Like They Say: It Really is “JEW York City”

REMEMBER WHEN WACK-JOBS like the Mad Jewess, Pam Geller of “Atlas Shrugs” and all the other rabid Israel-Firsters made a big stink about NYC’s mayor Bloomberg being such a liberal because he supported the “Ground Zero” mosque? Just think back to that huge 24/7 media stink they made a few weeks ago (like FOX’s Zio-apparatchiks Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity). The following exposé of all the Zionist connections of Feisal Abdul Rauf by an Iraqi, Moroccan-Hebrew (probably Sephardi) living in Florida, was picked up from The Ugly Truth. Most importantly, Azaziah documents well the unbelievable Jewish control of New York and all the “useful idiots” Zionist Jewry now uses to manipulate America. [INCOG]

Park51: A Zionist PSYOP

by Jonathan Azaziah,

New York (City) is a place that is heavily influenced, and in the majority of instances, utterly controlled by the obscenely wealthy Zionist elite. The governorship is currently occupied by David Paterson, who replaced the disgraced Zionist Eliot Spitzer. Just two days after Spitzer stepped down, New York’s Zionist leaders fully endorsed Paterson, who had been well known for his charity activities in the Zionist community even prior to becoming governor (1). His lieutenant governor, who controls the state senate, is Richard Ravitch. Though his ascension to the position was ruled unlawful (2), he remains in power. Ravitch is a powerful Zionist whose construction company built Manhattan Plaza and Waterside Plaza and who has been involved in Zionist fund-raising for half of a century (3). The speaker of New York’s State Assembly is Zionist Sheldon Silver, and earlier this year, he made a request that Ravitch, and not Paterson, should take control of New York’s budget crisis (4).

New York’s US Senate members include the junior official, Kirsten Gillibrand, who stated that she will be an ‘unwavering supporter’ of the Zionist entity and ‘continue to assure Israel’s strategic military advantage in the region (5),’ and the senior official, long-familiar Zionist politician Chuck Schumer, who made it known that he thinks it makes sense to strangle Gaza economically (6). New York City’s representatives in the US House are entirely Zionist. Anthony Weiner, Jerrold Nadler, Nita Lowey, Steven Israel, Eliot Engel, and Gary Ackerman all support Israel unabashedly. New York City’s mayor is 9/11 criminal, the Zionist billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who regularly donates to pro-Israel charities (7). New York’s Department of Education is headed by Zionist Joel Klein, selected to serve by Bloomberg. Klein and Bloomberg finalized an agreement with the United Federation of Teachers’ President, Zionist Randi Weingarten, to have total dominion over New York’s school system (8).

The diamond industry in New York has always been a ‘Jewish’ establishment since the city’s inception (9), and once the plot to create Israel was hatched, the diamond district began funneling dollars to the Zionist power brokers. The Diamonds Dealers Club (DDC), the elite ‘club’ within the diamond district that makes all of the important decisions, has a board of directors and an arbitrators’ committee comprised of several Israeli-born Zionists, and is owned and operated by Zionists Moshe Mosbacher, who serves as President, and Martin Hochbaum, who serves as Managing Director (10). The former president of DDC, Jacob Banda, who recently died, was a staunch Zionist who contributed substantial amounts to Hatzalah, a Jews-only ambulance service that is prominent in Israel (11). New York’s diamond district is going through a renovation process that will model it after Israel’s Diamond Exchange (12). All of Israel’s top diamond exporters have offices within the New York diamond district. The transactions being processed represent billions of dollars for the Zionist entity (13).

The most famous, and most influential New York city paper is the New York Times, owned by the Ochs-Sulzberger family, a wealthy Zionist creed that has donated to pro-Israel causes for more than 100 years despite outwardly opposing the usurping entity at times so the family appears ‘non-Zionist’ (14). To this very day, it operates with a strong bias for the Zionist state and reinforces the negative portrayal of Arabs and Muslims in accordance with the other mainstream media outlets (15). The NASDAQ is controlled by Zionist Robert Greifeld, who signed an agreement with Ester Levanon, the CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to formalize a ‘closer relationship’ between the two markets (16). The Dow Jones is controlled by the CME Group, owned by Christian Zionists Terrence Duffy and Craig Donohue. Duffy and Donohue purchased the stock exchange from News Corp, owned by infamous Zionist Rupert Murdoch. Duffy and Donohue were honored by Hebrew University earlier this year for their ‘strong support of the state of Israel,’ with Duffy receiving the Zionist school’s National Scopus Award (17). Hebrew University is built on illegally occupied land in Jerusalem. Wall Street is crawling with Zionists, and every company involved in the recent criminal bailout of the banking industry had deep loyalties to the illegitimate terror state. Several of the financial giants were also connected to the 9/11 false flag attack (18).

It is perfectly reasonable to hypothesize, considering how much financial clout and political power the Zionists possess, that any project, structure, or event going against their interest in New York wouldn’t be able to come to fruition. The Park51 ‘community center’ is within this realm of discussion, and the hypothesis is in fact, a reality. It was approved by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to move forward (19). Every official on the board is selected by the New York City mayor (in this case, Zionist Michael Bloomberg). Another official selected by Bloomberg, the New York City comptroller, John Liu, has recently suggested that Park51 should be granted public funding (20). As the evidence that will be uniformly laid out in this article will prove, Park51 is nothing but a Zionist PSYOP designed to mislead and galvanize the masses around a complete non-issue, especially the Muslim masses, and divert their attention from what actually matters: 9/11 truth, worldwide US-Zionist aggression, and the worsening illegal occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

Visionary or Stooge?

Feisal Abdul Rauf has been hailed by his supporters as a man who has taken on the complexities of Western-Muslim relations and triumphed by bridging the gap with his scholarly books and numerous lectures which he has delivered around the world. This is a fairy tale. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is a staunch capitalist with numerous connections to the US elite, US intelligence, the Zionist Power Configuration and whose primary concern is making a dollar; not the welfare of his ‘fellow’ Muslims.

The criminal use of usury in the United States, coupled with the use of fiat money, is the sole reason for the ever-growing national debt, and the increasing deterioration of the US economy. The tax dollars collected by the intimidation organization known as the IRS pay the interest on the US debt to the privately-owned, Zionist-infested Federal Reserve Bank, not social programs for the poor, health care for the elderly, superb education for future generations, or research and development into bettering society as a whole (21). Due to the criminality associated with usury throughout history, as well as the erosion of spiritual and moral principles that accompanies it, Islam strictly forbids the charging of interest (22). Feisal Abdul Rauf however, doesn’t concur. He has suggested that the lack of engaging in usury has ‘held the Muslim world back,’ as well as the reason that the Muslim world is ‘lagging behind (23).’ This is an insulting and ludicrous position. Setting morality and honor aside, Islamic banking has proved to be exceedingly profitable and beneficial to the public living under such a financial system, especially in the Islamic Republic of Iran (24). The force that has ‘held the Muslim world back,’ as Rauf so disrespectfully and egregiously expressed, is the United States’ and Zionist entity’s unrelenting aggression that has facilitated countless genocides, occupations, and desecrations of land, as well as subsidizations of brutal, suppressive dictatorial regimes that have developed an uncanny ability to violate human rights.

