Evil Dr. INCOG MAN Busts 2 Million Hits!

My evil White man designs are working perfectly. Brrraaaahhhahahaha!

Finally, right before my third anniversary, my blog/website/whatever busts the 2 million hit mark. I fully expected it at the end of September, but when WordPress took me down, I believe I lost a month’s worth of hits or so. Hard to say exactly how much.

Speaking of which, my hit counter system is now different. The site that I had doing it crashed the other day, so I couldn’t rely on it. In fact, I may have been getting tons more hits than has shown up.

I’m currently evaluating a pretty good software package at the moment that seems to do all that I want (individual post and search hits, “social media” links and referrals, etc.). It’s also showing more accurate numbers than the other free one. I’m not really too much of a “hit whore,” but I do like knowing I’m reaching at least some people.

I’m back down below 450,000 in Alexa’s US traffic rank (less than 900,000 globally) and will soon regain and surpass my old ranking of less than 200,000 US. I’ve seen some Internet ranking sites putting me at 1000 hits a day, but that’s certainly wrong. You can record the numbers and time, and see I’m between 2000 to 3000 per day unique visitors here (over 3000 at my old blog).

And that’s what I want: “Unique” visitors. Although a certain percentage are going to be from INCOG fans who comment here a lot (you bastids!), enough of these hits will be newbies, checking things out. The more I can get them to stick around, the more chance they’ll watch a video, go to a link, read my articles and your comments here — hopefully change some thinking. Which is the main thing for me.

I may be only one guy, but I hope my puny efforts are enough; like the tiny wingbeats of a butterfly in a jungle somewhere, creating just enough force to put the numbers over some unknown threshold and sparking a major storm, as per “Chaos Theory.”

So, over-all, I do think I’m doing pretty good for a White guy. Of course, it’s only because of my visitors, like you reading this now. So, mucho gracias.


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I also have other security packages in operation that I won’t go into here. It’s not to find out who you are or anything, just to protect against Jewy cyber attacks (believe me, they have).

I’d appreciate it if you go to GRAVATAR and upload an Avatar image. I just like my commenters to have them, but it’s OK if you don’t. It just looks cooler.

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Try not to pick fights among others here. Jews do that. Some of you might be Christian and some not. Don’t allow the Jew the usual fractures to exploit!

Do not give Jewry or the Feds ammunition by suggesting illegal actions. I will alter or delete comments if necessary. Jews did that to get WordPress to shut down my old blog.

I would have run this post earlier, but there was too much going on with Halloween and the midterm elections. I do set priorities.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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170 Responses to Evil Dr. INCOG MAN Busts 2 Million Hits!

  1. Octo says:

    There’s an American joke that goes,

    “What does a black kid get for Christmas?”

    — “Your bike.”

    Clearly, this is the black kid the joke was referring to.


    Remember when Chuckles Windsor, Prince of Wales, said “we have 1000 days to save the planet?”

    Your carbon footprints lead to the poorhouse…


    then the gulag.

  2. Akira says:

    Cry me a river, you old lag:


    South Africa is in danger of airbrushing non-black anti-apartheid campaigners, such as Helen Suzman, out of its history

    By Eric Abraham, guardian.co.uk

    Helen Suzman was of the world’s greatest parliamentarians. She was made a dame and bestowed with 30 honorary degrees and doctorates from leading universities.



    I hope the old unknown famous dame repented of her Jew ways before she went to that Great Politiburo In The Sky (as I’m sure atheist Commies picture heaven) — or perhaps she’ll luck out and God is impressed by “honorary degrees and doctorates from leading universities”.

    — “Okay, I used to spit every time I passed a Church, its true — you probably saw that, eh? No offense! It’s just our little idea of — you know — a little joke — ha ha ha — but look, I’ve got 30 honorary degrees and doctorates. From leading universities!”

    (Old News, but so is almost everything in the “Main” Stream Media)

    BTW, I came across that heart-breaking story while looking into Eric Abrahams, the BBC’s second “Black” newscaster — Mr. Abrahams was a Rhodes scholar from Jamaica.

    Current Prime Minister of Jamaica? Bruce Golding.

