He Spoke Against The Hypocrites — And Was Crucified

THE POOR AND humble people thronged in from all over the countryside, anxious to catch a glimpse of the Galilean called Yeshua. As the boisterous crowd pushed forward, they sometimes stumbled over one another — everyone excitedly hoped they might get close enough to witness another miracle, or just hear the man speak His ringing words of Truth — words these people understood and felt so true deep down. 

They could now see Him up on a rocky hillside standing like a beacon among a small group of men and women. Thousands seemed to have already gathered down below. “How will we hear Him from here?” Someone cried plaintively. A man answered nearby: “You will hear Him, don’t worry, everything He says will carry far to those with ears to hear.” 

The man called Yeshua saw all the people trying to get close. He knew he must soon speak out to settle them down, or some may get hurt. In those times, the slightest injury could mean a painful death by runaway infection. 

Yeshua turned back to his disciples and said: “Before the multitude start trodding upon another, let me say to you the most important thing first…”

“…Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

–Luke, 12:1 

This very hypocrisy is staring you right in the face today. Read on should you have any guts left and truly understand what is right and what is wrong.  

This statement of Jesus to his disciples was written by Luke, around 60 AD (approximately 27 years after the crucifixion). Luke was a close companion to Saint Paul and almost certainly spoke to people who had actual face-to-face contact with Jesus. Luke was a “Pagan” Gentile who spoke Aramaic and could write in Greek and Latin; his long, untitled letters to a Roman official named Theophilus make up two of the most beautiful books in the Bible: The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. 

Luke had access to a document written during the time of Jesus, parts of which appear in the other Gospels; often called the “Q-source,” an abbreviation of the German word “quelle,” meaning source. It would be much like someone today having a book written by real witnesses to a big event back in the 1980’s, and then paraphrasing from it in a letter to a friend today. In those days, there was no Amazon.com where people could get books quickly, nor were books as we know them even in existence. 

Some people make the ridiculous claim that Jesus never even existed. But we have concrete archaeological evidence about some of those spoken about in the Gospels. In 1961, a plaque was discovered in Caesaria, on the coast of the Mediterranean, with the name of Pontius Pilate (right). In 1990, they found the funeral ossuaries for the family of Caiaphas, the hateful Pharisee who turned Jesus over to Pilate and the Romans for a brutal execution. This man looked into Jesus’ eyes on the day they nailed him to the cross. 

It would be extremely difficult to believe Jesus’ followers would invent Him, while at the same time being hunted down and violently persecuted by the Jewish power matrix, desperate to silence this new break-away faith. Saint Paul was originally a Jew named Saul, hired by the Sanhedrin to uncover Christians for mortal punishment, until he had an epiphany (one with enormous implications) when the spirit of Jesus spoke to him and blinded him temporarily. 

People might know a little something about the Jews having Jesus crucified, but few also realize the Jews mercilessly persecuted the early Christians. Jesus’ half brother, James the Just, was thrown off a building and stoned to death by a Jewish mob in 62 CE.

So, we can be sure these writers were speaking about real people and real events. Now, we can also be reasonably certain everything has not come down to us completely verbatim, but can safely assume the critical concepts and at least some of the wordage has. The hypocrisy statement uttered by Jesus to His disciples before He turned to the multitude, is an excellent candidate, for it is short, powerful and memorable.  

When Jesus spoke about leaven — also called yeast — He gave hypocrisy a ringing metaphor just as true now as it was back then. Consider this explanation in view of matters today: 

1. It may exist without being immediately detected. Leaven mixed in flour is not known until it produces its effects. 

2. It is insinuating. Leaven will soon pervade the whole mass. So hypocrisy will, if undetected and unremoved, soon pervade all our exercises and feelings. 

3. It is swelling. It puffs us up, and fills us with pride and vanity. No man is more proud than the hypocrite, and none is more odious to God. When Jesus cautions them to beware of “the leaven of the Pharisees,” he means that they should be cautious about imbibing their spirit and becoming like them. The religion of Jesus is one of sincerity, of humility, of an entire want of disguise. The humblest man is the best Christian, and he who has the least disguise is most like his Master. 

Barnes notes on the Bible 

Most decent people know all this deep down inside. Pride is rightfully thought of as the base sin of mankind, easily the source to everything else bad in the human condition, like Greed and Envy. Few people, if any, are immune to these insidious human fallacies. 

