It’s The End of The World As We Know It…

…And I Feel Fine

MY BROTHER ASKED me the other day if I knew anything about this Christian sect going around the country saying the End of the World was going to occur this Saturday night. I told him I heard something, but hadn’t really gave it much attention since they might be right and wanted to spend my time gearing up, blowing all my dough and getting seriously plastered. And yeah, you’re right: I don’t really need any End of the World business as an excuse for any of that.

Just kidding. Sure, these people might be on to something — who knows? One thing I do know: I sincerely doubt I’m much of a candidate for rapture.

This particular Christian group is not a church at all, because they think organized religion is under the control of Beezlebub. That’s not much of a stretch, considering the insanely misplaced loyalty the fooled Christian Zionists give that evil little country of Israel and the all-too-often Christian-hating Jews.

The “rapture” is scheduled to begin at 6 pm in the Pacific rim area and follow each time zone to the west. All the righteous will be beamed heavenward, or possibly croak dead on the spot. If I’m flying, I sure hope my pilot is a seriously satanic type.

After all the beaming business, the rest of us sinners still here are due for some God-awful hell on Earth until this October, when the whole bailiwick will explode in a sheer cataclysm of Biblical destruction. Those of us who manage to survive the hordes of hungry and crazed Negroes — fresh from looting all the tennis shoe and hip-hop urban fashion stores — will get crushed like bugs as the planet breaks up into giant chunks of spinning space debris. My, that’s a pleasant thought.

This End of The World prediction is from an 89 year-old radio host named Harold Camping (right), who said the exact same thing back in 1994, so we know he’s been wrong before. He tells us he accidentally forgot to include the Book of Jeremiah in his first computations and now has the date right. I’d sure like to see how he did those spreadsheet formulas.

I might be talking about all this in a sarcastic way (because I’m a SOB pretty much), but I don’t really mean to since I do think we’re indeed headed for some kind of serious trouble soon enough. But Jesus told us that no one, not even Him, would know exactly when the End Time comes. I think He said something about it arriving like “a thief in the night.” Considering all the thieving of nations by the lousy Jews lately, I do believe that part is right on.

I also think the real “power structure” has used all this End Times eschatology to manipulate Christians in this country into supporting Israel. That part is easy as hell to spot. But will they use it to bring down America’s final constitutional freedoms by using some kind of engineered mass freak out? Possibly.

I’ve noticed the lame stream media pushing all these beliefs for the last couple of years. History Channel, National Geographic and Discovery are always doing Nostradamus, Mayan 2012 prophecy, asteroid collisions with Earth and “population zero” type things. Till now, I’ve always suspected it as their way to fill our pointy little heads with nonsense so we don’t have enough room for the real crap.

But maybe they’ve been prepping us mentally for “the really big show.” We know they must have been long aware the FIAT money house of cards would crash, the baby boomer retirement wave, oil production declining and American slave labor becoming too expensive with unions, etc.

Add to all that, long-held ambitions to expand Israel in the Mideast will require massive new Jew genociding of pesky A-rabs and other real Semites taking up “Chosen Ones” space. The civil unrest now in the Mideast is but the opening act in the “Clash of Civilizations” — just what the Zionist Jews have long “predicted,” or more accurately, engineered from the start.

You think that lousy Globalist Jew, Georgy Swartze, AKA George Soros, has been working completely on his own just because he’s another subversive liberal and has a God complex? Please.

Eventually, all this will result in a semi-global governance (long a wish of the Jews), using the European Union, Canada, what’s left of America and other nations under control of their banking and debt system. At some point — when the majority of us finally get the real deal — they’ll have to bring down the curtain on all the political and cultural charades they’ve been playing on our heads for decades now.

