Brendon O’Connell Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Noted outspoken Christian activist, Brendon O’Connell, was sentenced to 3 years last week in Australia, for telling the Jews off in public about Israel’s evils and exposing all the Zionist, “sayanim” fifth-columnist activities in Australia. The Jews called his Youtube videos criminal “hate speech” and the police did the Jew’s bidding (vids censored from Youtube but you can watch my own embeds below for yourself).

Can you believe it? Just because the lousy Jews deem something “hate speech,” they can get you thrown in jail. The Jews also made-up lies about Brendon threatening them with terrorist acts like, for example, a comment they said he made on an Internet forum: “I’m going to pack 100kg of Powergel and 40 bags of ANFO onto the back of a Scooter and park it at the local Synagogue – shout “free bagels and kiddie porn” – and then run like hell!” Right.

The devious Judaics are hell-bent on shutting up the rapidly growing White awakening to Jewish control and Zionist subversive activities in our countries. Australia is just like the US, Canada, Great Britain and everywhere else the Jews pretend to be loyal citizens, but lie, cheat and do whatever else they think they can get away with to protect Jewry and Mother Israel.

Please click “Continue reading” to watch the videos the crazed, traitor Jews got so worked-up about.

Steve Lieblich, Zionist Jew and traitor to Australia.

Go to WHITELAW TOWERS for a complete rundown on one of the “Australian” Jews (right) behind O’Connell’s jailing and the creep’s fifth-columnist activities on behalf of Israel. This Lieblich SOB has proven business ties with Verint, the MOSSAD-funded telecommunications company suspected of eavesdropping all over the planet, including the US government and maybe even you.

If you are new to the “Jew Question,” please take some time to check all this out. The same censorous Jews are doing whatever they can to shut-up and silence any talk about them or precious Israel in the USA, Canada and Britain. Matter of fact, I’m told that my site here is blacklisted by the Australian government (but the filters supposedly can be defeated).

— Phillip Marlowe

“As long as you [Jews] continue to remain silent and gild the lily, saying I’m a nice Jew but refuse to denounce the homicidal mania within Judaism itself… the bell tolls for you.”

— Brendon O’Connell

Brendon O’Connel: Rising Up Down Under

Watch the video that got Brendon jailed:


Brendon O’Connell confronts Zionist death cult member and president of Australian Association of Jewish Students, after they were caught gathering intelligence on Pro-Palestine demonstrations

Brendon O’Connell First Fruits from anar chore on Vimeo.




****** Warning ******

This video production contains footage which some viewers may find distressing. Viewer discretion advised.

This video was produced by Brendon O’Connell, an Australian patriot who was recently sentenced to three years imprisonment by a Perth court for posting a supposedly “anti-Semitic” video on YouTube.

Brendon requested that this video be made public in the event of him being jailed. Prior to his incarceration, Brendon had been prohibited by Perth Magistrates Court from uploading any material whatsoever to the Internet. That gagging-order is no longer applicable and FugaziQuo.Com are pleased to fulfill Brendon’s request that his video be placed in the public domain.

Brendon was particularly keen that Western Australia Police see this video. We’re sure they will.

The video may be downloaded in MP4 format direct from our website:

The information to be found via the links below should leave you in no doubt as to the true identity of the real culprits behind the Port Arthur massacre of 1996….

Australia’s 9/11: The Port Arthur Massacre:

Deceit And Terrorism – The Massacre At Port Arthur:

Port Arthur Massacre:

Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre – Government and Media Lies Exposed:

Joe Vialls Was Right:

Israel’s Secret Wars: A History Of Israel’s Intelligence Services:

Profits Of War: Inside The Secret U.S.- Israeli Arms Network:

Mossad Black Ops and False Flags:

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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169 Responses to Brendon O’Connell Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

  1. Rich says:

    One would be sorely mistaken to believe that there isn’t a race war stoked by the jew already in progress!

  2. Bailey says:

    Interesting Rich, then there’s this one (and many other examples of brown and black enemies deployed by jews) from the same great site.

    Like i say, coming soon to a town near you.

  3. Bailey says:

    Here is what jews would have us believe about Ford and his dearborne Independent.

    I have read that Hollywood boycotted Ford and Ford/Lincoln automobiles and favored General Motor products.

  4. Bailey says:

    And, here are four copies of the Independent.

    Top left has interesting article about the Federal Reserve .

  5. Bailey says:

    Check out the link: Henry Ford must choose.

    Harley Earl and GM sucked up to the jews and Hollywood.

  6. Rich says:

    Yeah Bailey,
    I just recently learned that J.P Morgan is the issuer of the U.S unemployment compensation, and food stamp cards/debit cards. Just imagine the posibilities for them to almost instantly cause a race war/rioting by simply deactivating the cards at the same time. I imagine they have many types of triggers set just for the right occasion.

    Coming to a town near you…….Indeed!

  7. Bailey says:

    Oh Yea, if those cards stop working we’re in deep shit, it’ll certainly be time to stay home, protect your own.
    I don’t think that’ll happen until more white people are enrolled in the wellfare program, the more whites they can get rioting helps take attention away from the brown armies the jews have deployed against us.

    WTF? To live in a society that one even has to think like that is severely effed’ up,
    but it’s coming.

