Sarkozy and Obama Pledge 40 Billion of YOUR MONEY

KNOWN ZIONIST “SAYAN (secret MOSSAD helper Jew) and Prime Minister of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, along with Zio puppet and unconstitutional usurper president, Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Hussein Obama), have just pledged 40 billion dollars to support the so-called “Arab Spring” business in the Mideast.

The majority of this money will undoubtedly come out of the US taxpayer’s pocket and, trust me, we won’t see a good GD thing, like cheaper gas or less inflation at the store. In fact, it’ll just add another little something extra to your expenses and hassles.

This latest slap in the face to the US taxpayer has come out of the G8 meeting at some plush resort in Normandy, France, where 2500 White Americans died on the beachs fighting fellow Whites for Zionist Jewry in WWII. The smiling Zio bastards sat around like royalty at the famous battlefield, deciding how to spend our money, caring nothing about what we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Notice how the media described Dominique Strauss-Kahn — the Jew IMF head recently busted for sodomizing an immigrant African hotel maid in Jew York city — as the expected replacement to Sarkozy for the next prime minister of France. Yep, the Jews had him all lined up, apparently. We can be sure the International Jews were sorely disappointed when the horny old Jew let his little head do his thinking and Goyim law enforcement had to bust the guy trying to catch a flight out of the country.

This “Arab Spring” business is nothing but them manipulating and bribing Muslims so the right cliques that don’t speak out against precious Israel come to power. They are preparing the ground for Israel’s final takeover of Palestinian lands and the ouster, or total destruction of allies to Iran, like Bashar al-Assad in Syria, whom the lousy Zionist Jews hate (but recently put out an article saying they were buds so his citizens mistrust him — Jew HasbaRAT tactics 101).

Just think about how the media immediately clammed up on anything to do with unrest in Saudi Arabia. The corrupted Saudis royalty, allied with the International Zionists of the West, got pissed and cut back on oil production to send a message to the Ziowhores in DC to stop meddling in their feifdom.

Of course, the media, being a propaganda function of the real powers, also stayed silent on China recently making a stark warning against further US military ventures against Pakistan. Yep, sure did. The US media Ziowhores didn’t breathe a word!

This “Arab Spring” must be seen for what it truly is: The beginning stage of the “Clash of Civilizations” which the devious Jews are engineering for the final end game of the America you once thought existed. As our economy slides deeper into the gutter and they execute another false flag operation to jack us up again, they’ll be plenty of hungry recruits willing to go overseas and fight more Jew wars just to get fed.

This kind of thing just keeps going on and on because they have “our” politicians in their pocket and own the media.

You think for one minute things are going to get any better? Like, hell, NO. Last month unemployment claims hit 420,000 Americans. Oh, they’ll kindly explain to you a bunch of crap, just like they’ve been doing for the last 2 years. They really want you to stay asleep for just a little longer and WHAMMO!, they’ll hit us over the head from out of the blue.

You would think “our” government might not be so liberal with our money these days. What, with natural disasters such as tornadoes chewing up the heartland? Like the latest massive level 4 twister that hit Joplin, Missouri, killing 139 Americans and laying waste to the entire town.

While all this is going on, Obama is toasting Sarkozy and jetting around Europe like a big shot!

But no, they can’t be concerned with the little people. The Ziopuppets are on a timeline to create the Jew’s long dreamed global governance and profitable, borderless power. Think that’s all so “conspiracy theory” crap? Step out of the box and look at things from a bigger perspective. The media obviously doesn’t want you to put two-and-two together on how they are openly using the United States to further this NWO agenda.

They get away with all this crap because most Americans are simply too chicken-shit to say a word about Jews. They’ve been totally brainwashed into thinking Jews are all so smart and caring, while getting unjustly victimized by all us “racist Nazi” types.

Hell, you can see them doing a number on our heads this very weekend (as if they don’t already 24/7). They are rolling out the Memorial Day propaganda, you know the business about WWII being “the Good War” where we took care of the Evil Nazis, out to enslave the entire world. God, the hypocritical BS is so high anymore, it’s a wonder so many out there still remain stupid.

It’s time for us White Americans to start talking out in the open. Don’t be afraid of getting called a Nazi by your friends and family. Plant the seed, if nothing else.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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110 Responses to Sarkozy and Obama Pledge 40 Billion of YOUR MONEY

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    My personal opinion, BACKED BY THE HISTORICAL RECORDS is that no other races should be allowed into our nations – PERIOD!

    No need to worry about appropriate etiquette (as if the lesser races ever do).

    No need to worry about any sort of “social interaction”. No need to worry about meeting them in the work situation. No need to build separate schools, stores, or other facilities.

    No need to worry that as our White nations heal, and prosperity returns, that our children forget the pain and suffering caused by those palmer worms, canker worms or locusts; so that they turn from the path we have established through the school of hard knocks and doom their future generations to suffer the same indignity as our forefather foisted on us!

    OK so we get this idea that we can segregate within our nations. Someone please list one White nation that has ever achieved long-lasting peace and hegemony by allowing the other lesser races into our borders.