Feisal Abdul Rauf has taken great pride in his physics degree from Columbia University, his New York Giants fandom, and his niece’s US Army service in occupied Iraq (25). Columbia University is an infamously Zionist institution that has a partnership with the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, a school built on stolen land in occupied Palestine and a key asset to Israel’s nuclear program (26). The New York Giants are co-owned by the powerful Tisch family, which have been active in Zionist causes for as long as the usurping Israeli entity has existed, with the patriarch of the family, Preston Robert Tisch, being honored by the United Jewish Appeal with the George Young Award (27). The US army has heavily contributed to the murder of 1.5 million civilians in occupied Iraq, committing unfathomably gruesome crimes that have terrorized men, women, and children for seven years. Serving in the army isn’t something to be proud of; it is something that should secure life imprisonment for mass murder and crimes against humanity. In his attempts to convince the American public that he is just as ‘American’ as them, he has enforced some of the many things that are wrong with US society: consumerism, support of illegal wars, attending universities contributing to Zionism, and the pointless obsession with entertainment and games that distract the masses from their government’s plethora of evils.

Rauf has attempted to portray himself as someone who stands against injustice, but this too is a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign, catered to Muslims and the anti-war movement to garner support for the Park51 project. If he was in fact a person that believed in the triumph of the just over the unjust, Rauf wouldn’t have assisted the FBI in its ‘counterterrorism’ efforts after the 9/11 false flag attack (28). The FBI has functioned as a terror organization from its inception. Whether it was being involved in the assassination of legendary revolutionary Malcolm X (29), its COINTELPRO program that helped destroy the Black Panther Party (30), its involvement with the 1993 false flag attack on the World Trade Center (31), or its recent raids on anti-war and pro-Palestine solidarity activists (32), FBI policy has never been about ‘countering’ terrorism; it has been about perpetrating it. The US State Department also has a long-standing relationship with Rauf. War criminal George Bush’s administration sent Rauf on speaking tours across the Middle East in 2006 and 2007 (33), including a conference in the US client state of Qatar, which houses the largest wing of the US Airforce on Al-Udeid Air Base, a strategic location vital to US-Zionist occupation operations across the Middle East (34).

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is a powerful New York-based foreign policy think tank that has had an incestuous relationship with the United States government since its creation nearly 90 years ago, with every administration being overrun with CFR members (35), including the administration of Zionist war criminal Barack Obama (36). The CFR was founded as a part of notorious colonialist Cecil Rhodes’ ‘Round Table’ plan, which was designed to spread the principles of globalization throughout the upper echelons of finance and politics using the influence of think tanks (37). Rhodes was heavily financed by Lord Nathan Rothschild, of the vastly powerful Rothschild banking dynasty, the godfathers of Israel (38). It was Lord Nathan Rothschild’s son, Lionel Walter Rothschild, that formulated what is now known as the ‘Balfour Delcaration,’ the infamous document that paved the way for Britain’s criminal partition of Palestinian land and the illegal creation of the Zionist entity.

Feisal Abdul Rauf is a member of this treacherous organization (39); he sits on its Religious Advisory Committee with several influential Zionists including Madeleine Albright, the former Secretary of State who thinks the genocidal sanctions imposed against Iraq, which annihilated 1.5 million people including more than half a million children, were ‘worth it (40);’ Ruth Messinger, the CEO of American Jewish World Service, who blogs for the Maryland chapter of Hillel, the loathsome Zionist student organization whose motto is ‘Wherever we stand, we stand with Israel (41);’ David Saperstein, the director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, an organization that has an international affairs budget that provides ‘assistance’ to Israel, and which believes ‘robust’ foreign assistance is key to achieving ‘peace (42)’ and openly advertises AIPAC on its website; and Rabbi Arthur Schenier, the honorary president of Religious Zionists of America, the honorary chairman of the American section of the World Jewish Congress, a member of the Executive Committee of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, and a close associate of the illegitimate regime in Tel Aviv that has helped spread the Zionist entity’s propaganda throughout the world (43).

Another member of the CFR Religious Advisory Committee is Jim Wallis, the founder of Sojourners Magazine. Rauf has an extensive working relationship with Wallis, and they’ve participated in many lectures and conferences together including several for Sojourners itself (44). Though Wallis initially denied any connection, he finally admitted that his magazine receives funding from George Soros (45), the corrosive Zionist billionaire who bankrolls J Street (46), a Zionist organization that portrays itself as peaceful when it supports the illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the apartheid two-state solution and the continued illegal occupation of Jerusalem. Soros is an internationally known financial criminal who was convicted of insider trading in France, who bankrupted the Bank of England (47), and who assaulted Malaysia’s currency to undermine the vehemently anti-Zionist Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad (48).

Another organization that Rauf is connected to is the Aspen Institute, a Zionist think tank advertised by the hawkish Zionist organization, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs under its ‘useful links’ section, and which recently hosted the Zionist entity’s ambassador to America, dual-citizen Michael Oren (49). Rauf has taken part in many ‘working groups’ at the Aspen Institute to promote religious tolerance (50). This is unadulterated hypocrisy. Zionism is the most intolerant ideology on earth; it is against the human rights of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Latinos, Blacks, Caucasians and anyone else who opposes it.

The Aspen Institute is a purveyor of Zionism, as indicated by its Board of Overseers which is comprised of several authoritative Zionists including CEO Walter Isaacson, the chairman of the US-Palestinian Partnership, a Zionist front that lobbies for the apartheid two-state solution and more tourism in Israel (51), and a strong supporter of collaborationist puppet Salam Fayyad (52); Lester Crown, of the massively wealthy Crown family, a high-ranking political consultant on Israeli affairs in the Zionist lobby, a huge financial supporter of Zionist war criminal Obama, and gargantuan contributor to pro-Israel causes (53); Margot Priztker, a staunch supporter of the apartheid wall (54), and whose elite family has donated generously to many Zionist causes, including the Jewish Community Relations Council, a pro-Israel group which advocates the purchase of Zionist products and engages in political sabotage when Israel is condemned (55); and Ranji Nagaswami, who also sits on the Board of Trustees at the New York City Employees’ Retirement System, an organization that routinely purchases bonds from the illegitimate state of Israel (56), and is a former chief investment officer of Alliance Bernstein, a global investment management firm, whose executives have been honored by the aforementioned Hebrew University, built on occupied land in Palestine (57).

If Rauf’s numerous connections to the murderous Bush administration and the elite Zionists in the highest peaks of politics and finance aren’t disturbing enough, then his self-proclaimed support of the terrorist state of Israel should put the proverbial nail in the coffin for anyone who still supports him (58). Rauf isn’t a shimmering visionary who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of peace, justice, religious unity and tolerance; he is a capitalist slumlord (59) that was tapped by the elite power brokers in America to be a stooge in their latest media fiasco to direct the public’s attention elsewhere, while they continue their raping, pillaging and plundering of ancestral Arab and Muslim lands.

The Usual Suspects

Follow the money. This is the rule of thumb when discussing any major geopolitical occurrence as well as the illusion of a major geopolitical occurrence. Park51 would most certainly fall under the latter category. The money trail leading to the ‘Islamic’ Center, as well as its board of directors are connected to the same sources behind any shake-up that occurs globally. It is the same bloody, corrupt, elitist, Zionist money.

The site where Park51 is supposed to be built was sold to Soho Properties, where Rauf is an investor (60), by the Pomerantz family, a powerful real-estate dynasty in New York connected to the equally powerful Milstein family via their former ownership of a Burlington Coat Factory near Ground Zero (61). The Pomerantz and Milstein families are active in Zionist causes, and the patriarch of the latter, Monroe Milstein, donated a $125,000 ambulance to the Zionist entity last year (62).

