The Jew’s Big Dumb Golem Attacks Libya

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

Sen. Barack Obama, 12/20/2007.

FACE THE FACTS, America: We’re being used as “the Golem” for World Jewry. No doubt, whatsoever. What is a “Golem” you might ask? Well, back during the middle ages, when the Khazar Ashkenazi Jews lived in eastern Europe, one of their overly imaginative rabbis dreamed up a story (like the holohoax) where he could conjur up a giant monster to slay the Jew’s enemies; which they always seem to have plenty.

Well, folks, looks like the Jews hit the Golem business big time with America!

This past week, the Jew’s latest Washington DC puppet, Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, unleashed another Mideast war, this time on Libya. “Our” military launched something like 160 Tomahawk Cruise missiles at Libyan air defense targets, costing one and half million smackers each, along with a US F-15 Jet crashing just last night (60 million plus right there). Us American taxpayers will spend billions on this, one way or another.

In a Playboy interview to be published in April, Helen Thomas says the White House is under “total control” by the Zionists. Thomas goes on: “[it’s] not a secret. It’s very open… Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There’s total control.” Read more here

I guess maybe the only ones who don’t know the real score is you, the Goy suckers out there paying for all this Jew Zionist corruption!

Manipulative Jews not only love the idea of a big monster to slay their enemies (any Goyim who will not bow down before them), but also as a slave to work in factories, maybe even entertain them, or serve tea and crumpets as they lay around studying the Talmud all day. Sure looks like the lousy bastards got it all with the US!

Foolish Goyim — or those corrupted by Jews — say the Obama administration is anti-Israel, because of various pissant statements about the illegal settlements on Palestinian territory and that one time where he supposedly “dissed” Bibi Netanyahu by eating out somewhere, as Bibi cooled his heels back at the WH. Like BFD.

Haven’t you ever heard the saying “actions speak louder than words?”

Last week FOX’s phony cry-baby “Judas Goat,” Glenn Beck, listed out all the so-called anti-Israel stuff out of the Obama administration, but when he reached the end, he ever so briefly mentioned the recent American veto of UN condemnation of Israel for building on Pali territory. Beck then went on and on about a statement (just words, again) out of Obama’s UN minions, limply criticizing Israel.

But it’s all hot air, only talk and absolutely no real action.

Folks, this is what is called talking out of both sides of the mouth. If Obama really was anti-Israel there would be tons of serious stuff he could do (and should) to send a message to Israel. This is the core reason why the Mideast is still screwed up over 60 years since the Khazar Jews invaded in the 1940’s and why so many Muslims now hate our ass. Cripes, haven’t you just gotten sick and tired of this never-ending “war on terror” crap by now? 

Beck knows all this. He’s just sucking up to the Zionist big-mouthed Jews back here in the US so he doesn’t get “sanchezed” by Zio management (fired like CNN’s Rick Sanchez for talking about the Chosen).

A couple of weeks ago, 400 rabbis took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal denouncing Beck and calling on big time Zionist owner Rupert Murdoch to “sanction” (or is it sancheze?) him just because he happened to bring up the fact George Soros is Jewish and took advantage of fellow Jews during the “holocaust.” If you noticed, Beck has since quite obviously launched a major new Jew suck-up campaign without mentioning a lousy thing about the ad.

For example: Beck recently did his patent cry-baby schtick over the Jew Fogel family, “settlers” (squatting on land belonging to Palestinians) on the West bank, sliced and diced presumably by the “evil terrorist Palesinians.” He practically sobbed about the gruesome photos he kept hidden in a red folder in his hands (photos the Israeli government undoubtedly slipped out to the press for propaganda). But the killing may actually have been the work of an imported Thai slave wage worker, who took revenge on the cheap-ass Jew father, when screwed out of his meagre pay.

Obviously, any Obama talk in support of the Palestinians is only meant to mollify befuddled American liberals finally becoming pissed about evil little Israel. You can bet top Israelis all know Obama’s talk is for show — an on-going “Kibuki” stage act for the duped Goyim of America. Look closely at the talk versus the action and you’ll see.

Just think about the so-called reason now put out for enacting a “No Fly” zone in Libya. We’re all supposed to be so concerned about the Libyan rebel citizens, yearning for freedom, getting genocided as Khadifi takes back the country. But did “our” government ever give a rat’s ass when the Gazans were bombed to hell by the Jews? Imagine America calling for a “No Fly” zone over Gaza back in January of 2009, or even over Lebanon back in 2006 when the crazed Jews went haywire, dropping American cluster bombs and block-busters up and down the defenseless country.

Your Jewdar should be ringing like crazy now — just look at this rat.

Wherever the Jew goes, utter hypocrisy reigns!

What’s sad here, is that so many of the people Beck talks about are indeed Marxist Jews out to cause a revolution in America, just like they did to Russia in 1917.

Tonight, Beck went on about a certain SEIU labor guy named Stephen Lerner (right), buds of Andy Stern and once the SEIU point person for Wall Street “reform.” Reportedly, he was ousted last November from SEIU, for actually putting his nefarious plans in motion and spending millions of the union’s money. Curious that Beck failed to find that one out, if true.

Lerner is recorded on tape seriously discussing his plans to destabilize and crash America’s banks (interestingly, JP Morgan was his prime target, not Goldman Sachs), by engineering mass mortgage and student loan strikes (purposefully not paying the bill). After everything goes to hell in a handbasket, it will force us all out into the streets, ala St. Petersburg, 1917.

The devious little Jew is also known to have visited Obama’s White House and Treasury department — not too surprising considering Obama is but another tool in the Jew agenda, to begin with. Lerner is definitely a Jew agit/prop agent for the labor unions — long a favorite den of Jew Commie bastards.

Mr. Beck can only report on part of the equation openly to get any traction with the Goy masses (the sine qua non of disinfo). He will never point out the real common denonimator to America’s troubles, that is, if he wants to keep his cushy job and fat paycheck. Money plus Jews always, always, means the eventual destruction of nations from within.

These “Judas Goats” media apparatchiks know it’s best to assign Americans to one side or the other, so as to keep us from getting at the real deal. When Beck last week talked about the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla ship, the Mavi Marmara, the one where Israeli commandos whacked at least 7 peace activists, he quickly grabs up his little magnetic placards of William Ayers and Code Pink and slams them up on the chalkboard. We’re supposed to think these Palestinian supporters were only Israel-hating Marxists and saintly Israel deserved to slaughter them like dogs in International waters.

See the Jew BS going here? We’re supposed to be all radical leftists should we dare say a word on whatever sacred Israel and the lousy Jew Zionists back the US do.

They want you to think that anyone who’s against Israel committing international acts of murder and mayhem just has to be a commie pinko, bleeding heart type. Anyone who considers themselves a flag-waving American patriot and for “American values,” has to be for Israel, whatever those devious bastards do to anyone, including us really, like what they did to the USS Liberty in 1967.

This Jew mind game is getting so obvious anymore as to be ridiculous.