  8. Flanders says:

    A “good example” of jewish MSM “reporting” – designed with intentional bias to provide slants which are counter to the “facts” which are supposedly being reported.

    “Neo-Nazis dominate tiny German village”

  9. GDL says:

    White Wolf asked “what was holding Christianity back?”

    1. The absence of recognition for the reality that Spiritual Growth is all there is….defined by different races/cultures/tongues, by different levels of intelligence, understanding, and Spiritual maturity….this even varies within each race.

    2. Victim status mentality and the need to be rescued. A lack of personal accountability and responsibility.


  10. Hun/Hoff/Incog

    I had put this one out there before:

    It will not come up in ANY web searches (for some reason), so type “” in your address window.

    It will provide ANYTHING in pdf format, instantly, if it is on the internet. I have gotten quite a few books – and found quite a few good sites that the books are on – by using this search engine.

    It is also good if you want to find a manual or something online.

    I saw that on MSN (work homepage) that AOL is buying Huffington Post. Around the start of the War on Iraq I read this POS site now and then. It didn’t take long for me to realize something didn’t add up (at all). Well, anyway, the alliance between Time Warner, the rest of the media monopoly is official for anyone that give a BFF.

  11. your mom's pimp says:

    “As far as gw2bc the Hasbarat is concerned, Egyptians refusing to accept Israel as legitimate is not a “kike op”.”

    Uh-huh, sure American— just take the Jew media spew at face value like a good goy beef steer. Don’t factor in that they’re spoon-feeding you everything you “know,” as always. This is exactly why they’ve been outsmarting your kind for 10,000 years.

  12. Hasbarat alert at 4:18.

    your mom’s pimp – can you translate this? GFYYFFMBMFF? (I’ll give you a hint: it’s not nice.)

  13. warrior.hun says:

    Dear jennifer chen,

    I really do enjoy your contributing posts, but I detected one logical contradiction in your last one, please allow me to point on it: askhenazi/khazaar jews took up judaism a few hundred years after the crucifiction of Christ, so Jesus was not talking about this specific racial part of the jews, but rather about jews in general. Askhenazim or Sephardim, Toraic or Talmudic, Orthodox or Communists, Israeli Nationalist or Cosmopolitic Internationalist, these divisions only make sense as their insider groups: for us they represent a homogenous enemy front.
    The “dancing israelies” may have been Askhenazim, but the Mistaravim units posing off as “Al-Qaeda” pseudo terrorist gang are Sephardim grown up in Arabic countries, that is why they can play “like an Arab”. I think simply concentrating on the Askhenazim as enemy, and assuming the non-Askhenazim are “good jews”, or not a threat-that would be a most dangerous delusion for ourselves.

    By the way, I was really impressed by your take on the connection of jews, money, Asia and sexuality from your woman perspective. It was a very, very interesting read for me, it really got me thinking. Thank you for it.

  14. warrior.hun says:

    Dear All,

    Thank you very much for all of the Henry Ford links, kameraden!

    About white Christianity:
    Please do not forget that in our secular age, most of our knowledge of Christianity comes from the Media, and not from oldschool Christians! I realised it regarding myself, too! (I was not baptised under communism.)
    The important thing is, all our glorious White ancestors were Christians without exception, and all the glorious White cultures and countries and nations were based on Christianity. USA included!!
    The Christianity of our White forefathers had no jewish influence or infiltration whatsoever ( let alone jewish rule: un-imaginable!).
    This oldschool White Christian faith of our great-grandparents was hounded, destroyed, persecuted, killed by the jews, from all side: communists, liberals, porn producers, journalists, sects, infiltrated and turned upside down by masonists, in general: destroyed whichever way the jews could destroy it, and not just the churches, but the minds and hearts of the white people.
    What they teach today as “Judeo-Christianity”, or “Christian Zionism”, is contradiction in terms, it is a faked cult using the name “Christ” as alibi, as the name “Christ” has an un-destroyable credibility in our minds and hearts. So, using the name of “Christ” as alibi, they are faking a religion for the “goyim” based on the Noahide laws, without any connection the the religion our ancestors believed in, namely Christianity and let me stress this, again:
    I deemed it important to highlight, because I get the impression when I talk with people, especially with young white people, that when they express their aversion and dislike towards Christianity, if we scratch the surface, their view of Christianity in their mind is based on the picture they receive-mainly from the Media-of Judeo-Christianity and Christian Zionism, and it has nothing to do with the real Christian religion of their forefathers!

  15. American says:

    Nahh, pimp. Even though jews are always fearful of retribution for their crimes, it’s much more that usual lately, as it should be Sure they’ll try to turn it to their advantage, but everybody hates terrorist Israel that knows anything about it, especially Israel’s neighbors.. The jew media is not telling the story like video on youtube where the protesters are sick of anything to do with the US and it’s Israeli controllers. I had to laugh when I saw a CNN clip yesterday (on youtube) where the show’s host said “we got this video from youtube earlier”, thus confirming traditional media’s irrelevance.

    jew media acts as if Mubarak is the problem, but the people know it’s much larger than that. Israel-first traitors in all nations are the problem. And now Americans are realizing the same. Good going, destroy America from looting and perversion, and now who’s gonna fight Israel’s wars for it? Not me, you rat.

