“One Bullet — One White Infant”

FROM Boer Genocide blogspot:

White baby girl executed in cold blood by White-hating animals.

The slogan above was invented by South Africans Nceba Sodo and Mfundo Dlungwane. Asks Sodo: “What can we do to protect our black babies from these future oppressors and racists?” Replies Dlungwane: “We have no choice but to kill the white babies, simply because they are goin (sic) to grow and oppress our babies, so we kill the white babies… when the rite (sic) time comes we’ll chop their heads off and they became (sic) headless little racist ‘in the bible it says the sins of the fathers will fall onto the next generation’, we’ll be not only liberating what belongs to us, but also fulfilling prophecy, you know what I’m sayin…” —25 May 2010.

Ncebo Sodo replied that he ‘fully agreed, kill them before they grow and oppress our babies.’ Mfundo Dlungane and Nceba Sodo both then concluded with the slogan ‘One bullet one white infant…’ 

Eight months later, a Boer infant, two-year-old Wilmien Potgieter (pic above right) was executed in exactly this way on Dec 1 2010:  After hacking to death her father with a panga and shooting her mother, the little Afrikaans farm girl was picked up by her hair, and a bullet was fired through her brain by an 18-year-old black male – who is going on trial with five other accused comrades on 16 May in the Bloemfontein High court for the motiveless triple-murders of the Potgieter family on their Lindley, Free State farm on Dec 1 2010. At their previous court-appearances in Lindley, these six accused triple-killers were hailed as heroes by crowds of young black males who repeatedly chanted the slogan.


Let INCOG MAN break it down for you:

Mfundo Dlungwane smugly sits in his South African office — oh sure, I can really see just how much this fat-faced bastard is so “oppressed” by evil Whitey!

LET ME ASK you something straight up: Do you give a damn anymore? Are you going to keep your mouth shut forever just because you’re too chicken people will call you a racist?

And haven’t you just had it up to friggin’ HERE with all the “PC” crap back in the US, while these kinds of horrible crimes are done to our race, without a peep in the news?

Oh no, you won’t see any reporting on all this in the American media. They don’t want White people in the USA to start putting two and two together before it’s too late for us to do something about it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a “conspiracy theorist” to figure out where things are headed for White people. We’re surely being purposely turned into a powerless, victimized and spat-upon minority, chiefly to keep us from coming together and putting a stop to Global Jewry’s agenda for One World Government.

And the little Jews would feel safer if America was a hodge-podge of different races, telling you with a straight face that it’ll be “multicultural utopia.” What they really want is to drive down the possibility of a future White backlash on Jews; this is exactly why so many of them push for open borders and immigration of non-Whites, not just Mexicans mind you, but even Muslims and Africans, believe it or not.

These sorry Jew bastards even think they can openly form an Alliance with Illegals, by bribing them with support from big-time Jewish politicians in DC so as to get amnesty to stay in America, if they would only support a foreign nation (Israel, of course).

Can you believe how backstabbing that truly is, once you think about it?

And these Jews have the “chutzpah” to tell you that all these drastic social changes to our countries is “inevitable” and such a good thing (yeah, sure); when it’s really just for their own inner racial comfort, cheap slave labor and the Globalist Jew’s NWO agenda. Don’t GD tell me otherwise.


Southern Poverty Law Center Jew, Mark Potok, is often trotted out by the Jew media for “Whitey be bad” segments (A). Barbara Lerner Spectre runs a Swedish organization dedicated to non-White immigration (B). Meanwhile (C), precious Israel kicks out any non-Jewish refugees (like from the Sudan) caught sneaking across the Israel/Egypt border — sometimes even shooting a few. Imagine the howling if we did that in Arizona? That’s on top of how they always treat the Palestinians (D). Filthy, lousy hypocrites!

Just go HERE to watch Jew Mark Potok of the SPLC spew Jew paranoia propaganda about “White militias” to a fellow Jew in the media (Rick Fogelbaum) on FOX. Or go HERE to see Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre kindly explaining to us about Europe transforming racially, as if it’s a necessary good thing and how the brave Jews are at the forefront (video also goes into how Israel treats non-Jews).

