Israeli Jew Bibi Netanyahu Lectures America

“I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.”

— Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin “Bibi”  Netanyahu, caught on video while talking privately with a Jew family living on stolen Palestinian land.

IN A DISGUSTING display right in front of the press on Friday, arrogant Jew Bibi Netanyahu lectured Barack Obama like a school boy about precious Israel and the 1967 borders, along with the usual, tiresome crap about Jews being victimized for eons.

Basically, all Obama said in his speech to the Muslims at the State department Thursday night, was that Israel should give up a small amount of land to equal the amount stolen (my word, not his) by Jew “settlers” (Orwellian term for Jew land thieves) in the West bank and return to the 1967 borders as much as possible. The crazy Jew “settlers” get to stay right where they are — hell, the Jews already have plans to build 300 more settlements on Palestinian land.

Obama’s benign suggestions are actually what many previous US presidents have also brought up as a solution, including George W. Bush to Ariel Sharon; both Ehud Olmert (the last PM of Israel) and the Israeli ambassador, Michael Oren, said the same thing. But crazed über-Zionists here and there don’t want to give an inch, since they think the whole place really belongs to them to begin with. These Jew jerkwads get clean away with it all too, since the Jews own the US media and our politicians back here — Americans are just not going to get the straight scoop.

More than likely the whole razzmatazz of Obama’s speech is nothing but a big show — orchestrated with Tel Aviv to make Obama look like he’s not a Jew puppet. Both Obama and Netanyahu know it’s only for consumption by the oblivious US masses, since the perfidious Israelis already have plans to finally rid themselves of the pesky Palestinians now taking up precious Jew space. The operation will kick-off soon after another giant 9/11 type false-flag event to get America distracted and pissed about Iran, so we go along with eliminating the possibility of nuclear threat to sacred Israel down the road.

Now, I’m not an Obama supporter at all, as you well know. However, I don’t care what half-wit moron — retardican Bush or democrap Obama — is occupying the oval office when it comes to some other country’s leaders telling us what to do. Especially so, when that other country exists only because of all the money and weaponry we give them.

Of course, your ISRAEL-FIRSTERS were yukking up a storm, saying Netanyahu “punked Obama and read him the riot act.” Doesn’t that just show you 100% that these lousy Jews are full-on traitors to America? I mean think of it, Jews like Mad Jewess and her lousy traitorous ilk, think it’s just dandy for an Israeli to come here and tell us Americans what to think and do.

The GD nerve of these people!

These Jews go on and on and on about the Jews being victims forever, how Israel is their sacred homeland, yada, yada, yada. They try to tell you Christian sites will get turned over to the evil HAMAS, closed and bulldozed — totally transparent attempts to jack-up Christian Zionists on the issue. What a crock of crap — there’s plenty of Christian Palestinians, in case you don’t know.

They tell us “if we don’t support Israel, God will curse us.” Uh, how do they know what God thinks? Just because they think they are the holy “Chosen Ones,” closer to God than anyone else? Hello! If you really believe in the Bible, make note that it says God broke the Covenant when the Jews turned over Jesus to the Romans for brutal execution.

And that’s if you think ANYONE has a real, direct connection to God in the first place. These arrogant Jews act like they have a high-speed T1 connection, while the rest of us are still using old dial-up modems with phone cups, like the one in “War Games.”

Let’s zero in on another giant-sized helping of in-your-face Jew hypocrisy: Israel as a “Jewish State.” The Jews don’t want to deal with the Palestinians until they formally recognize Israel as a Jewish State, so they can crow about it later and use it against them politically.

You probably heard bits and pieces of that in the media, carefully tip-toed around since the media knows well it’s total hypocrisy with the PC mindset we’re all supposed to think and live. Oh yeah, that’s only for us White people of European descent, eh?

Just think a second: What if America (or any White nation) declared itself a White Christian country? Just imagine it: The lousy Jews everywhere would be screaming bloody murder!

The whole business about “giving up land” is a crock too, since most of your prime real estate and water sources in the West bank has already been stolen by orthodox Jews to begin with. Obama said these “settlers” can stay, only that Israel should give the Palestinians some minor amount land in return. Knowing the Jews, they could just give them a piece of barely habitable desert.

The lousy Jews have already stolen prime Palestinian land  — building fancy “settlements” with pools and private roads, all paid for or subsidized by rich American Jews, big corporations controlled by International Jews (like AIG) and fooled Christian Zionists. Orthodox Jew nutcases make “aliya” from America and are given at least $20,000 in squatter’s fees by the Israeli government.

