Obama’s Birth Certificate is a BLATANT FORGERY

THE TV NEWS Ziowhores were ecstatic last night as his royal self, Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, actually came out to do a news conference while releasing his long form birth certificate via an Internet PDF on the Whitehouse site. Now he’s finally, FINALLY, “putting to rest the wild rumors” running amok out of all us “crazy, birther people” or “carnival barkers,” as his highness Obama deemed those of us who can still think for ourselves.

Uh, let’s stop and think a sec: It’s been well over two years since this matter started gaining attention in America and he’s just now releasing the document? Hello? Does that make sense to any of you? Has the American citizen become that stupid — brains of cottage cheese — so that fact alone is not the least bit suspicious?

And how about the millions of dollars Obama has spent on lawyers fighting this in the courts? Or what of that army doctor, Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin, who legally requested the long form birth certificate to rightfully defend himself in a court martial case; after refusing to be deployed by an unconstitionally qualified commander-in-chief? Sickening how the mainstream news didn’t even bother to report on any of this, especially so when you consider what Obongo allowed to happen to the man, now locked up in the brig.

Instead, they fill the airwaves with non-stop hokum about a wedding in jolly old England –I guess everybody just has to be so excited about the nuptials of middle-class “commoner” Kate Middleton and Crown prince William, huh? Funny, last I heard, America didn’t have a monarchy; yet if you look at the “Big Picture,” all us American plebes are under the exact same thieving yoke as our British cousins and, believe me, it’s not royalty riding along in horse-drawn carriages.

If you think you’re so conservative and believe FOX News to be independent and has you in mind, ask yourself this: Why have people like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck ridiculed the Birthers from the start? Because they’ve been ordered to, that’s why! What don’t you get?

Another thing: All these media Ziowhores kept saying they debunked the birther issue 47 million times already. Uh, if you remember much of anything, they never breathed a word, except on the rare occasion to ridicule people. I watched that ultra smarmy Jew MSNBC anchor, David Schuster, bringing on the Jewess Orly Taitz and treating her with embarrassingly obvious contempt before going on to his next oh-so-important story: His own pretty young wife asking Obongo some ridiculously stupid question in her first news conference as a journalist.

The media is now going off accusing people who have doubts about Obama’s birth location as “racist.” This is pure Jew 101: Play the race card on our White asses. Oh yeah, did you think all this race business being done to our heads for the last 50 years is only because of angry blacks and White multicult morons?

Michael Eric Dyson: The media trots this bozo out to tell us Whiteys how racist and evil we still are. Notice how every word out of this buffoon's mouth has to be big just to show how smart he is. What a sorry joke.

The real power structure wants White people afraid to say anything to friends and family, so they might think we’re a member of the KKK, the Nazi Ayran Skinheads or something. Talk about this birth business and people will label you a “hater” — just like pretty much anything Whites might say these days about the victimhood classes.

They already have foot soldiers enlisted with the constantly portrayed “oppressed” blacks and all the well-paid race hucksters like “Reverend” Al Sharpton (who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a TV studio after that Duke/Lacrosse phoney rape case) and Michael Eric Dyson; these White-hating Negroes fill the air time with as many big words as they can pronounce when calling every one of us American Whites racist, even though these people are rich and comfortable as hell living off White guilt.

Folks, it’s all a Jew head game being done on America. The mainstream media has long been used to manipulate this country, without a doubt.

Getting back to the form: People immediately downloaded the PDF of the supposed long form birth certificate, opened the file up in Photoshop and Illustrator, only to find some real odd things. Let’s look at some of what is being said (download it yourself).

When the PDF is opened in graphics program, the ruled lines, signatures and typewriter copy are on different layers. Think of layers as sheets of clear film laying on top of one another enabling the artist to manipulate parts without affecting the whole. When finished, the artist normally “flattens” the art and exports the image as a single, compiled image. But if he doesn’t flatten it right, Adobe Acrobat will pick up the layers.

Problems exist with the background, too. Go here for a further explanation: I can emphatically tell you that the document on Whitehouse.gov is…

The OCR business is one thing (the white areas where the type should be), but the number 1 figure in 3 separate places is a dead giveaway of forgery — either done in a graphics application by dropping in small scanned images from elsewhere, while failing to match exactly the CMYK numbers; or possibly combined with a “real world” alteration, the ink color off just a hair and the resulting difference amplified by the later scan.

Let this guy explain OCR, layering and imported scans.

“Debunkers” say the layering is an artifact of OCR (optical character recognition) created by Adobe Acrobat. According to them, Obama’s people scanned the document supposedly provided by Hawaii and inserted the image into a word processing or page layout application and from there, generated the PDF without turning the OCR function off along the way.

I have dozens of PDFs on my hard drive with scanned images (old books where each page is scanned and placed in as a page instead of being typed out) and after opening several inside of Photoshop (including some forms) none of them exhibited the same things as Obama’s “birth certificate.”