The GD nerve of these lousy hypocrite bastards!

The question of the hour is this: Are you willing to just sit back and let America get turned into a Third World pisspot where innocent White children (maybe yours or your grandchildren) are brutally murdered just for being White? Hell, totally horrible crimes against Whites already occur every GD day in the US. Mark my words: South Africa is only but a foretaste of even worse happening RIGHT THE EFF HERE!

Or do you just want to go back to watching more football, listen to more lies from cable news, go stupid with “Dancing with the Stars,” or some other mindless BULLSHIT the media Jews keep feeding you?

— Phillip Marlowe

“I killed them because they were White”


Watch this video while you still can. Believe it or not, embedded ADL Jews at Youtube will sometimes even get stories of White victimization censored for scurrilous “PC” reasons. The lousy Jews don’t want us Whites to realize just what they are up to!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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301 Responses to “One Bullet — One White Infant”

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    White Patriot,

    That was great message by the British Military. Nice to see they are growing some balls over in the UK.

    I hope most of the Western Military align with their people and not with the sick bastards we have serving the jew beast.

  2. JamesTheJust says:

    Not a problem Bailey. I am glad we can discuss things like kinsmen ’cause that’s what we are.

  3. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    The son of a friend, who is wide awake, says many of his AF fellows do know this formation. We are not alone in this war to save the world from kike scum evil. A lot of military people do know and when the time finally comes that the dirty hebes try to turn it on our own people, these filthy kikes are in for one hell of a big surprise from the real American Soldiers. MARK MY WORDS. Oh, on niggers gang rioting, they will not leave the city and will never ever come out here into the woods even on a cold day in hell, since they have a very strong innate fear of LYNCHING.

    The local county sheriff did tell the fed jews literally to FUCKOFF, and that he answers ONLY to the people in his county. People in the country are slow to understand some things, but YOU CAN BE DAMN SURE THEY WILL TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST THE kIKE AND ITS NIGGER POLICE IF THEY ARE ATTACKED. Behind every tree, rock, and blade of grass will be an American with a gun. LOTS OF HUNTERS OUT HERE.
    Local Prediction: Total kike Eradication. Nigger puppet hunted down and swings.

    When Does a Nuclear Disaster End? Never. http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/03/when-does-nuclear-disaster-end-never.html

    Radiation detected in Massachusetts rainwater as Fukushima crisis worsens. http://www.naturalnews.com/031871_radiation_rainwater.html

    Stress alters gut bacteria balance, inhibits proper immune function. http://www.naturalnews.com/z031855_stress_gut_bacteria.html

  4. bugtussle says:

    @Flanders Your comments are great, ‘Just wish to point out a blind spot with spelling. Definately is a word you use often. You may definitely wish to correct that small flaw each time you comment.

  5. t bone says:

    I was checking out your friends CI site. It’s a great site. Vids (a high quality version of ‘jud suss’), PDF’s/books,audio,etc…
    I see that he has an alternate translation of MK too.
    I wasn’t expecting that site to be so elaborate.
    Here it is again if anyone is interested:


  6. t bone says:

    Theres plenty of things there for non-religious kinsmen.

  7. Bailey says:

    James Says, ” I am glad we can discuss things like kinsmen ’cause that’s what we are”.
    Yes sir WE are, what worries me is that we’re a dying breed, too many whites have been programmed to suit the jew and it’s interest.
    These folks need to be reached, they need a wake up call.
    A wake up call that will no doubt come in the way of some not very good event, or events.
    911 woke up a number of folks and there is plenty happening right now that people should be waking up to , March madness is almost over but i’m sure the sheeple are ready for their next distraction, Baseball anyone?

    When the jewbanks freeze all credit in their next bogus financial collapse we’ll see people waking up, hordes of them, get ready.

