Spread The News — It Really Is The Jews!

I ALWAYS LOVE it when Hollywood has a hero shoot his way out of trouble. First, he’s confronted by a dozen Evil Terrorist Muslims with automatic AK-47’s, fairly accurate out to a few hundred yards. The good guy pulls out a little snub-nosed revolver from somewhere and blows away the bad guys before any of them can raise a weapon [cut to shots of the bad guys knocked backwards in slo-mo, as gory blood sprays out the back of their Palestinian scarf-wearing heads].

Then the action hero does a quick series of forward rolls and acrobatic flips across the ground, jumps to his feet and does the Jew-jitsu back and forth thing with Kung-fu knife hands, looking around for more evil HAMAS and Iran-loving, part-time drug and nuclear-material-smuggling terrorists intent on doing him and the Western world in.

Of course, it’s all total BS. The so-called good guy would get riddled dead with AK fire in about 2 seconds. Hollywood movies have now become basically teenager Jew comic book fantasies — secret super heroes hiding in the general population (crypto-Jews), Muslim baddies in the “War on Terror” (who hate Israel) and blond cheerleaders falling for the oh-so-smart Jewy nerd (“shiksa” sexual lust). Watch movies lately with that in mind and you’ll notice these Jew fantasies right off the bat.

Real heroes are just regular people, but those with the guts to now stand up and speak out. You don’t have to have be some kind of expert with assault weapons, or know how to fly a vertical takeoff and landing Harrier Jet to make a difference in the world. Sure, each individual’s efforts may not be earth-shattering, or even noticed to any great extent.

But you will personally know that you put your own heart and mind to what is truly important right now: Alerting all your friends and family without being scared of getting called some stupid name made up by the very parasites now destroying America!

Someone once asked me “what can I do” in an exasperated tone of voice, but what he was really saying was “how can little old me — all by myself — ever possibly do something to change the situation?” The man was taking it personally when I tried to get his attention on a few things. Newsflash: The world does NOT revolve around anyone out there (except for me, of course, hehe).

Now, think hard about the fact our so-called president, Obama, released an obviously doctored PDF of his long form birth certificate, only 3 days before the supposed Osama Bin Laden targeted assassination in Pakistan. I guess that was just a coincidence, huh?

Oh, you don’t believe it was a forgery, right? Well, the PDF file had nine layers (probably done in Adobe Illustrator) and embedded scans (right there proves it’s fake), scaled, rotated and assembled by a human in front of a computer, when the entire thing should have been one single scan! Plus, there’s clear examples of “kerning” (overlapped letter spacing) — something completely impossible from a 1961 typewriter!

For Obama (or “they”) to do this to America, is simply mind-boggling, but there is no way anything else could explain it — no “OCR” function does this. It’s all a giant lie, folks. This is so insane. How could people not see what’s going on? Are they so blind?

If you think about the last decade, it’s so obvious both Bush and Obama were/are Jew puppets. And if you really step back, you’ll notice that every candidate for any office beyond dog catcher must kowtow to Israel and Jews, or they don’t get anywhere in fund-raising, the media and are even often attacked with drummed-up charges. Why is that, pray tell?

Hell, people reading this right now have the proof as close as their butts (unless you’re a woman). Yep, reach around to your wallets and pull out a dollar bill and look at the top. It says “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE,” now doesn’t it? That means it’s just piece of pretty paper, printed by a privately owned corporation who were given the right to make our money and receive our tax dollars yearly (our real labor and wealth); enacted by scam legislation run on us way back in 1913.

The US Constitution explicitly says only congress has the right to coin money. And don’t you believe it’s a treasury department thing — they only do the printing! The privately owned Fed is the one in charge here (and purposely running our dollar into the ground). Nations that keep the public right to create their own money do exceedingly well, since unseen parasites can’t live off the people through debt. Nazi Germany and more recently Libya, had sole control of their money and you see what happened to them?

Just go HERE and read about the real deal being played on all us suckers in America. Are we going to stay stupid forever?

