The “Good Son” Problem is THE PROBLEM

AFTER JARED LOUGHNER was revealed to be at least partially Jewish through his mother’s ancestry (technically making him a full-on Jewboy); this leads to a pertinent question: Does having Jewish genetics in any way lead to such criminal behavior? Or does it have something to do with how they are brought up?  Ironically, this “nature versus nurture” question is often asked about homosexuals, or crazed spree killers like freakboy Jared here — possibly a fag, too.*

To appease his inner Jew hatred of Goyim women, the demonic David Berkowitz (aka Son of Sam), blew away 13 strangers (killing 6) with a large caliber Bulldog revolver at point blank range.

The answer is that it’s probably both to some unknown degree. The individual may have a genetic propensity towards a certain behavior, but will only manifest itself through a lack of family values, or childhood trauma. For Jared Loughner, apparently this the case.

The biggest problem we have is that most White people just cannot conceive of Jews being all that different from them, racially. They can see (but won’t openly talk about) blacks committing mindless acts of violence, since blacks are so obviously hot-headed and criminal. But Jews? “Isn’t that just another religion?” they might naively ask.

However, Jews are well-known to be predisposed to insanity and mindless acts of violence. A great deal of inbreeding occurred over the centuries going back to the shtetls and ghettos of Eastern Europe, the “Pale of Settlement” and Russia (ghettos created quite on their own to insulate themselves from assimilation with local Goyim — not because of anti-Semitism). Combine this insular genetics with today’s incessant holocaust propaganda and the result is truly one psychotic race — a race with a stranglehold on our countries by using the whole Jew victimhood act to elect themselves the “PC” police!


In addition to the usual Jew victimhood business, arrogant Jew intelligentsia despise “white bread” middle America. They think they are so much more intelligent, worldly and creative than any Goyim and feel this gives them carte blanche to do whatever they want. This destructive Jew nihilism is now all over the Western world’s media and culture, warping the brains of young people — both Jew and non-Jew alike — making the young more and more prone to violent anti-social acts. Hell, everyone see this these days — just can’t bring themselves to name the Jew.

The Jew Freak Show

The arrogant Jew “intelligentsia,” often take the cheap and easy way out to appear creative and “edgy” — by using whatever foul act, look or image they can dredge up to shock, titillate or disgust, sometimes even open Satanism. “Regular” Jewry, too, will revel in being sick mofos. As America rapidly rots away from within, we’re now getting to the point where they’ve run out of obscenities and subtle attacks on Christianity they can parlay into easy cash.

Because of the protection of “PC,” the basic Jewish genetic and cultural propensity towards freakish behavior, immorality and anarchy is increasingly coming to the surface as they feel safer and safer from backlash from surrounding non-Jews. They’ve gotten away with so much crap now they can’t even smell how much they stink.

This stench of Jewry has become so glaringly nauseous, that instead of corralling their own behavior, the majority have decided on the course to censor free speech, to flood our countries with non-White immigrants, to push for interracial sex and further corrupt the moralities of our youth via the mainstream media they control. Basically, they would feel more comfortable if the White race was reduced to a perverted minority.

Starting to get the big picture yet?

Think about this: In the last 60 years, Jews believe they now have an “insurance” package — a nuclear-armed Israel where they think they can “escape,” or threaten us with global retaliation, should we turn all “Nazi” on them. They call it “the Samson option” after the blinded biblical character who brought down the house on all the evil Philistines as they partied hard into the night.

Perhaps the biggest problem now facing America and one that “Jew Aware” people reading here experience all the time, is getting your friends and family to look at the “Jewish Question.” Unfortunately, too many folks just plain don’t want to listen to it, let alone anything else.

There’s this movie that illustrates the basic issue called “The Good Son.” The plot goes like this: Nice family with a good boy takes in a relation, or half-brother from another marriage (maybe due to him being tragically and mysteriously orphaned). The half-brother turns out to be evil as all hell and the other brother knows it, but goes along for awhile because it’s fun. Evil half-brother’s hi-jinks get increasingly worse and worse until good brother tries to warn the mother, who just can’t believe a word of what’s she’s hearing since evil brother is just like a beloved son.