    If your answer is; that it has NEVER happened, then you get the gold star.

    As for faggots, ignore them. They are already dead and don’t know it. (Those freaks hate to be ignored.)

    They are going to die early and painfully, just as they deserve.

    The only time I will acknowledge a fag is when IT is trying to poison the minds of our children to be homo-perverts like them.

  2. Bailey says:

    Wow, thanks for that TeutonicWarroirChick video, it’s a good thing she didn’t mention fags and hasbarats or that video wouldn’t have made it passed moderation.

    Ohh Ohh that smell, can’t you smell that smell?

  3. Hohl scheibe says:

    Keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are opinions and nothing else. I hope you know what an opinion is. An opinion is not a statement of fact. Facts are either true or false. Opinions cannot be so graded.

  4. Frank Weltner says:

    Is this user name taken?

  5. KT says:

    The article /essay was great. Thanks for the work.

  6. templeton st.willim says:

    infrastructure in detroit ,good example of jews raiding gm during peak profit year ,no better time ,right…caused the rest of detroit to turn to shit…the S&L debacle with sleepy old reagan signing the criminal bill in…they wanted to do that with reg banks as well..outrageous ….dov zackheim comptroller of pentagon helps the theft of 3.3 trillion and acquisition of all manner of military rolling and flyinf stock as well as nukes they take for free since amerika is now jew repository..america could use a reality check…the pentagon that got hirt with the cruz missile was the financial records area…just like the alfred murrah bldng was the storage central for all ken starrs prosecutorial and clinton investi records..convenient…how convenient for a holacaust to surface at the 1970 skokie ill. crypto nazi parade and was used for financial illgotten gain but also to shut critics of the innocent slaughter of millions of germans in ww2…not a word more than the deal was hitler did not want war and england bombed civilians in germany first….its always the money right down to the gold plated tungsten bars in ft. knox and the 12-13 trillion of american liquid assets the jewbankers stole and had done a smaller rendition bailing out mexican banks prior to the big wall street banger…mexican banks are jew banks with hq’s all over the world …cinco de mayo was a jew bank crisis with mexico when mex couldnt pay back the loan …look it up… jewish lady holds 800billion in neg bonds from the wall street theft ……dont recall her name ..jews recently sued the usa in congress for war reps in ww2 over some fake shit 200billion…..all the presidents of south america are jews….all the deans and staff of colleges are jews …thet are fillinf police and judicial ,medical ranks…military generals are mostly compromised traitores and jews…when the jews get gentile dollars it means the jewfed reserve is printing or borrowing more money you have to pay back …tghe meddellin cartel was always jews and crypto bush helping them to set up security as the colombian people didnot like the hyperactivity of the drug business ,same same in afganny where the jews were kicked out in 01-02 and the cavalry came to the rescue and the jews now are the kings of opium once again….they have built a massive colony in myanmar to control all drug trade and ganja growth on a massive scale…drug laws are about competition reduction…job reduction will be realized when the chynese build their 47 slated industrial parrishes and start producing things that americans are still employed making…dont even think for a second that this will affect jews who gain the jobs and property of gentiles murdered in south africa because of dutch jewish communism’s support of black behaviour….dupes and useful idiots ,expendable troop0-s …the jews make laws to keep any arguments in the can…..the estonia was blown up by mossad and the jews gotr all the nations around the ship sink area to pass laws against diving and investigating the ship…..dead giveaway …..thoughtful memorial day to you all…70 million germanis and gentiles dead in russia,,countless million innocents dead in germany ww2 rip….countless other jew atrocities against gentile mankind……..ongoing genocide with vaccine germ warefare and deadly pharmaceutical prescription drugs …….peace among gentiles ….gotta bail now

  7. American says:


    Trying to present the facts as if they come from some crazy asshole will not dilute the message.

    Thanks for reminding us “Goyim” of the many ways jews and Israel abuse us.


  8. t bone says:

    hol sheeb
    There are plently of ‘facts’ on this site.
    I asked before
    Are you White?

    Its difficult to read your posts but the few times I did, I found them very interesting.
    I know you have your own style but have you considered separating your paragraphs?
    You might get more readers.
    No offense, just trying to be helpful.

  9. t bone says:

    That Teutonic warrior chic is great. I like when people post her vids.
    This Benjamin Franklin vid about the jews is also linked to her site:

  10. t bone says:

    Thx for those links. I bookmarked them.
    Screw those lousy jewbags.

  11. t bone says:

    I just happened to stumble upon this anti-jew blog.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Judaism: Jewish Bolshevism…

    I’m sure this video has been posted before, it doesn’t hurt to keep bringing it up. They have the same fate planned for us.

  13. Annie Oakley says:


    Happy Memorial Day and thank you for this blog.

    One of the last bastions of true uncensored free speech.

    You know every single time I see those wounded warrior commercials, I feel like my head is going to explode. It’s usually white men who are coming home with a missing limb or maimed beyond belief. I saw one handsome white man with both legs blown off holding his little baby. It makes me so angry I want to go postal on someone. But I digress.