This FIAT money and Central banking scam enables the Jew Globalist bastards to buy up everyone and everything. “Shabbos Goys” are non-Jews corrupted by the riches flowing downhill from this giant money scam. Ultimately, all the talking heads you see on TV are richly paid employees of the real “Power Structure.”

If you have still have doubts, pay close attention to how the media carefully “spins” certain subjects and totally ignores some really big others. And there’s plenty of unseen people behind the scenes who know well what can get them the axe, should they allow certain info to get broadcast to all us “goyim.”

Or how about the Kosher scam? You can go into your kitchen right at this very moment and pull just about anything down off the shelves and look for a little “K” mark. A little something of your hard-earned money went into the pockets of orthodox Jews so they can sit around studying the Talmud — a series of Jewish books dating back to ancient times — written by the same class of money-grubbing control freaks who killed Jesus.

Just go to my “Revealing Quotes” page and read closely what the Jews themselves say. They say these kinds of things all the time, many of the quotes listed I’ve read from the original Jew sources. These are truly some arrogant SOBs!

This whole line of Satanic evil was passed to the Ashkenazi Khazar race of southern Russia. These people look somewhat like us (too often just the same, resulting from genetics robbed from us over the recent centuries) and are raised to believe they are the ancient Israelites of the Old Testament of the Bible. Don’t you believe it!

Make careful note of that last statement. THOSE BEHIND ALL THE BULL RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT ARE NOT GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE! Far from it, actually.

These false Jews, the Khazars, fear us going all “Nazi” on their ass again and are working to undermine our very own nations through immigration, PC head games and general sleaze, both for profit and to destroy our racial solidarity. And many of them do indeed yearn for Marxism, where they can control us with secret police and starvation tactics like they once did in Christian Russia when they took over during the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

They killed tens of millions of us then and there is absolutely no reason to think they won’t do it again. Hell, they have no problems killing Palestinians and Lebanese today — men, women and children. They just try to tell everyone they’re “evil terrorists” who deserved it and “our” media reports it as so.

Funny, the Jews were the original terrorists of the Mideast back when the Brits controlled the Palestine Mandate and in 19th century Russia, they worked to bring down the entire country! Jew secret police were sent out to cruelly slaughter Nicholas, Alexandra and the whole family, along with scores of other Russian royalty, as the Red Army killed millions of Christian Gentiles who dared to fight the Jew commie takeover.

Ask yourself: How come none of this is on the “History” Channel but you see Hitler and Nazi stuff like every ten minutes? Get the point?

In fact, TV and Hollywood constantly brainwashes us with “Diversity” propaganda and clearly attacks Whites and Christianity; all the while promoting interracial sex — openly trying to mate our race away right before our very eyes! And we just sit here like idiots and never say a word. Can you believe this crap?

TV and movies have also become predictable as hell — stupid and shallow — so much so, that people are sick and tired of even watching the crap Jews now feed us. People are turning to the Internet for news and are learning all kinds of unfiltered and uncensored (but not always) information. “The Powers That Be” hate like hell for you to know any of it.

They are obviously trying to slow down us regular people out here in the real world from getting the real deal. That’s why you see so much ridicule going on about “conspiracy theorists” now in the media. They know they can’t call all of us Nazis.

Yeah, they want to keep us in the dark, alright. More profitable to the Globalist’s long-running agenda. These hidden parasites have been working steadily towards a “New World Order” quietly under their control. This is what they really want, since they believe God has promised them the entire damn planet!

Still not enough for you to start thinking and get off the damn couch? How about spending a little more time at some of the pages up under my banner above. Just click on a subject name, read and watch a few short videos I’ve embedded here for your convenience. If you got a question, just ask!

Getting back to what can each of us can do. First off, I can’t suggest anything here illegal and you shouldn’t either. Other than that: Plenty! We still have free speech in this country, so far. But that won’t last forever, the Jews have gotten “holocaust denier” and “hate speech” laws passed in Canada, Australia and several countries in Europe. Just recently, a brave Aussie Christian named Brendon O’Connell was sentenced to three years for merely for confronting devious Zionist Jews (who claim to be citizens of Australia) on the street; in front of his own video camera and posting them on Youtube!