    I wonder if someone will one day discover some tribe in the Amazon or in Papua New Guinea, and after figuring out their language, he (or she!) ill say, “Take me to your leader.” And they’ll bring him (or her!) to the chief, who’ll say,

    “Oy Vey, vodda ve got heah? So, vot? Ya got somethin’ ta trrrade? C’mon, I ain’t got all day!”

  3. Octo says:




    — a non-racist

    This writing is so trenchant and insightful, so representative of Jewish ethics and wisdom. It’s the best thing I’ve read since Portnoy’s Complaint.

    I daresay it’s worthy of inclusion…


  4. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Incogman and all, have you heard that “Saudi Al-Qaeda” said they are not planning terrorr attacks against the haj, the pilgrims of Mecca? I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair. How kind of them. They are not planning to kill the holy pilgrims of their faith in their most holy city, them being islamist extremists and all. They are that soft. Maybe such a terror attack would open all eyes, and everybody would understand that there is not a single muslim in Al-Qaeda, only Mossad operatives. We can not have that now, can we?

  5. Flanders says:

    It was difficult deciding which part to post, but the ending is interesting in a way which does not give away the excellent beginning parts of this posting. Read more at the link.

    “Finally, large murderous events that occur on the world stage almost always bear some kind of Cabbalistic numerological fingerprint.

    I was reminded of this today during the ‘Remebrance’ service held solemnly every year at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month.

    Arch-Satanist Alistair Crowley said that 11 was “the number of magick itself.”

    i.e. The number of Satanic magic.

    He defined magick as, “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

    The ‘perfect’ number is 3.

    The number of ‘perfect magick’ 3 x 11 = 33.

    Last night I randomly thought of a couple of the slightly more obscure earth-changing events (before looking up the numbers).

    The date of the first atomic bomb test July 16th 1945 (7+1+6+1+9+4+5)= 33

    The date that Hiroshima was ‘nuked’ August 6th 1945 (8+6+1+9+4+5)= 33

    It’s dogs and lamposts.

    More of this here and here.
    Some of this material looks ‘nutty’ but these numbers are surely taken seriously by power at the highest level. There are only so many coincidences that reason can bear.

    ……and finally, on the morning of 11th November 1918, when both sides knew that the war was effectively ‘over’, it was reported that 11,000 men died having been ordered to carry out pointless attacks by the generals.

    Were these men offerings to lucifer.

    Did the architects of WW1 partly see that war as an occult blood sacrifice to Lucifer?

    It’s hard not to wonder.

    At today’s Remembrance ceremony I couldn’t help thinking that we might all be participating in a Satanic ritual.”


  6. Julian Lee says:

    Yeah, even Mossad-Quaida sometimes needs a little script-tweaking. It’s tough pretending to be Muslim terrorists year-after-year, 357 days and 24-7 without sometimes producing a B-movie script. Jews aren’t perfect.

  7. Octo says:

    “It’s tough pretending to be Muslim terrorists year-after-year, 357 days and 24-7 without sometimes producing a B-movie script.” — Julian Lee

    — “OK, one more take.”

    — “Wait, Mr. Director, what’s my motivation?”

    — “You hate the Jews…for no reason.”

    — “Got it.”



    After seeing two episodes of Ugly Americans on Kike Komedy Central, I wonder if Harold Wallace Rosenthal wasn’t serious when he said Jews worship Satan or Lucifer in private?



  8. Julian Lee says:

    All the numbers belong to God. Whites and Christians can use 11, and 3, etc. just as well and just as potently as Crowley idiot-perverts, and Jews. In fat, my impression is that that crew is not really very metaphysically sophisticated.

  9. American says:

    Sheesh, with the rampant jew-crime everyday it’s easy to miss a story here and there. Here’s one, complete with slumords and criminal rabbis:



  10. Flanders says:

    You do have competition, Incogman, for the title of Dr. Evil. I’m sorry, but for that name my vote will have to go to the other one. [There are very much similarities between the photos of the two of you and I sincerely hope it is not genetic].

    “The nasty comments by EU president Van Rompuy has spurred outrage, not just from the far-right, but from the larger moderate/center-right parties as well.

    There can be no mistake, Van Rompuy and his ilk want power at all costs. They seem more than willing to destroy the future of Europe with mass 3rd world immigration just to gain that power. The EU left is no different that the American left. They seek 3rd world immigrants as a means of importing left-wing voters. Those who oppose the planned destruction of their country are labeled “racists.”