Ever stop and think a third option is available? Sure, I know a lot of people think of themselves as independent and non-affliated with a party, but when you get down to brass tacks, they will still label themselves “liberal, but for a few things” or “conservative, but for a few things” and, most importantly, discount any who espouse views different from what are they fed on the idiot box (TV).

It’s All Effed Up

The grating MSNBC anchor jerk and self-admitted socialist, Lawrence O’Donnell asks “What makes those voters so ignorant? Well, for starters, they are whiter than the average district.” Then he goes on to suck major Jew ass by telling us Barney Frank is so smart. Read more here. You think this idiot might have said something about the next video? Don’t make me laugh.

Now here’s some real stupidity for you. Media apparatchiks of the Jew, like that little bastard O’Donnel above, will never, ever embarrass the poor widdle oppressed black man, but have zero problem attacking White people — that’s the deal, folks.

And all this Jew business Helen Thomas talks about in Washington is very real. Let me tell you a few things from personal experience.

I remember once talking to the campaign manager for a Congress critter at a con-stich-jew-ent meet and greet. We were about 20 feet away from the main body of “conservatives” talking to the Congress critter, just minutes after the critter spewed the company line about Israel being besieged on all sides by the Arabs.

I asked the campaign manager point-blank: “What about all this AIPAC business and Zionist control in DC?” The guy’s voice literally dropped to a whisper, as if someone nearby might hear him, and he said everyone was well aware of the situation, but they could not talk publicly about it.

This is what happens when our press is controlled by foreign, racial interests, i. e. embedded Jewish Zionists, be them “liberal” or “conservative.” The most important thing for these people is keeping us in the dark vis a vis Jewish political manipulations, criminal behavior, spying and false flag tactics; as well as general social degradations.

I’ve also talked to several Goyim up on Capital Hill and the DC environs, who tell me the extremist orthodox Jew organization Chabad Lubavitch (a massive multi-nation operation) has virtual free reign in the halls of our legislature. They come and go all the time to Congressional and Senate offices, acting like they own the place.

You know how the press and intelligentsia act so concerned Christian or Catholic religious elements will take over America, or the “War on Terror” conservatives worry the Muslims might install a Caliphate here (what a joke)? Well, folks, it is happening right the hell now, but the religion is Judaism and slimy, secular Zionists, stupidly supported by “End Times” Christian Zionists.

So what does all this “Day of Rage” business in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and many other places in the Mideast mean?

It looks like embedded Zio elements, Rothschild/George Soros-financed “Open Society” operations and “Color revolution” tactics are shaking things up in advance of some serious shit coming down the pike. Don’t believe the phony US media bit about how we should be scared of the wrong folks getting into power, like the “Muslim Brotherhood.” They’ll be sure to keep that from happening, but if it does, it’ll mean JACK since the Jews will just have their Golem fix matters.

Apparently, Khadafi couldn’t take the hint and split so the NWO people could install a fresh puppet, like they plan for everywhere else. Most likely, the Jews want to see Libya divided up into two parts so the PM of France, Nicholas Sarkozy (a known “Sayan” Jew helper for the MOSSAD), can get at the oil wealth and act like a big shot before his up-coming re-election campaign. The US does not get one damn drop of Libyan oil. You’ll just have to pay through the nose at the pump, like you always do, sucker.

Remember, the Jew’s favorite strategy is to divide and conquer by using subversive, silent methods, all carefully unreported by their owned media.

Hell, you see how they did it to the White race, haven’t you? This is why things are now so effed-up in America. Imagine a decent and relaxed country; little crime once the Negroes realize us Whites won’t take the crap any longer; our money and labor worth something and we have manufacturing in this country once again.

All that Globalism, “it’s a small world after-all,” is pure Jew NWO pap!

The only power they want to exist is the NWO — while our countries are turned into multicultural hell holes, much like Brazil, consisting of North America, Britain and Europe; all run behind the scenes by Globalist Jewry. This is the real end-goal and damn any White who dares to fight back or even talk openly.

To bring peace to the world and clean up the Jew-created financial mess in the USA, we’re simply going to have to take this country back by using any means necessary and run the lousy, manipulative Jews right the hell out. Let them dream up another Goyim Golem.

Alert all your friends and family to start preparing, if they haven’t already.

Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe

Wake Up to the Jew Left/Right BS Head Games! 

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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315 Responses to The Jew’s Big Dumb Golem Attacks Libya

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    “This earth … IS the hell of prophecy.”


    With all due respect, you are making up your own doctrine here. It was the task of Adamic men (White men – people who blush and show red in the face) to pattern the earth as it is in the heavens.

    At no time does the scripture state that the earth is hell. What it does state is history revealed. At the end of it all, Adamic men will come to understand that it has never been within their own power to resist the powers of the fallen ones, but rather this will be due to our reliance on Yahshua (YHWH made flesh).

    The scripture is clear the HE is going to return and set things right – making the earth as it is in heaven. All things which HE did not create will be destroyed. That includes all non-Adamic beings, just as the book of Enoch describes.

    As Obidiah alludes, the White Adamic people will play a role in this for we will be the ones to destroy the seedline of Cain, presently known as the jews, but at his time, known as Edom.

  2. Count Cherep says:

    Herschel, go to the following site and scroll down about two thirds of the page to see some of your kinsmen:

    Bolshevik leaders of the Ponz, Warsaw and Lodz Jewish groups

    On Bromberg Bloody Sunday, thousands of ethnic Germans were slaughtered like pigs in an alley because the majority “poles” (the “slavic”, non-Teutonic types, really Turco-Ugaric, Hunnic, Tartar and Mongoloid residue from the old “Dark Age” invasions) knew they could do so with total impunity.

    Can you see the family resemblance?

    Here’s another one of your relatives:

    Lazar Kaganovich: Stalin’s Mass Murderer
    Jewish Butcher of the Ukraine

  3. Count Cherep says:

    Herschel, here are some more members of your Mishpucka, including:

    Solomon Morel (pictured at left): commandant of a post-war Communist concentration camp for Germans in Poland. Stalin deliberately put Jews in charge of such camps. Morel tortured and murdered thousands of Germans, sometimes with his bare hands (cf. “The Wrath of Solomon,” Village Voice, March 30, 1993 and John Sack, An Eye for an Eye). Morel is comfortably esconsed in Tel Aviv. German survivors of Morel’s camp have demanded he be tried as a war criminal, but for the Establishment media and the phony, partisan, “human rights” groups, bringing Morel to justice is simply a non-issue. After all, he murdered helpless Germans, so what’s the problem?

  4. Louis LeFlamme says:

    LOL of course the jew herschel’s music is plagiarized. I wish I could remember the name of the tune he stole and totally fucked up. TJB, or WAA – what an ass.

  5. Louis LeFlamme says:

    So, how does Oliver rationalize genesis 3:15? It’s the white man’s fight.

