Of Course it’s a Damn Jewish CONSPIRACY!

“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

 — Jew banker James Paul Warburg, on February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Rothschild agent, Paul Warburg, who established the Council of Foreign Relations and was the guiding force behind the “money trust,” responsible for the Federal Reserve act of 1913. Think of him the next time you wonder why the dollar is so worthless.

A LOT OF folks unfortunately blow off all the Jew stuff because they’re led to believe it’s merely “conspiracy talk” out of raving loons who see conspiracy in just about everything out there. The sad reality is that most of these people know next to nothing about certain real facts of history, let alone current events. In fact, History itself is pretty much all conspiracy, in one form or another.

There’s all kinds of “conspiracy” business now out there to occupy our fertile imaginations (certainly much on purpose to waylay us). From: Illuminati, Freemasons, Black Popes and Vatican pontiffs, Medieval Knights Templars, UFO aliens, Majestic Twelvers, CIA operatives, Bilderburgers, Bohemian Grovers, Group of 30 fat cats, Corporate suits, Big Oil Texans, Muslim brotherhood, NeoNazis (what a laugh), castrated Lizard boys from another dimension, and on and on.

It’s ironic because the social control mechanism for the “real deal” is hiding in plain sight and is so deceptively simple as to be confusing to the masses. It is an “invisibility cloak,” carefully sewn over the decades to keep as many of us as possible from seeing or, most importantly, speaking openly and asking questions about the true power structure — the ones behind all the mess to begin with.

This mechanism is what everybody calls “PC” or Politically Correctness, a pernicious mind-set expressly designed to keep White people confused and too scared to talk with one another; especially about you know who. Most especially.

Please read on for an INCOG MAN schematic on how I think the Globalist Jews have been screwing up America and White people!

Recently, this full-of-himself “conspiracy debunker” named Arthur Goldwag picked up a quote from my site to use in an article where he lumped Charlie Sheen (who happens to be Jewish himself) in with all the “nutcases” now running amok over the Internet. I, being one of the big nutcases, of course. How nice of him.

With a name like “Goldwag,” it’s safe to assume this dork is a big fat Jew.

Following the “pingback” to his blog, I read what the dorkie-looking Jew (right) had to say. Ironically, the quote he used from me (go to the embedded link above), is indeed quite factual and can be easily researched (see below for a link).* He says he picked it “virtually at random;” perhaps stupidly, but more likely because he knows few Goyim readers will bother expending any real energy checking it out to see if it’s true (a basic strategy tricky dick Jews often employ).

He did put a link to my article on Jacob Rubenstein, AKA Jack Ruby (possibly a Zionist “Sayanim” collaborator), who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK’s assassin). Goldilocks dork slyly implies the Jew-sounding name was merely made-up by a “Jew hating right winger,” named Revilo P. Oliver (a professor at a college in the midwest), and long since used by us crazy anti-Semite “conspiracy buffs” to cast unfair suspicions on the always-so-innocent CHOSEN ONES.

CBS did in fact broadcast Ruby’s real name very soon after his shooting of Oswald in that Dallas police garage, but suddenly changed it back to his crypto-Jew name only a hour or so later that afternoon (almost certainly under orders from higher-ups). Also, numerous documents from Ruby’s early personal family life and even the lousy Warren Report shows his true Jew name. But real facts are not enough for professional Jew obfuscaters like Mr. Goldwag here.

Goldwag then goes on to call the “Jew naming” business as “the gotcha,” that all us evil “Jew talkers” have to rely on to prove matters. Besides Rubenstein, he sarcastically goes on about Trotsky and says we think Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s last name was really “Rosenfeld.” FDR’s colonial ancestry were indeed Dutch Jews, but named van Rosenvelt, which means the same thing (the family were crypto-Jews, or “Maranos,” going as far back as Spain during the Inquisition). Also, his maternal grandfather, Warren Delano, was commonly known among the power elite at the time to have derived his fortunes by running opium into China for the Jewish Sassoon family of Britain.

But the Jewish genetics of Roosevelt is immaterial to the big picture (some say his grandmother was anti-Semitic and that too could be true). It’s actually the elite, wealthy and pro-Zionist, Globalist circle he was born into that’s important here (some are indeed non-Jews or “Shabbos Goys”). This same International circle has full control of our country’s finances, hence control of the government and media. And it’s this ownership of the media that gives the Globalist Jews the power to manipulate the thinking of just about everyone. Like most everyone who watches TV.

And the Marxist Trotsky’s real name was the very Jewish-sounding Lev Davidovich Bronstein and was also a rabid Zionist. Plus, he was close buds with the wealthy NY banking Jew Jacob Schiff. Jew-manipulated Wikipedia uses the so obvious and now tired boilerplate excuse: “…his family was Jewish but reportedly not religious,” as if a lack of religion is enough to calm down us suspicious Goyim conspiracy nuts (most Jews are not very religious anyways).

This illustrates well the prime strategy of Jewry and the status quo Gatekeepers out there: Talk about all this stuff like it’s just nothing but a joke — nothing to see here folks, only crazy talk from crazy people. People then simply dismiss it, without spending any personal energy to see for themselves if it’s true or not, or come to uncomfortable conclusions.

If anyone checked into the Jew business to a degree, they could very easily come to conclusions similar, if maybe not quite the same, as mine. That is, if a person is courageous enough to look at it all without the social taboos, filters and wishful-thinking these arrogant, self-described “CHOSEN ONES” insist you use.

The Jew media even makes bald-faced lies all the time. Just the other night I saw some British “historian” on FOX’s Glenn Beck show say that the Bolsheviks were anti-Semites — just like the German Nazis — all the while Beck smugly nodded in front of a select studio audience of of supposed regular Goyim, all sitting there with concerned, serious looks on their faces.

Charlie Sheen dared to say the Jewish birth name of his producer; that was the big reason the Jew media went bonkers. Being Jewish himself makes no difference.