Believe me, all that’s coming here. They are quietly working to silence any talk on the Internet about the precious “Chosen Ones.” We don’t have forever.

You don’t have to go out and join the skinheads or anything. Just merely awaken a couple of close friends. Just two, you might ask incredulously? Yes, if each of us got two people to understand what’s going on and, most importantly, make sure each of those two do the exact same with two more; it will spread like wildfire. It’s simply a matter of mathematics called the “doubling effect.” This should absolutely be the primary goal for everyone of us. That maybe hard, I know, but doable.

You can also supplement this in a variety of inexpensive and easy methods to reach even more, too. You just need to think out of the box a little and get creative.

For example, you could keep a pad of sticky notes and a sharpie felt tip in your car. Every time you gas up, jot a sticky “Before Obama took office, gas was $1.61,” or “Thanks a lot, Israel!” and slap on the pump for the next guy to see. Keep the message as simple as possible.

You could do mass mailings and handouts. Software makes this kind of thing incredibly easy to do, nowadays. You could put a single page underneath people’s windshield wipers everywhere you can think of. Sure, most people hate those, but sometimes they’ll give it glance before trashing.

You could copy and paste a good article off the Internet into a word processing doc, spend a few minutes boldfacing items, editing and jazzing it up. I have a PDF creation button at the bottom of my articles for you (I implore you to download a PDF). Just ask a close friend to read your printout, telling him or her it’s important to you that they seriously consider the matter.

You know why? Because it is, dammit!

How about spending a couple of hours on the Internet each week, writing comments at places like Youtube and Craigslist? Make clear note that many of those who reply are probably Jews masquerading as Gentiles, or those Whites totally brainwashed by PC hogwash and Christian Zionism falsehoods — all of it specifically created by Jewry so America stays blind to them undermining our countries and supporting Israel no matter what those bastards do.

Be gentile, Gentile. If you think a comment might be from someone who may see the light, go easy on them. If it’s an obvious Jew (even some will admit it), let him know in no uncertain terms that you and your friends are now sick and tired of their meddling with America to support their little bastard country in the Mideast, along with immigration of non-Whites into our lands, White-hate, scams, etc., ETC., ETC.! Other Whites will read what you say, and that’s really the point, right?

One thing you’ll soon notice is all the other folks out on the Internet saying the exact same things about the Jews and Zionists (often to stay somewhat PC) and backing you up. Add your voice! Not that long ago, Jew-aware people were like voices in the wilderness, now everyone is getting it. Jews are sweating bullets and pray for more censorship power over all us “haters.”

For decades now, they’ve used terms like “haters,” “Nazis,” “anti-Semites” and a whole host of other made-up Jew-PC slanders designed expressly to keep Whites silent. It’s starting to fall on deaf ears these days, thankfully. People have had enough out of these sorry, lying hypocrites!

DO IT NOW! Alert everyone you can about the Jew. It’s late, I know, but the more Whites out there with at least some understanding, the better it will be when the time comes to take serious action.

You want to know the truth? I’m not doing this site to get rich. Yes, I do have a donation page, but I’m not getting all that much (but I thank those that did). I’m doing this because I’m dead-set on awakening my fellow White Americans, be them Christian, agnostic or whatever. This site is my way of doing it on the Internet.

You, too, can take your own set of talents and put them to use in awakening fellow Whites. Stop and think at what you’re good at and what you dig; just tailor it to this new and crucial task.

I’ve researched this scary subject for literally decades now and have had personal experience in certain areas and some contact with insiders (who will go unnamed), confirming all this crap one hundred friggin’ percent!

Thanks for your time and let’s get to work!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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202 Responses to Spread The News — It Really Is The Jews!

  1. Steve says:

    No one on Earth shined the spotlight on the satanic “Jew” as much as this honorable man did. Can you guess who this man is?

