What Will Happen To “Beloved” Israel Now?

Corrupt, former PM of Israel Ehud Olmert yuks it up with Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. Probably got through talking about how much the suckers in the US pay them to be buds.

TONIGHT, GLENN BECK asked his viewers to pray for Israel. Right. Like, we should give a flying f about Israel? All this Egypt business has got the Zionuts in the USA wailing about Israel being put into danger — it’s embarrassingly obvious that this is far more important to them than how it effects the US citizen.

As an American I say: Let’s tell all these jackinape Ziotraitors where to stuff it. Israel is a piece of crap country that could care less what happens to us, unless it hurts the poor widdle “American” Jews running PR, scam and spy ops for them back over here. And half the friggin’ world now hates us because of our blind support of these devious bastards.

Oh, sure, I’ve heard a few sparse comments on how it might cause gas prices to skyrocket, with the Suez canal possibly getting shut down by the “evil Muslim Brotherhood,” should they seize the reins of power. But that concern takes a GD backseat to the chance of Israel now facing a Egypt like the one during the days of Abdul Nasser, when Egypt was leading the Muslim world against the “brave, besieged” Israel, as Eastern European Jewry took over and rousted out as many Palestinians as they could get away with.

Let me tell you something right off the bat: It’s not “little” Israel who should worry but every one of the Muslim countries surrounding these GD Jews. The Israelis are armed to the teeth, got the nuke and itching to finally expand “Eretz Israel” to the banks of the Nile in Egypt and the Euphrates river in Iraq.

Hell, just give those wacked-out Jews an excuse and they’ll go on another major Mideast Goyim kill-spree! And with US supplied weapons as usual, paid for by all us American taxpayers (read suckers). They should go ahead and put in a new deduction field to everyone’s paychecks just for the Jews.

Also, make clear note on how the media reported on Obama telling the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak not to shut down the Internet and silence the Egyptian people, since we’re just so concerned with freedom of speech and all. Uh, doesn’t anyone remember Jew Senator “Joe” Lieberman spearheading a law enabling Obama to shut down our Internet just a few months ago? That bill is now coming back for a vote.

The hypocrisies of the Jewish-owned media doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. They might be yapping away about democracy for the common Egyptian at the moment, but where the hell where they for the last 30 years? And what about all the torture the Egyptian military did to the people during this time? I guess our “brave, free” media couldn’t be bothered all this time since the Egyptians were busy torturing Muslim “terrorists” we sent them via “rendition” flights.

These US media people are lying, two-faced bastards!

There’s a better than even chance that all of this Egyptian business is a part of long-running Jew schemes in the Mideast, anyways. The Jews want to weaken neighboring Muslim countries, breaking them into smaller units so they can eventually expand the borders of “Eretz Israel” (right) like they’ve always wanted. Plus, any regional or even global war would be, at the very least, perfect cover to oust whatever Palestinians still clinging on in the West bank and Gaza. This is exactly what they are up to.

This Jewish agenda will (and has) cost all of us Americans, dearly. At the pumps, our tax money and very possibly even more White Gentile lives (more Arab-Americans join the US military than cowardly “American” Jews). None of these devious GD Jews give a damn!

I understand Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul) said we should cut-off funding to the entire Mideast. Effin’ a-tweet! Although I may be sympatico with the Arabs because of the devious Jew bastards victimizing them all the time; basically, I think America is best left doing what our founding fathers said — leave foreign entanglements alone.

Now, people will howl: “INCOG FREAK, what about the gas prices then?” I’d rather see us pay fair and square on the open market than giving our money away freely to a bunch of crazy Jews and ragheads any GD day of the week! Hell, we could probably get it a damn lot cheaper from Iran and Venezuela with honesty like that.

And we’re already in Iraq sitting on tons of oil that we’re not taking for our troubles and Kuwait is right next door. I say we become buds with all the Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites instead of the trouble-making Israeli Jews with their traitorous, socially-corrosive Jew agents back in the US, who only give a shit about Israel and Jews in general to begin with.