The Cordoba Initiative, Rauf’s official sponsor of the Park51 project is overseen by a Board of Advisors. The board includes R. Leslie Deak, a former CIA official, private security contractor and heir to a drug money laundering dynasty (63), Rabbi Joy Levitt, a supporter of the Zionist regime’s apartheid wall and a harsh critic of anti-Zionism, which she equates to anti-Semitism (64), Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, an absurd Zionist apologist who recently blogged about the illegitimate usurping entity building human dignity and securing human rights, along with the typical pro-Israel idiocy regarding it being the only free and democratic ‘country’ in the Middle East (65), and a member of the aforementioned Rothschild-founded CFR, noted globalist, John Edwin Mroz, who also sits on the board with Rauf at the One Voice Movement, a Zionist organization pushing for an apartheid two-state solution with an Honorary Board of Advisors consisting of Mossad officials, Zionist bankers, racist Israeli Knesset members, Fatah collaborationists and agents of the monstrous Rothschild and Bronfman dynasties (66).

The other organization that Rauf is using to promote the Park51 project is the America Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). ASMA is being funded by a ‘who’s who’ of global elitist ‘charity’ organizations, each one loaded with intelligence officers, CFR members, bankers and Zionist policy makers. The moneymen include the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Rockefeller Brothers, Rockefeller Philanthropy, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Global Fund For Women, William and Mary Greve Foundation, The Sister Fund, The Russell Family Foundation, Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Foundation, Graham Charitable Foundation, Deak Family Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, The Elizabeth Foundation, The Ms. Foundation and Hunt Alternatives (67). These are not charitable foundations; these are image-cleaners for the Zionist warmongers and corporate thieves who run them, covering up their genocidal crimes throughout the globe with a pinch of forced ‘good will’ here, and another pinch there. It’s abominable.

If Park51 was anything other than a US-Zionist propaganda operation, why are such revolting organizations habitually funding it? Why did a known Zionist family, who contributes to the destruction of Arab and Muslim lands via their donations to the terrorist state of Israel, sell Rauf and his constituents the property to build Park51 to begin with? And why, if Rauf’s intentions were to build understanding between Islam and the West, as well as to secure the betterment of his fellow Muslims, are there Zionist hatemongers sitting on the boards of his organizations? The answer to all of these questions is a relatively simple one: Rauf is a stooge, and Park51 is exactly what it appears to be, a Zionist PSYOP.

Zionist Control Over Both Sides of the Argument

The Hegelian Dialectic is defined as ‘thesis, antithesis, and synthesis used as analytic tool in order to approach a higher unity or a new thesis.’ In other words: Problem, Reaction, Solution. The Hegelian Dialectic is a common tactic used all over the world by the Zionist criminal network. Create the enemy, fund the opposition to the enemy, then broker a deal between the two factions to appear heroic, democratic, peaceful, etc. The Hegelian Dialectic was used prominently in the Park51 ‘controversy,’ as the Zionist criminal network inserted its agents on both sides of the ‘raging debate,’ with those against the project represented in the media as anti-Islamists and those for the project as ‘Jewish’ voices for religious unity and tolerance. The latter is a fallacy. There was no ‘Jewish’ support; only Zionist control.

Opposition to the community center included influential neo-conservative journalist Stephen Schwartz (68), a hawkish Zionist posing as a Sufi who has defended the genocide in Iraq by the US-Israeli alliance and has accused those seeking 9/11 truth as ‘Jew-haters (69);’ Zionist war criminal Joe Lieberman and his Zionist constituent in the US Congress Peter King (70); Long-time New York politics stalwart Richard Brodsky (71), an active member of the Zionist fund-raising community (72); Defender of the Freedom Flotilla massacre Congressman Steve Israel (73); the criminal ADL (74), the despicable Zionist Organization of America (75), and the ageless, propaganda-spreading Simon Wiesenthal Center (76) which abhorrently concocted a project to build a Zionist museum on a Palestinian cemetery (77); the right-wing extremist Tea Party (78), bankrolled by Zionist billionaires David Koch, Charles Koch and infamous ultra-Zionist Rupert Murdoch (79); and of course, the notoriously vile Islamophobes Pamela Geller (80) and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch (81), both of whom are heavily funded by the Zionist power couple of Aubrey and Joyce Chernick, who have donated to the aforementioned ADL and Zionist Organization of America for decades (82).

Supporters of the community center included 9/11 criminal Mayor Bloomberg himself (83); the American Jewish Committee (84), one of the oldest Zionist organizations in America; the Zionist New York Times, which presented several articles depicting Rauf’s globalist project in a positive light (85); the Zionist New York Representative Jerrold Nadler (86), another defender of the Freedom Flotilla massacre (87); Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer (88), who marched in the ‘Salute to Israel’ festival, a parade honoring the murderous Zionist entity, earlier this summer (89); former Bush speech writer Michael Gerson (90), a sickening defender of the Zionist genocide of Gaza in 2008-09 (91); the aforesaid Soros-funded Zionist lobby organization J Steet (92); Mormon Zionist Utah Senator Orin Hatch (93), who enjoys singing songs for the brutal occupier of Palestine (94); and even the Zionist entity’s mouthpiece Haaretz, which has published a handful of articles supporting Rauf and his project (95).

In addition, every Western television station, exclusively owned by the Zionist criminal network, broadcasted nonstop coverage of the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ controversy, making it the must-see news story every single day for months on end, raking in billions of dollars in the process while simultaneously depriving the public of any real news, as always. Indeed, the only beneficiaries of this project have been Israel, its supporters and its collaborators in spreading worldwide hatred of Islam and covering up its slew of international crimes.

A Note Regarding The Qur’an Burning

Amidst the height of the Park51 controversy, another level of the PSYOP was brought into play: Burning the Holy Qur’an on the ninth anniversary of 9/11. This detestable act was to be carried out by Pastor Terry Jones of the tiny Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida.

While the plot was internationally condemned by Muslims and non-Muslims alike from Egypt to occupied Kashmir, occupied Afghanistan to occupied Iraq, Europe to America, the voices speaking up regarding who was behind such a repulsive act were non-existent other than those coming from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad slammed Jones’ plan as a ‘Zionist plot, and against the teachings of all divine prophets (96).’ Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khameini, called the Qur’an burning a ‘stage in the extending trend of anti-Islamism led by Zionism and the American regime (97).’ Several bloggers and activists chastised the Iranian leaders and insulted them, remarking that ‘not everything is a Zionist plot,’ and even going as far as calling the Resistance leaders ‘idiots.’ However, upon further scrutiny of the evidence, it is clear that the Ayatollah and the Iranian President are correct in their accusations and observations.

Terry Jones is in fact, a self-admitted Zionist who thinks Islam is cursed because Islam cursed Israel (98). It should go without saying, that Islam never cursed Israel; Israel cursed Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Arabs, Hebrews and all of humanity with its very existence. The illegitimate terror state has desecrated holy sites, holy relics, holy books, holy prophets and the righteous people of dignity and faith from occupied Palestine, Lebanon, occupied Kashmir, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan and occupied Iraq since its bastardized creation 62 years ago. The ‘icing on the cake’ regarding the issue of Terry Jones’ Qur’an burning being a Zionist plot is revealed in the publisher of his ‘book.’ Jones threw together a pack of filthy lies, racism, ignorance and xenophobia, bound them together and called it a book, entitled ‘Islam Is Of The Devil.’ The publisher of this vicious drivel is a company called Creation House; Creation House is a subsidiary of Strang Communications, owned by none other than evangelical fanatic, Stephen Strang (99). Stephen Strang is the director of operations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina for Christians United for Israel (100), the parasitic Zionist organization which has donated millions upon millions of dollars to the usurping regime.