    It won’t just be niggers coming to take our stuff, many whites have been programmed to behave just like their black brothers, anyone white who can still dress in clothes that fit and can wear a cap straight on their heads will become prey, niggers and wiggers see us as weak. I see it everyday, white kids, even adults are looking at me like i’m evil, their enemy, like i have a swastika on my shirt.
    Why? Because i’m clean cut, well mannered, well dressed, is my car too clean?
    Is it because i don’t have blacked out windows and a thumpin’ negro beat rattling the bodywork of the car along side me?

  8. CptnCZ says:

    I found this comment on TOO from a guy named Rich Pearson. And I think he’s got exactly the point, put quarrels asside and Whiteness above everything:

    “Whites need to position ourselves on both sides of every issue, so no matter how it turns out, we win. We must demand proportional representation and our rights under a multicultural regime. At the same time, we must demand our own exclusive nations. We must demand both that Jews go to Israel, and call Israel on the carpet for their exclusion of others.

    Since we are not trying to win an argument, nor trying to prove how “fair” we are, we should not worry about being “consistent.” We should simply be “consistent” in asking and advocating “what is good for White people.”

    Now those who are more conservative, take the conservative side, and those more liberal, take the liberal option.”

    Helle that’s exactly what the Jew does and …. it’s working for them.

  9. t bone says:

    This looks good (pdf,books,articles,etc…)


  10. Bailey says:

    From White Patriots link..

    Every government-run regulator eventually becomes a marketing extension of the industry it was supposed to regulate.

    That’s why Big Government never really works: Most of the regulators who are supposed to protect the people inevitably end up operating as industry whores. This entire Fukushima incident is a direct result of that deep-rooted corruption coming back to haunt humanity.

    “Pay to play”, It’s not just for local contracts anymore.

  11. Bailey says:

    That is exactly the way the jews play cptnCZ, the difficulty for us to adapt to that strategy is the WE have a conscience.
    Talking out of both sides of your face isn’t easy.

  12. Bailey says:

    If this guy isn’t on vacation somewhere he’s home doing his Masters bidding.


  13. CptnCZ says:

    No No Bailey. No double talk here. The idea is to have Whites occupy the full political spectrum and STILL be White Nationalists. Whatever the political or religious allegiance should be fine, desirable even. As long as WHAT iS GOOD FOR WHITES reigns supreme at all times and for everyone.

    This is why you can see Jews quarrel on very details of life without ever appear DIVIDED. They fall in line at the first ringing of the racial bell. They are Jews first, everything else after.

    The day we whites understand and apply that principle will be the first day of victory.

  14. Bailey says:

    The difference being, We are White first, and “Nothing” else after.
    This should be our mindset.

    The jew mantra of, (We are jews first , everything else after) exposes them for the parasites that they are.
    We sir are not parasites, our message should be strong, Whites first, second and third.
    Everyone else can go to hell, especially those who cannot play by our rules.
    We are a long way off, i know but the jews are pushing a little too hard lately, let’s hope people are starting to feel it.

    White People that is.

  15. CptnCZ says:

    My point of view has less to do with a strategy than with opening minds. No one tells every Jew their exact position on the “chessboard”, they just go about what they fell but their racial solidarity is next to none. This is what we need. White Nationalists tend to embrace political views that exclude many Whites. Perhaps more Whites would be attracted in the movement if they felt they have a place into it.

    Now I see you coming: we should have to sugar coat it for them to care about their own survival, I know. But this inclusive approach has always made more sense to me.

    That inclusiveness does not include race trators, needless to say.

  16. CptnCZ says:

    ** we should NOT have to sugar coat […]

  17. Bailey says:

    It’s all good in the woods, cause’
    Nobody hears me
    when i scream…..

  18. Bailey says:

    Indeed, Racial soidarity IS what we need, we’ll need to reverse what the jews have created for over a century before that can happen.

    Off to work, Enjoy Stephanies Kitchen, the quality could be better but ……..