Media Ziowhores, like Glen Beck (right), went wacko over Obama’s speech (Beck is sucking up to the Jews so much now it’s embarrassing). These Israel-Firsters are all saying Obama wants to make Israel nine miles wide, giving the evil terrorist HAMAS a spot three miles away from the Tel Aviv airport, where they can down planes full of innocent holy land tourists with primitive, garage-built missiles that don’t even explode, let alone much else!

One thing Bibi boy did say that is certainly true, is all the 1967 borders business is not going to happen. Once the Jew have their yellowed vampire fangs sunk into something, there is no way they’ll give it back until they’ve sucked it bone dry and don’t want it anymore; or the locals finally get sick and tired and give them the big boot, amidst even more tiresome Jew wailing and gnashing of teeth to last them for another century or two.

Sure, the Jews gave up the Sinai territory to Egypt, but there’s pretty much nothing there and the Jews could take it back again in a heartbeat by using their overwhelming military — bought and paid for by all us suckers in America.

Just face up to the fact: Israel does what it wants and when it wants. It truly is a case of the tail wagging the dog.

Pseudo-conservative “American” Jews, such as the “Mad Jewess” call me a “lefty” because I say this kind of thing in support of the Palestinians. These people have been screwed royally by the Eastern European Jews who invaded their lands — simply because they got it into their heads that God promised the place to them.

That’s how the Jew brain-warps unaware people — call any of us White people who can still think for himself any old BS name they can come up with. They also call any Palestinian they kill a terrorist — little old men and boys are routinely picked off by Israelis snipers while working their farmlands. Over 2 dozen Nabka day protestors were recently gunned down by Jew IDF forces, but the only thing you heard about in the media were Syrian protestors killed by Assad!

If that display in the oval office the other day wasn’t enough, then wait till this week: Bibi-boy Netanyahu will be given “the honor” of addressing our combined Congress and Senate, like it was a State of the Union address. Maybe it is. Bibi is going to tell American politicians exactly what Zionist Jewdom wants and will have zero problem with anything he says, because the Jews basically have the entire audience in their pockets.

None of these so-called leaders are going to say one damn thing whatsoever since the lousy Jews own our media, too. Hell, they all know this. One word against sacred Israel and phone calls get made, reporters are given new assignments. Next thing you know, the politician is all over the news, smeared with whatever purid crap the stinking Jews can dredge or make up from next to nothing.

This week is the annual Jew traitor celebrations at AIPAC headquarters. Obama will be there kissing major Jew ass today (Sunday) and expected by everyone to make conciliatory remarks to the crazy Zionist Jews, now all torqued-up about Obama’s measly suggestions over some piece of crap, dried-up desert land.

— Phillip Marlowe

“American” Jews are lousy traitors and we’re being used!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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758 Responses to Israeli Jew Bibi Netanyahu Lectures America

  1. Nemesys says:

    Dear Incogman – we are ALL having third world troubles…

    FYI All- Homos have been around everywhere. Actually there were gay NazisThere’s LOADS of Gay Jews. There are prominent Gay WN.

    The Hitler was a Homo is Jew slander. Maybe Julian really believes it. He expresses himself well, in his posts – but he’s wrong.

    I can’t remember the name of the event – but at one point – the Gay Nazis were all killed off, during some party on an island.

    Gosh – I must get to bed. Night!

  2. Citizenfitz says:

    Well, I’m not leaving. I’ll be damned if I let some spaghetti armed old weirdo win the fight. At the end of the day Julee’s just another blowhard who’s talent runs a distant second to his ego. Egoists can stand being burned at the stake better than they can stand being ignored. So, ignore the pompous putz….

    That’s my thought anyway.

  3. Citizenfitz says:

    “Gay” is pc speak. They’re *queers*. Promoting “Gay Tolerance” days at Disney World and furtively subsidizing “gay” legislation, etc. – while at the same time smearing someone as “gay”…. How thoroughly Jew.

  4. Citizenfitz says:

    I’d send IM a check, but I’m still not 90% convinced that in some way he’s not working for the Tribe. Maybe I’ll get there. The whole Julee thing has me stumped. Why would anyone let some demented old hippie ruin their morning cuppa joe?

  5. t bone says:

    I agree.
    Ignore him completely.
    That means all of us must do it.
    Dont even read his posts.