Totally ridiculous. Most of the Marxists in power really were Jewish, many actually from New York city itself. The US government knew full-well what was going on, and it’s still one of the biggest facts of history carefully kept from common knowledge of most Americans.

Hell, one of the first laws the Reds passed when finally gaining power was to make anti-Semitism a “counter-revolutionary” crime, where a citizen could be put up against a wall and shot for having a copy of the “Protocols of Zion,” or saying just about anything about the precious Jews. The “Law on those involved in pogroms” was passed by the Council of Commissars, signed and personally amended by Lenin to sharpen the tone, on July 27, 1918. Just take the time to research it yourself.

Even revealing the true Jewish name of a Bolshevik leader fell under these anti-Semitism laws — kind of like what Charlie Sheen just recently did, when he had the gall to publicly utter the real Jewish name of crypto-Jew Chuck Lorre (real name: Chaim Levine), the producer of the popular comedy show “Two and a half men.” The media painted it as merely a personal falling out, that Sheen was greedy and nuts anyway (his “9/11 was an Inside Job” talk is another thing Jews don’t like). Nothing was ever mentioned in the mainstream on this or the Jew angle (as usual).

Little Jews know that alerting the Goyim to the very real Jewish control of the mass media is not such a good idea. They all understand what’s best left unsaid; realizing if the majority of us start thinking a certain way about certain topics, they themselves may be in jeopardy. It’s not really hard to see that.

Generally, Jewry doesn’t want you to know of, nor especially talk about:

  • Anything much about International Finance and the Federal Reserve (this is the real reason why Ron Paul is usually hated by Jews and actively suppressed by Jew media).
  • The holocaust might not be all true (specifically the gassing bit and the real death toll).
  • That 9/11 might have been an inside job (orchestrated by Israel’s MOSSAD and Zionist forces in America).
  • White people are slowly but surely being turned into minorities, i.e. there is a long-running Jewish conspiracy to do this, hence all the non-White immigration into White countries, not just America.
  • Jews were predominately represented in Marxism and in Stalin’s secret police, which genocided tens of millions of White Christians.
  • Nor do they want it known that rich Wall Street and Banker Jewry financed the Bolshevik Red revolution of 1917 and actually made tens of billions robbing the Russian people over the next few years.
  • Any business involving International Jewish banking cartels, such as the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Kuhns, Loebs, Warburgs and any other Jewish bankers must be suppressed. This elite circle is historically known to be behind the whole Israel project going back to the 19th century.
  • Although they are personally proud of the “tough guy” image, Jews don’t like other Americans to know how much they were involved in organized crime. Israel is still considered a prime getaway spot for Jew mobsters (believe it or not, Israel has no real extradition treaty with the US, us being a Goyim nation technically for now).
  • They definitely don’t want Whites to openly say Jews control the media (they pretty much do with ownership and management).
  • The historical background of Ashkenazim Jewry, since the Khazar part naturally calls into question whether Palestine really “belongs” to them (this whole Israel crap has cost all of us dearly and with even more to come).
  • The enormous political control Jewry wields over America, like with AIPAC and a multitude of well-funded Jew political organizations. They spend huge amounts of money making sure our politicians never, ever vote against something Israel wants. They basically tell America what to do all the time.
  • Any false-flag acts of Israel against the US, be it the Lavon Affair (Egypt), the attack on the USS Liberty or never-ending cases of espionage and economic and industrial thievery (this has been going on since the beginning).
  • The fact that the majority of the US government policy makers, intel analysts and pundits behind the Iraq war were Jewish Neocons. Their lies and sneaky efforts on behalf of Israel’s Mideast ambitions and Muslim paranoia has cost this country well over a trillion dollars and the lives of 4,439, along with tens of thousands messed-up Americans, to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands Iraqi and Afghani civilians wasted.

This is just a few of what the lousy Jews expect us White people to keep silent over, or get called an “anti-Semite.” All of this can be easily researched and proven. You may have to dig a bit on occasion, since mainstream media knows exactly what not to talk about. It is sickening how much the American media works to keep such things under wraps.

You think nothing is going on with this bunch? Jews love your ignorance — and the cut in the action from your paycheck, I might add. The Rothschilds own the World Bank/IMF (International Money Fund) and financed the eventual creation of Israel from back in the 19th century. NM Rothshilds moving in for the kill

Actually, I came to all the conclusions seen here on my website quite independent of the Internet, believe it or not. A long time ago I was really into the “Computer Revolution” and all that jazz, but eventually burned out. I didn’t even get on the current version of the Internet (my tech history goes back even before world wide web addresses) for about 5 years and when I did, it was just for stuff like hobbies, email, business, whatever.

However, I always did have a long-running interest in the “Jew Question” as far back as my college days. Oh, I knew something about “Neonazi” thinking to a degree, but never pursued it, probably because I didn’t want to become a skinhead or something. I had a nice head of hair and I knew my parents might get a mite concerned.

During this time, I used to love digging into obscure books at the library, mostly dealing with WWII stuff, etc. Thinking back, I’m amazed just how much these books conformed to the company line on what we’re expected to think about WWII — that us Americans are always the Good Guys and the Nazis were the personification of evil.

A) Eddie Warburg dines with Eleanor Roosevelt and über-Zionist Golda Meir. B) The Nazis always knew exactly who they were up against. C) Israel’s supreme court building was built to Rothschild design and includes numerous “Illuminati” or occult symbology, such as a hidden pyramid in the roof and inverted cross visitors are forced to walk over. D) Dual-citizen of Israel and possibly the biggest individual manipulator of US politics, multi-billionaire Haim Saban with Hillary Clinton. He told The New Yorker: “three ways to be influential in American politics…make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.”

But there was quite a few things about WWII that just didn’t make any sense. And it wasn’t little stuff, either. Those questions always seemed to sit in the back of my head like burning coals and everytime I pulled a volume down off the shelf at the library I looked to see if it might contain some clue.