  19. Flanders says:

    Thanks Bugtussle, I’ll definitely try to keep that one straight! No promises, though. I know several words that I have to struggle over each time and it comes out mulitiple guess. Some I can impress on myself a hundred times and the next time it comes to use the word, I still can’t remember. I don’t really want to use a spell-check so I struggle on.

    You bring up a good point, White Patriot. One office that all Whites should pay close attention to and be sure to support good people is the County Sheriff. It doesn’t make a damn which Party, since they are both jew tools.

    The United States of Israel


    Thanks to TOIT for the link: http://www.truthinourtime.com/

  20. t bone says:

    The levines made a million dollars selling bubble wrap to ebay customers.

  21. Bailey says:

    Israel is the new Iowa?

    Nice find there Flanders.

  22. t bone says:

    You told me to remind you about those ‘forged birth documents’;that you know a good link?

  23. Bailey says:

    The levines made a million dollars selling bubble wrap to ebay customers.

    Did they claim the bubbles where filled with are from israel?

    Chosen air?

  24. dc says:

    Good for you t-bone!
    I had not seen this site before your comment. We need to establish the point that National Socialism is a legitimate option. I don’t know if it’s the programme to follow, but I do know that there is nothing to be ashamed or hesitant about.

    The best reason for antisemitism is the use of the term “atisemitism” as a slur.

  25. Bailey says:

    Real Quick,

    You see the video Flanders pasted above?
    Thats what we are up against, these fucking traitors flying to Israel, one hand extended for campaign cash, the other stoking Netan-Yahoos balls.
    I’d bet that Sarah Palin decided to stay a while longer than the others huh?
    Fucking Whores, ALL OF THEM!

  26. Flanders says:

    Whites should realize that Whites when unified work for the betterment of all people. It is not confined to the betterment of Whites. We can all be different, but we must respect each other, and realize that we do have a higher purpose which is reflected in the betterment we can do for ourselves and the world.

    Jews work for the power of jewry and are intent upon causing division and disruption among other people in order to gain power for themselves. The jews worked their deception by pretending to be whites within our society. It was BECAUSE White Americans (and others) were attempting to better the jews conditions (other people’s too) and granted ALL individuals the ability to do so that the jews CHOSE to deceptively remain stealthily cohesive and to work treachery upon Whites by using monopolistic practices of usury and money control (media, too) and to use all other races against the Whites. This wasn’t confined to the “big jew”. The little jews made this choice. The “big jew” with the deep pockets (the ones printing and supplying our money) uses our own money to distribute to the little jews so that all of them work for the exclusive interests of jewry. We are now finding out that this was a historic process for jews, not confined to our time and circumstance, and that their true intent is to eradicate Whites. There is just too much evidence on this point, which the jews have taken care to try to keep from our knowledge and from the widespread consciousness of Whites.

    Our White nations and our White people are the ones who are now under attack and it’s past time that all Whites work for the benefit of Whites and for the localities which they inhabit. Once we have successfully dealt with the treachery intentionally dealt to us, then we can rethink what our philosophies should be toward others – except for the jew.

  27. Flanders says:

    I’m looking for the link, T-bone. In the meantime, our English pilots deserve our respect:


    In his book Deadlier Than The H-Bomb Wing-Commander Leonard Young states that there are only two reasons for Coloured Immigration:
    1. To pollute and destroy our race by mongrelization; and
    2. To provide degenerate urban mobs which can be used for revolutionary purposes.
    He clearly identified the real driving force behind the plan to destroy Britain when he wrote:
    “The Banking System which was foisted on this country in 1694 and during succeeding years over most of the world has been the main means by which the Jews have brought misery and impoverishment everywhere. By their manipulation of finance they have been the cause of most wars and economic and social troubles. They have been able to obtain control of governments and of the means of publicity (Press, Radio, TV, Films, Publishing Houses, News Services, etc.) and so have been able to suppress the truth and propagate the lie. This has enabled them to fool and bully the people of the world into following the most suicidal courses until the Jews are now in the position of expecting to clamp final dominion upon the world by means of a supranational organisation and some form of irresistible world police force which they would control.”
    If you think we don’t have censorship in Britain, try and buy a copy “from any good bookshop” or borrow one from a public library.”