Just imagine everything going to hell and a handbasket everywhere at once — weird holographic HAARP-projected images of Jesus up in the clouds; tripped-out people running amok wearing tie-dyed hair shirts and hockey goalie helmets; straight-laced perfect strangers getting it on in the streets like drunken homos in San Francisco; Obama sitting on Oprah’s couch and admitting he really is an illegal alien — but from another star system.

After Americans go nuts in the streets, they’ll use it as an excuse to call out the National Guard, SWAT teams, Jewish Defense League psychos, Marxist NKVD wannabees and black, Men in Black to bring down the real Police State on what’s left of our degraded and demented asses.

As if anyone gives a flying “F,” right? We’ve been exposed to so much psycho-conditioning-manipulation-brainwashing BS over last few decades, we hardly pay much attention to moral transgressions, like the recent story of the “Govenator” cheating on a Kennedy princess. We’ve become so confused, commercialized and contemptible, we mostly don’t give a damn about other people. Ever think that was the plan to begin with?

If we don’t care about ourselves and our very own race, why would any of us give a rat’s ass about much else?

Forget the crazy crap like rapture and Christian Zionist “End Times” bull. There’s tons of real stuff — factual, provable things that tell those of us who still have a brain, the government is lying it’s ass off BIG TIME. Just that bullshit PDF file released by Obama as his long form birth certificate tells us that — Photoshop and computer graphics experts are all saying it’s an obvious concoction, they even stupidly used “kerned” fonts — something impossible for mechanical typewriters in 1961 or even today.

But we’re all supposed to be crazy birthers to “believe” all that. Hell, I opened the file and could easily see it myself. It’s so patently fake, one has to seriously consider whether they did it on purpose — maybe as a test to see if our brains are cooked all the way through and it’s time for dinner.   

And we know the government line on 9/11 is a bunch of cow manure. Just look at the provable facts, like the short-selling trades made on the stock exchange by unknown people just the week before. You really think Al-Qaeda ragheads managed that? If so, how come the media never breathes a word on the subject, considering how hard they work to get you on-board with the “War on Terror” crap? Think it out, man.

Or how about Donald Rumsfeld announcing on September 10th, 2011, that the Pentagon had 2.3 trillion unaccountable on the books? That’s 2,300 billion, not million dollars (and a billion is a thousand million). Crazy, huh?

You think that just happened to be a coincidence he reported it the day before 9/11, right? And yeah, the media never did follow up on the subject, merely let you go on believing it was $500 screwdrivers, if any of you even heard the story to begin with.

WWII has so much suppressed history, it’s not funny. All of it points the finger squarely at the Judaic Zionists, hell-bent on destroying Hitler since he broke free from International Jew money. Plus, “holocaust” propaganda gave them PR ammunition to create the Jewish State of Israel. You can see how Jewish media is increasingly pushing “Holocaust” and Evil Nazi propaganda, trying hard to keep Whites confused and too scared to breathe a word. 

But truth about all this real world crap is now spreading fast and furious across the Internet, parallel to the purposeful destruction of the dollar and this nation’s middle class. They are clearly destroying the White race and turning America into another China, all under the control of Marxist Jews right before our eyes. Eventually, even the most braindead will get it. Or maybe not.

Make note on how they are now working hard to label anyone who dares to speak of things as “Conspiracy Theorists.” They can’t refute specific facts, so they resort to name calling, just like the left-wingers and liberals do when they call pro-Whites or even conservatives “racist;” or the lousy Judaics using the “anti-Semite” crapola for the billionth time to silence people who say the least little thing about those professional victim hypocrites. It’s getting so old.

Getting back to the End of the World that this Christian sect says is coming up this Saturday night. The answer is simple: Not going to happen.


I, INCOG MAN, being of sound mind and body (when not drunk), hereby make the prophecy that on Sunday, the world and most of the same inhabitants will still be here (minus those who died overnight from natural causes, illegal Mestizo car crashes or Negro drive-by shootings). Trust me: Everything will be just as screwed up as the day before.

