Helen Thomas is RIGHT ON TARGET!

Israel-Firsters are using this shot to nurse their petty little Jew grudges.

THE BIG MOUTH and censorous Jews have now gone completely meshugge (yiddish for crazy) over former White House journalist Helen Thomas and are screaming like hysterical banshees to get the woman’s countless awards over the decades taken away. Just stop and think: Thomas, once a darling of the liberal left (Jews too), but because of an off-hand comment she made to some attention-hungry and satanic-looking punk rabbi who ambushed her with a hidden video camera, ZioFreaks everywhere have been gunning for the old gal. They transparently use her age (90, for crying out loud) to compare her with the Wicked Witch of the West. That’s the only thing these traitorous Israel-Firsters can come up with? Pathetic. Real America says: Stick it to those hypocrite Jews and Shabbos Goys, Helen! [INCOG]

Helen Thomas Skewers Zionists Again

By Rev. Ted Pike

Helen Thomas, veteran Washington journalist and political insider, has done it again—spoken the whole truth about Jewish supremacism’s control of America. In a speech to an Arab-American group in Detroit she said,

I can call a president of the United States anything in the book but I can’t touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank. No American would tolerate that — white-only roads… We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is…We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.

Thomas defiantly stands by the statement that ended her journalistic career in May when she said the Israelis should “get the h— out of Palestine” and “go home” to “Poland, Germany, and America, and everywhere else.” Now she says, “I paid the price for that. But it was worth it, to speak the truth.”

Of Lebanese Arab (Semitic) descent, Thomas answered the accusation that she is anti-Semitic.

I’d say I’m a Semite. What are you talking about…We all know the Arabs are maligned. They are automatically terrorists. I was called the Hizballah at the White House, Hamas, and everything else. But I never bowed to those kinds of slurs because I know who I am. I am an American.

Denying that Arabs in general are terrorists, Thomas said it was former Israeli leader “Menachim Begin who created terrorism. They bragged in his first book, about creating the modus operandi for terrorists.”

She adds that Zionists have to understand Palestine belongs to Arabs, too. “Palestinians were there long before any European Zionists.”

Thomas commented on the folly of appointing a Zionist Jew in charge of Mideast affairs.

Obama, he puts in charge for the Arab world a Zionist like Dennis Ross. You don’t put a Zionist in charge of the Muslim world in the White House.”

She also commented on the folly of US involvement in Mideast wars (fought to make the Mideast safe for Israel). Thomas said the war in Iraq was “built on lies.”

Seven years of war now with Iraq. They did nothing to us. They are totally innocent, and they were just demonized. I’m not saying Saddam Hussein wasn’t a terrible man. But how many thousands of Iraqis did you kill, for what reason?…They’ve never explained the war. No weapons of mass destruction. No ties to Al-Qaeda. What is this? Why are we killing those people? And why are we there?

We teach our children to be good citizens, never kill, never lie, never do bad things, and yet in 3-4 weeks, we train them to go and kill people half way around the world, and still have yet to give them a good reason to kill and die.

ADL, World Net Daily Vilify Thomas

Predictably, the Anti-Defamation League issued an immediate protest, labeling Thomas anti-Semitic and calling for rescinding of all her many honors and awards from journalistic and educational institutions nationwide.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, said:

Helen Thomas has clearly, unequivocally revealed herself as a vulgar anti-Semite. Her suggestion that Zionists control government, finance and Hollywood is nothing less than classic, garden-variety anti-Semitism. This is a sad final chapter to an otherwise illustrious career. Unlike her previous, spontaneous remarks into a camera, these words were carefully thought out and conscious. It shows a prejudice that is deep-seated and obsessive.

While we will never know what the hidden trigger was that led Thomas to reveal her prejudice, it is troubling that for more than 60 years she has made a pretense of impartiality as a journalist with a large megaphone. It makes it even that much more horrendous and horrific that she is now using that megaphone to release her prejudice in its crudest, most vulgar form. Through her words and deeds she has besmirched both herself and her profession.

It is time for those schools and professional organizations that have honored Thomas in one form or another over the years to consider rescinding those honors in light of her pervasively anti-Semitic rhetoric. Professional associations and academic institutions should not want to be associated with an anti-Semite.

