The Moral Right to Save European People and the West!

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Why the European and American people, like all people, have the moral right to limit immigration and save our heritage!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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441 Responses to The Moral Right to Save European People and the West!

  1. Lynda:

    “Those who understand these matters from the perspective of the holy faith know that slaves of sin might serve the devil and Jewry but the physical nature itself ordained and created by God will not.”


    You know, I guess, after all, that the church is not saying all it knows, nor doing all it can… So sad (in a tragic sense). Tragedy averted if people would actually figure that 2 + 2 does not equal 6 or 9 or any other number but 4. Arrgh!

    Btw, where is our resident bad ass big boy, the inimitable Incogman? No doubt drawing up another scorching indictment of the innocents.

  2. Hoff says:

    The jews misrepresented their internal gang wars as “persecution” of jews in the Soviet Union in order to scam people into donating money to “rescue” the jews and pay for their emigration to Israel, the USA and elsewhere to carry on their subversive, destructive activities. -C Cherep-

    Hoff says: “Misrepresented” is not the correct description, this is deliberately jew strategy to fool gullible goyim. The jews pull this false flag op all the time. Moscow showtrials in the 50s. Hungary 56 and Poland 67.

    lf we take Poland in the 60s. Poland was totally jew run so what the jews did was that they chased away a 1ooo or so useless jew (m)asses and some trained infiltratiors. When l point out that jews in key position are jews, people will tell me that they are “poor presecuted jews from the Poland”. There are a lot of jews from Poland in key positions here in EU.

    Because of this “persecuten” jew propaganda-BS many goyim don’t even want to hear about these subverting jews. The same thing happens when l tell people that the jews are totally responsible for what happened in Soviet. They start to blabber about how “persecuted” the jews was under Stalin. This is the same jew propaganda-BS repeated all over again and again.

    This is jew gang war disguised as “persecution”, and of course a deliberately propaganda-scam to get jews into key positions in other countríes. And on top of that the jews make stupid goyim to pay for their fare to their country, where the stupid goyim give the “persecuted” jew top jobs in their state. Once you put all the pieces in place the whole width of this jew-scam is mindboggling.

  3. Silvernickel says:

    Has anyone read this by Bob Pimpton? He passed away last year. $250 for a hard copy on Amazon. Download and print while you can

  4. goy says:

    Wow, that’s superb stuff Lynda, straight back to the “forbidden” dawn of the “Jews” true history. Just the stuff I eat up. Thanks.

    My God, GTR, you mean this is stuff ANYBODY in Britain can watch on cable TV if they stay up til 23:30?? I feel physically ill. The horror of these times just keeps getting deeper.

    Flanders: more men should be able to figure it out, except they’ve been hypnotized, golemized, and chattelized by the “Jew” planet-cancer all their lives. As it is I’d say very few ever make it this far with their moral/psychological thinking. They either don’t like porn and just ignore its existence, or do and fall for most of the package. Sex is incredibly powerful for shutting down rationality and moral responsibility. That’s why the Monstrosities use it so much. I don’t have time right now to follow your link but will do so. Thanks, looks very interesting.

    allovertheplace: You asked “Really now?”

    Yes. The church is in my home town of Ithaca NY, which first became a secret kike rat-warren back in the 1800s and has only gotten worse ever since. The Catholic church there is incredibly infiltraitored. I have mastered the principles described in “telltale habits of crypo-Jews.” They can not hide from me— but they ALWAYS believe a stupid goy ape-man like me can’t possibly see their hidden demonic form, such is their arrogance. The Catholic church as a whole is held captive by them now. Historically it has been the main castle keep of Europe’s fight against these monsters, and I have the highest esteem for it during that period, but it finally succumbed to their methods during Napoleon’s reign. I highly recommend the book “The Plot Against the Church” by “Maurice Pinay” (pseudonym used by 12 conservative cardinals). Realize that this book was a petition against Vatican II that was totally ignored and has since been suppressed. This substantiates my version all by itself.

    warrior.hun: I’d say we’re basically on the same page. I like your analysis.