  6. Marshall says:

    I see Louise LaFemme is back, and just in the nick of time!!! EVERYBODY. Breaking News. Hellyweird is finally coming out with a movie about the HOLODOMOR. Yes, you read it right. Now, of course all the Bolsheviks will be gentiles, that goes without saying…

    HOWEVER…it will definitely increase the public’s interest in the topic…and I hope HOFF in particular will be ready and waiting when they start to file into Incog’s looking for straight answers. Believe it or not a Jewish woman named Apfelbaum is doing the movie, and is amazed she isn’t getting any press coverage. Well feature THAT.

    Hear all about this and other fascinating related topics on Texe Marrs’ weekly radio show, “Down the Rabbit Hole Volume #3” at

    He has a new book out called “The Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star” as well…bound to be a classic. Pardon the pun….(bound, as in book binding, you know…ahem…yeah)


  7. Flanders says:

    Hardy, The point I was arguing was not as a biblical scholar or expert, which I am not and don’t pretend to be. My point was why was Oliver coming here to “preach” such a message of pessimism to the people of Incogman, and to stir doctrinal disputes. If he is interested in exposing jewry, and helpful in doing so, that is welcome. If he wants doctrinal discussions, I’m sure he is aware of better places to do so. I’m suspicious of his reasons for being here and making the types of statements which he makes. Summing up one’s beliefs based on a few random scriptural messages or passages is not wise. Many who do make such statements do so in order to divide or to lead people astray into unhelpful feelings of dejection and apathy. It’s a favored message for those Marxist pharisees with their scribe hasbarats.

  8. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Bailey- I was talking to the hasbarats. Sometimes they come out on certain topics. I’ve seen more than a few black copters out here in the woods, some have little white letters “UN”, no other markings and usually flying in a straight line somewhere.

    They have been importing UN and foreign troops for some time and the last three traitors especially obongo ceded U.S. sovereignty to Interpol and the UN along with other things. Fuck those traitors. THEY ARE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE. Stay Ready.

    The sheeple that suck on the talmudvision garbage, filth, trash, and shit that these hebes pump out now is fucking frightening. As long as the sheep keep that trash pumping into their houses by the millions there is no hope of getting our country back. I tried to flip through the kike spit called news and nothing but niggers and kikes pumping shit out their mouths. FUCK THAT SHIT. That was the last time for me. NEVER AGAIN hehe. Now here is the deeper reason that shitbox keeps the sheeple DEFENSELESS and without BALLS to stop these filthy fucking creatures. I’ve already fully proven the technical abilities of HAARP and all the defense and military agencies involved with it around the world, but look deeper into the use of ELF modulated waves using cell towers and digital hd television transmissions, not to mention haarp itself and its many capabilities and you have a perfect subtle, undetectable weapon for neutralizing sheep–and they’ve been developing it for twenty years. I’m not saying three links make the case just opens the door a little further.

    New World Order Psychotronic Tyranny

    Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects

    Effects of 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves

    Going to go watch David Duke’s new video now.

  9. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Marshall might be Herschel’s songwriter. That post sounded like a Herschel song.

    Herschel, gotcher ears on? Put that Marshall post to music. Use the music from “Barracuda”, by Heart.

  10. Louis LeFlamme says:

    a new acronym – WABD – What a babbling dickhead

  11. Nilus / GTRman says:

    “LOL of course the jew herschel’s music is plagiarized. I wish I could remember the name of the tune he stole and totally fucked up. TJB, or WAA – what an ass.”

    I believe its a Neil Young chord sequence that is being kosher-slaughtered by Herschel Flugenbernansteinbaum. By the way , it was me that put the vid up , I thought it was obvious it was a joke. Hence “(joke) ” in the comment. It does , however , illustrate that disconnect they have between action and consequence. It was too good / bad not to share.

    This is from the original posters comment :

    “This song just came upon me while I was walking down the street one day and someone starting yelling and cursing me out. I asked, “Hey Mister, why are you cursing me out?” He told me it was because I am Jewish.”

    Comments are still open at his ( Jesse Moshe ) Youtube……

    I see Citizen Fitz is there already !!


    Marshall , top form re: Simmons solo. ” Its the space BETWEEN the notes..”

    Randall : Your playing is fantastic. I wish I’d learned scales now , dammit.

  12. S. Hardy says:

    Flanders – I see what you mean. But I see that kind of doctrinal rhetoric all the time here. I myself, looking for a proper way to counter the enemy, think that Christianism is a good medicine to the wrong disease. I don’t intend to press the subject here, but I see stuff sometimes I just can’t refrain from arguing against.

    We need to put whiteness above all other things, don’t we?

  13. Nilus / GTRman says:

    WHITE PATRIOT – are you familiar with this spooky song by Kate Bush?

    Experiment IV Lyrics
    Artist(Band):Kate Bush

    “We were working secretly
    For the military.
    Our experiment in sound,
    Was nearly ready to begin.
    We only know in theory
    What we are doing:
    Music made for pleasure,
    Music made to thrill.
    It was music we were making here until

    They told us
    All they wanted
    Was a sound that could kill someone
    From a distance.
    So we go ahead,
    And the meters are over in the red.
    It’s a mistake in the making.

    From the painful cry of mothers,
    To the terrifying scream,
    We recorded it and put it into our machine.

    Then they told us
    All they wanted
    Was a sound that could kill someone
    From a distance.
    So we go ahead,
    And the meters are over in the red.
    It’s a mistake in the making.

    It could feel like falling in love.
    It could feel so bad.
    But it could feel so good.
    It could sing you to sleep

    ?”I’ll bet my mum’s gonna give me a little toy instrument!”?

    But that dream is your enemy.

    We won’t be there to be blamed.
    We won’t be there to snitch.
    I just pray that someone there
    Can hit the switch.

    But they told us
    All they wanted
    Was a sound that could kill someone
    From a distance.
    So we go ahead,
    And the meters are over in the red.
    It’s a mistake we’ve made.

    Hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm.
    And the public are warned to stay off. “

  14. Nilus / GTRman says:

    well , you have my real name and age now , Incog. I held off commenting for a while , cos at times, half the people here think the other half are jews , and vice-versa. It gets silly…
    why cant folk just disagree without immediately screaming “jew” or “hasbarat” ?

    It makes the place look like it’s full of lunatics. Anyway , I read here every day , as all regulars know , it’s hard to stay away.

    Its all good.

  15. Nilus / GTRman says:

    White Patriot – did you used to post here as ” Alpha Wolf” ? Quite similar.

    Oliver , with respect, ( I enjoyed your post ) sounds like GW2BC , after a bong hit.

  16. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Quite. Never heard of the song but the lyrics look familiar. These sons of the devil have built so many weapons now, and who would have known that these creatures would have total control of unrestrained technology for pure evil. Let’s see. The scum has mountains of stolen money and gold, underground luxury shelters stocked for years, and the means to kill everything on the planet. I wonder if we ought to do something before they use it?