It would now appear that the idiots are not President Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khameini, but those who closed their minds and eyes to the fact that everything pertaining to Islamophobia and divisions amongst indigenous peoples is connected to the Zionist regime. These persons tend to forget that the entire Western media is owned by Zionists; this in and of itself is evidence that the Qur’an burning was a Zionist plot, excluding the undeniable evidence presented above; it is illogical to believe that a bantam church with a congregation of 50 people could make national headlines without the Zionist media networks making sure it did so. It was broadcasted to achieve a certain purpose; that purpose was to place a schism between Muslims and Christians and drive another dagger into the heart of Islam. This plot though, like so many other plots against Islam, didn’t go according to Zionist plans. Just in Washington D.C. alone, 180 men and women reverted to Islam after seeing its beauty attacked via the depravity of Terry Jones (101).

Conclusion: The Real Issues

Though Rauf and his Park51 project have not been extensively featured in the Zionist-owned media in the past month, its existence will always serve as a weapon for the propagandists to use when a distraction is needed during moments of crisis that have massive geopolitical repercussions. Hate-monger Bill O’Reilly of Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, ranted on The View, of ABC, owned by Zionist Robert Iger, about the Ground Zero Mosque while spewing 9/11 falsehoods on October 16th (102), and the Sulzberger-owned New York Times just featured a piece on Rauf’s wife, Daisy Khan, and the Park51 project on November 14th (103). This ridiculousness isn’t going away; unless Muslims and non-Muslims reject it as the fraud, the sham, the joke and the disgrace that it is. The religious scholars of al-Azhar University in Egypt slammed the Park51 project as a ‘Zionist conspiracy,’ further saying that the community center represents the ‘devious mentality of connecting 9/11 with Islam though Islam is innocent (104).’ The righteous scholars of al-Azhar couldn’t be more correct. The Park51 community center will feature a memorial for the victims murdered in the 9/11 attacks which Park51 attributes to ‘extremism and radicalism (105).’

The issues at hand are not religious freedom and understanding between the Muslims and the West. And even if they were, Park51 does not represent these issues; Park51 represents the Zionist desecration of these issues and the cover-up of Western crimes against Muslims. Park51 represents the mask being placed on the war against Islam and other Godwary persons of the Jewish and Christian faiths living in Arab and Muslim lands under Zionist occupation and oppression. Park51 represents the disgusting idea that the only way Muslims can be ‘American’ is if they assimilate into the American culture of materialism, war, depravity, entertainment, corrupt politics and half-hearted religiousness.

The real issues at hand are the Zionist-designed American and British genocidal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Zionist occupation of Palestine, the Zionist-assisted Indian occupation of Kashmir, the Tel Aviv occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights, the Israeli occupation of Lebanon’s Ghajar, Kfar Shouba Hills and Shebaa Farms, murderous drone strikes in Pakistan, the US-backed AU-UN occupation of Somalia, the incoming Zionist-requested occupation of Yemen (106), the Zionist-designed ‘war on terror’ which has ruined thousands of Muslim lives across the globe, most notably Omar Khadr and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, and 9/11 truth, which is supported by overwhelming evidence that shows the attacks were an intricate Mossad false flag attack to justify the aforementioned crimes (107).

As if the concept itself wasn’t deplorable, the Park51 project is going to cost somewhere in the range of $150 million (108). The supporters of Park51, and the Muslim supporters in particular need to ask themselves two simple questions: Was Islamophobia started by everyday Westerners, or is it the product of a Zionist-propaganda campaign that began after the Zionist criminal network attacked the World Trader Center? And is a $150 million ‘Islamic’ community center the most practical remedy for the plight that Muslims are experiencing all over the world? The answer to the former is obviously the product of a Zionist-propaganda campaign, and the answer to the latter is a resounding ‘NO.’

$150 million could be used to rebuild the lives of the 5 million tormented refugees of occupied Iraq or its 5 million orphans left parentless by the systematic US-Zionist destruction of their nation (109).

$150 million could be given to the suffering people of illegally besieged Gaza, where 80% of the population lives below poverty due to the criminal Zionist blockade (110).

$150 million could be used to build rehabilitation centers for the more than 9,000 women raped by the Indian occupier of Kashmir since 1989 (111).

$150 million could be used to give proper shelter to 3.2 million Afghan refugees who have fled to the Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan after their lives were destroyed by US-British occupation forces (112).

$150 million could be used to provide extensive medical care to the Lebanese innocents still feeling the devastation of the Zionist entity’s cluster bombs that ravaged their nation in 2006 (113).

$150 million could sure be used to aid the 21 million displaced Pakistanis forced from their homes by HAARP-induced brutal floods that demolished their country earlier this year (114).

$150 million could be used to rebuild the countless neighborhoods in Somalia utterly destroyed by UN and AU mortar attacks which have slaughtered thousands of civilians already (115).

$150 million could be used for anything but a pointless, arrogant, Zionist-supported community center that has about as much to do with Islam as comatose butcher Ariel Sharon has to do with humanity.

Park51 is the latest Zionist PSYOP in a long line of psychological warfare operations forced upon the public by the pro-Israel media. Park51 shouldn’t be supported; it should be boycotted, along with its Zionist backers. Building a ‘mosque’ near Ground Zero, where nearly 3,000 people were murdered by Mossad and CIA, is not a First Amendment victory for Muslims or a triumph of religious freedom; it is an insult to their faith, their intelligence, their innocence and their dignity.

A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims will be the day the fascist armies of Britain and America are driven out of occupied Iraq, and the mosques of Fallujah, The City of Mosques, are rebuilt so Muslims can worship in peace once more; or the shrines and mosques of the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala are no longer disturbed, damaged and ruined by Israeli IEDs and Mossad car bombs. A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims will be the day they can worship at al-Aqsa in occupied al-Quds without repulsive and racist IOF forces occupying the holy site and harassing them, as well as any other mosque throughout occupied Palestine for that matter. A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims will be the day that the Indian occupation of Kashmir ends, and the barbaric Indian military curfew is lifted, so Kashmiris can worship at their mosques and shrines freely. A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims, will be the day that the world knows the ugly truth about 9/11, and Muslim women are no longer glared at for wearing their hijab, Muslim men are no longer jeered for keeping a long beard, and Muslim families are no longer attacked when leaving the mosque after Friday prayers because Westerners think of ‘9/11 terrorists’ when they look at a Muslim.

The only time that Muslims should be mentioned in the same breath as 9/11 is when discussing the numerous malevolent crimes committed against them in its name. 9/11 had absolutely nothing to do with Islam and absolutely everything to do with Israel’s Mossad, its sayanim and its allies in the CIA. May the truth behind the atrocious Park51 operation be an eye-opener for all Muslims, as well as all courageous people fighting for justice around the world. And may it prepare them for any other criminal Zionist buffoonery that is sure to be brought forth in the future.