But let’s say it’s possible — I’ll let more expert computer image people deal with that. Yet here’s another very big thing: It’s very possible the document was faked in the real world and a little sloppy work was magnified by the later scan. Here’s how they would do it:

First, get their hands on blank forms (or recreate from scratch using an off-set press), type in the necessary copy using an old typewriter (easy enough to find), find the needed signatures and carefully mask off the parts they don’t want. Run the paper with the already typed copy through a press printing only the signatures. They may even have first run the paper over a very subtle and partial intaglio plate to mimic the the hand pressure on a ball point pen.

Say they run a few dozen prints. The counterfeiter then selects the best half-dozen or so, puts them all under an intense UV source for a year to age the paper. He then selects the single best one to use. The real world counterfeiter didn’t scan his fake to see what could show up in the computer — just handed it off to Obama’s backroom people.

Jews are well-known to take great pleasure in the counterfeiting arts. They so love to scam the foolish Goyim and make easy money!

Sound crazy? Would it take thousands of conspirators to pull off (like they always say about 9/11)? Like, hell, no. There’s been plenty of people who counterfeited bills and historical documents all by themselves using these very same techniques. I personally knew one guy busted by the feds who used to brag to me that it took them months to nail him because his funny money was so perfect. Happens all the time (but is getting increasingly difficult for our increasingly worthless Judenfetzen — Jew paper money).

The hardest part in counterfeiting bills is getting close to the paper used. In the case of a birth certificate, it’s totally a non-issue.

The fact is, the only thing we have here is a computer image. Whether the original source is a computer graphics app, a scan made from a real world paper counterfeit created from scratch, or even the Obama birth certificate for real, it’s no proof whatsoever. Only document and forgery experts examining the actual, original document can really know for sure.

Experts would look at it using stereoscopic magnification, infared photography and even subject tiny particles of ink to chemical analysis (for real). Any human intervention could readily be discerned using such techniques. That’s why they will never release the faked original or source document, containing the dropped in signatures and everything else on one sheet of paper. 

There’s also other problems: Seemingly, the hospital and staff would have crowed over the fact he was born there when they looked at their records for the date. The baby is put down on the certificate as Barack Hussein Obama II, instead of Junior as they would have done back then. Also, the father is listed as “African” instead of “Negro” for the race. READ MORE HERE

Now there could be several things that motivated the people behind Obama to do this.

One, he was listed on the BC as a “Caucasian,” instead of being a “noble, oppressed person of color.” So important for the White-guilt masses. Although probably too insignificant for all this trouble, it is still possible.

Many people see more of a passing resemblance with Frank Marshall Davis than to Obama’s Kenyan namesake. Imagine the stir it would create if Davis was the bastard’s real daddy? Personally, I can’t tell one of these Negroes from another.

Two, the daddy listed on the long form as the father was not Obama Sr. This would probably be Frank Marshall Davis, a sleazy pervert and militant Marxist. If he was indeed listed as the true biological father, that alone would have damaged Obongo’s credibilty enormously — even with multicult morons. They might be able live with him being a “global citizen” and could care less about a Constitution written by dead old White men, but the soap opera nature of having a daddy he wasn’t named after, would turn Obama into a public laughing stock.

Most probably, he really was born in Kenya — Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa, to be exact. If this is the case, Obama is definitely unqualified to be president, Constitution-wise, since his slutty, race traitor mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was not old enough to convey American citizenship to the baby Obongo.

Everyone in Kenya, including his African relatives, proudly say he was born there. Curious how the news people never do a report on all the times he was reported to be a Kenyan, huh?

In fact, there’s tons of stuff about Barry Boy they keep from the public. Things like his time at Columbia university (where no one seems to remember him), his grades and thesis paper, his multiple Social Security numbers, what him and his wife did to avoid disbarment as lawyers in Illinois back during the 90’s. This guy’s entire past has obviously been carefully laundered for the gullible masses — brains now turned to tapioca pudding by TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars.”

The Jew-controlled mainstream media will once again try to bury the body on this birther business, using this latest forgery as an excuse to slander us as crazy or racist. They will now ramp up the racist angle in a transparent attempt to use social stigmatizing to shut our mouths.

One lie they’ve been putting out there is that the whole thing is the doing of some unnamed campaign worker for Hillary Clinton putting out an email about it. Right, like an email was the only source? Notice how Hillary has remained mum. Undoubtedly, the real powers that be know Hillary will keep her mouth shut, should she wish to stay filthy rich by NWO honchos “donating” to hubby Bill’s pet Globalist operation.

Face it: We’re being taken for ride by NWO forces, busy destroying America before our eyes. These are the exact same people driving our middle class into the gutter with rampant inflation, high gas prices, allowing our jobs to go overseas, flooding of our homelands with non-Whites and fighting continuous wars in the Mideast in support of that bastard country of Israel.

It’s time for true patriots to face the fact that a Marxist Jew-created Manchurian candidate is the POTUS. Hurts to think, “America the brave” has a puppet installed by the Jew elite Globalist class, fearfully anxious we all might get wise before it’s too late.

We’re simply going to have to go to war to overthrow these corrupt, lying bastards, no doubt whatsoever.