Now these people pridefully say they get their belief system from the Talmud, which was directly passed down from the Pharisees to Babylon after the insurrections against Rome in 70AD and 130AD. This same Talmudic belief system made it’s way to the Khazars in the north and on to Alexandria, Egypt and on into the Western countries. 

And it doesn’t matter one whit who these people really are genetically, they could be the Ashkenazim Khazars of Asiatic origin, or some bastard mixture of races, possibly even a few real Semites from ancient Israel. But whatever the case may be, make no mistake — by their beliefs and actions today they are not the Israelites of yore, nor are they blessed by any divine spirit. 

Evil Liars and Hypocrites

In a despicable display of unnecessary vengeful pride, Israel bombed, shelled and machine-gunned the poor Gazans in 2009, killing 1400 virtually defenseless Palestinians, like the little girl in the inset. The eastern European Khazar Jews rushed to hilltops from their homes on land stolen from these people, including “men of God” rabbis, to watch and blasphemously call it an “act of God.” Most of the weaponry used by the Israelis, including burning phosphorous shells (a war crime), were paid for by all us American taxpayers.

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, with the least semblance of morality and decency left, knows the actions of these people today are plainly evil. Doesn’t take a theology degree or whatever mumbo-jumbo some pseudo TV preacher might try to explain down to us about “Judeo-Christianity.” And you really don’t even have to be a mean old man religious type to feel this strongly.

These people know deep down that what they do is indeed evil (see photo montage above). That’s why they work so hard to silence those of us who stand up and speak out about their behavior today. They can’t summon real facts to combat what we say, so they resort to lies, slander and even outright censorship in a country that supposedly considers “free speech” a God-given right.

And they know well we are in the right, but it frightens them that others may soon come to the same conclusions. 

They try to get the uninformed and gullible to simply dismiss us as “anti-Semites” and “extremists” merely because they deem us so. This tired line of bull is rapidly falling on deaf ears, thankfully. These people are morally bankrupt, not just for what they do to the Palestinians, but for their own personal behavior back in the countries of the West — countries they continually undermine for their own benefit and the detriment of White people.

Religious or not, anyone who stands up to these people is doing the right thing. Of that much I am quite certain.

The Acts of The Hypocrites

Ever wonder why they talk about Catholic priest pedophiles all the time in the media? Because they can, that’s why. Jews hate Jesus and sure as hell won’t say one damn word about all the sleaze-bucket rabbis. If this is how the orthodox behave, imagine the secular!

Let us continue with that so important first paragraph of Luke’s Chapter 12. Words that will prove themselves out in the next few years, no matter how much the Jews try to stop it. 

2For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. 

 3Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. 

 4And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. 

Truth will always win out in the end — just may take a while. Whatever lies and hidden conspiracies of these evil people will eventually see the light of day. All of us need to shout out about these things on the rooftops (or Internet) to everyone we know; might be a little hard sometimes, but it’s a lot a better than what might come if we don’t!

And the last line of the paragraph should steel you if that happens and they get their hands on you. Just smile pleasantly at the lying hypocrites no matter what they might do to your body, should you find yourself in the belly of the beast (like Jonah).

Let’s also look at this passage from John 8:44. Although more complicated than you might think, basically Jesus is telling the Jewish power structure they have now become descendants of Satan, willing to lie and murder. And we do see that today — in spades.

Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Jesus tells them His Father is not the same as their father. He knows the Jews of Judea are seeking his death and precedes to castigate them for wanting to kill Him. He tells them that by rejecting His truth and His Father, the Jews have now opened themselves to falsehoods, lying and the same evil force that seeks the destruction of man and the Son of Man, for rejecting Satan’s offer of worldly power in the desert.

Screen capture by your's truly from the ADL website.

The same could be said of Mathew 12:34 too, where Jesus calls the Pharisees “a den of vipers.” It is said that Cabalistic Jews use the sign of the serpent as a symbol of the “lying lip.” Not surprisely, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League once used a demonic-looking serpent and Star of David logo on their website glorifying their fight against “anti-Semitism.”*

Do I know the Jews are controlled by a demonic spirit called Satan? Of course not. There is no way I, or anyone else living that I know of, can truly say for sure. Nor can we know exactly what Jesus might say for this or that nowadays. The only thing we have to go on is what’s before us and what we know in our hearts to be good and true.

But it is certain that America is now under the control of morally bankrupt people, willing to do evil things and corrupted by money powers obviously made up of Zionist, International Jewry. And they are indeed purveyors of total hypocrisy!