~ The End ~


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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119 Responses to Like They Say: It Really is “JEW York City”

  1. Count Cherep says:

    Azaziah got almost everything right in his article except for “Israel cursed Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Arabs, Hebrews and all of humanity with its very existence.” Israel certainly is a curse, but not to Judaism, which is the source of Zionism, Communism, and all the rest of the jew-scam “isms”, as well as the jewish banking system which is destroying the economies of the world. Without Judaism, which is the religionized legal system of the Pharisees, all those other evils would not exist. To defend Judaism while condemning Zionism is deceptive.

  2. My Name says:

    The FACT is: The “jews” are The “NAZIS” & The “nazis” are The “JEWS”!!!
    Arthur Koestler, author of “The Thirteenth Tribe” has something to HIDE!!!
    He’s an AshkeNAZI “Jew” himself!!! So, he helped with the cover-up by authoring the Khazar MISDIRECTION theory of “The Thirteenth Tribe” instead of POINTING you at the TRUTH of GENESIS CH10 V3 for the ORIGIN of the ashkeNAZIS as one of the great grandsons of the patriarch of all mankind, (biblically speaking) Noah, which he most certainly knows!!!

    The “White German AshkeNAZI jews” (WGAJs) for short. The “jews” who REALLY are not Jews at all!!! As, those “jews”, the WGAJs are not of the Hebrew tribe of Judah!!! But they, the WGAJs sure have given those Hebrew Judah Jews a BAD NAME by taking the Hebrew Judah “jew” name upon themselves and then behaving like their namesakes, the nazis, that they, the WGAJs, TRULY are!!!
    SEE side by side nazi jew comparison in pictures HERE

    The “white” German AshkeNAZI “jews” (WGAJs) occupy “satan’s seat” in the “synagogue of satan”. Their masonic “House of the TEMPLE” is a mere 13 city street blocks due North of the titular seat of the head of “our gov’t”, the “white house”!!! “NEVER FORGET”: All those: “white German AshkeNAZI jews” (WGAJs) that were brought here to the US under the aegis of “Operation PaperClip/Project PaperClip” and given “new Identities” by: “the jew-s-government” after WW2!!! SEPARATION OF TEMPLE, MOSQUE, LODGE, SYNAGOGUE & STATE, ANYONE!!!???

    The Simple FACT is:
    The “jews” are the “nazis” and the “nazis” are the “jews”
    HERE is “WHITE” GERMAN ASHKENAZI “JEW” rabbi “METZGER” for your *CONVINCER*!!! And Genesis CH10 V1-3 for the *PROGENITOR*!!! Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and unto them were sons born after the flood. The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. And the sons of Gomer: AshkeNAZ(I) …

  3. Flanders says:

    Glad to see you again, Count Cherep. I’ve been wondering where you were.

    Let me bring forward a couple of sections from that last link to, “THE MODERN JEWS ARE ISRAEL”. This if from the section, “Communism and the Jews”, and parts of it deal specifically with the jews from New York.

    “Rev. Denis Fahey, in his THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST IN MODERN WORLD writes, “According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important function aries of the Bolshevik State (1918-1919)…457 (were) Jews.” (Reverend, as you know by reading the precious points, the name “Jew” no longer means “Israelite”, so you know the ones we speak of from here on are of Esau- Edom, Khazar, and Mongol ancestry, now called “Jews”)

    54. Six men led the Bolshevik revolt in Russia: Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Sverdlev, and Lunacharsky. Five were Jews, Trotsky’s real name was Lev Bronstein, Lenins was Hiam Goldmann. Their plan was written by Karl Marx, son of a Jew Rabbi.

    55. Michal Hrushevsky in his A HISTORY OF THE UKRAINE, Yale University Press, 1941, says, “In 1897 was founded the Bund, the union of JEWISH WORKERS in Poland and Lithuania…They engaged in revolutionary activity upon a large scale, and their energy made them THE SPEARHEAD OF THE (communist) PARTY.”

    56. You know the story of Lenin and the sealed train crossing Europe with his followers to take control of the Russian revolution. But did you know that “Out of a list of 165 names published, 23 are Russian, 3 Georgian, 4 Armenian, 1 German, and 128 JEWISH?” (The SURRENDER OF AN EMPIRE, N.H. Webster, 1931, p. 77)

    57. The same source above states, “At about the same time, Trotsky (Jew) arrived from the United States, followed by over 300 Jews from the East End of New York,” (page 73)

    58. Edward Ross in his RUSSIAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION writes, “This is why refugees, obscure to us although not to the Russians, who in exile had been obliged to work in our steel mills and tailor shops for a living, former residents of New York’s East side, ‘…will rise to be the heads of the soviets and, later, cabinet ministers of a government ruling a tenth of the human race.” Ross was in FAVOR of them and he ends this portion with, “In all modern history there is no romance like it!”

    59. Frank Britton put it a little more bluntly, “Soon these hordes of returning Jews would exercise the power of life and death over 150 million Christian Russians. Soon every factory, every government bureau, every school district, and every army would function under the gimlet eye of a Jewish Commisar. Soon the blood of human beings would be oozing from under the doors of the communist execution chambers as tens of thousands of Christian men and women were butchered like cattle in a slaughter house. Soon five million landowners would be deliberately starved to death as part of a premeditated plan. Soon a move would be under way to exterminate the gentile leader class of the entire nation by murdering every Christian factory owner, and lawyer, and government leader, and army officer, and every other person who had been, or might be, a potential leader. soon the standing population of the slave-labor camps would exceed 16 million. Soon every church and cathedral would be gutted, and every priest and preacher would become a criminal in his own community. Soon Russia would have a zombie- proletariat, docile, willing to work, easily controlled, incapable of revolt…When the Bolsheviks came to power, they systematically undertook to destroy every vestige of opposition by exterminating the upper classes of Russian society. The fury of the RED Terror can be explained ONLY AS A MANIFESTATION OF JEWISH HATRED AGAINST CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION. (emphasis added)…Such was the ‘romance’ of the Bolshevik revolution.” Frank Britton gives many pages of documented terror, and then sums it up, “the total effect was much the same as it would be in any country. With its small middle and upper class exterminated, Russia’s peasant and worker population accepted Jewish Bolshevism without protest. The Russian masses, deprived of its spokesmen and leaders WAS SIMPLY INCAPABLE OF COUNTER-REVOLUTION. That was what the RED Terror set out to accomplish.” (above from BEHIND COMMUNISM, 96 pages, profusely illustrated and documented.) Without going into more gory details of the Jewish murder of millions of their Christian captives, of which you can plead ignorance, it hardly seems possible you can be ignorant of more recent news about “communism, such as: [Sections 60-69 are not included above, but are well worth reading. Scroll down to Part 53].

  4. Rich says:

    Hey Incog, it really looks like alot of yids got thru last night in the comments! I guess they weren’t out spending their hard earned kike cash..haha.. But when I turned on the news this morning I was hoping to see a bunch of yids at the bottom of some of those nig nog riots at all the nations walmarts. Unfortunately the yids were probably at home playing dradels or some other type of sick jewish behavior:)

  5. Dave says:

    The Chinese “leak” the truth when in a pinch?

    I’m quite positive that “raciest” is misspelled in the above article. Kinda like every instruction manual I have ever read that was translated by a Chinese fellow.

  6. Julian Lee says:

    Lynda gave me chills.

  7. Lynda says:

    Good to see your comment again on the Messageboard again, Count Cherep @ 27 Nov 2010 – 10:11 pm.