— Phillip Marlowe

Photoshop expert and author of 17 books on computer graphics, Mara Zebest, says Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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178 Responses to Obama’s Birth Certificate is a BLATANT FORGERY

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Trump Uber Alles
    Video Smuggled Out Of Trump Rally


    This is a 9 minute video. According to Trump it is the real birth certificate. He is taking credit for getting him to finally release it. He also says John McCain is a great man. On James Wickstrom’s show Wednesday night he called Trump a jew. I wonder if he is right, after Trump’s daughter recently marrying a jew.

  2. kerdasi amaq says:

    Yes, there is:
    t bone said…“The ‘federal reserve’ appears on bills but not on coins. I’m wondering if there is a disconnect between the two.”

    Coins are real money made by the US Mint. FRNs are debt money, owned by the FED, borrowed from them by the Government and eventually will have to be repaid to them.

  3. American says:

    And don’t forget the rats charge interest on the judefetzen they print out of thin air. Even printing on paper bills is too expensive for the jew bankers and it doesn’t provide absolute control over a population, hence the push towards electronic currency.

    Use cash at a minimum, while silver’s better.

  4. Flanders says:

    Kerdasi, Do you have any more information or links to that? It might be interesting to explore deeper on the details.

  5. American says:

    The more I learn, the more I admire the Germans:


  6. American says:


    Is Trump a jew? Let’s see, he started with $400 million inheritiance, goes bankrupt several times (or the companies he controls, primarily in gambling which corrodes society) but gets “bailed out” with more loans from jew bankers. His daughter marries a rich jew, while “the Donald” has tv programs, pizza commericals, etc and is the only man in the universe that could get Obammy to show any kind of birth certificate (real or not) after only a week or two of effort.

    What do you think?

  7. kerdasi amaq says:

    Sorry, Flanders, I can’t remember where I read that.

  8. Silvernickel says:

    haha, Marshall…………..shomer fucking shabbas!

  9. Silvernickel says:

    “Getting back to the form: People immediately downloaded the PDF of the supposed long form birth certificate, opened the file up in Photoshop and Illustrator, only to find some real odd things. Let’s look at some of what is being said (download it yourself).”

    Maybe we shouldn’t have done that…….Can you image that PDF containing a super stealth virus? A nasty digital STD from Obongo to you.

  10. Jake says:

    busy, busy last couple weeks of the semester…

    I’m certain you’re correct, Incog. I saw it right away, notably with the numbers at the top-left corner of the actual “long-form birth certificate.” I noted how the numbers which are all bordering the “shadow” on the left have surrounding green pixels MUCH brighter than that shadow, and in a perfect square shape.

    Let’s not forget the twins born several days after him — their birth numbers were 61 10637-10638…Nobama’s number is 61 10641, even though he was born EARLIER and “his document” was registered EARLIER.

    This all on TOP of the evidence presented here. Gee golly whiz, one must NOT want to see the truth to not know!!

    BTW, MJ, Obama is our first jew president, just as Clinton was our first black president.

    He’s the FIRST president to have a Passover seder, yet he’s a Moslem? Eggs roll uphill in your world, too, I suppose?

  11. Jake says:

    American, my intuition tells me that Trump is half-jewish on his father’s side…If he was jewish on his mother’s side, he would have went to israel when he went broke. Either way, he is a passable shabbos goy who is one of them in terms of behavior and wealth.

  12. Silvernickel says:

  13. Julian Lee says:

    American: “The more I learn, the more I admire the Germans.”

    Since using the Hindu/Aryan symbol for eternal life as my YouTube avatar I’m getting all sorts of nasty flames. I don’t understand it.

  14. Julian Lee says:

    I found this a very moving video. I recommend that everybody favorite this at their YouTube channels:


    A White people united! Astounding what it’s like.

  15. Julian Lee says:

    B. Nathaniel’s deconstruction of Barry’s fake birth certificate is one of the best out there. He even spotted where the photoshopper attempted to place a fake seal onto it, also divided in layers.

    This is a very hard-hitting video. I hope more and more Whites will see it and others like it. It’s really sickening watching this smoothie and smile and smirk as he deceives a once great nation.

  16. Hoff says:

    New Jew Codeword Explained – by Hoff

    Communist = Jews

    Take any text with the word communist and exchange communist with jew, jews, jewish and now you can read the truth what jew communism is. Because anything communistic is what is good for the jews.

  17. Julian Lee says:

    Over at TheSmokingGun.com (a great site, most commentors are Obama-aware), a professional graphics guy has answered the True Believer Nitwits who claim that Abobe could have created all those layers automatically by having OCR turned on. The guy worked for a company that created training manuals for the Adobe programs, and even wrote some of the manuals. Highly experienced with the software, his profession is expertise with the software. First one of the apologists and OCR auto-layer hopefuls asks:

    “Hi Gary, you’ve got my interest. The is one thing that makes me edgy about saying that this document is indeed a full-fledged forgery. When I heard about the layers in the document, my first thought was OCR (as others have pointed out). So, what would be different about the layers in the BC compared to OCR layers?

    garypoyssick on Fri, 2011-04-29 12:51:

    “OCR would have created a text file — it reads the shape of the letters and compares them to a dictionary. The shape of the letter “A” results in a connection in the algorythm. But you cannot scan multiple layers. And you cannot erase green thread — such as is used in register paper — with an eraser.