  5. Jackson says:

    Check out these links people.
    What you will see is the future of England.
    It’s indigenous people will be ruled by this multi-racial, multi-culti, morass of utter, utter SHIT!!!! … sorry they already are!

    London and Paris today are microcosms of the Jew instilled visions of “democracy” and “progressiveness” they have in store for “their world” folks. This is what proud white children of the rest of the “West” have to look forward to thanks to the maggots.

  6. Flanders says:

    Check both the story and the video underneath the article. Both take a while to load. Black thug beats the hell out of a young White mother of 3 working in a Dollar Store.

  7. GTRman says:

    Goy : To clarify : The programme I described is on one of the 5 MAIN channels , not even cable! We have BBC1 , BBC2 , ITV, Channel4 and Channel 5.

    These are the terrestrial channels available to any tv . What you would call
    ” network” channels.

    Then there are around 70 “Freeview” digital channels that are free to anyone with a set- top- box, which can be bought for around £1o.

    Many people of course have the full “Sky” cable/satellite subscription package, with around 900 channels of utter crap.

  8. GTRman says:

    PS. That show goes out originally at around 10pm.

    Grace Dent’s TV OD: The Joy Of Teen Sex
    With its frank and graphic lessons, The Joy Of Teen Sex isn’t as enjoyable a watch as it sounds – but could it help to lower the nation’s STI rates?

    I’m here to learn about having sex with girls,” announces the cute, saucer-eyed, 17-year-old lesbian on The Joy Of Teen Sex (10pm, Wed, C4), an educational show for teens aiming to build their sexual skill roster. Well, that’s the target demographic anyway. Now on episode three, TJOTS’s “audience reach” actually seems to be belt-loosening adults hoping, in vain, for something to send them off to bed with funny tummy feelings. Instead, they are bombarded with grisly footage of genital lesions, funny fannies and a boy with a scrotum that feels like a bag of worms. Let’s be frank, there isn’t a massive amount of joy involved with any of the sex we’re seeing here. You’d certainly have much more fun learning the fundamentals of intercourse in a bush after a litre of Merrydown while your mother believed you were at the cinema, but this is just the sort of wanton, unplanned excitement the show discourages. “Why don’t you like my vagina?!” 18-year-old Michaela is screaming at her boyfriend Luke in couples therapy. I’m not a sexpert like Ruth, Joanna or Rachael but I’d hazard a guess it’s because Michaela’s the sort of demented individual who believes in solving inter-couple labia disputes by shouting about them on C4.

    In a previous show, Calvin, a young gay man, explained earnestly that he was terrified of shoving anything up his bum. It was, we were told by the stern voiceover, “a debilitating fear” and we were then treated to a long eye-watering lesson in lube and bum muscles. My sage advice to this dilemma would have been, “Calvin, have you considered the possibility of simply, for an indefinite period, just not shoving anything up your bum?”. Elsewhere, Holly – 20 – told Dr Rachael that now she was on the pill she wasn’t bothering with condoms as she knew she could tell people with STIs as they looked “a bit skanky”. But you could get chlamydia and herpes … “I don’t really think that will happen to me!” says Holly defiantly. Now Dr Rachael is forced to pull out “the big guns”. Enormous A2 size photos of a vagina with sores are wafted in front of Holly’s eyes. “What do you think of these?” torments Dr Ruth. “Oh my god! I had no idea!” Holly sobs, “I’m going to use condoms now forever!” Dr Rachael has definitely got something here. If we’re going to quash soaring rates of teen chlamydia, we need these doomed vagina pictures printed immediately on the walls of nightclubs, the side of pint glasses and the back of V Festival tickets. I shall be calling Dave and George at Number 10 to demand a think-tank on my stunning initiative.

    However, my favourite Joy Of Teen Sex patients so far have been mother Michelle and 17-year-old daughter Rachel and their endless bitter disputes about Rachel’s slap-dash approach to contraception (ie: not using any, going out raving every weekend, sleeping with a plethora of different boys). Rachel and Michelle’s arguments were stupendous, street-shaking affairs. Fast-forward one session at the C4 sex clinic, and Rachel is brimming with injectable contraceptive and the pair are chums again. “From now on I want you to have this notebook to write down your feelings towards each other!” smiles their therapist. “We will!” the pair sob. I wish I could see that notebook now. I’m almost sure it will still say things like “STOP ACTING LIKE A TART AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM” and “STOP OBSESSING ABOUT MY SEX LIFE YOU OLD TROUT” but at least the vitriol will be in a pretty Paperchase jotter, highlighted with neon marker pens, so in a funny way that’s progress.

