Jews Get Duke’s Youtube Account Censored (AGAIN)

The lousy censoring Jews have once again shown just how much they are desperate to keep White people from getting the big picture.

Dr. David Duke

The above screen shot (they’ll probably change it soon) is what Youtube shows you when you click on David Duke’s link to his video “Jewish Extremism and it’s media cover up.” Uh, Duke’s videos don’t contain any spam, or “commercially deceptive content.” I do believe that’s total Orwellian Jew talk there.

Think this one through a minute: What’s going to happen if all us Whites have no open and free dialogue to each other? Look, you might be Mr. Nice guy and all to the other races, but what if the Jews can get away with even more destructive behavior against our race, countries and religions, without us being able to talk about it?

Imagine if the criminal could stop any witnesses from talking simply by branding it “hate speech” and declaring them an “extremist?”

Already, the lousy Jews have a stranglehold on the mainstream media — TV, Print, Radio and Hollywood. Don’t believe me? Look into matters by starting here: Who Controls Television?

Once they mostly silence any Jew talk on the Internet, what’s next? 9/11 truth, perhaps? Think “Freedom of Speech” is inviolate? If we cannot say squat on what these devious Jews do, be it in Washington, Wall Street or Tel Aviv, these people can and will get away with murder. Hell, they already do pretty much.

The Jewish Internet Defense force went haywire when Youtube allowed Duke’s Youtube account to be reinstated after all the work they did to get it deleted the first time. I wrote about it HERE.

There’s millions of Jews working to get any talk about them silenced. They fully realize once enough people start getting another view of the holocaust, or what Israel is really like via the Internet, then people are not going to take any more of their crap. 

The Jew business is the prime motive for Internet censorship. Once you understand that, everything else will make sense.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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151 Responses to Jews Get Duke’s Youtube Account Censored (AGAIN)

  1. Octo says:

    It was true our government was funding the Soviets the whole time.” — Alex Jones

    I’ve known that fact since I was a teen, though I didn’t draw the correct and obvious conclusion from it till much later. –Octo–

    Hoff says: How the f… could you know that when you was ten years old? l really want to know. Who told you? And why?

    I was about fifteen when told this by my father, Hoff. It’s ironic, since I came closer to the truth about this overarching thing, and he became evermore addled with Christian Zionism. But he once had a fairly critical mind.

    Where did he hear it from? Disgraced CZ evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

    True story. Draw your own conclusions about that.

  2. Silvernickel says:


  3. Octo says:

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of? the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding? out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge – even to ourselves – that we’ve been so credulous.”

    — Carl Sagan, truth revealing Jew

    re: Jew Oligarch Khodorkovsky: partner Platon Lebedev is also a Jew, needless to say. I wonder is this sentence is designed to provoke sympathy and agitation for International Made-Off Snipdicks? Political theater? A segue into something even more sinister? Note the apologetic commentary: very similar to “It’s all the gentile’s fault.” — Ruth Made-Off

  4. Dianna says:

    Happy New year to everyone! Parasites don’t count so fuck Zorba and his girlfriend Netanyahu.

  5. GTRman says:

    Thank god thats over. This year , and the next , will reveal the jew. Mark my words.

  6. Z.O.G. says:

    Did someone mention Alex Jones? 😀

    Alex Jones Exposed

  7. Flanders says:

    This seems to have been written during the 1930’s, but the author and title are not given at this link. This guy seems to think he owns a copyright, but I seriously doubt that he can. Anyway, here is an excerpt, but the picture is even worse than is presented here, as you will see from reading the rest of the link.