  28. CptnCZ says:

    The National Socialist program appears to me not only legitimate but inescapable.

  29. Flanders says:

    Which of you White people was it who voted to give US taxpayers money to La Raza for the expansion of race based schools? [No – not you? – Then which “whites” do? Don’t you know about the little weasel jews?]

    “It seems that there are certain industries which are growing while the private sector is slowly being eroded. One of those is the industry of racial supremacy and one of the largest groups in the race-baiting industry, La Raza, is expanding in these tough times.”


  30. Flanders says:

    Hoff: How does this statement about the Evian Conference fit? Is this a statement as to the number of jews? Also, you are a likely candidate to be who posted a link about jews in the office of Germany’s immigration office prior to WWII. Do you remember the link? I’m searching, but haven’t located it?

  31. Flanders says:

    The quote and the link might help, right?!!

    “Between 1933 and 1941, the Nazis aimed to make Germany judenrein (cleansed of Jews) by making life so difficult for them that they would be forced to leave the country. By 1938, about 150,000 German Jews, one in four, had already fled the country.”


  32. Flanders says:

    I’ll continue looking as I have the chance T-bone. I don’t have the time to continue looking for now, but will get it to you when I find it.

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Talmud Study Now Mandatory in South Korea

    “We tried to understand why the Jews are geniuses, and we came to the conclusion that it is because they study the Talmud,” said the Korean ambassador to Israel.

    Apparently the Asian people have learned nothing from America.

  34. Flanders says:

    T-bone, I’m giving up looking. I may not have saved the link, but I’m almost positive that it was contained in a link from a comment made on Incogman 2 or 3 months ago. Maybe someone else will come across it at some time if I don’t. At least I had the chance to run across some other links.

    Here is information about Hitler, “the Jew”, and his passport to Palestine”:

    “A faked passport for Adolf Hitler made during the second world war by British intelligence officers was made public for the first time yesterday.
    Forgery was an SOE speciality. It claimed successfully to have compromised Nazi general Franz Halder by attributing anti-Hitler sentiments to him in false papers. Forged postage stamps bearing the likeness of Heinrich Himmler were reportedly dropped on Germany in 1943.

    The faked Hitler passport was doctored to make him Jewish, carrying an entry visa for Palestine.”


    Is there any doubt as to the truth in Hitler’s remark? – and, wouldn’t that likely be the same initial jewish strategy used against an awakened America?

    “The Communist and Marxist criminals and their Jewish-intellectual instigators, who, having made off with their capital stocks across the border in the nick of time, are now unfolding an unscrupulous, treasonous campaign of agitation against the German Volk as a whole from there….
    Lies and slander of positively hair-raising perversity are being launched about Germany.”


    A jew book recounting immigration of his family of jews tells something about how the jews who came to the US were given the same rights as other immigrants to the US (an initial struggle) – but how have most of the families who came from these destitute families chosen to disregard American assimilation in favor of jew supremecy and solidarity? He also tells a few numbers about the immigrant jews.

    “1881-1929 (48 year period)
    The Jewish population rose from 280,000 to 4,500,000 (16-fold increase) by 1925. This represented a major event in all of Jewish history. Between 1881-1914, 2.2million Jews left Europe. Most of them came to the United States.”


  35. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Is it true that the only way to kill a jew is to drive a wooden stake through its tiny black heart?
    Thought I read that somewhere.

    It’s just that when you look at history, no country or empire even has been able to fully eradicate it. Byzantine law held them at bay for a while and Hitler had a good plan but the jew has been able to escape and reemerge every time. It must been done right this time.

    Here we sit, our country dismantled and flooded with muds and spics. We know who is doing it. We know how they are doing it. We also know why they are doing it. If we don’t actually do something to stop them, who will? Take a look around at how thorough of a job the jew and its conspirators have done at destroying our way of life and everything in it. Ask yourself just how much more will you take. At some point soon it’s all going to unravel fast, probably false flag. I think the head evil keeps its options open to adjust to changes in the wind. Quake, nuke, solar flare, mass radiation poisoning, no matter it’s a game to them. They are planning and training for it.