    “I might argue that the “Halos” — the white spacing around the letters — might have been caused had the contrast been set too high, but it would not have caused white to appear BEHIND the scanned letters. And an OCR output would be as perfect as the fonts you print on your laser printer, sir. Try it. [Note: He’s saying that any layers auto-created via OCR, claimed as explanation by Obama sycophants, would contain perfect Adobe auto-generated fonts. But they don’t.)

    “This document contains letters that are bitmaps. They’re themselves scans. Several of them. Some on certain sub-layers and certain ones on others. And the bottom layer — the original green ledger paper the “artist” (I use that term lightly) used for the document they created — shows white underneath them. And contains several soft letters. The soft ones were on the original. The softness is caused by the press of the typewriter letter on the paper when it strikes. The white isn’t there from a typewriter. The letters — the bitmapped, hard-edges ones — were laid on something called “Clipping Masks”. They are special shapes generated digitally and used to “knock out” the background (green ledger original) to make shape for the new (overlaid) layer.

    “And tell the Doctor that said my head is up my arse to learn Photoshop. And how to build a new heart from a blank piece of green paper.

    TheSmoking Gun.com

    The White-guilted African-worshippers have nothing of substance to argue their case, over there, just insults and bull. Thinking their Magic Negro could ever be dishonest (never mind his completely concealed past) is, to them, is tantamount to believing the earth is flat. These people are nuts.

  18. Marshall says:

    Michael Rivero had a snappy answer just like this about why it’s NOT a forgery, but I didn’t buy it. Bro. Nathanael makes it easy. Whether Trump is part Jew or not, he’s a pompous asshole, and he’s NO “self-made man.” His daddy was richer than he is, and Trump has survived off internal Jew “bailouts” of his very own. He also just married his daughter off to a Jew, so what else do we need to see? CRYPTO by default LOL

  19. Julian Lee says:

    Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen with Alex Jones:

    Jewsnews busily re-writing history of Obama.

    Obama’s Intelligence Background

    Obama has been groomed by the C.I.A. since youth to be strategically placed as a national leader. His mother was an intelligence agent who worked in Indonesia posing as a Leftist. She turned in Communists for killing by the Soharto regime. This researcher believes Obama was a C.I.A. agent doing similar ratting work for C.I.A. operations in Chicago.

  20. Marshall says:

    I can’t imagine any other reason she would be over there in the first place Julian can you? LOL

    Now…Obama in Chi-town gets a little strange, considering he knew William Ayers, not to mention Abner Mikva, whilst going to the “Man’s Country” queer house with his butt-buddy fairy pal Rahmbelina.

    A “community organizer” Obama calls himself. What the hell does THAT mean? I seem to notice the “commun-ism” in there somewhere…is it just me? 🙂 Hmm…I guess Obama’s Brownshirts (nee Redshirts) are pretty “organized” right here:

  21. Marshall says:

    Are these kids saying, “Alpha…Omega” when they march in? WOW. If so, Obama sure has some lofty goals, like being Jesus Christ LMAO!!! I mean, I already knew he came from Krypton and was here to save the Earth, but DAMN Obama…long-legged Mac Daddy Messiah, doesn’t “Yes We Can” say “Thank You Satan” backwards? 😀

  22. Citizenfitz says:

    What are these kids doing marching around dressed up in those fancy threads when they should be out shooting up all the wrong people in drive bys?

  23. t bone says:

    Alpha -Omega?
    I saw that in a movie once…
    …think it was planet of the apes I or II

  24. Marshall says:

    It’s because jungle camo pants only work in the woods Fitz!!! They just aren’t dressed for urban combat. If they had a few pairs of these, they would be completely invisible. Nike “Pro Combat” series…YO WORD UP!!! 😀



    I saw it LONG before even Charleton Heston ate his first banana on the Planet of the Apes, or the aforementioned simians learned the Greek alphabet!!! 🙂

    Revelation 1:8
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

    Revelation 1:11
    Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.

    Revelation 21:6
    And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

    Revelation 22:13
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

  25. Von Riemann says:

    @ incogman….

    I knew this was a hoax, like all of us, from day one…The truth has been promulgated about that closet-homosexual, pedophile, drug-addict, war-criminal, Kenyan (Black) Muslim 60’s social-leftist (Half-Jew) terrorist w/ a Ghetto crack-whore for a wife, Barack Hussein Obama [Bin Laden] for a long time— often to no avail with the sheep…However, with Charlie Sheen, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Donald Trump, and many other high notable figures [yes, all them, at least most, are all Jewish & our mortal enemies and playing us for fools/patronizing/mocking us—but still they’re bringing this matter to the main-stream attention now and the system cannot just claim its us “White Racist Conspiracy Nutcases!” anymore] are questioning this…