  6. American born says:

    Iv’e been thinking this over. If jewlian is your friend, he is your friend.
    I don’t know you, but I respect your loyalty to your pal.
    Iv’e had idiot friends, but stuck with them reguardless.
    This is the internet and not to be taken too seriously, your articles are good and thats why I come here.
    Perhaps Iv’e gotten abit too aggrevated at my computer screen as of late. But thats all it is, just a screen. Your buddy has a way about him that rubs people the wrong way.

    Anyhow, hit the jew hard and start producing hard hitting articles again.
    Throw in some nigger crime stuff too, from time to time. 🙂

    Friends are friends, be a good friend and keep jewlian from offending your readers.

  7. t bone says:

    You should say ‘Hi’ to the fellas. I’m sure they would like to hear from you.

  8. American born says:

    I did, T-Bone, hours ago.
    HOFF never posted it. Still on moderation.
    I don’t trust any of this shit anymore, I will just browse around and pull out anything that seems factual.
    In the end, its all about the hell storm headed our way.

  9. t bone says:

    Yeah AB
    Same here…moderation.

    Like I said in a earlier post.
    I’m going to ignore a certain commenter.
    All I’m interested in is ‘whats important’.

  10. American born says:

    The open borders and the outright enamblement is the main threat. In twenty years we, as Whites, will be the minority.
    Then the savages get control, ever been to mexico, T-Bone?
    Soon we will have a majority mexican police force in the major cities in the SW.
    Not good.
    But as the jew machine rolls on without opposition, the time is near.
    It really is a matter of time.

    Here is a story out of LA, a mexican city that was once White.

  11. t bone says:

    Never been to mexico.
    I bookmarked that link. I’ll read it tomorrow after some shut-eye.
    I skimmed it though. Looks like theyre using code (hand signs,etc..) like the jews with their hebrew crap.
    Notice the 6 point ‘star of satan’ badge too. They might as well get menorah shaped badges.
    The shit storm is a comin.

  12. American born says:

    Yeah, check it out.
    I read recently somewhere that the LAPD is about 50% mexican now. I dont know if this is true, but I estimate it is at least 30% from what Iv’e seen in SD.

  13. American born says:

    Dubai is out of the question for now. Too crazy. If SHTF over there and I’m there, I’m done.
    As far as Incog, who fucking cares. If he puts up good stuff and keeps his dog in check, I’ll still come here.

  14. warriorhun says:

    Dear All,

    Incogman is right in one thing (I mean, now): he is American, and his page is about fighting Jews in America.
    Now, the granddaddies of 90% of white Americans fought in WW2 against Hitler and the Nazis, or the Japaneese Empire.
    It would be kind of impossible to convince these white Americans that their grandfathers were the bad guys and the enemy they fought were the good guys?
    If you use Hitler as your poster boy in America, do you think you will put the Hakenkreutz flag on top of the White House any time soon? Forget it.
    Nazism was for the Germans. Americans need their own American way.
    But, that does not mean that the Führer can be slandered and spit at. He had great thoughts and he was a great man.

  15. no paragraphs enter at own risk............ d..o. t .s. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. says:

    if yer payin taxes you are working for the tribe …if you brainlessly believe jew slander that all ragheads are subhuman you further the ziopigcxomm agenda…jews in suits dressed to kill forgot to take off hiss starof satan while pretending to be hamas or whatever else the mossad uses to fake arab atgtacks…aetsc..etc…jfk offed mainly for he was gonna run for pres ,,yeah and he knew a lot less about the ass ass in nation of shitsak rabin and the expansionist likkud partee horse szitt than the average gentile kristian spiritual warrior today ….the fbi and their multicult child cointelpro did a lot of disinformation tatical communication among all the emerging political voices of the 60’s…..they have mossad in rolled in all schools …they are in all 12 step programs watching every move and listening for the political rustling sounds of unrest with the draconian pharrisee franchises that exist thruout all lands and stations ….the devil is at the top of the hierarchy as “it” says ,,evil exists in high places and principalities and so it does….I gotta wonder about the (censored) on blogs that worry about spelling and names etc…wtf is that about ,,,dont really wanna know …>>update ,,,hitlergruber is dead,,,,and like it or not germany was doomed no matter who was at the helm…goes back to the devil situation….jesus said to the jews pharrisees you are sons of the devil…and so are the modern day non-hebrew jew decadenceses,desendentsa..f=it….. alot of people om here have the right idea and some are right on ,but the arguing is what dooms anything….study hard to know the truth ,dont always try to outruth the other guy polite and if that dont work …..disliking jews is not a racist thing at all as it is about saving the other races from them who are the talmud racists and arnt even related to ol shem…..saying seig heil in germany didnt live on as a piece of hitlers reclamation project as it is illegal to say and only means hail victory haha but a little piece of him lives on bmw car..the little emblem on the front of bmw cars is a stubborn reminder to remind people of the world that we used to build airplane engines in ww2 but were forbidden by the jews after ww2 to build aero motors anymore so bmw went to making cars/motors and the little blue and white hood piece that represents prop and sky… all the disinformational hasbarats on here ,while yer sukkin dik at your new fema camp home will it be pulp or no pulp..I guarantee ther will be shitloads of jews that are expendable to the nwo anyway like in the camps ……sacrificed by their higherups for a greater goal…so just remeber all you smegma swilling sexuall deviant non hebrew jews who troll here or are playing secret dik suk agent or agentess suhi socket etc,you will all be swept away trying to please your indiscriminate masters of evil and death no doubt as will plenty of other caught unawares ……jfk/jr was offed partly for what is common knowledge today among millions but back then his magazine george was goint to publish a new interview with some slack mussad chap but never made his appt…now we all know who planted the booom in da plane and it is almost laurel and hardy like but still pathetic yhat these coksukkers can get away with this shit anymore still …..ther is truth and there is something else in lots of shapes and sizes and smells …..regards

