INCOG MAN — Secret Jew “Disinfo” Agent?

Clever Nazi cartoon depicting the New York or London Times as a Jewish mouthpiece. Guess what? The Nazis were absolutely right and it’s still the case with mainstream media today!   

I’M CERTAIN THAT if you are a regular visitor at INCOG LAND, you’ve seen the occasional commenter coming here trying to imply, or even say outright that I’m really a secret Jew, collecting names and/or putting out twisted messages to screw-up the thinking of White people.

Lick my ass!

Well, I got something to say to these liars and it’s exactly the same as what Luftwaffe boss Hermann Göring once said at the Nuremburg “war crimes” tribunal. When fellow defendants asked what they should say in court, Göring told them they should limit the entire defense to just three words: “Lick my ass!”

That’s right, you sorry Jew bastards: You can lick my White ass!

Me a Jew? I don’t think so, Schmos. I’m 100% American White boy and GD proud of it. I have an ancestor who died under the banner of Robert E. Lee (may God bless his soul). Also, I have a couple of family ancestors who fought under George C. Patton freeing the lousy Jews in Europe. And I have to listen to these SOBs going on and on (to infinity) about holoco$t crap? When will these whiny freaks ever shut the hell up?      

Read on for more INCOG ranting and take a poll on me being a Jew!        

First off, let’s take another look at the Jews behind all this before I fully address the business of me being a Jew “disinfo agent.” God, that’s so funny, I forgot to laugh.      

You should already know by now, that most of your Jews are divisive liberals and Marxist types. In fact, most Jews voted for Obama, regardless of all the anti-Obama yapping from the so-called conservative Jews. I read where a poll was taken of Jews leaving the voting booths that put them voting 77% for The Mulatto One and I’m quite certain the numbers were similar for Jews everywhere. This tells us that a majority of them are pro-Obama, liberal Commie-types and the “conservative” Jews know all this.

I'm a-coming too, Moses!

But being Jews, these right-winger Zionists ignore that and lamely resort to calling liberal Jews “self-hating,” or Bolsheviks (which kills me since most of the real Bolsheviks were Jews). Some dream up unbelievably convoluted history that says the liberal, criminal and Marxist Jews are really something called “Erev Rav,” meaning worthless, semi-Jews whom Moses should have left behind in Egypt when he high-tailed it from the Pharaoh and his chariots.     

“Erev Rav” Jews can be pictured as the sneaky Dathan, slave overseer and early “Kapo” for the enslaved Israelites in the movie “The Ten Commandments.” He was played by the Crypto-Jew Edward G. Robinson (real name Emanuel Goldenberg). Didn’t you wonder why they kept from choking this guy dead right off the bat? Present-day Zionist, right-winger Jews actually think they’ve been saddled with these thorn-in-the-side Erev Rav members ever since the days of Moses.     

Yeah, this lame excuse sure does explain things in the modern world, alright (there is ZILCH in real history about it). The Jew always seems to find some ready, often quite insane, answers for his failings as a “Chosen One.” And make clear note: If these big-mouthed, war-mongering and Israel-Firster Neo-CON Jews are stuck with the candy-ass, devious “Erev” Rav Jews — than the rest of us Americans are stuck with the whole stinking lot!    

It’s crazy for us as a country to have to deal with bizarre legends that go back to even before any real history was recorded. All these supposed stories about some violent little desert tribe who’s whole religion revolved around sacrificing first-born babies and animals; or putting to the sword all the members of other desert tribes in their way — stealing the gold, land, any good cattle, and enslaving the best-looking virgins for later use back in some fat old Hebrew’s dusty striped tent.   

But the absolute worse thing is that most modern day Jews apparently don’t even harken back to the whole Israelite/Moses Technicolor movie stuff at all! That’s right: Besides the Sephardic Jews, the majority are Ashkenazi (about 85% or more); who really belong to a Southern Russia, Hunnish/Turkish race called the Khazars, who spread through-out Europe during the middle ages. Just take a look at a photo of them today and compare it to a photo of Palestinians.    

Regardless of the blatant lies now put out by Jewry on the subject, genetic tests strongly suggest that the Khazar history is indeed correct, but the Jews don’t want the casual American to know even a thing about it, since it naturally calls into question them stealing Palestine as their “homeland” in the first place. READ MORE HERE    

Another thing about these right-winger conservative Jews: If you read all the stuff that comes out of their big mouths, you’ll quickly note that the status of precious Israel is the first and foremost thing to these people. No friggin’ matter what! These are not Americans, but Israeli embedded agents. They try to come off as conservative, flag-waving, Mom and Apple pie, and let’s kill all the evil sand-niggers ’cause they hate us for our freedoms, blah, blah, blah. Same old line of BS, right along with all the phony Bin Laden tapes.     