Oh, I’m just some fool who’s too naive to know real “Politiks” on the global scale. BS, I see it for what it is exactly. The damn tail has been wagging the dog for the last 50 years and the tail is Israel and the traitor Jews embedded back here.

We need to cut-off the bastard Israel state, toss the lousy Jews in power here out on their ass (media too), print our own GD money and things will be fantastic in just a few short years. That is, unless the Jews try to get someone else to go to war with us, like they usually do. Jews just can’t have a White country go “Judenfrei” for long — too dangerous to Global Jewry that the rest of the world might get the possibilty and do the same.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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282 Responses to What Will Happen To “Beloved” Israel Now?

  1. jim says:

    Just in from Dr. Duke, great video on rogue nuclear IsraHELL
    Good downloader.

  2. Silvernickel says:

    Thanks LOKI. You are talking about crypto jews in the ‘Jewsuit’ Order.

    It’s the Judeo-masonic occultists that control the world. Their occultism came from Babylon, through Rome, then England and now The USA. They are the controlling forces behind the Judaic/Christian religions, government and banking in the west. It’s a who’s who of jews and the European nobility.

  3. Marshall says:

    I’m sure Alan Watt says alot of the same things Hoff does. Unfortunately I can’t get half of it because of the way he mumbles. LOL!!! I may have to stick to just reading Watt 😀

  4. sheelas gig says:

    the old brown nose knows….

    Notable Kentucky African Americans – Complete A-Z ListThe First African Baptist Church is considered the first west of the Allegheny …. He was also a professor of English at the Haile Selassie First University. ….. Reverend Foster was also one of the original incorporators of Selma …
    http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/NKAA/all.php?sort_by=F – Cached[PDF] ETHIOPIA: A FESTIVE JOURNEY TO AFRICA’S ‘HOLY LAND’ (Return via …File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    Haile Selassie. Ethiopia has had one of the oldest monarchical lines in the … Selam is 150000 years older than his more famous counterpart, Lucy, who is …

  5. Flanders says:

    Sheena, Is that a hook nose doing some brown nosing?

    “Groups of Jews began to arrive in Surinam in the middle of the seven-teenth century, after the Portuguese regained control of northern Brazil. By 1694, twenty-seven years after the British had surrendered Surinam to the Dutch, there were about 100 Jewish families and fifty single Jews there, or about 570 persons. They possessed more than forty estates and 9,000 slaves, contributed 25,905 pounds of sugar as a gift for the building of a hospital, and carried on an active trade with Newport and other colonial ports. By 1730, Jews owned 115 plantations and were a large part of a sugar export business which sent out 21,680,000 pounds of sugar to European and New World markets in 1730 alone.

    Slave trading was a major feature of Jewish economic life in Surinam which as a major stopping-off point in the triangular trade. Both North American and Caribbean Jews played a key role in this commerce: records of a slave sale in 1707 reveal that the ten largest Jewish purchasers (10,400 guilders) spent more than 25 percent of the total funds (38,605 guilders) exchanged.”


  6. Flanders says:

    Happy Birthday to the Confederate States of America, February 4, 1861!

    “The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert it’s self, though it may be at another time and in another form.” – President Jefferson Davis



  7. Hoff says:

    l don’t hear him say Jew once. A Watt just got some bits an pieces, ie he don’t get it.

    Listen to what he actually says, not what you think he says.


    Sito;FAEM. – Some of your materials are very good. A few of them stink. Too many of them become boring, distracting and irritating. Regardless, I, for one, am tired of seeing so many of them posted when you take no time or opportunity to interact or to personalize yourself in any way. –Flanders–

    Hoff says: Agree totally. l don’t read FAEM anymore and l think he should take a timeout – or be Spamblinkad if he don’t. The comment section is the most important part when it comes to a blog. When the comments are a shitload of copy-past it gets boring.

    As a rule copy-past shall never be more then two ten senteces paraghraps. Any text over ten senteces MUST as a rule be paragraped. You have a message? Make it look nice and easy to read.