    I’ll await RAHOWA and then whatever happens, happens.

    Today my husband and I were at one of the local box stores. Full of mixed-breed mystery meat mongrels. It was truly a sickening sight. They roved around the store like bovine cows in the field. I actually think bovine cows are smarter. These mystery meat have that dull look on their eyes like some shark out in the ocean waiting for blood.

    I’m sure the feds and other anti-fa losers peruse this site. These same pieces of shit would sell their daughter for a few shekels. The dirty cops use their drug money to buy houses out in the country when SHTF. They may not get out fast enough once RAHOWA hits. What a shame.

    What’s really sickening is not one of these system elites would even rub elbows with any of these greasy bastards but expect the rest of us to.

    I agree with the one poster, whites have to be out in the open and not be afraid to be called a racist.

  14. JamesTheJust says:


    When RaHoWa hits, we are destined to win. The end of this saga was written long ago.

    Chin up everyone!

    YAH bless.

  15. WHITEMAN says:

    Gird up your loins white men, because if you want to rid this Constitutional Republic of the insidious Jews, its going to take dedication, sacrifice and violence. Do you believe that the Jews will just roll up their mat and leave town – hardly. They will fight like madmen. They will use every tool at their disposal to defeat any attempts to awaken and turn dumbed-down Americans against anything Jewish.

    The depths of their control are astounding and it will take a near revolution to start the ball rolling and get the KIKEVERMIN to begin to flee.

    Alot of them will have to die a violent death to get the greedy, warmongering Jew to move towards fleeing America. What would have to happen would be an outright violation of the law and the full force of Federal and State level law enforcement assets would be brought to bear to defeat violence against the Jews. There would be lots of unrest, arrests, death and destruction.

    I’m not personally prepared or willing to participate in anti-Jew actions like this UNLESS Federal and State law enforcement and the US military are assisting. Then and only then would it be truly successful. If that did occur, it would best to sit on the sidelines and let them do all the dirty work. A good place for them to start would be CNN – a Jew infested shit hole if there ever was one.

    Right now, what INCOGMAN is doing the right thing – education of the public. Thanks INCOGMAN for your website and valuable information that is brought the forefront for all to examine and ponder.

  16. templeton ss st.w says:

    “american” fuck you and your boyfriend ….history states the facts and assholes like you is what makes for divisions among white gentiles …you are a divider and you deserve the worst penalty available …you callin me crazy to start shit ,,,,you are a moron …you are probaqbly the madjewess in real life… are accusing me of being a asshatjew …and trying to dilut the message ….you are an incredinly stupid son of a whore… are the one trying to dilute the message and start division here on incog…dont try and act like you own this site and are the moderater..fuck face ..if you have a question ask it bitch…dont throw insults at people or you can just admit that you are really jidf which you smell like to me…….if you had a brain you would know that real truth cannot be diluted ..and dont ever use my name again sayan…..yeah you are a sayan …..

  17. templeton ss st.w says:

    the part about mexican banks bein jew banks was translated wrong ,,sorry….it was london jew banks that loansd mexico money that they defaulted on and couldnt payback so the rothschild network srnt the euro troops to invade /colonialize mexico which led to stinko de mayo and later the emancipation of mex….anyway its off topic and useless info …crypto columbus’s cryptos settled oaxhaca in 1532 and ther is a large jewish heritage in mexico…..sometimes we go off topic and some stuff is trasnslated wrong …my apologies ….since people are always tryin to nitpik the table manners here ….blow me

  18. FYI says:

    Just so everyone knows – “hohl scheibe” means “hollow crap” in German. Or at least, that’s what one online translator said. Whether it’s the correct translation of “hollow crap” I don’t know, but it’s obviously the same hasbarat, using a different name. And there are new hasbarat names here, too – like “templeton ss st.w,” who is probably also “hollow crap” or one of his associates. So much for Cog’s moderating, huh? He bans and deletes the comments of real White people, but allows the “MadJewBitch” and obvious hasbarats like “hohl scheibe” and “templeton ss st.w” to post at will, and doesn’t delete their comments. And Cog still defends Julian Lee, who is still here, even though he said he was going to take a vacation – once again, his word proves to be worthless. I see that nothing much has changed here. A few people have wised up to this site, but the majority still seem to be stuck on stupid.

  19. KT says:

    Julians comments May 29th regarding race, pornography etc. were 100 %. We come across as ignorant hicks when we use words like nigger. Another thing, please guys, get rid of the short pants and ball caps. You look like little boys.

  20. Jake says:

    Of course! They want White America to be broke, and it already is, monetarily!

    Whites are the only ones even half-concerned about what’s coming down the tube.

    The gays are only focused on shoving their love of sodomy down ten-year-old childrens’ throats.

    The blacks are only focused on what “pussy” and “bling” they can get and when their welfare check for their eight children comes. (To be fair, when I was living with my pops before I graduated, we had a “White” couple that had multiple adopted black children, whom I suppose they were using for pity/welfare.)