For example: I never could understand why they locked up Hitler’s buddy Rudolf Hess for the rest of his life when it was easy to see the guy really didn’t do anything in terms of war crimes, etc. I knew he stole a plane and flew to Britain, but there had to be something more to the story. Something much more.

Yeah, it was plain that someone did not want his story getting out there. Simply killing him might make people even more suspicious. Rudolf Hess was a real-life “Man in the Iron Mask” story.

And then there’s the business about Hitler invading Soviet Russia, when it was obvious the guy never wanted a two front war. Why would he do that? Because he was “power mad and wanted to take over the world?” This is where the WWII Gatekeepers and Jew propagandists roll out the map graphic showing the German Nazi colossus spreading out like a red cancer across Europe (it was OK for Stalin, though).

No, Hitler wanted simply to eliminate the British and French threat to his rear first so he could take on his real enemy: JEWISH BOLSHEVISM. He rushed to build the massive Seigfield line on German soil to protect Germany from the West, even during the first years of the war; knowing a showdown with Stalin would soon happen (Stalin apparently was preparing to invade Western Europe and stab Hitler in the back).

Why would Hitler do all that if his ambition was only to occupy Europe in the first place?

Jews are always getting caught spying. The Rosenbergs (above) were fried in the electric chair, while the more recent Jew spy Jonathan Pollard should have.

I also remember reading this article I found in an old newspaper on the two sons of the Rosenbergs, the husband and wife commie spies back in the fifties. It always confused me why so many people acted like these two were unjustly executed when it was clear they did commit treasonous crimes.

Someone had written a letter to the editor about the story, wondering why it was such a big deal in the first place. He went on to explain that he was the son of an airforce officer in charge of an Alaskan base, where planes took off ferrying supplies to the USSR during the war. He said his dad told him the Russian Commies filled the US planes with all kinds of black boxes (certainly containing plenty of American secrets), “so why come down on those poor Rosenbergs” he confusedly asked.

Other accounts of the Commies in America during this time I read elsewhere backed this guy’s story up fully. There was indeed something much more going on here.

The more I looked into things, the more I could see that it really wasn’t an “America the Free versus Communism” thing at all. Western Capitalists like crypto-Jew Armand Hammer did plenty of business with the Soviet Union, much like what’s going on with China today. None of these people cared one lick about what political talk was fed to the masses to keep them on the hamster wheel.

No, the real common denominater here was indeed International Jewish money, pretty much the way Hitler and modern-day Neonazis have said all along.

This particular “world view” was not what I wanted. After-all, I had several friends in my past that were Jewish (they seemed to like me for some reason). Reflecting deeply on the matter (for years, really), I came to the conclusion any personal likes or dislikes about individual Jews really had nothing to do with the big picture. It was comparing apples to oranges, so to speak.

In other words, the real deal didn’t require any kind of secret conspiracy of such magnitude to function at all. I started looking into it with this in mind and everything fit together like a glove. Basically, all the little Jews out there are as much out of the loop as anyone else, even though I had strong suspicions they understood the real deal better than virtually all White people.

Because of that, the little Jews acted as foot soldiers, propagandists and gatekeepers for the real power structure. Jews well understand that if the whole scam is realized by the masses, their ass just might be grass.

For years America had been propagandized non-stop about “the evils of apartheid” and Whites in South Africa. In 1994, Time magazine published photos (below right) of three White Afrikaners, wounded by gunfire and executed at close range by a black. The photos were so astoundingly horrible (they would have never printed them in a “family publication” except for who the victims were).

It does appear that Jewry enjoys seeing Whites die defending our own interests.

To this day, I can still distinctly remember the gleeful nature of the copy, describing in grisly detail what happened to the “neo-Nazis,” as they called them. Any White who stands up for our interests always gets labeled something negative in the media. The article slyly implied the men had it coming to them.

Something was just not right here, I remember telling myself (it was so unsettling, that I tore the page out and stuffed it in my file cabinet). The fact they even ran the shots, said something important right there. Here I was looking at real hate for my own kind, openly displayed in the US mainstream media.

I could not quite put my finger on the deal at the time, but it was at this point, I started looking at things a bit different.

Now, I didn’t fully realize how propagandized we were as a country. That’s right: America “The Free” was being manipulated by a hidden party. We were raised thinking that it was only Russia that did this kind of thing, with “Pravda” and all that. But America had free speech and the journalists had the general American’s best interests in mind!

Now, before you go off yelling “that’s all crazy talk, how could they possibly get away with doing this without discovery?” Of course they don’t have squat, mean-looking government monitors sitting there telling people what to do and say. People talk and this kind of thing would not stay hidden long.

It’s actually a pretty simple explanation to how things get done. Hell, the same kind of dynamic works at your office (if you even have a job).

Everyone knows that pissing off the bosses puts you in danger of getting fired. But what if these bosses put you into your position because of your views in the first place? Let’s say they want a certain angle to the whole operation and you fit the bill. This is why you have so many leftys in the mainstream media.

Now there’s a MEME out there that says the media is so lefty simply because all the journalists are smarty-pants intelligentsia. Sounds logical on the face of it. But who pays the salaries in the first place? Who are the real bosses?

What the Globalist Jews are doing:

“INCOGLIAN dialectics.” Pay attention to what’s going down now and look back at the history of America over the last 50 years and you’ll agree we have a Jewish Agenda being played out. It’s not some insane possibility, either, although “gatekeepers” like Goldwag want you to think so because they have selfish racial motives to keep us White people as oblivious as possible.

Another emplaced, but false, MEME is that America is a “right center” country. What this supposedly means is we’re somewhat “fiscally conservative,” but believe in liberal social policies — as in “we all just want to live and let live” (all the homos, blacks and stuff). We’re not reactionary right winger “haters,” nor are we commie extremists.