When evil half-brother kills someone for real, the good brother goes nuts with frustration. Half-brother pushes the good brother off a cliff to eliminate him from the picture, but the boy manages to grab a tree root to keep himself from falling thousands of feet to his death on a rocky shore. Mother rushes out to see what’s going on and sees the boy hanging for dear life. Evil brother sneaks up behind her and tries to push her off the cliff to her death.

How close is America to the cliff, now? Take notice on how the mainstream media is now constantly trying to alay your concerns about the economy. That’s because the real power matrix owns their ass and this media front is trying their best to keep the Goyim quiet and in the dark for as long as possible.

At the last moment, mother fights back out of self-protection more than anything else, and results in knocking evil brother off the cliff, but grabs her hand at the last moment. But good brother is now getting close to losing his grip and mother is forced to decide which of the two to save. She decides at the very last possible second to release the hand of evil brother so she can pull the good brother to safety. Evil brother is last seen kicking and screaming bloody murder as gravity takes care of the rest.

The Jew psychoanalyst Freud would have a field day over the fact Jew Hollywood loves the “Good Son” plot line. Clockwise: Macaulay Caulkin in “The Good Son” (1993), Patty McCormack in “The Bad Seed” (1956) and 2009’s “Orphan” has Isabelle Fuhrman playing an evil adult psychopath pretending to be a innocent, downtrodden child from Eastern Europe, named  — get this — “Esther.” You can’t make this shit up.

The main point about this movie is the difficulty of communicating evils and misdeeds to those around you that just can’t let themselves hear it, no matter the evidence you hold.

The mother in the “Good Son” plot line is a perect metaphor on how most regular Americans think of Jews. Everyone seems to know a “nice Jew” — one who might be their dentist, or just some Jew they remember from college. And they see clever and funny Jews on TV all the time. Why would anyone hate them and want to put them into gas chambers?

In short, they think Jews are pretty much like themselves. And to some extent, that’s true, at least on the surface.

What the non-Jews don’t understand is that Jewry consider themselves different and better than us “Goyim” around them. They’ve been raised thinking this way and get hints in the media from other Jews all the time implying as much. Once aware of the Jew, you’ll see this everywhere. Jews are also afraid that one day all of us Goyim will get sick of them finally and up and come after them with pitchforks and torches.

And who’s to say that nice Jewish dentist down the block might not be a big homo, who’s also into S&M and took up dentistry as a legal way to get in a few torture kicks?

Another part of it, is that no one likes a snitch. But then again everyone knows deep down when things go too far. Even children have a real sense of right and wrong at an early age (that is if they have been reared decently). Sure, they may not have the legal knowledge of prosecutor, but they do have a innate sense of what is truly wrong.

The trouble begins when children can’t resolve reality from what has been implanted in their heads by outside forces like the media, or just the crazy kid next door that all the other kids think is “cool.” The real issue here is trying to get “Mother,” or your fellow Gentiles, to see that evil brother is a huge problem child.

If you’re new to the “Jew question” you should look into just how much time and money Jewry spends trying to explain things away to the rest of us. As they say: Me thinks they doth protest too much.

This video of homosexual Jew Mark Potok, “intelligence director” of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) illustrates well the situation. Nearing the end, Potok gets hot over Professor Kevin MacDonald, calling his writings nothing but “crazy, anti-semitic talk” since Jews obviously don’t get “secret directions.” This is what is called a “strawman argument,” since Macdonald says nothing of the sort. Jews are experts at turning things completely around to the unaware — purposeful Jew tactics to keep regular people from looking into the matter for themselves. They pulled the same trick with Hitler’s writings in “Mein Kampf,” actually.

Jews use this “anti-Semitism” angle constantly to intimidate and silence any talk about them and Israel. They call it a trick and have been using against us for decades. In fact, they have used this so much that it’s now rapidly wearing thin with even the Jew unaware. Hence, you see them working new slanders, like “White Supremacy” instead of the usual “Nazi.”

The Hypocrite Race

Want to understand the control the Jews now have over our country’s media? Look at the photos above and really think. These shots are just the barest few to illustrate — the reality is much worse.

Take a look at the photos above. The top shots are from the German-American Bund in the 1930’s over 60 years ago. The other shots are from the present day. The bottom photo is from a Jewish-only summer camp in America — which alone displays typical Jewish PC multicult hypocrisy (one of the kids does appear to be a Meztiso, probably adopted by infertile liberal Jew parents).