  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “The EU left is no different that the American left.”

    There is no “left” or “right”.

    Only stupid vs blind.

    Both egotistical cowards.

  12. Flanders says:

    The author of this posting recognizes what many others of us need to realize. There is little difference in the goals of the true White American left and right. We should be working together, at least to some efficient degree, to accomplish those goals. Also, some of the GATEKEEPERS (left and conservative) work to sabotage unity which would accomplish mutually agreed goals. We should ignore and bypass gatekeepers who blast each other instead of our mutual enemy (ies) – (some of those gatekeepers may be our mutual enemies).

    “Alone, neither the left,right or revolutionary WNs can weaken the Great Satan enough that it’s hold over us can be overthrown. Remember, it is not necessary to actually overthrow the government, but to weaken and destabilize it to where it’s sphere of influence extends no further than the diamond shaped city limits of DC. We all know that Power abhors a vacuum, and once the Great Satan’s ability to tax us or dictate that we are going to integrate with muds is gone, it doesn’t matter to us if there still exists an political entity known as the United States. It will exist in name only.

    Once that happens, the mestizos will declare the Southwest the New Atzlan, and the Africans in the South will declare New Africa. Whites that aren’t slaughtered during this transition will flee to the White Ethnostate, and then the real fun will begin.

    Are you excited yet?”


  13. Flanders says:

    The only true left are the ones who no true American or European [whether considering themselves left or right] would knowingly support. That left works against the interests of the people, sovereignty of the nations, and only for their own power and financial gain. They are the communist/jewish/masonics known under a conglomerate of different names, “military-industrial complex”, international banking and financiers, Corporate states, UN, EU, and all of the acronym internationalists, etc.

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I think it might be a good idea not to”jew” the man/woman, next time an opportunity presents itself.




    No jews is good jews.

  15. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    To all kikes on here.

    We get to go again.

    This is all you have.

    And that, for a short time.

    You are FUCKED!



    Suffer and die!

    The numbers kike!

    The numbers.

    Those beautiful numbers.

  16. Flanders says:

    Big business and Corporations are political entities which are controlled at the top of their interlocking pyrimids primarily by jews of the international banking and financier types and their masonic helpers. They are leftists when it is for the expansion of their own market share. They are conservative when it is for the cost of your resources and labor. That is why they can run the Republican and Democrat Parties and switch to promoting the international arena when it is for their benefit. [And who do you think pays the bills and the salaries for the media apparatus?]

    Why would big business be anti-White? Why would corporations be against the countries which are supposed to be their home countries for incorporation?

    “These leeches who put profit before people, are CAUSING the disappearance of American’s and the same thing is happening all across the western hemisphere where only white people are affected by declinine.”

  17. Flanders says:

    Internationalism, globalism and multiculturalism is nothing more than a ploy to reduce the cost of labor while maximizing the market share of the bigger business entities. It is a ploy to steal the resources of your nation, the resources which your forefathers had intended for your use and benefit. Does that not sound like a jewish scheme? It does sound that way because it is.

    Big business wants a big market. They also want cheap capital investiment. Whites are not accustomed to having to settle for less than what is rightfully theirs. That is why the jewish big businesses have infiltrated your governments – they let the governments force you to take less for your labor, or to part with the resources left to you by your forefathers. The jews wait behind the scenes while your political “representatives” twist your arm or conjoles you to part with the resources your ancestors left for your use and benefit.

    Immigrating invaders are cheaper. The invaders don’t have a historical stake in the resources of your country, or in the system of culture which you have come to expect as a matter of right.

    Enjoy and celebrate multicultural “benefits” and the “expediences” that globalism provides to your ever diminishing lives.

  18. Flanders says:

    The Americans who really get the full benefit of the multicultural experiment so glowingly reviewed by leftist leaning journalists are the soldiers, the military. They are the ones who travel to the exotic lands to take the resources and lives of the people who control and possess the resources which the jewish corporate owners want. Why is it considered to be “conservative” to take what does not belong to you by force? Why do conservatives feel the need to die for jewry which is intent upon replacing them with immigrant workers from the destitute ends of the earth?