  16. Barney says:

    Legion Aire made some good points, especially the one about this blog, or the comments section anyway, having undergone a drastic change over the past week or two, which raises a lot of legitimate questions in people’s minds.

    Like most people, I’ve learned a lot from this site, both from the articles and from the comments, and I consider quite a few of the regulars to be my friends, even though we’ve never met and probably never will.

    Things have changed though. I always had a lot of respect for IncogMan, but now I’m not even sure he’s the same person. Some people wondered whether the new site would still be under the same “ownership” after the demise of the old WordPress blog, but it seemed we need not have worried. The new site still had the same feel to it, the same familiar posters, the same angle on all aspects of the race situation. It seemed IncogMan still WAS the IncogMan we knew and respected.

    Now though, I’m wondering. I haven’t been here very much lately due to other claims on my time, but this is NOT the same place it was a couple of weeks ago, leaving me asking myself a few questions.

    I repeat, I’m asking MYSELF. I’m not asking anyone for answers.

    1 – Is IncogMan still IncogMan or has he been silenced and his blog taken over by the jews? It’s easily done.

    2 – Are IncogMan and Julian Lee the same person? That would explain why “Mr Lee” is untouchable.

    I could go on, but that covers the main points.

    Legion Aire – or anyone else – If it gets lonely here, you’ll find a lot of us on the following link while we wait it out and try to work out wtf has happened to what, until very recently, was our favourite blog.

  17. Jake says:

    I’m probably sticking my neck out (again) for saying this, but if Julian’s “gay Nazi” stuff is all it takes to get people on here fighting like this, then what’s going to happen when the jew comes along with Martial Law and starts combing the country for any resistance, taking their weapons away and sending anyone with even the slightest distaste of slavery to the jewish Rothschilds off to FEMA camp or whatever you think it will be called?

    You’re not going to have much of a choice to trust each other, even the guy who, while consistently denouncing jewry’s grip on our nation, just can’t stand to be wrong and has to give you a warped history lesson anyhow. If you’re all going to let something relatively insignificant bother you like this, then we have no trust and little resistance when the SHTF.

    You might have what amounts to a personal ammunition depot, but what good does that do when you have a SWAT *TEAM* with the latest gadgets, courtesy of our tax dollars? EMPHASIS ON TEAM. Sure, you can kill a few before you’re shot, but discretion is the better part of valor. Survive to fight another day with your brothers, or be stubborn, don’t give an inch today, and get blown over. If you die by yourself trying to be some real-life Rambo, then your death will rather be a waste when they will simply go on for the next family, and the next…until they win.

    What I believe will come to this nation sooner or later will not be a conflict won by sheer strength or courage. It helps a LOT, but in the end, courage doesn’t stop a hail of gunfire. The type of conflict we’re likely to experience will be an outright civil war, with the federales and their PC thugs on one side, and the fractious remnants of ordinary citizens who have had it up to here with jewish/Christian zionist whining/PC/preferential treatment on the other.