    The Joy of Teen Sex served no purpose but to titillate
    TV review: Boys who hate vaginas; girls who hate nipples; nipples who hate vaginas (probably)…they were all wheeled out for our entertainment.

    The star of this week’s The Joy Of Teen Sex was undoubtedly young Luke, who hated the look, the taste and the smell of vaginas and needed some friendly advice from social worker Ruth Corden.
    She ignored the elephant in the room (his seeming disgust about women) and tried to coach him through his irrational fear of his poor girlfriend’s genitalia, getting a cast made of her lady bits for him to practise on, no less.
    And did it work? Well, the programme closed with footage of Luke saying, ‘nom, nom, nom’ as he wriggled around her nether regions, before poking his head out from under the covers and telling the camera he thought things had improved. This genuinely happened.

    Only recently have these kind of in-your-face scenes been allowed onto our televisions in the name of education.
    Ironically, it’s exactly the same sort of time frame during which every single grain of sex advice has become readily available on the internet, rendering this programme completely redundant to the web’s biggest users: teenagers.
    Then we had Britain’s most judgemental youth, otherwise known as journalist Billie JD Porter. Given her aversion to the humble bikini wax on last week’s show, the prospect of her ‘investigating’ glamour modelling tonight was the show’s main selling point.
    And initially, she was all withering looks and snide comments, but when she revealed to a young stripper that she thought dancing naked for old men was empowering, suddenly Little Miss Judgealot looked like she was loosening up.
    It’s a shame, because her misplaced anger was the funniest thing about this show. Somehow though, I don’t think we’ll be running out of teenagers to laugh at any time soon…

    The Joy of Teen Sex prompts doctor Twitter outrage

    How things have changed. Here in The Joy of Teen Sex (Channel 4), young Calvin wants to lose his anal virginity, but is scared it will hurt. Sex coach Joanna is on hand: “I want you to wrap your hand into a little anus,” she says. He does, and she shows him how to apply lube. Go on Calv, you can do it.

    It’s not all good news. One lad’s testicles feel like a bag of worms, someone has warts, someone else has crabs – in their eyebrows! However did they get up there? And everyone is having genital embellishment. It’s all remarkably, well, frank, I suppose. And that’s a good thing – get everything out in the open, literally. It’s just making me feel very old and unworldly.

    So I’ve decided to do some downstairs redecoration, so to speak – a Prince Albert for me, and a vajazzle for ‘er indoors. It will involve a large metal ring, rhinestones, and plenty of pain. But you knew that.

    2 comments from above :

    “Sat through the”joy of ten sex”,wish i hadn’t,not sure why i did. Came away feeling totlaly depressed at how far channel 4 has fallen to broadcast such utter puerile tripe.”

    “I too sat through the Joy of Teen Sex…..and sadly I have to report that I saw no-one experiencing anything close to joy.”

    Another thing : TV seems to be DELIBERATELY winding Americans up , Im aware how Americans feel about the British , in some regards, so I think someone is purposely provoking and undermining you when, (a) Many of your biggest shows are British re-makes / or franchises , and ( b) your screens are jammed with the likes of Simon Cowell , Sharon Osborne , Piers Morgan , Ricky Gervais , Jamie Oliver etc etc etc .

    Also , of course , part of the homogenising “one-world” propaganda.

  9. Jackson says:


    These niggers/kaffirs are “”settlers”” in our lands… i.e. Europe and North America.

    That’s how they (and their kike backed media) view us in South Africa, regardless that white people were living in the Cape as far back as 1652, when they were still in the trees.

    Jewish vermin aka Slovo and Kasrills have been videoed ADVOCATING AND SINGING “kill the white man” “kill the farmer/boer” These stinking bastards have been behind ‘their cause’ for decades using them against us in our native lands and beyond.