    Nothing’s really off-topic but this came up searching for “filthy kikes” and people need to remind themselves what really twisted evil sick pieces of shit these filthy jew are. Like their sick evil kike kosher slaughter. There ain’t enough filthy kikes in the whole world to payback what they owe for that one, and this just shows what sick sick shit they are: “Jews Suck Baby Penises”

  17. Marshall says:

    Those ARE some spooky lyrics Gtrman. I might have to e-mail that girl’s fan club and try to get some intel. If they have that space-age brainwashing system ready to go, my strategy is to sneak in, reverse the antennas, and beam this album at them 24/7 until their brains crawl out their arseholes

    Side note: It appears that CCCCChaim has mastered the classic art of the “caesura,” which denotes a complete cessation of musical time. I never doubt his understated genius.


    I’m checking out your tech links. You’re a whiz, so come up with some Tesla-related ideas. The Tesla Super-Subwoofer comes immediately to mind.

    We could also beam back-to-back ads for Extendrovite, the Handcrafted American Grain Mill, and Micro-Plant Powder at them 24/7. They’re already driving me half insane, so I know it will work. A little extra wattage and these spook bastards will be drooling and writhing on the floor, willing to do whatever we suggest (subliminally, of course.)

    This “Don Wiskin” guy has had it if I ever see him in person, and I mean that. As for the aforementioned spooks, I say we lock them in a room after they are rendered into complete catatonic submission by the Shatner/Nimoy treatment. Let’s leave them one Dixie cup apiece, and throw a big kegger outside with entirely different music going on. Every so often we’ll go in and whiz in a Big Berkey so they have something to keep them from dehydrating until they reveal where their Zio-handlers live.


  18. GTRman says:

    “Those ARE some spooky lyrics Gtrman. I might have to e-mail that girl’s fan club and try to get some intel.”

    Surely youve heard of Kate Bush ???

    Army Dreamers :

    ” “B.F.P.O.*”
    Army dreamers.
    “Mammy’s hero.”
    “Mammy’s hero.”

    Our little army boy
    Is coming home from B.F.P.O.
    I’ve a bunch of purple flowers
    To decorate a mammy’s hero.

    Mourning in the aerodrome,
    The weather warmer, he is colder.
    Four men in uniform
    To carry home my little soldier.

    “What could he do?
    Should have been a rock star.”
    But he didn’t have the money for a guitar.
    “What could he do?
    Should have been a politician.”
    But he never had a proper education.
    “What could he do?
    Should have been a father.”
    But he never even made it to his twenties.
    What a waste —
    Army dreamers.
    Ooh, what a waste of
    Army dreamers.

    Tears o’er a tin box.
    Oh, Jesus Christ, he wasn’t to know,
    Like a chicken with a fox,
    He couldn’t win the war with ego.

    Give the kid the pick of pips,
    And give him all your stripes and ribbons.
    Now he’s sitting in his hole,
    He might as well have buttons and bows.

    “What could he do?
    Should have been a rock star.”
    But he didn’t have the money for a guitar.
    “What could he do?
    Should have been a politician.”
    But he never had a proper education.
    “What could he do?
    Should have been a father.”
    But he never even made it to his twenties.
    What a waste —
    Army dreamers.
    Ooh, what a waste of
    Army dreamers.
    Ooh, what a waste of all that
    Army dreamers,
    Army dreamers,
    Army dreamers, oh…

    Army dreamers.
    (“Mammy’s hero.”)
    Army Dreamers.
    (“Mammy’s hero.”)
    No harm heroes.
    (“Mammy’s hero.”)
    Army dreamers.
    (“Mammy’s hero.”)
    No harm heroes.
    (“Mammy’s hero.”)
    Mammy’s darling.
    (“Mammy’s hero.”)

    [*–“B.F.P.O.”: British Forces Posted Overseas.]

  19. GTRman says:

    B.F.P.O. :

    Benevolent Firepower , Pharisees Orders

  20. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Marshall- the actual technical links were on pages somewhere else not long ago. Those above are following the same type of technology closer to home. The power all around you is low frequency 60 hz ac. The power lines are being used in new ways. Last I heard they were developing a voip network using the power grid for internet access everywhere. Might make a pretty good reverse antenna don’t you think. Send out ELF messages over the power grid “OBEY” or just beam them down in microwaves from haarp satellites or ionospheric pulses strumming out of the earth.

    There are some ideas I’m working on. I think I can defeat it locally, the psychotronic bullshit for sure. I’d almost be willing to bet loud music could neutralize it. You might even think of it like loud low frequency sound lower than you can hear at all.
    Now that I think about it I see how it IS related to music in a way. The HAARP. Plucking the HAARP. hmmm That’s what those experiments are all about. Using the same frequencies on people even though they can’t hear them and testing them one by one. You would never know. Certain music you like because it ‘resonates’ the right way with your brain. Just like rap, well you can’t call that music at all, but that makes niggers violent, of course.

    Also, I most definitely had my ears ringing underneath a low chemical cloud being haarped. I know what the fuck I saw, what I heard, and what it did to the radio bands. I almost suspect I was being targeted with something. I have immunity from most of their poisons in one way or another.

    I’ve raised a few wolves, mostly in Florida. Have you ever heard one or a pack howl close up. Man. It’s like Indian drums maybe at a real pow wow. They are natural resonant frequencies, different of course. The earth actually has a ‘voice’ that is ‘speaking’ to us through its natural resonant frequencies, more like a whale song that you can’t hear. Makes sense. All of our rhythms have evolved with the earth. It couldn’t be otherwise.

    The jew are killing things and the planet by tampering with powerful forces. They are like rats though. This old man I used to mine with was just puzzled to death over why these rats in the mine shaft fouled their own nests. hehe It’s no coincidence.

    That always makes me wonder if the rothschild clan, et. al. isn’t ‘allowing’ or ‘using’ the naturally filthy, dirty, perverse, evil nature and habits of the jew, and will then allow the jew to be destroyed along with everything else. They come out in a few years and are kings of the world. Is that the plan? I just can’t see how they expect to get away with the nwo bullshit, and maybe that’s just it, they don’t. Otherwise, it is the jew first and rothschild second, going along for the ride? What kind of fucking ‘people’ can plot out the takeover of a whole world over generations with a plan like that to make people their slaves? W T F That’s not human’s doing this. NO WAY.

  21. Marshall says:

    I’ve heard the name “Kate Bush” Gtrman but that’s it. I’m a dinosaur dude!!! The music center of my brain shut down to most original input in about 1989. Sad but true. I think Duran Duran caused the final major outage. Yet, there is still hope…a few synapses are still kicking, even after being assaulted by trying to comprehend all of Hoff and Flanders’s posts. Need I remind you again of when the ultimate music experience of my life was? 🙂

    Well yeah White Patriot-

    For that matter the visible light spectrum isn’t all that’s going on either. There’s infra-red and ultra-violet and who knows what else beyond that. As far as ELF goes, I have heard there are REGULAR subwoofers that will stop your freaking heart if the beat is synced up right and they have enough power.

    I really think there’s an elite plan to go hide in their underground bases and do something to wipe out everybody left on the surface. Either that or they know something’s going to happen anyway and are preparing for it. Then they can re-emerge and get things the way they want it. Namely, 2000 slaves for every Jew, otherwise known as their “Olam Ha Ba.”