This is all part of the Jew’s incessant paranoia that just goes on and on (to infinity, again).  

Next to shaking down shekels out of host populations without too much honest labor, the arrogant Khazar Jews love screaming bloody murder over just about anything they please. The particular ones above have specialized in yapping away on sacred Israel being in “grave danger” from Muslims, censoring free speech (mostly about them) and non-stop “holocaust” pity fests. The American concept means nothing to these selfish, Jew big-mouths — Jews lucky enough to make huge amounts of money causing the rest of us Americans tons of trouble!   


These Neocohen Jews have all kinds of organizations expressly designed to shut-up or manipulate real Americans: JTF, JDL, SPLC, ADL, JDIF, AIPAC, JINSA — you name it, these people have a veritable alphabet soup of loud-mouthed bastards who love to cause trouble everywhere. Let’s not forget how they treat the Muslims, too. They psychologically need to hate those people so they don’t feel all guilty (if that’s possible) when they kill Palestinians. And they want us to hate them right along, or else we’re evil Nazis!        

How’s that for some typical Jew Spew? Can you believe the GD nerve of these people?       

But how did all this lying Zionist Jew crap come about for America? We let the Eastern European version (Talmudic, Ashkenazi Khazar “Jews”) immigrate here in the late 1800’s and they’ve been the bane of America and Whites ever since. We’ve been warned about them many times, too, and not just by the Nazis, either.       

Why do you think Jews are so often called “Nation Wreckers?” Because they are that’s why! Every single country they’ve ever lived in, they’ve ended-up getting kicked out, or a lot worse. Sometimes even twice! You think it’s just because Jews are so sweet and innocent? That’s so funny I forgot to laugh — again!     

Americans have always had a soft spot for the “oppressed” little guy. This is mostly because America was settled by us regular people escaping the pampered Kings and Lords of Europe. That’s why the right to bear arms and go hunting is so important for Americans. Over in the Old Country, we might get hung if we shot some stag deer in the wrong woods owned by some fat lord and master. No lie.        

This American egalitarian spirit has been mercilessly milked by these conniving Jews against our own race. From WWI and WWII to civil rights, all the way up to the present day when Whites daily have to suck down boatloads of pure crapola because of the Politically Correct business these hypocrites from hell have created in the US of A.        

OK, let’s get back to the subject of me being a Jew disinfo agent. All my words here on my blog can be carefully read (which I want), so you can decide for yourself. You can go read my “About Me” page and see exactly what I’ve long been trying to tell everyone. Other than additional quotes, I’ve hardly made a change to the page since I first wrote it, over 2 years ago. 

But let me put my message here in a nutshell (if at all possible):  

Jews have crapped-up their own bed big-time and are the biggest problem facing America and all White people now. From social engineering, to changing the immigration laws to favor non-Whites (1965), to doing whatever they can get away with in trashing White demographics and racial solidarity. Jews are often seen at the forefront of fomenting dissent and pushing a wide variety of immorality in their owned mainstream media, politics and society, all the while living as financial parasites and scamsters. 

You Nazis had better STFU about us!

These people are pretty much only loyal to Israel and work as daily PR spinmeisters and propagandists for that rogue nation. Shamelessly, they blackmail the world for money and sympathy over the falsely inflated “holocaust.” But most of them could care less about non-Jewish genocides, horrible Israeli war crimes and oppressions against Palestinians (Gaza), Israeli treacheries (USS Liberty), false-flag terror (9/11), MOSSAD assassinations (Dubai) and spying on America, no less. 

If all that was not enough: Back in our once mostly White countries (thanks, Jews!), these hysterical hypocrites happily work as censors and “thought police” to intimidate us Whites with PC slanders, push for Globalization and the NWO, protect the Jewish International Agenda and absolutely anything whatsover to do with their devious behavior and race.  

A race that is totally self-serving, totally subversive and totally sorrier than gully dirt. It’s these people who have been the real “agents provocateurs” and racial “fifth columnists” of all time! 

Americans are fast getting fed-the-hell-up with these non-stop trouble-makers. Since so few of them actually join the US military and ever see overseas service — us Whites going all Nazi scares them a whole lot more than any rag-head Muslims. Trust me.   