    The mexicans are only focused on taking over “Atzlan,” despite the fact that the land’s former occupiers during the 19th Century, weren’t Mayan or Atzecan.

    No offense to Lynda, Nemysys or other White women who come here to kick ass, but even most of them only care about being considered greater than men and how far they can climb the social/career ladder before they decide they want to fall into a man’s lap at 50.

  21. American born says:

    Is moderation on? test

  22. Hohl scheibe says:

    When your way of life is being destroyed by invaders, the meek surrender and get trampled while the brave and righteous declare war. One never rids himself of his enemies by bribes, courtesy, wishful thinking or endless discussion.

  23. Hohl scheibe says:

    While living, apparently, as “modern” men and women, — using
    electric fans and electric irons, telephones and trains, and aeroplanes, when
    they can afford it, — they nourish in their hearts a deep contempt for the
    childish conceit and bloated hopes of our age, and for the various recipes for
    “saving, mankind,” which zealous philosophers and politicians thrust into
    circulation. They know that nothing can “save mankind,” for

    mankind is reaching the end of its present cycle. The wave that carried it, for
    so many millenniums, is about to break, with all the fury of acquired speed,
    and to merge once more into the depth of the unchanging Ocean of
    undifferentiated existence. It will rise; again, some day, with abrupt majesty,
    for such is the law of waves. But in the meantime nothing can be done to
    stop it. The unfortunate — the fools — are those men who, for some reason
    best known to themselves, — probably on account of their exaggerated
    estimation of what is to be lost in the process — would like to stop it. The
    privileged ones — the wise — are those few who, being fully aware of the
    increasing worthlessness of present-day mankind and of its much-applauded
    “progress,” know how little there is to be lost in the coming crash and look
    forward to it with joyous expectation as to the necessary condition of a new
    beginning — a new “Golden Age,” sunlit crest of the next long drawn
    downward wave upon the surface of the endless Ocean of Life.
    To those privileged ones — amongst whom we count ourselves, —
    the whole succession of “current events” appears in an entirely different
    perspective from that either of the desperate believers in “progress” or of
    those people who, though accepting the cyclic view of history and therefore
    considering the coming crash as unavoidable, feel sorry to see the
    civilisation in which they live rush towards its doom.

  24. Annie Oakley says:

    No offense to Lynda, Nemysys or other White women who come here to kick ass, but even most of them only care about being considered greater than men and how far they can climb the social/career ladder before they decide they want to fall into a man’s lap at 50.

    Jake, I take offense at what you just said. I stand side to side with my white male comrades, whether they are my family, my husband or my friends.

    I was widowed in my 30’s. My late husband (who was a white racialist and knew the score about the Jews) died suddenly in a fatal car crash. Since he wasn’t a rich man, I had to work for a living or starve. See being a white woman who had no kids, I wasn’t eligible for jack squat.

    After many years of being alone I finally found love again in my early 50’s to a fellow white racialist who was also alone for many years. I didn’t decide to plop into his lap at the age of 50, we merely found each other through another racialist site like this one.

    I’ve always been racially aware and active for my people. My hubby earns a good living and he wants me at home like a housewife. I have the time and the money to help poor white folks and speak the truth on these blogs and others.

  25. Hohl scheibe says:

    t bone says:
    May 29, 2011 at 7:55 pm
    Benjamin Franklin (a member of the English Hell Fire Club) is shown in the center of the canvas. His design for the Seal of the United States depicted Moses leading the Children of Israel George Washington addressing the delegates during the signing of the US Constitution. Benjamin Franklin (a member of the English Hell Fire Club) is shown in the center of the canvas. His design for the Seal of the United States depicted Moses leading the Children of Israel across the Red Sea. Franklin’s nickname among his elite secret society chums was “Moses.” Like his many Masonic associates in America, England, and France, he was an Atonist or, in conventional parlance, a Luciferian. His backers were powerful royal figures such as Charles de Lorraine and the Duke d’Orleans. The last thing on his mind was freedom for the American people. He was a wealthy speculator in land, and a member of the Vandalia Company, whose land grant happened (coincidentally of course) to have been awarded by the British Crown. across the Red Sea. Franklin’s nickname among his elite secret society chums was “Moses.” Like his many Masonic associates in America, England, and France, he was an Atonist or, in conventional parlance, a Luciferian. His backers were powerful royal figures such as Charles de Lorraine and the Duke d’Orleans. The last thing on his mind was freedom for the American people. He was a wealthy speculator in land, and a member of the Vandalia Company, whose land grant happened (coincidentally of course) to have been awarded by the British Crown.

  26. Comdr. Z says:

    A bigger threat than the Jews is The Brown Dwaft Star ELEnin. It is an equal opportunity destroyer. If you do not make preparations now by this time next year you will all be dust. It is hitting this September.
    Laugh while ye may. It is there and it is coming.

  27. karen says:

    Jake, like Annie, I take offence. Don’t slot us. It shows lack of imagination. Not that it matters but I’ve been sitting in the same mans lap for 36 years.