    Now here’s some truly scary shit I just got in related to Japan:

  22. Marshall says:

    THAT is scary stuff for Japan and everyone else. Luckily, I’m in FL now so if anything hits CA it won’t get down here. Even if a tsunami like the one Japan just had rolls in, all I have to do is hop on the boat. If you noticed that footage of the ships floating through the streets in Japan, they were just fine if no structures got in their way. I would be even better off because there’s nothing significant in my way between here and Lake Okeechobee except low trees and scrub brush.

    South Florida has infected me with Reggae, and I shall never be the same, no matter what apocalyptic conflagration happens. 🙂

  23. Hoff says:

    The Long-Walk

    M! Trust me, l’ll be here. Bring’em on! The jew Anna Apfelbum wrote the book Gulag. That was hyped big time in jew”media” at the time when it was released. Top display in all bookshops. l wasn’t jew-wise at the time and l almost bought the book. Because we stupid non-jews was told wholesale that this, this was the “truth” about what really happened in Soviet.

    Why it was hyped was because she spook about anything – but the jews. The movie, if it ever make the screen, will be page 12 and then down the memory hole.

  24. Hoff says:

    Good find CC. Vointsky in China l nailed some times ago. See my blog. Willy Brandt is a jew?

  25. Hoff says:

    Willy Brandt, Germany, l don’t know how many times a read and heard his name.

  26. Bailey says:

    Marshall says,, “I would be even better off because there’s nothing significant in my way between here and Lake Okeechobee except low trees and scrub brush”

    Just hope you don’t drift into Belle Mede there Marsh, those savage beast would be worse trhan somali pirates armed by jews.

  27. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Good video on Japan Marshall. Looks like many are finally getting it about the HAARP.

    Nothing to worry about in Florida? Whoa dude put your pina colada down and the fat spliff you’re burning. Did you forget about the cesium and plutonium? You think you will ride out a tsunami in your boat? The whole state is barely above sea level and pretty much like Japan without the volcanoes, “Noah”. What about a surfboard? What about the massive flood of cubans, haitians, and spics fleeing north? Better keep ‘plan b’ ready.

    I agree that they know something- the geomagnetic pole reversal is about to take place from their translations of Egyptian hieroglyphs documenting what happened in the world 11,000 years ago and 22,000 years ago- and their current studies of the sun’s shifting magnetic poles. They have the capability to cause massive earthquakes and volcanoes at will now. Between the two what more do they need?

    You might be better off lighting up some ganja, putting on some reggae, and just party down for the apocalypse. I’ve got some Peter Tosh cds in my cave in Georgia. Can you dance reggae to the beat of machine gun fire?

  28. Nemesys says:

    The JewPedo movie is sickening. The Chiam Witz stuff is hilarious.

    The thing I’m noticing – their Talmudic minset pervades everything. From the Elaine woman/female breeder’s attitudes -“We were a good family”/”000When the police showed me the magazine (child porn) I couldn’t see it…” (Her mind blanked out. She couldn’t anything negative, when it came to evidence that her husband and son participated in child abuse, and molestation. Her mind would not permit her eyes to SEE) – and finally, when her molester son Seth returns, after being released from prison, her first word, upon his arrival, was “Shit” – uttered with utter joy. and innocence. Their generally obscene mindset pervades EVERY aspect of their being.

    The grossest thing about the Mike Douglas clip’s is not Witz’s open admission about his true Nature (I am Evil, etc), or the moronic, trite show-bizzy idiocy of lusting after the throats, and cheeks, of the audience (Blood libel, they protest? They can’t stop themselves!) – the most disgusting moment is Witz apparently licked his fellow Hebe Neil Diamond’s face, upon introduction. Diamond seemed to only care that any-one saw the greeting. Is that how they greet each other, in private?

    I once witnessed two of the Tribe greet each other, at a meeting. One was a “secular” Jewess. The other was a male “rabbi”. (She wasa Mamzer – and her face was attractive. Him – He was one of the ugliest little Khazars I have ever had my eyes defiled with. Yellow afro scraggly ong hair, scraggly beard, dirty clothes, bulbous eyes, scrawny, very bad posture, wouldn’t meet my gaze, etc..) She attempted to introduce me to him. He wouldn’t shake my hand (was relieved!) , or barely deign look at me – but they both started sucking each other’s tonsils, as a “Hello” kiss, for a protracted period, a la bad porn scene, for what was obviously my benefit.

    I wasn’t shocked. Just repelled by their semi-obscene. I said, “Errr..goodbye”, turned on my heel, and walked away. I’m sure my disgust was obvious. and I’m sure they thought it was funny.

  29. t bone says:

    sex buddy
    fuckin jewbag.
    Take your fucking porn somewhere else!

  30. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    URGENT – USA / EU Radiation and Jetstream Forecast – UPDATE – March 26, 2011

    03/26/2011 – 07:30 ~ Radiation Fall-out update

  31. Count Cherep says:

    Just one more example of jewish filth and perversion:

    Family Guy Jewish Psychological Warfare Propaganda Machine

  32. A awfully inspiring topic – Thank you so so much I wish you would’nt mind me emailing about this article on my blog I will also leave a linkback Thanks again

  33. DTN8 says:

    the family guy vid is spot on.

  34. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Went from 75 and sunny to 2 inches of snow and freezing, with snow and cold all next week. Not unusual except the snow clouds seem to follow the exact path of the xenon radiation clouds and the fine snow looks just like a science fair experiment I did in grade school. You get a radioactive straight pin, I forget where but a science supply store, and put it in a jar with dry ice in the bottom and it makes artificial snow. How about that. The animals don’t seem to care for it either. Could be just coincidence THAT WE ARE BEING FUCKING BATHED IN XENON RADIATION. WHERE IS THAT FUCKING NIGGER? RIO? FTN FTN FTN FTN FTN FTN FTN FTN FTN
    Know what that means?

    The meltdown looks like it is out of control. Anyone know where that puppet nigger and all his kikes are at the moment?

  35. kerdasi amaq says:

    Thee’s something I’d like to point out about Peter Griffin’s(and his son’s) chin. Look closely and compare it with the other male characters.

    Can you see what I see? It’s disgusting.

  36. Hasbarat Alert says:

    This is a Hasbarat Alert

  37. DTN8 says:

    Obama is doing what he does best, nothing at all.

  38. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Internet Defense Force – If You Didn’t Know

    We need to keep pointing this out to Whites. Like the person on the video says, many people still don’t understand this.
    Notice the angry comments by the Hasbarats! They get testy when people try to expose their bag of tricks. People need to keep exposing their propaganda.

  39. Oliver says:

    “That includes you, with your message of worldly pessimism which denies the true power and intent of God”

    Of which you are the sacred messenger based on … what? Where is there a shred of Christian tradition that upholds your “holy war?”

    “The answer is never going to come to “those who await the great uplifting”

    I never said nor believe in any such thing and yet you keep twisting what I said into this. There isn’t going to be any “great uplifting.” Things are just going to keep getting worse here forever, just like they have been for the past thousand years.