  16. Rich says:

    WTF is with the filthy effin creature jew?
    Here’s one to try to figure out. A naasty kike named Zimmerman preparing to eat the foreskin of a filthy little nigger following a bizzare, typical yid ceremony, all made for the talmudvision, probably prime time. I wonder if those filthy Rabbi’s that were giving those poor babies herpes, were told they needed to find some out of the way place with no central authority to continue their revolting pedo activity.

    Frickin disgusting creatures!

  17. Rich says:

    BTW Zimmerman says in the article that he would not have eaten it (yeah sure) He probably took a few home! The comments are typical Huffington jew tripe! All this seems to me, is the jew trying to normalize abhorrent behavior.

  18. zona guy says:

    The South Africa Sucks websight got taken down today. A very good sight, they really went after the spooks and libtards. The only problem was they never went after the jew. Hope they do what Incogman did and start their own sight. Anybody see the crotch grabbing niggers during the super bowl halftime? Sick Jew crap. Screw the Jew.

  19. Rich says:

    Yeah Zona, and did you see the Wigress singing the National Anthem. She wants to be black so bad that she tells her kids that they Are black. And how about the pathetic little cracker who sucks the finger of the Nigger on the Dorito’s commercial. That particular piece of shit should have a dirty Nigger finger sewn permanently into his filthy pie hole.

  20. Flanders says:

    Warrior Hun, You had asked me an important question earlier, but I have been too strung out to give you an answer. I will refer you to this article about the US State Department which will serve to answer your question as much as my response would. There is little difference between those “executives” who are conditioned and selected according to views which pretty much correspond to the views of those holding the political appointments in the State Dept., and are often the same if the truth were known. The jews planted their cronies, “free of charge” into the State Dept during WWII. While the war was going on the bigger corporations “loaned” personnel to the State Dept. and other departments, too. Most of these jew-cronies remained after the war and were replaced by similar types. The interaction between State and corporations has been jew guided since then. Your original question was here:

    As the author of the article referred to below states, it is not just the USG (US government) or the State Department, but “even clear-thinking members of the New Right have [not] fully taken in that the USG is now the enemy.

    “To be immersed in the [State] Department for any length of time is to know with absolute certainty that the battle of ideas, for the highest seat of power, for the basic outlook of the United States of America is over and it has been won by globalist, multi-culturalist, liberal capitalism. That is to say, the USG is currently fanatically devoted to a world-view that can best be described in shorthand as a mix between the Wall St Journal pro-global business and open borders stance and the ideology one would find in the Office for Multi-Cultural Affairs at a major liberal arts university.

    ….USG is fully and completely committed to the modern liberal revolution and is not capable of being reformed, …this view has hardened into an ideology and has intertwined itself so thoroughly in the popular mind with what it means to be “American” that nothing short of an intense crisis or a complete breakdown will bring about any change. Certainly, electing this or that Republican makes no difference to the Permanent Government.”

    The author either doesn’t know or avoids mentioning that which we know, that the jews are in control of the attitudes and policies. You and I both know, Warrior Hun, how that control is expressed in what he next describes:

    “…it is my sad duty to report to you that the USG is actively promoting this not only in France but throughout the European Union and elsewhere. The US Government views the future and the meaning of the very word “democracy” to mean a democracy on the modern liberal capitalist globalist United States model, i.e. mass democracy with an extremely multi-ethnic population. To that end, historical nations are merely administrative bodies with particular historical backgrounds. A Turkish German is German. A Muslim Frenchman is French. Anyone who says otherwise is evil and will not be tolerated. Moves by any European government to treat their citizens differently based on ethnicity are viewed by USG as the same a denying Blacks in the U.S. civil rights and sends them into a shrieking frenzy. Any political party that opposes this is “monitored” by the U.S. and U.S. political and diplomatic capital is spent to discredit them.

    In addition, the U.S. is fully committed to the proposition that the U.S. and Europe are Muslim as well as Christian and Jewish and Whatever entities. To that end, the U.S. has supported Albania and has created the new Muslim state of Kosovo. Kosovo and Albania are both led by criminals and murderers but in our ideological zeal this is not seen for what it is. It is seen, typically, as a need for MORE U.S. involvement, more “good governance” programs, more lectures to other Europeans that they’re not doing their part to integrate these countries into the European family. A quick example suffices to make my point.

    Another point about this is that this was being done in American foreign policy following WWII, but the American people were not aware about what was being done or by whom. Europe was lambasted with jewish/Marxist doctrine using American taxpayer monies while the American people were being told by “their” news that “American ideals” were being spread. A few were aware, but few others listened. The economy seemed great and there were too many new toys to play with.

    To answer your question in another way, Yes, the corporate loonies are thoroughly indoctrinated and most beleive the crapola that they peddle. Their judgment of success is different from the judgment of rational men because they are given “good positions”, salary and benefits (relative to other Americans), which they veiw as being due to their own hard work and study. Entire globalist structures and NGO’s reinforce their views and accord them recognition and honors.

  21. Flanders says:

    The link to, “The View From a Cog in the USA’s Aggressive-Multicultural Machine”:

  22. Flanders says:

    Warrior Hun and Hoff, You both might be interested in this link. It is not from a site which expresses familiarity with jewish involvement and domination of Marxism, but the article is on Marxist goals and how they are being met in the US. The parts following the John Galt section, January 10, 1963 – Current Communist Goals and the, “Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto”, below it are good.