Getting back to me (again): Far as I’m concerned, if I was a secret Jew, then I would have to be the world’s biggest self-hating Jew — ever! Hell, if I was, I would have killed myself long ago, or else gone totally bonkers. It would make me the craziest Jew SOB who ever strolled the planet, and that’s saying something.        

For crying out loud, what other possible explanation could there be?        

One thing you need to understand is that Jews are masters of the lie. They love to play upon your doubts and confusions. They also understand well the lingo of pro-Whites and use it to establish themselves before they start dropping little bombs of suspicion, mistrust and out-of-left field accusations.    

Some of these tricky real-life Jew disinfo agents might even give themselves names like “White Patriot” in the attempt to fool you on the Internet, as they dispense foul Jew lies and made-up nonsense.   

These tricksters will also zero in and attack any Whites who make strong comments about the Jew as not being “White enough” so that we start in on each other. Nothing pleases the subversive Jew more than getting a bunch of Whites riled-up and hurling invectives at each other over whatever they make up. Hell, they’ve been using this fun little game to get the Negroes militant about Whitey ever since they’ve been in America.     

Another thing these Jews do is play bizarre head games by trying to paint a picture that the Jews are so prevalent and wide-spread that each of us are really secret Jews and just don’t know it. They may well have a point here — sorry to say — since far too many Whites have been so throughly brainwashed by Jewy-thinking they’ve become mini-Jews themselves (like Christian Zionists and White liberals).  

Because of Internet exposure, the Jews are now starting to get scared and know how little their real “on the street” control is over the rest of us. Like most flim-flams, it’s all been a giant charade and cardboard Potemkin village.  

Sure they have money, but big Jewry has just about turned all that into worthless paper. The have the media, but what can smarmy pro-Zionist anchorpeople and the usual Jew media pundits do when the power goes out and we’re out in force? The biggest threat they have is in sparking a race war as a parting gift to a country that once gave them succor. They’ll hope we’ll kill ourselves before we finger them and turn our sights on the real culprits.     

So, let’s conclude my rant session here and let me reiterate for the umpteenth time: I’m a White Caucasian of European Christian descent, whose ancestry has been traced all the way back to Jamestown, Virginia. I like White women and song, drinking tasty adult beverages on the occasion, fishing, hunting and exposing the lousy Jews now hell-bent on ruining the country of America. 

I’m definitely, unequivocally not a Jew. No way, Jose. Got that Jews and anyone else who wants to listen to those big fat liars?        

— Phillip Marlowe, the INCOG MAN        

Yeah, yeah, I know I go on with my ranting. The short answer to accusations of me being a Jew? Lick my White ass!    

Here, I’ll let you be my Judge and Jury. If convicted, I’ll spend my time in SPAMblinka, along with the Jews and XXX spam links I get bombarded with. Cast your vote NOW! 


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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392 Responses to INCOG MAN — Secret Jew “Disinfo” Agent?

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    The fact that jews attack this place is a testament of its effectiveness.

    I will miss Biker, Flanders and all the old time kinspeople who have decided to leave. It is unfortunate that they will let the jews win, at least here anyway. But I’m not going. I’ll take julian on if needs be, but I sticking it out.

  2. templeton st.willim says:

    somone says you piss me off ? ,i ask if they are dusty or is that a question as if that im pissing them off i assume i must be pissing on them or they want to be washed off ,,no?..that happens when i get drunk ???….keep it rollin Incog”man”…….jolly good werk..goDbless..or wait is that a jewish name with the “man” on the end ..LO effen L….WHy did the kazar divorce his wife and marry the out house ?? cus the hole was smaller and smeeled better……..

  3. irrego ayreean says:

    hazmat diver ?? definition of one who fucks monkeys or hasbarat pygmies….whino jews invented whining…patented it to,, so they make$$$$$ off it everytime someone whines and everytime someone says 6,000,000…..schlomo is going to patent all jewish lastnames and charge all jews for plagiarizm…..the new ken and ken and barbie transgender dolls to be introduced at your local wal-mart and is a product of insane asylum israel……ban jewish holidays as they are products of the hateful supremecy they feel towards their fellow human beans……..

  4. ALWAYS-BlameYT says:

    Here is another BIG TIME ZIONIST SHILL –

    This ass clowns Thinks the JESUITS RUN THE WORLD!