    It bears repeating because “the serpent by which image we designate our people” (Elders of Zion) camouflages itself in social movements
    cloaks itself in golems and proxies of its own creation – bought and paid for with Jew $ slave nations
    covertly governs its secret masonic, sectarian societies
    and finally disguises itself as a religion Judaism together with all its little judaisms such as: the god / king idolatry of Nimrod: “let us build for ourselves a Shem”, the Babylonian Parsees, the Sabians, the Pharisaic sect of the Israel of the Covenants, wahabist Islam, judeochristianity of the WCC, the Noachide of the post conciliar (Vatican II) Catholic Church, Christian Zionism.

    Its disguises are endless.

    What we have to get good on is the Jew of the Jew. And here it is in a nutshell:

    “We Jews, we – the destroyers will remain destroyers forever NOTHING that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own.” The Jew, Maurice Samuel. You Gentiles. 1924.

    All their ISMS, false flags, movements, psy-ops, golems, movements merely cloak the hidden rabbinic core of Jew. Jew is his own god, his own messiah. Jew is his religion and faith. Jew is his race. Jew is his own imperium. Jew is his own entitlement to the title deeds of the earth.

    Jew has appropriated the genetics of all races (by war, rape, miscegenation) and subsumed them into Jew. Apostate Israel in Palestine went into Jewry. Apostate Christians of Europe went into Jewry.

    The deeper a human soul of whatever nationality goes into Jewry, the more ‘gathered to Jew’ that soul becomes.

    Even the term Jew itself is a cloak. Jew derives from the Latin Iudaeus and the Greek Ioudaious from the land (of Israelite tribe) of Judah to which they immigrated and their joined to themselves many of apostate Israel whose Covenants they subverted.

    So who or what is Jew in itself, alone and nameless? They have always concealed themselves behind their masks.

    In the New Testament, St Paul – an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin who was raised a Jew and became a Pharisee – revealed in the N.T. the mysteries of the holy faith: – mystery of God, mystery of Christ, mystery of the Woman, mystery of the will of God, mystery of the wisdom of God, mystery of the seven stars, mystery of the resurrection. Mystery of iniquity.

    Does the mystery of iniquity have a name?

    This week, Jew will be proclaiming Jew as Victor when they light the Chanukah menorahs all over the world.

    Jew Vincit! Jew Regnat! Jew Imperat!

    And to that the holy faith of Christ says: NO.

    Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat!
    The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed. And Christ the King must reign until all his enemies are under his feet.

    To the Jews currently infesting this messageboard, come out of Jew. Become regenerate and new creature in Christ. All that matters now is one created anew.

    As the Church, now in eclipse, lifts up the great anthem of Advent tide – Veni Veni Emmanuel, this great hope could be yours.

    Lucifer / Shemash is defeated. He has been thrown down by the might of the Crucified. His claims are annulled. His candle the Shemash may be lit all over the world on 25 Kislev 5771 / Dec 2, 2010 anno Domini by Jew who has placed all hope in his deluded thralls still seated wickedness; but this is a false hope by means of which the reigning Christ will destroy the mystery of iniquity and reign over all nations by means of his Sacred Heart.

    “We know that we are of God and the whole world is seated in wickedness.” I Epistle of St John the Apostle 5:19 DRV.

    The body of anti-Christ is going to war but not to victory.

  8. Dave says:

    Why are you always doing that Mr. Lee?

    MY creepiness level has become polluted by the controversial material here. Of course, my next answer will always be more controversial than the last… That is that I am. Truth is told here and it’s intended to be decided by the beholder! I’d love to believe that we are ALL beholders!

    That isn’t the truth here though, is it? I have great faith in my brothers! We can see them! I believe this is a great lesson for all of us! ALL OF US!

  9. Lynda says:

    Dave at 3:29 AM. Your comments are not controversial, Dave. They are just wyrd. And in the original sense of the term. “That is that I am”. Is this supposed to be your statement of divinity or are you from the looney tune – “I am what I am, I’m Pop-eye the sailor man.”

  10. Dave says:

    Would it confuzzle you anymore if I told you that you are that you are?

  11. Dave says:

    Parade of the half-breeds! Same song different language. I hafta, do this cause, my most recent arch nemesis has not only decided he was undefeated BUT that he still thinks he has the brains to fight his original thrust better than I! Let me just warn you here, us ashkeNAZI Schutzstaffel fellas got a whole bunch more whoopass left in us! Seriously, I’ve become privy to at least 60 cans of Zyclon B merely from talking to my Gramps!

    HERE! March of the halfbreeds… One common song: Lullaby
    — — —

    Apparently euro because it’s in english and she’s Korean?
    — — —

    As a tribute to my already defeated “arch-nemesis” that I discarded to the curb. We’re all after ya!!!
    This gal has probably seen the Northern Lights, have you?
    — — —

    I’m pretty sure these folks wanna whip out their accordions!
    Low down dirty undermenchen!!! ALL OF ‘EM!
    It could go on… the point has been made though, hasn’t it?

  12. Octo says:

    “To the Jews currently infesting this messageboard, come out of Jew. Become regenerate and new creature in Christ. All that matters now is one created anew.” — Lynda

    The Spaniards had considerable experience trying to bring Jews into the Christian fold, the two terms they have for a converted Jew say more than I ever could it about its effectiveness as a meshugguneh grokker: Converso, an obvious cognate, and self-explanatory.

    Then there’s the other term: Marrano. It means pig.

    Luther spent most of his life waiting for Jews to see the light and give up their self-chosen status. In fact, his jewcrit was written only after he realized that not only did the Jews have no intention of giving up their privileged status, but the dawning awareness that he himself had been used to rend the fabric of European life, irredeemably, added to a bitterness that is discernable, to put it mildly.

    This thread is becoming bad wyrd.

  13. Dave says:


    Worry, not! I’ll always have a couple cans of pesticide with your name on it!!! BWAHAHAHA!

  14. Octo says:

    As George Clinton said, “If you know who you are, then you know what you is.”

    Rock that manic phase, Dave.

  15. Dave says:


    Have you forgotten that you are? Tell me, are you better than I?

  16. Lynda says:

    That Lappland link was really great Dave. I listened to all Sofia Jannok’s songs. An amazing place. An amazing people – the Sami.

  17. American says:

    Jews are always on both sides of the argument. As more people realize all the individual issues from banksters to Mosques near Ground Zero are really just one issue, the conniving jew-rat, the solution will become clear.

    Let them have Jew York, and let’s see how they like it without food. Their hive mentality works to our advantage, keeping the worst of them contained for easy round-ups.


  18. GTRman says:

    The Psychopathy of International Banker Scum.
    Dog Poet Transmitting…….

    One of the worst personal shortcomings a person can have is a lack of capacity to be embarrassed by their own behavior. Alex Jones is a classic example. When I heard what he said, I couldn’t believe it at first. It’s the sort of thing that only gets said by absolutely sold out hacks without conscience, principles or a brain. In Alex’s case it’s a form of career suicide. You can’t take something like that back and only a Tea Party supporter or a southern Baptist fundamentalist would believe it. I expect Alex Jones to be a Fox commentator in six months. He said that Hezbollah was training Mexican drug gangs. That’s laugh out loud funny.