We supposed to be somewhere in the middle, but just a little bit towards the right. But what happens if that”center” is purposefully kept moving leftward by the media?

What if “they” are always busy moving the so-called “center” towards the left? What if “they” keep pushing social change? Certain things like homo marriage are suddenly reported as “accepted by the majority” and that’s that. Why are we always supposedly “progressing” to some sort of “brave new utopia” where everything is all sweet and benevolent to whatever individual out there different from everyone else.

And this whole thing is never-ending, have you noticed? Never does anyone say “OK, enough is enough.”

Now these MEMEs are society-changing, sugar-coated “BOTS” spread like a virus through our population. You have an angle that takes America where they want? Then your ideas are promoted with on-going media attention, professorships, consultancy fees, book deals, financing of all kinds. Since Americans consider themselves as “Good Guys,” this makes our country easy pickings for constant Jewish manipulation.

One of the most important MEME to the Jewish Conspiracy is the one painting any Whites who speak out for our own race as “haters,” “White Supremacists” or “Nazis-who-might-just-want-to-kill-another-6-million-Jews.” Quite a few see this Jew crap going on, but rarely have the guts to say anything openly.

Other MEMEs are used to ridicule people, to keep them from going into certain areas, and require strawman arguments and way too obvious sarcasm. Think about how the mainstream media treats 9/11 “truthers” and “birthers.” Yeah, you can see these traitors are following orders from on high.

Like religion, politics as a whole can be considered the ultimate in MEMES. Interest Capitalism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Zionism — all the “isms” are mostly Jewish inventions. There is excellent proof the Globalist Jews have specifically milked these divisive politics to keep us screwed up in the head, while they get filthy rich supplying war material to the different Goyim opposition groups and countries.

And these bastards could care less if the manipulation results in more dead non-Jews!

Now, I don’t know everything that’s going on. How could I, being just one man and all? All I can do is write about what I think is the “real deal.” This is a subject so large, so involved and so convoluted that one guy has a hard time keeping up.


At this point in history we can easily see that the Jewish ambition for One World government (NWO) is approaching the next stage. Everyone senses it. It’s that feeling we’re all on some kind of course and something big is just over the horizon.

The one possible stumbling block to the “Agenda” — these people have long understood — is White solidarity, along with our American constitutional rights to Free Speech and gun ownership (huge numbers of the “unwashed masses” are armed to the teeth).

Because of this, they have been quietly working to break down America and the White race. Once the White middle class is totally in the gutter and only concerned with getting enough to eat and begging for relief, is when they’ll spring the trap by rolling out the “solution.” This has always been the long-term agenda, geared to be as unnoticiable as possible to the general population.

And it doesn’t take much of a “conspiracy theorist” to connect the dots.

The second part of the equation is little Jewry. They are not getting secret instructions from wealthy Big Jewry out to create a One World governent. They are merely acting as embedded fifth-columnists and public relation agents to protect and advance all Jewry, no matter what it entails. This is why their are so many Gatekeepers working to obsfuscate matters and confuse regular Americans; like Mr. Goldwag here.

All that, coupled with Jewry’s inner propensity for greedy financial swindles, organized crime, milking social frictions, general degradations and sleazing-up of our culture, makes these people truly “Nation-wreckers.” Without a doubt.

We have simply got to get the message out and awaken White Americans. The Jews are indeed not only the White race’s worst enemy, but the enemy of all people in the world, even of themselves when you think about it. They could care less seeing any Goyim dead, from warfare with each other, a bullet in back of the head by secret police, or mass starvation.

Believe me, if I could not stand Jews just because of how they looked, or if they grated on me personally, I would never have bothered to start writing about all this. Simply put, unless we do something about it, the Jewish Conspiracy will result in the ruination of America, the end of the White race itself and possibly the death of tens of millions in another Jew-instigated global war.

Call it “conspiracy theory” all you damn well want, but just remember this: They did it to Russia and tried doing it to Germany. Now these SOBs are going for the whole shooting match!

— Phillip Marlowe

* Go HERE to read about the Jew “Sayanim” business that Mr. Goldwag wants you to think is nothing but conspiracy nonsense.

Go to “Who Controls America” for a straight-up listing, links and photos of all the Jews now in power positions and running the media. Spend just 10 minutes at this site and you’ll see. Oh yeah, you will. 

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. American born says:

    Mel Gibson did an excelent job with “Apocolypto”, one of the best movies I’ve seen yet.
    He messed up with the “Lethal Weapon” movies though. Alot of racial undertones. Especially the one with the S. Africans.
    danny glover is garbage, I’m still on the fence about Mel.

  2. t bone says:

    I rarely watch movies/TV anymore…unless I’m pretty certain that it’s not too jewish.
    Never once watched seinfeld,friends or the acadamy awards/oscars. Never!!!
    But it’s impossible to find any single one that doesn’t have any jew contamination about it… even the ‘Honeymooners’.

  3. Marshall says:





  4. t bone says:

    Thats a lot of tanks!
    What da fuck?

  5. Jake says:

    I saw that…maybe they plan on using that after San Andreas and/or New Madrid?

    Chances of at least one of them going off are probably in the range of 100%…especially if some Machiavellian SOB really can set an earthquake off with HAARP.

    “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” The Jewish Tinkerbell, Rahm Emanuel

  6. American born says:

    I don’t think they are to roll on us yet. I could be wrong though.
    I think they will cause a world war, use us to fund it and kill off as many as our young as they can.
    Then create the race war.
    But they need our economy to steal from and our military to fight their ww3 first.

  7. American born says:

    BUT, that would be the logical thing to do.
    Their hate for us may preceed cautious planning. Its hard to tell.
    jews have always failed in the long run due to their arrogance.

  8. American born says:

    Those are APC’s. Armored personel carriers. Crowd control, moving troops in masses.