  23. Barney says:

    Jennifer Chen said (some time ago)

    “jews are soulless godless-sociopaths-their ugliness and stupidity come from that-it mirrors their inner being that is completely evil-jews are devoid of any goodness-compassion empathy mercy or forgiveness.”

    I’ve noticed that in Human Beings too (jews are NOT human). I once knew two sisters. Both should have been equally attractive, but one was an angel whereas the other one is evil.

    The evil, ugly one was involved in the pre-meditated murder (for money) of her beautiful sister.

    The thing is that both of these people had similar features. It’s the ugliness within that makes the murderous one visibly ugly, while her angelic sister was truly beautiful on all levels. Even from a distance she was so physically beautiful that men couldn’t fail to notice her.

    (A bit repetitive there with my over-use of the word “beautiful”, but I’m looking at a photograph of the murder victim right now, and there’s just no other word to describe her.)

    What I’m getting at is the fact that inner beauty or inner ugliness always shows on the outside, not only in a person’s looks, but in everything about them, and the jews are totally devoid of any human virtue, which is why the vast majority of them are so unbelieveably ugly.

    Alan Sugar (not as sweet as his chosen name). Michael Winner (an ugly loser). Vermin in government. The obvious kike-esses in the latest “Asda” (owned by Wall-Mart) tv adverts here in Britain. Wherever we see a kike, we see the ugliness of true evil.

    You’re right, Jennifer. It IS a war between good and evil, God and the devil, and at last that war is coming to a head. People living now will see the age predicted, when evil will finally be banished from the Earth and Humanity will prosper as never before.

    I’d like to make one last point though. Too many people, and especially those who blindly follow “thou shalt not kill”, even if it means giving up their own lives or seeing their wives and daughters raped, are waiting for the cavalry to arrive, whether in the form of God’s wrath or visitors from other worlds.

    I’ve got news for you people. The cavalry is NOT coming. God helps those who help themselves, not those too lazy even to save their own worthless lives. We came to this world to do a job, and it’s no good sitting back and waiting for a miracle. God WILL help, but only if we’re willing to get involved in solving the problem ourselves.

    In the 1960s and 1970s, the “hippies” were smoking dope and waiting for the revolution. It never happened. Why? Because the people who were waiting to benefit from the work of others were too busy sitting on their arses (asses) smoking dope and waiting for someone else to do the work.

    We’re at a difficult time right now. We’ve got to wait for the right moment, but when that moment comes, we’ve got to get off our backsides and DO something. If we can’t be bothered to fight for our own survival, how can we expect God (or the Galactic Federation or the tooth fairy) to save us? If we won’t fight for the preservation of our race, we won’t deserve to survive at all.

    As David Icke says, “Human Race get off your knees!”.

    I’ve got some doubts about David Icke generally, but that one phrase says it all.

    Btw, there seems to be some confusion regarding the word “Asian”. My understanding is that in the US this word refers to people of Chinese, Japanese, Malay and similar origin, whereas here in the UK we refer to these people as “Orientals”, the word “Asian” having been appropriated by the Indians and Pakistanis.

  24. chromelung says:

    Is it true of what Brendon claimed that the sites and youtube accounts StopFundingIsrael, Nephilim70, and the so called “Steve Johnson”? The same guy that runs a few websites ( and battled with Brendon and everyone assoc. w/ and They made a couple vids too belittling both Brendon and Jim. One vid I think Brendon said showed a short excerpt of the inside of his home at night to intimidate him. Why wasn’t that presented in court? And didn’t O’Connell defend himself? That is a bad move. He should have hired a jewish lawyer specializing in freedom of speech and the law. I know he’d be harrassed too and called “self =hating”, but money is money. I’d be curious to have seen how many jewish attorney’s he would have needed to go to to accept the case.

  25. Lynda says:

    Brendon has certainly done his research.

    In speaking publicly about Judaic issues, the first thing you have to do is get control of the language of the discussion. Crucial points turn on specific terms because the mass mind has been programmed. Words like Jew (even calling a Jew a Jew), Holocaust, Hate, Terrorism etc. Most people think they know evidentially what these words mean. And to even employ these terms is to activate all their programmed defenses against de-programming.

    What people are up against in the debate is Orwellian Newspeak.

    In any discussion which involves Newspeak on hotbutton issues it is the programming that must be addressed first. The person who wants to de-programme must immediately put real content into the Newspeak.

    I had to speak to a small gathering at a university pre-orientation last week. I was there as a traditional Catholic as we have no representation among the assembled religious bodies. Only the novus ordo Catholics, protestant and Orthodox groups represent Christian presence. The subject of the discussion was hate crime and the Jews were represented and their rabbi thought cops were there. The Christians were all on the defensive – regarding NT hate speech against the Jews. Mea culpas to the Chosen who were there to instruct the goyim on how to grovel appropriately.