Ironically, Thomas’ remarks follow closely on virulent attacks by the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center on 18 Christian/conservative watchdog organizations in America. SPLC is accusing them of being “hate groups” which government, police and media should especially monitor. ADL, piously instructing Tea Partiers in “civility and restraint,” breathes not a word of criticism of SPLC’s vicious stereotyping of the “homophobic” right.

Responses from Christian conservative leaders to SPLC’s attack are predictably weak. No one dares mention that SPLC is 100 percent Jewish, although SPLC repeatedly attacks Christians for what they are. Tony Perkins, head of Family Research Council, was the boldest. He demanded an apology from SPLC. Joseph Farah blusters but also can’t bring himself to utter the forbidden J-word. In fact, WorldNetDaily, quoting Foxman, joins ADL in mocking and deriding Thomas as anti-Semitic.

That leaves crusty, 90-year-old Helen Thomas as the only truth-teller among those violently attacked by ADL/SPLC over the past week. Not valuing her lost legacy of honors and position as a columnist for Hearst, she boldly proves that speaking the whole truth means the most to her. Of much greater courage and integrity than “Christian” leaders in America today, she may well be the bravest woman in public life in our time.

A little old lady shall lead them.


A Tale of Two Women

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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494 Responses to Helen Thomas is RIGHT ON TARGET!

  1. RocketMan says:

    No neeed for appypollywoggies in my end biker, i understood your frustration.

  2. RocketMan says:

    They already got my job. They want to get my honorary degrees. I mean, who are these people? What’s the matter, they can’t take freedom of speech?”

    She added: “I’m getting tired of this intimidation. I’m going to report him (ADL director Abe Foxman) to President Obama and all the proper authorities. He better stop intimidating me. He has to shut up everyone in the country who is against Israeli tyranny. That’s his job. That’s what he is paid for.”

    you gotta love that!
    GO HELEN, GO !

  3. Hoff says:

    Just Who ls That Hoff guy at incogland and Why is Hoff here? – by Hoff

    l Hoff is an extremely jew-wise white man. But not only that, l Hoff is the most jew-wise man – in history of man. Gather incogman, Br Nathan, David Duke, Tex Marrs, Zundel, JL, Bollyn et all in one room and l Hoff will beat them all.

    Do l think l’m superior? Yes l think l’m – for now. But what l do is that l challenge every single jew-wise lady and gentleman to beat me. Go on, BEAT ME!

    Damn it! Tell me one thing l don’t know about the jews.

    My litmus test is simple: Tell me what the highest worldly power is and how do you control it?

    lf you can do that you just might beat me as the most jew-wise lady or gentleman in history of man. But so far only a few have even attempted to get it. And the few who did, they aren’t even close.

    Damn it!!! l keep telling you why the jews got so much power is because the jews contol our state, and you just don’t get it.

    How many offices must you control to control our state:

    10 offices

    20 officese

    30 offices

    40 offices

    <50 offices

    One million offices

    You finally get it? Okay, what are those 50 offices?

  4. Hoff says:

    Dave is a jew >>> Spamblinka Dave

  5. Lynda says:

    Dave, I have read the entire Sarah Palin Zionist Tea Party Trojan Horse Thread.

    You and Akira started the ‘HOOZAJOO’ schtick on that and related threads last April.

    Thank you Americanborn for posting up that link.

    And you ran that number for days. And you got yourself SPAMblinka’d for calling Akira a jew and raving about the jewish nature of orientals.

    So don’t lie and call what I said ‘spin’.

    And here you are in December, Dave the jew, accusing Julian Lee of doing what you were doing last spring. But with a difference. Julian responded to provocation and he gave valid reasons for saying what he said. He was wrong. He admits it. Hoff admits. Incogman admits it. I admit it. But the reason why he said what he did remains valid.

    You, on the otherhand, are still running a schtik.