    The jew and its henchmen have infiltrated pretty much every cause. They own all media. They control a huge military through the infiltration and hijacking of our country. I WISH WE WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING SOONER, DON’T YOU?

    Most of you will be easily contained if not killed. When will you do something? What will it take exactly? You need to know the answer to that. I suppose it you looked out the window and saw a mob heading to the capitol you would join in? What you will see on tv is the opposite. Scenes of ‘domestic terrorists’ being put down by UN forces, etc. What will actually be happening is they will be under a full blown assault from the population. A huge push from angry mobs will provide cover to regain control of mass media radio and television stations and transmitters, nationwide and/or worldwide. From that point it’s GAME ON. This hypothetical scenario is made for educational purposes only. HEHE

  36. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Flanders- Think about this. What if I could give you say one minute or even five minutes of uninterrupted national airtime on all major television and radio stations to speak to the Country? No, I’m not talking about jimbo behind the camera, even though I totally agree with just about everything the man has said (right on jimbo), but let you tell the whole story of our country and its institutions hijacked and the history of jew atrocities, in five minutes or less. It would be a miracle–millions waking up at the same time. Man the hair on the back of my neck is starting to stand up. hehe Think about it and get working on that speech.

  37. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Here’s one for your archive, Incog.

    The Babylonian Talmud (Complete Soncino English Translation)

    The reason we put it online is to make it easier for both critics and defendants of Judaism to verify whether the shocking quotes published on the Internet are truthful citations of the Babylonian Talmud and confirm whether the Talmud is indeed – as some of its critics claim – the mother of all hate literature. A large part of the most disturbing quotes can be found in the 510 page Sanhedrin tractate.


  38. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Your zio-pedia link to the talmud is broken from that page. Can you post your personal copy?

  39. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I see what you mean. I hadn’t tried it yet. I found it on Rebel News.


  40. CptnCZ says:

    Flanders and White Patriot

    It might also be that things need to get much worse in order to get better. This unchecked invasion will eventually force Whites to wake the effe up at some point. Even in minority Whites will fight this off. Now I don’t mean we should sit on our asses. But if I’m gonna asses our situation right now it’s completely hopeless, our people is deep asleep. The only positive thing we can draw from multiculturalism is that it WILL, somewhere in time, slap people in the face.

  41. t bone says:

    Dont sweat it.
    I appreciate you trying to find it.
    I’m sure something like it will turn up here soon enough.

  42. loki says:

    When the rich White southerner needed someone to pick his cotton, he imported Negroes. When the rich White Texas rancher needed someone to do his menial labor, he imported Mexicans, often emptying whole towns. When the rich White railroad baron needed someone to build his empire dirt cheap, he imported Chinese. When the rich White needed a loan or some financial dealing, he hired the jew. The rich White, like those in high places today, don’t care one bit about the rest of their kind nor the future beyond their allotted time to exercise personal greed. Blacks, asians, mestizos, jews, etc. are unwanted by many of us but they got here by invitation from the rich White. So who are our real enemies then? It’s the same crowd which uses you for cannon fodder to serve their purpose which they claim is for your benefit. Such a deal.

  43. Flanders says:

    Below are excerpts from just one chapter from the book linked below, “The Iron Curtain Over America”. Note when the author in the book itself speaks about the “good jews” who were first in America, he was speaking about those which existed at that point in time, and prior to what is a probably almost complete assimilation with the overpowering newly emmigrated (at that time) communist jews from Russia, Poland and other parts of Europe.

    “By Senator Pat McCarran, Democrat of Nevada, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Senator McCarran said in part: “Let it be remembered that the Attorney General of the United States recently testified that an analysis of 4,984 of the more militant members of the Communist Party in the United States showed that 91.4 percent of the total were of foreign stock or were married to persons of foreign stock [General meaning -European jews – Flanders].”