Haven’t you noticed how much they portray the German-American Bund in the media (like the History Channel) all the time as evil and traitorous? Now ask yourself what is the difference between the young Jews with the Israeli Zionist signs and the White Germans with the Nazi signs?

The answer is, of course, there is no difference — only that the hypocrite Jews can now do and say whatever they damn well please because they use the “anti-Semitism” crapola at the drop of a hat.


Folks, we got ourselves a major, major problem in the United States of Jewmerica. A race of freaky hypocrites bound and determined to do whatever the hell they want, when they want. Should you dare say the least thing, they will scream bloody murder.

It’s exactly like having a horribly spoiled, possibly murderous child living under your own roof and the other parent does absolutely anything to protect the kid no matter how obvious the problem to the rest of the family.

Ask yourself this one question: Why has every single country the Jews ever lived ended-up kicking their sorry asses out or even going completely haywire on them (pograms)? Sometimes even twice. Surely, it’s not just dumb religious differences, or merely superstition behind all the instances?

No, the Jews always end-up shitting in their own beds and paying the price. They may even have some bizarre psychological urge to keeping pushing things until it happens. They might relish the resulting victimhood so they can lament over and over again: “Oy vey, those evil                           (FILL IN BLANK) hate us poor Jews just because we’re Jews. God tests his Chosen Ones again!”

America let these nation-wrecking people start immigrating here during the 1880’s and they’ve worked diligently behind the scenes to get more and more of themselves over here. This Jew cancer has metastasized over the recent couple of decades and now threatens to kill off the America of our Forefathers.

If any of you reading here are new to the “Jew Question” and haven’t gotten the big picture yet, then just wait. You will soon.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Yeah, he’s a Jew and a fag alright. Go HERE for an in-depth debunking of the Jews trying to say he’s not. He may even be a Cabalistic Jew. Also, he said he was interested in men — see the screen shot below of his Facebook page, before they took it down. Jared was one sick Jew bastard!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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269 Responses to The “Good Son” Problem is THE PROBLEM

  1. Dianna says:

    Silirpa Senip
    A Facebook page doesn’t provide diddly sqat let alone truth.

    Feds on Facebook

    WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. law enforcement agents are following the rest of the Internet world into popular social-networking services, going undercover with false online profiles to communicate with suspects and gather private information, according to an internal Justice Department document that offers a tantalizing glimpse of issues related to privacy and crime-fighting.

    Think you know who’s behind that “friend” request? Think again. Your new “friend” just might be the FBI.

    A former U.S. cybersecurity prosecutor, Marc Zwillinger, said investigators should be able to go undercover in the online world the same way they do in the real world, even if such conduct is barred by a company’s rules. But there have to be limits, he said.
    In the face-to-face world, agents can’t impersonate a suspect’s spouse, child, parent or best friend. But online, behind the guiseof a social-networking account, they can.

  2. Silirpa Senip says:

    An agent provocateur? Lol, why would you come to that conclusion? I’m not really trying to provoke anyone I don’t think. And if not facebook, what would constitute as valid proof?

    I guess I don’t know that he’s not gay for sure, but it is highly unlikely from what I know. He was rejected by two girlfriends in high school, which I actually know from the media since I only ever remember him having one of them.

  3. Dianna says:

    Silirpa Senip

    It’s highly unlikely you know him at all and you can be anyone on Facebook; even the Mossad. Even if you did know him how could you determine what took place between the time you knew him and the shooting? Why does he say he’s interested in men on his Facebook page? You seem to think having a Facebook page verifies everything as truth, no? So, he’s gay in his own words.

  4. American born says:

    Tak a walk off this site, Silirpa Senip.
    Your a troll. Your crap is see thru.

  5. Silirpa Senip says:

    Wow, ok. I’ll stop posting on this site. My intention was never to talk much about loughner anyway. I see now that you people are uninterested in discussing anything that I wanted to. Sorry for bothering you guys.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Senip: Why don’t you just do a little bit of thinking outside the box on what’s going on? Look, your bud Jared may not have been a fag totally, but he definitely has been screwed up by the way America is now. Figure out the deal! You can still comment here.

  6. American born says:

    Dont let the door hit you on the way out!!

