More Reflections on Hate Whitey Boy Tim Wise

White-hating Tim Wise (at least half Jewish), appears to have awakened the justified ire of White people all over the place, but now the fool is spluttering that he only meant OLD WHITE CONSERVATIVES. Make note of the “old” part.

Damn those old White people!

In his world view, if you’re a young White person, than you’re probably another like-minded “progressive,” i. e. not an old evil White fart — those out to reign in “progress towards the wonderful egalitarian world” arrogant types like Wise envision for America. You know, America turned into a Third-World shit hole, as happy homos march down the street butt-naked, in high heels and a bright pink feather up their ass.

Funny thing about this “old” angle — aren’t most of the baby boomer generation a bit long in the tooth right about now? Didn’t they go to Woodstock, protest in the streets against “The Man,” live in bean-eating, dope-smoking multicult communes, etc., etc.? Oh, wait, maybe he had better go back into his copy and delete the word “old” now too. Or at least add the word “conservative” so people don’t think he means old hippies who love the brother man.

And what about black people who belong to the Tea Party, who don’t like faggotry and go to church? I guess those types will just have to be ignored for now, huh, Mr. Fat Face Jew? Read on, America.

I wonder what he thinks about the young White people who go to Tea Party rallies — indeed, there’s plenty. You should notice how the liberal media does it’s damnedest not to mention young Tea Partiers, carefully editing to only show angry old White guys carrying pro-American revolution signs, etc. (misspelled ones are always gold); or when they zoom in on someone’s hips wearing a holstered pistol, they fail to include the pan out shot, revealing that it’s a young black conservative packing heat (who may need it more just going back to the ‘hood).

Imagine this scene for a moment, in a TV studio somewhere in New York around 4 pm:

“Use the shot of that redneck-looking old White woman with the rebel flag, instead of that hot young blond Tea Partier for those last 3 seconds,” the smarmy-faced Jew suit tells the digital video editor as he puts together his “B-roll” clips for use in a news report the somewhat humorous, somewhat philosophic John Berman is doing tonight on ABC national news.

These are the little BS editing tricks the Lefty’s in the mainstream media pull. It’s Brainwashing 101, unfortunately, far too many in America don’t have a clue what really goes on. God knows if they did, what might happen to the “march of progress towards multicult heaven.”

Here’s what I found so far that Tim Wise changed (in red):

“An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum


…And in the pantheon of American history, old [conservative-added] white people have pretty much always been the bad guys, the keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame, the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms.

Fine, keep it up. It doesn’t matter.

Because you’re on the endangered list.

And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.

In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember that Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Opie-Taylor-Down-at-the-Fishing Hole cornpone bullshit that you hold so near and dear to your heart.

There won’t be any more white folks around who think the 1950s were the good old days, because there won’t be any more white folks around who actually remember them, and so therefore, we’ll be able to teach about them accurately and honestly, without hurting your precious feelings, or those of the so-called “greatest generation” — a bunch whose white members were by and large a gaggle of miscreants who helped save the world from fascism only to return home and oppose the ending of it here, by doing nothing to lift a finger on behalf of the civil rights struggle.

[replaced with …so-called “greatest generation” — a bunch whose white contingent was top-heavy with ethical miscreants…]

So to hell with you and all who revere you. [DELETED]

[It’s OK, because in about 40 years] By then, half the country will be black or brown. And there is nothing you can do about it.”

His latest version is HERE. If I see one more change in his copy, I’m running the entire, original line of bull right here (which I copied).

Look, you little Jew rat Tim Wise: We’ve had it with your kind and your hate Whitey spew. Sure, for right now you’re living high on the hog, traveling around the country getting paid big bucks telling people how evil Whites are, but it won’t last forever. Whites everywhere are fast getting sick of your Jew game.

I should hope you have a career to fall back on, perhaps something where you might use your hands. Nah, I guess you can’t let your soft pudgy hands get all dirty, can we?

Maybe it’s best you keep your luggage packed, but instead of a national flight to another college to spew your bile, maybe it’ll be one out of the country where you can cry the blues to an Israeli government man so you can gain safe asylum from a now irate America? 


