Zionist Running Dog Obama and the UN Veto

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You know how wacked-in-the-head Jews like “The Mad Jewess” go off all the time about Obama being “anti-Israel,” a Muslim lover and all that crap? Hell, a family member even once told me he thought Obama was anti-Israel. What are you going to do?

Well, folks, it’s plain to see Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, is nothing but a double-talking stooge of the Zionist New World Order. It’s horrible to think that America, the supposed “Land of the Free” and all, now has a bona fide puppet put in place by a truly alien and foreign race.

Soetoro has obviously been a long-running project for the Jews, no doubt about it. All the Multicult brain soaking they’ve done to America’s head culminated with Obama’s installation as president (being foreign born, he’s not even qualified to be the prez in the first damn place).

One might even think a test-case was run on America’s head with all the media hoopla back when Tiger Woods turned pro. They immediately elevated him to a household name — a Golfing God — mostly because he was a mixed-breed. Also, anyone can see that the media Jews have recently fast-tracked the interracial breeding away of the White race. It’s so frickin’ obvious to those of us with any brain left!

Take a look at that smug little Jew up in the top left shot. That’s Lee Rosenberg, the new president of AIPAC and Obama’s good buddy. Did you know the candidates in the 2008 election were told to submit policy papers vis-a-vis Israel to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee); none of which were released to the American people? Or how about the fact that the largest contributor to the presidential elections was an Israeli billionaire named Haim Saban? That’s the control they have over our political process, people. I’ve had it with these manipulative Jew bastards!

Obama is always kissing major Jew ass. The ambitious Mulatto knows which side his butter’s on. Besides, if he strayed one little bit from the Globalist Zionist camp, the press would get the go-ahead to report non-stop on the Kenyan birth business and act like they uncovered the whole thing, as if the “birther” brouhaha never happened.

Why do you think the media went overboard pushing the guy? Man, didn’t you notice? Sure, the media is staffed to the hilt with liberal multicults, but you can bet Jew ownership passed down the message not to breath a word about his real background. They might ridicule someone who speaks out on occasion — even little Jews — but absolutely nothing else. It’s just like the treatment they give 9/11 truthers, have you noticed?

The only real question is whether or not the American public and any of you “fence sitters” reading this are finally going to get the real deal.

— Phillip Marlowe

OBAMA has joined the Likkud party by Christopher Bollyn


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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212 Responses to Zionist Running Dog Obama and the UN Veto

  1. Akira says:

    “The Big Red One”. Written and directed by the Jew Fuller, and produced by the Jew Molasky, the Jew Adelson and the Jew Rich.

    Any more kike-quotes from Hollyjewed?

  2. Randall says:

    A WINNER!!!

  3. Flanders says:

    Extortion of Europe through US zionist proxies:

    “A bill that would give Holocaust survivors the right to sue European companies for unpaid life insurance claims was introduced in the US Senate this week.

    US Sen. Bill Nelson (D.-Fla.) offered the bill on the floor of the Senate Wednesday, two days before a planned protest by Holocaust survivors at a Nelson fundraising event in Miami Beach with President Obama, the Miami Herald reported Thursday.”


  4. LOKI says:

    t bone: start a chapter in your town/city with like minded people,that you have known all your life.(keeps the rats out)Learn/study everything about NATIONAL SOCIALISM .(NOT the jew/hollowood spin)Obey the FUHRER DEMANDS.Keep a low profile(no flags/ signs ect.)for now.Do not give NATIONAL SOCIALISM a bad name by acting like jew/niggers.The Führer demands:
    Comrade, never forget that you are an exponent and representative of the National Socialist Movement and our Weltanschauung.

    The stranger will form his opinion about the Movement according to the impression he gets from you.

    Therefore, be a National Socialist in all your actions, in everything you do and leave undone!

    For others, be an example of courage, discipline and devotion.

    As a man be diligent, industrious and modest. Treat your subordinates like fellow nationals and not like pack animals. Do not regard them as objects to be exploited but as , fellow-fighters and colleagues in our nationwide fight for existence. Never treat them in a way in which you, as a German and National Socialist, would not want to be treated yourself. Always remember that you are not a slave master but a leader and never forget what they owe to you, and what you owe to them.

    In all you do, act as if you carry the future of the entire nation on your shoulders. Never expect from others what you are not ready to give and do yourself, and always be an example for your comrades.

    As a leader, be responsible in executing your duties and be determined in giving instructions. Treat your subordinates well and be helpful. Never be narrow minded in your opinions on the frailty of human nature. Realize other peoples needs quickly and be modest in your own! Never get drunk!

    Do your duties for the Movement and always keep in mind that the greatest achievements can only be accomplished by men who are willing to submit their own ego to more important common necessities and to common welfare. In everything you do, you should give your fellow nationals and comrades an example of what you would like them to be. Look upon the last one of your fellow nationals as someone who shares your blood, someone you are inseparably tied with on this earth by destiny. Therefore, estimate the last German street-cleaner higher than the king of a foreign nation.

