliche, but love is love, man! You people really do make me sick, and I am endlessly glad that my friends and family love me for being myself. I hope I never meet you people, and have to endure listening to your rancid homophobia! Mate, what is your problem? We’re you not educated at school? If god does exist, I’m sure he has better things to do than smite innocent people, but I’m sure he could take some time to obliterate your fugly mug from this planet. Would certainly do us all some good. And if hell does exist, you have a one way ticket, douchebag!

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