How else can we explain how Israel gets away with what it does in the world? How else can we explain the never-ending wars in the Mideast and how the media purposefully hides Israeli atrocities from the public? What other explanation covers everything from 9/11 to the NWO; financial scams from the Fed to Wall Street and International banking; the purposeful flooding of our lands with a multitude of ethnic groups; to the continuous moral turpitudes and cultural destructions unleashed upon our countries and race?

Consider the prideful ways of these rabbis and their acolytes over the last two thousand years. Do they not continuously reinterpret the Talmud to justify the sins of their race and boast of their intellectual superiority among each other and sometimes even of God himself?

And have not the teachers of this race gone forth and told their soldiers to feel no guilt as they mercilessly slay non-Jews — men, women and children — whom they call Amalek, ancient enemies to the Jewish race? 

Why do these people persist in calling themselves the “Chosen Ones” and the “Light Upon Nations” when their actions so clearly betray them?

False prophet "Bishop" John Hagee is obviously a paid-agent of Zionism.

Consider, too, the slew of “Christian” False Prophets who have long infested the American airwaves, preaching us to support Israel, while totally ignoring the evils the Zionists do to their fellow man. Hypocrites, totally. These corpulant con-men continually harangue the poor people of our country for money so they can live high on the hog. You see them glad-handing Israeli big shots as they spend lavish vacations with their families and hanger-ons in the Holy Land — land violently cleared and stolen from the poor Palestinians of the countryside.

These pompous fools will soon meet the same end as the rest!

The facts are indisputable anymore. The White race and our countries are now being turned inside out in a long-running agenda by hidden Jew hypocrites, intent on elevating their race into the masters of the planet, by any means necessary. This evil ambition must be stopped, should we wish Christianity, White people, or even common decency to survive.

It is up to each one of us. I hope my words are enough for you to look into all this and get on the stick. Trust me, the media dares not touch anything to do with Jews with a 10,000 foot pole.

I will fight these people with words now in the home, neighborhoods and on the Internet. If need be, because my Constitutional rights have been stolen by them, I will fight them with force of arms, both the lying hypocrites and corrupted agents, alongside my brothers and sisters — house-to-house, in the streets, forests and fields until we succeed, and their stranglehold on our nation is broken. This I will do even if I don’t survive, ending-up stone cold dead on the ground with my still smoking 9 mike-mike gripped tightly in my lifeless hand.

They shall never silence me as long as a breath animates my body and I still have a round left in the magazine!

— Phillip Marlowe

* It is clear from the New Testament that the Jewish power structure of the time, the Sanhedrin, WERE TOTALLY responsible for forcing the Romans to execute Jesus. And following the crucifixion, they mercilessly persecuted the early Christian worshippers all over Israel, Syria and Rome. Additionally, the Jewish Talmud contains “virulent hate speech” about Jesus being the son of a whore, a magician from Egypt and is now boiling in excrement in hell. They even gleefully brag it was really the Jews who did the execution, and not the Romans, by strangling Jesus to death in the trash heap of Gomorrah!

But they sure go crazy whenever we say one damn thing, now don’t they?

Today, the Jews are doing everything they can to shut up the Goyim from saying one word about whatever they do, including what the Sanhedrin once did to Jesus Christ. Witness this grovelling apology letter from Glenn Beck to Abe Foxman proudly published on the ADL website HERE (for some ridiculously minor on-air comment the Chosenites deemed a “transgression”). Sickening.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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602 Responses to He Spoke Against The Hypocrites — And Was Crucified

  1. Greg says:

    “And yes, we will exterminate all the jews and niggers and beaners”

    2 of those 3 are already fighting and killing each other. Is dat da Whitey fought 2?


  2. Bailey says:

    No Marshall, TMJ would be belting out this one to her sweet man.



  3. Bailey says:

    White parents should wake up and give this some consideration:


    Their childs life depends on it.

  4. Bailey says:

    This sheboon stabs her millionaire athlete husband and is released on $7,500.oo bond?


    And what if she was white?

  5. Bailey says:

    Look at the poll results in that daily news article, We are more dangerous than the fake al-queda in the minds of the sheep.

  6. Marshall says:

    This “says it all” from the end of that TSA link about the woman stepping down Bailey.