In the end, it’s going to take each of us — all us awakened White people having to live on this Jew-manipulated celestial plane — to change things for the better.

So, I’m going to take a break here and let this post run on through Saturday night. Maybe even down a few ice cold adult beverages after doing the yard work. Could any of you reading in Britain and Australia please come on here and leave a comment if anything starts to happen? It might give me time to finish off my twelve pack, before I have to kiss my White ass goodbye.

Oh yeah, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be raptured, considering. But at least I’m well prepared to survive until October (don’t tell anyone). Now let’s go and see if I can find myself a good concealed position overlooking some tennis shoe or hip-hop urban fashion store nearby.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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446 Responses to It’s The End of The World As We Know It…

  1. Missantz says:

    I read here almost everyday, although I’ve only posted a few times. I’ve been privy to talk of Jew conspiracy since I was a kid, as my grandfather was into CI (for a time) and a host of other theories to explain the crap that goes on in the shadows of world power. As a good little media controlled teen, I began to think grandpa was just a beaten, tired old man searching for someone to blame because he could never make “it” (wordly success) happen for himself.

    I stayed happy and ignorant through college and the rest of my 20’s until my Aunt handed me one of David Icke’s books-the one on which he appears naked (how tasteful!). That book shocked me out of my slumber, and in those 10 years, although I’ve graduated from believing in the fairy tale reptilians as boogeymen to FINALLY realizing grandpa was right in naming the Jew all along, I’ve learned one thing. Getting to the truth is like walking through a mine field EVERYDAY. I’m almost never sure what I read, believe, or know is truth anymore. I’ve come to learn that I may NEVER know the complete truth about the details-but that’s ok. I know the Jews are behind it all!

    I see a lot of infighting lately between great posters who disagree on the details. I can see truth in much of JTJ’s info as well as Julian’s (although the Pink Swastika is suspect IMO). It’s nearly impossible to know what’s BS. Because there’s so much disinfo out there, I think you should cut each other a break on some of this stuff. How does one blame another for stumbling into a boulder when the fog is so thick? How will we get anywhere if you’re shooting holes in each other’s tires all the time?

    I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 6 years and got to see the Jews in action daily. One of the reasons they are such a strong unit is because they NEVER reject each other over their disagreements. NEVER. In that regard, they have us beat, because we’ll trample over our own when we don’t agree on every last detail. That being said, healthy debate with the goal of getting to the truth is crucial. Just my opinion.

  2. Hoff says:

    Half Million Survivors of Concentration Camps in Israel

    Over and over, ad nauseam we hear Communists, Talmudists, and brainwashed
    liberals declare pontifically that the Nazis had orders to execute all Jews. Yet the
    same article in the International Tribune, which is published by the Jewish New York
    Times and the Washington Post, goes on to remark, “About 500,000 of Israel’s 2.6
    million Jews had been in a Nazi concentration camp.”

    But if half a million Jews now in Israel survived Nazi concentration camps, then the Nazis evidently had no orders to “gas” them! Obviously, then, Hitler and the Third Reich had no plan or desire to exterminate all Jews. They had plenty of time to have executed these 500,000!

  3. Hoff says:

    You want the truth?

    Okay, here it is!

    l HOFF always tell you the truth about the jews!

    How can l prove it? l Hoff have been commenting in incogland for next to two years and NOT one single statement l made about the jews have been debunked even once.

    Has one single jew even tried to debunk one single statement about the jews made by incogman, David Duke or Br Nathan?

    No. All the jews got left is smear-slander.

  4. Hoff says:

    Scope and Content Note
    The papers of Herbert Arthur Philbrick (1915-1993) span the years 1849-1997, with the bulk of the material dating from 1940
    to 1993.

    They relate primarily to Philbrick’s interests and activities as a leading anticommunist spokesman from the 1950s
    through the early 1970s whose concern with the threat of communism continued until his death.