  7. Biker says:

    wow, senip the forskin, what the fuck do you want? answers? or another conformist cunt that cares not for the truth, but to make everyone back slappy buddies!? you can go somewhere and fuck yourself, moron. the truth is a cold, hard, bitch. if you cant handle her, go buy yourself a cheap pair of balls somewhere, you WILL need them to complete this exercise.

  8. Silirpa Senip says:

    Of course I want answers. I certainly do not want to continue pointlessly defending myself about a crazy kid from my high school. Although discussing how the current state of America potentially pushed him over the edge would be interesting! I am looking for intelligent and stimulating conversation about a subject that ends up being labeled as taboo in our general society. I am highly interested subjects like genetics and population ecology, and on sites like this it is possible to actually talk about humans in the context of these topics. I was hoping to openly talk about the connection between genetics and psychology, something that is very tentatively discussed in my classes, which is irritating. It seems like the scientific community frequently ignores great bunches of data on the basis that it is politically incorrect, which is entirely unscientific.

    I also honestly want to know how people see me. The original question that I asked was; “Seriously though, a great grandparent on my mother’s side was Jewish and even disregarding that I am not particularly white. So you people seriously think that I am for sure an evil monster?” This question was really not meant to be provocative, I was actually curious. And I’m not about to become offended or something about your answer, I really do want to know the truth.

    Last of all, multiple commenters seem to have assumed that I’m a guy. As irrelevant as it is, I’m not a guy. Do I have a masculine writing style or something?

    If my comments actually are irritating though, let me know. I have no interest in talking to people who consider me a troll.

  9. Flanders says:

    You are not an evil monster so far as I can tell, Silirpa. We get a lot of trolls here (usually, but not all, male) and we tend to watch for that. You say you’re not particularly White. Can you expand on that? You have probably taken the time to read a few postings and some of the comments so you have at least an idea what we are about. Give us some specifics on the matters which are of interest to you and how you plan to use the answers we may provide for your questions. I won’t be answering anything tonight myself, but I’ll check back when I have the chance.

  10. Octo says:

    “Haven’t you noticed how much they portray the German-American Bund in the media (like the History Channel) all the time as evil and traitorous? Now ask yourself what is the difference between the young Jews with the Israeli Zionist signs and the White Germans with the Nazi signs?” — Incog

    There were only two flags allowed to fly in NS Germany. The Swastika and the Zionist flag. Put that out there the next time you’re debating some (jew) person about the holocaust. Kind of like Jared Loughner and his victim belonging to the same gogue’; something stinks, goyim.

    “Folks, we got ourselves a major, major problem in the United States of Jewmerica. A race of freaky hypocrites bound and determined to do whatever the hell they want, when they want. Should you dare say the least thing, they will scream bloody murder.

    It’s exactly like having a horribly spoiled, possibly murderous child living under your own roof and the other parent does absolutely anything to protect the kid no matter how obvious the problem to the rest of the family.” — ibid

    Whites have been wished into the cornfield by the hundreds of millions for a century now.

  11. sheiseninhosen says:

    Laughner proves that anal birth is possible ..the only mistake his mother made was not flushing after delivery .flush 2wice tislong awat to burgerWhore …… INC OG MAN I KNOW YOU LIKE HISTORY so I put this up spart of the jig-saw puzzle..little playon words…..UK.. is def in da middil of tings……. celtic people are descendants of IZRAELITE dan,,they worked the tin mines of cornwall,jesus walked among his jute family in cornwall as he did work thE ships with his uncle joe of arimaithea that traveled this well known ancient route to israel,constantinople cornwall etc..after crucfiction jewz kicked jesus family out of palestein,,joe took mary m. to and were she lived out her life and was buried,,,glastonbury..”the legends of glastonbury”..undeniable link between celtics and early hebrews.. . celtics have more semitic blood than modern jews who are the real gentiles ..thats a fun fact history speaks volumes about who is who and what is real.. .. …. WELL HANG ON 2 YER 2ND MEND TOOLZ,ITS ALL THAT STANDS UP TO THE UNDERMINING …..ANYWAY sorry for wanderin a bit here but information is power ..cheeers .. regards …t. s.s. st. w.