    With more than nine-tenths of our “more militant” Communists thus recruited from or allied to “foreign stock” and with that “stock: totaling perhaps not more than 10,000,000 or one-fifteenth of our nation’s population, a little recourse to mathematics will suggest that the employment of an Eastern European or other person of recent alien extraction or connection is one hundred and fifty times more likely to yield a traitor than is the employment of a person of native stock!

    An “authoritative” Jewish point of view toward Soviet Russia is explained in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia in the concluding paragraphs on Karl Marx. According to this source, Jews “recognize the experience of the Soviet Union, home of 6,000,000 Jews, as testimony of the Marxist position on the question of national and racial equality….”.

    “In The Jewish People Face the Post-War World by Alexander Bittelman (Morning Freiheit Association, 35 East12th Street, New York 3, N. Y., 1945, p. 19) the affection of a considerable body of American Jews for the Soviet Union is considerable body of American Jews for the Soviet Union is expressed dramatically:

    If not for the Red Army, there would be no Jews in Europe today, nor in Palestine, nor in Africa; and in the United States, the length of our existence would be counted in days. . . THE SOVIET UNION HAS SAVED THE JEWISH PEOPLE. Therefore, let the American Jewish masses never forget our historic debt to the Saviour of the Jewish people — the Soviet Union.

    Be it noted, however, that Mr.. Bittelman admits indirectly that he is not speaking for all American Jews, particularly when he assails as “reactionary” the “non-democratic forced in Jewish life . . . such as the Sulzbergers, Rosenwalds, and Lazarons” (p. 9). In addition to ideology, another factor in the devotion to their old homelands of so many of the newer American Jews of Eastern European source is kinship. According to The American Zionist Handbook, 68 to 70% of United States Jews have relations in Poland and the Soviet Union.

    Quite in harmony with the Bittleman attitude toward the Soviet was the finding of the Canadian Royal Commission that Soviet Russia exploits fully the predilection of Jews toward Communism: “It is significant that a number of documents from the Russian Embassy specifically note ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewess’ in entries on their relevant Canadian agents or prospective agents, showing that the Russian Fifth Column leaders attached particular significance to this matter” (The Report of the Royal Commission, p. 82).

    In view of the above-quoted statement of a writer for the great New York publication, the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, which is described on its title-page as “authorative,” and in view of the findings of the Canadian Royal Commission, not to mention other facts and testimonies, it would seem that no one should be surprised that certain United States Jews of Eastern European origin or influence have transmitted atomic or other secrets to the Soviet Union. Those who are caught, of course, must suffer the fate of spies, as would happen to American espionage agents abroad; but, in the opinion of the author, the really guilty parties in the United States are those Americans of native stock who, for their own evil purposes, placed the pro-Soviet individuals in positions where they could steal or connive at the stealing of American secrets of atomic warfare. This guilt, which in view of the terrible likely results of atomic espionage is really blood-guilt, cannot be sidestepped and should not be overlooked by the American people.”

    ” Since the predominant new Jews consider themselves a superior people (Race and Nationality as Factors in American Life, by Henry Pratt Fairchild, The Ronald Press Company, New York, 1947, p. 145), and a separate nationality (op. cit., p. 140), assimilation appears now to be out of the question. America now has virtually a nation within the nation, and an aggressive culture-conscious nation at that.

    The stream of Eastern Europeans was diminished in volume during World War I, but was at flood level again in 1920. At last the Congress became sufficiently alarmed to initiate action. The House Committee on Immigration, in its report on the bill that later became the quota law of 1921, reported:

    There is a limit to our power of assimilation. . .the processes of assimilation and amalgamation are slow and difficult. With the population of the broken parts of Europe headed this way in ever-increasing numbers, why not peremptorily check the stream with this temporary measure, and in the meantime try the unique and novel experiment of enforcing all of the immigration laws on our statutes? . . .