    On the Sarah Palin Thread you were ‘jew calling’ Akira as part of the HOOZAJEW schtik you all ran last April. In the following quotes, here you are whining to Incogman. BTW – you have whining down to a fine art. (Now what does that remind me of.) Here read it for yourself:

    “I noticed you (Incogman) banned me for calling out the jew ‘Akira’.” April 21, 2010 @ 12:22 pm
    And again (whining to Incogman) “Tell me you can not see the ‘jewish’ nature of the oriental” April 21, 2010 @ 12:46 pm

    You two Jews melted down the whole messageboard for days with your stupid schtik – Americanborn and Flanders who thought Akira was the diruptive and poisonous Jew (and he is, in my opinion) actually left Incogland rather than share the same cyberspace. Looking back over that and related threads you and Akira ran that Three Stooges act – Akira as Moe, you as Curly and Cannibal as Larry.

    It was only after everyone had taken sides between you and Akira, that in trying to analyze the fallout that Hoff and Julian got into it. AFTER you and Akira ran your number.

    This misunderstanding between Hoff and Julian has long been resolved. But you are still milking it. Now instead of raving about Akira and the jewish nature of orientals, you are raving about Julian.

    You are quite an instigator, Dave. I agree with Hoff. Your contribution here is negative.

    Flanders, I do think the schtiks that the crypto Jews run on the Messageboard with a view to getting the Whites at each throats is relevant to the Helen Thomas thread.

    In my opinion, Akira is a jew posing as a Gaelic / Japanese ‘othodox Christian’ and infodump. Dave is a jew posing as a White Nation doofus. Cannibal Rabbi is a Jew posing as a Jew who is not posing as a Jew. Like in the stupid jootoon G-Force – the mole is the mole. And between them they have created a lot of bad feeling on this Messageboard between people who are trying to make contributions related to Incogman’s great posts.

  6. Octo says:

    “Cannibal Rabbi is a Jew posing as a Jew who is not posing as a Jew.”

    And here I was thinking he was an anti-anti-anti-semite. I feel like such a fool.

    “Dave is a jew posing as a White Nation doofus…BTW — you have whining down to a fine art”

    No, he’s invaluable…sublime…he’s…I can’t take it anymore…


    My only regret is that so many cats had to die needlessly, and be swung about so, before this could FINALLY be resolved amicably.

  7. Dave says:


    I have lost all respect for you.As a last favor however, I will play your infantile hoozdajoo game to completion. Just as I did with Akira. Just as I did with Cannibal Rabbi. Just as I did with Prodigal Son. I had to just to get a word of my thoughts in here.


    This is not about Rich.
    This is not about Hoff.
    This is about the infantile and worthless nature of the “secret jew game”
    This is about how retarded it sounded listening to Julian and yourself talk about Rich after you “bagged your kill”.


    Again, your hoozdajoo game against commenters here IS what this whole drawn out thing has been about. You are WRONG! Julian was WRONG!

  8. White Wolf says:

    Who’s branding necessary exposure of jew taktiks on this board as “playing” “hoozdajoo”, and won’t shut up about THAT??

    It would be only so convenient for a planted brat to deflect exposure by crying “stop playing hoozdajoo – it’s a vaste of ze time”.

    It’s clear to me whose butts are hurtin’.

    Get over it! Exposing jews on Incog? Why so surprised and uncomfy about it???


  9. Dave says:

    I call it the “secret jew game”. The other term was coined by someone else (its good). I am an anti-gatekeeper. I have been since a long and drawn out encounter here like a figgin’ year ago with the old gatekeeper (Akira). I feel the blog owner can decide for himself. Earlier, in this thread he even called for the end of the accusations (of which I have made none), though, Julian and Lynda continued on with their hoozdajoo game disregarding what he said.

    I’m all for exposing the jew. That’s what this place exists for. I KNOW allowing and encouraging people to participate WILL keep them coming back. The more people we can get to read, come back and repeat the better. Who knows, maybe they have a jewel of a comment to share with us. The hoozdajoo game (played on blog commenters) serves only as enjoyable for the existing awakened Whites. The goal is to AWAKEN NEW PEOPLE. Scaring them away with an infantile game is a GREAT DETRIMENT to this cause. It is a widely deployed tactic across the whole interweb.

    As INCOG MAN stated earlier in this thread, you can not just reach through the wires and find out if the commenter has a name the ends in stein or whatever. I directly addressed this game that was about to break out. It was here in the past and had spiraled out of control. I had the balls to address these people whom were wrong. If you think I’m a jew because of that, so be it. You are wrong too.


  10. Julian Lee says:

    I don’t know what “whoosajoo” means.