    U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) (the Eskimo!!!) has pressured the TSA and Department of Homeland Security to address Newark’s security concerns. Tuesday, Lautenberg’s office issued a statement saying he “looked forward to meeting with the new leadership team to express my concerns and urge them to immediately get to work fixing security problems at Newark Airport and regaining the confidence of the flying public.”

    Now…I suppose Alex Jones will claim the “Nazis” are behind all this…like he seems to be claiming about everything on the radio right now. (12:45PM EST MON 4/25/11)

    Why, Alex even just told a story about how his own grandaddy in Texas was blackmailed by NAZIS overseas in WW2 to send all his money to Germany, or they would kill his German relatives there L – M – F -A -O!!! Can you believe he even SAID that? I can. Alex Jonestein, wow…what a GRADE A Jewstooge. Little does Alexandra know who Jew Commies kill FIRST. The dumbass gentiles who helped them out in the first place. Lower than low.

    The JEW COMMIES saw Alex coming on the turnip truck with his straw suitcase firmly in hand, and said, “HMM!!! What a better false opposition could we create? Oy Vey!!! Let’z throw some shekels at him, promise him fame, and he’ll say whatever vee vant.”

    Working like a charm isn’t it Alex?

  7. Citizenfitz says:

    “Spring Spheres”?


    I called the Seattle public school’s office: (206) 252-0200, and identified myself as a blogger following up on this story. The lady there said they’d gotten lots of calls about it and were trying to verify whether it really happened, but so far no one’s fessed up. It sounds dubious to me as no verifiable names are given – a bright red flag – but libs are so damn crazy you don’t want to automatically discount anything that sounds like lib madness on display.

    In any event the fact that stuff like this does sound very believable gives us a good idea of how sick The United States of America has become.

  8. Marshall says:

    I saw that Fitz. Amazing isn’t it? When can I start calling the Star of David the Spring Mark of the Beast? LOL

    ALEX JONES’S new bumper music:



  9. Citizenfitz says:

    Hey, gaymamzer’s back! How’d your vacation in Tel Aviv go, Shlomo?

  10. Citizenfitz says:

    “When can I start calling the Star of David the Spring Mark of the Beast? LOL….”

    Just make sure your MAC 9 is a properly working bullet hose first, Marshall.

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    WILLIAM FINCK is a spiritual partner with The Nut phedophile Pastor-Lindstedt

    Martin Lindstadt is IN NO WAY affiliated with William Finck. Marty is obviously a hasberat. (The stories I could tell – but his demented writing speaks for itself.) Filled with scat “humor” and calls for a Nicholaitin style “christianity”, Marty is NO CHRISTIAN, let alone having an affiliation with Bill.

    Bill BRIEFLY gave Marty a chance to publish his lessons on Christogenea, but Marty abused it to teach a false doctrine. Marty’s posts wreak of “jewishness”.

    Make no mistake, Marty is not CI.

  12. Citizenfitz says:

    I’ve got to say that I really don’t think stargazer’s a Jew. He comes across more like a wussy liberal White guy who thinks he’s going deep cover here.

  13. JamesTheJust says:

    JamestheJust and his Guru main role is to weaken the Christian faith and the Church, to further destabilize the formerly Christian West and must be exterminated along with their descendants , Those facts should be exposed everywhere.

    This is not surprising. Marty always talks about exterminating Whites. He spends hours and hours writing about raping White women; torturing them and then murdering them. He also writes about murdering White JEWdeo-Xtians, White race traitors and anyone White who does not bow down to Marty’s delusions of grandeur. He NEVER experts that much effort into condemning jews.

    I would never talk about my kinspeople that way. My greatest hope and joy is for them to find their way in this maze. Our people change and there is still hope while it is called “today”. The most I do is call them stupid and foolish – and they are!

    Evidently his mother was just a psychotic as he is. (The things I could tell you – but again it involves scat; as it always does where Marty is concerned.) Which goes to prove ONCE AGAIN that it is genetic.

  14. JamesTheJust says:


    If you’re truly a White man of character, you will answer this question truthfully:

    What is you point in trying to associate William Finck with Martin Lindstat?

    Those two are not associated and any CI person will tell you that Lindstat is a hasberat that we KICKED OUT of our assembly quit a while ago.

    I told you: jews cannot endure the standards we hold, which come so naturally to the White Race, but are a torture to the children of the devil. Martin Lindstat “outted” himself. The Word convicted him. Good riddance!

