The Jewy Fagging of America

J. Crew’s ad touting gender-bending by using a little White kid (red circle and arrow is mine). Isn’t that so cute!

J. CREW, THE FASHION catalog company, recently came out with a controversial new ad featuring a cute little tousled haired White boy with his toenail’s painted hot pink as his apparent mother, a Jewy-looking woman, laughs over the sight (above).

Let me state for the record: The photographer, art and advertising directors responsible for this vile crap should be dragged out of their comfortable offices by the hair of the head and forced to dig turnips or potatoes in the hot sun somewhere for a year or so. Let the arrest be videotaped for the rest of the country to see.

Think that’s a little harsh? I don’t think so. I’m sick and tired of these foul degenerate cretins spreading their nasty filth and diseases in this country!

Oh yeah, I know we’re supposed to be all nice and accepting of the “alternate lifestyle” crowd, but just take a look at these whacked-in-the-head fruitcakes (photos below). These are basically pretty much perverts and immoral deviants, who sometimes blame it on being “born in the wrong bodies.” I just call them sodomites, plain and simple.

PLEASE, DO NOT CLICK ON “Continue reading” unless you have a barf bag handy and can deal with some seriously sick crap. You’ve been warned!

Folks, this is all part of the Jew’s inner urge to skank us up and screw with our heads. The Talmudic, NWO Jews want to turn America into a stinky, multicult and sleazy land, one where they can hide in rich, protected enclaves, as they continue raking in the moolah with the paper money scams, pornography of any kind and kosher tax extortions on all us Goyim suckers out here.

Yeah, that’s right — suckers. They’ll still expect us to pay for and fight their GD Mideast wars for the expansion of Israel, but work back here to turn our country into a nasty, faggot-ridden place for the children of our brave and patriotic, but misguided soldiers.

Hell, they’ve already succeeded changing the laws to allow open homos in the military. There is no place they’ll leave untouched by groping gays and twisted transsexuals, including school children in third grade! Primetime and daytime TV has them. So far, they’ve kept it mostly low-key in the mainstream media, but will soon have scenes just as explicit with the homos as they now do with the heteros.

You know all this is happening, now don’t you?

French Vogue magazine ad: Tranny shows a hint of “his” real package (red arrow is mine). “It” looks like a probable sick Jew, most certainly a homo taking hormones to boost “it’s” breast formation. This kind of advertising is now in America, just not quite this bad — yet.

This “guy” is actually a female lesbian, who had her breast tissue surgically removed to look more “manly” (nipples are sewn back on). These types confuse normal people, since they are often seen in the company of other female lezbos (like the redhead on the left). They love showing off their new chests by walking around shirtless, yet are totally disgusting when you know the real deal. One big side effect of expensive monthly hormone injections (driving up insurance rates for all of us), turns them into odd, doughy looking girl-boys — just so they can grow a little whispy hair on their “manly” chests. You’re paying for this shit.

The Jews and sickos are working hard to slime up this country — from insisting on using public restrooms, to working beside you in your office. Don’t even think about laughing or puking, or they might get you fired, maybe even arrested in countries like Canada. Your company will lay you off long before them, since the faggot is well-versed at Jew victimhood tactics and will scream discrimination!

Indoctrination of kids in schools by using worries over disgusting STDs. They are pretty much giving underage kids a road map on how to engage in such acts (and purposely downplay the risks), when children shouldn’t even be doing or even knowing about such sick things in the first place! Hell, adults too. Just read what they are talking about the in the above graphic (click to enlarge).

Proposed bust of Jew homo Harvey Milk, manufactured martyr for faggots in America. California just passed a new law forcing teachers to teach “Gay history” and extol homos in class. Even transgenderism is to be taught as a respectable lifestyle. This country had better wake the hell up and fast!  

Barbara Walters, Globalist Jewess and top echelon member of the Council of Foreign Relations, pushes the transgender business by doing a fawning 20/20 piece on a ten year-old boy who insisted on dressing as a girl. His multicult brainwashed parents went along with it. Photo by Heidi Gutman, wife of Matt Gutman, another Jew ABC reporter feeding us the nightly Jew crap.

The Jew-controlled media does everything they can to paint these wacked freaks as normal, decent citizenry, when the reality is that they are anything but. The sicker and more disgusting these pervs act, the more thrilled they become. If they can get away with “DOING IT” in public where straight people might witness their foul obscenities, makes things even more exciting.

Most of the time, you can tell these are freaks of some sort, but here’s the sick thing: Not always. If they can fool you, and gross out a “breeder” (what they call us normal people), gives them tons to giggle over with faggot friends later.

Many of your common street walkers are black she-males (got the dangle down below), orally servicing city Jews on the prowl. Thursdays are well-known as the best night for them to work, since thats boy’s night out for regular Jews and even rabbis with pockets stuffed full of kosher food industry extortion money. At the top left is East Cleveland Mayor Eric Harris, his re-election campaign ruined by someone putting his cross-dressing shots up on the net. Even the Negroes couldn’t handle a black fag!

Transgender portrait of the commie Che Guevara. Although lefty’s have long tried to say he was a closet “maricone,” the real Che threw such types into hard labor camps, where many limp-wristed died slaving in the hot sugar cane fields. That’s just like the ridiculously inane Multicults to call Che a “hero of the masses!”

Six Flags (or is it fags?) over New England held a special LGBT day where children in the area were invited to mix with homos. Above, are two demonic and Jewy-looking winners of a tranny “beauty” contest held that day; just think, if these two were winners, imagine the rest! Here’s how one local homo newspaper described the day’s festivities: “Everywhere you looked there was some LGBT adult interacting with children in the most harmless and loving ways you can imagine: taking them on rides, buying them treats, taking a real and completely innocent interest in them and whether they were having enough fun.” Get that: “Completely innocent.” Right. Read more here

Subversive Jews are heavily involved in pushing open faggotry on America. Here we see the “lovely” Lily Macbeth, an old she-male substitute teacher counseled by Jew Stephen Goldstein, chairman of “Garden State Equality,” a New Jersey legal activist group for transgenders. Check out how she stares at the Jew’s mouth — can you imagine having that scary-looking freak as your kid’s teacher?