  19. GTRman says:

    Max Keiser: Teutonic Genie Out of Bottle, America Punches Itself in Face – Ireland No Longer a Sovereign State

  20. Rich says:

    Hey Incog,
    If you read this, please tell me one thing! Is it possible from your end to pattern certain commenters based on the times they are posting? And to possibly determine things like mutliple people using the same name all throughout the day and night? My questions are truly ignoranance based. I can turn on a computer, read, and apparently post my feeling to comment sections , but my computer knowledge pretty much ends there.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Rich: Anyone who posts comments with different names but the same IP address, I SPAMblinka. I have noticed some posting all the time. This is suspicious, but hell, I can’t say if they are only bored, doing meth or just love it here. I do have my eyes on a couple. I just try not to SPAMblinka Whites.

  21. Rich says:

    Of course I guess that was 2 questions:)

  22. Octo says:

    How’s global warming working out for you, GTRman?

  23. Flanders says:

    The hasbarat got busy when the subject of scrutiny became their own rat’s nest. They have been working overtime to derail the comments section on this posting. That is a good indication that the people reading need to read the article and check the links, both in the posting and in the comments of his “Jew York City” posting.

  24. Flanders says:

    A White Man who understood the problem posed by New York City was Rockwell, who mentions it strongly in the final chapter of his book, “White Power”.

    “Today, there is no segment of the White Race left on earth with the possibility of turning back the scum except the White Men of the United States of America.

    America is the only nation, as a matter of cold fact with the PHYSICAL power to master the scum.

    The center of Jewish power and money is here in New York City, U. S. A. not Moscow, and not even Jerusalem. And the American working man and farmer still has in him the good and wholesome racial instincts of our ancestors who, time after time, drove back the mongrel hordes by sheer force of guts and will.

    I am well aware of the upwelling of revulsion which comes over many Europeans at the thought of the sort of “Americans” they have seen and experienced ever being able to re-establish Western Culture. And they can hardly be blamed. “American” representatives in Europe today are, for the most part, JEWS. The “American” foreign policy they have seen, which destroyed their countries, slaughtered their people, and turned half of Europe over to Communism, and which today continues to give aid and comfort to White Men’s enemies while destroying their friends, was and is directed, inspired and instigated by JEWS.

    In short, Europeans have seen America only through Jewish eyes – they have seen “Americans” who are not Americans at all, but Jews.

    But my fellow White Men of Europe, believe me when I tell you that America is brimming over with good and brave men – men who share your blood, and who will bring honor to our race when finally they see the urgent necessity of rolling up their sleeves for an all-out fight.

    But aside from that point, the eternal jealousies, rivalries, and blood feuds between segments of the White Race must be STOPPED as a matter of strategic necessity-not to be continued for the benefit of united world Jewry.

    White Men of Europe: put aside, if you can, the memory of two world wars in which we joined hands with our mortal enemies to slaughter your finest young men – we too shed our blood in those unholy wars. Forgive us for being so blind – for turning the deadly power of our might against you, instead of the Jewish Communism that is now devouring us all. Forgive us for the misery and degradation we forced upon you, and join us in a last ditch fight for our race and respective nations.”

  25. Flanders says:

    Regardless of what Rockwell said above, we all know that the cheif power of international jewry has always been financial. Most of that financial power lies within the European venues, as even most of the monies skimmed from America are transferred into those. This is not just a problem in America. It is a problem everywhere. The EU, NATO and the UN are merely symbols of the power of the Whore of Babylon, but the true power is the inertia and individuality of White Men which is used to divide them while the financial rape of all White countries continues.

  26. Barney says:

    As every nation has learned throughout history, there is only one lasting solution to the “jewish” problem, that being the one the (fake) “jews” will not allow us to put into words, but everybody here knows what it is, so that’s no hardship.

    Soon the internet will be gone, and imho that should be the trigger for an all-out dinosaur hunt. These creatures could never become fully human, even if they were capable of wanting to, because they have no souls. There is only one answer to the dinosaur problem.

    Our great Aryan leader of the twentieth cuntury was falsely accused of attempting to eliminate the dinosaur. Now it’s our turn, and this time there won’t be a second chance. We MUST finish the job. Dinosaurs are dangerous and will continue to be a danger to all life as long as even one still exists.

    Zyklon B has proven ineffective against dinosaurs, so why not just lock them all in sealed underground rooms and forget about them? Why use expensive gas when the absence of oxygen is just as effective and much less dangerous to humanity?

    Btw, Octo asked GTRman for his thoughts on global warming. I didn’t follow the link, but I think I can guess what it was about. I live about 25 miles East of GTRman (other end of the number 12 bus route), and we had a blizzard here at the weekend. I spent Saturday night and Sunday in GTRman’s territory and there was hardly a flake of snow there. Still plenty here when I got back though.

    I’m sure the dinosaur known as Al Gore-mless was comfortably warm though.

  27. Flanders says:

    I do think that you make a good point, Barney, about the internet. We should all view any material change in our access or in being able to access our providers of alternative media to be a signal for unified opposition by everyone. Any such change could be viewed as nothing more than a declaration of war issued against the White American (and other) people. We would resist the attempts to move us back into the jewish propaganda-ovens known as MSM. The jews delight in financially conquering their resisters and in turning the names of the detractors from jewish depravities into playtoys spewing jews inequities, just as they have done with the Disney name.

    “As long as I am in control of this company, a Jew will never do more than sweep the floors.” – Walt Disney

    The above quote as well as the following video are at Metapedia.

    “Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, (1941–1979) speaking of the Zionist control of “newspapers, medias, banks, finances” to CBS interviewer Mike Wallace”

    Be ready to be Gored some more, irregardless that global warming is shown to be the scam that it is. It is too big a hook for the controllers pressing for a uniform world of serfs to give up, and the potential returns from their investment of nothing except hot air are enormous.

    “A United Nations panel overseeing trade in carbon offsets under the Kyoto Protocol decided late on Friday to issue 20 million tonnes of offsets, the information company Point Carbon reported.”

  28. Marshall says:

    Is the Kyoto Treaty still in effect? It seems to me that China and the Pacific Rim in general have now become the world’s largest polluters, since they are doing all the manufacturing. Quite a few American (in origin at least) companies are participating.

    The very idea of “Carbon Taxes” is utterly insane, considering the people proposing it are making their fortunes from the largest generators of it. Typical. Meanwhile, people in the USA who would like to have gardens in their backyards will be classified as felons, while the Rothschild boy declares global war on plastic bottles. I assume that means he also disapproves of the thousands of metric tons of plastic credit cards his daddy’s company floats every year.

    It’s time to put a stop to these maniacal Jew control-freak assholes.


  29. GTRman says:

    Barney, I found this on the number 12 bus last night. ( I had cabin fever, so I walked from the marina along the undercliff as far as Saltdean, then yomped over the hill as far as the Wimpey at the near end of Peacehaven. The Wimpey -service with a scowl, no wonder it’s always empty )

    ” Good evening. Hi. Its good to be here again in New York. How ya doin’? YOU HEATHEN SPERM-SWILLING EDOMITE DEMONS! Phew!. Terrible trouble gettin here tonight, had a cab driver who said he was from South Korea. I said , ” If youre cabbin’ in New Yoik Ciddy i’d say your career went south long ago, Ping-pong !

    I walked the last few blocks.
    Where was I now? Oh, yeah, and dis is a true story, YOU COCK-GOBBLING PSEUDO JUDO ANTI-CHRIST JISM BLANKETS!!!! REPENT! LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, G.I. !
    Take my muddah…-PLEASE! I mean , seriously, can you take my muddah outta-da addic, shes startin to stink and its starting to piss owff my jewish lodger. WHO ALSO SLEEPS IN THE ATTIC! He says he wants to stretch his legs in the bed.