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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325 Responses to More Reflections on Hate Whitey Boy Tim Wise

  1. Julian Lee says:

    I followed Huffschmid a bit. It became clear to me that he was disinfo and that one of his big jobs was to discredit Christopher Bollyn. (Bollyn a real hero, in my book.) I began to be suspicious when Huffschmid began casting aspersions and suspicions on just about anything that moved — he even started saying people like Ernst Zundel were “Jewish agents.” Bollyn makes it clear that Huffschmid is related to the major Zionist Rupert Murdoch. Huffschmid deliberately mixes in “moon landing conspiracy” talk with his 9-11 videos and articles, just to try to portray as a “loony.” His speaking in a childlike, almost hysterical sing-song voice is all part of his effort to make himself seem silly as he points to the 9-11 conspiracy. When chemists identified hi-tech nano-thermite in the WTC dust and proved that the buildings had been taken down by controlled demolition, Huffschmid suddenly lost all interest in 9-11 and began making silly cooking videos. The videos showing his inane recipes are just one more dollop of Absurd Pile he was cobbling together for his “9-11 Truther” persona, a final last little Jewish giggle.

  2. My Name says:

    According to historical record, a 29-year-old German chemist Felix Hoffmann synthesized aspirin in its pure form in 1897 after his father complained about the taste of sodium salicylate, the drug used to treat rheumatism. It is Hoffman who in 1999 was feted across Germany as the nation celebrated one of the only global “brands” it can lay claim to.

    But new research has uncovered evidence outside and inside the Bayer archives, proving that it was not Hoffmann but his supervisor, a German Jew named Arthur Eichengrun, who discovered the drug. His name, however, no longer appears on the records and Hoffmann’s name is printed in all references to aspirin’s discovery. The year was 1934, when the Nazi party had come to power.

    What makes this tale so remarkable is that Arthur Eichengrun was no small-time chemist. He was an immensely rich man, the owner of many important patents, whose business and personal affairs ironically linked him to some of the highest-ranking Nazis in Germany. His country house was next door to Hitler’s and his Berlin apartment was in the same block as Hermann Goering, Hitler’s designated successor. He was a major-league player — a patriot with important contacts and considerable power. Here Huh, Whaddya Know Another German jew!!! Who’d A Thunk It??? <—RHETORICAL. I Got A Million Of 'Em!!! No Wait!!! 6,000,000!!! dave probably doesn't know about the jews in hitler's military either, or DENIES it!!! You can keep DENYING dave but, it doesn't change the truth!!!!!!! As I PROVE EVERYTHING I say!!! And /you/ SUBSTANTIATE NOTHING /you/ ALLEGE!!! Matter of Fact /you/ are MOSTLY NOISE & NO SIGNAL!!! Humph, wonder what that could mean!!! No Wait, lemme guess …

  3. Dave says:

    OK, you convinced me, My Shame. I’m one of you. Now, lets get on with this battle! How do we convince everyone else they are one of us too? What’s our angle gonna be?


    Paranoia hustler! What’s it gonna be???

    HoW do /we/ CONvince the greaTEST foe of /OURS/ that they are /1/ of [US]???
    — — —

    I’m done with you, My Name. I’ve once again proven my value here. My only remaining and presumably unanswered question with be… What’s your next name gonna be???

  4. My Name says:

    If hitler is the bastard son of a rothschild as some theorize then, the whole thing may have been a HAVE white german jew ashkeNAZI scam from the top down on the HAVE-NOT jew, germans, whites and by extension the rest of the world!!! That sure was nice of hitler to put all those “jews” on a german flagged ship and send them home, aliya to is ra el!!! When the have not “jews” REALIZE that they are just pawns being used in the game like the blacks, the yellows, the other have not what have yous, then they may UNITE against the common foe of mankind!!! Anyway my strategy would be more like others here UNITE the have nots & CONQUER rather than the stratagem of the, foe divide the have nots & conquer, numbnuts!!!

  5. Flanders says:

    Was Wise giving the warning which sadistic jews give when they are, in fact, “wise” to sadistic plans which are already in the works? Was that the background behind his statement about “old [conservative –added] white people”,

    “Because you’re on the endangered list.

    And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.

    In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember”.