    Now, that being said about this matter on the birth-certificate…

    A)This is the same birth-certificate from Hawaii that Obama a few months back w/ his Jewish, Social-Leftist(i.e. non-white racist and supremacist), and Pacific-Islander criminal hustlers/swindlers tried blackmailing/extorting us all out of $200 each person just to get a copy of it… [Not only is this document a Fraud, but Obama and his admin conspired to commit major Federal felonies such as blackmail, intimidation, extortion, falsifying Federal & State documents & evidence, impersonating Federal employees [since he is not who he claims to be, and has multiple identities], criminal organized racket which he can be prosecuted under the ‘Rico Act’ for], etc…So, by Obama blackmailing/extorting us for money, for a certificate that he is required under American National [Federal & State] laws to provide us free to prove his eligibility for presidency—shows that not only Obama is a hardline-criminal, but also has something to hide and that this document is a fake/forgery…


    C) This “certificate” is not an “Official Copy” of a certificate/document, let alone a birth document—it is a “PhotoShopped Copy” blatantly meaning its a hoax, fraud, fake, forgery, computerized copy of what a birth-certificate would’ve been, etc; created via the computer [which is also illegal under Federal law, similar to printing and distributing/circulating fake Federal US currency/notes/bills]… (PDF) created with (Adobe-Photoshop) and (Ad0be PDF Converter), is computer animated…In order to attain any office in the United-States, you need an “official copy” or “original-copy” of your birth-certificate…While, foreign-nationals like Arnold Schwarzenegger can hold state office—they cannot the national office of the Presidency of the United-States—but still they have to provide their documentation of birth, let alone to even get citizenship into America not including taking office in our institutions…And it shows the blatant reversed-racism that was promulgated against the German [Arnold Schwarzenegger] who wanted to run for office of presidency; and all the hype the (MSM) committed too on both sides of Jew-system in ensuring Arnold’s bid for office was denied; including bringing-up the fact that Arnold’s father was a card-carrying National-Socialist in Austria, etc; and the same situation today with unquestionable godly-worship of the Mulatto illegal Kenyan who sits at the throne of the Rothchild/CFR Jewish global one-world-order… Obama’s (PDF) ‘hybrid-copy’ brings up another point that: if Obama actually was born in Hawaii, why not give us a “copy” of the real birth-certificate, and not a photo-shopped version of a certificate???If Obama, was actually born in Hawaii, then he would’ve had an original copy of his birth-certificate, why not show us the original [I still have mine, faded, worn, and tattered]??? If Obama lost his supposed “original-copy” he could’ve paid a small fee, and filed a petition for an actual “official-copy” of the “original-copy” of the certificate—although at the (Department of Motor Veichles) they prefer the original, and if you don’t have the original then you have to provide 7 other pieces of evidence [passport, bills, credit-card, etc; as well as your parents proof of birth in the United States]…Why give us a fake computerized copy???let alone try and scam us for $200 a person to see it??? It can all be summed-up; that Obama and his Jewish/Zionist masters; White Liberal Social-Communist/Anarchist radical friends/backers; and his Negro racist/supremacist peeps are running-scarred and they know Obama and the order/system have been exposed, and their game for a one-world-order is about up—so they’re growing desperate and thought they could pull a fast-one over on us by releasing this document, and thought we are stupid-enough like the masses without free-mind/intelligence/will too blindly go along with their schemes to promote white-genocide and a one-world-order!!! (PDF) copy will not hold-up in the court of law…and is evidence in-it-self that it should be scrutinized and rejected as a fake/hoax…

    D)That being said…just listen to Obama’s own words, because he admitted where he was born and from… Listen to the president of Kenya admitting Obama was born in Kenya…Michelle Obama admitting Barack was born in Kenya, and visited his home country to see his family where he was raised, etc…


    (Kenyan Ambassador admits Obama born there – birthplace “already well known”)


  26. Marshall says:

    You know, I think THIS may be part of the overall problem:

  27. t bone says:

    Well Marsh
    That confirms it. America is completely dumbed down.
    And the niggers in that vid…
    …retarded is not only an understatement, its a diss to the retarded.

  28. kerdasi amaq says:

    These people are nuts.

    You can’t be a “progressive” liberal otherwise. They have a fantasy perfect society that they want to create and are mad as hell that society won’t give them the absolute authority-that they crave-to build it.

  29. INCOG MAN says:

    I just got thru a conversation with a Photoshop pro about this FRAUD. He’s in total agreement that Obama’s “birth certificate” is TOTAL BULL.

    It’s so bad that it may have been done this way on purpose.

  30. Julian Lee says:

    It may be Zionist Occupied Government (Z.O.G.) thumbing their nose at Americans, saying: “We do as we like. And there’s nothing you can do.”

    I think there is an element of hubris and arrogance in our alien occupiers, so it’s possible.

    But I think that the document fraud has clued in a whole new category of White European men and women. I think it’s causing a big wakeup, with lots of lightbulbs going off, in people who were complacent before. The White mind has a technical nature and takes offense at such absurdity. If a jet plane had ever crashed into a skyscraper in the past — thus giving people something to compare it too — 9-11 would have awakened them to the alien invasion. However, LOTS AND LOTS of White men and women know Adobe graphics software cold, and this is not gonna fly with them.