    Philbrick became a public figure in 1949 when he was a government witness in the trial of eleven leaders of the Communist Party of the United States
    of America (CPUSA) indicted for violation of the Smith Act. During his testimony, Philbrick revealed that for the previous
    nine years he had functioned as an undercover agent, serving as an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    while an active member of the CPUSA. He subsequently wrote an autobiography entitled I Led 3 Lives: Citizen, “Communist,”
    Counterspy, which became the basis of a television series in the 1950s. In addition to documenting Philbrick’s life and activities,
    his papers are a source of information on the anticommunist movement in general featuring prominent individuals and
    organizations and containing correspondence, newsletters, and press clippings from throughout the country. The collection is
    organized in the following series: General Correspondence, Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), I
    Led 3 Lives , Subject File, Speeches and Writings, Miscellany, Addition, Oversize,

  5. Julian Lee says:

    Loves of the White peoples to one side.
    Hitler-obsessives to the other.

    It’s real simple folks.

  6. Julian Lee says:

    It’s real simple folks.
    Lovers of the White peoples to one side.
    Hitler-obsessives to the other.
    They will never go together, especially since Hitler and the nazis were degenerate queers.

    Now a beneficial fracture line is possible between the Germans and racialism on one side, and Hitler fools on the other.
    It’s very good news.

  7. Julian Lee says:

    I’ll deal with Steve’s rubbish, though the guy’s a patent liar so there’s little need:

    “1. Supports race mixing with mongrel Jews.

    I made a statement that Jews who marry Gentiles (which has always gone on) should do it with a conscious purpose of resisting Jewry instead of just the usual Gentile gene-stealing. That was the true purport of that statement. I obviously am anti-race mixing. (Are you, really? You’re just an anon-o-name who’s made no real stand on anything, really.)

    Steve-lie number one.

    2. Says Aryan Men should help expand the State of Satan (Israel)

    There is no quotation by me of this kind. (Besides, I don’t believe Steve is an Aryan anyway.) I have occasionally opined that Jews should go to Israel instead of staying among us. But that is not the same statement.

    Steve-lie number two.

    3. Has a non-Aryan as his spiritual “guru”.

    My root guru was Jesus. Who’s your guru? Was Jesus an Aryan? In the realm of gurus, which is a transcendental matter, race is irrelevant. However, my guru was one who believed in racial preservation. Was yours?

    “4. Claims Hitler was a Jew.

    I have pointed out that Hitler is believed to have a Rothschild grandfather, and that may be why he destroyed his home village. My statement was not a claim as in “Hitler was a Jew. White men can discuss, “Steve.”

    Steve-lie number three.

    “5. Takes money from people by using a talisman (Kabalistic astrology/numerology)”

    I am paid to give my opinion about where to live, using western (Tropical) astrology. I have no knowledge of numerology, or Kabala. I had not heard that Kabala involved astrological knowledge. I don’t “take” money. I am paid it, quite eagerly by a great many clients because of my reputation for accuracy. The first worshippers of Christ were astrologers and found Him using astrology, and the Book of Genesis states that the “lights” (planets) were put in the sky to be “as signs for man.” So why are you so anti-astrology, “Steve”? Because you’re a devout Christian?

    Steve-lie number four.

    6. Fishes for people using a Jewish deception called the “Swastika”.

    Who are you “fishing” for here using lies and stupid posts? I have no idea what “fishing” means in this man’s post. Jesus was a “fisher of men,” however, my intention of posting is simply to help spread knowledge.
    Steve-hiss number five.

    Germany never had a Swastika but rather a (German) Hakenkreuz,…

    Are you a Jewish lawyer? (And you just said the thing was called a swastika.)
    I posted it a few times at my YT channel to poke a stick at some Jews harassing a pro-White woman. Now that I found out the Nazis were homos, I doubt I’ll use it again, though it’s an ancient Hindu symbol. The rest of your point was babblerot.