    These viper-children of Satan, a.k.a. “Jews” and their shitty collaborators, actually like this new Earth-Become-Hell. To these sick bastards, the endless panorama of destructions and depravities and miseries all around us today, with its billions of grotesque slaves—hypnotized mental-insect “people”—leaping to their every command, leaping to axe-murder Virtue everywhere, is everything they’ve always wanted. What they have always craved most is POWER, just like their father Lucifer, and power is exactly what they have now. They love it.

    Demons LOVE hell. It’s a giant hate orgy.

    What they hated most about Europeans, back when WE held the power over our own societies, was that we were mostly virtuous orderly people who upheld morality, even at the level of native aristocracies. Our men—who weren’t faggoty nothings then—patrolled society to enforce morality with a firm hand. The “Jews” felt totally “oppressed” by all this and resented it. To them, this was “hell.”

    What they like and want is the sort of environment they’ve always lived in since 8,000 BC: squalid “inner city” rat-warrens crawling with criminals, perverts and maniacs. These original “ghettoes” of the ancient world were basically impossible to control or clean up, especially since nobody with military or civic authority cared enough to want to, so they were left to themselves. They had their own internal elites—essentially “mafias”—which enforced their own bizarre kind of “order,” which didn’t include anything like Christian morality. Basically these were lunatic asylums with open gates and no staff, into which only the inmates came and went. These neighborhoods were tolerated because the inmates at least knew to check their lunacy at the nut-house gate, but woe to any innocent “stranger” who stumbled into these places. All of which left the “Jews” free within these enclaves to be completely depraved. This is how they’ve always lived; we have clear records of them voluntarily returning to this sort of arrangement in Renaissance Europe (the ghettoes of Italy) and Russia’s “pale of settlement” (shtetls). This is clearly their real ancestral context—the Old Testament, my ass—as we can tell from the way they’re still trying to return to it. Only now, since they hold all the power, they’re dragging all the rest of us into this nightmare with them. We’re the captive “strangers” in their new global ghetto-nuthouse-hell.

    So how come they didn’t scuttle back to their Mesopotamian rat-hole where they belong back when they were invading us and yet thought we were such meanies? Because they hate us. They were addicted to Hate, addicted to skulking through the night and sucking blood out of our necks, and therefore addicted to our company. This hasn’t changed either. They’re the Norman Bates people.

    How about you? Do you love hell too?

    If you don’t, one premise you should avoid like the plague is “how can I out-evil these sons of hell, to make myself the new master of hell?” This sums up everything you people talk about. It’s the ultimate bad investment. It’s what Hitler tried to do. Of course it didn’t work; it CAN’T work. Satan’s first-born sewer rats will always prevail in this contest and they completely know it, so they deliberately provoke you into this deadly trap.

    There are a billion quadrillion more “earths” out there, scattered across the sky, that the demonic hell-spawned “Jews” have never touched, will never be allowed to touch.×6200-15MB.jpg
    Instead of surrendering to the self-damnation of the ‘perpetual war’ mentality over this one shitty little condemned ghetto slum of real estate, Earth-Become-Hell, you should be trying to flee into the infinite cosmic sanctuary of Heaven. It’s the only way you’ll ever get what you want— if you really are God’s child, that is. This spirit-magic is performed through a completely different premise: “please God, PLEASE, I beg of you, I don’t belong in hell— GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” And then you prove to Him that this is no put-on, that you really have graduated into Grace, by totally committing to Him and divesting your relationships with the quasi-human chittering ghetto rats all around you and their world.

    These are not new ideas. This is stuff GENUINE Christians have always known. It’s the knowledge that truly makes them “Christian.” All these bullshit “churches” we see now have been hijacked by the sons of hell to lead you astray. Don’t go near them. You don’t need to. All you need is to take this premise to heart and contemplate it well under God’s personal tutelage. An illiterate hermit living on his own Pacific island could do this— quite well, in fact. Just remember: don’t ever try to bullshit Him, because you can’t.

  40. Greg says:

    Oliver, where are you commenting from?


  41. Greg says:

    Actually Oliver,

    Unless you are commenting from New York City, nevermind. I’m hesitant to take “Spiritual” advice from anyone living in New York City. I’m more interested in asking them why they haven’t gotten the hell outta there.


  42. Oliver says:

    No, I’m not Greg. Why do you ask? You commenters on this site sure seem to love your endless games… Anything but consider what was said

  43. Greg says:

    You’re still on this Earth with everyone Oliver, so maybe you should pray harder that God take you on a “magic carpet ride out into the cosmos.” The rest of us desire to speak out and stand up for whats right just as Jesus did.


  44. Count Cherep says:

    If anyone listens to the pathetic parody of a “Bass Solo Show” by Chaim Witz (a.k.a. Gene Simmons):

    you will need to listen to some good music afterwards to purge that disgusting experience from your mind. Try this:

    Gillian Welch—Pass You By (Prerevival)

    Here are the lyrics from her Revival CD insert. The lyrics found on the net have errors:

    (Gillian Welch/David Rawlings)

    I’ve got an old V-8
    From the year I was born
    Don’t look like much
    Just a flat black Ford
    But the engine’s clean
    I could paint her some day
    But most of the time
    I think I like her this way

    Don’t turn no heads
    Don’t catch no eye
    I’m just a wind on the road
    Gonna pass you by

    Well I used to talk tough
    And I used to get loud
    Want to paint my name
    All over this town
    But folks lined up
    Just to dog my day
    Now if I stay quiet
    They stay out of my way


    I got a brand new plan
    Gonna help myself
    ‘Cause it’s the fat man’s turn
    Gonna share the wealth
    Put the money in the bag
    And keep your hands in sight
    Turn around, count to ten
    I’ll go back into the night


    Don’t call for help
    Don’t scream, don’t cry
    Just a wind on the road
    Gonna pass you by

    There’s another version on YouTube from her Revival CD, with even better bass (upright bass played by Roy Huskey, Jr.)

  45. JamesTheJust says:

    Don’t pay attention to the old adage of “follow the money”. It is rarely the money, because money can lead anywhere. The correct statement is – Expose the Jew!

    Excellent and right on target.

    Anyone who can take paper, print some shit on it, and make people believe its valuable; isn’t concerned about money.

  46. Flanders says:

    We can see the parallels between what Israel, the phony state, and the jewish controlled US government, jewish “American” media, and the jewish state apparatus set up within America teach to Americans. Some review of what Israel teaches helps to place some context to what happens within the US. We agree with this article’s heading, “Target Israel, not Libya”.

    “Washington is Israel’s paymaster/partner, providing generous funding and arms, supporting its killing machine lawlessly.

    As a result, Israel is a modern day Sparta, able to mobilize over 600,000 combatants in 72 hours, equipped with nuclear and other state-of-the-art weapons, as well as strong Western backing to do what it pleases. Moreover, accomplishing it involves indoctrinating Israeli youths to be warriors, a process to prepare underage boys and girls for future mandatory service.