    “But just as a young and growing organism is more easily infected by parasites and bacteria than a more mature and stronger one, so too the North American national body was overwhelmed by Jews from everywhere in the world. According to American statistics, over 5 million Jews lived in the USA in 1926. They were concentrated in the big cities. Since public opinion in democracies, and especially in the USA is made in the big cities, and since the Jews in the USA control all elements of public opinion such as the press, publishing, radio, parties, clubs and so on, one can affirm that the Jews control public opinion in North America. The following table presents the distribution of Jews in the USA:
    New York has 2,000,000 Jews, 33% of the population
    Philadelphia has 280,000 Jews, 15% of the population.
    Cleveland has 12,000 Jews, 8% of the population
    Chicago has 260,000 Jews, 8% of the population
    Boston has 85,000 Jews, 12% of the population
    Baltimore has 70,000 Jews, 17% of the population
    Pittsburgh has 60,000 Jews, 17% of the population
    Saint Louis has 60,000 Jews, 18% of the population
    New Orleans has 55,000 Jews, 16% of the population
    Detroit has 50,000 Jews, 17% of the population
    Hartford has 27,000 Jews, 17% of the population
    The increase in the number of Jews since the turn of the century is particularly clear in the case of New York. The number of Jews there has increased as follows:
    From 225,000 in 1877
    To 597,674 in 1900
    To 1,252,135 in 1910
    To 1,643,012 in 1920
    To 1,876.545 in 1930
    To over 2 million in 1935 (counting only religious Jews).
    Some areas of New York business life are Jewish monopolies. They have taken over the clothing industry and a substantial part of the cigarette industry. They are heavily involved in some light industries. The big New York department stores are owned by Jews. The American magazine “National American” gives the following illuminating figures:
    The Jews control:
    98% of the financial markets
    99% of the banking industry
    69% of the food industry
    100% of the theater and movie industry
    99% of the press
    82% of the radio, telephone, and telegraph industries
    75% of the transportation industries
    85% of real estate.
    The following Jews have key positions in the economy, government, legal system, state and local governments, labor unions, etc.: [Continues with good information at the link]

  8. Flanders says:

    Christopher Bollyn’s article

    “In 1878, the B’nai B’rith was already “one of the most powerful secret organizations in the United States.” It began when the Jewish population of the U.S. was very small and consisted primarily of Jews of German origin.

    The B’nai B’rith – eager to swell its ranks – was instrumental in recruiting and bringing hundreds of thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe to the U.S. in the late 1800s. The illiterate and uneducated Jews from the ghettos of Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, and Byelorussia were sent to frontier towns like Cleveland and became new members of the growing secret society. The family of the Cleveland gangster Sam Miller, father of Aaron Miller of the State Departmen, and the Chertoff family are such B’nai B’rith families. Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel comes from two B’nai B’rith families of Chicago – the Auerbach and the Smulevitz clans. Michael Goff, the founding manager of Ptech, the Mossad Trojan Horse of 9-11, is the son and grandson of the leading B’nai B’rith 32nd Degree Masons of Worcester, Massachusetts. The secret society of B’nai B’rith now has immense influence in virtually every town and village across the United States and Canada. The judge, the clerk, and your lawyer are probably all members of the same secret society. That is the kind of injustice I experienced in Cook County when I was maliciously prosecuted for my 9-11 research in 2007.”

    “The Music, Entertainment, and Media Unit of the B’nai B’rith is a special lodge, created in 1963, for members holding high-level positions in the U.S. media industry. This is the secret organization that allows the Jewish owners of media outlets to conspire and control the information provided to the American people.

    Like many other Jewish media moguls, Gerald M. Levin (the head of HBO AOL Time Warner) who took over CNN from Ted Turner in the mid-1990s, is also a member of the Media Lodge of B’nai B’rith. The Zionists wanted complete control of the U.S. mass media and conspired to get CNN away from Turner’s control.

  9. Flanders says:

    The above auto-posted. I was going to point out that Bollyn’s information is confirmatory of the 1930’s information about the masonics in the comment previous. The article date is 12-1-09 and the title is, “The Jewish Secret Society That Controls the U.S. Media”. The links sometimes don’t open in the right place, but we’ll try.