  9. JamesTheJust says:

    *Those jews are now Palestinians, through conversion. The Palestinians ARE the jews of Jesus’ time.


    First off, there isn’t a word called “jews” in scripture; it is “Judeans” (Iudeans). The word “jew” is a fairly new creation. America was founded by White Europeans but not all citizens of America are White Europeans. (and it grows worse all the time)

    Secondly, many who lived in Judea were not Israelites of any of the tribes. Rather they were Edomites/Canaanites. By the time of Yahshua, they had taken over the temple and the seat of power (sound familiar?)

    There are many tribes associated with the Canaanites and they all are traced back to Cain, just as there are many tribes associated with Israel, but they are all traced back to Adam.

    Many “jews” are genetically related to the Palestinians and others of Arabic lineage. There was an excellent genetic study conducted years ago and the Edomite jews started crying persecution against the researcher. (“Arab” means “to be mixed”). They are of mixed blood, which by biblical standards, makes them mamzers and “broken cisterns which cannot hold [the] water [of life].

    Today’s jews, including many of the Khazars, share the blood of Cain. It is a historical fact that Khazars descended from Japath, but they also intermingled with the Turks (who also share the blood of Cain) and the Edomites, who migrated in huge numbers to Khazaria, when the Khazan decreed that Talmudism would be the official religion of the Khazars. Therefore, you cannot discount Khazars as blood relatives of the Cainites/Edomites. In a sense, the Edomites are right that Palestine is their ancient land. In fact, it belonged to the children of Cain before it belonged to the Israelites.

    Oddly enough, this means that the lands of Palestine belong to ALL of Canaanite blood – both jew and Palestinian. If you study The Word and the history (Again The Word) then you see where Jeremiah prophesied that the true Israelites would leave Jerusalem NEVER to return! They would go North, East South and West and found many nations. Only the White race fulfills this and all other prophecies concerning Israel.

    Secondly, Yahshua told the Apostles to go only to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. They went into Europe. The remaining Judahites and Benjamenites fled Jerusalem prior to its fall in 70AD. They had heard the warning Yahshua gave concerning the fall of Jerusalem and immigrated to Greece, Rome and points North to Europe to join up with the Celtic/Saxon kinsmen (the Jutes of Germany for one). Sadly, many Edomites figured out the game and migrated as well.

    People erroneously believe that the Talmud was constructed during the Babylonian captivity of Judah. This is false. The Talmud is a much more ancient book. It is the bible of the children of Cain, whereas the book we know as the bible is the book of the White Israelite race. Both were added to as time went by. (Thousands of years in fact)

    No. The Palestinians are no more true Israelites than the Jews, yet oddly enough, they are very much family and very much in their ancestral land.

    Those of Khazarian descent believe themselves superior to the darker Palestinians, and they are right. After all they have the White genes of Japath in them.

    This is not to say that all Japethites interbred with Edom and Turks. Many did not and later, through intermarriage, became Israelites of the line of Shem. This sort of intermarriage was perfectly OK in accordance with YHWH’s law. Marriage to the other races was STRICTLY forbidden, however.

    When Israel was its strongest was when they upheld The Law. And should a White woman lay with a “beast of the field”, she was promptly killed. (“Beast of the field” is a Hebrewism meaning a non-White, which is evident in scripture where it describes “beasts of the field” wearing sackcloth, clapping their hands and crying to the GOD of Israel.

    There is so much I could add, but suffice it to say that to assume that ANYONE, other than the White race, qualifies as an Israelite, is as wrong a path as to assume that jews are true Israelites. It is a dead end in light of verifiable history.

  10. Jake says:

    I didn’t say you’re wrong there, James. I was agreeing with you.

    I call them jews, because that’s what we know them by. Edomites, Canaanites, etc; names don’t really matter to me, except for the name jew. The name jew is what gets their panties in a bunch and causes them to become violent and enraged, thus showing the world who they really are. Seeing such reactions is one step towards becoming an expert on the jew like Hoff; one must surely wonder why “jew” provokes such powerful and colorful reactions, and will further investigate…if they have any natural curiosity at all.

  11. JamesTheJust says:


    A good book to look at is “Discoveries in Hebrew, Gaelic, Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Basque and other Caucasic languages : showing fundamental kinship of the Aryan tongues and of Basque with the Semitic tongues (1907)”

    And if you don’t want to take the time to read that rather lengthy (and boring) book, go to http://www.ensignmessage.com/archives/commonalities.html

    Or you can go here: http://fathersmanifesto.net/gaelic.htm



    Byth lym mo thym nociothii nel ech an ti daisc machon
    Ys i do iebrim thyfe lyth chy lya chon temlyph ula.


    Beth liom’ mo thime nociaithe, niel ach an ti dairie mae coinne
    Is i de leabhraim tafach leith, chi lis con teampluibh ulla.

    In 1772, General Charles Vallancey, a leading Irish scholar of the day, published his famous work, “Essay On The Antiquity Of The Irish Language, Being A Collation Of The Irish With The Punic (Hebrew) Language.” In his opening remarks he states, “On a collation of the Irish with the Celtic, Punic, Phoenician and Hebrew languages, the strongest affinity, (nay a perfect Identity in very many Words) will appear; it may therefore be deemed a Punic-Celtic compound.”

    Hope this helps.

  12. JamesTheJust says:

    Sorry Jake. I must have misunderstood.

  13. Bailey says:

    t bone says——->I rarely watch movies/TV anymore…unless I’m pretty certain that it’s not too jewish.

    LOL, That means your watching NO Movies or TV.
    Even NASCAR is Jewish now.

  14. t bone says:

    I watch less than 20 mins. of TV per week. I’m either working, entertaining the old lady or enjoying my edjewcation at Incogland.

  15. Akira says:



    Byth lym mo thym nociothii nel ech an ti daisc machon
    Ys i do iebrim thyfe lyth chy lya chon temlyph ula.