  28. Hohl scheibe says:

    by Eric Thomson

    How many times have we heard fellow Aryans say, We are overwhelmingly out-numbered,” and/or “We are totally out-maneuvered by the jews,” and/or “We are totally dominated and controlled by the Zionist Occupation Government?” And then how many times has the same speaker concluded: “Therefore, the Aryan Race is doomed?” Probably everyone in the Struggle for Aryan Survival has heard this funeral dirge in theme and variations from many of those who say they would like Our Race to survive, but who claim that our struggle is in vain, and have therefore thrown in the proverbial towel and ‘withdrawn’ from the struggle. To these Aryan defeatists I would like to point out (1) That no one can opt out of the struggle, except, perhaps, by death; and even this option is uncertain, in view of Our Race’s belief in reincarnation, which goes back to our pre-judeo-christian alienation, for it was the inculcation of so-called Christianity which partially severed our roots of racial memory, almost as effectively as race-mixing itself. Wherever we seek to hide in the ongoing struggle, we will betray ourselves, “for the color of our skin is our uniform”, as Commander Rockwell said, many years ago. Even Aryan traitors who serve the enemies of Our Race will be dealt with fatally by their non-Aryan masters, once they see that there are insufficient numbers of Aryans to deceive by means of their Aryan shabez Goyim or frontmen. Thus it is that even our traitors depend upon our survival for their survival. As for the jews, they could not begin to survive in their present numbers, were it not for their wonderful Aryan ‘milk-cows’. Imagine, for a moment, if the jews were condemned to live off the efforts of Black slaves, Black ‘scientists’, Black ‘inventors’, Black tax-payers and Black farmers. How few the jews would be, and how poor they would be, as compared to the hordes of affluent and idle jews presently sustained by Aryan Civilization! This is not to say that the jew will be smart enough to maintain sufficient numbers of Aryans in order to maintain the benefits of Aryan Civilization, for it is in the jew’s mad, race-mixed nature to destroy all that is superior, intelligent, healthy, productive and beautiful. The jew cannot fight his own nature, but that does not mean that we must be accomplices in our own extinction. We can fight the jew! But this we must sincerely desire to do, in every aspect of our lives and with every fiber of our beings.
    I would like to point out (2) That there is no justification for despair. Despair is the loss of hope. The key word and the key to despair is “loss”. Our defeatist Aryans are hopeless because of their having lost something or their fear that something will be inevitably lost. Let us see what we have lost and what we stand to lose through the actions of our enemies and by the inaction of our fellow-Aryans.

    It is well said that a cynic is a disappointed or disillusioned romantic. Some people are disappointed and become prone to cynicism when they discover the truth behind Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and/or the Tooth-Fairy. Others become cynical and even despairing when they find out that “freedom” does not exist under “democracy”, which itself does not and has not existed. Our parents and the schools to which they entrust us can be faulted for the inculcation of these illusions, but once we have become disillusioned, that is no excuse for behaving as lifelong ‘victims’ and/or political cripples. Once we have a good idea of the kind of world we live in, it is our choice to sink or to swim in it. Those who prefer to sink, should have the decency to drown themselves as quickly and as quietly as possible, so as not to discourage those who are just learning to swim.

    The loss of illusions is indeed a gain, if we wish to live as Aryans and not as Asiatic lotus-eaters. Let us look at some illusions which defeatists seem to view as ‘losses’: We have lost great numbers of Our Race, through the actions of our enemies. We have lost great territories. We have lost and/or lost control of our governments, our religions, our possessions, our freedoms, our way of life. Further losses are threatened on all fronts.

    Certainly, the Aryan has not distinguished himself by thinking or acting on behalf of the Aryan Race, any more than the mosquito thought about avoiding DDT. Yes, large numbers of mosquitos were killed by DDT, just as large numbers of Aryans have been killed by judeo-christianity, but the mosquitos who survived the initial onslaught of DDT bred further generations which were increasingly resistant to the poison. I hope that Aryans have a similar capability, which is basically bound up with their desire to survive. Those who wish to survive will purge themselves of judeo-christian poison, and they will see to it that future generations are immunized. Nature is doing this for us, and even if large numbers of Aryans must die, history shows that some will survive to form the nucleus for Aryan Resurgence. We must accept the losses which the Aryan chooses to inflict upon himself. Our Race will be the better for the absence of such people in the ongoing struggle for Aryan Survival, the only prerequisite being the serious wish to survive as Aryans.

    Let us look at other ‘losses’. It is only true to say that one cannot lose that which one never possessed. How many Europeans are really Aryans, for example? Europe, like North America, is merely a geographical expression. Although most White People or Aryans are to be found in Europe, there are large numbers of Europeans with Black or Yellow admixtures, just as there are in North America. “Aryan” is a biological, not a geographical concept, and it is behavioral! I have observed blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned offspring of parents I know to be part Black or Yellow. In the book, “The Genetics of the Jews” by A.E. Mourant et al., the authors of which are hematologists and jews themselves, they state in summary that “even the blondest jews have from five to ten percent Negro marker genes”. Of course, when one adds the necessary Mongol percentage to the Ashkenazim or “White Jews”, the Aryan percentage shrinks even more. If “White Jews” cannot be classified as Aryans, then what about non-jews who have similar racial admixtures? Indeed, many people whom we thought of as “White” or “Aryan” may well have been race-mixed with certain predominant Aryan features. The ‘loss’ of the race-mixed is an undiluted blessing to Our Race, for it is miscegenation which causes “the loss of understanding, and from this, all evil,” in the words of our Aryan ancestors who conquered India. Are there any evil Aryans? This we can only discover when we live in a society of pure Aryans, otherwise we may never know!