    We are told that if you read the papers and watch “news” on TV, we are well educated. Then we live all our life thinking if we do what we are TOLD to do, we are clever and well educated. We think we are smart and not easy fooled. Then we wake up to the jews and realise that most everything we was ever told is nothing but the jews propaganda-BS.

    That is a hard turn in life. Realising that you been fooled all your life. Who controls the propaganda-machine writes the “history”. The jew “history” is that the world started to exist when a madman, Mr Hitler came to power in Germany from nowhere and wanted to take over the world.

    Someone wrote here that TV has no value whatsoever. That is not true. Jew-TV is a wealth of info – lF – you know what to look for.

    Once you know what to look for it’s easy. All you have to do is to look at History Channel for a week. Do that and what do you get? Hitler the MadMan 24-7. Now what you do you not get? Not one single word about the madhouse Soviet.

    ln the name of communism the biggest mass murdering in history of man have been committed and there is not one single program on History Channel about it. This is so blatant in your face that only a complete retard can’t see what is missing on “History Channel”.

    Once you see this you must ask yourself: Why is that? lt’s because communism is a jew fraud. lt is the jews who are TOTALLY responsible for all the mass killing in name of jew communism. Of course the jews don’t want you to know this so what the jews do is pinpointing HITLER and NAAAZZZZIIIs as the worlds foremost biggest problem.

    The very few times there is a program about Soviet it’s ALWAYS about how well the communists wanted to do to the world, but it went so … well out of hand. Apologies upon apopogies. Next there are jews whining about how “poisecuted” all the jews was in Soviet. This is all we get on “History Channel” about the bigest mass murdering -ism in history of man, apologies and whining jew.

    Take any TV channel in the entire western world and every single program about communist Soviet are apologies and whining jews.

  8. WHITEMAN says:

    WhipCracker – you’re invited to an Einsatzgruppen reunion down here in Texas next weekend. Yes……you and your entire Jew scum family. We’ll be having a Jewish ditch digging contest followed by a German 8mm rifle shootin’ contest. Don’t be late. You and your children will be our honored guests.

  9. Biker says:

    Robert the Bruce huh? warrior king? that cunt sold out his army more than once, and then hauled ass to an island off the coast with fellow traitors and cowards like the Douglass and the Campbells. dont bring that shit up here whipcracksmoker. i am MacMILLAN! Macillonochmhaiol! WE fought and bled, YOU RAN! and knowing your genes… you’ll fuckin do it again wont you ? BRUCE? = redshield BITCH. fuck off to your island cunt, ya fucked my clan, ya fucked William Wallace! now, go FUCK YOURSELF.

  10. Hoff says:

    No profanity in incogland!

    Maybe some good info?


  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “fuck off to your island cunt, ya fucked my clan, ya fucked William Wallace! now, go FUCK YOURSELF.”


  12. Marshall says:

    Damn right Biker! Take it from a Lochlan who’s half Brit! Jews cause all the wars in the world!!! One day Biker…one fine day 😀

  13. GDL says:

    My dad told me that he saw a commercial that is supposed to air during the SUPERB-O-W-E-L. He said the commercial has a black dude eating a bag of doritos or something and he eats them all. A Jew (has to be) playing a White man wanted some of the doritos but since the negro ate them all the Jew (pretend White man) licks the negroe’s finger. The Jew is going to pay dearly for undermining the White male!



  14. GDL says:


    You can’t whip me! Lets get that straight first and foremost!

    Secondly, we don’t whine, we discuss. Jews whine just like you are whining.


  15. Flanders says:

    The jewish media (MSM) takes care to slam Hitler in whichever way possible. We’ve probably all heard the story that Hitler refused to shake Jesse Owens hand. It is really an inconsequential matter, but the jews have used the story for years for propagandizing purposes. Here’s the story, but with a truthful telling.

    “The predominating opinion in post-war Germany was that Hitler had ignored Owens.