    Beth liom’ mo thime nociaithe, niel ach an ti dairie mae coinne
    Is i de leabhraim tafach leith, chi lis con teampluibh ulla.

    byth limmoth ynnocho thuulech-antidamas chon
    ys sidobrim chi fel yth chyl is chon chen liful

    Which is just typical Cuckoo Identity lies, trash, idiocy.

    Plautus never wrote,

    “Byth lym mo thym nociothii nel ech an ti daisc machon
    “Ys i do iebrim thyfe lyth chy lya chon temlyph ula.”

    What he wrote was:

    “byth limmoth ynnocho thuulech-antidamas chon
    “ys sidobrim chi fel yth chyl is chon chen liful”

    The so-called “Early Irish-Celtic” is drivel.

    It’s not Irish of any variety. It’s just a pile of Jew-Masonic gobbly-gook that is supposed to appear vaguely Irish.

    “teamplaibh úlla” = apple churches?

    It’s nonsense, without provenance, without citation. designed to fool morons.

    Plautus’ play Poenulus (adapted — like all of Plautus’ plays — from Karkhedonios, a Greek New Comedy; perhaps written by Alexis), 930-940; 950-960:


    Yth alonim ualonuth sicorathi symacom syth
    Chy mlachthi in ythmum ysthyalm ych-ibarcu mysehi
    li pho caneth yth bynuthi uad edin byn ui
    bymarob syllohom alonim ubymysyrthohom
    byth limmoth ynnocho thuulech-antidamas chon
    ys sidobrim chi fel yth chyl is chon chen liful
    yth binim ys dybur ch-innocho-tnu agorastocles
    yth emanethi hy chirs aleichot sithi nasot
    byna yid ch-illuch ily guulim lasibithim
    bodi aly thera ynnynu yslym min cho-th iusim

    deos deasque veneror, qui hanc urbem colunt,
    ut quod de mea re huc veni rite venerim,
    measque hic ut gnatas et mei fratris filium
    reperire me siritis, di vostram fidem.
    sed hic mihi antehac hospes Antidamas fuit;
    eum fecisse aiunt, sibi quod faciunt fuit.
    eius filium esse hic praedicant Agorastocles:
    ad eum hospitalem hanc tesseram mecum fero;
    is in hisce habitare monstratust regionibus.
    Hos percontabor qui hinc egediuntur foras.

  16. Hoff says:

    t bone says:
    March 15, 2011 at 10:48 pm
    Thats a lot of tanks!



    American born says:
    March 15, 2011 at 11:00 pm
    Those are APC’s. Armored personel carriers. Crowd control, moving troops in masses.


    Hoff says: Well, here we have clearcut example how easy it is to fool people who don’t know anything about the military. lt’s APCs – not tanks. “Mechanized infantry are infantry equipped with armored personnel carriers (APCs” from Wikipedia.

  17. Hoff says:

    The Whole Jew PC-Crap Explained Easy – by Hoff

    -ls it good for goyim? How do we jews destroy it?

    This is the basic for everything the jews do. Take anything out of Frankfurter School and look at it from the jews point. Take anything out of the jew fraud communism and zionizm and look at it from the jews point and that it’s all about the jews taking control of every nation on earth – and destroy all nations in the world.

    To get stupid non-jews to help the jews they lied about everything. Take anything in communism and it really means the opposit – everytime – no exceptions. The communist jews say they want peace on earth. Sounds good don’t it? And what do and did the jews do? The jews have started every single major war the last 200 years.

    Every single issue the jews promotes is bad for us non-jew – no exception.

  18. Hoff says:

    Take anything political you never could make sense of and add the jew-factor and now you will see it make perfect sense from the jews point.

  19. JamesTheJust says:

    Ah Akira, the devil. I knew one of you demons would show up. You are a liar. You are also not one of us. You hate Whites. You defame our kind. Go away. I will not be drawn into a debate with you. One by one you have attacked my kinsmen and been PROVEN to be a liar. Then you slither off and appear somewhere else, only to repeat the same lies.

    You tie up debate and disrupt; YOUR ENTIRE PURPOSE IS TO DIVERT ATTENTION.

    I will not play your jew game and I will not respond to you further. I know your tactics and for me; you no longer exist.


    Simply study all the facts. You will draw the same conclusions that thousand have already drawn, including experts. Hebrew and Celtic and are so close, that it cannot be disputed (unless one is a crypto-jew and liar).

    It is also provable that the religious motives of the Hebrews and the Druids are very similar.

    Yes Marshall; the White race are the Israelites of old and knowledge of this is why they troll everywhere they can and cause immediate disruptions in what was otherwise and kind and civilized exchange between Whites.

  20. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    “Yes Marshall; the White race are the Israelites of old and knowledge of this is why they troll everywhere they can and cause immediate disruptions in what was otherwise and kind and civilized exchange between Whites.”

    JTJ- Yes I now agree with this James. It is about the deepest buried secret of all that the White race people are the real chosen ones, and certainly not the devil’s scum called jew. One has to dig deep to uncover the truth about the original people because the jew has buried it under ten tons of shit and lies. That’s the thing that gives one cause for further scrutiny. If a jew tells something it’s a fucking lie. He/she/it knows not the truth and can’t tell the truth because they are of their father the devil. If the jew collaborate like they do on all their jew tv networks, and put out a story, you KNOW it’s a fucking lie. The most wicked cloud of radiation ever released is heading this way and those filthy motherfuckers just lie lie lie about it. Conclusion? I’TS BAD, REAL BAD.

    Is it true that 24 Rockefellers are in their underground cities already as I read somewhere, and what do they mean by “foreign bankers” fleeing Japan here?:


  21. JamesTheJust says:

    One has to dig deep to uncover the truth about the original people because the jew has buried it under ten tons of shit and lies.

    That’s the truth! I am thankful for the many archeologists, etymologist, historians and clergy, who had the moral fortitude and nobility, so prevalent in our race, to step forward and reveal the facts.