Tel Aviv declared herself the capital of the Homo world — and what could be more appropriate? Israel now regularly hosts vacationing faggot conventions. Here we have the Aguda, an Israeli GLBT association reveling in Jew faggotry. GLBT stands for GAYS, LEZBOS, Bisexuals and Trannys, but is usually spelled LGBT in the US to put Lezbos first. Basically, it covers anything sick, but the nation-wrecking Jews will soon enough have another “B” added — for Bestiality.

Tel Aviv is chock-full of “transpinays” — tranny male Filipino or Asian street walkers selling oral sex. Soft urban Jews can’t bear to work construction or manual labor of any sort, so Asians are temporarily imported for cheap manual labor. This brings along the transpinays who service Israeli secular Jews and even bearded orthodox rabbis looking for that extra kinky goyim thrill. Sick mofos.


Don’t believe me about Jews and homos? Go here to see just how many homo groups are run by Jews! Could Jews Get Anymore Gay?

Elena Kagan, the latest Supreme Court Jew Justice, proven liar in the confirmation hearings, pro-Abortion (genocide of the Goyim) and big-time homo change agent (she’s known in real life as a closet bull dyke, herself).

— Phillip Marlowe

CA Senate bill mandates gay history in schools

Child pornography in the classroom

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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229 Responses to The Jewy Fagging of America

  1. Koal Nigra says:

    Genetic insanity caused by excessive inbreding and incest most come in jews and assorted hunter-gatherers. Almost non-existent in whites that have not been mind screwed by jewish education. It is in fact a mental illness and a genetic defect, no mater how many jew swine lobby squatter jew government queers to try and legitimize it under talmud law over-writing Constitutional law. It is not salvagable and must be delt with terminally. I wounder what our fine troops composed of satanist, crips, bloods, ms13 and jew supporters feel about it. How will they deal with us when we try? Sure have a hard time supporting troops these days or Memorial Day when they don’t support one thing I believe in and plan on doing as the jew tells them (kill and cage us) when we try. Get used to having your kids sodomized by jew with full support of black UN baret wearing ‘troops’. God Damn them all save the few humans still lingering in the bunch of gangbangers with fine goy kosher tax paid superior government weaponry. God damn them all.

  2. kerryO says:

    I understand,running the Jews off firstly would enable us secondly, to seal our borders and deport those that entered illegally. The only problem here, is how do we combat a force that won’t let us deal with the second problem according to the will of ‘we the people”? There’s a saying “it’s too late to vote em’ out,and too early to shoot em’. ” That must be a very old saying.

  3. Jason says:

    You say these parasites should be sent to pick turnips.
    Fuck that. Im a farmer and I can tell you this with 100% certainty.. We don’t want these maggots working on our farms.

    Do you really want these foul degenerate cretins working in something as important as our food chain.

    Maybe they should learn to say…

    Would you like fries with that order

  4. The Roman says:

    Yeah Jon Thomas, you really showed Hitler. He’s still shaking from the asskicking those Jew warriors gave him. Nobody kicks ass while hiding in attics, floors and furniture like a badass Jew soldier. He he he he he he….

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    It is totally remarkable what the German people were able to do revising themselves and becoming the greatest nation in the world after the slaughter of jew war 1 and then the versialles treaty. All they figured out was get rid of the jews and it’s amazing what we can accomplish make our nation great again stuff. Of course the jews didn’t like that idea just as they don’t like the idea of making America great again stuff. So they started another jew war 2 to destroy Germany and the japs didn’t like jews either. Face it who does? The world is to be owned and governed by jews from israil and jewrusalem and anybody that does not get with the program will be declared a rogue nation and the jews will get a coalition of other countries to come beat you up for them. It’s just a crying shame the American tragedy war for southern independence from federal means tyranny to jew war one and jew war 2 and on and on. Hitler was a great man and Germany was a great nation. Therefore Germany must perish just as the jews said they would do in 1933. I cry looking at the death and destruction and hardships and sufferings and complete waste of human endeavor brought to us thanks to your nearest jews. Thanks jews for the nigger problems also. Today somewhere else in the world something that was painstakingly built will have a bomb dropped upon it to destroy it. Which factory, bridge, waterworks, power plant, school or hospital will be destroyed today? I cant stand it anymore. Every advancement humanity tries to make if the jews cant own it or control it they try to destroy it. That’s just their nature. Anything good for the goyim must be destroyed, stopped, obstructed, always do harm to Christians is in their Talmud. Anything BAD for the goyim must be promoted, financed, helped. It’s in the jewish dna. Turn on the history channel hitler and the alien space lazer jew zapper. Hitler on meth. Hitlers mom stole paintings from the jews and hid them under her mattress. 75 billion jews were killed during jew war 2. The shit has become unwatchable anymore. The history changers name changers have that channel all fucked up now also.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    PROTOCOL No. 16, paragraph 4.

    er of persons with questions of polity creates utopian dreamers and bad subjects, as you can see for yourselves from the example of the universal education in this direction of the GOYIM. We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order. But when we are in power we shall remove every kind of disturbing subject from the course of education and shall make out of the youth obedient children of authority, loving him who rules as the support and hope of peace and quiet.


    4. Classicism as also any form of study of ancient history, in which there are more bad than good examples, we shall replace with the study of the program of the future. We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us, and leave only those which depict all the errors of the government of the GOYIM.

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