    They’re taught to believe force and belligerence are preferred ways to solve political problems. Their education highlights it, including by uniformed soldiers in classrooms. Moreover, teachers, especially principals, are retired career officers, and school walls are adorned with names and photos of fallen heros among their graduates. In addition, field trips for all ages visit military memorials on former battlegrounds.

    Curricula and textbooks also reflect militarism, from kindergarten through high schools with mandatory programs in all state-run ones called “preparation for the IDF.” They feature training, glorifying military heros and conquests, while, at the same time, vilifying Arabs, proselytizing kids to hate them.

    They learn early and it sticks, disciplining them for later conscription, combat, and a lifetime of military support. In fact, by raising children in a hostile, violent environment, they’re conditioned to wage war against anyone called a state enemy, whether or not true.”

  47. Hey Greg says:

    “The rest of us desire to speak out and stand up for whats right just as Jesus did.”

    Oh really? So THIS
    is you punks’ idea of being “Jesus-like,” is that it?

    You know, I’m not the least bit surprised. You Incogites have only one interest in the name and prestige of Jesus Christ: twisting it to serve vicious satanic false doctrines, every time, like you did. My question “what about you? Do you love hell too?” was an open challenge. The honest answer from incogites is clearly “yes we do, we’re sons of hell too! Slaver! Mewl!!” but of course I didn’t get an honest answer. Satan’s children NEVER speak honestly.

  48. Flanders says:

    You are the one coming here to take shots at an individual’s comment and not responding with intelligent observations to dispute what you disagree with. Instead, you have the deceiving idea of taking a post which Greg had nothing to do with, but which was an illuminating post which was clearly intended as a cynical critique of what is pushed down the throats of Whites everyday, and turning it to your purpose of demeaning people who are sick of what is forced upon them. You refuse to see the filth and the patent disrespect for normal American society which is behind the negro perversion. That is typical of those who are so eaten up with jewish propoganda that they refuse to see the falsehoods, but stay behind their pink glasses provided by the jewish rainbow coalitions.

  49. HA HA HA!!! says:

    “You refuse to see the filth and the patent disrespect for normal American society which is behind the negro perversion.”

    Ha ha ha, ah flanders you’re such a moron. You’re the one who’s so drunk / brainwashed on this site’s STUPID RACIST BULLSHIT that you fail to see how GODDAM STUPID it is. Do blacks really threaten you so much? Is your skull really so thick that you can’t see what pathetic DUPES they are for the Jew psychotics pulling everybody’s strings? Or that THIS SITE IS AGIT-PROP TO MAKE THEM HATE WHITE PEOPLE, to make them align with the Jew sons of hell who are just as much their enemies as ours??? This is obviously the number one purpose this STUPID shit serves. Abe Foxman hollers over to the hand-picked leaping nitwits at the NAACP: “hey, you clowns seen THIS page yet?” and then next fifteen thousand blacks on college campuses are reading this page, or the one with the little white girl, or the one with the Swedish woman, and they’re thinking to themselves, “wow, these white assholes who hate Jews hate US just as much. they’re just psycho haters! We need to exterminate this trash!” and then they send the links to more blacks, and so on…

    This is such an obvious PR PLOY that it’s totally embarrassing to watch anyone white be so GODDAM DUMB as to not see through it. In fact there’s no way you are that dumb, Flanders, which opens up a whole other possibility about you…

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Yeah, right, GW2BC.

      You’re the JEW living in Jew world headquarters. You seek to seed doubt wherever you go, just like a Jew. You might even work for the networks, knowing where you hail.

      I’ll say whatever I want. Screw the Jew, Negroes and YOU!

  50. gw2bc says:

    “Yeah, right, GW2BC.”

    Woweee, that is so, uh, “impressive!” Hey, I know: I’m gonna nominate you guys for the 2011 Nobel Prize for Internet Assholean Assholytic Assholometry. The Nobel awards are just a stupid circus act of the Kike Asshole World Tyranny, but so is this site, so you guys’ll be shoo-ins, ha ha 🙂

    What pisses incog-o-KIKE off so much is that I made a perfectly incisive salient point about his constant FUCKING STUPID “hate niggers” message. Wow, you’ve really been going nuts with this stupidness lately. What your dumb-ass gun-waving rube fan base needs to ask themselves is: “what is the actual net social engineering effect of this sort of content, given that blacks are also going to see it? Are blacks also a group we should alienate? Wouldn’t it be more intelligent, i.e. politically astute, to keep our attention fixed strictly on our real enemy and theirs—the Jews?”

    As for this…
    “You seek to seed doubt wherever you go”
    No, I DO doubt wherever I go. It’s called “critical intelligence.” It’s the admirable trait that leads all genuine truth seekers to the truth about the “Jews” and how they turn everything they touch into shit. So if your freaky zoo of “regulars” were genuine, they would exhibit and appreciate this trait themselves, but they don’t at all, which tells me they’re KIKE FAKES, just like you. Also the way they practice “dialectical strategies,” like USING STEREOTYPES to switch off intelligence. Like for example the dialectical ploy “gw2bc is irrelevant because he posts from NYC.” This is so fucking sick. Only a Jew would do this the way you have, only other Jews would chime in and reinforce it as if it were other than stupid. Only Jews are fucked in the brain enough to understand how shit this sick works. Why don’t you tell everyone I haven’t been posting from there in months, Incog-KIKE, Jew asshole fucking spy?

    Just remember: I actually believe everything I write, unlike you fakes. This world really is hell now, a FACT constantly confirmed beyond any doubt by contact with 80% of Americans anywhere. Their children of eight years have no innocence whatsoever. They’re already corrupt little assholes by this age; they’ve already experienced more sexual perversions via 20-megapixel close-ups than most adults knew about 70 years ago. Their morals and spirituality are being destroyed irreversibly by the Jews’ schools, since that’s all those were ever really about anyway. I shudder to think what these vicious little judaized monsters will grow up into. And their parents just complacently watch it happen, put up no fight at all, because after all only idiots and vicious assholes breed now because they’re the only people who would.

    This has clearly been the case for decades already. “Oh honey, the Cuban Missile Crisis has filled me with dread that nuclear armageddon will happen any second, so why don’t we SHIT OUT A KID, huh?! That’ll make it “better” when we get fried cuz that fucker will go up like a little match head too, right honey? Honey??”

    Yeah, thanks ma for that clear “thinking.” This dysgenic swirl ride down the toilet has already totally destroyed this society. In terms of people, there’s basically nothing left to save. America really was admirable until 1861 because its people really were a remarkable breed, but that kind is gone now. They were overrun ten times over by wave after wave of greedy money-chasing city trash lured over here by Satan’s children, a trend that’s clearly going to continue until we have to rename this The Monkey House of America and charge fifty cents admission, sody pop extry. The Nativists, or “know-nothings,” were absolutely right, so of course Massa Jewbags didn’t like their views and erased them from “history.”