    But please don’t contact him because he is a freaking bitch and he will block you

  5. AleksanderStubb says:

    >This ass clowns Thinks the JESUITS RUN THE WORLD!

    He aint wrong much, but……

    Having studied this jew-thing about 4 years coming to conclusion that jews have some kind of secret in human relationship making them easy to penetrate and infiltrate different organisations.

    Also very interesting is that accoording what has been wrote only 1/20 jew is involved in the “project”. Although this 1/20 may be the most influentical part and about 2/10 may be against but 6/10 is working without knowing what they are doing by group pressure etc. 2/10 May be very neutral .

    I must say that I respect what they have done in terms of acchievement. How they know they are able to penetrate any organization. Protocols (1900) boast that if one country breaks the grip , others will make a world war. Only Germany has broken.

    There is no way “we” are going to make it. We lack something fundamental in this “game”. We are the helpless preys.

    About the start arguments. Jews control the jesuits. It is very well written record. The Hugenots massarcre was a handwriting of a jewish pope.

  6. AleksanderStubb says: thing that came to my mind.

    If Hitler was getting advice from jesuits , it may have cost him loosing the war.

    At first He was winning. For example 3 million red army solders deserted. Then german starged to treat red army deserters badly and soviets became russian national army agains Germany. That is the main point loosing the WW2. Not getting russians to desert any more after 1942.

    It may be the work of Jesuits??? Adolf would have won Russia easyly if he have formed a Russian army and just kept dropping propaganda leaflets. Who knows????

  7. Billy MacMillan says:

    i trust YOU Incog, even if you come off as a fuckin prick. cant blame ya, its a white thing. do it myself. what i dont trust is the BLOG. dont put words in my mouth, i said IT. if i meant YOU, i would have fuckin said YOU. im not gunna let Hasbara win, but im not gunna fight them on their terms, on their field. what moron would? hell im gunna miss all of you! even YOU asshole. you need to reign in the freaks that attack the regulars. im not gunna go all White Patriot on you and blast you with insults, but you have built a mini empire here, you need to police the gaddam thing. if that means throwing me out, well, fuck you. if you have other shit to do, go do it. but dont be pissed off when this blog degenerates. and my bullshit list? the people on that list were the only ones that i really trusted. you were on it, i didnt have to say sorry Incog, i didnt have to say anything to anyone. that i did is testament to my respect for what you have built here. fix it.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      OK, so your Biker, right?

      Well, Biker, I didn’t appreciate what you said. But I’ll let it slide. You don’t know the hassles here. Might be nice if you helped out by telling others I’m cool. ‘Course what you do on your own time is your own business.

  8. Billy MacMillan says:

    yeah, Biker above

  9. Brigid says:

    . Chief of the Indiana Supreme Court, Judge Steven DAVID, is the Jew that the RINO globalist, Governor Mitch Daniels, chose to replace his predecessor, also a Jew, who resigned/retired. He is the Jewish leader responsible for deciding that Hossiers had to endure someone breaking into their houses, that might be a police officer. All the polls show that the vast majority of gentiles in In. oppose this ruling by the Jews.

  10. mailliw tnias notelpmet says:

    i read above that iceland voted out the jew …i hope so,,..i must read up on that as last word was the country had been embezzeled to the brink by the smarmy meely mouth kazzer assholes that took control of the banks after some jewslut married the president (fool) of iceland and probably drugged him up etc……another loyal sayan… was bankrupted or more aptly put ,,embezzeled to extinction along with gmac by swarming jew fancy banker types from tha same talmudic day skool…. newsturmer dot com has some good info on that subject as might fathersmanifesto dot com ….aye aye

  11. says:

    someone mention jesuits…it is a bone of contention as there are layers of principalities and agendas in the jesuit arena..some say as history documents a total takeover of catholicism by jews in suits but cathloicism still functions somewut as the picture is hidden well from view…..its all there for the readfing somewhere on incogwall and other plaeces…yes the jews need to be stopped from vaccination bio-warfare on our childrin and jewifiing the medickill system and the banks always the $$$$ and the food we eat ..the court system etc…winona jew ryder the talmudnik thief is trying to get the memphis 3 freed from jail hmmm well that was a ritual blood libel murder of 3 very young boys by 3 older sik jew bois in w.memphis arkansas….remeber the burning of the baptist churches in the south and the 3 jews that got caught and sentenced …the saentencing was designed to allow them state time of 3 years then go do federal time or flee to israel and be on house arrest there laff ..tthe jews burned the churches down cus the church hq put out a scathing rebuke of israels treatment of palestinians…9 churches ….then when firebugjews were going to get harsh sentences .3 more churches suspicious caught fire … the prime minister of sweden aka dans-land in ancient phonecian dialect also gaelic and ancint hebrew right ,,i know keep talking i need the sleep ..rattling on ,,the p/m of sveden was murdered by the local mossad for tellin it like it is agaist sleezral..and then they also murdered a lady running for p/m of sweden…..remember the u.s.s liberty,,,the u.s.s. cole whom fbi oneill discved the mossad on that…he died in wtc on his first day of work as security guy…etc…remeber the estonia and its 800 victims…..on and on…aye…some will say all roads lead to the vatican and some will say all roads lead to israel…same difference as the infiltration is very deep…lot of other secret socierty type o shit goin on in the good ol cathlick church…not here to figure out c-church tho…….incog if i may say has a very complete picture of all the issues past pres /future ,,,scores fukkin high in articulation and intellegence …no he didnt pay me to say that…..aight…the knowledge of truth is not gradient ,it is totally salient ,,,,,people talkin about coming and going sound like the whining israelis in the deseret for 40 years …reason for wandering 40 years was disobedience and whining and also someone dropped a shekel somewhere …hmmm go find that mutha… of my posts i mentioned how the secret inner church sponsored a covert zionist satanic event when the nuke was released in the sumatran trench as the only waves recorded that day on seizmographs was a single P wave whisch are recorded around the world when a=bombs go off…P….there were no shear waves ansd after shock….activities and drills in that area of the 230,000 dead was conducted for a year in advance knowledge…unlike the port arthur massacre by mossad agent in crypto as the mark that got nabbed for the crime culdnt hit a wall with his pisser ,,any way the 5-0 bought a 20 or so man meat wagon a month before the incident …jeez talk about being boy scouts…they never will need that kind of wagon again mostlikely …looks and smells like fore knowledge…the tsunami simply made alot of people disappear…wonder why the first 10 or so floors of the wtc vaporized and were made of 5inch thivk steel …cement down to pulverized microns and bodies ???..only o’neills body was found on his 1st and last day working for larry jerkmonkeystein….gogogle google all its fun to read …nice how they allowed google to rear up and bite the govt of jews on the ass…when you look in the pit it looks back

  12. whitewraithe says:

    I found this BS about you being a secret Jew on Hoff’s site. Of course, I disagree! You’re no more a crypto Jew than I am, Phillip/Incog. May God Bless you, my friend for all the incredible work you’ve done for the common white person and all other gentiles. You will go down in alternative news history as a hero.

  13. von staaten says:

    an interesting re-run from dec 10 Re: “Sabbatean beliefs: … anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic, anti-religious and anti-Jewish.” & “In what fashion are the Sabbateans anti-talmudic?”

    Sabbateans are anti-talmudic, and anti-rabbinical. They can also be or act talmudic or rabbinical if necessary, just as they permit themselves to pretend to be Christian or Muslim.

    The confusion comes from the idea that Talmudism = Judaism, which is untrue.

    But the problem is greater than Judaism. The problem is Jewism.

    Sabbateans were subjected to Talmudic Inquisitions, were tortured, executed.

    Sabbateans also attacked Talmudic Jews, and reported to Christian and Muslim authorities that Jews eat non-Jews, and so on.

    But this is all just intra-jewish fighting. They’re still all Jews.

    Zionists, Communists, Talmudists, Lubavitchers, Hasidim, Revision Zionists, Labour Zionists, Rabbis, Cohenites, Sabbatean, Kabbalists, Neo-Cons, whatever: ALL JEWS.

    And the Jews worship Jews.

    “The Jews are our own Messiah”

    Talmudism is just the most common form of Jewism in the world today.

    Jewism is not limited by Judaism, or the Communist Manifesto, or by B’nai B’rith, or by the Zohar, or by the Talmud, or by The Old Testament, or by the Zionist Entity.

    Jewism also induced insanity in its cult-members, and spreads that insanity to all those under Jewish control.

    The insanity is proven by the fact that the majority of Jews believe themselves to have been chosen as a special race by a god that most Jews don’t believe in.

    The insanity is proven by the fact that the majority of Jews believe themselves to have title to a patch of land given to them in perpetuity by a god that most Jews don’t believe in.

    The Jewish god is The Jews.

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