    I had five minutes to say something on religous hate (and its evils). So I got up and the processing of the mass mind. Blank looks. In the modern political theatre, the construction of hate speech, its identification and condemnation is a Newspeak programme. I went into Orwell’s definition. Newspeak terms are terms that have been co-opted and given a programmed definition which can not be questioned without engaging in what I regard as ‘the hate speech programme’

    They immediately saw where I was going with this and several people stood up to demand my removal from the speaker’s chair. Before I complied, I said. I haven’t even gotten to specific examples and already you are demonstrating my case and making all my points as I knew you would. Is this university about free enquiry? Are we here to understand our thinking with questions and evidence and debate or are we here to run the Newspeak programmes on each other.

    Needless to say I had a banging good time.

  26. whitelaw says:

    Hello chromelung, I suspect you are the same chromelung I am subscribed to on you tube. Anyway I have attempted to steer away from this battle with Steve Johnson and such. I have nothing to do with any of them and after witnessing the hysteria from all sides I believe its the best move. I do know one thing. Steve Johnson is now using a Jewish Anarchist site in Australia to push his agenda. Now this particular Jewish Anarchist has some very strong connections in the Jewish Anti Racism community. In fact the Australian Antifa and anti racism movement is totally top heavy with state sponsored reds/Jews.

    In the past 4 years the site that Steve has just posted on has proven time and time again to be a state sanctioned dis-info site. I myself have been questioned numerous times by Australian authorities from ASIO to the Feds after they published false and misleading information about myself and a few others.

    This guys @ndy and his friends often brag about their media connections. One of the contributors Cam Smith admitted on live radio that he and his friends work very close with the Federal Police in Australia. Hardly an Anarchist type of operation.

    These people have been pictured with Australian Politicians and prominent Jewish reporters on many occasions. My involvement with Brendon was solely because the same Jews that were investigating him had been doing the same to The Australian White Nationalist Community since 2004. So I was surprised to see Steve Johnson lurking there and spreading BS about Brendon.

    This is what Brendon and people like myself are up against here in Australia, middle class Jewish kids with parents in high places.
    Brendon deserves better than to be attacked or labeled while he cant defend himself.

    I am sick to death of claims about Brendon from people who have no idea what this man has gone threw since he he first outed an Israeli spy ring in Australia. At first I didn’t believe all that he said. But over the course of his trial I myself witnessed the involvement of Chabab stalking his supporters in person.

    As a White Nationalist it is my duty to support anyone who is willing to help in the fight. Even if it is a Liberal conservative like Brendon.

  27. your mom's pimp says:

    Why is it that anybody who thinks you’re a bunch of go-nowhere circle-jerking buffoons and Mossad name-gatherers is a “hasbarat?” It’s so … middle school.

  28. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    As an avowed go no-where, circle jerking buffoon, and mossad name-gatherer, i take exception to the tone of your comment!

    You appear to have the I.Q, and limited world-view, of a common chutney-ferret!

    Please desist.

  29. laura says:

    I am glad he is in prison! I am a christian but this Brendon has nothing in comun with christianity! Hope to stay there more than 3 years!

  30. says:

    lauras pimp..oh my moms pimp ..haha and laura ..good ,everyone is entitled to stir up shit …hahaaha….as a christian laura you should pray for brendon oconnor as jeseus said ,visit those in prison or pray or help break im out even the least of them as it is like chekkin in to see jesus ,,its what he said..,whatever but you are not a christian in gods eyes till you survive the coming persecution and coming holacaust in this country as all the christains are sleeping and not using the power of their relationship to god thru jesus…it doesnt matter what anybody believes as all will be put thru end time gauntlet….there aint no rapture except in the schofield bible,,are you still there?…the hate crime was when a group of zio-con-poodles decided to subvert austrailian(world)laws and perpetrate absolut hate laws toward anyone who strongly disagrees with the zombi zio/cristian mentallity about israel that the jews can do no wrong..the so called “legal” actions against brendan are hate personified and are the same people who seek to remove religion and freedom for all ,and if you cant see that you need some new eyes..or you can giv it up and suck upto the son of perfidy and get the star 666 of solomon tattooed on your forehead..when the temple is rebilt this is biblical attn to this dude is gonna stand in the holy of holies and declare himself to be god …it will be like halloween everyday after that …So you think he belongs in prison for what crime and so were do you belong for thinking that ..that mind set makes you an enemy of freedom and gentiles at large…dump pay pal ,it is owned by poodles…look at the serial nigger rapist at the bottom of page to get a good description of “your mamas pimp” …its 105 degrees out side and the risin ,,,~i’m dreamin of a white christmas * *

  31. laura says:

    Ha ha ..I pray for a long live in prison! For the bastard!

  32. says:

    “LAURA” if incogman doesnt censoer this for a moment id like to tell you that sie ist eine Drecksau lecken Schweinegrippe…you are going to pray that brendon connor spends alot of time in prison ?…anytime more than 40 days is long time and with special treatment inside by jew gaurds noless ..are you such a zio humping piece of pig that i should go to jail for calling your mother a loser for giving birth to and your kind will perish in te coming famine ..unions busted ,pensions not paid ,checks not cashed,banks closing,states broke ,water-food poisoned..monsanto 4th gen seeds designed to terminate die ,no food ,,chem sprays,,talmud noahyde theocracy attempts to install,,truters and christians will be fed to te machine together..secular personell and all non jews will be relegated to horror..laura you are pathetic and inexperienced and brainwashed but as someone said there is room for hope ,someday..only because of such a draconian law tat put brendan in prison that is to say tat the jews and teir lackeys,,it also says in the bible christian laura that not to throw your pearls before swine which means to try to show someone like you the lite is upto god ..most people here have been researching or experiencing the secular and quasi religios truths and realities for decades sue me bitch…your a 350 pounder and butt ugly correct..hahaha..i can smell you from give a bad name to humanity