    Once it gets going, this swirl ride down the moral toilet is nearly impossible to stop, and your “Jew” Masters don’t want it to stop. They’re having multiple Satan-gasms, reducing this once-great sanctuary of Christian gentiles to a giant sewer of imbecile slaves and totally corrupt overseers. It’s one of their most demonic triumphs ever, and you’re not slowing them down one bit. YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. The only practical, sensible steps you could take—morally and economically divorcing yourselves from Jewmerica, leading others by example to do so—you won’t consider. You’d rather cling to your GODDAM FUCKING STUPID fantasy that there’s anything here to save and by God you’re gonna jack moose loads into your .22s and save it. No you won’t. The Jews will play you for goddamn fools and make you kill each other because you are goddamn fools. They’re playing chess, you keep saying “uh durrr, hey you guys wanna arm-rassle?” Even the most obstinate Western cognoscenti had to concede “fuck it, game over” when THE JEWS nuked Japan in ’45, but you can’t get it, you’re just too fucking dumb to get it. Don’t pretend this is a “virtue.” Some poor maggot might read your shit and puke.

    If God does reclaim this world, he isn’t going to waste his time on Jewmerica. He’s just going to purify this continent with a giant can of Raid. No wonder you’ve already switched allegiance to the real god of the “Jews.”

  51. Greg says:

    Olive Oyl/gw2bc/Mr. NYC who said he wasn’t

    I’m yawning at your merry-g0-round of repetitive Jew spew. Better stick to the liberal soccer moms and negro worshippers.


  52. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    I see you’re not out to make friends. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    Despite that, and your combative delivery, you do make some “salient” points.

    On a personal note, not being an American, and scouring the web on occasion, i don’t feel qualified to comment on, on the ground witness by actual Americans, who comment here as regards racial questions.

    Having ranted and raved here myself by permission of our gracious host, who i don’t believe is a kike, i’ve looked back at my comments sometimes and wished i hadn’t posted them, or worded them differently.

    In short, i don’t have any problem with what you say, or even the way you say it, but there will be those who do.

    In fact it makes a refreshing change from the usual whoseajew horseshit, that passes here for insight, for day’s on end.
    Or it would, if you didn’t fall into the same trap yourself.

    And in case anyone was wondering.

    I’m a jew! I’m two jews.
    I’m a hundred jews, with a nuclear tipped menorah rammed up my talmudhole.


    Only kidding. But if i were. So? What?

    Anyway don’t be so mad at everyone, expecting an aggressive reaction in advance.
    Cool point, by point, reasoning, is more effective, every time.

    To ME that was a good read. I disagreed with some of it of course, but we are not all the same, and it isn’t necessary to be so, to unite against a common foe.

    There is only one.

  53. tsarina says:

    Anybody who has studied astrology knows about what is called the precession of the equinoxes. Every 25,000 years a complete cycle of the Zodiac is completed, with and Age lasting just over 2,000 years, and the poles shift. We are entering the Age of Aquarius, and leaving the Age of Pisces, the ages are counted backwards to natal astrology. The Bible is full astrological symbolism, the Persion Magi themselves were astrologer priests who predicted the birth of the Messiah in the the sign of Pisces, in the House of the Hebrews, and the star of Bethlehem was a conjuction of major planets. Anybody who knows astrology can read the Bible in astrological terms. If the poles are going to shift in 2012, well, there is nothing anybody can do about that. So then what? Continue waking up white people? Save the white race? Save humanity? I don’t have the answers. I do believe that the these things are filed somewhere beneath the Vatican in its miles of private archives, and also at Area 51, places that none of us have access to.

  54. tsarina says:

    As an example, Jesus said “I will remain with you until the end of the age”. Does that mean 2,160 years? I think Jesus also says seek the man with the vase, the water carrier, so Aquarius is the water bearer. Does that mean Jesus returns in 2160? This is just an example of how to interpret the Bible through astrological symbols and language.

  55. gw2bc says:

    Okay, Cannibal:

    The “So? What?” has to do not with whether you or incogman “is a Jew” per se, but with the true authorship and purpose, i.e. ulterior hidden agenda, behind this site, which I think is very effectively designed to attract “anti-Semites” and then gradually operant-condition them to think STUPIDLY about “solving” these enormously real problems. Like the way it devotes half its energy to “hate niggers and spicks too!” Do I have to point out again how fucking STUPID this is?? Don’t believe me, go ask David Duke, a no-bullshit political genius. He’ll tell you. He too was a young naive testosterone-crazed shit-head mixed up with knuckle-dragging IDIOTS and Jew agent-provocateurs once, but he rose above it.

    Much of Christianity’s brilliance as a counterstrategy is that it’s morally universalist. It says “just accept God-Jesus in your heart as your guiding spirit, and we will love and cherish and defend you too. Nothing else about you matters at all.” This is REALLY SMART. It dissolves all of the racial-gender-class-etc. fault lines that the kike monsters always exploit, thus uniting everybody into a single army of God perfectly aligned against the “Jews,” meaning the army of Satan. That’s why the kike monsters HATE Christianity and Jesus so much, have made infiltrating-subverting-destroying it their highest priority for the past millennium.

    My strong suspicion that the true origin and motives behind this site are extremely creepy is not “far-fetched” or ridiculous at all given any knowledge of modern “Public Relations,” which is really the kike monsters’ ancient clandestine methods of infiltration-subversion, which ALWAYS involve posing as the polar opposite of themselves.

    The “So? What?” thus becomes that this site is really a shitty ADL PR “duck blind,” in which case it exists solely to
    1) use the internet as an espionage tool to collect names of “anti-Semites,” one of the ADL’s most fundamental functions;
    2) to poison the discourse among “anti-Semites,” manufacture their “consensus” so that they’re strategically STUPID and therefore end up being counterproductive / self-destructive and ultimately mass-suicidal.

    Again, much of the content here (hate niggers; hey Clem, lez just GRAB GUNS and SHOOT all the Jews!) gives away that item #2 is indeed afoot.

    Which in turn makes the “So? What?” that naive “anti-Semites” blundering into this place, prone to speak carelessly, have no way to know who you people really are / how treacherous this site is by its very nature, so THEY SHOULD BE WARNED. What they want to do afterward is their (possibly stupid) choice, but first THEY SHOULD BE WARNED, and I am warning them.

    “Cool point, by point, reasoning, is more effective, every time.”

    But if this site is a kike op crawling with kike brain-fuckateurs, what difference does it make? Whether I’m cool and cerebral or combative and abusive, all you Jews will stay just as criminally insane as ever, so I might as well have a good time and kick your balls into jelly WHILE I’M WARNING THE INNOCENT TO STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM YOU.

    Is it really so “hard?” Especially since I’ve already said all this stuff repeatedly? I don’t think it is. I think you’re being deliberately “obtuse” in that oh-so-Jewy way…

  56. Macaca says:

    Beck just (10:40 or so) went into hysterical, nervous laughter when a guy called in and asked him if he knew about ISRAELI APARTHIED WEEK. I just dropped the news on Beckstien’s “Blaze” site—-including the peerless image of a crying Beck emblazoned with the Yid-star.

    Keep up the great work!


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