  15. Marshall says:


    I talked to Bill earlier and I’ll be in the Christogenea chat room tonight at 9PM 🙂

    How many guys named “Marty” are Jewish anyway? WTF one is enough. Marty Allen is terrifying man LOL!!! Chaim Witz’s evil twin? Oh wait that’s an oxymoron.


  16. JMJ says:


    Former Jail Guard Convicted
    Published: October 25, 1996

    Arnaldo Ortega, an inmate at the Hudson County Jail serving time for burglary, asked prison guards for a blanket. Instead, the guards at the jail, then situated in Jersey City, beat him to death with their fists and a fiberglass baton.
    Yesterday, David Dumers, of Jersey City, a former guard convicted by a jury in the 1989 beating death of Mr. Ortega, was sentenced in Federal court to 15 years. William Finck, of Bayonne, who pleaded guilty to similar charges, received a 14-year sentence, and a third guard who admitted covering up the crime, Thomas Murphy, of Jersey City, was sentenced to four months.
    JamesTheJust says:
    05/03/2010 at 6:27 pm
    You also mentioned William Finck, who was could run rings around you on a stormy day and who was cleared of any charges by the state (served 14 years in jail).

  17. JamesTheJust says:


    Martin’s chosen last name is the same as that Bolshevik who murdered White Christians with wild abandon. Marty is totally and completely VILE!

  18. JamesTheJust says:


    I am absolutely SURE that because you found a story in the jew press, that it makes you special. Your jew brethren NEVER lie, do they.

  19. JMJ says:

    Are you denying that “William Finck, of Bayonne, who pleaded guilty to similar charges, received a 14-year sentence”
    As this is a fact that even William Finck admits.
    So you are a poor lousy liar.

  20. Marshall says:

    Well actually I heard Bill Finck admit to that 14 years himself the other night on his show, but the circumstances of it are unspecified. He apparently used all that time to do a level of historical study very few men have ever been able to do…so it’s a blessing in disguise I say, how many of us have 14 years to study like that?

    Bill is far beyond PhD level I would say 🙂

  21. JamesTheJust says:

    Are you denying that “William Finck, of Bayonne, who pleaded guilty to similar charges, received a 14-year sentence”
    As this is a fact that even William Finck admits.
    So you are a poor lousy liar.

    I never denied anything, you hasberat infiltrator. I said you cannot trust the accounts of the jew media. I have never seen documentation other than what is presented on the Internet. It is EASY for mislead on the Internet and in the jew press.

    Rosa Parks was just a little old innocent negress and MEAN OLD WHITEY mistreated her. She was not a communist infiltrator; no! No such reporting in the jew press.

    I believe only what Bill himself has said. And that is ALL I believe. I KNOW that he has done wonders for the cause of the White race and has unlocked many of the mysteries surrounding our race and history. For that, I am grateful to him.

    I don’t waste my time attacking racially aware White people. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Some people, who claim to be White, or slyly want to give the impression that they are White; seem to have a field day attacking racially aware Whites, while remaining strangely silent on the jew. Hmmmmmmm.

  22. JMJ says:

    Quote From the killer William Finck and not some jew media

    Re: Update on CI Web Links
    by wmfinck » Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:54 am

    It is never a noble deed to take ones own life. It is a cowardly cop-out. I just did 12 years in prison. Two years before I was released,

  23. Citizenfitz says:

    Our old friend, Arthur Goldwag, in full throat:

    “The idea that myriad greedy, incompetent, dishonest bankers, real estate agents, brokers, financiers, lobbyists and politicians, all of them pursuing their own selfish ends, could have precipitated a global financial meltdown—that a completely avoidable catastrophe could have been a product of synergy rather than conscious conspiracy— is not only mind-boggling, it’s infuriating (to conspiratorialists) ….”

    Even though no one’s really saying that, it doesn’t stop Artie from his sage pontifications. Jews milk the system for all they’re worth, then pay this shill to call those who can see it “conspiracy nuts”. We all live in trailers, are missing teeth and are married to our cousins…..

    “Take climate change. The prospect of melting ice caps, superstorms, tsunamis and worldwide famine is awful to contemplate; it’s easier by far to accuse Al Gore and his liberal minions of perpetrating a fraud….”

    And have you noticed how the environuts aren’t saying “global warming” any more? No, now they’re talking about “climate change”. Hey, I thought it was “climate change that allowed our ancestors to leave their caves and take up the good life.