  33. says:

    hey where is laura i wanna chase her around with a can of lysol..latest brown shirt tsa harrassment of innocent people and the people sheeple standing there afraid of the thuglani and afraid they wont get to jackassville on tyme ,but they had tyme to watch the good people being arrassed by tsa jackasses…for using a camera to catch the inevidible drama that most assuredly was gaurunteed to happen when you opt out…cameras ? they got stinking cameras all over the place watching your every move,,they got cammers in places where the sun doesnt shine,so why are these schweinhunnde zionazineokommies harrassing people so much.I dont think all those cameras watchin us are innocent and especially most of em are linked to facial recognition mainframes(global).it is because tey can and because non thermal radiatoin on top of 65micrawatt emf soup and smartmeter soup can kill eventually ..there is nothing the elite ruling class wants from you except maybe your organs and your assets and your death..have a listen to shitbag bile gates and his eugenik double talk.(and china ministers)..a true christian would be actually richard wurmbrand and people who know you cant preach god without bringing shame to the ruling class as did j-krist and the non izzraylite jews of his day who were the early version of the sons of the devil as he said it hisself..and the sanhedrin sougt to murder j-krist once he turned the lights on their duplicitous and evil agenda…no one in teir rite mind would ever think a man deserves to go to prison for communicating truth in an advanced ,sophisticated society,but if that society is controlled by satans children then truth is treated as hate and treason ,,,the jews of todays=kazzers have no conciense anymore..for someone to be locked up for 3 years based on disagreeing with vile ziozogkomcons is specious and an abomination to freedom especially when misrael is killing innocent palestinian children via sniper while in their schollrooms.. and shooting people for no reason and waging war against USA troops in fallujah,and planting highly sophistocated IED’s all over the damn place to inflict anger and resentment and revenge in the sogged minds of troops who are fucked up on SSRI’s,their is eyewitness truth to this ,so rummy gets the usa attacking idf soldiers released from marine custody and these asshole fakejews start their bone tiring mantra “anti semitism”..these lunatics have seized iraq oil and raided the baghdad museum(billions)and have perpetrated 3 million civilian deaths and yet they find the tyme to imprison someone for speaking out..laffable if it wasnt such bs..during lenins and stalins red terror it was a death penalty to be alive and non-jewish and to reveal that the 366out of 388 political body was jewish that had changed their names Ulyanov, jhugasvilli…stalin purged gentiles and apparatchiks would get their cars,flats,jobs ,sound familiar?look no further than south africa today under jewsih commie power,140 thousand innocent white non-jews murdered and jews apparatchiks get their jobs and property,no harm is coming to jews in south africa…..people being imprisoned in SA if they are white are subjected to torture in jail as it is getting to be standard treatment for people in prison,,add guinae pig to that list of things happening in the slam…is it collective imagination that the planet is one large prison and chemical biological experement currently….”I have dream” that drugged,brainwased humanoids in the usa will by degrees be enlitened to a higher degree of discernment before the finish line approaches….yee haw

  34. jennifer chen says:

    People are allowing the jews to trick and deceive them, they are too naive & innocent, to comprehend how evil the jews are or to see the evil motives behind everything they do-every trick they play-it is all the same conspiracy since the 10 pieces off silver they paid to kill Christ out Lord and savior.
    The whites are being taken out-they are the alpha among the races the leader.
    The tactic the jews are using is take out all our leaders, such as Brendon Lee O’Connell.
    then the rest of us will fall.
    They are destroying-ruining the reputation of the white race to the rest of the world.
    Destroying what was once a leadership position.
    They are taking out the individual white leaders who speak against the jews.
    Because they are the real leaders of the white race,
    they are the only leaders among the white people who will set us all free of the jews.
    The jews have one agenda-total destruction of all that is good-
    especially of the ideal out leadership, that leads us to higher ground.
    They hate God, they hate Christians,
    They hate white culture that makes us all progress as a species.
    They are against any forward evolution.
    Look at how they have turned the art-music-theater-medicine-education-religion-all to total shit.
    They want us all to regress backwards into the subhuman ape-creatures that the jews are-incapable of evolution because jew-sociopaths can’t evolve.
    Evolution requires Love and a relationship with God-the ideal.
    They want atheism-to destroy God-to replace Christ with a jew look a like who is actually satan.
    jews can only regress backwards-continually becoming more and more evil and demonic creatures.
    jews will never evolve forward-they have no souls-they are all ego & false pride,
    every deadly sin lives in the jews as their ideal.
    Nothing is static in the universe
    you must evolve forward into more loving beings-angelic creatures-superhuman
    as Hitler envisioned-as Jesus tried to teach you to be,
    defeat the evil plot of satan-the jews.
    Make your maker-God happy.
    Make your life’s work to become a more loving being when you die and return to God-than you were when you arrived here on earth-the school of evolution.
    Don’t waist your time doing what the jews dictate you do for survival.
    survival today depends on their pieces of silver.
    Get rid of their leaders-turn the tables.
    Take out the leaders of the jews, fight them like Martial artists-use the jews own tricks against the jews.
    We need to take out all jew leaders: all the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, all the politicians and Royal families of child molestation-who worship satan who belong to the jews, all the rich and all the Usury jew bankers, then all the jews will fall.
    I did not know that Arab Bankers do not charge interest-no usury-they are good
    They need support.
    We must take out the top level jew leaders and the ones they use to control us-evil ones (Judases) they use to lead us into hell – and the jews will be crushed and die.
    We must do to the evil jews what they have done to Brendon Lee O’Connell and many more like him-who are our leaders,
    Who are lighting the way for us out of the darkness the jews have brought down upon the world we live in now-this cesspit we see before us that was once pure-beautiful and not under the control of the money changers and Pharisees-the enemies of God.
    We must all follow Brendon’s example-
    speak out and fight evil-
    Even if they jail us for it.
    We must follow Christ’s example-
    Take a whip to these evil jews-
    Even if they crucify us for it.
    If we don’t it will be much worse than jail or crucifixion – if we don’t we go backwards into Hell to the jews who are satan on earth.