    The behavioral aspect of race is perhaps the most important distinction, and the least studied. Values determine behavior and values emanate from race. Each race has its own peculiar concept of “God”. The Hebrew god is certainly congruent with the racial emanations of its followers, who glorify deceit and murderous assaults upon the Hebrews’ host populations. The Aryans of European stock have been ill-served by their adoption of the “son” of this Asiatic demon as their “god”, for in no way does this “god” correspond to the behavior or aspirations of pure Aryans. Jew authors have said so themselves, thereby adding the proverbial insult to injury, although the insult should give Aryans cause to cease injuring themselves by adhering to the alien creed of judeo-christianity. Whenever you see outwardly-appearing Aryans behaving like hysterical dervishes in judeo-christian churches or playing thunderous “rap” as they drive down the street, please consider if this can be Aryan behavior. Since it is not, can we consider such people as Aryans? I do not. If I cannot think and live as an Aryan, then I care not if my tormentors are blond, blue-eyed and fair-skinned. And here is the essence of Our Struggle: It stems from the undeniable wish to live according to Our Aryan Values. These values are innate and they emanate in everything we do, say and think. The jew can feel these emanations and he reacts with hysterical hostility whenever he encounters them. “What did I say wrong?” thinks the innocent Aryan. It was not what you said, but who you revealed yourself to be, that drove the jew into his fearful frenzy. We are engaged in a cosmic struggle of BEING, of which the jew, but not the Aryan, is fully aware. In order for the Aryan to become aware, he must first be wakened. Aryans must cease their dreaming in jewsmedia fantasy-land.

    The huge territorial ‘losses’ suffered by the Aryan Race need not be permanent. The collapse of Aryan Civilization will produce a population crash amongst the huge numbers of non-Aryans who presently feast upon it. As for “losing control of our governments”, we must first make sure they were ‘ours’ to begin with. Speaking as an American with two ancestors who signed the so-called Declaration of Independence, I can honestly and objectively state that its major premise: “that all men are created equal”, is mischievous nonsense. Not even Aryans are created equal, from conception onwards. Why did my ancestors sign this nonsensical document? Perhaps they were drunk at the time or perhaps their minds were clouded by judeo-freemasonic hypnosis. This only reveals that Aryans are not gods, nor are they perfect; otherwise they would not have got themselves into their present dire straits. Perhaps they were just not very bright! In other words, from its very beginnings, the United States was established upon the grounds of an alien and erroneous philosophy. Today we can see the logical outcome of that nonsense: Affirmative Action or ‘enforced equality’, which is the ultimate nonsense.

    It was this fallacious preamble of ‘equality’ which was the ‘original sin’ or ‘fatal flaw’ in the foundation of the United States and it was further compounded by the Constitution which was touted as “a government of law, not of men”. As we know, law is a statement of values and values emanate from race. This is what White people are being taught by Black People in Los Angeles and in other U.S. cities. Under whose laws will we be governed? White laws can be fully applicable to White People, but there ‘must be exceptions for Blacks,’ sufficient for them to be ‘above the law’. The Blacks are teaching the Whites a very important lesson, and I hope the Whites are paying attention!

    The second sin in the establishment of the United States was in the judeo-freemasonic founders’ insistence that laws could substitute for racial and individual quality. The Constitution, like money, is only as valuable as the people who back it. If the people are worthless crooks, then no bit of paper will correct the situation which such people bring about. It is people, not laws, who make the difference. By insisting otherwise, the founders of the United States are guilty of hubris, that arrogance which offends the gods and nature, similar to that depicted in the Tower of Babel Fable in the jew-book. We have seen one unwieldy judeo-monstrosity fall asunder: the Soviet Jewnion. There is one domino remaining: the Jewnighted States. Its collapse will be the rescue of the Aryan World Remnant, and the sooner, the better. The United States was never ‘ours’ to begin with, so how could we Aryans ever ‘lose’ it? As for “Christianity” and its poisonous splinter sects, that never was ours, either, and its ‘loss’ to non-Aryans is a healthy thing for Our Race.

    The loss of our freedoms and our Aryan Way of Life, such as they have been, are in direct proportion to the diminution of Aryans in the general population. To regain these important aspects of Aryan behavior, we must naturally seek out fellow Aryans in order to form Aryan communities. If we do not do this, then we must be prepared to exercise our Aryan values as best we can, in isolation.