    1. Environmentalist (instituted first ever Animal rights laws)
    2. Animal Lover (eliminated animal experimentation)
    3. Painter
    4. Author
    5. Non-drinker
    6. Non-smoker
    7. Primarily Vegetarian (little bird meat now and then)
    8. Christian
    9. abhorred pornography
    10. abhorred homosexuality
    11. Believed secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without religious foundation is built on air
    12. Large well read personal Library
    13. Blinded (temporarily) by Chemical Weapons in WWI
    14. Twice decorated for Bravery in WWI
    15. Fought against International Communism
    16. Political and Military Leader of a Nation
    17. oversaw one of the greatest expansions of industrial production and civil improvement
    18. Racial Nationalist
    19. Attempted/sought to remove all Jew parasites from his Nation and the continent of Europe.

    Here is a hint… It was not Winston Churchill or some Jew run puppet American President.

  2. Bailey says:

    Adolph Hitler!

  3. Hohl scheibe says:

  4. Hohl scheibe says:

  5. Hohl scheibe says:

  6. Hohl scheibe says:

  7. james says:

    And then we haxe this.

  8. james says:

    I am a 54 yr. old man. EVERYTHING I was taught ’til the age of 46 (thru grade school and the MSM) has proven to be a lie.
    It’s simply amazing the lies in western societies that to this day are held as truth.
    Perhaps the code name for those awakening to these truths should be “Rumplestiltskin” as the mask is, belatedly, finally, falling away to reveal something that is very ugly. Ugly indeed!

    Thank you Incogman for your tireless effort at the truth in what I see as, collectively,the beginning of the end of this human nightmare.

    I don’t have an EVIL bone in my body.
    I suspect, INCOGMAN,neither do you.

  9. Hohl scheibe says:

  10. macaca says:

    Bailey: your 10:49 comment seems rather accurate. Amazing, this site….

  11. Julian Lee says:

    I guess the banks-barat is on “suicide watch”:


    Should we cry?

    Turns out the woman he raped is some sort of South American immigrant or illegal. I bet raping maids about as special as an after-dinner mint to this Zionist.

  12. American says:

    The women is from Western Africa, and was housed in a building in the Bronx entirely for people with HIV/AIDS. Somehow I doubt this jew-rapist thought to wear a “jimmy hat” before his forced buggering of the women.

    Of course, if we listen to jew media he’s a victim. lol

  13. Julian Lee says:

    Yes, my error. She was a West African. Makes me wonder: Could a White woman have canned the Jew in the clink the quick way that a negro rapee did? Or would she be telling the National Enquirer about it, mocked by Jew-press, with the bankaratus long gone?

  14. Balboa says:

    Getting back on topic about how to spread the word and make the proletariat a bit more jew aware, may I suggest writing small comments on US currency? It’s the perfect medium for spreading the word in a simple bumper sticker kind of way. Like Incogman said, people might wad up and throw away a message on a piece of paper but they aren’t going to throw away money just because it carries a message that might offend them. If anything, they will hurry to spend it faster thusly increasing the velocity of the message. Use a fine tipped felt tip marker and write small but clearly in the margin of the banknote. Make comments like: Dump Israel!, Jews suck!, Jews attacked the USS Liberty, Jews hate white people, Jews control the US Congress, Zionism=Mideast Genocide, Zionism=Racism, Stop the Palestinian Genocide!, The Holocaust is a Jew Scam, His birth certificate is still a fake, God Bless Rachel Corrie, Jews support interracial race destruction, Jews murdered Jesus, Jews are filth, Jews killed Kennedy, Jews caused 9-11, Goldman Sachs will destroy America and my favorite…. http://www.incogman.net will free your mind

    You often see US currency with stray markings so no one is going to pay much attention when you pass these unless you pass a wad of bills all at one time all with messages. You don’t want to do that. Of course, vending machines that accept paper money are perfect. The beauty of this is if someone is offended they will make an extra effort to spend the money thereby spreading the message even faster and increasing the odds it will find a sympathetic reader. And the ZOG government is actually enabling the spread of our message! How beautiful is that?? And if someone is actually so offended that they destroy their own money, then they are doing us a favor too by reducing the supply of money in circulation and helping to reduce inflation (I realize the latter is more theoretical than actual and on a very micro-quantum level but it is still a pleasant positive thought). And the message is permanent and in circulation as long as the currency note is circulating although I suppose someone could cross it out at some point further defacing the currency. But think of all of the minds it will have reached by that time.