    I do know that any poster who might-as-well-be a Jew ought to be banned, in pretty short order, just as Incogman has always done. That will keep the board mostly positive and constructive, and mostly harmonious. One does not NEED TO KNOW whether the person behind the handle is literally a Jew. If they act like one, ban them. At this point, “Dave” is in that category certainly.

    The cleaner ship Incog runs here, the more decent Whites and high-quality posters will come here. Yesterday the writer Texe Marrs posted here. I can’t see this place opening up to that level with Dave types allowed to run on and on. Over at my Brotherhood’s YouTube channel I don’t tolerate any crap, just like Incogman. I don’t let threads get poisoned by rubbish, and I don’t need to know God’s-own-truth about who the anonymous person is. If they’re posting crap, they’re blocked. So it’s not a question of “Who’s a Jew.” It’s a question of posting crap, and your affect on the board.

    Oh. I just figured out what “hoozdajoo” means. That’s a newly created word somebody’s created to try to invalidate/demean/ridiculo-tize the necessary process of weeding out disruptive posters and likely Jewish trolls. I got it. Here’s the term I prefer, folks:

    hoozdajoo = “Identifying disruptive posters, including those who act like Jews and may as well be, and getting rid of them.”

    It’s important work. Don’t demean it, “Dave.” See how “Dave” almost got that meme started here and invalidated the whole process of controlling Jewish activism here? Like I said before, it’s actually in Incogman’s favor to have 1 or 2 halfway respected posters firsts suspect/confront these parties before he bans them. Rather than “doing it all himself” and having to play Mr. Autocrat. That’s what I’d want, running a board. I’d want some participation on that, and some sense of assent or agreement before banning somebody. So how’s that gonna happen if “Dave” gets his way?

    Guess what else? I’d happily be banned myself if it had to be done with a batch of others who really were disruptive trolls, if they were well well-established and causing a lot of harm. Anything for the greater good.

    Oh yeah. And I forgot. This is interesting: It’s Jews themselves who tend to spell it “joo” like that. They don’t really like it, you see, to actually use the word “Jew” in any derogatory manner. That could go onto the list of 16. “Joo” spellings are typically introduced by Jews themselves. It stings them less to say “Joo.” They don’t feel they’re betraying their people then, see?

    Hoff: Dave is a jew >>> Spamblinka Dave

    I agree, Hoff. He’s certainly a Mawb Jew (May-as-well-be a Jew.)

    Hoff: Dave is posting ín incogland 24-7. When did Dave write one single comment that even remotely could wake people up to the jews? l havn’t read one. Have you?

    I was thinking the same thing last night. I don’t recall a single post by this “Dave” that was substantive, or sharp against Jewish power. Are all of “Dave’s” posts of the nature of mucking up personal soap operas here? Casting strange aspersions on other posters? Running endless personal dramas? Is that all Dave does. If anybody can find a decent Jew-aware post by Dave, please post it.

    I have other reasons to believe that “Dave” may-as-well-be a Jew, based on his posting/arguing manner and particular things he has said in his posts to me. This guy is a game player. And he likes to bait other posters. He has an agenda.

  11. Julian Lee says:

    Dave: I call it the “secret jew game”.

    Yeah, we heard you you say that 20 times.

    We’ll call it “keeping the board clean,” as usual.

  12. Julian Lee says:

    Dave: “This is about the infantile and worthless nature of the “secret jew game”

    Does anything more need be shown?
    I’d not be posting here — and many other sincere posters too — if Incog had not been “playing a worthless game” of controlling and cleaning out disruptive posters. (He probably bans 5 a month, at least, and often they are fingered first by others.)

    This cute/coy/smarmy/clever/bantering/burr-in-your-hair poster wants Incogman to become a Jew Free-for-All and a Jew Party Zone. That’s clear.

  13. White Wolf says:

    Well then, why don’t we just refrain from calling out jews pretending to be White, which DO undermine the discourse here, and DO stir things up in “infantile” fashion – let’s just let them run rampant, instead! Too much “trouble” comes with dealing with them – how dare any “keep the gate”. That’s baaaad, huh, Dave – baaaaad. Expose the jew, just not here. Exposing the jew is intollerable, here. I’m sure newcomers would “gladly” just wade through all kinds of jew-flack, and not come away confused as to the priorities of this blog at all, if we’d just stop drawing the line!