    Many, if not most Aryans, seem to fear the loss of their material possessions and their means of gaining such things. The Zionist Government of the United States does not recognize anyone’s “right of ownership”. If you are surprised by that, it simply means you have not read the newspapers. Any person accused of illegal activity and/or tax evasion can be dispossessed of all his property and personal possessions. He and his relatives can be stripped as naked as jaybirds, any minute of the day, by armed bandits of the United States Government and/or lesser jurisdictions. It is all “perfectly legal”. The rule for knowledgeable Aryans therefore, is to possess nothing which you cannot defend. As unorganized as we Aryans are, that is all we can defend: Nothing. If Aryans love their possessions more than their race, which seems to be the case, they may one day decide to organize themselves politically on behalf of their TV sets, refrigerators or beach-buggies. If not, then they love their possessions no more than they love their race and the loss of something one does not love is no loss at all.

    Aryans, like members of all races and parts thereof, fear losing their lives; yet, reality-prone Aryans know that the loss is inevitable. Worst of all is the loss of health before the loss of life. That is why Aryan Odinists prayed for death in battle, rather than “a straw death” or dying in bed, which was not only often more painful, but considered shameful. They clearly valued a life of good quality, however short, to one of dreary servitude, however long. German Aryans have a wise saying: “Better a horrible end than an endless horror.” Perhaps the most recent proponent of Aryan-thinking was Patrick Henry, who said, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

    Aryans, being the most ‘human’ of races, are therefore among the most adaptable. We were not born with thick-skins, fur, long fangs and claws, so we had to invent substitutes which turned out to be much better. The circumstances in which we find ourselves, besieged by the Hordes of Zion, in our own societies, demand of us our best in terms of adaptability and moral courage; that is, for those of us who truly wish to survive as Aryans. Those who survive this onslaught will be Aryans indeed!

  29. templeton st.william says:

    not sure why FYI aka american aka sayan = ass hat…your whining on particular people..i dont give afuck if anyone reads what i put in here and i am no longer preaching to the choir.jusz gonna read the articles and not make a peep ,as yhe incog knows more shit than i do or you do ,,thats why he is runnin with GOD and publishing the truth on here brother and sisters….the only shit that matters on mr, marlowes sit e here is mr. marlowes articles..I couldnt do it ,,I would turn off the comment site or just pick the ones that omit attacking other whites ….i domt need to relate to outsiders and people i wouldnt cross the street to pisson….I have never presented anything else but concern for the white race on here and albeit ,there arte white people that i would gladly put on a list for elimination…i will say that in defense of the white race yall still cant agree on anything and stick together too well..some of you meat head commenters that pick on one thing and try to play verbal video game destruction on a fellow commenter cus you cant read or you have no broad view of what the fuck is really goin on…so you live on here tryin to run everyone elses shit.;….incog lets everyone post as long as they arent outrighyt hateful jews ….its funny FYI that the only beefs people on here have with me is my paragreff lacking style …yea anf AMERICAN youre right i am completely crazy and they keep me in a cage at night as i tend to sleep walk and possibly post when im in a hallucinatory state …duh,,,trying to retell how you said it is forgone as im too lazy and you think im jewish /crazy/and trying to dilute the truth,,,,crazy yes ,so what ,,,,if the info available today to the person of even average intelligence dont make you crazy then you dont know enuff ,maybe…if it doesnt piss you off about the zio jew plan in the world yhen you are a stinking zionist or,and a jewhat kazzer…I do know that i piss peple off real quick cus i have a very limited tolerance for bullshit….if you would like me to apologise //forget about it…my suspicians toward people who are really good at bein undercover then comin out to mess with obvious white constitutional patriots aer probably correct …so insult away ,,sticks ansd stones its like we used to herar im say sit down shut up ,take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth…listen and learn….the sayans have successfully pissed on a lot of good informational gurus here and its there nbad to stay off the site …the jew he smarter we just act stupid but we is smarter…no i try to majke the goyim see the truth and since i amgoyim ass well … from very ancient celtic regions before thy were even celtic and germanic…i am white and non jewish ,neither khazar or actual israelite descendant…i know some smart ass is gonna say something ….go ahead if you are a sayan or idiot ….who are you barney=fyi=american….

  30. Hohl scheibe says:

  31. Hohl schribe says:

  32. plugged nickel says:

    yep, the groundwork was laid by those with the bbbbbbaptist 2 johns handshake syndrome…………………..