  10. Flanders says:

    This video is from a jewish source which was found connected with it’s terms of service. It seems to be designed to tell jews what they can get by with and to let them know that the terms of service are loaded in their favor. I don’t know if it has anything that is helpful to us in the video, but it may be worthwhile reviewing. It does make clear that You Tube is a stacked deck.

    YouTube Terms of Use Summary!

    I suspect that the “legal” aspects of all TOS are controlled by terminology chosen expressly by jewish lawyers, and is intended to provide “automatic” abilities to sanction.
    How many of our legitimate sites are being forced into “voluntary” compliance with the same TOS’s in order to be able to operate “legally”?

    See: Hoff posted a lik for a separate Jew Tube on the New Years thread, which seems to be owned by Jewlicious. A link to those TOS is here: of Service&configid=jewlicious

  11. American says:

    I wanted to post this again. Looks like the word “Jews” might start getting the attention it deserves in 2011:


  12. American born says:

    Message to jidf and all the other thief organisations:

    I want to know if you know what your wreckless ways are producing?
    Have you any clue what awaits you?
    You laugh now. Laugh hard, It makes us stronger in our resolve to utterly destroy you.
    Have any of you ever encountered a White mob armed and ready to get pay back?
    There is no stopping us when it gets to that point.
    We are a docile people when left alone. And the most deadliest force on the face of the planet when prodded too long. Thats why you use us to fight your wars, because we are deadly and you know this.
    Carefull with your ways, it Will bite you in the Ass in the end. Just as it has thru out your pathethic existance of thievery and lies.
    Youve been warned, dont think it wont happen again, kids.
    Your fucking around with the wrong people.

  13. American born says:

    To all the jews who smuggly laugh at the on coming awareness of the masses to your scam.
    I got your game plan, I know it and talk to others about it daily. Try and stop me.
    Im just one guy, when I talk to people, I get the confused look at first. I go on to EXPOSE the lies and media crap and the wars against nations. Then I get the nod.
    Yes, it makes sence, bro.
    Yes Sir, it all makes sence. Think about it, get back to me.
    Your house of cards is falling, boys.
    And when shit hits the fan, run jew boy, run fast.
    Understand the house of lies always falls, its just a matter of time.
    Your on top now, Im glad youve crested. Now its time for your downfall.
    Im looking foward to the day your tribe wrecks the economy and absolutely turns my nation into nothing.
    Thru the destruction of your prize diamond nation that youve destroyed, youll run, because the Whites will stand up and begin to clean house. If Im still around, look out jew.
    Its called nation building.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” — Thomas Jefferson

  14. American born says:

    What happens when the threat to American government comes from within? There is the subtle and invisible war that is taking place at home.

  15. Geronimo says:

    I believe the timing of this latest Dr. Duke banning on YouTube has a notable timeline, that being New Years Eve when the least amount of people would notice. Just like recess appointments and news dumping on a early Saturday morning. Think this is just a circumstance? I don’t.

  16. Geronimo says:

    To elaborate, apparently this move by YouTube was not the result of action by some rank and file employee making a spontaneous decision based on the weight of evidence as it arrived. Rather this was a strategically planned move, decided on by higher up and part of a wider effort to disrupt the flow of unfavorable information. VT is under attack as are other outlets of uncensored truth.

  17. Dianna says:

    Stinking Jew Talmudist to decide issue of ‘Internet neutrality’ in U.S.

    The Jewish Daily Forward; December 8, 2010

    WASHINGTON — How should the United States regulate the Internet?

    The answer to this question — which affects the flow of information and culture, the growth of the economy and the future of communications, education and democracy itself — rests largely in the hands of Julius Genachowski, a 48-year-old Jew from Long Island with knowledge of Talmud and an appointment to one of the most critical policy posts in Washington.