    “We therefore decided not to report on the photo. The consensus was that Hitler had to continue to be painted in a bad light in relation to Owens.”


  16. whitelaw says:


    ****** Warning ******

    This video production contains footage which some viewers may find distressing. Viewer discretion advised.

    This video was produced by Brendon O’Connell, an Australian patriot who was recently sentenced to three years imprisonment by a Perth court for posting a supposedly “anti-Semitic” video on YouTube.

    Brendon requested that this video be made public in the event of him being jailed. Prior to his incarceration, Brendon had been prohibited by Perth Magistrates Court from uploading any material whatsoever to the Internet. That gagging-order is no longer applicable and FugaziQuo.Com are pleased to fulfill Brendon’s request that his video be placed in the public domain.

    Brendon was particularly keen that Western Australia Police see this video. We’re sure they will.

    The video may be downloaded in MP4 format direct from our website:


    The information to be found via the links below should leave you in no doubt as to the true identity of the real culprits behind the Port Arthur massacre of 1996….

    Australia’s 9/11: The Port Arthur Massacre:


    Deceit And Terrorism – The Massacre At Port Arthur:


    Port Arthur Massacre:


    Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre – Government and Media Lies Exposed:


    Joe Vialls Was Right:


    Israel’s Secret Wars: A History Of Israel’s Intelligence Services:


    Profits Of War: Inside The Secret U.S.- Israeli Arms Network:


    Mossad Black Ops and False Flags:


  17. Hoff says:

    “It is essential that we…strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.” — David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister.


  18. Hoff says:

    Jewish Israeli professor – Arnon Sofer – made this quote to the Jerusalem Post regarding the Jewish-Zionist-Israeli people:

    “If we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day. If we don’t kill we will cease to exist.” -Israeli Prof. Arnon Sofer of Haifa University, Jerusalem Post

  19. Biker says:

    read ’14th century’ its WIKI, but who gives a fuck, it can be found in any/all Scot history.


    we gave the Bruce everything, and Scotland today is a JEW Puppet because the fucking BRUCE thought it wise to play JUDAS!

    the man that gave the Bruce shelter and protection, is my great times 8 or 9 grandfather! FUCK YOU WHIPCRACK!

  20. GTRman says:

    I always liked Joe Vialls stuff and suspected he was right about MANY things.
    *The Soham murders in UK demand deeper investigation.
    *Does smoking tobacco cause all this lung cancer , does the sun cause all this skin cancer or could all the active nuclear particles carried around the world via jetstream after bomb
    “tests” be a factor?
    *Dunblane , Port Arthur and Columbine need to be re-investigated.

    and so on

    Hoff – I said ( re Alan Watt) – ” within his constraints” ….these are : Living in Canada ,
    Having a show on RBN , wanting to suck up to Alex Jones to get greater exposure / donations , and , maybe, just maybe , being just another dis-info guru that talks about CFR , “Foundations” , Aldous Huxley , Carole Quigley , Maurice Strong , Communatarianism ( ? ) and of course , the ” Big Boys ” and such,just to keep the word
    JEW from ever reaching our lips.

    Although , after listening to him a long time , I get the sense that he’s now chomping at the bit and slipping more and more , inbetween the lines.

    I dunno. I just can’t seem to write him off , just yet.

  21. GTRman says:

    I used to think SV was alittle too hardcore for me , and I read ( like you do ) that it’s “agents” etc.
    Flanders posted this:

    and , this far down the rabbi hole , I must say I find it hard to disagree.

    Whilst reading it , I got an analogy picture in my head.
    ( I know fuck-all about marlin fishing except stuff I’ve seen on TV )

    The guy struggling with that marvellous fish called ‘ Communist’ or ‘Zionist’ or ‘Neocon’ or ” Israeli” or ETC ETC ETC

    will just struggle , strain his biceps , and take home a polaroid of an empty boat.

    Only the man that says ‘JEW ‘ will land the fish.

    Harsh , but.