    You’ll have to trust each other more than you do presently if any sort of camaraderie is ever expected. You’ll need to have better conflict resolution, because arguments WILL arise. Even amongst the most friendly and ideologically-similar people, arguments will arise. THAT knowledge and wisdom is EVERY BIT as important as any sort of ammunition, bug-out bag, or jew-wisdom. I myself wouldn’t be worth a shit at survival. However, I know that two guns are better than one, and four better than two. I also know that sometimes things get along much better when people focus on their goal instead of getting caught up in petty squabbling and differences.

    I’m not here to attack Julian, or Hoff, or anyone. I came to learn about the jew and why they’re so repugnant and have earned their stereotype. If I wanted to learn how to attack Whites, I would simply walk into Compton and get shot for a first-hand experience. Again, I’m not attacking anyone here, nor taking anyone’s side, but I AM trying to put things into perspective for those who seem to have misplaced it during this debacle. If you’re gonna attack me for it, that’s to be expected. However, what I’m telling you here is the simple, honest-to-God truth. I would hope that most reading this would be mature enough to not attack me on it, but to at least read it, and then consider it or ignore it.

  18. Jake says:

    ^ I used Hoff’s name for example, btw.

  19. anonymous says:

    @Julian, due to the commotion I went to your website. You say that the western nations should support Israel in attaining more territory, if they get rid of their nukes. One question…WHY?

  20. Hohl scheibe says:

    American born says:
    May 26, 2011 at 2:11 am
    ( In twenty years we, as Whites, will be the minority.)
    WE are a minority now,not twenty years from today.Aryans world wide make up only 5% of the world population.Whats 5% of 7 billion????????

  21. no paragraphs enter at own risk............ d..o. t .s. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. says:

    all the gay jews that nused to write nror the all my abortions soap opera are now out of work cus their lips are numb and so they are writing on here now under stage names ….shit …that one almost got by me….

  22. I dont have a problem with the individuals, rather to the system which they respond to. says:

    Incogman Great Article like always.
    All this fighting going is not what incogland is about.
    Please focus on the real issues concerning us.

  23. anonymous says:


  24. ancient celtic origin............ d..o. t .s. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. says:

    hey jim vonbecker i know there was a german holacost to which anyone who has read my shit knows …..histrionics….the rabbis tried to say 9 million suckers died but they shook the lice out of their hair while 3.6 million jews filed for reparations and millions of russiaon jews poured into germany for welfare benefits and patton had to throw german families out of their house to give the house to the jews …and patton was ordered to destroy all manner of buildings that the germans might find refuge in ,,,it was an article 15 to feed a hungry german orphan….i could go on for an houer my friend …my fathe rwa s a german on the front for 5 years….i wont go into the 6 million rapes reported by german women 1945-49 by red cross data…the jewish population increased during ww2////polish and russian death records for the work kanps show 150-300 thousand dead jews all but 1/5th of the amount of other nationalities dying in camps as supplies were hard to get…when the jews got the 6million count approved by otherrnumbnut jews they laughed and said we need to find 6 million more …name of the meet slips the mind….ther were not even 2 million jews in 3rd reichk by time of carpet bombing…….no von becker i know …the unaccounted for millions of other civilian germans rounded up in postwar ans disappeared in east sektor and the 2-3-million the english and eisenhauer allowed to die in the postww2 pow camps…..when i say holacaust means that only the germans suffered holacaust to conservative 10.s of millions of innocent civilians …fuck the jews ,there was no holacaust till skokie ill.parade 1970.that the jews never even heard of or remembered no such thing from their days in country….the jews simply described the things that supposedly happened to them from what they were really doing to germanic russians afterthe takeing of russia in 1917…ok peace

  25. JamesTheJust says:

    I agree.
    Ignore him completely.
    That means all of us must do it.
    Dont even read his posts.

    Count me in.

  26. American born says: “The open borders and the outright enablement is the main threat.”

    Jews are destroying the USA in countless numbers of ways. The USA is now an official colony of Israel, thanks to the influence of Jews. Open borders are a threat, but only because the treasonous Jews are using them to smuggle in Mossad terrorists from Israel.

    Mexicans are definitely a nuisance but at least they aren’t trying to nuke us !

  27. I’m afraid that you’ll never get anywhere in your battle against the common enemy (i.e. Jews and shabbos goyim) unless you can find a way of striking a temporary alliance with able men of other races ! Would you rather die than join forces with your natural allies ?