    It may be a matter of the Zionists coming out “in the open” in some sense and taunting America. Or, the Jews are disciplining Obama for not genociding enough people yet, and he is making the best of it and keeping his smug laugh going. After all, he’s just finished going through years of Jew-orchestrated worship by idiots.

  31. Julian Lee says:

    With this BC they are also using the “tell a big enough lie” principle, which was exactly what they did with 9-11. Hitler sure had them analyzed right.

  32. I says:

    The “optimize scan for OCR” thing seems like it would explain a lot about what we observe in the birth certificate. The question then becomes: why was this processing applied to the document in the first place? It may have been a way of intentionally “downsampling” it, in order to conceal any real indications that it has been faked. Now, anything fishy that turns up in it can immediately be blamed on the OCR.

    I wasn’t into the whole “birther” thing before but admittedly this has piqued my interest.

  33. Bailey says:

    Big lies, Real big lies,


    Summers here and the time is right
    for dancin’ in the streets.


    I’m shocked that Rita Katz is not given any credit for this stunning victory.

  34. Silvernickel says:

    This kid has done an excellent video of the Obama BC pdf fraud

  35. Julian Lee says:

    This guy has busted the “auto layers” theory. He shows that the layers in Obama’s document are something called “links,” which means they were external to the founding document. He says layers created automatically can’t create them as external links. He even shows how all the manipulations for each assembled item are right there in the links. (This is the file the White House posted.) A lot of the pieces of the forged certificate were originally vertical and had to be rotated by the artist, and the record of each manipulation by the artist, such as enlarging or straightening out a patchwork piece, is right still there in the file.


    Anybody who claims to be an Adobe expert and says these layers were auto-generated is a liar! What is happening to our country.

  36. Flanders says:

    Several points seem to be made and covered in this report including, “How does a computer printout, based on a database contain imaging layers?”

    “Why if the Obama long form was isued in the same month as the Nordyke Twins [image above Obama] is there a different ‘registrar’ ?

    Why is there no SEAL on the document as in the Nordyke’s?

    What happened to Dr. Rodney West, who was supposed to be the doctor that delivered Obama?

    According to the web site the name didn’t change to Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital merged with Kapi‘olani Maternity Home in 1978. So how could his official long form birth certificate that was generated in 1961 have the name of the hospital that wasn’t created until 1978?”

    Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital opened in 1909 named for Emma Kauikeolani Napoleon Mahelona (1862–1931), the wife of Albert Spencer Wilcox (1844–1919). In 1978, it merged with Kapi?olani Maternity Home to become Kapi?olani Medical Center for Women and Children.”


  37. Flanders says:

    A good discussion about the school that Obama attended in Hawaii also discusses one of his former alleged classmates and asks, “Was Recently-Arrested Friend Obama’s Former Drug Dealer?”

    “The same article describes Obama’s visits to Hawaii including time spent with Titcomb:

    Besides family, Obama hooks up with his high-school buddies. He plays hoops and an occasional round of golf, downs his fill of sushi and poke, lays into a game of Scrabble and catches the waves at Sandy’s. His pals say he hasn’t changed. “He’s honest, he’s truthful and he’s always encouraged the better things in you,” says Bobby Titcomb. “And you always go back to those people who water your plant, who water your garden.”


  38. tsarina says:

    “Instead, they fill the airwaves with non-stop hokum about a wedding in jolly old England –I guess everybody just has to be so excited about the nuptials of middle-class “commoner” Kate Middleton and Crown prince William, huh? Funny, last I heard, America didn’t have a monarchy. Yet if you look at the Big Picture, all us American plebes are under the exact same thieving yoke as our British cousins and, believe me, it’s not royalty riding along in horse-drawn carriages.”

    I rather enjoyed seeing all the beautiful white, European people and their white European traditions that white folks in the Kwa have shit upon and forgotton about in the name of the republic. What you saw was white European culture and tradition, which you are not used to anymore because you are used to black hip hop, crap, and black jungle music and culture. The Jews also spit on white Monarchs and European civilization. Remember, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion stated the Jews would destroy the white gentile monarchies, aristocracies and established churches and replace them with republics. I like the fact that I see an image of a white woman on my dollar bills. I don’t like seeing the “black” guy in the “white” house. Also, the official version of American history states the founding fathers came to America to escape the tyrrany of the King of England. Beware the complainers and whiners. Was the King of England really so tyrranical, and against whom exactly; white English people or the Jews? Who really established America? Are Freemasons Jews???

  39. Leif Oldhart says:

    Ho there, Incogman and Crew!

    You don’t need a copy of Adobe Illustrator to examine the hidden structure of Obammy’s alleged long form birth certificate.

    Most people don’t own Adobe Illustrator.

    But many, many people own Adobe Acrobat. And I’m talking the full Acrobat program that can edit and create PDFs, not the “Reader” program or plugin.

    So if you own Adobe Acrobat, just open that Obammy PDF and look over to the top right at the “Advanced” menu. See it up there on the menu bar, between the “Tools” and the “Window” menu items?

    Now you must select a sub-menu from the “Advanced” menu items list.

    In this case, click on “Export All Images.” That’s right, if you own Adobe Acrobat, you can get your hands on all the images in your favorite PDF files!