    It’s not a game, and it’s not enjoyable, nor “infantile” to expose the jews pretending to be White, here, but otherwise just stirring shit up (obvious jews are easy, why I’m sure they went to new taktiks uh-while ago). I can’t think of a better way to help newcomers understand the kind of tactics jews use to confuse discussion, than to point it out, as opposed to ignoring it.

    If any infantile game drives newcomers from this blog, it’s the infantile games jews play, which must be dealt with – and, yes, it gets ugly, go figure. Avoiding dirty work never got us anywhere.

    And, yes,

  14. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ incog: JL, Lynda and l Hoff say the same thing: Dave = a jew.

    The jew Dave is a mini-Akira, a pain in the butt to incogland.


  15. White Wolf says:

    JL, the above was for “Dave”

  16. Flanders says:

    Rocketman, about Helen Thomas: “They already got my job. They want to get my honorary degrees. I mean, who are these people? What’s the matter, they can’t take freedom of speech?”

    She added: “I’m getting tired of this intimidation. I’m going to report him (ADL director Abe Foxman) to President Obama and all the proper authorities. He better stop intimidating me. He has to shut up everyone in the country who is against Israeli tyranny. That’s his job. That’s what he is paid for.”

    you gotta love that!”

    We DO love it.
    The problem is that is not only “Ugly Foxman’s” job, it is also Obama’s job (to shut up everyone in the country who is against Israeli tyranny).

    Here is the full extent of Obama’s reaction when Thomas reports about Ugly to Obama:


    He probably feels much the same frustration as Thomas does himself, despite his own heartfelt communist sympathies.

  17. Hoff says:

    POLL at incogland:

    YES: Dave is a jew = Dump Dave

    no: let the jew dave rampage incogland.

    Bug spray Zyklon-B = delousing lying jew scumbags.

    The jew Dave’s MO is typical jew strategy: Accuse, accuse and accuse, Show me one comment when the jew Dave ain’t accusing jew-wise people. Show me one comment the jew Dave have made that is of any use to awaken people about the jews.

  18. Hoff says:

    Another Jew CodeWord Exposed: o:30 Pol-Ski

    “1939: German foxtrot for Stalin: Fritz Weber – Wladimir ”


    Pol-Ski, polski or polsky is slang for Poland.l The jews HATE poland and poles. So what better way for the jews to smear-slander the poles as to pose as obnoxious poles? Hence the -ski or -sky jew surname.

  19. Octo says:

    “Pol-Ski, polski or polsky is slang for Poland.l The jews HATE poland and poles. So what better way for the jews to smear-slander the poles as to pose as obnoxious poles? Hence the -ski or -sky jew surname.” — Hoff

    One of the unfortunate realities of life under the ziodome is that ANY Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, or German surname can be a Jewish one. Sometimes the change is a flag to co-ethnics: Larry Merchant (Kaufmann), Sumner Redstone (Rothstein), Jack Black (Schwartz). The most ironic Jew surname has to be Tannenbaum: a Jew named “Christmas Tree.”

    Jews change their names for the same reason criminals change theirs.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What I Believe. By Cannibal Rabbi.

    I believe incogmann is if not a kike, which i wouldn’t write off, a bit of a useless prick.

    For whites is he/she?
    I’m white.

    he runs a talking shop, full of half hearted, whining (like kikes),complaining shitbags, who couldn’t tie their shoelaces in time to stop a bus, never mind a genocide.
    “It’s only me”, the cunt whines, “don’t believe the hasbarats”.
    Why is it only him/her.
    Not a very fucking good example of networking with likeminded fucking whites, to force the fucking issue, IS IT?

    Somebody say’s something slightly suggestive of fucking action, and he/she goes all, “are you trying to get me closed down?”

    Why fucking NOT?

    What’s the point of your endless, pointless, directionless whining?

    You’ll never FIGHT, because you don’t KNOW HOW that FUCKING WORKS.
    Are you fucking shy.

    All the insipid wanker wants to do is treat people like Pavlov treated fucking DOGS!!!

    Better know how to fucking talk!
    Better know who my fucking pet wankers are!