    Isn’t “climate change” a can’t lose bet? If it gets warmer, they predicted it. If it gets colder, they predicted that too. Drier…. Wetter….. All consequences of “climate change.”

    These people are like gamblers who bet on both teams in the Super Bowl. That way they can walk away feeling like winners no matter what happens.

  24. Julian Lee says:

    “The idea that myriad greedy, incompetent, dishonest bankers, real estate agents, brokers, financiers, lobbyists and politicians, all of them pursuing their own selfish ends, could have precipitated a global financial meltdown—that a completely avoidable catastrophe could have been a product of synergy rather than conscious conspiracy— is not only mind-boggling, it’s infuriating (to conspiratorialists)…”

    Yeah, a financial system dominated by shysters and unethical manipulators could never show trouble! Let me translate that line better:

    “The idea that White Gentiles, after six decades of mind-numbing “holocaust” propaganda, would dare to break the taboo and Name-the-Jew — is infuriating to Jewish conspirators. At least we can discredit the eyes-wide-open folks by smearing them as “conspiratorialists” as a stopgap measure.

    That’s what he’s really saying.

  25. Marshall says:

    Nice to have a U.S. President on the Jew payroll hmm?

  26. Citizenfitz says:

    “The idea that White Gentiles, after six decades of mind-numbing “holocaust” propaganda, would dare to break the taboo and Name-the-Jew — is infuriating to Jewish conspirators. At least we can discredit the eyes-wide-open folks by smearing them as “conspiratorialists” as a stopgap measure. That’s what he’s really saying.”

    You nailed it, JL.

  27. Citizenfitz says:

    Is it just me, or does Bush look very shifty even when he’s saying, “I’ll take mine with ketchup”?

  28. Bailey says:

    Hey, Check this out, how the media lies.

    The link i pasted yesterday about Earl Albert Moore said this according to the Jew York Daily News.

    “He had been sentenced to 18 years, but a judge cut his sentence as a reward for being a snitch in another investigation, authorities said.”

    And in yesterdays local jews paper it says this.

    “A judge sentenced Moore to between 15 and 19 years in prison, but federal appeals court in 2006 ruled his stiff sentence was “unreasonable” and Moores sentence was reduced to seven years.”

    What lying jew scumbags, the whole story is more than likely pure fiction, what is the motive for such a bullshit story that the media can’t even get straight?

    Fear mongering propaganda aimed at braindeads who will shout, they should have kept evil whitey in prison.

    Look out for evil white men, nevermind the negroes.

  29. hollowcrap says:

    If old line Catholics have a hard time understanding the latest gymnastics of their Pope, they might like to ponder that, in all likelihood, he is a jew (mother’s maiden name — Katz), as so many of his predecessors were. The “world church” is nothing but another plank in the communist platform — the New World Order. The kosher religious, such as millionaire Billy Graham (75,000 acre estate — I thought the money was supposed to go to God), form the Protestant portion of the choir. Some dissenters aren’t too happy with the latest vocalizations from God’s middlemen and, true to fashion, will become targets for the kosher eraser. Among the groups who apparently refuse to embrace a uni-sex mud-god are (1) Protestant Bible-believers, (2) traditional Catholics, (3) Shiite Moslems and (4) ultra Orthodox Jews. The latter two probably can be bought off using political power and money. The first two groups belong to the die-hard set and it will be interesting as to how they will be brought into line. Since most religions are reality escape mechanisms plus a set feel-good beliefs, they probably will be taught that their beliefs will no longer make them “feel good”.
    The best TVangelist con I’ve heard in a long while, on the christian bagel network, was a great one. The b.s. promoter who, in a sane society, would have been simply shot, told his congregation of suckers that the reason they hesitated in dropping their $100 bills into his “love bucket” was because the devil had a hold on them. Their resistance was ‘proof’ of the power of the devil. “Overcome the devil. Put your $100 dollar bills into the bucket and show him that your love of God is stronger.” This was the same charlatan who convinced many of the brain-dead that God “needed” $2000 from them — immediately. He even urged the flock to borrow the money if they otherwise could not obtain it. As for myself, I asked God if an I.O.U. would be all right. He didn’t say no.

  30. TONY says:

    My wife was recentlly invited to join the Phi Alpha Theta can anybody tell me what the logo stands for or what it has to do with history??
    I know its a no brainer, but in writting as far as I got they call it the star of divinity.