  28. Hohl scheibe says:

  29. American says:

    “I’m afraid that you’ll never get anywhere in your battle against the common enemy (i.e. Jews and shabbos goyim) unless you can find a way of striking a temporary alliance with able men of other races ! Would you rather die than join forces with your natural allies ?”
    -Save the Goyim

    I agree. Not that we need others to help, but at least make sure jews cannot easily manipulate the other races against us. And if we cannot unite, let’s make sure our jewish enemy is no stronger than it already is. jews are the illness, everything else is just a symptom, including racial tensions.

    Love “Goyim”, dump jews!

  30. American says:

    Still think your judefetzen is worth something? Where do yo suppose these loans came from, was the confetti just printed? Yep.


  31. American says:

    Sure, this puny, thieving jew slaughters his own animals. LOL!

    And he slit a goat’s neck with a knife, for food? Hilarious, I thought jews aren’t supposed to eat cleft hooves. CNN makes him sound like a modern day Daniel Boone. If jews only ate what they killed by their own hands, he’d be eating Palestinian every night.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Zuckerberg is now going to take up hunting to satisfy his new stirrings. I hope his highly-paid guide stays alert when the little Jewboy wields a weapon.

  32. JamesTheJust says:

    If jews only ate what they killed by their own hands, he’d be eating Palestinian every night.

    But only after their Satanic rabbi(ts) harvested the organs of course.

  33. JamesTheJust says:

    Niggas be so funny.

    White Rome 2000 years ago versus Africa NOW.


    The only thing funnier than the niggas claim to the Chosen Seed is the jews claim as the Chosen Seed.

  34. G Ranch says:

    Hi Incogman. Check out this video of Mike Gravel telling Russian TV the truth about AIPAC and the American congress:

  35. Silvernickel says:

    Check it out Incogman, the Iranians are here!! How did they get past Michael Chertoff’s porno-radiation machines, TSA, and Customs officers? Interesting these men have a past history of being indicted for terrorism abroad, but they are living in the USA like nothing ever happened. Notice the Gov. even knows the dates when they entered the USA!!

    They must be training with their Israeli embedded handlers in the FBI or something. Maybe their training went bad (uncooperative?) and now they are being used for the Muslim terror schtick for mass mind control. False Flag Muslim terror is possibly coming very soon from other Iranian cells implanted/trained by our friendly FBI domestic terror agency.

  36. Silvernickel says:

    I correct myself…..They are from Iraq.

  37. hugh jorgann says: …….. aforementioned site seems to be the repository for all the judicial dot inc material ,,good stuff …arijinal judicial patriot is being constantly threatened …by anti gentile christian jews…hooknose mob ..the fuckin rabbis are all more criminal than al capone…they probably watch all these movies to gain the affect….they convict people of sayin 6 million didnt die but the know that and the reason ther revolving lie/non truth half truth etc is for all the $$$ for the 6 million fuckz that DID NOT die in the camps ….lots a people died ,way more people of non jewish origin….slavs were a more hated target anyway the historians tell it better ‘n me for sure…eustace mullins ,good read

  38. celtic origin says:

    von becker if you could read you would see that because of my father fighting in ww2 and german as i stated in the script then you would be able to conclude that i know the real holacaust was toward germany and that it was 400 years in the making….let me explain why i got angry again at what you said ,,,growing up under the shadow of what he experienced on the fronts was dark or for lack of better word etc…the 5 million germans rounded up in 1945 as def’s and this was a death sentence…stalin jew devil wanted slaves to rebuild russia so his grabbe commandos rounded up 600,000 germans for removal and abuse in ussr….65,000 children from the age of 7 and up were stolen by the bolsheviks from just around berlin alone and shipped to russia in luxurious cattle cars with open air and it was freezing out …many many children perished on the trip..he rest were sexually abused by the russians and murdered in the ussr… i know about all the genocide the british and the american pow camps for germans were committing …loss of millions of innocent people ,germans who had no specific dislike of jews …hitler called the jews on their subversive tendencies and culled them from lawyer jobs and political positions …how evil do you have to be to firestorm 61 major german cities and countless smaller towns…as a coup de grace the zionists ordered as a special lesson ,,the stops out bombing of dresden which was the seat aND soul of germanic culture….every bomb that dropped on germany was a war crime that the international jewry applauded and took great pleasure in the unofficial death count of 100 million gentiles in ww2……that is pretty fucking evil and no one has tried to even pay them back yet……the world needs meat and they are the proverbial sacred cows….race of evil people as they are all led by the evil core of judaeizm and chabad hasidic sects who live and breathe the talmud…i aint railin on ya von becker but am reminded of things and perhaps i wasnt clear enough in the script about who really suffered a holacaust and who had none…and i may have answered this already …..etc…

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