    If his December 1 proposal to address Internet regulation is any indication, Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) since June 2009, is seeking a solution in a very Jewish way: He issued a compromise in the pitched debate over the Internet’s openness, a concept often referred to as net neutrality

    The high stakes of his job — which includes complicated issues relating to the regulation of television and radio, as well as to the Internet — mean that Genachowski (pronounced jen-uh-COW-ski) spends his days threading the needle between the interests of global media concerns and grassroots activists, telecommunications corporations and think tanks, Congress and the White House.
    Those are tensions he may be comfortable mediating in part because he once was a Talmud ace.

    “The education I was lucky enough to receive is a very important part of my background,” Genachowski, whose schooling has run the gamut from Orthodox day school to Harvard Law School, told the Forward in an interview at his Washington office. “We’re all the products of our background, and I’m sure it informs what I do in many ways.”

    Although reluctant to discuss his personal religious practices publicly, Genachowski is proud and open about the cultural component of his Judaism.

    His family’s roots are deeply enmeshed in the Jewish world. The chairman’s brother, Joey Genachowski, is president of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach and a board member of the Young Israel of Woodmere, both on Long Island. His first cousin once removed is Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union’s Worldwide Kosher Division. His great uncle, Eliyahu Moshe Genachowski, served in the Israeli Knesset. Genack told the Forward that the Genachowskis can even be traced back to the students of the storied Vilna Gaon, the Vilnius Genius

    Julius Genachowski was born August 19, 1962, to Adele and Azriel Genachowski. He grew up in Great Neck, a Long Island suburb, in a family that attended the local Young Israel. He attended Orthodox day school at North Shore Hebrew Academy and summered at Camp Raleigh. His high school was the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy, which is part of Yeshiva University. Though he says he cut classes to play basketball, he won the Talmud award.

    Genachowski spent a year after high school studying in Jerusalem at Yeshivat HaKotel, where he and his peers practiced “learning, discussing, questioning each other, even the possibilities of different points of view,” he recalled. “One of the things that you take away from learning Talmud, learning Gemara, is that two or three brilliant people can look at the same passage and have different interpretations and views, each of which makes a lot of sense, but they’re not all consistent. So I enjoyed that.”

    Today, Genachowski attends Sabbath services regularly at Adas Israel, Washington’s largest Conservative synagogue.

  18. jennifer chen says:

    The elite (illuminutty) never get their hands dirty-they use you to do their dirty deeds and atrocities-they pay you and make sure you feel proud and good when you turn on your fellow man-The damage you see in the world-when they get you to make Hell on earth for others-is just collateral damage-the real agenda of these satanists is to get you to destroy your conscience which is your soul-when you do the bidding of the illuminutty. These monsters are not even in control-maybe they think they are-but the elite who value iniquity-who feed parasitically off all those they deem inferior-the real useless eaters-are not in control-Satan uses them as his puppets-to force you to destroy your souls by doing the dirty deeds-WW3-a war against all civilians began with 911-you will be made the enemy-and you will either be the collateral damage/civilians or the soldiers who end up in Hell when they lose their consciences/souls and commit the most heinous crimes against you-all the while believing the lies that you are evil-an enemy and they will be proud and paid to do it while all of you starve-What they did to Dresden-to 66 mil christians in russia-to Iraq – palestine and Afghanis are the trial runs for what they will do to you-who did the dirty work? soldiers with no conscience-no soul. obedient robot slaves for satan following orders. I would rather be the collateral damage than one of them. There is so much fear in Iraq now of being nuked that they will soon have a massive earth quake-it will happen to all of you next-the earth mirrors back your energy-good or evil-life preserving or life destroying. As long as there are people who think destroying life is good-AKA soldiers-satan through his elite(because you accept their evil of iniquity as right)will make you destroy the earth, through the punishers and also through those who rightly fear them. If only you could live your life and make choices knowing that what you do determines your afterlife-but the jews have enforced atheism on all of you-all christianity has been infiltrated by the jews who destroy everything they take control of-the worst is communications-they own all media communications because they plan to put an end to it all-when it all becomes technologically based-then expect electricity to suddenly come to a halt. You won’t even know when another city is nuked-or how many are being put in concentration camps-or what psychos are drugged up and fighting in barbaric revolutions-funded by the jews-who are satan on earth.