    7. Calls anyone who disagrees with him a Jew or a Hasbarat.

    A simple hysterical exaggeration.
    Steve-lie number six.

    8. Attempts to limit discussion and questions using tactics such as name calling,

    Aren’t you the guy always calling me a homosexual, punk? And now you cry if you get called a punk? I get called plenty of names here, so does Incogman.

    Steve-lie number seven.

    “linkage, exaggeration, obfuscation, red-herrings, lies ect…

    Translation: You don’t like the strength of my arguments.

    9. Lies/deceives people by saying Judaism is the basis of Christianity.

    I have never stated “Judaism is the basis of Christianity.” Not once in my life. Find me such a quote. (You can’t.) So who’s the liar and deceiver here then, Steve?

    Steve-lie number eight.

    10. Claims Jesus, Israelites and Hebrews are “Jewish”…

    I’ve never made any statement about Israelites (never used the word) or “Hebrews.” More Jewish lawyering from you? I speak of the Jews in the same vernacular as anybody else.

    Steve-lie number nine. You say you are Christian? Christians are supposed to be honest. You are a simple liar and slanderer.

    Only a complete fool would call the Edomites that killed Jesus on the cross the “true” Jews/Judeans of the Bible.

    I don’t know your Christian-Identity dogma or whatever you are stewing about here. Have I ever talked about “Edomites.” I don’t even know what an Edomite is.

    You kill Jesus on the cross whenever you tell lies, Steve.

  8. Legion Aire says:

    Just a quick question for you Julian Lee, I have noticed on the site I frequent and write for a character going by the name of Cannibal Rabbi. I know he has posted on here before, I want you to look at his post, well not his post but the picture he is using as his avatar.
    Can you explain that? Isn’t that one of the pictures you use?


  9. Julian Lee says:

    Clarifying more relative to one of the recent steve-lies:

    “9. Lies/deceives people by saying Judaism is the basis of Christianity.”

    I have always taken issue with the idea that one religion is “the basis” of another. Or with the idea that one scripture is the “basis” of another. It goes against my own beliefs about the true nature of religion.

    That is, that religions arise dynamically from God in the now, and that past associations are due to conditioning, karmic factors, and the mind’s tendency to project “order” and relationship back into a “past.” So the statement “Steve” claims I made (which I never did make) completely goes against my beliefs about the nature of religion. (The past is a projection from the now. This is in the Aryan Vedanta, and you learn it with keen observation, especially astrological observation.)

    In one of my YouTube videos I have a chat with a homeless man who was reading the Koran. (Steve has poured over these videos, apparently.) In that video, the fellow says ‘Isn’t it true that the Koran really came from the Bhagavad-Gita’? I said, ‘Books don’t come from books. No, scriptures come from saints. They come from the divine realization of the sage.’ It’s the same with real God-religion. Religions don’t come from religions. Religions com from God. Any “connection” to “past religion-stories” is God’s grace or one’s own karmic conditioning.

    So not does the steve-lie have no basis in reality (no such words spoken by me me), it goes against my view of religion and how religion arise. Briefly: A true religion does not have another religion as a “basis.” The basis of religion in God.

  10. Julian Lee says:

    Legionairre: Yes, I saw that “Cannibal Rabbi” was using a photo of me as his avatar, the day before yesterday. I stated to Incogman that I don’t appreciate it. Hopefully Incogman will finally actually dump that poster, who is clearly a Jewish activist here.

  11. Hoff says:

    The JEW J Lee and the JEW Steve is jew Hegalian dialectic – jew controlled opposition at work. Right here at incogland, right in your face.

    @ incogman: J Lee and Steve = Spamblinka

  12. Hoff says:

    “Norwegian MP Has Had Enough of Multi-Culturalism – Whos behind it?” –lt’s the Jews.

  13. Hoff says:

    Hoff says:
    May 22, 2011 at 3:27 pm
    The JEW J Lee and the JEW Steve is jew Hegalian dialectic – jew controlled opposition at work. Right here at incogland, right in your face.