    Save the images in Obammy’s PDF to your folder or location of desire. You have a choice of formats: JPG, PNG, or TIFF. Save those images; and then use your favorite image viewer to examine them. YOU are in for a TREAT!

    Remember, it’s not everyday that you’ll be given opportunity to examine and investigate primary sources (actual historical documents). (!)

    Have a nice day, and…

  40. Marshall says:

    LOL Leif!!! I’ll even throw that certificate into the GIMP and see what appears.

    Now…the question of the hour. Is this more Photoshopping, or has Obama had a teleprompter inserted into his skull? 😀


  41. t bone says:

    Nice link.
    I see a picture with a mud prez facing a wetback.
    A good title for it would be
    ‘Monkey in the Middle’

  42. kerdasi amaq says:

    More analysis of the HN’s birth certificate:


    From the comment thread:
    Justin said…

    Wouldn’t a certificate , like the Nordyke’s, been originally typed up at the hospital? Why the different local registrars? Is U K L Lee a real person, if yes what is his/her story? Why is the seal on the short form INCISED instead of EMBOSSED? Why is this incised seal not consistent with the requirements given for the legal seal? Ow, my head hurts.

    Who is U K L Lee? Anyway it doesn’t matter to Obama; as long as the MSM and the Obamatrons accept his BC as real.

  43. /\/\\/\/\/\/\/\//\t.s.s.st.w/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ says:

    the fake barf certificant goes well with the fake human loike critter who plays obama role 24/7…..once saw the cert ..twas a photo but the old certs in kenya were put on microfilm and new ones producesd for the citizens of kenya…etc……there is a shrine in bammas birth town in the town center that says in honor of a great american leaDER who was born here etc…some such shit …..wash dc stans for distrikt of crimminales, IMF–CARLYLE gROUP==BILDERSHITBERDS–cfr– rokkefelons etc…now the great poisoner of gods green earth ,monsanto has blackwater ownership…..it is of immediate concern fellow earthlings of the fuckasheema nuke mess coming hot and heavy to usa ,,,or as rocky and bullwinkle were tellin me tha other day ,,gee why havent they covered up that mutha fukka with cement yet like the specious accidented chernobyl plant……cover that shit up now please,,,oh well they would rather let the new highly rad cloud coming here lite up your shit….yes everyone who has absolute power is insane and everyone of these people is also dispossessed of a regular human soul,,,”JEW”They are the craziest most mixed up group of habitual criminals anyone has ever seen and not related to any bible whining sympathy rites…none of em are related to ol shem arapschad,abram ,isaac.jacob israel (hebrew) blood line but it makes good press …they are just a bunch oh khazar decenst and khazars were the most feared bloodthirsty brood that ghengis hired em and old jews hired em to fite their batllse some thousand years ago et effin cetra……like mexicans who are some of the most non articulately mixed race mofos…they afre the result of early multicult diarrhea and who got multiculted is unclear but a race of psyco pygmies is what you get……I love the one where all the al sharpton assholes and jesse on crak jakkson say that anyone who talks about asshole obama is a racist ….really ,,you think these buffoons and the spiks are magnaminously peaceful types who are capable of reason……yeah all i see is jews on tv and the whole hollywood thing is disgusting idolatry anyway,,,,,dump hollywood..you are not going to get on the screen unless you are of the khazar name domain anyway ,or into harvard ,yale and med school as the jews like to be in control of lite softkill medical genocide…dont even doubt it …I seen random gentiles put on fastrack to dead in hospitals and the ones i know had questions about what happenned when they survived the horror….well there you have it ….incogman we salute you….newsturmer …god help the troops coming home to usa ,,,fuckin workin for the zog just aint worth it….shitstorm a cometh……regards

  44. Julian Lee says:

    Here is an interesting new evidence on Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. His faked document actually contains kerning:


    Kerning was not available in 1961, especially on typewriters, and these idiots used old-typewriter digital fonts that auto-kerned (as all digital fonts do now). I used to be a typographer before the age of the personal computer. It’s certainly true what this fellow is showing, and easy to understand.

    Obama is an unlawful president and the creation of the Jewish media and banking elite. But think about it: This operation is so ramshackle and half-assed they couldn’t even find a good graphic artist, or even somebody who’d remember to do the elementary step of flattening layers.

    Or, as is possible, the Jews may be laughing at Americans at this point.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Yes, I saw that too, Julian. Typewriters did NOT do that in 1961.

      Obama’s phony long form birth certificate should be a wake-up call to all the bull behind the scenes.

      Notice how the media has gone back to silent running on Obama’s background. Including the so-called conservative FOX. It’s a big fat joke, people.

  45. Julian Lee says:

    Zionist Farah Pulls Book Exposing Zionist Puppet


    The new dodge-and-weave by the Zionist puppets who shore up Obama (like Farah, who always pretends to be against him):

    Despite all the evidence seen by anybody-with-a-brain that the certificate is completely fake, the Zio-bots are relying on the “big lie” technique: A president would not possibly fake his birth certificate. These so-called “journalists” (like the Zionist whore Farah) won’t even do the ABC’s of investigating the birth certificate’s legitimacy.