  22. Marshall says:


    I am amazed to see that your family crest proves that the Bee Gees are Scottish boys 😀

  23. Flanders says:

    GTRman, You need to read the Icke link, which is the second link in White Law’s posting. Near the bottom of the thread is this statement (below) about Joe Vialls, who is said to likely have been a jewish hasbara agent engaged in false flag journalism. I suspect that O’Connell is considered to be a serious threat to jewry and that they will try to kill him in prison. He seems unbending and is intent on spreading the truth about them, and he seems effective in doing so.

    “First covered by Joe Vialls aka Ari Ben Menashe

    Skunk tried to figure him out”

  24. Flanders says:

    I’m not saying that Icke is “turned” or “bad” when I mention him in relation to Subverted Nation’s article, GTRman. We know that the jew is involved in all aspects of everything that they use to divert our attention from the fact that it is the jew who is ultimately behind all of the euphenisms.

    The jews love layers of bureaucracy and titles to organizations with lofty names and little real purposes. The more layers they create, the more there is for them to hide behind. You see this whenever you deal with your state or federal bureacrats, from IRS to driver’s licenses. Cloaks of invisibility with layers hiding the person or the groups who are supposed to be the ones who are responsible. In the meantime, their “guidelines and proceedures” take precedence over the public and take on the force of (non-legislated) law. The more remote the public is from the power, the more power there is for the jew. The same thing has happened within “American” businesses. The jews are the ones who always have access to the power, if not direct control, due to their organized and cohesive racial system which they fund not only by money imputs from the international bankers, but from the lowest members of the tribe. The jews are hounded more to give money even more so than the rest of us. They do it, too, because they know that is how their system operates against the people and country they are in to keep them at the helm of power. SV is definately right when he points out that,

    “The jews set themselves up to lead, and misdirect your attention on to meaningless off-shoots of the problem they have created like “zionism” or “jewdaism” or “neocons” or “communism” or anything they can come up with at the time. Anything that doesn’t put the heat on to the JEWISH RACE, or anything that gives you a problem to deal with which can not be solidly defined, fulfills the purpose of protecting the tribe, rather than helping you defeat it.”

  25. Flanders says:

    I forgot that you don’t have to “deal with your state or federal bureacrats, from IRS to driver’s licenses”, GTRman. I’m certain you have corresponding agencies in the UK, plus the Common Purpose is engaged to formally isolate the White people, except for those toeing the Marxist line, from the government or it’s services, and to rake in temporary riches and glory for their new Tavistock trained inductees. I suppose the masonics are not reliable enough for the jews in the UK and some refuse to sell their own people out, thus Common Purpose.

  26. GTRman says:

    Oh , believe it , Flanders , little-Britain is the HOME of the clip-board mentality :

    A little man , who ‘ knows his place ‘, finally having a schmolecule of power / authority
    over the ‘ littler’ man ?

    Half our coppers are’nt real police !

  27. Bailey says:

    Who the hell is this Jesse Eisenburg?
    Is it White girls or boys how dig him so much?

    Man, i must be out of the loop……Good thing huh?

  28. Flanders says:

    Fill us in GTRman, luckily I think, we’ve never heard of them. I suspect we may have heard about their “religion” though.

    GTRman, or any of our other UK people may be interested in this. I had information (quite a bit at one time) dealing with Common Purpose (before Brian Gerrish’s original site was attacked by a “high Bilderberg official”)*. At the time I was checking out details on it’s origins and whether it had US connections, and I came across some information I intended to track further, but events intervened and I did not have time to follow through, and have since lost track of my files. Maybe you or someone else will know something about this, or know someone who will want to check it out further.