  33. stuaert st.william....paragrapfh free.... says:

    10-4 t-bone ..thanx anyway n;all no offense taken almost but i dew hav de own stile ayye…….i remenber back when even enjoyable jen chen attacked your credibility cus of your handle ..and i’m not particerlerly callin her out cus it could have been her period …its some sort of paranoid anomaly that all humans fall into sort o’ like a vortex…the lesson is staying out of that mud puddle and keeping a focus …ayye….. tis a challenge ayye.. .. .. .. ..its what i mean about some other peoples goin along on sites and walkin the talk etc….and then commin out of left field to blind side you and to try to make you mad ….asshatbarat trick.and non asshat kneejerk mentality response to some statements here….i recant theat the truth is not gradient as some people are still building the knowledge of truth and getting therir jew glasses ground to proper specs.and as such are a different juncktions and levels…..goyim division is pedestrian and rudimentary but juice=lime learn it in their talmudnik day skool training before they are ever out of diapers ,,,they are aleays for life in diapers however…joke for those with senxe of humor…does comrade McCain crypto wear briefs or boxers ,,,,,? depends…wtf….offtoppik but i cant help laff at what a fool this lieberman cum recepticle is and probably comrade kissingers illigitimate monkey child….histrionics on him are hilariously grim …god is beseeching me to be nicer so barney if you are not ratasshatbarat then my ancesters apologise ,,,…”aint talkin bout love” da da da da da…the chinnkks chins are bulding a couple hundred embassy like industry towns in the usa and have been cleared to start by jew.s.a. govt,,,speaking of money and the crooked ames of crooked mental politicians these cities will finish off the american industries theat are not already fled from usa and to usa prison system industry and fucking india …herro can i teak yorrrorder sirr//press 1 for engrish… press 2 for spikkinola…press three for india….press 4 for chynneesze….flush 4 times its a long way to mexico… that erzastsz jeepers creepers wtf../….no asshats if i use a z in my communique it doesnt mean i converted to jewdeeiszm….thank god mr. marlowe doesnt print e=mail #s lol…

  34. Hohl scheibe says:

    Why do I feel like I am living in ancient Rome? Bread — the markets are full, and circuses — niggerball and CNN news. Slaves allowed to become citizens and mate with the hardup and tasteless. Continual reports of how the Legions are laying waste to the globe. Remember that like Rome, which fell due to the lack of (white) Romans, America will fall due to the lack of (white) Americans.

  35. Jake says:

    I wasn’t talking about either you, karen, or Annie. I mean to say that most women (I said “most” not all) care only for career OUT OF CHOICE and how “liberated” they can be, and their tendency to all of a sudden care about something else when they realize they’ve hit the big 50. Please don’t look into meanings that I did not intend. Things do happen, and a lot of women are forced to work due to dead-beat dads, extreme misfortune, and so forth. I at least thank you both for not getting too angry about what I had said, though; I figured I’d get more flack, even though I bold-faced that I meant you true women no offense or insult.

  36. Annie Oakley says:

    Jake – ok, duly noted, apology accepted. No worries. I agree that a lot of white women are the problem. They’re too liberal, too trusting and too naive. It’s to our peril.

  37. karen says:

    Jake, I hear you, but most of these women were conditioned by jewmedia and equally brainwashed ultra lib teachers & profs. Inevitably, they become disallusioned and bitter, without knowing why. Poor saps. But a minority just aren’t cut out for traditional roles and are better off in the professional world. Think back to the stereotypical spinster aunt who lived on the charity of rich relatives. Gentlemanly of you to apologize,

  38. says:

    amerikaaner born….you spend alot of hazzbratt like energy attavking honorable julian……go get a job or an education skinhead jerk=monkey…p.s. who tha fukk really cares if you in your suspicious paranoid altered state do or donot think julian is the real deal….maybe you really want a naked picture of him ya totalitarian wingnut…..there psycos on both sides of the fence ayye….sincerely yours…..p.s. read mr.arlowes articles or get someone to read them for you ,,,there are duzzens of em and all truthful…this is your new focus so you can be the real dealio,,aight……skirmish time ehh

  39. Julian Lee says:

    The Jews’ latest secret weapon, Michele Bachmann, is declaring that Obama has ‘failed Blacks and Hispanics.’ Intelligent Whites can now take note that she is, like every Jew on the world stage, no friend of Whites. (When will a White politician stand up and declare how many politicians have failed Whites? And worse: Vilely betrayed us.)

    She’s doing the expected thing: After her tribe (through various means) filled our nation with illegals and Hispanics to overwhelm the White vote, she pumps so she can become a Bigger, Better Ziopotus. ZioWars, genocide, and the stealth Israeli empire must expand! With White men’s blood! That’s all Michelle Bachmann’s four.

    The question is: Will some White Christians wake up in time to see her ethnicity is the central thing about her, regardless of what religion she declares? And that she’s nothing but bigger, better Zog insurance?

  40. Julian Lee says:

    The Jews’ latest secret weapon, Michele Bachmann, is declaring that Obama has ‘failed Blacks and Hispanics.’ Intelligent Whites can now take note that she is, like every Jew on the world stage, no friend of Whites. (When will a White politician stand up and declare how many politicians have failed Whites? And worse: Vilely betrayed us.)

    She’s doing the expected: After her tribe (through various means) filled our nation with illegals and Hispanics to overwhelm the White vote, she pumps them to get voted a Bigger, Better Ziopotus. ZioWars, genocide, and the stealth Israeli empire must expand! With White men’s blood! That’s all Michele Bachmann’s for.

    The question is: Will some White Christians wake up in time to see her ethnicity is the central thing about her, regardless of what religion she declares? And that she’s nothing but bigger, better Zog Insurance?

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