  12. says: …. laughner should of laid off the glue…i believe he may be the missing link ..proof that anal birth is possible ..momma dropped the ball when she didnt flush after birth ,or which ever came first…he sounds like a fly conception .. Forensic history explor discuvs are revealing some pretty irrefutable evidence…..jews are out ,90% of “jews” are non white gentiles and it seems that celtic people and danish are loaded up with the semite dna…I know that joseph of arimaithea was a seagoing shipping merchant..if you choose to believe the traditions of glastonbury then jesus was rigt at home in cornwall as a teenager on stopovers with his uncle to the tin mines of tribe dan in cornwall…..the evidence looks strong…mary M. was buried in glastonbury after being brought there by joseph ‘arimaithea when the family was routed by the jews after jesus death..there had been an extremely well travelled path between palestein and england already..way too much to go with here…it has more to do with israelites fear of assyria and babylon and the continuing rape and murder of the tribes so like jed they got the hell outta there and went to ireland …I can get why they made gaelic illegal to teach the celtic children in modern tymes as they would have wanted to know their true heritage,..s math sin pronounced as smashin and means fantastic etc..probly the real reason is its as hard as chinkanese to learn.. hebrew israelite=caucasion its odd how the roman church catholic was evil and how tho it was controlled by miscreant jesuits(jewsuits) but who controlled the jesuits is who has been coining he money when theyre not to busy stealin it and who operates under anglicised names to protect them from public scrutiny ..tese people arent even the world defininition of jewish,but sinister counterfeit pretend heirs to gods promised blessing on sons of israel…they probably wish they haD OFFED ALL THe scientists in the world as they are the ones who can prove beyond a shadow of preponderance of evidence…perhaps the ju’s suing us now in high court would like to recompense the usa for their courageous fighting in ww2 and the cost of it …its completely righteous and moral and ethical that israel do it immediately compared to and by their own rules of the game.. .


    What "Holocaust?"

    I love how you say that shit! LOL!!
    Like: "Go to the ovens, subverted JEW"
    By your own admission there was NO Holocaust.
    Which can only mean that 'history repeating itself' is a SCAM, made up little quote..

    CYA Incog 😉


  14. GDL says:

    I’ll bet the Jewess hasn’t been treated for Typhus.


  15. Johnnycakes says:

    A good discussion on Jared Loughner’s jewishness can be discussed on the same website hosting this thread about Incog Man’s very insightful thoughts on this issue.

  16. T.......S.......S.......St.W............,.,.,..,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,..,,,,....,.,,,,....,,,.,,,.,...,...,.,.,,....,.,,,.., says:

    the typhlysyphliss reached critical mass trying to flee the ghastly preinfected area of introducton.. donkey jizz …anyway what was her point…this just in ,the guvt. cares about us and everything will be ok now ,because they are going to remove all that pesky sodium in food..however they will continue to forcefeed the public increasing loads of shit,for which the tollfree # to the mobile diareea response teams will be aired on talmudvision..was reading again and goddammn dusty jews want us to be just like them,but science has shown circumcision is a phallicy..seriously masters/johnson proved that a lot of unrealized potential sexul plessure is suppressed because of circumsisszinal operation..damn thieves…herdit in some damn book i tell ya….this dude told me o the time “they” worked in a josher food processing plant and would piss spit and squirt pig blood in alot of the recipes ..naughty…too bad it wasnt hiv infected blood…..following another graph is the coming usa holodomor, monsanto is really working on seeds that wont even grow,,does this suprise you,and the feds also been raidin people with too much survival food ,,shock ,,no not after the passage of the latest food (elimination)safety laws by fuckstickks in congress….just red that alleged jews have 36% schwartzer blood hahaha,dis be tru blood..may the schwartz be with them…get food ,store food will disappear off the shelfs overnite on some bogus contamination claim or other..monsanto is a global firm with a firm grip,a death grip..the usa has no wheat storeage,none..when zio/am/merc forces entered iraq they removed all wheat stores and all seeds for this self determnation…long story short everybody on the forum have coverd articulately and in depth alredy is the need for proactive self dtermination will need survival food to fullfill the destiny of moral ethical regeneration..these schwartzer nonkosher kazars will come at free people in the gradient levels and labyrinth of lifes different scenarios…I wanted to post this link to jewish cereal killers .. ..some illustrious members of schwindlers list…the possible reason for termination of so many micrbiologists is because the knowledge they had could have been used to create a smart virus for a certain unique bloodtype known to exist..a reverse ozzmoses ..know your enemy that was released some time back ..veterans be aware of this ,,mycoplasma fermentens,incognitus…it was introduced with others ,brucellosis and tuberculin bug thru mass vaccination of troops…other different national troops do not have this is a virus without a cell is micro mossad! non myco version is sheep visna and bovine leukemia virus(htlv-1) can be mated and stripped of protein e1-e2 shell and this pesky thing is for all intents and purposes the culprit behind some of the symptoms of GW Disease as it is synergistic with brucellosis and tuberculin viruses thru weaponized live cell vacc…for mycoplasma genuses u need to get PCR based assay to detect mycoplasma genus and fermentens genomes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells ,( white blood cells have to be split open and checked)…forrreal 500,000 former warriors on permanenet disability from theatre #1 in 92 alone…..3 guesses who makes these bugs and why……….the madjewes has typhilus..if anyone has any files or knowledge of where to access a subject termed “the summer of blonde murders” basically a very decadent cia=mossad time frame of murder by them in new york(long-island)97-8 ish…I know there alot of 666jews joining police depts in rank/file..most metro PD’s have cia liasion officer..there are many police in contract cia status ,like police sayan for cia..they control every mofokin thing,,also why police brutality has been viral lately..schittz gettin klose ,,raised on marshall dillon transcending to marshall law….dbl shot…make a wish..pray on it..god be with yall