    Or i’ll jump in and banish you, with my jacki fucking nicholson persona, that was fucking cool, two fucking thirds through the last fucking century!

    OOOh i’ve got two million fucking hits. So you should have you pointless cunt. Round the fucking chops! SO FUCKING WHAT!!!


    I’ll get my gun, i’m an AMURRRRICCCINNNN!!!!!

    No you fucking wont!

    You’ll do what you’re fucking told.
    It’s all you’ve ever done. You cowardly yankee CUNTS!!!
    And you’ll fucking like it.
    Or be sorry.

    Please post this at incogwank on my behalf *****.
    Dickbreath wont accept my posts.


  21. Hoff says:

    Spot on Octo. Tannenbaum, didn’t think of that one.

    Kikery, you POS are exposed by the minute here at incogland.

  22. Anonymous says:

    “Kikery, you POS are exposed by the minute here at incogland.”

    That is the nature of incogland. Those that speak here are kikes, exposing themselves.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Sure is heart-warming I have so many fans in all the kibbutzs across the land. I’m not quite sure of the plural for “kibbutz,” but maybe one of them can tell me in my SPAMblinka que.

  23. Flanders says:

    You might have to go back further than anyone has so far to find out how disruptive and controlled the comments sections were before Dave came along. Many true Whites who were knowledgeable about the jew were driven away by the concerted actions of Akira and a hasbara gang. You may find it difficult to see the jackhammer speed of some of the demeaning comments hurled toward anyone opposing their grip, although the jew-type filth and waste of space and effort on “info-tainment” was obvious, and you don’t have an idea about that unless they have been directed at you. There was an entire group (difficult to spot who was and wasn’t legit) supporting each other against anyone who attacked them. There are several jew sites which are involved in the manufacture of disinfo materials which they use to junk up legitimate information sources, and one of them was leaking here in the comments section. If they can’t control, they are intent upon creating doubt or in putting out too much disinfo that all of it cannot be checked without a lot of wasted time and energy. Calling everyone a jew and putting those type of disinfo materials into the public domain is one way they do that. Slandering good sites is another. PREVENTING UNITY AMONG WHITES is A PRIMARY GOAL, and that was being acheived big-time.

    About this incident at present, some people just didn’t look for the signs and found them difficult to comprehend when Rich’s faults were pointed out. Also, there was resentment because people felt that the “victors” were gloating and rubbing an intellectual superiority into everyone’s faces. The more doubts there are, and the less time to digest what has happened, the more “in your face” that type of comment appears to be.

    I was thinking just a couple of days ago how nice it was that everyone seemed to be productive and getting on with our cooperative efforts of exposing the jewish deceptions. I was watching Rich and wondering what type of move he might make but I was going to wait longer before calling him. Julian did call him and I think he and Lynda (and me) are right about him. I know it is not 100%, but as placed against Rich’s useless and somewhat revealing comments, I think it is entirely justified.

    I don’t think that Julian and Lynda are setting themselves up as gatekeepers any more than the rest of us. Dave, you seem to be personally vested in Rich. Did you invite him here? I’ve been watching Dave, and I haven’t determined what Dave really is, but I don’t think that Dave is a jew, or I’m not ready to call him that yet, despite his lack of really very unproductive postings. He was adamant against the little jap/Irish/Canadian Hitlerwannabe and he gained a lot of cred with me because of it. I think Dave is legitimate, but bears watching. It did take a lot of effort to keep this thread so disruptive.

    So far as Hoff goes, anyone who first is around Hoff will have the same suspicions until they understand his background and his work product. He’s outwardly conceited (which throws a lot of people off because it is trait foreign to us) and his spelling is horrendous, but he earns his rep by having such unique ability to summarize what the jew is all about and to show that jews and communism are synonomous. Julian has come to see that Hoff is not as he first appears and Hoff understands so that there are no lingering resentments.

    Let’s find a good place to end this divisiveness before it becomes permanently entrenched, or before it spreads into other threads. Let’s get on with what we have all come here to do – exposing jewish duplicities. Let’s end it as unified Whites and Americans when we have ended our discussions.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thank you, Flanders.