  35. jennifer chen says:

    It is a crime to send someone to prison-for trying to lead us from the darkness-that is what happened to Brendon and to Christ, who was also our father in heaven.
    I have no ill will toward anyone who criticizes me for being Chinese.
    It is their right.
    Criticism that is the truth-does not hurt. It is something I am grateful for.
    Truthful criticism of where I fail-leads me to be a better person-it awakens me to faults, I may not have otherwise been aware of.
    When we die-this is what happens-you see your whole truth as your entire life goes before you-God lets you see where you have failed him.
    It is a good thing.
    The jews have made many non-crimes into crimes to serve their evil agenda-
    the drugs trade makes the jews richer because it is illegal-
    Most of the drug addicts emerge traumatized-by wars and by parents following the jew Dr Spock’s evil jew child rearing methods-both cause PSTD=drug addiction.
    Even the one dose absolute cure of drug addiction that even eliminates withdrawal –‘ibogaine’ the jews make illegal-off shore-and so more expensive.
    The blacks are violent-Dr’s go to South Africa to train in ER because of the daily violence that is so prevalent there. Chinese people are sneaky duplicitous people you can’t trust. All races have their failings.
    The white race is the most close to what is the Christ’s example.
    The leader-who all other races have always looked up to and followed.
    This the jews want to destroy.
    They want to pretend to be the whites-take your places with nose jobs and name changes. They want to institute a false messiah-a satanic Christ in name only.
    It will never happen.
    The blacks have sunk so low because most of them have jew blood in them-the jews as slave traders mixed with the black race to their present detriment.
    jews hate blacks-and sex for the jew is an act of dominance and hatred
    jews are the example they set in jew porno. jews hate women.
    jews hate everyone including fellow jews.
    What Brendon did was an act of love for all mankind-and for this he is punished?
    As the jews also punished Christ.
    The jews will not be happy until they kill off everyone who is not a sociopath.
    The courts the soldiers-police-the prisons-are all run by sociopaths-those the jews have destroyed those people-soulless Godless atheists who do the will of satan the jews-not God’s will.
    That is why God is punishing the world with catastrophes.
    He is showing people their truth-earth is mirroring back the evil in those who the jews now control-people who are our present day Judases-people who accept the jews and worship jewish demonic sociopathic evils-for their 10 pieces of silver.
    The jews only give you what they will eventually take back,
    and they will soon exact even more form you traitors-that you will never get back,
    your soul-your humanity, your connection to God will soon be gone-
    technology will remove it forever.
    Those who harm the leaders like Brendon who are Christ-like, are making their place in Hell for all eternity.
    The jews will lose the war-
    but the battles they have already won-gets them all of you,
    soldiers-police-those who profit off the suffering of others; the courts and the prisons system.
    Those who are any part of Brendon’s suffering or misery-will go to everlasting misery in Hell.
    Brendon has earned his place at the side of God.

  36. Kathy says:

    Just wondering if the Jews responsible for the imprisonment of an innocent man thought about that as the earthquakes were rattling their brains there in Aussie land!

    Free Steve Brendon now you big apes!
    Freedom of speech Unalienable Right!

  37. templtn/st.Willi=m __...---+++++++++---...__ says:

    not enuff hardDrive to list crimes of zog..and the leaders of countries allow censorship and prison for people telling the truth cuz the countrie send monica lewinskis and seduktiv yentas to intermarry into high political circles to subvert the laws of te land…The blitzkrieg on afganny was very coincidental to taliban eradicating zog basturds from the landscape and annhillating opium growing…the zioneers were screwin up the culture and as a matter of reinforcing colonization the IZ got usa to go in and clear the way to a new bumperCrop of opium…john walker linde couldnt hold a candle to the jews who hold dual U.S./isreil citizenship and attack usa troops and plant ied’s on the usa troops in iraq to put them in the mood to kill iraq civilians…alot of the idf crimes against usa troops are carried out “looking like arabs/iraqi’s..what the redickless fuck do iraqi’shave to do with arabs and them with palestinians and all of them with stealth false flag israeli terrorism which has been99.95% isdefforce to look like arabs …so we all get mad at anything and everyone in middle east …most sites down have tied the idf in to abu nidal and all terrorism against planes boats and buildings all with the aid of hydrogen fission and underwear non fiction…maybe a new movie with all jewish actors all sporting new racy gentile last names ,,called no “trains yet” and a sequel “called planes-ships and skyscrapers”…kurt nimmo..judicial-i.n.c…e.steele. richard komishisu5million $price on his ead ..the satanic rabbis tried to get him shut down ….if you look at all the people snuffed for knowin too much it is a telling thing to realize how many elite defense force killers are out there…thot serial killers were nuts?…. Dieu sait qui a tort et a pëché. Il va bientot arriver malheur à ceux qui nous ont condamnés à mort.. ……….. Gott weiß, wer ist falsch und hat gesündigt. Bald wird eine Katastrophe für diejenigen, die uns verurteilt haben zu Tode kommen………Fhios ag Dia atá mícheart agus tá sinned. Is gearr go mbeidh ar anachain a tharlaíonn le linn dóibh siúd a bhfuil dhaoradh chun báis……..GOD knows who is wrong and has sinned. Soon a calamity will occur to those who have condemned us to death…..

  38. says:

    the jews jesus spoke of were the ruling aristocracratic elite for the iraelian theocracy..pharisees .sanhedrin ,prostletized scribes ,most of these people were already neck deep in kaballah and talmud and devoid of mosaic law..they enforced the laws burt didnt live by them…much of the ruling populace was completely compromised by edomite ,caananite blood and were completely off the reservation as mosaic law goes ..suffice it to say that the ensuing generations of these vipers were the mixed ones who mixed with asians and kazzers..anyhoo you now have dna non israelite shemites ,who 90% of so claiming jewism are completely foreign to any true israelite tribe descendint..the 10% rest of em are in bred mixed down and unable to prove which tribe they hail from as these records were all destroyed by titus in 70 ad…since most jews are race mixed what is te real deal,,anyone can convert to judaism as it doesnt seem specific to race now anyway…the biggest asset these mothers have is their network and the $$ they been stealin thru usary and fraud for centuries..Maybe thats why god said that the old covenant was finished and the new covenant did not make race distinctions thru J-KRIST..the fact that all jews are sorely mixed down to 0 shem dna doesnt stop israel from allowing repatriation by other fake jews one can possibly know who te fuck they are without DNA science..are these devils travelling on faith and fumes of stolen countries and souls of the righteous innocents based on gradient humanity..word is only one was righteous and that is the bridge back to God…anyone can become a human god like again thru dont have to hate the enemy to annhilate them as the enemy resides in high places and principalities and very invisible to the human eye in the spiritual world….we know who his zealot children are……..the port arthur clap crap false flag ended many lives which is the signature of jewsish ff events…the patsy couldnt even pull his own zipper let alone shoot from the hip and hit people in the head,,,funny how the bacon bought a new meat wagon weeks before theplanned event that could hold 20 bodies comfortably ,like a dead person gives a shit but you could stuff 30 bodies in there with 1-2 in the passenger seat…the zogwurms had taken australia decades(centuries) before and only went to make it official…they have taken theri first celebrity politicalprisoner and no doubt looking for more…scratch that off travel plans

  39. Nadia says:

    Good people of the World should protest!

  40. Marshall says:

    Then go ahead and protest Nadia!!! Are you a white Russian woman who gets slave-trafficked by Jews in Israel? If so, speak out!!! There are plenty of women in the same situation, so say something and perhaps there will be a response.

    If you never say anything, nobody knows what’s going on. If you have access to the internet, you have freedom of speech, so do it!!!


  41. NorthernSoul says:

    This is horrific
    Just watching and reading the videos and comments disgusts me. Brendon was basically harassing those guys…yeaaa free speech maybe, but it’s fucking racist which is humanly wrong.
    I often think and talk about why people pay so much attention to categorising and putting titles on themselves and others, and I believe it’s so they can give themselves some superiority over other groups they deem as inferior, for power, for control. Perhaps yes to fit it, but fuck that, what a fucking waste of time humans waste in their one life they are give, what they do to gain some power, control, superiority over other people. WASTERS. You people who’ve wrote your fucking nasty and racist comments, I feel bad for your children, to have to be educated by ignorant and grotesque thinkers such as yourselves.
    I proper hope karma exists. But for right now, you can all get to fuck.

  42. Brian Concannon says:

    Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is abhorrent. They are the new modern day Nazis. Israel is a racist apartheid terrorist rogue state
    I asked Richard Falk recently while he was on tour in Sydney his thoughts about Brendon O’Connell getting 3 years jail. I recited what he actually said and told him “I agree with every word” In his reply he actually condoned Brendon’s 3 year sentence. That was the last thing I expected from him, and I wasn’t happy, so at the end of proceedings I yelled out at the top of my lungs “Jews are above the law, because the Jewish mafia runs the world”
    There has been a lot of publicity about a spate of alleged violent anti-Semitism lately in Sydney, probably engineered by deception by Jews. I am just waiting for new anti-Semitism laws to be brought in by our Zio puppet sell out politicians – Shame we are being played for a tune again !
    Cheers to all the good, moral and ethical Jews out there !

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