    This Jew-worshiping Farah has always made me want to vomit.

  46. Julian Lee says:

    White Guilt Hypnosis Finally Wearing Among Young Whites

    “On College Campuses, Obama’s Not Cool Anymore”


    I knew it would.

    By the way: Jews were the ones who created slavery and got America addicted to slave labor. They also changed the original Christian laws of the White colonies, which
    had outlawed slavery, to permit it.

    The reason Whites (and Jews) got involved with slavery in the first place was because they encountered competing (warring) tribes enlsaving each other. If you find a bunch of Africans leading a bunch of shackled and manacled Africans in a line, down the trail, what do you do? You say, “What’s this?” Then what do you do? Realizing it’s easy to buy one (and you might need a deck hand, and he might really appreciate it), you buy one or two for a trinket. (The slave’s grateful. He he was likely going to be a meal or a torture fest back in the enemie’s village.) That’s how it started.

    Realize that slavery still goes on in Africa, and it is not even against the law in Israel, the center of White slavery (White eastern European women kidnapped and made sex slaves in all-day brothels). Stretch a string across a room and tie a knot in the middle. In the great span of time, that was how long Whites were involved with slavery. Whites were the ones who, in the great span of time, quickly outlawed it then proceeded to outlaw it everywhere they could.

    Blacks were uplifted by coming here, and brought to a life they could not have known in Africa. If you asked any black: Are you glad your ancestors were brought to America? Or would you rather than you were still back in Africa? most would not say “yes” to the 2nd proposition.

    At this point we don’t owe anything to Blacks. Blacks owe Whites. Especially with the White-murdering holocaust they’re giving us as thanks for bearing them so much.

  47. Julian Lee says:

    A lot of the Whites hypnotized by 6 decades of White guilt can’t register the obvious signs of forgery in the Barry Soetoro “birth certificate.” (Not even an ostensible BC in the first place, but a non-official “live birth” thing.) Many of them stand on the notion that Abobe creates layers automatically when OCR is turned on (Optical Character Recognition). There are a lot of problems with that theory, including the fact that OCR would insert modern Adobe fonts, which the document doesn’t contain. This fellow really kills the OCR alibi in this video:


    Many elements in Nobama’s fake certificate were in the form of “external links.” That means they were definitely imported from other documents. OCR can auto-create layers, but it will not create external links. (Or even the clipping mask found in the forgery).

    More absurd, the links contain the record of the manipulations used by the artist, such as degrees of rotation used to turn the inserts horizontally, make them look straight and conform with the background, etc.

    White Nobama drones, traumatized by 6 decades of Jewish White-guilt programming, can’t emotionally deal with the fact that their White-guilt assuagement swab is a Manchurian candidate, a felon, never-qualified, has a covered-up past, is a teleprompter-reading puppet for Ziowars, and a complete hoax.

    How cruel were the Jews to these poor fools. They gave them an obvious liar for their first black prez, knowing White-guilt muppets would be psychologically incapable of lifting a finger, even to preserve their own integrity and White dignity.

  48. Julian Lee says:

    Not that it’s our only problem, but it’s good to remember that our president is a fake, a liar, sitting illegally in the White House, and a Jewish production top to bottom.

    Here’s a new video showing the weirdness and fakery of Obummer’s birth certificate posting:


    The lady shows that when you simply copy-paste the his posted “document” into Word, it comes out strange, with all sorts of stuff missing. Other documents (including his first fake posting) — don’t display the same phenomenon or end up losing text. Only Jews got him elected and only Jews protect his position now, because he’s their tool, expanding Jew wars and guaranteeing untouchable criminal status to Israel (including agreeing to let Jews be the only nation with secret, unmonitorable nukes.)

  49. Lynda says:

    The Soetoro Jew Occupied Government of the US – SoJOG has ordered the shutdown of 11 million Christian websites in Islamic nations. There is a deal in the Pakalert report of how Joogle ‘resisted’ and ‘opposes censorship’ and cares about ‘freedom of religion’. They even got all schmaltzy about minority ‘rights’.

    Christ have mercy.

    Boys and Girls please do not read this report unless your seat is in the upright position with your seatbelt fastened and your tray table locked. Also, better find the barf bag.

    Joogle ran the whole schtik basically. Pakalert omitted reference to the holocaust, but if we look at all reports, Joogle will probably find a holocaust angle in there somewhere to meshugga about.

    But, in the end the devil made them do it. So, on the orders of the Great Satan, the poor Joogle Jews had to obey orders to throw the switch on the Christian web presence throughout the Arab world.

    Who writes these scripts?

    http://www.pakalertpress.com/2011/07/11/us-order-to-shutdown-millions-of-christian-websites-shocks-world. “US Order To Shutdown Millions of Christians Websites Shocks World” July 11, 2011. Pakalert.

  50. Alababa Bumba says:

    Expert: ‘Forger’ of Obama birth record left red herring
    Researcher painstakingly re-manufactured White House-release to back fraud charge

    Read more: Expert: ‘Forger’ of Obama birth record left red herring http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=357621#ixzz1bBOCeSeg


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