    When the fuck are we going to wake up collectively ??????


    Europe/ UK / North America / Antipodes are WHITE EUROPEAN lands as was Southern Africa.

    What’s good for South Africa is good for Europe and USA

    ONE SETTLER ONE BULLET!!! – let the cleansing begin! “NECKLACE” the traitors

  10. goy says:

    “TV seems to be DELIBERATELY winding Americans up.”

    Oh, I’m absolutely sure you’re right. That’s ALL it does. It has absolute ZERO value as information. Even as “entertainment” it’s utterly hideous. I killed mine 20 years ago. It’s taken me this long to heal from it. Why in the fuck does ANYBODY keep watching this sewage?

    Sorry warrior.hun, I have to take it back. I realized your version basically deletes everything I wanted to emphasize in the first place: who the “Jews” really are (Mesopotamian-Semite Satanists straight out of a time capsule from 6,000 years ago); the true psychological subtlety and power of their unique, occult methods of warfare; the sneaky faggot, dyke, and pedophile subtexts hidden in “simple” pornography.

    I have been struggling to refine and communicate a better theory of what the “Jews” really are and the real methods of their war-by-other-means on us, based on the Lost History of their past that they have concealed (since they control ALL mass media, including “primary education”) and lucid observation of their behavior and mentality in the present. Together these things tell a single incredible tale that stretches back 10,000 years and completely vindicates the Bible empirically. Recovering this tale, thus knowing the Enemy / being armed with an accurate theory of the Enemy, is crucial to our racial survival. Indeed, they have been laying siege to Sanity itself for all these millennia, and this is the path back to the sanity they would have us lose forever.

    In our lifetimes, pornography has become a raging epidemic of their whoredom. As such nothing about it is at all new or as it appears on its face. Throughout history, they have been using sex to entice and corrupt new slaves, that is to take possession of their souls, meaning whoredom / pornography is an occult weapon of incredible power. This is the most accurate, empowering way to understand it.

    And they ARE faggotizing and dykizing this society by any means possible, including porn, also all other mass media, including “education,” also chemical castration through “good nutrition” (according to their propaganda). Ya just gotta eat more FLAX, that’s all. Here kid, have another glass of milk. Faggotism and dykism ARE NOT “HEALTHY” or “valid.” They’re vividly insane. The hidden agenda is demasculinizing and debilitating us on a racial scale so that we lose the drive to fight them altogether. Only MEN are warriors; only MEN think like warriors, an infinitely adaptable impulse. The ancient Christians, including Jesus, were masculine warriors, the most brilliant ever. But if all the “men” in your society are really simpering women-with-dicks because the kike monsters have emasculated-faggotized them / turned the women into nut-slashing pussy-gobbling harpies who demolish their motivation at every turn, then guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE NO WARRIORS and therefore you don’t stand a chance. Your whole society is just a bunch of captive women begging to suck master’s dick if he’ll just give them a loaf of bread for the kids. The primeval female program is to seek captivity under a big scary “alpha” he-man because this provides security. If YOU are not their he-man, and in fact you’re a simpering cunt yourself, then ALL OF YOU will seek captivity under the JEW “he-man” because he’s the only one left who still has any “scary” male mojo at all, even if it’s Woody Allen wearing a tutu. Even if it’s nothing but pure terrorism, of which they are the all-time masters.

    Unlike fucking idiot asshole goyim, they can actually figure this out!