  17. tssstw says:

    mad jewiss your blob er blog is multifaceted bs..obamas birth er barf certificate has been found and the copy kenya registered to recieve from archiveal storage is quite authentic and his foreign student aid and his application for a program in college that requires you to be foreign..who cares ,weve had the same hemmorohdic type of presidents acting out israels wet dream of counter constitutionalism in this country..hobama has spent 750k of contribution $ with several law firms to suppress and control this subject..any fucking way he was born in he republic of kenya and there is a shrine there you can piss on or in your case lick that is meant to show national pride about obama,,and there is not a pisson shrine in indonesia,,.amen…and afw kenya is a colony of britain and english citizenship act of 1943 declares any one born to an englishman anywhere in the world is an englishman/woman…more apt is the fact that his mother did not spend enuf tyme in usa to grandfather citizenship to him which is moot since his mom married soetoro and became an indonesian citizen along with with little wahibi school trained barry whom mr. soetoro adopted at which point there is no trace or whiff of american citizenship in the wind anymore…BARRY S. is indonesian and has never filed for doesnt matter a wit as who the fuck is gonna move im out…a bunch of good honest high ranking people tried that shit with william jefferson blythe rockefeller clinton and they all wound up in a great big airplane crash..hillary was so scared of the legal imps of this impeachment adhoc arrest team coming as it was foreknown ,she sought out legal counsel for herself which she could pay out of reagans “childrens fund” some 900million $ oversight forgotten account her and hubby absconded with and still have ,yeehaw….the math has been done the cesus’s have shown us ..the 2.5 mill jews in reich pale were allowed to emigrate at zionist shcikelgrubers consent,,hitler attacked the catholic and protestant churches in germany but there was a zionist association never bothered and jews served in army and lived freely as long as they were not communists and they sucked the propaganda …all part of the plan to destroy germany at least as far as churchshill was concerned..every one played close to the vest and played their part well in the holacaust of who fuvkkin knows around 100million gentiles ……no one can explain it to you ,you have to weigh things out in the vacuum of fairness about who the real victims were ..patton was a right on mofo as he finally got it then they made sure he got it…a memeber of donovans oss openly bragged for that hit on patton for decades..61 metro cities in germany firebombed strafed back to stoneage ,women children dogs cats ..dresden the saxony soul and cultural seat of germany (600,000 doa)..6 million abortions reported by redcross 45-48 of german women and there is the un confirmable silent genocide of 10-14 million germans stuck on east sector,that doesnt count the def’s and pows approx 3million germans starved to death in pow camps by eisenhauer and brits…most germans ridiculed hitler and didnt like the political shit pretty common in most countries…the whole world had been warned of world jewry’s intent to rxterminate germany in 1933 news papers as germany also helped stop spanish genocide by jewsheviks in 38…jews owned germany and didnt want any schwartzer bolsheviks muddying up the landscape but the rest is history ,,thats why they say history repeats itself cus every revoluttion since and befor france has been carried out by jews and the results are always the same….figure it out girl ,in the mean time keep readin up on I-man’s web…….peace