    There is an official at Oxford, some type of professor whose name I don’t remember. Anyway, he was a high official in the Nixon White House (a lawyer I think) but was working as an agent for the Rockefellers, specifically Nelson, the one who wanted so bad to be President. I suspected this official of being the actual “Deep Throat” despite “admissions” from various others. I think he was dismissed by Nixon shortly after Watergate happened because Nixon knew who he really worked for and Rocky had him moved to Oxford. My checking at the time indicated that this man had begun an “academic” investigation network utilizing offices at or near Oxford University which basically served as an intelligence unit utilizing college and university professors and their students from around the world to collect information and to do studies and “fieldwork”, and there was a close relationship with Tavistock training seminars (especially from around Oxford and in South Africa). I’ve suspected this was the actual beginning organization for (pre-Middleton) Common Purpose, as CP didn’t formally begin until about the ’80’s. My suspicions were headed both that way and toward a Rothschild connection for the business intelligence (I suspected both), but as I say I bacame sidelined and never was able to get back on the good track. I tried to get into this again later, but the connections were cold for the few files I had remaining, and a lot of connecting websites had been “cleasned”. The same thing happened in another area which I felt certain connected with CP in the US through Independent Sector (Rockefeller Foundation controlled at the time), which I’m almost postive was related, though I could never establish a direct connection. Common Purpose was beginning to spread through various “other agencies” and “charities” to Australia, South Africa and into Europe with the Tavistock connections intact for the Tavistock training.


  29. GTRman says:

    Re : my “jesse eissenberg” post: Hollywood is saturating movies now with jewy-looking leading men with jewy names. Eissenberg is a prime example , as is Adrien “nostrils” Brody. In the past we were given hidden jews , with ‘Gentile’ names ; Tony Curtis , Kirk Douglas , Paul Newman , etc.
    Also , the titles of movies are increasingly yiddish eg ‘Dinner for Schmucks’ , or yiddish in content , eg : ‘a serious man’.

    The guys I posted look like they all come from the same family , ferchrissake!

  30. Marshall says:


    I just watched “Skyline” last night, which featured a black guy who was young and rich, banging two good looking gentile girls who were fighting over him. He was taking pity on his old white buddy by giving him a job, when the aliens suddenly attacked while everbody was passed out from partying all night LOL!!! The director’s name was “Strause” which has to be Joo.


    One of the females was this Brittany Daniel girl whom you might recognize from other films or a TV show where she was again banging a “hip and successful” black guy. Check out her new “look,” which I absolutely can’t fathom. It’s kind of a “Pink” thing I guess, but what a waste of a great looking white girl. What a freak.




  31. GTRman says:

    Marshall – I see that the site you linked has got Louie Theroux’s new doc up already!

    Louis Theroux – Ultra Zionists: Louis Theroux spends time with a small and very committed subculture of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers. He discovers a group of people who consider it their religious and political obligation to populate some of the most sensitive and disputed areas of the West Bank, especially those with a spiritual significance dating back to the Bible. Throughout his journey, Louis gets close to the people most involved with driving the extreme end of the Jewish settler movement – finding them warm, friendly, humorous, and deeply troubling.

    viewer comments :

    ” This is a great documentary, however it changed my feelings on Israel, I feel way more sympathy for the Palastinians now, I think Israel is one hell of a nasty state, and we have for too long ignored the injustices down there because of the shame we are meant to feel about other injustices in the past.”

    ” People can be made to believe anything. I have no issues with jews in general (not more then other religions that is) but the Israeli’s piss me off so bad.. these ignorant, arrogant people.. they behave like 5 year olds in kindergarten..”


  32. Count Cherep says:

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Critical Connections: Egypt, the US, and the Israel Lobby, by Alison Weir

    Minimally explored in all the coverage of the momentous Egyptian uprising taking place over the last 10 days are the Israeli connections.

    A central and critical reality is that it is US tax money that has propped up Hosni Mubarak’s despotic regime over the past 30 years, and that this money has flowed, from the beginning, largely on behalf of Israel.

    Israel is generally a significant factor in events in the Middle East, and to understand ongoing happenings it is important to understand the historic and current Israeli connections.

    Read the rest:

  33. Bailey says:

    Here are some answers to a question i’ve been asking random sheeple for a long time.
    Why is the Worlds Economy in the tank but Israhell is booming?
    Sadly, People don’t get it.


    As if we didn’t know already!


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