    It’s long past time that real Americans became that which they truly are, a common-sense and realistic people with the title which once meant something in the world – American.

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Yeh. That was the best version of Pancho and Lefty i’ve heard.

    The guy was allright huh?

    I just found out that woody guthrie’s mamma was a kike.

    What does that make him, with his “this guitar kills fascists” sticker?

    A self hating kike?


    Hey woody. No land is your land, excepting it being fifty fathoms beneath the mediterranean!

    I suppose that’s what makes him a legend.
    Also explains why the kike from Hibbing visited him in his joo York death-bed!

    Years ago i watched ” don’t look back”, and thought what an arrogant prick this chappie was.


    Never liked it.

    No resonance.


    Maybe that’s how you can tell!

    You can’t fake real.




    You might also have noticed that most stage magicians, conjurers, hypnotists, and illusionists, are kikes.

    Check it out.

    Now why would that BE!

  20. foley says:

    From the Political Cesspool

    “Curry Todd: A lawmaker with enough courage to tell the truth (UPDATED!)

    Curry Todd is a state legislator from the Memphis suburb of Collierville who is currently serving in the Tennessee House of Representatives. A few days ago he dug down deep and was brutally honest about a few things. But what makes this story so wonderfully different from many others like it is that Rep. Todd defiantly refused to apologize even after being harassed by the usual suspects.

    A Tennessee lawmaker is in hot water after making some racial remarks in session on Tuesday. Representative Curry Todd, who represents Collierville, compared pregnant, illegal immigrants to multiplying rats.

    He said they are ushered into the U.S. healthcare system without being checked for citizenship. He’s angry, and so is the Hispanic community.”

    Read the rest and watch the videos.


    “Your assignment while watching the video is to count how many guns they picture while not-so-subtly referencing what they’d like to see happen to Rep. Todd.”

  21. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The unborn child is an American Citizen? Before or after it’s aborted by a kike?

    Back me up here 21 black male!

    “This person needs to be removed from office, and there is no apology needed,” said Mendelson.

    He sounds anti-democratic.

    I say he.

    But i mean it.

    If people vote democratically to destroy kikery, that’s all she wrote.

    It’s the law.

    Fucking scum.

    21 black male. Not to give you a hard time, but do you feel affinity with that cunt because she is black?

    What gives?

  22. Octo says:


    Townes Van Zandt: A tragic figure if there ever was one. A tale of two songwriters: Shel Silverstein wrote many of the best country songs of the late 60’s and early 70’s (“A Boy named Sue” is just one): he was and is considered a genius, blah blah (never mind why his tunes always found their way to top talent and were recorded and heavily marketed ? ).

    Townes Van Zandt had top talent COMING TO HIM asking for songs, the only hit he ever had was “Ballad of Pancho and Lefty”, and he was ripped off by publishers and broke his whole career. The quality of his songs speak for themselves.

    Woody Guthrie was a Judeo-Communist subverter, straight up. He was a kike, he married one, and they produced that hack, Arlo, whose ethnicity is discernable at a glance.


    I’ve had it with Jewish cowboys.

  23. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    But like King Canute, even the kikes can’t hold back the tide!



  24. American says:

    Interesting comments on California’s (jew-bag) ruling that illegal immigrants are entitled to lower tuition fees than “out of state” Americans.


    Any White man still in California deserves what is coming. Tighten up, get to all White areas, and start talking. Time is running short and there’s no excuse for living in that multi-culti welfare shit pit.

  25. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Something that has to be made clear about me.

    If i meet a bird, of any colour, that i choose to care for.

    There’s not a force in heaven or hell, that will dissuade me from loving her.

    That’s my girl.

    And always has been.

    I don’t think in stupid terms.

    That’s my baby.

    Can you fight?

  26. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    If yer into the melancholy, give this bastard a listen.


    It doesn’t matter anyway.

  27. GTRman says:

    While we’re on the subject, heard this the other day. Enjoy the words!!!

    Richard Hawley – There’s a Storm a Comin’

  28. Octo says:

    “Any White man still in California deserves what is coming… Time is running short and there’s no excuse for living in that multi-culti welfare shit pit.” — America

    “As California goes, so goes the nation.”