    Accordingly, the 67th Congress “passed the first quota law, which was approved on May 19, 1921, limiting the number of any nationality entering the United States to 3 percent of the foreign-born of that nationality who lived here in 1910. Under this law, approximately 350,000 aliens were permitted to enter each year, mostly from Northern and Western Europe” (The Immigration and Naturalization Systems of the United States, p. 56).

    The worry of the Congress over unassimilated aliens continued and the House Congress over unassimilable aliens continued and the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization of the Sixty-eighth Congress reported that it was “necessary to the successful future of our nation to preserve the basic strain of our population” and continued (op. cit., p. 60) as follows:

    Since it is the axiom of political science that a government not imposed by external force is the visible expression of the ideals, standards, and social viewpoint of the people over which it rules, it is obvious that a change in the character or composition of the population must inevitably result in the evolution of a form of government consonant with the base upon which it rests. If, therefore, the principle of individual liberty, guarded by a constitutional government created on this continent nearly a century and a half ago, is to endure, the basic strain of our population must be maintained and our economic standards preserved.

    …the American people do not concede the right of any foreign group in the United States, or government abroad, to demand a participation in our possessing, tangible or intangible, or to dictate the character of our legislation.”

    The above cited materials were all from Chapter 2 of, “The Iron Curtain Over America”, by John Beaty (1951)


    Another excerpt from Chapter 5, “THE BLACK HOOD OF CENSORSHIP”.

    “Over his head, face, and neck the medieval executioner sometimes wore a loose-fitting hood of raven black. The grim garment was pierced by two eye-holes through which the wearer, himself unrecognized, caused terror by glancing among the onlookers while he proceeded to fulfill his gruesome function. In similar fashion today, under a black mask of censorship, which hides their identity and their purpose, the enemies of our civilization are at once creating fear and undermining our Constitution and our heritage of Christian civilization. In medieval times the onlookers at least knew what was going on, but in modern times the people have no such knowledge.

    Without the ignorance and wrong judging generated by this hooded propaganda, an alert public and an informed Congress would long since have guided the nation to a happier destiny.

    The black-out of truth in the United States has been effected (I) by the executive branch of the national government and (II) by non-government power.
    In the mention of government censorship, it is not implied that our national government suppresses newspapers, imprisons editors, or in other drastic ways prevents the actual publication of news which has already been obtained by periodicals. It is to be hoped that such a lapse into barbarism will never befall us.

    Nevertheless, since the mid-thirties, a form of censorship has been applied at will by many agencies of the United States government. Nothing is here said against war-time censorship of information on United States troop movements, military plans, and related matters. Such concealment is necessary for our security and for the surprise of the enemy, and is a vital part of the art of war. Nothing is said here against such censorship as the government’s falsification of the facts about our losses on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor (Pearl Harbor, The Story of the Secret War, by George Morgenstern, The Devin-Adair Company, New York, 1947), though the falsification was apparently intended to prevent popular hostility against the administration rather than to deceive an enemy who already knew the facts.

    Unfortunately, however, government censorship has strayed from the military field to the political.” [Continues at the link above]

  44. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    I’ve noticed that since the day of the haarp attack on Japan there has not been even one chemtrail plane spraying aerosols in this area. I did see one or two normal contrails from the very few jets that ever fly over here though. Is the radiation possibly killing the genetically engineered mutated fungi, viruses, and nanoparticles they regularly spray or is there another reason?

    Fukushima radiation plumes have now struck the Carolinas and Florida, say reports

    Plutonium found in soils near Fukushima, but governments say there’s nothing to worry about http://www.naturalnews.com/031882_plutonium_soil.html

    It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know http://www.roguegovernment.com/It%E2%80%99s_Tracking_Your_Every_Move_and_You_May_Not_Even_Know/25233/0/4/4/Y/M.html


  45. GENE WILLIS says:

    the dirty war is coming.what has been suppressed by the media and the boughtout govm will come to light.taking back our rights and country.

  46. RE: Mfundo Dlungwane

    Would like to know the most recent whereabouts of this chap and his sidekick.

    Work and or home address will do.
    Grim White

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