    This plan against “old [conservative –added] white people” is planned to go into effect starting in 2012.

    “The chairmen of the bipartisan commission appointed by President Obama to rein in US deficit spending on Wednesday released a proposal that would include new taxes on consumption and employee health care benefits and cuts to the federal old-age insurance programs, Social Security and Medicare…”.


    “The plan is significant less for the details, since it is unlikely to be enacted in the specific form presented, as for its political impact, in raising publicly the demand to cut spending on programs on which tens of millions of elderly people depend, as well as to abolish tax provisions relied on by large numbers of middle-class homeowners.”

  6. Octo says:

    “Viral internet memes prove my point even more; people are hungrier to laugh than they are for the truth, if you combine them, it’s a home run.” — meself

    Here’s humor and truth combined for a grand slam. Think how easy it would be to insert a lot more truth in this script. I think it would be funnier also.

    Relevant comedy that writes itself…

    “HPV shot dilemma: Should gay boys be targeted?”

    Funny and disturbing gets the message across.

  7. Flanders says:

    The plan which Wise seems so knowledgeable about should come as no surprise. As Vanishing American points out (in a more oblique way) the propagandistic elements (the formally recognized ones in media, since all of jewry seems to be propagandists of some type or other) of his tribe have been working toward the same plan for quite some time. She examines the messages of a television series from about 40 years back. Add that to the 40 years that Wise is talking about and it shows that the jews have had ideas and were working the steps for a similar plan against Whites over a period spanning at least 80 years. VA names the television series in the link.

    “I suppose I was surprised at how propagandistic this was; I didn’t realize that the cultural Marxism was so far along and so out in the open even back in 1961 or 1962. We see it in this episode in its full-blown form.”

    “The only thing that I am still trying to work out is how, if the WASPs were/are crypto-fascist nativists, can they also be ”giving this country away” or acting in complicity with others of non-European origin to destroy America?”

  8. Flanders says:

    The direct link for the post referenced by the comment above: “Beware of the WASP”.

  9. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Incogman and all, ever wondered why in past times jews had to wear the yellow cloth star of david on their breast? This is the perfect example why they should, right now. With a yellow cloth on their breast, they would not be able to pose off as white people of christian origin, aka white majority, could not confuse us with white “race traitor” propaganda, and they would be clear to all the world to see what they are!

  10. Eric says:

    Lynda says:
    November 9, 2010 at 2:41 am
    “The semantics of anti-semitism is a total mind warp and head trip on the goyim.”

    The A-word is a one-size-fits-all diversionary word used by Jews in response to any exposure, critique, etc. and at the very same time to reverse the situation and paint YOU as the one who is evil, guilty, etc.

    You know, one thing I’ve never heard Jews call so-called anti-semites are is “liar.” That is strictly THEIR domain.


  11. Clytemnestra says:

    Incogman, you suggested that Tim Wise make aliyah to Israel.

    The problem is, that option isn’t open to him. Evidently, Mama was a “shiksa,” so that cancel out any Chosenite Status. When a Jewish male has offspring by a Gentile female, the offspring are not considered Jewish . To the Jewish state, Mr. Wise is considered a mamzer.

    Little Timmy may think he’s scoring major brownie points with Organized Jewry by bashing Whites the way he does, but they see him on the same level as Benjamin Netanyahu sees Christian Zionists; “scum, but we need all the useful idiots we can get.”

    So, “Tick Tock” better make up his mind that in any SHTF scenario that inevitably arises in his Rainbow take-down of White society is going to end up camping out on his front door step.

  12. Clytemnestra says:

    blackmale21 says:

    “Jewnation is crumbling alongside all the other countries that it has caused to crumble. At this point, it isn’t even able to effectively operate from behind its race paradigm that it managed to set up in order to distract us over the last few decades. As I commented in your last post, we’re waking up faster than ever. Tim Wise and the likes will soon have to answer your seemingly rhetorical question “of what about black people” who are now starting to realize their carefully orchestrated role of temporable, disposable pawns used to destroy whites, then ourselves, and no doubt any other non Jew left standing.”