    I would also like to thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet, without which, all of these discoveries would have been hidden again, by the damned Edomites, and we’d be no closer to the truth.

    (I hope everyone knows that I am joking about the Al Gore, bit.)

  22. Akira says:

    Sham The Shitkike:

    “You are also not one of us. … You defame our kind. Go away. I will not be drawn into a debate with you. One by one you have attacked my kinsmen”

    You can say that again, Kike.

  23. Flanders says:

    Why is it that jewish media (CBS News in this report) is casting stones against someone who is “trying to create a United States of Africa”?

    “As Libya’s leader struggles to keep his grip on power, one of his pet projects appears to be moving ahead at the African Union, which took initial steps Tuesday toward creating his grand plan: the United States of Africa.”

    Isn’t that the exact same thing that those very jews are trying to do in the United States of America and White Europe? Of course, it is! The jews are against Libya helping Africans do what would be a natural thing for Africans and blacks to do, while the perverse jews want to impose the unnatural in order to gain an unhealthy and destructive power over Whites.


  24. Hoff says:

    Extremely good find Flanders! Here we se the jews at work. The jews want US, Canada and Mexico to gang up and be a EU in north America. The jews are working relentless to make Turkey a EU member.

    l spooke to some somalians and l asked if they could go to Libya and work. -Sure, no problem. lf that is correct and l don’t doubt it, then anyone in Africa can go to Libya and work. This is exactly the same thing as in EU. Anyone in any EU country can go to any EU country and get a job.

    Why this is “bad” in Africa is Ghaddafi is leading this Africa-EU project. Can’t have that if not the jew is setting the rules and leading the project. Up to a week ago l have had Talmudvision for three months. As an extremely jew-wise man l can’t get the jew-poison called Jew-TV. l can spot the jew in any context in a milli sec.

    When the civil war started in Libya the top jew zog’s was on their jew-TV, instructing their useful idiots, also known as so called “journalists” that Ghaddafi is a “bad boy” and now he must go.

    Now the jews talkingheads got all winded up, smearing Ghaddafi wholesale, and above all their stupid smuginess on their faces. None of this so called “journalists” have a clue about the info in the Flander link. Every single so called “journalist” in EU is 100 percent pro Turkey in EU and pro EU as whole.

    All so called “journalist” you see on jew-TV have one thing in common, they are all choosen by the jews because they are so stupid they have no clue what the hell they are talking about. They are the jews gate-keepers. Parroting whatever their jew-masters tell them to blabber about.

    Before you wake up to the jews you watch jew-TV and read jew-papers, trying to make sense of it all. Take any event and any issue and takeaway the Jew-Factor and what do you get? Jew bullshit. Because the jews who are in total control of the “media” will tell you any BS, any conspiracy theori, anything – except the jew-factor.

    Anyone with a half brain and who can see the big pictures and the similarities, can see that the witch hunt on Gaddafi is jew bullshit. Whatever any jew-whore “journalist” tells you, you can only be sure of one thing, they are all telling you jew-bullshit. They got no brain, they just spin whatever their jew-masters tell them to spin. To try to make sense of the world by listening to the jew-whores the so called “journalists” is a dead end.

    Thank God or whoever for internet. And thanks Flander. Extremely important comment. We extremely jew-wise ladies and gentlemen can cut the jew-crap AND explain it to the entire world just by a few clicks. Jewboy – your haydays are over.

  25. Hoff says:

    No Jew Bullshit Will Survive ln incogland

    Only the truth about the Lying Jew Scumbags will survive in incogland.

  26. noel says:

    i can help you remove your head from your arse you illeterate white fuck of a bollox, I knew your mother so did everyone who sported a dick.

    As an irrational hate filled piece of white trash hope you , fall and break your fucking neck arsehole

  27. Nilus says:

    If you can’t even spell ‘ illiterate ‘, it kind of takes some weight from your content.

    Too funny , sometimes.

  28. t bone says:

    hey fuckface…noel
    are you a hermaphrodite?…I mean noel is a guy/girls name?
    You talk about mothers with dicks.You would know all about that,wouldnt you?
    Thx for the hit, you piece of shit.

  29. ............................/tssstw/....................................... says:

    http://loveforlife.com.au/content/08/01/31/bali-micro-nuke-lack-radiation-confuses-experts-bomb-flashed-exploded-micro-nuke-ge ……anyone who speaks out against zog..prime minister of sweden…12 soutern baptist churches burned,,,estonia sunk etc.. http://www.thenewsturmer.com/On%20Jews/WhoWasBehindTheKilling.htm .. http://www.thenewsturmer.com/On%20Jews/JewishritualmurdersChicago1955.htmhttp://www.thenewsturmer.com/On%20Jews/MossadAssassinated.htm .. http://www.thenewsturmer.com/On%20Jews/The1986Assassination.htm …. greed murder,insanity seems to be in season full time,,,,forget what these phony judeans say..the judeo christian crusades led by edomites and edomite loving christians are leading the charge for a new world chaos,,,crusades ? people say what about the crusades …people did things differently in the old days ,,tey got proactive immediately…the crusades against russian people by jews …..anyway the burning of baptist churces in the south a few years ago for the crime of speaking out against israels genocide activity towards palestinians… http://www.fathersmanifesto.net/jewsarenegroes.htm ….

  30. Leif Oldhart says:

    Regarding the Asian worker who allegedly offed those extremist Israeli kikes. So-called Orthodox Jews are the biggest thieves of all. “Gonif” is the word, look it up. They actively believe that they don’t need to pay for services, if they can get away with stiffing a worker or contractor, and they’re really creepy about it. This is well known here in America, though only by people who live and work in areas with a concentration of these thieving vermin. As for their Israeli “orthodox” counterparts, even American Jews will warn you about getting involved with them.