    “…get to all White areas…”


  29. Octo says:

    “Woody Guthrie was a Judeo-Communist subverter, straight up. He was a kike, he married one, and they produced that hack, Arlo, whose ethnicity is discernable at a glance.” — meself

    One more thing about Woody Guthrie, what was he but the spiritual father of Bob Zimmerman?

    Two cynical, chameleon Jews propagandizing for the displacement and disenfranchisement of Whites everywhere: snivel rights, my ass. I wish the “the story of the Hurricane” would blow that kike out to sea.

  30. American says:

    Woody Guthrie? how many posts are you going to make about that “twat”?

  31. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Like you, and GTRmn i’m honest to a fault.

    Take it or leave it.

    INCOG man is pretty cool to put up with it.

    INCOG man is allright!

  32. Dave says:

    How the Brownie Point System Works – By Dave
    — — —
    Brownie points are a currency used to purchase “goods”. Below I will attempt to describe this system in as simple a fashion as possible.*

    1) Earn Brownie Points

    This is usually accomplished by doing small or large jobs that please the “boss”. Other methods include tagging along with the “boss” to some god-awful “chick flick” or perhaps, her girlfriend’s wedding.

    2) Save Up Brownie Points

    This step is merely theoretical since it has been anecdotally proven that brownie points devalue at an exponential rate. It’s recommended to spend brownie points as soon as possible.

    3) Spend Brownie Points

    Spending brownie points is accomplished by a kind of haggling process. Be sure that you don’t demand too much in return for the brownie points you have earned or you may end up with a negative brownie point balance (Take my word for it; you do not want to be in the negative). Either way, you must now return to step 1.
    — — —
    * Author’s note: This system is used in a one-sided way against a people called Pussy-footers. Thus far, their attempts to change this system are promptly dealt with by a embargo against the delivery of all “goods” or outright war.

  33. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Woody Guthrie? how many posts are you going to make about that “twat”?”

    That, in the olden days, was the yard-stick, where i’m at.

    But you can be forgiven.

  34. Octo says:

    That’s five posts referring to…I won’t say his name, Criminy!

    I hope no one’s head explodes round here!

  35. Dave says:

    Was that the REAL half-breed “Akira” that dares address me?

    WAS IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I dunno… His pixels are Latin this time. It’s seems unlike him.

  36. Octo says:

    “The Blood Libel (that Jews use the blood of children for ritual sacrifice)”

    Libel means it’s not true. There are many verified cases of Jewish ritual murder, and several books by Jews confirming it.

    “The Jews as “Poisoners of the Wells” – responsible for all evils in the world”

    There are many verified cases of Jews poisoning wells, and they still do in Palestine.

    “The myth of the “new Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – the tsarist forgery that proclaimed an international Jewish conspiracy bent on world domination – and accuses the Jews of controlling government, the economy, media and public institutions.”

    What’s it a forgery of?

    The double entendre of denying the Holocaust – accusing the Jews of fabricating the Holocaust as a hoax – and the nazification of the Jew and the Jewish people.

    Double entendre? Some Jew said NS was “a mere parody of Judaism.”


  37. Sen10L says:

    Congratulations IncogMan. Great site.

  38. Barney says:

    Bit late getting here, but let’s see if we can make it SIX MILLION hits by this time next year. If they can do it (or continually pretend to) so can we, in more ways than one. Good work IncogMan.

    People often comment on here about the damage the kikes have done to America and it’s reputation worldwide. Here’s an example from my own personal experience.

    I’ve got an exiled Iraqi neighbour, a Muslim, who really hates not just America, but all Americans for what’s been done to his country. He correctly identifies the jew as the ultimate evil, but he just isn’t amenable to the concept of the Good American. The way he sees it, EVERY American is his enemy. He’s a decent sort, as Arabs go, but he’d willingly nuke America out of existence, given the chance.

    We Whites are right to side with the underdog, as in Palestine, but once we get rid of the kike, we’ll need to remind ourselves that our Arab allies aren’t necessarily our friends. Most Muslims I’ve met hate the White Race as much as they hate the kikenvermin.

    Someone asked for links to spread the word in Europe. Try these two. They deserve a bit of traffic, and they’re both run by “evil racists” just like us.



    Quite a few posts back, my fellow Englishman GTRman had a few things to say about what passes for British “comedy”.