    Blackmale21, I have often thought that the ZOG authorized MexInvasion resulted from the realization that Blacks were NOT mindless pawns who could be controlled. Blacks drove Whites out of Camden and Detroit, illegal Mestizos drove Blacks out of Compton and Watts. Of course, now the Mestizos are getting uppity. I wonder which ethnic group the country is suddenly going to discover that it can’t live without?

    It seems to me that the less jobs and opportunity is available out there, due to insourcing and outsourcing, the more obsessed the media gets with race! Yet our treacherous elite keeps trying to backdoor one amnesty measure after another.

    Researching the Bacon Rebellion, I think all Americans reading this board; Amerind, Asian, Black, Mestizo, and White need to study the history behind it, unite as Americans and drive this alienated elite we have out of power and then put them on trial for their lives, facing capital charges of treason.

  13. Lynda says:

    Exactly Clytemnestra – which racial trait immediately disqualifies them from being Israel. Peoples descended from Jacob and the 12 Tribes are lactose tolerant (c.f. milk and honey refs in the sacred texts) and patrilineal.

    So who exactly are these lactose intolerant, matrilineal folk calling themselves ‘Israelites’, – entitled to Palestinian land and who hate the prophets (and killed them) – as in Isaiah: “the fruit of justice is peace.”

    And in addition (to the above disqualifications) can also be subject to the unfortunate Bloom’s syndrome – intolerance to sunlight. Not too many of those will be wanting to make aliyah even when the SHTF – they will still need long, dark Northern nights.

  14. Octo says:

    “as in Isaiah: “the fruit of justice is peace.”’

    Everyone knows “the Jews’ harvest is war.”

    Years back my father had some book, undoubtedly Jew penned, about this lactose intolerance thing. I believe the author, and by extension, my gullible father, tried to persuade me that “people from Eastern Europe” (I wonder which ones, exactly???) got some fierce wind and plops from the milk products. Not me; not a huge milk drinker but I love my cheese.

    How bizarre, to hear this again?

    Re: sunlight intolerance: another sign of Vampirism

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Ash-can-nazi hats (is there another kind?) have many gingers, and we know how well they stand the sun. I saw some photo of this uniformed Jewess, ginger and white as a sheet of paper, standing in formation in that artificial oasis. She didn’t look out of place one bit, not at all. That photo said more about who’s a Semite, and who isn’t, than a hundred books.

  15. Marshall says:

    LMAO!!! The land of milk and honey is also the land of Pepto Bismol for Jews what a hoot 😀

  16. Flanders says:

    Clytemnestra, You have good posts and we are glad that you are here. I think that Wise may indeed be a candidate under the “law of return”. There seem to be four basic items needed, none of which should present difficulties for Wise. The jew-sucking f-cker had better apply soon!

    “You must show some kind of proof that you are of Jewish descent, having at least one Jewish grandparent. Gather as many of the following documents as you can …”.

  17. Marshall says:

    But Flanders, that would be racism and we all know Jews love diversity, right? 🙂

  18. Lynda says:

    Just checked in with the Timwise. He has a new vid on rainbow bear meets homophobic bear. Pass the barf bag. He’s going to try this more cuddly approach to racism, priviledge and ‘white denial’ on the goyim. White Denial – take note, the new jew code.

    All those White Deniers who deny, minimize, contextualize the holocaust, racial priviledge, racial guilt for everything that is wrong with the world – gotta new white denial schtik to run on Whitey. The judeoxtians and jewed down will buy it. It’ll never phase the d’ohnuts. (Thank God for the d’ohnuts).

    This White Denial thing is slimey and not good for us. It is better when that bought and paid for meshugge TimWise is spewing his Jew and coughing up his furball. Gotta punch some of his buttons over here, Vinceros.

  19. Mark says:

    The down fall of the United States as a Nation began in earnest circa (1965)…

    Emanuel Celler was a Zionist Democrat who spent 41-years fighting the restriction on immigration to the United States based on national origin.

    The Hart-Celler Act of 1965 abolished the national origins quota system that was American immigration policy since the 1920s,

    The 1965 act marked a radical break from the immigration policies of the past. The law as it stood then excluded Asians and Africans and preferred northern and western Europeans over southern and eastern ones.

    It’s time to bring back the National Origins Quota System.

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