  18. says:

    funny how close homo leeeeeberrrmann and mccain are hhhaahahaha…my point .ah wtf anyway ..ok my point is they should change mccains name to McClown…I dont think alot of good people know this idiot sacked a total of 5 jets in his “flying” (crashin) queer er career..this stupid fool started the holacaust on the U.S.S. FORRESTAL that kilt a 163 navals and burned a crisp on a hundrrid more…they had to transfer his dumber ass off the ship..could you imagine him being chained up and thrown off the poop dek or fantail by a angry mob,whichever is more they feared for his life,why i dont know,but it took konektions to do that…McClown wet started his ride prior to firing up so it would fart flame on the rube behind him when she fired up….elitist hijinks …something “happened” and an angry rocket did its thing when something else came off protocol etc..nice conflagration you can go tell zioneer scumbag leeebermein what a real holacaust is…these 2 worthless halflodes ,halfwitz,want to eliminate vitamins and supplements under codex alimentarious ??I think they lite each others fartz while at work and since liebermans ass is looser maybe the flame will cause a homocaust wtf….here is another ass,.biden has a quayle like past, only thing is quayles prisoner framed delux is bret kimberlin..these fuckin sapiens fight dertee baby…biden nee baden decided to turn up the heat on all baseball players and take rational logical thinking prisoner,who allegedly according to defamer scumbag faggot mother fuckin spic vomit jose cansucko says in his coming out of the closet book lies on bball playas as to who was sposedly usin gear..who cares..everybady is diffrnt and even if they did use gear its personal biz and its dynamic doesnt help you hit the ball any better or harder…you can get legal perscrip for gro hormone and testosterone anyway…kinda like 5,999,999.5 ……badens whitch hunt as he whines says I tried to get into pro ball but all the juiced up guys were better than me,its a bitter pill he turned into a felony for muscle enthusiasts..he was right,he wasnt good enuff and alot of people arent but they still get million $ contracts,so it must have been something else..he doesnt know which way to swing,ha ha ha.. think he was jelous cuz he wanted to shoot a load on gifford….. here is a website the mad jewiss can use ,omg ..fukkin twitz…it shows how they work…while they killing you the jew is screaming louder than you and saying you are killing him ..who you gonna belive he says to the ccops me or your lyin eyes…A line of work i was in once i spent alot of tyme talkin to people,young ,middle,old and 99% of the people were in solidarity on many common subjects profiled here on I-MAN …THere were some that expressed some terminal views on jewish solution..I think everyone in this ghost republic wants to stop warring with words….an interestin opinion was to have a workstrike in the usa while everyone still has a job..can you see 1 day a week where 300 million mofos stay home and practice their bleak future anyway unless words turn to swords…like nothing friggin moves for 1 day..i like it..the other thing i heard was to mimmick technology and discover ways to terminate neg tech that is used counter constitutionally..I could not believe the rage and intelligence of some of these good people ..i have heard of other things from far and wide and far back that isnt wise to print ..who can blame people for being angry with the ludicris truth…first thing that needs to go is the money as debt way of ziobanking or all else is futile and idle ..king george was controlled as was 13 colonies already by same fucks..american rev was pushed up to stop expulsion of usarykuntz..(magna-carta.on jews) colonists were at a loss allofasudden on how to navigate when they should have been thinking fumigate,the new freedoms and rights coming online for the 13ers fomentin 1764,,,keepin mind it was a death penalty to have an independent press in your shed and alot of peoples signed declaration at the risk of assassination…it was a birth certificate for a newborn nation struggling to take its first steps and oh look its those pesky intnl.aliens in the whos who of schwindlers list done went and stole them legs….enough outta me..out..p.s. fuck pissant laughner but if you could turn him around and aim him at the real enemies would be hilarious……rip microbiologists and remote viewers….

  19. Rick says:

    Wow, Jared Loughner sort of looks like Glenn beck with his head shaved.

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