  15. Julian Lee says:

    Drudge headline:


    U.S. Is Intensifying a Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration [the Jews who run the Obama administration] has intensified the covert war in Yemen, exploiting a growing power vacuum in the country to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets, according to American officials.


  16. Vick says:

    Monsanto and your food…Jews control what whitey eats…


    theycallusgoyim on 2 Apr 2011

    Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre explains how Jews will use “multiculturalism” to destroy Europe.

    A Lesson in “Globalism”
    Preservation; distinction for “The Jews,” evisceration; diversity for “The Goyim.”

    What is this woman talking about when she says “Europe won’t survive” unless “The Jews” play a leading role in creating a multicultural amalgam out of it and why doesn’t the same multicultural mandate apply to “The Jews” and “Israel”?

    Compare the message in the video above with the message in the video at this link:


    This organization “Paideia” is a branch of an Israeli state-based “European Jewish Fund.” While these organizations eviscerate European religion, culture and tradition, they simultaneously build up Judaic religion, culture and tradition:

    The European Jewish Fund Leadership Program at Paideia combines an in-depth and comprehensive education in the texts that constitute the bedrock of Jewish civilisation, traditional study methodology (Hevruta), an academic approach to interpretation and applied project development, making it a unique program in Jewish studies. It provides the participants with the knowledge and the tools they need to become driving forces in strengthening Jewish community life throughout Europe.


    In fact, in its mission statement, the “European Jewish Fund” says it was established:

    “… for the very specific goal of strengthening Jewish life in Europe.

    To achieve this goal, the Fund focuses on young people and their connection to Judaism and their communities by supporting programmes aimed at building Jewish identity and Jewish pride, especially by re-connecting young people with their rich and vital Jewish past … The Fund is also focused on addressing such serious threats to Jewish life in Europe as assimilation, anti-Semitism and racism.

    Assimilation is without a doubt an existential threat to European Jewry that is becoming ever graver. The threat must be addressed in a serious manner with programmes that are aimed at reconnecting people with Jewish life.”


    So, in brief, while this “Israel”-based Judaic organization attacks European identity by promoting multiculturalism and diversity, it simultaneously fights assimilation for Judaic persons by promoting Judaic religion, tradition and culture.

    The chairman of the “European Jewish Fund” is multi-billionaire “Russian” oligarch, Moshe Kantor who is also the head of the “European Jewish Congress.”

    Find the “European Jewish Fund” representative for your European nation here:


    Also see:

    Moshe Kantor’s house of lords

    “In the East, all our ‘anti-Semites’ sit in prison”

    At Vatican meeting with Cardinal Bertone, World Jewish Congress leaders praise “positive” visit of Pope to Israel
    Funded by Rothschilds also.
    She thinks’ that we will resent Jews- lol- Resent- Wait while this becomes known more widely…Resent after seeing our nations wrecked-Resent????

  17. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    Incogman and Incog surfers, Kevin MacDonald has a new article that is very instructive and educational about the tribe and how they think:

    A Dissident Meditation on Jewish Identity: A Review of Gilad Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who?”
    by Kevin MacDonald

    It’s a review of a book by an Israeli Jew who grew up in Israel and is highly critical of the Jewish covert supremacy, covert racialism, and racial hypocrsy. One of the interesting quotes Kevin provides is this one:

    “Atzmon has a nice chapter on the deceptive self-images of liberal secular Jews who spout phrases of universalist humanism but in their innermost beings are anything but universalist or humanist. This is indeed the central masquerade of Jews in the post-Enlightenment West, what he calls “the Jewish tribal left” p. 72).

    He traces this stance to the very origins of the European Enlightenment when Moses Mendelssohn advised Jews to ‘live in a dual, deceptive mode, if not practically in a state of schizophrenia.’ … He must have realised that universalism and tribalism are opposing categories. … This solution led to false and deceptive behaviour. … This behavioural code, though very pragmatic, happens to be non-ethical by definition. It is based on deception—both self-deception and deceiving the other’ ” (pp. 55, 57).

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