    They’re also creating, cultivating, and socially promoting as many “out-groups” as they can— people who feel like they’ve always been rejected and cheated by “mainstream America,” which they hate and are out to destroy. The kike assholes have these people convinced that they, the kikes, are also a “down-trodden” out-group, and have won them over with the shameless con: “hey, why don’t you and us join forces so we can get these normal straight white Christian fucking jerks down on their knees and spray their brains out with machine guns together?” It’s completely working, of course. The most obvious “out-groups” include Blacks, Hispanics, and “feminists” (women who are themselves the most insane sexist fucking pigs ever), but faggots and dykes have emerged as another fundamental category of self-victimology addicts that the “Jews” have invented and are now deploying against us. All of these groups are actually upwardly mobile now despite this deathbed economy. Only they can get secure jobs that pay decently. They’re accumulating wealth and power by the day, being promoted right over us, moved into position. Everybody I know who’s facing ruin now and yet can’t get any sort of public assistance is WHITE and STRAIGHT. In NYC, the banks, government offices, and most major corporations ONLY hire minorities. It’s blatantly obvious. I frequently see clearly unemployable blacks actually getting interviews in restaurants— from other unemployable blacks. The state Labor Department is wall to wall nigs running things like it’s an Affirmative Action office. In rural areas where there aren’t enough minorities to serve this purpose, our Hidden Masters are promoting patently insane faggots and pussy-eaters in the exact same way. I don’t know how in the fuck anybody can not notice this. In my lifetime white straight men were the MOST employable people; now I don’t care if you have five degrees and are willing to scrub toilets for three dollars an hour, you will NOT get work. The tables have totally flipped, and the kikes’ managerie of pet enemies is cackling with delight.

    All of these people are pathetic DUPES. As soon as they have served their purpose, the kike monsters will flush them down the toilet too, just like they flushed us once we were done serving our purpose all through the world wars and Cold War. The kike hijackers are truly loyal to only one group. How anyone can not see this is also mind-boggling.

    Hey Flanders: your thing about Freud and his mom IS porn, really putrid stuff.

  11. GTRman says:

    goy – i dont know/care if you have ‘ history’ with Akira , but you might want to check out this thread :

    and this is pretty good , straight from the ‘horse’s ( Samuel Roth )mouth ‘

  12. Silvernickel says:

    “TV seems to be DELIBERATELY winding Americans up.”

    Oh, I’m absolutely sure you’re right. That’s ALL it does. It has absolute ZERO value as information. Even as “entertainment” it’s utterly hideous. I killed mine 20 years ago. It’s taken me this long to heal from it. Why in the fuck does ANYBODY keep watching this sewage?

    Goy, good for you on 20 years, wow, that is an interesting comment, because I wonder how long it will take me to heal from it, even though I was a light watcher and stopped before the heavy multi-cult/Obama fantasizing. Been 3 plus years now. I think of all the damage I did as a young kid, and that is nothing compared to what the young chidren are experiencing with tv and virtual reality video games.

    I really think the key to overcoming our tyranny is to begin to understand the Strawman, common law, sovereign issue. I used to think this was all legal bogus nonsense that I could not begin to understand or have an interest, but it seems obvious this is the way to rebel like a freedom warrior. We can all ‘masturbate’ with our comments/observations about current events at the Incogman and we are all cranking them out of the park with good info, but until we start to study and comprehend who we really are and what we can actually accomplish individually, we are really just wasting good energy and dutifully paying taxes, paying fees and being slaves that feeds the satanic criminal parasitic system. I would hope Incogman will create an article that has an overview of the issues I mentioned. I am just now starting to look into this legal issue myself so I am a true neophyte, if anyone has a comment about this or knows why I should abandon it, I welcome you to do so.

    Redemption-Strawman, Part 1of 5

  13. GTRman says:

    Plenty here , Silvernickel

  14. Hoff says:

    2,7 million hits. Should turn 3 million in April.

  15. Hoff says:

    “Multicultural Education at Hope College”

  16. kerdasi amaq says:

    This darkie gets elected to office of local mayor and is running for the national parliament. What a chancer!

    Rotimi denies all knowledge. And as Rob said, “Rotimi is a Nigerian AND an elected politician. What on earth makes you think he might be lying?”

  17. Flanders says:

    The jews alter-ego apes tell Whites to go to hell! – But, give me money, more money!

    “Media hides racial hatred espoused by Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price at a county commissioner’s court hearing.

    The “mainstream” media is reporting that “Price told citizens to go to hell.” As you can clearly see in this video he says “all of you who are white, go to to hell!”

    This is exactly the type of behavior that is going on among black leaders and black elected officials all the time, but is being censored by the media.”