    It’s all true. We haven’t had comedy in this country for a long time because it isn’t politically “correct”, which is why so many overpaid infantile wankers are promoted to talk about what a fascinating subject shit is (to them).

    While visiting friends at the weekend I saw the start of the latest series of “I want to be a celebrity” (corrected title), and the “get me out of here now!” follow-up with the revolting and openly queer Joe Splodge (my spelling) who likes nothing more than to snog every male he meets on live tv. That pile of crap is even more repellent than the unbelievably ugly, foul-mouthed kike David Gest, who was on the same queer-fest pretending to be either “clever” or “funny” with his particular brand of kike filth.

    Where’s my AK? Oh, forgot. We’re not allowed anything like that just yet. Pity. We WILL have them though, even if we have to make them ourselves.

    John Carpenter (“They Live”) was right about talmud-vision being the source of their power. Pity we can’t destroy the masts (the studios don’t matter) and give the sheeple a chance to wake up, but we don’t have that much time.

    I think the idiot who uses the verification code rather than choose a name tells us all we need to know about himself when he calls Hoff a jew. Hoff is the one person on here I’d trust with my life over everybody else. To insult Hoff is to insult all Whites. Off to Spamblinka with him, and to that “non-racist” idiot who was here earlier. Perhaps they’re both the same kike.

  39. GTRman says:

    Barney, this is what I call comedy. Hot off the presses, a GTRman original.
    Best served with a disco beat and a Yiddish accent. Enjoy !

    ” I did survive” by Inglorious GayNerd

    “First I was a shade,
    I was deified,
    Kept thinking I could never live
    With all this cyanide,

    But I spent so many nights
    Plotting how to do you wrong
    I grew strong
    got a taste for carrion

    And so we’re back
    The master race
    I must admit we put that stupid
    Guilty look upon your face

    I always change my yiddish name
    And disguise my hebrew look
    Should’ve known you’d swallow line, sinker
    and hook for holy crooks!

    Go on now go!
    Siberian winter
    In my black heart will never thaw
    We are the ones who tried to blind you with our lies
    (But we’d crumble,
    if fishy tales fell from your eyes! )
    Oh, Noachide
    I did survive
    As long as I know how to lie
    I know I’ll please the Tribe
    Ive got all my life to live
    Youve got all those tithes to give
    I will survive

    It took all the guile I had
    T’was my ‘coup d’isgrace
    When I see you goy cough up the coin
    I’m keeping a straight face
    and I spent oh so many nights
    just feeling sorry for myself
    I used to cry,
    “De’s here Goyim dey must die!”

    Now you see me
    Vanderink jew?
    Im a twisted little monster
    thats got the power over you
    And so you fools all vote me in
    and still expect now to be free?
    Im consigning to the ovens
    All Soviet history!

    I did survive, woah, woah, woe,….

    woe, woe,……oy……..

    GTRman 2010.

  40. Marshall says:

    LMAO GTRman!!! That’s a classic. All we need is for Mr. Julian Lee to put a soundtrack on it.

    On second thought, I have Mixcraft 5 and could pull it off if we can find a chic to sing it…just have to find the Karaoke version of the original song, or I can pump it through my voice remover software. Lemme know if you want to do it and I’ll start looking around. We’ve come up with some good ones over the last year or two, could be an album LOL 🙂

  41. GTRman says:

    ” Now That’s What I Call Jew-Sick “……………I’d buy that for a dollar !


    “. Got to write a classic. Got to write it in an attic .”

    Wait a minute, isnt that Anne Frank?

  42. Octo says:

    Re: Anne Frank

    Just in case you never heard about this.

    “But the contemporary reality is an increasingly incoherent polity where gays are bashed, uncovered women get jeered at, and you can’t do The Diary of Anne Frank as your school play lest the Gestapo walk-ons are greeted by audience cries of “She’s in the attic!”’

    Now THAT is humor. Epic Win. I think it was Geert Wilders, maybe the late Theo Van Gogh.


  43. Barney says:

    Great song GTRman! I’d buy it.

    I like the comment from Octo too. “She’s in the attic”. Priceless!

    Better not mention ball-point pens.

  44. HIV to Foxman says:

    Dirty traitor Jew Eric Cantor pledges allegiance to Israel over America!


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