  31. Julian Lee says:

    Israel now destroying Libra using America as a proxy:


    America doesn’t care what some North African leader does to keep order in his country, nor should they. The reasons presented by puppet mackdaddy and the various Zog talking heads are completely fake. This is the Zionist Occupied Government (the Jews’ golem) opportunistically USING America and it’s power to destroy all governments in its area, just as they did with the genocide of Iraq, to pave the way for the Zionist New World Order and the expansion of Israel. Time to renounce Jewish influence in America or these people are going to get their evil empire that rules us all.

    Jews out of U.S. Government, Jews out of media!

  32. Dave says:

    Is isreal now destroying books/libra with america as a proxy??? It seems something has motivated the French to do this action (that has nothing to do with books). Don’t confuse your proxies oh, libtard one.

    Anyway, what does that have to do with the blatant truth about the negroid race? Well, Julian? What?

    Friggin’ negroes become extremely annoying when they are allowed to walk around thinking they are just like the rest of us. The above mentioned libtard has chosen to be part of that problem.

  33. Dave says:

    Didn’t I tell you to stop pretending to be one of us?

  34. Dave says:

    I’m glad to be a “trouble maker”, are you? Is it that important that you protect the negro loving “can’t we all get along” types, while you post these negro articles?

    You seem to be a hypocrite.

  35. Dave says:

    Hahaha, Maybe I should donate… 🙂

    Anyway, what’s the problem with calling out the astrology crap? That fellow has no problem calling out anything that gets in the way of his opine. It goes both ways. Yes, it goes both way for all of us. That is you, him and I.

    Sorry your whole spamblika thing didn’t work on me. As you know, your guards let me out every single time, for some reason (could it be that I am or am not a jew?) You ARE accountable to all of us Whites if you choose to represent us in this way.

    Keep up the “trouble making”.

  36. .....,,,....,,....,,,....,,...,,,..,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.tssstw,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., says:

    libya is full of ayrabs and not nigras dave buddy…and your bro ghadaffy khadaffy is a crypto jew …..dave is an ultra orthodox jew into talmud caballah beastiality purim ,te 4th guy at arkansas- memphis shmeckle fest….yid fly ..you are obviously disinformation 1a ..not very good at it and transparent as hell..khazzar ,,mongoloid,,turkish fake hebrew who lives in tel aviv and hates your ethiopian fake jews,,,,anyone who knows this post knows the code on foreigners of white race…you are uninitiated and not verrry brite if you think libya is a black nation…but since you are orthox talmutt ,you think all caucasoid non fakejews are equal to shwartzers….it really is better to ignore the morons isnt it ?

  37. tssstw.. says:

    http://servv89pn0aj.sn.sourcedns.com/~gbpprorg/judicial-inc/300,000_russian_grave_bolshevik.htm …..so it is with little imagination that one can see the future if it goes on as is…..this is but a small example of the horrors perpetrated by the unrepentent identity thieves calling temselves sons of abraham …..what possesses a group of people to perpetrate this crime against white christian humanity..for no reason other than gettin called on their shit earlier in late 1800’s and pre revolution…these freaks took names and came back for revenge ….they dint need a list as the amount of innocent people tese demons slaughtered would have demograpically swollowed up everyone on teir wish lists invariably…….the hasidics are the worst along with the lubers..what kind of human do you want to be when you grow up schlomo ? oh i want to be a pimp,drug dealer, communist , organ harvester ,blood supplier to rabbis,but most of all i want to jack off wile reading te talmud ,,oh yess oh yess,,,,rabbi would you circumsize me and give me the oral traditions ,,,and i want to have thhe ken and barbie transgender doll set for chanakuh….good little schlomo ,you are a good devil………truth is stranger than fiction…. http://servv89pn0aj.sn.sourcedns.com/~gbpprorg/judicial-inc/85war_for_israel.htm .. http://servv89pn0aj.sn.sourcedns.com/~gbpprorg/judicial-inc/85z_shooters.htm

  38. moishe says:


  39. macaca says:

    Seems the Yids have taken another one in the crotch. But will it be exploitable—even as a symbol? Not in PC-sheeple populated AmeriKa!

    “Strauss-Kahn” may be a Frog on the outside, but he’s totally kosher on the inside. When I look back on the Jew-imposed or instigated Cult of Mediocrity in this fair republic and then contemplate the exalting and dominance of nigger morality, the future looks dim indeed. When I then contemplate the Jew-controlled media (maybe that should be simply “Jewmedia”) and its steadfast refusal to point out this corrupt and perverted Hebe’s true identity, it sickens me.

    Time to lump together the whole syndrome and all its key players, from Soros to Hollywood and post it publically. Like to see that at Israel Butt-Monkey Beck’s vomit-provoking “Americans for Israel” rally in DC. How about a pro-Palestinian rally SURROUNDING the 18 or so drooling Beckster sock-puppets?


  40. le says:

    I’ve heard that words have meaning in hebrew … word games , kaballah , etc … right. So if you take the word ” isreal ” and decode it using hebrew and a little english u get ” IS BAD / WICKED GOD ” ….. IS , doesn’t mean anything in hebrew , but RA means bad / wicked and EL means god. The letter S looks like a snake , I ,S … I SNAKE …. maybe ?

    And for bible readers google EL vs YAHWAY.

  41. le says:

    And today on glenn beck radio program they let a guy rant about protocols of zion , zog ,etc for about 15 seconds and then made fun of him …. the guy was kinda kooky but anyway I went on the Glenn beck sit to read the comments and the people where defending the jews like they where jesus or like the jews could do no wrong …. I’m jew wise but not really jew wise … I guess I was hoping that someone could go over their and educate / stir things up. If u really want to get the Jew wise message out the comment section on glenn beck page would be a good place with a national audience.

  42. 30.06 says:

    Le , you can go over there and post away , but none of your posts will ever become visible if you say anything damaging to der juden .

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