    @ incogman: J Lee and Steve = Spamblinka

  14. Hoff says:

    Jew Lee and Jew Steve >>> Spamblinka

  15. American says:

    Well, the more I’ve learned about Germans and Nazis in particular, I have to say I admire them. For somebody to say “Nazis were homos” is ridiculous.

    jews are homos, just look around.

  16. Hoff says:

    Mandatory video

    “Bobby Fischers Opinion of his Race ”

  17. Hoff says:

    Mandatory video.

    “ADL Terror ”

  18. Sean says:

    Julian is a radical homosexual that projects his own gay lifestyle on to other groups and other individuals.

  19. SG says:


    At first, I didn’t believe that, and thought people were unfairly demonizing poor old Jewlian as a closet homo. But after his latest revelations of bashing Hitler and the Nazis as faggots, his advocacy of race-mixing with Jews and expanding Israel’s territory, I now believe anything is possible with that loony freak. He probably is a homo. Here again are some of Jewlian’s words:

    “Look what Hitler did to Germany: He destroyed it. Also set the pro-White cause waaayyy back. That’s precisely because he and his bands were perverts. That’s why God did that. All is well.”

    Here is Jewlian Lee’s website:

    Jewlian Lee’s own words again:

    “– Some of the nobler Jews and some of the nobler Gentiles should make common cause with each other for the purpose of the preservation and both the Jews and the European Whites. This could even go as far as a cadre of Jewish men marrying Gentile women and having children, to create a kind of alternative people with that purpose. (It already happens anyway, it may as well be for a better purpose.)

    — The nations should assist Israel to have greater territory, but only after a non-nuclear Israel is fully ascertained.”

  20. Dianna says:



  21. Citizenfitz says:

    Host: “So, Julian, why do you want to start a brotherhood?”

    Julian: “To re-birth dharma!”

    Ohhhh boy…. It must be nice to have all that ego… unencumbered by talent. And someone ought to call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Violins.

  22. Citizenfitz says:

    James, I take you won’t touch my bet with a ten foot stick. That shows some prudence on your part because you know what’ll happen…. EPIC FAIL There’s really no need for me to delve any further into CID. Any more than there’s a need for me to delve into whether Elvis is alive and well and pumping gas in Minnesota. It’s just nonsense masquerading as sense. No doubt some Jews managed to escape Sargon’s army. Some may even have stolen boats and sailed away to Key Largo…. But no credible person can maintain the imposture that the Welsh are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel. Any more than can the Lemba or the Ghanian Israelites. You really need to tune your critical faculties to their full potential. I was greatly amused by your rough handling of star crazy and you showed some promise there. But beating up on that ninny is only one of life’s many hurdles.

  23. I opened the file and could easily see it myself. It’s so patently fake, one has to seriously consider whether they did it on purpose — maybe as a test to see if our brains are cooked all the way through and it’s time for dinner.

  24. JamesTheJust says:

    James, I take you won’t touch my bet with a ten foot stick. That shows some prudence on your part because you know what’ll happen…. EPIC FAIL

    Do what? Can’t you read Fitz, I responded and proved you wrong. Go find the damn post before you spew lies.

    According to JEW main stream history, 6M jews were gassed by Germans. Some people accept that. I don’t. I delved further and found it to be a lie.

    According to JEW main stream historians, The Welsh are “celts” a term INVENTED in the late 1700’s. It has been spoon fed to the Welsh and all Europeans for a long time. Some accept the JEW lie and delve further and realize it is a lie.

    You cannot change the Behistune rock.

    There’s really no need for me to delve any further into CID

    Is this where I am supposed to cry? Not a chance.

    I could care less.

    Evidently you weren’t meant to see it.

  25. Citizenfitz says:

    That should be “I “couldn’t” care less. Hope that helps.

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