  19. Marshall says:

    Martial Law prelude from Janet Napolitano-!

    She should visit and see if she notices anything a little “off” about those people LOL!!!

  20. jimbo says:

    Mark…i whacked up a comment on yr ‘blog…..

    get on the “Skype”….we’ll talk!…..(tomorrow…..3rd Jnry….5:00pm AEDST……prblby abt mid-day Sth Afreakan time, eh?)

    cheers m8 !

  21. Dianna says:

    Files declassified in America have revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities of Israel in the U.S. The National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation. They suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important. You can download the files from the web-site of the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern policy. And we can cross to Washington now and talk to Grant F. Smith who is a director at that Institute.

  22. Octo says:

    “The elite (illuminutty) never get their hands dirty…”

    I’ve seen their symbol.

  23. BALDER says:

    We live in a chopped up society, often divided by age groups. For an 18 year old, anyone older than 18 does not seem to relate to them in any way. They are deemed to have no useful knowledge whatsoever, unless they know where to buy dope, &c. Young people tend to think that no one has any experience beyond theirs, and what they don’t already know is not worth knowing. I never had that problem, for I always thought that older people knew more than I did, and they usually had lots of interesting things to tell me, like travelers who recount their adventures to one who has never left home. I do not expect to be surrounded by a mob of knowledge-hungry disciples, but I find it odd that few young people whom I encounter have any interest in others’ firsthand experience, particularly in wartime situations. Talmud-vision appears to satisfy their curiosity, period. The young males do seem interested in military weaponry, but they appear quite lazy about the subject and often spout utter twaddle, based on things they heard or thought they heard. One fellow employee told me about a “propelled rifle”. I asked him what would propel the rifle, and why would one want it propelled? He never explained, but he ‘knew’ that such a rifle was formidable. I agreed, for anyone who gets hit by a rifle, and not a rifle bullet, can get hurt! Another mystery.

  24. Biker says:

    a letter to Louis Beam :

    Dear Louis.
    A friend gave me your website address.
    I am grateful he did. Yours is a wonderful voice in the human miserable
    wilderness where a former great nation is committing crimes against
    humanity on a scale which boggles the mind.
    I am a survivor of the holocaust by saturation bombing of the second
    world war and your essay I CRIED TEARS FOR DRESDEN brought back memories
    of that time when our days and nights were filled with horror which
    battle hardened German soldiers feared more than facing the enemy in
    Where is America now ? A guarantor of peace ? A guarantor of honour.
    The spirit of a new proud republic died in the American Civil War. The
    evil which subjugated the civilized South grew exponentially and is now
    trying to take over the world under the pretense to bring DEMOCRACY.
    Give the gullible, malleable masses pulp magazines, action movies, soap
    operas, government propaganda disguised as news while they still wave the flag
    for America the Free. You see, what happened to your father is happening
    all over.
    When we, born into a time of a promise, hardened by fire, condemned as the
    aggressors in this epic horror for mankind called WWII, vilified ever
    since, point to terrors like the destruction not only of Dresden but ALL of the
    German cities and the loss of live of so many thousands we are met with
    Not a word of compassion. If it were not for people like you one could
    despair for the future. Thank you for your spirit, courage and compassion.

  25. BAD SQUAD says:

    Dr. Dukes Youtube channel is back!


  26. Dianna says:

    Yay!!!!! Dr. Duke is back on YouTube again! I’m so happy!!!!!!

    (I hate Israel)

  27. jews, nazi mischlinge 1/4 aryan murderers of Slavs, croatian ustashi and nordicists give me PMS! says:

    Revisionism and Ernst Zundel, another Jew, is just another jewish ploy to deny the Slavic people, who were the real victims of Dachau and Jasenovac, their dignity and compensation. fuck all you jew revisionists and enemies of Serbs and Slavic people…Slavic people will have their revenge on you all

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