    Looks like he stretched hers , too !

    Dont you just hate it when you cut off a foreskin , and suck on down on the babies wounded flesh, and then your GADDAM CELL PHONE GOES AWF ? I hate that. YOU

    Well, my times almost up, youve been a great crowd of SCATMUNCHING HASBARAT GOOBERNICKS , take care now. Im here all week. And I do feel all weak.

    Im just kidding IVE GOT SPIDERS IN MY BRAIN !! enjoy the rest of the CUNT! show.

    Could anyone possibly lend me 30 bucks so I can clear my tab?
    Only joking. Im not joking. WORSHIP ONLY ME !!!! just kidding….20 bucks?

    GW2BC rough draft, comedy store routine, Nov 2010.

    Murray Fistberger, Agent / Manager :

    ” Gabe. I love it ! A few words of constructive crit. Can you get rid of the offensive stuff?
    The stuff thats not in caps. Now we can do bizznezz! ”

    Barney, this could be an important document. Thats why , regardless of personal safety, I decided to ‘wiki -leak’ it.

    If Im found smashed to pieces at the foot of Beachy head, its the jews wot dun it.

    OR BARNEY!!!! (Ominous Chord, cut to ads )

    Ok, everyone. Lunch.

  30. Marshall says:

    Touche’ about Disney Flanders. I made a note and asked them myself this question:

    So, little Britney Spears was once a talented little Mouseketeer, and now she is:

    1.) French-kissing Madonna,
    2.) Shaving her head bald,
    3.) Writing 666 on it and claiming to be the Antichrist.

    Just what kind of Human Resources Department is Disney running these days?


    Doesn’t look like a very healthy company to me. They’ve shut down quite a few of their retail stores in the USA. I also noticed that Michael Eisner said that approximately 40% of Disney employees were gays or lesbians. I’m sure he DID NOT mention that probably another good 30% were JEWS. What a NIGHTMARE!!!

    This is simply WHAT HAPPENS. Jews destroy every semblance of traditional White culture they are able to. It can be shown over and over throughout recorded history, and that’s why they ultimately “get the boot” from wherever they become entrenched. Sad to see, but I suppose it has something to do with the “Mark of Cain.” They just can’t seem to escape themselves.


  31. Octo says:

    “Terrible trouble gettin here tonight, had a cab driver who said he was from South Korea. I said , ” If youre cabbin’ in New Yoik Ciddy i’d say your career went south long ago, Ping-pong !”


    Gabe’s appearing on next Mock the Week.

    Got snow?

    Thanks for the info, Barney. The MSM says the north is under a foot or more.

  32. GTRman says:

    No, Gabe’s on “Mock the Weak”. All channels.

  33. GTRman says:

    Barney ,WTF is it with you and dinosaurs? Marshalls got his chickens…..;amp;amp;template%3Dmain&initialURL=

    In lieu of emoticons, the above is intended as affectionate good-natured joshing.

  34. GTRman says:

    Are you a self-hating dinosaur?

  35. Octo says:

    Leave Br. Nathan out of this.

    Meanwhile on “Mock the Strong”, Gabe debuts…

    What are you drinking tonight/today?

  36. GTRman says:

    Smirnoff and seven up. Yes, that sounds like a pervy smurf / dwarf joke, but I ‘ll rise above it.


  37. GTRman says:

    Cue accusations of blog-hogging and GTRman/Octo dubble-act luv fest, but this really got me laffin:

    “Leave Br. Nathan out of this.”

    Worth its weight in Goldberg, a good laff itz.

  38. Octo says:


    I can smell you from here. Not that I knock you, mind. I was all set to purchase two bottles of 18yr Highland Park (the only Scotch Whiskey made in the Orkneys, boyo) and then my own personal recession hit like Noachide’s Ark on me head.

    GTRman’s journal, 29 Nov 2010:

    I wonder to myself,
    could life ever be sane again?

  39. GTRman says:

    Two bottles eh? That’s true Scottish cunning :- one for each kidney. Nice. You think like an athlete. I mean you drink like an athlete – George Best-Bitter.

    In UK now, theyve killed the pubs with the anti-smokin but booze from retailers is so cheap, it’s almost compulsory to drink. England / Britain is long lost.

    Watch “Worlds strictest Parents” to witness the Frankfurt / Tavistock /MTV/Hollywood

  40. GTRman says:

    Ive overstayed my welcome, I know. Jussneedsumfressairre……..Ive never thought of this Morrissey missive as an anti “ZIONist” ! rant before. It’s not, of course, until now :


    “He was a sweet and tender hooligan, hooligan
    And he said that he’d never, never do it again
    And of course he won’t (oh, not until the next time)

    He was a sweet and tender hooligan, hooligan
    And he swore that he’ll never, never do it again
    And of course he won’t (oh, not until the next time)

    Poor old man
    He had an “accident” with a three bar fire
    But that’s OK
    Because he wasn’t very happy anyway
    Poor woman
    Strangled in her very own bed as she read
    But that’s OK
    Because she was old and she would have died anyway

    The sweet and tender hooligan, hooligan
    Because he’ll never, never, never, never, never, never do it again
    (not until the next time)

    Jury, you’ve heard every word
    So before you decide
    Would you look into those “Mother me” eyes
    I love you for you, my love, you my love
    You my love, you my love
    Jury, you’ve heard every word
    But before you decide
    Would you look into those “Mother me” eyes
    I love you for you my love, you my love
    I love you just for you, my love
    Don’t blame

    The sweet and tender hooligan, hooligan
    Because he’ll never, never do it again
    And …
    “In the midst of life we are in death ETC.”
    Don’t forget the hooligan, hooligan
    Because he’ll never, never do it again
    And …
    “In the midst of life we are in debt ETC.”


    Just will you free me ?
    Will you find me ?
    Will you free me ?
    Will you find me ?
    Will you free me, free me, free me, free me, free me, free me, free me ?
    Jury will you free me ?
    Will you find me ?
    Will you free me ?
    Will you find me ?
    How will you find me, find me, find me, find me, find me, find me, find me ?
    Oh … oh …

    Goodnight you anti-semetic canards.

  41. Octo says:

    Well, you’re a much more pleasant drunk than Biker: “Yuu dunnknoowme…u sunuffabitch…..yuuur a jooooooooooooooo.”

    One time he woke up and found someone shit in his pants. We still don’t who it was, but we do know that that fella eats corn.

  42. GTRman says:

    Bikers got a hundred more times the right to get ten times drunker than me.

    If that makes sense.

  43. GTRman says:

    I just fuckin laffed-out-loud. I h8 2 abrevE8

  44. Dear incog man,this not for publication but you have good look and think,[ by the way I will change my name soon.] I am not sure if some of the last part after = should be in upper case or lower case, you know more than me as regards the computer so sort it out but it is a must see.

  45. Octo says:

    Perhaps there is something amiss at the Wimpy…

    “I’ll take a cardboard burger and some greasy chips, Hassan.”

  46. RocketMan says:

    good vid fits here.

  47. Zimbabwean Donkey says:

    On behalf of Obama and all true American patriots I invite China the Middle Kingdom to come over and wipe out the anti American Jewish Americans in whatever way possible.

  48. Jimbo says:

    Eat my shit.

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