    “blacks demanding more money from the taxpayer, apparently the 1.15 billion in pure handouts 2 months ago wasn’t enough. I wonder how many blacks you can ship to Liberia for 1.15 billion dollars.

    In December, when President Barack Obama signed the “Claims Resolution Act of 2010,” which appropriated $1.15 billion to black farmers who said the U.S. Department of Agriculture had discriminated against them, many thought the matter had been laid to rest.

    Dr. John W. Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, has a message for America though: The black farmers need more — especially as they initially sought $2.5 billion.”

  18. t bone says:

    israel isnt a democracy-its a headquarters

  19. Kathy says:

    This is a Jew blog, if not might as well be. Your just as corrupt. I happen to know for a fact that the internet was scrubbed in 2003 of anything but what will benefit the Jews. And guys most folks know this,so get on with your lives!

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Sounds to me like a tricky new line of Jew bull. “Kathy” — what a sweet sounding name for a Jewboy faggot in Tel Aviv named Moishe.

  20. GTRman says:

    I gotsta get me one of those there internet scrubbing brushes.

  21. Julian Lee says:

    Just out this morning, our 2nd installment of “White People Are Cool.” The theme of this one: “Who Wants Whites To Race-mix”? We plan to get 33 of these done, all on different topics, with different approaches and moods.

  22. GTRman says:

    Great stuff Julian. Im gonna post it on the new thread. Well done.

  23. Julian Lee says:

    Great! Send it to all White women you know!

  24. TDK says:

    Good video.The jews have been promoting race-mixing for a long time.And it hasnt gotten any better.In fact,the jews have become even more blatant and come up with ever more ways to insert race-mixing themes into our mass media.The biggest concern is our young people.Many of the most popular jewish-owned networks cater to teens and children,like nickelodeon and mtv.Whites have got to be vigilant about avoiding mainstream TV and keeping their kids away from it too.It is all garbage.I have a neighbor who has kids.I noticed she had some disney videos over at her house one day and that the kids watched the disney channel.I told her the story about how the jews screwed walt disney into an early grave and then took his company and now use it for jewish propaganda.She has since stopped her kids from watching it.Only pre-jew disney from now on.This is an example of how we can each do our part to inform people about these degenerate parasitic bastards that are hellbent on destroying the white cultural values that made america great.

  25. t bone says:

    I’ve been debating whether or not I should post this jew song’ protocols of zion’.
    It says in a ‘fun/happy’ kind of way that the protocols are true. This is an obvious effort to downplay how corrupt it is.

    My humble apologies in advance to anyone who barfs on their new carpet.

  26. SBD TV says:

    It’s scandalous; so it is! Though: it would be nice to see some strange fruit…….(59,755)

  27. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Last coupla days for my own amusement, i’ve gone to sites other than this one.

    I couldn’t get on here.

    Ye’d call them liberal in American speak. I call them arseholekiketrash.

    After a while this is the response i get:

    “The site has blocked you from posting new comments.”


    Sorry, you have been blocked from commenting on this site.”

    At this site in particular….

    After i took the usuals for a “walk” of course.

    I’m “comment removed”.

    What i was thinking was. WE have to take the fight to the enemy.
    Trust me, it’s like pushing at an open door.

    They have NOTHING to contradict you.

    If yer worried about being tracked. Rest assured, yer already FUCKED in that department!

    So what’s up?

    Let’s go!

    I was able to post 8 or 10 comments in 45 minutes before they chopped me.

    All of them visceral.

    You get 10 people doing that? They go with it, or kill the thread.

    Either way it’s a win!

    Got it?

  28. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Here’s the thread they killed me on…

    The subject of the story is unimportant.

    The point is to upset, and sow disarray!

    Just sayin’!

    One sit at a time.

    Prioritised by commenters here.

    Might be an idea.

    Maybe bullshit.

  29. t bone says:

    I see all the ‘comment removed’ posts. That must be you. LOL.
    The people on that site are liberal ziotards.
    I’m not suprised.

    I just watched the Klitchko fight on talmudvision. A mostly White crowd (English) was cheering for the nigger. What can you expect when jews like larry merchant, michael buffer,bert sugar, etc..have gained full control of boxing?