  31. Marshall says:

    SHEEZ Tony. One look at their symbol should tell you everything you need to know. Do a little research on “Ouroboros” for starters 🙂

  32. Marshall says:

    Incidentally Tony, a hexagram has six points, six triangles, and a six-sided hexagon embedded. Who would be producing a “Mark of the Beast” hmm? International Jewish bankers perhaps? 🙂

  33. Marshall says:

    Hmm Tony…what do we see here?


    WHY LOOK!!! It’s a “Pyramid with All-Seeing Eye” at the Israeli Supreme Court!!! The whole place was built by the Rothschilds…and there’s nothing “Masonic” going on? PFFT!!! Rothschilds control the individual JEW banks that in turn control the U.S. Federal Reserve system…hmm…



  34. Marshall says:

    Star of divinity? Umm…try “Seal of Solomon,” Star of Remphan, Star of Chiun instead.

    Look way on down this page…anything familiar?


  35. tsarina says:


    Prince Aleksandar of Serbia: “They (commie Jews) made me an enemy of the state at two years old, I never did anything against the country”.

    Filthy Jewish fag interviewer: “the Prince of a monarchy that no longer exists”

    Mr. Jew Fag, it is obvious that you are holding a gun to the Serbian Prince’s head and watching every move and policy he makes, and that if he does something to displease you sons of Satan, that you Jews will remove him from his throne and NOT the Serbian people.

    I bet this filthy Jew was having an orgasm when he spoke to the Serbian Prince with such disdain, contempt and arrogance, remembering how his relatives defiled and murdered the Tsar of Russia and his children. Bow down to the Serbin Prince, filthy Jew! Since Jews do have orgasms when they murder white, gentile, tsars, kings, queens, and the little princes and princesses, the tsaritsas…filthy demon Jew.

    Message to the Jews: The Serbian Monarchy exists and Serbians AROUND THE WORLD SUPPORT THEIR PRINCE. It’s Israel that does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST.

    “Please allow me to introduce myself
    Im a man of wealth and taste
    Ive been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a mans soul and faith
    sealed his fate
    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game
    I stuck around st. Petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change

    Killed the czar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain
    I rode a tank
    Held a generals rank
    When the blitzkrieg raged
    And the bodies stank
    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name, oh yeah

    Ah, what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game, oh yeah
    I watched with glee
    While your kings and queens
    Fought for ten decades
    For the gods they made
    I shouted out,
    Who killed the kennedys?
    When after all
    It was you and me
    Let me please introduce myself

    And I laid traps for troubadours
    Who get killed before they reached bombay

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    But what’s confusing you
    Is just the nature of my game
    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints
    As heads is tails
    Just call me lucifer
    Cause Im in need of some restraint
    So if you meet me
    Have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy, and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, um yeah

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rolling+stones/#share

    Time is running out sons of Lucifer Jews!

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rolling+stones/#share

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rolling+stones/#share

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rolling+stones/#share

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rolling+stones/#share

    And I was round when jesus christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that pilate
    Washed his hands and

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rolling+stones/#share

  36. tsarina says:

    Incog, you can edit last post.

  37. tsarina says:

    I have a question about the picture of the young Russian lady in the Jew brothel. I think this picture is a bit dated and it is well known on the internet; somebody must have found out who she is and what happened to her. Does anyone have any info?

  38. tsarina says:

    The Zeitgeist crowd claims Jesus never existed; he was just a myth, a combination of all the pagan Gods. And my question also has always been, then why were the ancient Christian martyrs willing to die for their faith, willing to be thrown to the lions? Were they insane? And Saint Peter asked to be crucified upside down, because he did not feel worthy to be crucified like Christ, right side up. The Zeitgeist people are Freemasons and Jews in my opinion. The Catholic church gets a bad rap from the Jews, but it important to remember that the Jews hijacked the real death camps that existed in Croatia; the majority victims in Jasenovac were Serbian people, and the Jews will not discuss it because the Serbian goyim are nothing and do not deserve the attention that the Jews do, and of course, killing a Jew is like killing God, but killing a Serbian goy is just like killing an animal, and they did kill the Serbs like animals, they were tortured and slaughtered, some in the camps in Croatia, some right in their own homes. Everything the Jewish Bolesheviks did the Russians, the Croatian Catholic Ustashi did to the Serbs. What is interesting here is that the Croatian Ustasha ideology, came about from a lawyer and intellectual named Josip Frank. Was he an “aryan” Croat? NO, he was a Jew. He convinced the Croatian peasants, who wanted to have their own nation independent of the Austro Hungarian Empire, and later the Serbian Monarchy led Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians (the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), that Croats are NOT Slavs like the Serbs are, and that they are descended from Ostrogoths and Romans. The ideology carried over into the Catholic church of Croatia; they used to tell the Croatian faithful that Serbs are rats and need to be killed, along with the Jews. I have often wondered which Gospel the Catholic Croatians were following when their Black Shirts went through the Serbian villages of the territory known as the Military Fronteer, when Croatia was declared an Independent State and recognized by both Hitler and the Vatican, when they tortured and slaughtered Serbian peasants who lived on that land for several centuries; they fled the Turks and were granted the land by the Habsburgs to defend Europe from the Turks, and then the Croats tried to exterminate them in WW2. The Croatian Ustasa Catholic leadership was full of Jews. Dido Kvaternik, Macek, stated that for the Serbs and the Jews they have bullets! Ante Pavelic, the Bosnian Turk who married an “assimilated” Jewess, meaning she converted to the Catholic churc, had a child with her, Visnja, who is by Talmudic law, a Jew, and he had a fetish for the eyeballs of Serbian children. This was all documented by reporters who were stationed there at the time. Obviously, the Croatian Catholic Ustashi were led by Talmudic Jews. One Ustasha police officer is still at large in Austria, and the Mossad claim they cannot capture him. His name is Milivoj Aser. Aser is a well known Jewish name, so of course, the Mossad will protect their own. This is how the dirty game of the Jews goes, they know that the Croatian Jewish Ustashi killed some Jews, but they cover that up, because they main victims were the Serbian people so they can’t have the Serbians claiming compensation or stealing the Jews’ thunder for the billions they have extorted from the “holocaust” in Germany. The Serbians who were not murdered at Jasenovac and througout the Military Fronteer land, were captured by the Croatian Ustasa Black Shirts and sent to Dachau. The commandants at the Dachau, the blond haired, blue eyed Aryan ones, were mostly German Jewish mishlinge mongrels, who treated the other blond haired blued eyed “Slavs”, the Serbs and the Poles”, like untermenschen cattle, also in line with the Talmud. Any Jews who were in the camps, were treated quite well. Not one penny was ever granted to the Serbian, Polish and other prisoners and never will be because today’s revisionists and Holocaust deniers also deny the facts about the genocide against the Polish and Serbian Slavs, and the Jews pitting the Croatian Slavs against the Serbian Slavs. The Jews control all sides; they lead all sides of the goyim against each other. The Croatian Catholic church is unique in it’s world war 2 history, and the Jews cover it up because, even though they were victims of it, the Jews also led it. May all the Serbian men, women and children, and the Croatian ones who were murdered at Jasenovac rest in peace, and for those Polish Americans, Serbian Americans, whose grandfathers survived Dachau, never, ever forget. Don’t let the Jews and their revisionists steal the truth away.

  39. tsarina says:

    Correction: I said the Serbian people in the Military Fronteer were peasants, that is an error: they were land owners and farmers, military officers and soldiers of renown in the Habsburg empire.

  40. Dave says:


    Why did you twist my comment commending Tesla, into some crap about him not being White? You need to step back and rethink what the never ending “who’s the jew” game played among most of the commenters here has done to the way you interpret what has been said.

    How about everyone stops trying to convince everyone else that they are jews? Yeah, I know it’ll never happen. So go ahead and continue pitting your computer pixels against other people’s computer pixels. If you win, make sure to pat yourself on the back like the Hoff might. 😛

    To all my Slavic brothers, I salute you!

  41. mudshredder says:

    tesla was a true mind and he created. he was not a serpent seed jew. God gave him great knowledge.
    the jew einstein was a fraud, stole his material, and that is the only “great mind’the jews have to claim. the jews can only mastermind evil and deception because they are the of their father the devil. Edison and Tesla went head to head but both aryans and they completed prophesy that the demon jews have no right to as they are not of the true Israel

  42. moviedude111 banned, divescity recession 3 says:

    Hey Incog ….long time.

    Rabbi teacher
    X knowledge of the cross

    white rabbit of his day.

    Keep up the good work brother….refound you through whiterabbit.


  43. jackboot@sf.org says:

    William Finck is in no way DSCI – he teaches the Talmud (Satan is your flesh).

    It’s a kike.

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