    Never forget that for a nation freedom is the greatest good in the world. Without freedom there is no life and the loss of freedom cannot be compensated with speeches or labor; but only with a fight full of sacrifices. Remember that this fight for freedom can never be led by a social class but only by a nation! It is the task of your Movement to transcend all social classes and to form a nation that is able and ready to achieve the very best.

    If you are fighting for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, you are fighting for your people.

    Adolf Hitler, München, 9 January 1927

  5. Toby says:

    Jew Crime Alert:

    It’s That Time of Year:
    Jew Passover

    Translated: Danger

    Parents: Keep Your Children Away From Jews During Passover
    Especially White children (and all white people are Christian) – they are in grave danger from being abducted and kidnapped
    By jews to use in their Satanic Ritualistic Sacrifices.

    Read it and weep:
    (Willie Martin pulls no punches about the jew crime network and their penchant for Satanic crimes against White Christians – his research is impeccable):


    Keep your children away from jews at all times of the year, but especially during Passover….this is the time of year that jews use their ritualistic murders of White
    Christian Children for Satan’s Sacrificial Alter.

    Evil and vile is too kind and too charitable of a term to describe jews.

    Proliferate this information all over the Internet…the jews must be stopped, prosecuted, and punished for this Satanic practice (concept of “Eye for an Eye” immediately comes to mind). Information is power, please use this power wisely to wake [White] people up before it’s too late.

    *I also cross posted from another Incog thread

  6. t bone says:

    thx Loki
    It will be one person at a time but I’ll get something going. I know a lot of people who have the same sentiment as you and I do , but I noticed that they arent ready for that next, important step. Its all this PC shit that has them handcuffed. I mean, when Charlie Sheen gets accussed of ‘borderline anti semitism’ then you know that the jews tyrannical endeavors have become relentless.
    You cant take it to the courts either. Theres the problem of the jew sympathizing judges or if that fails, jews will just ‘lawyer’ the whites all the way to the FEMA camps.
    Anything to bankrupt white America.
    So, one person at a time but it will get done!

  7. jennifer chen says:

    I have a friend who can’t kill insects,
    she doesn’t want to hurt any living creature.
    I have no problem with killing bugs.
    I don’t like to cut my plants-I like them to just grow.
    I don’t have any problem killing weeds at all.
    I like to kill weeds-I spend a lot of time doing that.
    I would have no problem killing jews on the street,
    gunning down every jew.
    except that I think the jews really deserve
    a really slow and painful death
    every last one of them.
    In the book, ‘The Spear of destiny’ by Ravenscroft,
    Chapter 24, ‘the ashes’,
    he describes how the good Nazi’s ground up jewish testicles, spleens and skin,
    corpses, blood and marrow etc.
    to make a homeopathic mixture to get rid of jews,
    similar to a working formula that got rid of rabbits.
    Like pest control on jews.
    I really would like it to be done in great joy when it happens.
    I do care how painfully the jews all die,
    but as long as they are all exterminated I won’t be too disappointed if they go quickly.
    What I do care about is that this time, it is regarded as what it will truly be,
    A great accomplishment for the benefit of all mankind.
    It should be celebrated ad the death of all evil,
    because that is exactly what it will be.
    I don’t want to hear any crap about the poor innocent down trodden demonic satanists, the jews being some kind of ‘victims’.
    I don’t want to hear any lies.
    People need to understand that the death of all jews will be the greatest good that ever happened on earth or to humanity.
    It will viewed as it truthfully will be, one of the greatest act of humanitarian mercy and compassion ever to occur anywhere in the universe.
    It can’t happen soon enough for me.

  8. Marshall says:

    Obama spotted at Activeden, THE place on the web for all kinds of wild things to spiff up your websites 🙂


  9. Julian Lee says:

    hollowcrap says: You talk too much, you talk too much
    I can’t believe the same old things that you say everyday,everyday,everyday
    If you keep on talking boys”

    Hey, if you don’t like talking, stay away from web forums and posting on the internet. That’s what those are for, communication.

    Incogman and a few others don’t “talk too much.” What’s happening nowadays is people are TALKING TOO LITTLE, and sites like this are a therapeutic remedy. If you don’t like seeing this talk, go do something else.

  10. Julian Lee says:

    Come to think of it, how many hours did it take you to compose that worthless doggerel? Talking, indeed, is an action. But most who post here give that action their best and try to make it count for something.

  11. blackshatejewstoo says:

    Most of my family knows what the Jew is. I’ve been talking about PC Marxism on blogs it shuts everybody up too. I get called a bigot anti Semite all the time. I am black but I know the forbidden truth if we don’t keep Jews, Africans and illegals out of the top universities it won’t just be the WASP waving bye bye!

    Nobama should have never been elected. But we could have had Al Gore a Jew, and liberman an Israeli Jew win. Bush and nobama are ass kissing Jews who are aiding their cause. Chicago blacks elected that mossad MF Rahm. Jews control now some strategic cities and the housing markets there too.

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