    But I see your point.
    A couple times , I got involved with other Incog posters in flooding threads like that. I see much good in it and I plan to do it again.

  30. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    t bone

    The German part of the crowd roared Kltchko on, like Germans don’t usually do…
    “Klitchko, Klitchko, Klitchko,”, drowning out the bemused, befuddled, CONnfused, by their handlers English.

    I love English people.

    They are confused, but good hearted people.

    They got sold a pig in a poke(brown paper bag), and feel that makes them superior, though they’ve done nothing to earn it.

    It’s sad. Might come again though.

    Like Americans.

    We got something else to look forward to?

    Ourselves are ALL we have.

    The rest is bullshit. Right Now, is the time.

  31. t bone says:

    What kind of music is that?

  32. t bone says:

    Forget my last post CR. I looked it up.
    It sounded part Celtic/part gypsy but its actually Spanish folk.
    The girl has a nice voice.

  33. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    t bone

    It’s from Northern Spain. On the Bay of Biscay.


    Wild place. People with a sense of themselves.

    They, like people from Galicia, Also in Northern Spain, the Basques, also nominally Spanish, Bretons in Northern France, the Scottish, the Irish, the Welsh, are all Celts. That’s where the pipes come in.

    Good stuff…

    Hard people to break.

  34. Julian Lee says:

    Why the Manson family avatar, rabbi?

  35. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Hello Julian.

    Where you been?

    Why? Why not?

    I think she was very pretty. I’m probably on my own with that.

    So what? I’m used to it.

    Nice to talk to you though.

  36. Lynda says:

    Well, Julian, I think we could hazard a guess.

    Susan Atkins aka Sadie Glutz and mother of Zezozecee Zadrack and assistant chief executioner for Charles Jew Manson is (betcha anything) a jewess. How else to explain how someone escaped the death penalty in Ca. after she stabbed the shiksa wife of that prince in jewry Polanski and wrote ‘pig’ in the shicksa’s blood on the wall.

    In her own words she “wanted to personally take out the eyes” of the shiksa and “squash them against the wall.” But even Charles had to draw the line here in the midst of their blood frenzy.

    Basically, it’s a Purim thing.

    This is why the smiling Susan graces Incogman’s blogroll.

  37. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    She’s nice to look at though, right?

    Forward your passport photo, Lynda.

    We’ll have a poll.

    Although i’m sure you and Julian both, are fine looking specimens, and were in yer younger days, and never made a mistake!

    The girl was a sweetheart.

    Maaaayyyy’be a little crazy.

    But God forgive me, they’re the ones i LIKE !!

    You wouldn’t understand Lynda. Neither should you be expected to. You’re a woman.

    I can’t see yer girlfriend having a clue either!

  38. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “How else to explain how someone escaped the death penalty in Ca.”

    Yeh how else?

    Apart from it being struck from the statute books, before her trial began!

    How else?

    Do yer research, or shut yer lemon sucking, jealous, ugly trap!

    You and yer girlfriend.

    Still waiting for yer photo!

    Call yourself a Catholic?

    You ought to be ashamed.

    You come across like every other jackal!

  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Another way of looking at what “occurred”, is to think of it as a late term abortion, where the patient unfortunately died.


    It was her right under law!


    Kikes do it all the time.

    Shuffle some paper, and nobody goes to jail.

    What puzzles me, is why you both guzzle up the kike narrative, when everything else they publish, and bring to the public forum, has been proved to be a load of old kikeshite. Rhymes with zeitgeist.


    Some kikes have an unfortunate hollykike accident, and it’s news!

    I’d say the adorable Suzie, was the avatars’ avatar!

    And she didn’t hurt a fly.

    Any questions?

  40. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    I watched your video. It had a fine message.


    I was left with the feeling of, “is this cunt trying to get us killed!”.

    It’s a death herald, for half hearted corpses.

    How about this one…

    And if not, another thing less inspiring…–qDDU

    Or as a last resort…

    See how i see it there is NO threat! Only aquiescence.

    I don’t aquiesce as you seem happy to do.

    So it’s a no from me.

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