      You know sometimes I leave the Jew’s comments up, just so others can read them. Understand that I could easily click on a button and send the comment to the Internet ether or SPAMblinka, one. Plus, I have certain filters installed to nab the more obvious Jewry. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence has not progressed far enough to completely get Jew lying tactics so all of us occasionally will have to wonder about some commenters.


      I apologize in advance if I don’t get them all, or inadvertantly SPAMblinka those Whites who have yet to get it fully. Actually, that’s the thing I most hate.

  24. White Wolf says:

    Most jews may sure look white, often times, but they sure don’t act like it – can’t forever anyway.

    I am glad to see further discourse is such a giant threat to them. How did they become exposed and their lies begin to unravel in the first place? That’s right – further discourse.

    And the further the discourse goes, the more wildly they thrash to derail it, and to goad.

  25. Hoff says:

    I’m not quite sure of the plural for “kibbutz, –incog–


    Hoff says: That should be kibbutz-IM

    -im at end in jewbry is plural. Goy — GoyIM.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Yeah, that’s right, Hoff. I should’ve known.

      Anyways, INCOG LAND is not, nor will ever be a Kibbutz for crypto-Jewry.


  26. Hoff says:

    Kibbutz = Jew CodeWord for: A jew ghetto.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The whole Spamblinka thing is cute. That’s how you guys fight for your freedom from ZOG. It’s cute. Kinda of like a virtual war against jews where no one gets hurt and nothing ever happens.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I’m gonna have to send you to my SPAMblinka now, Jewboy.

      I’m afraid you are quite wrong. Many of us are gearing up for the time we drag you outta your sewers and death march you down to El Paso.

  28. INCOG MAN says:

    Evidently, the Helen Thomas story has gotten the Jew all kind of bollixed up. It looks like I need to run more stuff on her.

  29. White Wolf says:

    Helen Thomas is a saint – I care not her religion. She stands for good to evil’s face.
    Love her for that.

  30. Flanders says:

    How many jews come here with a message similar to this?

    “You’ll never FIGHT, because you don’t KNOW HOW that FUCKING WORKS.
    Are you fucking shy.”

    Just HOW do you fight on a public blog? (I’m giving you a left uppercut, jewboi! – Choke on your vodka!)

    I, and others of us at Incogman, KNOW how White men can fight. It’s getting them unified that is the hard part. Once the unity is there, there is nothing and no one who can stand against them.

    A blog is intended to give the White people information, that which is never given by the jewish media, so that they understand who their enemy is, and how the jews work their plots against Whites, Americans and other people. Whether fighting is involved or not, the control by jewish media must be ended.

    Destroying jewish media and replacing it with a White and true American media will prevent the jews control. Anti-American and jewish insanity reigns so long as the media is jewish controlled. When media returns to White and/or true American hands then sanity for our country can and will begin to return.

  31. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ incog: Our stats is going by the 10.ooos now 80)

  32. Hoff says:

    and his spelling is horrendous, –Flanders–


    Hoff says: Okay okay, so l get drunk then and now and make a typo or two in a ten word sentense. (lt’s spelled with a C, l know. ) l’m probably a dyslectic. But l’m doing my best.

    But l Hoff is the fricking best you got on the jew fraud communism!

  33. Flanders says:

    Great comment, White Wolf, at 6:03: “Most jews may sure look white, often times, but they sure don’t act like it – can’t forever anyway.

    [THIS is what White people must understand! The jew is NOT a White person. There are white (skinned) jews, but like beauty – evil is often below the skin, and that is where the evil effect that jewry has is located – under their skin. Jewry is a duplitious, under the surface evil, which comes complete with treasonous operations conducted in the open because of the perception that they are a same or similar person to us. The jew as a unified force in our societies, however, is actually a mentally disturbed, Asian-minded, disrupter of good and a sower of immorality, who uses the camoflauge of his hosts skin and outward cultural appearance (and who infiltrates all of the hosts society, including those legitimate institutions setup by the hosts), and who is intent upon gaining financial and political ascendency over everyone else, in order to use it for evil purposes. – Flanders]

    I am glad to see further discourse is such a giant threat to them. How did they become exposed and their lies begin to unravel in the first place? That’s right – further discourse.

    And the further the discourse goes, the more wildly they thrash to derail it, and to goad.”

  34. Flanders says:

    That wasn’t criticism, Hoff. It was a factual explanacion. You ARE damm goode!

  35. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ Flanders: Explain to me what our state is and how to we control our state.

  36. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ JL: Explain to me what our state is and how to we control our state.

  37. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ Steelback: Explain to me what our state is and how to we control our state.

  38. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ incogman: Explain to me what our state is and how to we control our state.

  39. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ David Duke: Explain to me what our state is and how to we control our state.

  40. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ Tex Marrs: Explain to me what our state is and how to we control our state.

  41. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ Br Nathan: Explain to me what our state is and how to we control our state.

  42. Hoff says:

    DAMN IT! When will you ever get it?!

    The WHOLE jewcrap is about one thing and one thing ONLY:

    – How do we jews take conrol of the goyim state?

  43. White Wolf says:

    Thanks Flanders. I think once people’s eyes adjust to comprehend the sheer magnitude of diabolically subversive bloodlust we’re faced by/being destroyed by, the jews won’t have to goad anybody into carrying out responsible retribution for ongoing widespread crimes against Whites, our nations, and those of other races/nations (to be used against Whites, and vice-versa, to further empower the jew stranglehold). The more who are able to see through the jew lies to realize the jew crimes (indescribably wicked, and ongoing), the better.

    And thank you all.
    You too, Hoff!

  44. Legion Aire says:

    At a guess I would state that the average jew uses our own languages against us, in the form of creating laws with loopholes designed for those attuned to the wordplay a jew uses. Not to mention their creating of buzzwords to stimulate the unknowing populous into an action that benefits the jew.

  45. Biker says:

    HELEN THOMAS. funny how all of this shit exploded in the comment section isnt it?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahaha! who started it? damn sure wasnt Dave. derail the topic, and discredit the subject. RUN HELEN THOMAS INTO THE GROUND! thats what you dooo, Jooo!!! hows the weather in Tel-Aviv?

    WOW, just when i want to come back and be cool…. you fuckwads start acting the jew again. Christ! dont ya fucks got a dradel to spin? or a christian to kill? shouldnt have used the C word huh? vomitous. Incog, the comment section has become vomitous, and infested. im gunna take Rocks lead, and un-ass this plethora of noachide debate. FUCK YOU !!! JEWS!

  46. Biker says:

    gatcha Incog. keep doin what you do, and GOD DAMN THEM. ill always be around, i will always be around. get that hasbara? spin a chicken somewhere, ill be here, to call you and your people… FREAKS!

  47. RocketMan says:

    FLANDERS: Of course i didn’t expect that Obama would do anything about Helen Thomas and her being defamed by Foxman , the point i was trying to get across is that she will not shut up about it, she’s not giving in to the jew , thats all.

    If she really believes Obama would say or do anything to his MASTERS maybe she’s going just a little senile, she is 90.

    It’s funny how the anti defamation league works so hard to defame some one huh?
    this whole fiasco is opening up alot of eyes, this is good, right.

    so flanders, you better not be calling me a jew, my fights not with you.

    last sentence——-> was a joke. i just didn’t want to mess up this hoozajoo thread with a comment on the posted topic 😉

  48. Lynda says:

    I’ve been reading the Coffee Room forums over at The Yeshiva World News. The Jews are really exercised on the ‘Campaign to Ban Helen Thomas from the White House’.

    Read the form letter they are all sending http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/campaign-ban-Helen-Thomas-from-the-White-House.

    While you are there read the comment on the messageboards, the stuff they say about the goyim is priceless.

  49. RocketMan says:

    i couldn’t find the message board.

  50. Flanders says:

    I almost didn’t see your last sentence, Rocketman! You had me going. I was checking out to see what it could have been about. Goodnight, everyone!

  51. RocketMan says:

    HAH, got ya!

  52. whitey says:

    “[white] Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation” –Nadine Gordimer, Knighted Nobel Prize winner who now has her wrinkly old face on gold coins.
    http://boerboel1.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/the-gold-medal-for-hate/ (warning: mentally disturbing pics)

    That’s incitement of genocide. Why don’t those stupid lefties go after Nadine Gordimer?

  53. whitey says:

    Gordimer (87) really does look like a witch.

  54. GTRman says:

    Helen Thomas Does Zion.flv

    ( Les Visible essay narrated by gravel-voiced thespian )

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